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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

National Library of Scotland 





1846-47- • 




And Sold by Hie Bookseller?, Letter Carriers, and all Postmasters hi Hie 
Counties of Aberdeen and BanlF. 


,.,26 ®*» 5 ' 2S 




Kalendar ... 

Stamp Duties 

Window Duties 

Mail and Stage Coaches 

Bank Holidays 

List of Carriers 

Section I. 


Magistrates of Aberdeen 

The Guildry .... 

Incorporated Trades ... 

Police Establishment 

Harbour ' - 

Section II. 


Courts of Law • 

Society of Advocates 

Public Officers .... 


Sheriff. Officers - 

Section III. 


Established Church ■ - 
Churchyard Dues - 
Church-warden's Dues 
Various Denominations 

Section IV. 


Post Office - " - 

Arrivals and Despatches - 
Deliveries of Letters ... 
Rates of Postage within the United 

Kingdom - 
Ship Letters .... 

Foreign Rates of Postage 
Registration of Letters 
Money Orders ... 

Stamps and Taxes ... 

Excise - 
Customs - 

Section V. 
commercial establishments, &c. 

Banks — 
Aberdeen Banking Co. 
Aberdeen Town and County Bank - 
North of Scotland Banking Co, - 




Bank of Scotland - - - 19 

British Linen Co. - - - 19 

Commercial Bank of Scotland - 20 

National Bank.of Scotland - 20 

City of Glasgow Bank - - - 21 

National Security Savings' Bank 21 

Assurance Companies — 

Aberdeen Fire & Life Assurance Co. 22 
North of Scotland Fire & Life 

Assurance Co. ... 22 
Bon-Accord Life & Fire Assurance 

Co. 22 

Agents for Insurance Companies - 23 

Shipping Companies — 
Aberdeen Steam Navigation Co. - 
Aberdeen, Leith, & Clyde Shipping 

Aberdeen & Newcastle Steam Navi- 
gation Co. - 

Aberdeen & Newcastle - on - Tyne 
Traders - 

Aberdeen & Newcastle 

Aberdeen & Dundee »..-.-» 

Foreign Consuls 
Athenaeum Reading Rooms 
Union Club Rooms - 
Aberdeen Reading Room Club 
Aberdeen Shipping - 
List of Streets, Lanes, &c. 


Aberdeen, (New) 
Trades and Professions 
Aberdeen, (Old) 
Woodside ... 




Aberchirder - - - - 177 

Aboyne ..... ]78 

Alford ----- 179 

Tullynessle and Forbes - 179 

Leochel Cushnie - - 179 

Auchmill - - - . - 180 

Auchnagatt - - - - 180 

Ballater ..... igi 

Ballindalloch - - . 181 

Banchory - - - - 181 

Strachan - - - 182 

Durris, (part) - - - 183 

Banff - 




King Edward, (part) 




Newhills, (part) - 




Skene, (part) 
Blackhillock - 
Braemar - 
Buckie - 

Cluny ... 

Cortes . 


Lonmay - 
Cornhill, (Banffshire) 
Crathie - 
Cruden - 
Oullen - 



Echt -■--.- 

Ellon ... 

Forgue ... 
Fyvie ... 
Glenlivet - 
Hillside (Bourtreebush) 
Huntly ... 
Insch - 


Keith-hall (Inverury) 
Kincardine O'Neil - 
King Edward 


183 j 




Lumsden - 

- 208 


Macduff ... 



Maryculter ... 

- 210 


Banchory -Devenick 



North Deeside Road 

- 210 


Methliclc - - -* 



Mintlaw .... 

- 211 


Monymusk ... 



Mortlach .... 

- 212 





Mossat .... 

- 212 


Newburgh - - • 



Foveran .... 

- 213 


New Byth ... 



New Deer ... 

- 214 


Oldmeldrum ... 



Bourtie ... 

- 215 


Daviot (pan) 



Tarves (part) 

- 215 


Peterhead ... 



Pitcaple .... 

- 221 


Portsoy ... 



Khynie r 

- 222 





G'abrach ... 

- 223 





Rosehearty ... 

- 223 


Rothiemay - - - " 



Skene .... 

- 224 


St. Fergus - 




- 225 


Stonehaven - . - 



Strathdon - 

. 226 


Strichen - 

- 230 


Summerhill (New Machar) 



Tarland .... 

- 227 


Tarves - - - - 



Thornton - 

- 228 


Tomintoul ... 



Tomvoullan . - - 

- 229 


Udny .... 



Whitehouse - 

- 230 








FROM JULY, 1846, TO JULY, 1847 

1 *% 

JLLi, ld4o. 

First Quarter, 1st, at 9/*. low. Night. I Last Quarter, 15th, at \h. 15m. After. 

Full Moon, 8th, at 1 1 A. 2m. Night. | New Moon, 23d, at lh. 54m. Morn. 

First Quarter, 31st, at 10/*. 54m. Morn. 





w. in. 





W 1 





Th 2 

Battle of Alford, 1645 

3 12 

8 55 

6 46 

7 19 

Fr 3 

Dog Days begin 

3 13 

8 55 

7 53 

8 26 

Sat 4 

St. Martin Bouillant 

3 14 

8 54 


9 30 

S 5 

4th Sunday after Trinity 

3 15 

8 53 

9 59 

10 28 

M 6 

3 15 

8 52 

10 56 

11 20 

Tu 7 

Thomas a Becket 

3 16 

8 51 

11 44 

W 8 

Watch fast, 4 rain. 39 sec. 

3 17 

8 50 



Th 9 

Edmund Burke d. 1797 

3 19 

8 49 


1 22 

Fr 10 

Calvin b. 1509 

3 20 

8 49 

1 45 

2 8 

Sat 11 

3 21 

5 48 

2 32 

2 56 

S 12 

5tb Sunday after Trinity 

3 23 

8 46 

3 22 

3 48 

M 13 

3 25 

8 44 

4 14 

4 39 

Tu 14 

Conven. of Royal Burghs meet 

3 27 

8 43 

5 7 

5 35 

W 15 

St. Swithin, 862 

3 29 

8 42 

6 3 

6 31 

Th 16 

3 30 

8 41 

7 4 

7 36 

Fr 17 

Reform Bill passed, 1832 

3 31 

8 40 

8 12 

8 47 

Sat 18 

Court of Session rises 

3 33 

8 38 

9 20 

9 55 

S 19 

6th Sunday after Trinity 

3 34 

8 37 

10 25 

10 57 

M 20 

3 36 

8 35 

11 20 

11 44 

Tu 21 

Robert Burns d. 1796 

3 37 

8 34 


W 22 

Watch fast 6 min. 6 sec. 

3 39 

8 32 



Th 23 

3 41 

8 30 

1 6 

1 25 

Fr 24 

Battle of Harlaw, 1411 

3 43 

8 28 

1 43 

1 58 

Sat 25 

St. James 

3 44 

8 27 

2 13 

2 30 

S 26 

7th Sunday after Trinity 

3 46 

8 25 

2 47 

3 2 

M 27 

3 48 

8 23 

3 18 

3 36 

Tu 28 

Watch fast, 6 min. 12 sec. 

3 50 

8 21 

3 54 

4 12 

W 29 

Paris Three Days, 1830 

3 52 

8 19 

4 30 

4 51 

Th 30 

Greenwich Hospital foun. 1696 

3 54 

8 17 

5 13 

5 36 

Fr 31 

3 56 

8 15 


6 30 

AUGUST, 1846. 
Full Moon, 7th, at 5k. 51m. Morn. I New Moon, 21st, 
Last Quarter, 13th, at 10/?. 43m. Night. | First Quarter, 29th, 


































































at 11*. 17m. Night, 
at 10A. 10m. Night. 


Lammas Day. — Battle of the 
8th Sun. af. Trinity [Nile, 1798 
James II. killed, 14C0 

Gowrie Conspiracy, 1600 
5. Prince Alfred b. 1844 

G. Canning d. 1S27 

9th Sunday after Trinily 

Dog Days end 

Grouse & Ptarmig. Shoot, begin 

Lammas Day, O. S. 

Sir W. Scott b. 1771 
10th Sunday after Trinity 
Duchess of Kent b. 1786 

Black Game Shooting begins 

11th Sunday after Trinity 
23. Sir W. Wallace behead. 1305 
J. Watt d. 1819 [St. Bartholomew 
Prince Albert b. 1819 

John Locke b. 1632 

12th Sunday after Trinity 



4 IS 
4 20 
4 22 
4 24 
4 26 
4 28 
4 30 
4 33 
4 35 
4 37 
4 39 
4 41 
4 43 
4 45 
4 47 
4 49 
4 51 
4 53 
4 55 

4 58 




8 11 

8 9 

8 7 

8 5 

8 S 

8 1 











7 34 

7 31 

7 29 

7 26 

7 24 

7 21 

7 A \m 

8 14 

9 25 

10 31 

11 25 


1 31 

2 17 

3 2 

3 48 

4 38 

5 31 

6 29 

7 37 

8 52 

10 4 

11 5 
11 51 



1 20 

1 49 

2 19 

2 51 

3 26 


8 49 

9 5S 

10 59 

11 53 


1 7 

1 54 

2 39 

3 24 

4 12 

5 4 
5 58 


8 14 

9 30 

10 38 

11 30 


1 4 

1 35 

2 4 

2 35 

3 7 

3 43 

4 19 

5 2 
5 56 
S 18 


Full Mfini, 5th, at 1ft. 7m. After. I New Moon, 20Ui, at Vi. 25m. Afterj 

Last Quarter, 12th, at lift. 34m Morn. | First Quarter, 28th, at ~ih. 18m. Morn_ 





Wt m. 



morn . 


Tu 1 

Partridge Shooting begins 

5ft 2 


9ft 2ot 


W 2 

5 3 

6 56 

10 16 

10 44 

Th 3 

Cromwell d. 1058 

5 5 

6 5i 

11 13 

11 40 

Fr 4 

5 7 

6 50 

— — 


Sat 5 

Watch slow 1 mill 21 sec. 

5 10 

6 48 



3 6 

13th Sunday after Trinity 

5 12 

6 46 

1 13 

1 35 

M 7 

Porteous Mob, 1736 

5 15 

6 43 

1 56 

2 16 

Tu 8 

5 17 

6 40 

2 37 

2 58 

W 9 

Battle of Flodden, 1513 

5 19 

6 37 

3 21 

3 44 

Th 1 

5 20 

6 34 

4 8 

4 32 

Fr 11 

5 22 

6 32 

4 5S 

5 24 

Sat 12 

Battle of Aberdeen, 1044 

5 24 

6 29 

5 52 

6 20 

s 13 

14tb Sunday after Triuity 

5 26 

6 26 

6 56 

7 33 

M 14 

13. Salmon Fishing ends 

5 28 

6 23 

8 15 

8 58 

Tu 15 

5 30 

6 20 

9 33 

10 8 

W 16 

Watch slow 5 rain. 18 sec. 

5 32 

6 17 

10 37 

11 6 

Th 17 

5 34 

6 14 

11 27 

11 48 

Fr 18 

5 36 

6 11 

— — 


Sat 19 

21. Battle of Prestonpans, 1715 

5 3S 

6 8 



3 20 

15th Sunday after Trinity 

5 40 

6 5 


1 8 

M 21 

Jewish Year, 5G07, beg ns 

5 42 

6 3 

1 21 

1 36 

Tu 22 

21. Sir Walter Scott d. 1832 

5 44 


1 49 

2 6 

W 23 

Autumnal Equinox 

5 46 

5 57 

2 23 


Th 24 

5 48 

5 54 

2 55 

3 13 

Fr 25 

Watch slow 8 min. 16 sec. 

5 50 

5 52 

3 32 

3 50 

Sat 26 

5 52 

5 43 

4 9 

4 34 

S 27 

16th Sunday after Trinity 

5 54 

5 46 


5 28 

M 28 

5 56 

5 44 

5 56 

6 35 

Tu 29 

Michaelmas Day 

5 58 

5 42 

7 14 

7 59 

W 30 

Hare Hunting begins 


5 39 

8 45 

9 22 

OCTOBER, 1846. 

Full Moon, 4th, at 4ft. 55m. After. I New Moon, 20th, at 7ft. 35m Morn. 

Last Quarter, 12tb, at 9h. Om. Morn. | First Quarter, 27tb, at 2A. 2m. After. 













Pheasant Shooting begins 




I0A Om 






5 32 

10 55 

11 21 





5 30 

11 46 . 

— — 



17th Sunday after Trinity 



5 27 







5 25 


1 13 



Watch slow 1 1 min. 47 sec. 



5 22 

1 33 

1 53 



Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle, 1748 



5 19 

2 15 

2 37 



Peace with America proclaimed, 



5 16 

2 58 

3 20 






5 14 

3 42 

4 4 



11. Michaelmas, O S. 



5 II 

4 28 

4 52 



18th Sunday after Trinity 



5 8 

5 19 

5 47 



America Discovered, 1 192 



5 6 

6 21 

6 56 





5 3 

7 35 

8 15 



Battle of Hastings, 1060 




8 52 

9 2J 



Gregorian or New Style, 1582 



4 57 

9 59 

10 29 





4 55 

10 51 

1 I 12 



Fox Hunting begins 



4 52 

11 30 

II 48 



19lh Sunday after Trinity 



4 49 

— — 




Dean Swift d. 1745 



4 47 





Watch slow 15 min. 4 sec. 



4 44 


1 9 



Battle of Trafalgar, 1805 



4 42 

1 24 

1 39 


2 ! 



4 40 

1 55 

2 13 



Caledonian Canal open. d, 1822 



4 37 

2 31 

2 50 





4 34 

3 10 

3 31 



20th Sunday after Trinity 



4 ,1 

4 a3 

4 19 



Hogarth d. 1704 



4 29 

4 4") 

5 15 



Captain Cook b 1728 


4 27 

5 45 

6 23 



St. Simon and St. Jude 



4 24 


7 42 



Watch slow 15 min. 7 sec. 



4 22 

8 24 

9 1 



Aberdeen Colleges meat 



4 20 

.) 3d 

10 6 



Hallow Even 



1 17 

10 35 

10 59 

NOVEMBER, 1846. 

Full Moou, 3d, at 9h. 3m. Morn. I New Moon, 18tb, at 10A. 51m. Night. 

Last Quarter, 11th, at l\h. 35m. Night. | First Quarter, 25th, at \0h. 23m. Night. 













21st Sunday after Trinity 







1. All Saints 

7 14 

4 13 

— — 




Lords Ordinary of C. of Sess. sit 

7 16 

4 11 





7 18 

4 9 

I 14 

1 34 



Gunpowder Plot, 16D5 

7 21 

4 6 

I 54 

2 14 



Watch slow 16 min. 12 sec. 

7 23 

4 4 

2 34 

2 55 



7 25 

4 2 

3 16 

3 38 



22d Sunday after Trinity 

7 27 


4 1 

4 25 



Prince of Wales b. 1841 

7 29 

3 58 

4 49 

5 16 



Milton d. 1674 

7 32 

3 55 

5 44 

6 12 



Martinmas Term 

7 34 

3 53 

6 47 

7 22 



Inner House of C. of Sess. sits 

7 36 

3 51 

7 58 

8 34 



Battle of Sheriffmuir, 1715 

7 38 

3 49 

9 5 

9 36 



7 41 

3 47 

10 3 

10 29 



23d Sunday after Trinity 

7 43 

3 46 

10 51 

11 12 



Watch slow 15 min. 4 sec. 

7 45 

3 44 

11 29 

11 44 



7 47 

3 42 




Cape of Good Hope doubled, 

7 50 

3 40 






7 52 

3 39 


1 17 



Treaty of Paris, 1815 

7 54 

3 37 

1 36 

1 54 



Princess Royal b. 1840 

7 56 

3 35 

2 13 

2 33 



24th Sunday after Trinity 

7 59 

3 33 

2 54 

3 18 



Martinmas Term, O.S. 

8 I 

3 32 

3 43 

4 9 



John Knox d. 1572 

8 3 

3 30 

4 35 

5 5 



8 5 

3 29 

5 36 

6 10 



Watch slow 12 min. 31 sec. 

8 7 

3 28 

6 45 

7 23 



8 9 

3 26 

8 2 

8 37 



8 12 

3 25 

9 13 

9 43 



Advent Sunday 

8 13 

3 24 

10 10 

10 38 



St. Andrew 

8 15 

3 23 

11 3 

11 28 

DECEMBER, 1846. 

Full Moon, 2d, at 106. 28m. Night. I New Moon, 18tb, at 12A. 34m. Noon. 
Last Quarter, 10th, at 9ft. 8m. Even. | First Quarter, 25tb, at 6A. 28m. Morn. 





w. m. 





Tu 1 

Leo X. d. 1521 





W. 2 

8 19 

3 20 



Th 3 

King James II. abdicated, 1688 

8 20 

3 20 


1 19 

Fr 4 

8 21 

3 20 

1 38 

) 57 

Sat 5 

Macbeth slain, 1056 

8 23 

3 19 

2 17 

2 36 

S 6 

2d Sunday in Advent 

8 24 

3 18 

2 57 

3 19 

M 7 

Mary Queen of Scots b. 1543 

8 26 

3 18 

3 39 

3 58 

Tu 8 

8 27 

3 17 

4 21 

4 43 

W 9 

Watch slow 7 min. 28 ,sec. 

8 29 

3 17 

5 7 

5 31 

Th 10 

Grouse, Black Game, & Ptarmi- 

8 30 

3 16 

5 55 

6 20 

Fr II 

gan Shoot, ends 

8 31 

3 15 

6 51 

7 23 

Sat 12 

[d. 1784 

8 33 

3 15 

7 58 

8 33 

S 13 

3d Sun. in Advent. — S. Johnson 

8 34 

3 14 

9 3 

9 33 

M 14 

Washington d. 1799 

8 36 

3 14 

10 1 

10 30 

Tu 15 

Isaac Walton d. IG83 

8 37 

3 14 

10 53 

11 15 

W 16 

8 38 

3 14 

11 36 

11 57 

Tb 17 

Watch slow 3 min. 41 sec. 

8 38 

3 14 


Fr 18 

8 39 

3 15 



Sat 19 

Court of Session rises 

8 40 

3 15 

1 20 

1 40 

S 20 

4th Sunday in Advent 

8 40 

3 15 

1 59 

2 22 

M 21 

St. Thomas 

8 41 

3 15 

2 45 

3 9 

Tu 22 

Winter solstice 

8 41 

3 16 

3 33 

4 59 

W 23 

8 42 

3 16 

4 26 

4 53 

Th 24 

Watch slow min. 1 1 sec. 

8 42 

3 17 

5 20 

5 49 

Fr 25 

Christmas Day 

8 43 

3 17 

6 18 

6 53 

Sat 26 

St. Stephen 

8 43 

3 18 

7 28 

8 5 

S 27 

1st Sunday after Christmas 

8 43 

3 18 

8 43 

9 16 

M 28 

Innocents Day 

8 44 

3 19 

9 50 

10 20 

Tu 29 

27. St. John Evangelist 

8 44 

3 20 

10 50 

11 20 

W 30 

Watch fast 2 min. 45 sec. 

8 43 

3 21 

11 41 

Th 31 


8 43 1 

3 22 



.A.u m 

Full Moon, 1st, at 2h. 34m. After. I New Moon, 17th, at Oh. 36m. Morn. 

Last Quarter, 9th, at GA. 32m. After. | First Quarter, 23d, at 4h. 9m. After. 

Full Moon, 31st, at 8h. 20m. Morn. 





■iv. m. 





Fr 1 

The Circumcision 




Mi 6m 

Sat 2 

Lavater d. 1801 

8 43 

3 26 

1 26 

1 46 

S 3 

8 42 

3 27 

2 3 

2 20 

M 4 

Watch fast 5 rain. 14 sec. 

8 42 

3 28 

2 38 

2 56 

Tu 5 

8 42 

3 29 

3 J3 

3 29 

W 6 

Epiphany— Old Christmas 

8 41 

3 30 

3 47 

4 4 

Th 7 

8 41. 

3 31 

4 22 

4 39 

Fr 8 

8 40 

3 33 

4 59 

5 18 

Sat 9 

8 40 

3 35 

5 40 

6 2 

S 10 

1st Sunday after Epiphany 

8 39 

3 37 

6 32 

7 1 

M 11 

10 Linnaeus d. 1778 

8 38 

3 39 

7 38 

8 14 

Tu 12 

8 37 

3 41 

8 55 

9 35 

W 13 

New Year's Day, O.S. 

8 36 

3 43 

10 11 

10 47 

Tb 14 

13 Court of Session sits 

8 35 

3 45 

11 16 

11 45 

Fr 15 

Watch fast 9 min. 43 sec. 

8 34 

3 47 

— — 


Sat 16 

8 32 

3 48 


1 2 

S 17 

2d Sunday after Epiphany 

8 31 

3 50 

1 23 

1 43 

M 18 

17 Battle of Falkirk, 1746 

8 29 

3 53 

2 2 

2 21 

Tu 19 

8 28 

3 55 

2 39 

2 57 

W 20 

Cross of Aberdeen founded, 1686 

8 26 

3 57 

3 16 

3 35 

Th 21 

8 24 

3 59 

3 56 

4 16 

Fr 22 

Lord Byron b. 1788 

8 23 

4 2 

4 41 

5 5 

Sat 23 

8 2] 

4 4 

5 33 

6 1 

S 24 

3d Sunday after Epiphany 

8 19 

4 6 

6 38 

7 14 

M 25 

8 17 

4 9 

7 57 

8 39 

Tu 26 

8 16 

4 10 

9 18 

9 56 

W 27 

Watch fast 13 min. 4 sec. 

8 14 

4 13 

10 27 

10 58 

Th 28 

8 12 

4 15 

11 23 

11 47 

Fr 29 

8 10 

4 17 


Sat 30 

Martyrdom of Charles 1. 164a, 

8 8 

4 12 



S 31 

4th Sunday after Epiphany 

8 7 

4 22 

1 5 

1 23 

FEBRUARY, 1847. 

Last Quarter, 8th, at \h. 30m. After. | New Moon, 15th, at Uh. Urn. Morn. 
First Quarter, 22d, at 3h. 51m. Morn. 

DAYS. | 




w. m. 
M 1 





8A 5 



1 A54m 

Tu 2 

Salmon F. begins — Candlema3 

8 3 

4 26 

2 12 

2 30 

W 3 

2 Partridge Shooting ends 


4 29 

2 46 

3 2 

Th 4 

7 58 

4 31 

3 18 

3 34 

Sir Robert Peel b. 1788 

7 56 

4 33 

3 51 

4 7 

Sat 6 

Priestly d. 1804 

7 54 

4 35 

4 26 

4 45 

S 7 

Septuagesima Sunday 

7 52 

4 37 

5 5 

5 25 

M 8 

Mary Q. of Scots beh. 1587 

7 50 

4 40 

5 50 

6 15 

7 48 

4 43 

6 50 

7 25 

W 10 

Queen's Marriage, 1840 

7 46 

4 45 

8 8 

8 50 

7 43 

4 48 

9 34 

10 17 

Fr 12 

7 41 

4 50 

10 54 

11 30 

Sat 13 

St. Valentine — Candlemas, O.S. 

7 39 

4 52 

S 14 

Sexagesiroa Sunday 

7 36 

4 54 



M 15 

Polarity of Magnet discov. 1180 

7 34 
7 31 

4 56 
4 58 

1 9 

1 46 

1 28 

2 4 

W 17 

Watch fast 14 min. 18 sec. 

7 29 


2 23 

2 42 

Th 18 

Luther d. 1546 

7 26 

5 3 


3 19 

Fr 19 

7 24 

5 5 

3 39 

3 59 

Sat 20 
S 21 

7 22 

5 7 

4 22 

4 46 

Shrove Sunday 

7 19 

5 10 

5 13 

5 40 

M 22 

7 17 

5 12 

6 14 

6 49 

Tu 23 

Shrove Tuesday— Fasten's Even 

7 14 

5 15 

7 28 

8 7 

W 24 

Ash Wednesday 

7 12 

5 17 

8 46 

9 26 

Th 25 

F 26 

7 9 

5 19 

9 58 

10 30 

7 6 

5 21 

10 55 

11 19 

Sat 27 

Watch fast 13 min. sec. 

1 7 4 

5 23 

11 40 

S 28 

1st Sunday in Lent — St. David 

|7 1 

|5 26 

1 ° l 

( 20 

MARCH, 1847. 

Full Moon, 2d, at 3h. dm. Morn. I New Moon, lGth, at 9A. 2m. After, 

Last Quarter, 10th, at 4h. 30m. Morn. | First Quarter, 23d, at 5ft. 32m. After. 

Full Moon, 31st, at 9h. 8m. After. 



































































St. Ambrose 

Dr. Black well d. 1757 
2d Sunday in Lent 

Watch fast 10 min. 47 sec. 
Darnley murdered, 1567 
Inner Houses of Court of Session 

3d Sunday in Lent 

Julius Caesar killed, 42 B.C. 

St. Patrick 

Watch fast 8 min. 16 sec. 

Lords Ordinary of Court of 
4th Sunday in Lent [Sess. rise 

Queen Elizabeth d. 1603 
Annunciation — Lady Day 

Robert Bruce crowned, 1306 
5th Sunday in Lent 

Watch fast 4 min. 37 sec. 
Aberdeen Colleges rise 


6 56 
6 53 
6 50 
6 48 
6 45 
6 42 
6 40 
6 37 
6 35 
6 32 
6 29 
6 26 
6 23 
6 20 
6 18 
6 15 



5 31 

5 33 


















6 14 

6 16 

6 18 

6 20 

6 23 

6 25 

6 27 

6 29 

6 31 

6 33 


1 12 

1 45 

2 17 

2 50 

3 92 



10 32 

11 36 


1 27 

2 4 


8 10 

9 20 

10 19 

11 8 
11 48 



1 29 

2 1 

6 52 

8 19 

9 54 
11 9 


1 7 

6 20 

7 32 

8 48 

9 52 

10 46 

11 29 


APEIL, 1847. 

Lsst Quarter, 8th, at Zh. 18m. After. I First Quarter, 22d, at 9A. Om. Morn 
New Moon, 15th, at 6A. 13m. Morn. | Full Moon, 30th, at lft. 17m. After! 































































All Fools' Day 

Marischal College founded, 1593 

Palm Sunday 

Watch fast 2 min. 31 sec. 

Good Friday 

9 Lord Bacon d. 1696 

Easter Sunday 

11 Napoleon abdicated, 1814 

Synod of Aberdeen meets 

Watch fast min, 18 sec. 
Battle of Culloden, 1746 

Low Sunday 

American Revolution, 1775 

Watch slow 1 min. 20 sec. 

St. George — Shakspere d. 1616 
Oliver Cromwell b. 1599 
2d Sunday after Easter 
25 Princess Alice b. 1843 

Watch slow, 2 min. 36 sec. 

Andrew Cant d. 1663 











5 31 

6 37 

1 49 

2 6 

5 28 

6 39 

2 23 

2 40 

5 26 

6 41 

2 57 

3 15 

5 23 

6 44 

3 34 

3 54 

5 21 

6 46 

4 14 

4 35 

5 18 

6 48 

4 59 

5 23 

5 15 

6 50 

5 55 

6 28 

5 13 

6 53 

7 ]] 

7 54 

5 10 

6 55 

8 40 

9 27 

5 7 

6 57 

10 6 

10 44 

5 5 

6 59 

11 13 

11 41 

5 2 

7 1 



4 59 

7 3 



4 56 

7 5 

1 6 

1 26 

4 54 

7 7 

1 45 

2 3 

4 52 

7 9 

2 22 

2 42 

4 50 

7 11 

3 2 

3 23 

4 47 

7 13 

3 45 

4 7 

4 44 

7 16 

4 31 

4 56 

4 41 

7 18 

5 23 

5 51 

4 39 

7 20 

6 21 

6 52 

4 36 

7 22 

7 26 

8 1 

4 33 

7 24 

8 35 

9 9 

4 31 

7 26 

9 37 

10 4 

4 29 

7 29 

10 28 

10 52 

4 27 

7 31 

11 12 

li 32 

4 24 

7 33 

11 52 

4 21 

7 35 



4 19 

7 37 


1 6 

MAY, 1847. 

Last Quarter, 7th, at 10A. 41m. After. I First Quarter, 22d, at \h. 50»«. Morn. 
New Moon, 14th, at 3/i. 15m. After, j Full Moon, 30th, at 2h. 37«i. Morn. 





w. w. 





Sat 1 

St. Philip and St. James 





S 2 

3d Sunday after Easter 

4 14 

7 42 

2 i 

2 18 

M 3 

4 12 

7 44 

2 37 

2 57 

Tu 4 

4 10 

7 46 

3 16 

3 36 

W 5 

Napoleon d. 1821 

4 8 

7 48 

3 57 

4 18 

Th 6 

4 5 

7 50 

■4 41 

5 5 

Fr 7 

Watch slow 3 min. 38 sec. 

3 3 

7 53 

5 35 

6 6 

Sat 8 

3 59 

7 55 

6 46 

7 26 

S 9 

4th Sunday after Easter 

3 57 

7 56 

8 12 

8 58 

M 10 

9 Corporation and Test Act re- 

3 55 

7 58 

9 38 

10 18 

T 11 

Chatham d. 1778 [scinded, 1828 

3 53 


10 48 

11 17 

W 12 

3 51 

8 2 

11 40 


Th 13 

Battle of Langside, 1568 

3 49 

8 4 



Fr 14 

3 47 

8 6 


1 5 

Sat 15 

Term Day — Cuvier d. 1832 

3 45 

8 8 

1 26 

I 46 

S 16 

Rogation Sunday 

3 43 

8 10 

2 5 

2 24 

M 17 

3 41 

8 12 

2 44 

3 5 

Tu 18 

Napoleon declar. Emparor, 1804 

3 39 

8 14 

3 26 

3 47 

W 19 

Watch slow 3 min. 50 sec. 

3 37 

8 16 

4 9 

4 31 

Tb 20 

Ascension — Holy Thursday 

3 35 

8 18 

4 53 

5 16 

Fr 21 

20 General Assembly meets 

3 34 

8 19 

5 42 

6 9 

Sat 22 

3 32 

8 21 

6 36 

7 4 

S 23 

3 30 

8 23 

7 37 

8 10 

M 24 

Queen Victoria b. 1819 

3 29 

8 25 

8 41 

9 13 

Tu 25 

3 28 

8 27 

9 42 

10 10 

W 26 

3 26 

8 29 

10 35 

10 59 

Th 27 

Term Day, O.S. 

3 25 

8 30 

Jl 21 

11 43 

Fr 28 

Watch slow 3 min. 5 sec. 

3 23 

8 32 


Sat 29 

King Charles II. restored, 1660 

3 22 

8 33 



S 30 

Pentecost — Whitsunday 

3 20 

8 35 

1 6 

1 26 

M 31 

Whit Monday 

3 19 

3 36 

1 45 

2 4 

JUNE, 1847. 
Last Quarter, 6th, at 3h. 58m. Morn. First Quarter, 20th, at 7ft. 24m. After 
New Moon, 13th, at Ok. 44m. Morn. | Full Moon, 28th, at \h. 14m. After 





•w. m. 





Tu 1 





W 2 



8 39 

3 2 

3 21 

Th 3 

Watch slow 2 min. 14 sec. 



8 41 

3 41 

4 1 

Fr 4 



8 43 

4 24 

4 47 

Sat 5 
S 6 
M 7 
Tu 8 

Jeremy Bentham d. 1832 

Trinity Sunday 

King Robert Bruce d. 1329 




8 44 
8 45 
8 46 
8 47 

5 14 

6 17 

7 36 
9 4 

5 42 

6 52 

8 21 

9 46 

W 9 

Watch slow 1 min. 11 sec. 



8 49 

10 20 

10 54 

Th 10 



8 50 

11 19 

11 44 

Fr 11 

Sat 12 

Corpus Christi — St. Barnabas 



8 50 
8 51 



S 13 
M 14 

1st Sunday after Trinity 




8 52 
8 53 

1 11 

1 50 

1 31 

2 9 

Tu 15 
W 16 

Magna Charta signed, 1215 




8 54 
8 54 

2 28 

3 5 

2 47 

3 24 

Th 17 

Battle of Killiecrankie, 1689 



8 54 

3 43 

4 2 

Fr 18 

Battle of Waterloo, 1815 



8 55 

4 21 

4 41 

Sat 19 
S 20 
M 21 
Tu 22 

Royal Bounty granted, 1690 
2d Sunday after Trinity 
Longest Day 




8 55 
8 56 
8 56 
8 56 

5 2 

5 47 

6 38 

7 39 

5 24 

6 11 

7 5 

8 13 

W 23 



8 57 

8 47 

9 21 

Th 24 
Fr 25 

St. John the Baptist 

24 Battle of Bannockburn, 1314 



8 57 
8 57 

9 52 
10 50 

10 22 

11 17 

Sat 26 

Watch fast 2 min. 24 sec. 



8 57 

ll 43 

S 27 
M 28 
Tu 29 
W 30 

3d Sunday after Trinity 
Queen Victoria crowned, 1838 
St. Peter 





8 57 
8 56 
8 56 
8 56 



1 33 

2 12 


1 13 

1 53 

2 30 



On demand or after date. 

For £2 and not above £5 5s 

Above 5 5s 20 

20 30 

30 50 

50 ... ... 100 

... 100 200 

... 200 300 

... 300 500 

... 500 ... ... 1000 

... 1000 : 2000 

...• 2000 3000 

... 3000 

Not exceeding 


2 mths. date or 

2 tnth 

s. date or 

60 days" 


60 days' sight. 

£0 1 


1 6 





2 6 



3 6 



4 6 







8 6 



12 6 







1 5 



For any sum not ab. £100, Is 6d 

Above £100 ... 200, 3s Od 

200 ... 500, 4s Od 

500 ... 1000, 5s Od 



Ab. £1000 not ab. £2000, 7s 6d 
... 2000 ... 3000, 10s Od 

... 3000 15s Od 

Every Bill of each, Set pays. 

£5 and under 





£10. Os 3d 
20, Os 6d 
50, IsOd 
100, Is 6d 
200, 2s 6d 
300, 4s Od 

For £300 and under £500, os Od 
... 500 ... 1000, 7s 6d 

. . . 1000 and upwards, 10s Od 

In full of all demands, 10s Od 
Receiver of Money pays Stamp. 

Voyage. — Premium not above 20y. per cent. 
If sum not above £100,„~»ls 3d | Above £100, at per cent.,~~»ls 3d 
Premium above 20s. per cent. 
If sum not above £100, — 2s 6d | Above £100, at per cent., 2s 6d 


Not above 1080 words, 20s.— Above 1080 words, 35s. — With a progres- 
sive duty of 25s. for every 1080 words additional. 


Sum not exceeding £50,~~, 

. £1 0s 


£2,000 not 

exc. £3,000, £7 

Above £50, ... 100,^. 

. 1 10s 


4,000, 8 

100, ... 200,_ 

. 2 0s 


5,000, 9 

200, ... 300,_ 

- 3 0s 


10,000, 12 

300, ... 500,_ 

„ 4 0s 


15,000, 15 

500, ... 1000,_ 

„ 5 0s 


20,000, 20 

... 1000, ... 2000,_ 

. 6 Os 



Progressive Duty, 25s. — Mortgages, same duty as Bonds. 
Bills of Lading, 6d. 

Not amounting to £20,. 
£20 and under 100,, 
100 ... 500,- 


~3s j £500 or upwards,~~»~~.,»»«10s 
r,3s I Any other kind,^~»^^v.^~. 5s 
»5s I For every additional sheet, 5s 

1080 words, £1 15s. 
ditional, 25s. 


-And for every entire quantity of 1080 words ad 


Under £20,. 


*£0 10s 

20, and not £50, 























12 0s 

25 0s 

35 0s 

45 0s 

55 Os 

65 Os 

Considerations. Duty. 

If £7,000, and not £8,000, £75 


100,000, or upwards,. 

9,000, 85 

10,000, 95 

12,000, 110 

15,000, 130 

20,000, 170 

30,000, 240 

40,000, 350 

50,000, 450 

60,000, 550 

80,000, 650 

100,000, 800 



Lease of any lands, at a yearly rent, where no sum of money, by way 
of fine or grassum, has been paid. : — 
Where the yearly rent shall 

not amount to £20, „w»„w».v— 20s 

And where the same shall 

amount to £20, and not to 

£100, , 30s 

Amtg. to £400, not to £200, 40s 
200, ... 400, 60s 
400, ... 600, 80s 
600, ... 800, 100s 
800, ... 1000, 120s 
1000, and upwards, 200s 

And for the counterpart of any 
lease hereby charged with a 
duty, if not exceeding £1, the 
like duty as on the same. 

And for the counterpart of any 
other lease whatsoever,^-. „~»30s 

And for every 1080 words above 
the first, ~~.~~.~«. ..20s 


No. of 


No. of 


No. of 









£0 15 



8 1 


~60to 64 

19 16 9 




8 10 


65 69 

20 19 3 


1 7 


8 18 


70 74 

22 1 6 


1 15 



9 7 

75 79 

23 4 


2 3 



9 15 


80 84 

24 6 6 


2 12 



10 3 


85 89 

25 9 





10 12 


90 94 

26 11 3 


3 9 




95 99 

27 13 9 


3 17 



11 9 

100 109 

29 7 6 


4 6 


11 17 


110 119 

31 12 3 


4 14 



12 5 


120 129 

33 17 3 


5 2 



12 14 


130 139 

36 2 


5 11 



13 2 


140 149 

38 7 


5 19 



13 11 

150 159 

40 11 9 


6 8 

40 to 44 

14 7 


160 169 

42 16 9 


6 16 


45 49 

15 15 


170 179 

45 1 6 


7 4 


50 54 

17 4 

180 & up- 

46 10 3 


7 13 


55 59 

18 12 


Houses with more than 180 windows are charged Is. 6d. for each window 
above that number, in addition to £46 10s. 3d. 

Exemptions. — Charity-schools, hospitals, poor-houses, and places of divine wor- 
ship. Three windows in the front or fronts of shops or warehouses, if on the 
basement story. The windows of a room used solely for a manufactoi*y, if not 
communicating with the dwelling-house, though adjoining thereto. Windows in 
any farm-house occupied by a tenant at a rack-rent less than £200 per annum; 
or any farm-house occupied by the owner or tenant of any farm, not rack-rent, 
of which the early value shall not be under £100 per annum, provided the 
owner of such farm-house shall not derive any yearly income exceeding £100 
from any other source. 

N.B. — No windows deemed stopped, unless with stone, brick, or plaster. 
Opening windows without notice forfeits £10. Glass doors, or lights over doors 
considered as windows. 




Ballater — Leaves the Royal Mail Coaeh-office, Royal Hotel, 65, Union Street, 
every morning, at 7, a.m., and arrives at Ballater at 35 minutes past 12, p.m. 
Leaves Ballater at 9 a.m., and arrives in Aberdeen at half-past 2, p.m. 

Peterhead — Leaves the Royal Mail Coach-office, Royal Hotel, 65, Union Street, 
every morning, at 7, A.M., and arrives in Peterhead at 11, a.m. Leaves Peter- 
head at 8, a.m., and arrives in Aberdeen at 3 minutes past 12, noon. 

Inverness— Leaves the Royal Mail Coach-office, Royal Hotel, G5, Union Street, 
every morning, at 7, a.m., and arrives in Inverness at 7, p.m. Leaves Inver- 
ness at 34 minutes past 2, a.m., and arrives in Aberdeen at half-past 2, p.m. 

London and Edinburgh through Pipe (Morning) — Leaves the Royal Mail 
Coach-office, Royal Hotel, 65, Union Street, every morning at 5, a.m., and 
arrives in Edinburgh at 20 minutes past i, p.m. Leaves Edinburgh at 5, a.m., 
and arrives in Aberdeen at 25 minutes past 4, p.m. 

London and Edinburgh (Evening) — Leaves the Royal Mail Coach-office, Royal 
Hotel, 65, Union Street, every day at 3, p.m., via Dundee, Perth, and Queens- 
ferry, arriving in Edinbui'gh next morning at 5 a.m. Leaves Edinburgh at 
1, p.m., arriving in Aberdeen next morning at 25 minutes past 6, a.m. 

Banff (Gig) — Leaves the Post Office, Market Street, every evening at 5, p.m., ar- 
riving in Banff at 11, p.m. Leaves Banff next morning at 5 minutes past 8, 
A.M., and arrives in Aberdeen at 5 minutes past 2, p.m. 

Methlic (Gig) — Leaves the Post Office, Market Street, every morning, at 7, a.m., 
arriving at Methlic at 10, a.m. Leaves Methlic at 10 minutes past 11, a.m., 
and arrives in Aberdeen at 10 minutes past 2, p.m. 


Banchory — Marquis of Huntly leaves the Royal Mail Coaeh-office, 65, Union 
Street, every lawful day, at i, p.m., arriving at Banchory at 6, p.m. Leaves 
Banehory at 7, a.m., and reaches Aberdeen at 9, a.m. 

Banff — Earl of Fife leaves the Royal Mail Coach-office, 65, Union Street, every 
lawful morning, at 7, a.m., and arrives at Banff at half-past 12, p.m. Leaves 
Banff at a quarter-past 2, P.M., arriving in Aberdeen at 8 p.m. 

Ellon, Old Deer, and Stricken — Banks of Ythan starts from Ley's Inn, Queen 
Street, for Ellon, every lawful day, at 3, p.m. ; to Strichen, every Monday and 
Friday ; and to Old Deer, every Wednesday and Saturday. 

Glasgow and Edinburgh — Defiance leaves the Royal Mail Coaeh-office, 65, Union 
Street, every lawful morning, at 7, a.m., and arrives in Edinburgh, via Forfar, 
Dundee, and Fife, at 7, P.m. Leaves Edinburgh at 8, a.m., and reaches Aber- 
deen at 9, p.m. Arrives in Glasgow at 10, p.m ; leaving Glasgow at half-past 
5, a.m., and arriving in Aberdeen at 9, p.m. 

Inverness — Defiance leaves the Royal Mail Coach-office, 65, Union Street, every 
lawful day, at 6, a.m., and arrives in Inverness at half-past 6, p.m, Leaves In» 
verness at 6, a.m., arriving in Aberdeen at 7, p.m. 

Invercby — Banks of Don leaves the Royal Mail Coach-office, 65, Union Street, 
every lawful day, at 4, P.M., and arrives in Inverury at 6, p.m. Leaves Inver- 
ury at 8, a.m., arriving in Aberdeen at 10, a.m. 

Methlic — Earl of Aberdeen leaves Jaff ray's, 26, North Street, every Tuesday, at 
2, P.M., and Friday and Saturday, at a quarter-past 3, P.M. Leaves Tarves 
every Monday, Friday, and Saturday, at 8, a.m., arriving in Aberdeen at half- 
past 10, A.M. 

Strathdon — Lord Forbes leaves the Royal Mail Coach-office, 65, Union Street, 
every lawful morning at 7, a.m., arrives at Strathdon at twenty minutes past 
1, P.M. Leaves Strathdon every lawful morning at twenty minutes past 8, 
A.M., arriving in Aberdeen at four minutes past 2, p.m. 

Stonehaven — Swift leaves Sheriff's Inn, 42, St. Nicholas Street, every Monday 
Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, at 4, p.m., and arrives in Stonehaven at 
6, p.m. Leaves Stonehaven same days, at 8, a.m., and arrives in Aberdeen at 
10, a.m. 


New-year's day, ,,„ — . — „*™ — 
Good Friday,~~»«~»~»~.~— ~~».- 

Queen's Birthday, — . ,.««. 

Coronation of Queen Victoria, 
Prince Albert's Birthday,^^.™^ 
Christmas-day, ,~~,~~~~.~~»~ 

„ January 1. 

„May 24. 
.June 28. 
.August 26. 
~Dec. 25. 

*J> When a holiday falls on a Sunday, the Monday following is kepi. 




Those marked w go weekly ; / fortnightly ; o occasionally. 


> James Sim —— ., 

—. J. Rattray™. 

—.Robert Ewen^,, 
—.Alexander Watt . 
..—George Benton— 
~— Wm. Berry-,—., 

. VJames Law——. 
-A. Sandieson— 

From whence. 
w Abercbirder,™. 

Portsoy, &c.™ . 
w Abergeldie — -.„ 

w Aboyne — .- .. 

w Aboyne --.—.. 
w Alford— .—.-. 
w Alford —.—.-. 
w Auchindoir, — 

Cabrach, and™ 

Rhynie, — — 

w Aucblunies and) 

Nether Banchory y ' 

w Auchterless and ) , ., 

_ . . > Alex. Forsyth — „ 

Daviot ™. — >J * 

lio Auchterless — .— "1 

Badenscoth, and >A. Robertson — „ 

Fyvie —.—.J 

iv Auchterless —.A. Barclay — „.— „ 

tv Ballater „—.—..— James Young— 

w Ballater — .— — .D. Coutts™.— ., 

w Banchory Ternan— A. Duncan — — .„ 

w Banchory Ternan— Alex. Milne — ., 

w Banchory Ternan 1 „ . _ 

- „. , > Francis Rae— ». 

and Glassel — — J 

w Banchory Ternan— A. Stevenson — „ 
w Banchory Ternan-J. Findlay — ™. „ 
w Banchory Ternan) ,. . _ 

and Crathes } Alexander Ross. 

w Banchory (Upper), William Fraser, 
w Banff, Macduff, ^ 

Portsoy, Cullen, | 

Buckie, Port- £■ G. B*denoch— ,— 

gordon, and all | 

places adjacent J 
■w Banff and Buckie— John Noble ™.. 
w BervieandJohns- 

baven — .. 
w Birse—..— 
w Birse—.—.—.—, 
to Birse— .—.—.-. 
w Braemar — .™»— 
w Brechin — .— .— 
o Cairnbanno — .— , 
w Clatt and Rhynie 
w Clatt and Leslie- 

/ Coldstone — . 

f Coldstone — ,—— 

iv Collieston — . 

"• Crathie™.— .— 



.James Martin — „ 
.A. Ross—.—— 

.H. M'Condach 

„G. M'Hardy— .™ 
..H. Smart— .— .— . 
.John Donald™.,— 
..James Law——.-. 

„J. Milne — .-. 

.J. Farquharson — 
.John Laing— .— „. 
..W. Cruickshank, , 
»W, Steuart„ 

Where lodged. 

.90 George Street — 

Jf> Harriet Street™.-. 
„11 Harriet Street—.. 

-13 Harriet Street 

..6 Little Belmont St.. 
-15 Backwynd — . 

-90 George Street — . 

—1 Flourmillbrae — .- 
-180 Gallowgate 

—166 Gallowgate — — 

-24 Gerard Street — . 
—6 Little Belmont St. 

—15 Backwynd — . 

-6 Little Belmont St. 
—6 Backwynd —.— .- 

—6 Backwynd—.—.™, 

-15 Backwynd — .— .. 
-6 Little Belmont St. 

..6 Backwynd—,——. 

-22 Schoolhill-— „ 

.24 Gerard Street , 

.90 George Street — .-. 

-1 Flourmillbrae—.™—, 

-22 Schoolhill 

-6 Little Belmont St. - 

-22 Schoolhill 

-6 Little Belmont St.- 
-90 George Street — .- 
-28 West North Street 
-90 George Street — »-, 
-90 George Street —. — 

22 Schoolhill , 

.23 Harriet Street — ._ 
,6 Mealmarket Lane—, 
,5 Harriet Street. 

Arrive. Depart. 

.— Tucs 

,-Wed Thurs 

—Thur Friday 

-.Thur Friday 

—Friday Saturday 

^.Friday Saturday 

-.Thur Thur 

Tu Fri Tu Fri 

-.Thur Thur 

—Wed Thur 







.Thur Friday 

.Mon Tb Tu Fri 
„Tu Fri Wed Sat 

-Friday Friday 

-Mon Tu Fri Sat 

.Sat Wed M Wed 

, Wed Wed 
.Mon Th Tu Fri 










Prom whence. Carriers. Where lodged. 

/ Crathie_™.~,,~~,James Rattray„„~.6 Backwynd __, 

w Cullen and Buckie, Walter Hall .v~.~~.180 Gallowgate . 

Culsamond and I 

Durno ™~..™, 

w Cumineston . 

w Drumoak™. ,. 

w Drumoak ,,-. 

o Daviot.......... 

w Drumlithie and 

W. M'Gregor ~™.180 Gallowgate 

-.George Rettie „,,. 
— James Reid ~~.~ 

...W. Currie ~~ 

.~G. Cruickshank, 

> James Smith...... 

Auchinblae j 

w Drumlithie „ A 

Auchinblae,..-. f ., _^ 
Fettercairn „> Alex. Duncan — 

and Montrose ) 

w Dundee.. - ,."1 

Edinburgh >H. Smart™,™...,, 

Glasgow, &c. J 

w Dufftown and 1 T „ . . , . 

„ . . . . >J. Petterkm ™.„ 


w Echt „~.™.Ann Craighead „ 

w Echt and Midmar~A M'Donald~„„ 

w Ellon -™„™ W. Thomson™,.,. 

w Ellon & Peterhead, T. Daniel, jun.„, 

o Ellon , W. Todd 

w Elrick, Cornhill, 

Brcdies' Ord, 

Marnoch, and 

Ardmellie „~. 
w Finzean -„.„„„„ 
w Forgue — ,~™.~„ 

w Foggieloan™. , 

/ Foveran ™.„_„ 
w Fraserburgh „_ 

Peterhead . 

Ellon, &c. ~_ 
w Fraserburgh 

Rosehearty ,.„ 

Cairnbulg,&c. J 
f Fy vie ..„.., ...™.™.G. Chapman-. 
/ Fyvie, Lewis„„™.Adam Mackie . 
iv Gordonstun ,.") 

Badenscoth..,. >A. Robertson . 

& Balgaveney J 
J Grange and Ro-1 

thiemay „~„»,. J 

„™John Grant 

.180 Gallowgate ™ 
.6 Backwynd ™.~. 
.22 Harriet Street, 
,166 Gallowgate ™ 

.15 Backwynd ™.. 

-6 Backwynd™, 

.90 George Street ™.„ 

.24 Gerard Street ... 

-6 Backwynd ™~.-~.™ 
.6 Backwynd „„„„-,„ 
-16 Mealmarket Lane- 
_16 Mealmarket Lane- 
-32 West North Street, 

James Duncan„™.166 Gallowgate ™.™ 

Arrive. Depart. 

-.Wed Tbur 

..Wed Wed 

™Thur Friday 

...Wed Wed 
.-.Friday Friday 

-.Friday Friday 

„Wed Thur 

—Mon Tues 

.~Tues Tues 

,„J. Martin™.™. 
,„A. Thompson . 

.„ James Sim™ 

~.James Massie . 

V William Reid . 
VJames Milne™ 

.22 Sehoolhill 

.180 Gallowgate ™~., 

.90 George Street 

.6 Mealmarket Lane, 

.Tu Fri Tu Fri 

.Tues Wed 

..Thur Friday 
..Friday Saturday 
.Tu Fri Tu Fri 
.M W F M W F 
.Friday Friday 

.™Tues Wed 

™,Thur Friday 

,™Wed Wed 

Tues Tues 

™Friday Friday 

.6 Mealmarket Lane~.~~.Tues Wed 

R. Howie, 

v Glenlivat„™„„„ 

/ Greens ~.....~~ 

w Huntly ™~.™™,„~ 

w Huntly . 

w Huntly ™™,„™.™„ 
w Huntly „,,„..„„.. 
w Huntly ~~™,~„„ 
w Huntly „-»~~„. 
w Insch ~™~~.-~.„ 
w iDsch ™~..™.™™... 

w Inverury ,„™.„ 

w Inverury ,.™.-— ... 

w Keig ™™. „„~.„ 

w Keith „~ 

■w Keith, Fochabers 
Elgin, Forres, 
Nairn, and In- 

„Arch. Kerr „™.. 

.John Rannie 

-Charles Rait 

„Wm. Lawson ™ 

-James Lobban 

-John M'Intyr 

-James Shirreffs, 
—John Thomson , 
-Charles Riddel . 
..James Stephen . 
.A. Argo ™~.™™,, 

.James Stephen 

-Peter Coutts 

.George Barron™ 

,166 Gallowgate , 

.90 George Street . 
.166 Gallowgate ~. 

.166 Gallowgate 

.™180 Gallowgate 

„90 George Street 

-.1 1 Harriet Street™. 

-.90 George Street , 

-.90 George Street 

24 Gerard Street 

,™90 George Street 

-.90 George Street 

-.24 Gerard Street ~™. 

-.180 Gallowgate 

-.90 George Street 

—180 Gallowgate -~ 

180 Gallowgate ™.~ 

,™90 George Street ~™. 
-.6 Little Belmont St. 
180 Gallowgate „ 

...Wed Wed 

.Thur Thur 
.Friday Friday 

.Wed Thur 

.Tues Wed 








-Tu Sat 




.Tu Fri 

.Tu Fri 










Tu Sat 




Tu Fri 

Tu Fri 



Eddison & Stables, 24 Gerard Street 

w Keith, Aberlour, ) _ , ,. „ _ . „ „„ . _ , _. 

: „ . ' > Eddison & Stables, 24 Gerard Street 
and Grautown J 

.Tu T S Tu T S 

.TuThS Tu Th S 


From whence. Carriers. 

w Keith, Aberlour,"} 

and places ad- >Paterson & Kiach, 

j acent „™™~™ J 

f Keith-hall John Shand ™™ — 

w Keranay ™™ ™™James Mitchell — 

w Kincardine O'Neil, Peter Gordon ™™„ 

w Kincardine O'Neil, Wm. Tough 

■w Kincardine O'Neil, John Ramsay „, — 
w Kincardine O'Neil, James Low ™™™~ 
to Kinmundy, Old "J 

Deer, & Stew- VEobert Cadger „ 

artfield ™™™™ J 

m Kinnethmont .Win. Souter 

/ Kinnethmont ™„™Wm. Brebner 

w Kintore..™. -J. Abel™™™™~™~ 

w Kintore, Inve- "1 

rury, and Old >Alex. Mennie™™™, 

Rain™™.,™,,,, J 
w Laurencekirk, "| 

Brechin, For- I 

far, Dundee, | 

Perth, Glas- ^John Hood 

gow, Edin- I 

burgh, and all | 

places adjacent J 
/ Leochel-Cushnie™™G. Williams™™™. 
/ Leochel-Cushnie. 
/ Leslie. 

Where lodged. 



24 Gerard Street ™™ 

Wed S Wed S 

,166 Gallowgate ™~™~ 

22 Schoolhill 

,.5 Harriet Street™™™, 





.11 Harriet Street™™. 
.6 Little Belmont St. „ 
.1 1 Harriet Street™™,, 




,18 Mealmarket Lane „ 


16 Mealmarket Lane „ 

90 George Street 

.22 Schoolhill 





,G Backwynd ,™»™™™ 



,™John Archie.™™. 
™James Glennie — 
™John Smith „™. 

™Wm. Willox 

™James Murray™. 
™.John Kemp ™™, 
,™Robert Fiddes „ 

.™Jobn Scott™ 

.™James Rothney , 

Thus. Annand . 

„»David Angus™™. 
~™J. Rothney ™™ 

to Longside™™. 
w Lonmay ™™ 
w Lumphanan . 
w Lumphanan 
w Maryculter™ 
w Midmar™™„ 
/ Methlic ™™™ 
w Methlic ™~„ 

/ Methlic ,™ 

/ Methlic 

w Stonehaven, Lau-~| 

rencekirk, Bre- | 

chin, Forfar, [> Hercules Smart,. 

Dundee, and | 

Edinburgh™™ J 
w Montrose, Ar- » rk 

broath, &c. J 
w Monymusk, Fet-1 

ternear, and > David Thorn™™. 

w Monymusk 
to Monymusk. 
to Newburgh . 
w Newburgh . 
/ Newbyth — 
to New Deer . 
id New Deer 


w New Pitsligo™™ 
w Old Deer™™™™. 
w Old Meldrum ™ 
w Old Meldrum ™. 
w Portsoy ™™„™. 
f Premnay, Auch 

leven, and Pit 

caple ™™™™, 
w Raemoir™™™™. 
w Raemoir™™™™. 

James Watt 

„ „George Stephen, 

™™.™Gilbert Connon, 
..™™„Alex. Sangster™, 

™™John Mackie™™. 

™™.„Alex. Walker ™ 
and 1 . 

-John Scott, 

1 Flourmillbrae. 

.11 Harriet Street™™.™ 
.23 Harriet Street ™™™ 

,180 Gallowgate ™™ 

90 George Street ™™™ 
.16 Mealmarket Lane™ 

22 Schoolhill >™ 

.23 Harriet Street 

.6 Back wy n d -™™ ™™™, 

.5 Harriet Street 

,16 Mealmarket Lane™ 
.26 West North Street 

.166 Gallowgate 

.16 Mealmarket Lane™ 

.90 George Street . 

Thomas Robb 

™.Jas. Lawrence™, 
.™Jas. Webster™™,. 
„.John Petrie ™™„ 
™Thomas M'Lean, 

>Jchn Gauld ™™„ 

™.George Will.™™. 
-™.G. Fraser™™„™» 

,„6 Backwynd™™,™™™, 

180 Gallowgate ™™»™ 

™90 George Street ™™., 

90 George Street ™™, 

™6 Mealmarket Lane™, 
™16 Mealmarket Lane, 
™90 George Street ™™, 
15 Mealmarket Lane . 

180 Gallowgate 

90 George Street ™™, 

™90 George Street ™™. 
,™1 Flourmillbrae ™™™ 
™26 North Street ™™™ 
166 Gallowgate ™™>™ 

™166 Gallowgate «™.„. 

™1 1 Harriet Street ™™. 
™.13 Harriet Street 

.Tu Fri Tu Fri 



























.Tues Friday 

.~Tues Tues 

.™,Thur Friday 

™»Tues Wed 

Friday Saturday 

™.Friday Friday 

Friday Friday 

™.Wed Wed 
Wed Wed 

„™Wed Wed 

™Thur Thur 

-™Thur Thur 
,„Mon Th Tu Fri 

~™Wed Thur 

.™Wed Thur 

.™Thur Thur 

™.Thur Friday 

™Thur Friday 


John Will 

.Alex. Mitchell™. 

.Mrs. Nicol „. 

.David Nicol „„,. 
■Alex. Matheson , 

From whence. 
J Schivas™™.™™,., 

■".' Skene ^™v™ 

w Stonehaven — 

w Stonehaven „™ 

w Stonehaven — 

w Strichen&Mintlaw.Wm. Rankin 

w Stonehaven, Ber- ~\ 

vie, Montrose, Vjuhn Smart 

and Arbroath .' 

w Strathdon „™.™™.™A. Moir 

/ Strathdon &Cor- 

garff ™™.™„™ 

Alex. Stuart, 


Geo. Ironside 

Donald Meldrum. 

w Tarland « W. Eeid 

./ Tarland ™™. Wm. Coutts„ 

w Tarland ~™„™.A. Ogg™„™,. 

u- Tarves 

o Tomintoul and 

Crouch ley . 

/ Towie ™™. ™Adam Gordon . 

w Turriff ™George Gallon™™ 

« Turriff & Foggy- l Wia . Anderson , 

loan „™ ™~ J 

w Turriff, Banff,} , .,,,,.„. 

and Macduff :} A - MGllhvra ^ 
w Udny Daviot, \ Wm Mayour 

and Fyvie, &c.J 

w Udny ™™. ™™.™~»James Mutch™™.™ 

/ Udny , ~™ John Hall 

/ Wartbill ™™-™™- Leslie Emslie ™™ 

/ Wartle .^..^.James Robertson 

Where lodged. 
„16 Mealmarket Lane. 
^1 Flourmillbrae ™™.™. 
-6 Backwynd „™»„™.„ 
-1 Flourmillbrae™™.™, 
_90 George Street „™.. 
.166 Gallowgate „™ m 

-.90 Georgie Street „™,, 

Ji\ Harriet Street ™™. 

™1 Flourmillbrae™™.™ 

-23 Harriet Street ™™». 

,23 Harriet Street 

..11 Harriet Street „™. 
.13 Princes Street 

-166 Gallowgate -™~™ 

„23 Harriet Street 

..90 George Street ™™. 

~24 Gerard Street ™™. 
-24 Gerard Street ™™. 

-166 Gallowgate .„ 

,6 Mealmarket Lane™, 
,166 Gallowgate „™,~ 

-57 Green,™™™,. 

,166 Gallowgate ™™>™, 

Arrive. Depart. 
™Thur Thur 
™Thur Thur 
™Tu Th S Tu Tb S 
„Tu Th S Tu Tb S 
..Tu Th S Tu Th S 
™Wed Wed 

..Friday Friday 












~Wed Wed 

-.Friday Friday 

-Thur Thur 

.Thur Friday 

.Friday Friday 

-Tues Tues 

„Wed Thur 


6 Backwynd ™™.~ 

15 Backwynd™™.™ 

166 Gallowgate ™~ 

180 Gallowgate 

90 George Street.. 

24 Gerard Street™ 

!3 Harriet Street., 

1 1 Harriet Street,. 

22 Harriet Street, 





.™Mrs Milne 

23 Harriet Street A. Reid 

6 Little Belmont Street™Davidson 

6 Mealmarket Lane , 
16 Mealmarket Lane - 

18 North Street™™. 

32 North Street „ 

13 Princes Street 

42 St Nicholas Street, 
22 Schoolhill ™™ 









Lord Provost, THOMAS BLAIKIE, Esq. 


James Forbes, Merchant Peter Williamson, Druggist 

George Henry, Merchant | William Ross, Advocate 


James Hadden, Manufacturer Dean of Guild 

Alexander Webster Treasurer 

Alex. Hadden of Persley Master of Shore Works 

William Fraser, Merchant Master of Kirk and Bridge Works 

Alexander Torrie, Advocate Master of Mortifications 

William Gordon, Sharebroker Master of Guild Brethren's Hospital 


Lewis Crombie of Kirkhill I Isaac Machray, Coach Proprietor 

Alex. Gibb, Civil Engineer | James Nicol, Advocate 

Robert Catto, Jun., Merchant I Alexander Black, Wine Merchant 

Alexander Henderson, Advocate | D. Chalmers of Westburn 

James Simpson, Advocate Legal Assessor 

John Angus, Advocate Town-clerk 

David Keith, Advocate .. Town-clerk Depute 

Alexander Fraser, Advocate Chamberlain 

A. & J. Cadenhead, Advocates Procurators-fiscal 

John Smith, Architect Superintendent of Works 

John Blaikie Inspector of Weights 


James Hadden, Manufacturer, Dean of Guild. 


Wm. Allardyce Andrew Oldman 

George Collie Alexander Ogston 

Alexander Whyte Leslie Cruickshank 

John Duncan William Melville 

John Maitland Alexander Duthie 

John Jamieson George Lyall 

Alexander Fraser, Advocate, Clerk. Alexander Mellis, Officer, 



Rev. Simon Mackintosh, Minister of East Parish, Patron 

Charles Playfair, Gunmaker, Convener 

William Murray, Builder, Master of Hospital 


Hammermen Allan A.Marshall Hugh Sutherland 

Bakers William Webster William Stephen 

Wrights and Coopers ...George Michie James Riddell 

Tailors Robert Thomson John M'Donald 

Shoemakers Stephen Airth Thomas W. Tough 

Weavers John Leslie James Collie 

Fleshers James Stewart Robert Sangster, Sen. 

James Berry, Watchmaker Factor for the Widows' 1 Fund 

T , t, „, , , , f Treasurer for the Widows' Supplemen- 

John Barron. Watchmaker .... j fary Fund 

Alexander Robb, Tailor Treasurer of the Trades' School 

Thomas Roger Teacher 

William Gibb Assistant 

J. Nicol & M. Massie, Advocates, Conjunct Clerks and Assessors 
Donaldson Riddel Convener's Officer 



The Provost, Dean of Guild, Treasurer of the City, and Convener of 
the Trades, ex officiis. 

Ward First John Hay Alexander Henderson 

.. Second. ..W. Matthews, Jun... Isaac Machray 

Third Henry Paterson George Wisely 

.. Fourth ...William Adam R. R. Notman 

. Fifth John Rose John Forbes 

.. Sixth Robert Mitchell Alex. C. Matthew 

Seventh... Convener Topp Alex. Reid 

.. Eighth ...John Smith Alexander Torrie 

.. Ninth Andrew Oldman Archibald Simpson 

William Duncan Treasurer and Collector of Police 

x , „„., f Clerk of Police and Superintendent of Powder 

John Milne j Magazine 

Nathaniel Clark, 1 ^ ckrhs 

Samuel Anderson,/ 

, ... , f Inspector of Police and Superintendent of Water 

James Mmty -J * Wmks 

Alexander Cromar Assistant Inspector of Police 

, „ f Keeper of Steam-engine Water Works Bridge 

James Kay -[ y ofDee 

Robert Barclay Superintendent of Bay and Night Police 

John Watson Day Serjeant 

Alexander Campbell Night Serjeant 

William Gilbert Criminal Officer 

Dr. Ogston Medical Attendant 

J. Simpson, Advocate Law Agent 

W. Smith & A. Maclean... Assessors 

Lamplighters, 12 men — Scavengers, 50 men. 

The Night Watch consists of 48 men — the Day-patrol, of 12 men. 



General purposes— under £7 of rent, Is. 3d. per £1. 
Do. do. at and above £7 of rent, Is. 6d. per £1. 

Water — Dwelling-houses, 9d. per £1. All other Premises, 4d. per 
£1. Premises under £3 are exempted. Sixpence per pound ad- 
ditional is charged for Water introduced to houses above £10 of 
rent. Threepence per pound of rental is charged for Water in- 
troduced into shops. Rents below £10 are charged 5s. 

The Assessments fall due on the 1st of November. 


Commissioners under the Act, 6 and 7 Victoria, cap. 72, " For im- 
proving and maintaining the Harbour of Aberdeen," passed 12th 
July, 1843 :— 
The Provost, Magistrates, and Town Council of the City of Aber- 
deen, Commissioners ex officiis, together with nine Burgesses of Guild 
Commissioners, and three Incorporated Trades' Commissioners. 


The Provost, Magistrates, and Town Council. 
Burgesses of Guild. 

Geo. Thomson, Jun., Shipowner 
Henry Adamson, do. 

Alexander Nicol, do. 

Alexander Anderson, Advocate 
Robert Mitchell, Shipowner 

William Hogarth, Merchant 
William Duthie, Shipowner 
Robert Catto, Merchant 
P. Pirie, Jun., Manufacturer 

Incorporated Trades. 

William Milne, Flesher | Andrew Anderson, Painter 

Charles Playfair, Gunmaker. 

John Angus, Secretary and Clerk. 

Alexander Reid, Collector and Treasurer. 

James Abernethy, Superintendent and Engineer. 


Alexander Reid, Collector. 

Peter Riddel, James Nicol, William Adamson, and John M'Lean, 

Clerks and sworn Bulkers. 




The Circuit Court of Justiciary, for the counties of Aberdeen, 
Banff, and Kincardine, meets at Aberdeen twice a-year, in the months 


of April and September, for the trial of criminal cases, by -one or two 
of the Lords. Appeals in certain civil cases, from the inferior courts, 
are also heard by this Court. 


Andrew Murray of Murrayshall, Advocate, Sheriff 

William Watson, W.S. \ „. .„ , ... , 

ITT- it o i a j i. r Sheriff-substitutes 
William Gordon, Advocate, J ■" 

James Skelton, W. S., Sheriff.substitute at Peterhead 

James Gordon of Craig, Advocate, Sheriff-clerk 

Francis Gordon, Advocate, "1 

John Dunn, do. > Clerks-depute 

John G. Leslie, J 

Arbuthnott Knox, Clerk-depute at Peterhead 

William Simpson, Advocate, Procurator-fiscal 

John D. Milne, Advocate, 1 . . , . 

Alex. Henderson, do. j 

William Gordon, Advocate, Auditor 

Robert Shaw, Bar Officer 

The Court days are Wednesdays and Fridays, at Ten o'clock, a.m., 
during the Sessions, which extend from the first Court day (Wednes- 
day or Friday) after 15th May to the last Court day in July, and from 
the first after 15th October to 4th April, inclusive ; and, at Peter- 
head, Thursday, at 11 o'clock, a.m. 


Andrew Murray of Murrayshall, Commissary 
William Watson, William Gordon, and John Dunn, Commissary- 
Alexander Gordon, Advocate, Commissary -clerk 
John G. Leslie and D. H. Kennedy, Commissary- clerks-depute 
William Simpson, Procurator-fiscal 
John D. Milne and Alexander Henderson, Assistants 


The ordinary Small-debt Court at Aberdeen is held on Thursday, 
at Ten o'clock, a.m., weekly, during Sessions of the Court, and once or 
twice during vacation. 

John G. Leslie, Clerk. 

The Circuit Small- debt Courts are held at Tarland, Inverury, 
Huntly, Turriff, Old Deer, and Fraserburgh, once every three months. 

John Skene, Tarland 
William Taylor, Inverury 
William Murdoch, Huntly 

James Nicol, Turriff 

James Watt, Old Deer 

A. G. Brown, Fraserburgh 

are the persons who respectively issue summonses, &c, to be brought 
in these Courts ; and John G. Leslie, Aberdeen, is the Clerk who offi- 
ciates at these Courts. 



Thomas Blaikie, Provost 

Bailie James Forbes Bailie Peter Williamson 

,, George Henry ,, William Ross 

James Simpson, Legal Assessor; A. & J. Cadenhead, Procurators-fiscal; 
Town-clerk, Clerk; Town Serjeants, Officers of Court. 

The Court day is Saturday, at Eleven o'clock, a.m., during the 
same Sessions as the Sheriff Court. 


The Quarter-sessions are held on the first Tuesday of the months 
of March, May, August, and last Tuesday of October. Special Ses- 
sions are occasionally held. 

Francis Gordon, Clerk ; John G. Leslie, Clerk-depute ; 
John D. Milne, Procurator-fiscal. 


The Aberdeen District Court sits every fortnight, on Monday, at 
Eleven o'clock, a.m., for the trial of small-debt causes under £5, by 
6, Geo. IV., c, 48. 

Any two Justices of Peace, Judges. 
Francis Gordon, Clerk ; John G. Leslie, Clerk-depute. 


The Sitting Magistrate, Judge. 
A. & J. Cadenhead, Procurators-fiscal; Town-clerk, Clerk. 

^^ All the Courts, except the Bailie and Police Courts, meet in 
the New Court-house, Castle Street. The Sheriff, Commissary, Jus- 
tice of Peace, and Small-debt Clerks' Offices are in the Record Hall, 
27, King Street; hours of attendance, from Ten o'clock, a.m., to 
Three, p.m., and from Six to Eight, p.m. 


President, William Simpson. Treasurer, John D. Milne. 
1789 I Duncan Davidson n . 1798 

Peter Farquharson n 

*A. Webster n 

1796 Thomas Hutoheon 

Francis Gordon n 1802 

Thomas Burnett n Thomas Sangster n 


Andrew Robertson n 
Adam Courts n 

Hugh Fullerton n 
Alexander Smith n 
*fGeorge Yeats n 
Henry Lumsden n 
Chas. Winchester n 

John Duthie 
Alex. Cadenhead n 

Alexander Allan n 
John Smith, sen. n 

Charles Chalmers n 
Alexander Copland 

Thomas Reid n 
*tWilliam Simpson n 
George Rainnie 
*tAlex. Gordon n 
•tJohn D. Milne n 
Fat. Bannerman 
•James Fergusson n 
James Ross 
John Cadenhead 
"James Simpson 
George Wilson 

Alexander Gibbon 
James Murray n 
James M'Hardy n 
Alexander Muir 
William Smith n 

Wm. Adam, sen. n 
John L. Shirrefs 
"Alex. Stronach n 
Geo. Cumming n 
*John Smith, jun. 
William Robison 
James Nicol n 
Geo. Johnston 

John Fleming n 
Alexander Chivas n 
James Edmond n 

John Angus n 

James Russel n 

James Mair 
Alexander Fraser 
William Gray 

Robert Dyce 
John Duncan n 
*William Gordon 
*Clem. Lumsden n 
Newell Burnett n 
Alexander Jopp n 
William Garrow 
tWilliam Ross n 
Alexander Anderson 
William Paterson 
Robert Shand n 
R. Ledingbam n 

Alexander Daniel 
•James Brebner 
Nath. Farquhar 
Alex. Macdonald 
•William Skinner n 
•Francis Edmond 
Alexander Harvey 
David Keith n 
Alex. Mitchell n 
Robert Machray 
•Colin A. Philip 
John Paterson 
J. Anderson, sen. n 
Wm. M. Cruden 

Francis Clerihew 
Andrew Murray n 
F. J. Cochran 
Jas. B. M'Combie n 
•Patrick Davidson n 
William Irvine 
James Geddes 
John Webster 
Alex. Pittendrigh 

Marianus Massie 
Robert Brown 
Geo. D. Profat 
Charles Thomson 
William Forbes 
*tJohn Clark 
Thomas Primrose 
L. M'Kinnon, sen. 

John Yeats 
Tho. J. Bremner 

Thomas Ewen 
Alexander Torrie 
Lambert Barron 
Robert Stephen 

John Humphrey 
George Grant 
David Reith 
W. Adam, jun. 
tGeorge Grub 
William Yeats o 
John Stuart n 
John Blaikie n 

David Mitchell 
t c . G. Grainger 
JD. R. Morice 
JDavid Monro 
Alex. Henderson 

Duncan Forbes 
Geo. Cruickshank 
tJohn Dunn 
James Williamson 
Robert Smith n 
tAlex. Davidson 
William Booth 
Alexander Ross 
John Whyte 
William Hunter 
Alex. Webster, jun. 
Alex. Flockhart 
William Duthie 
John Ligertwood 
Alexander Abel 

Alex. D. Wilson 
tAlex. Duthie n 
John Allan 
A. J. Cameron 
James Collie 
John Courts 
William F. Ogg 

James Garden 
L. M'Kinnon, jun. 

John Watt 
tJ. A. Miller n 
tR. S. Farquhar 
Geo. Allan 
•tJohn D. Milne, jun. 
William Speid 

James Bryce 

George Grub, Lecturer on Scots Law and Conveyancing , and Librarian. 

John Clark, Factor and Cashier ; William Gregory, Officer. 
Committee of Funds, &c. f Examinators. J Agents for the Poor. 

n Notaries Public. 



Thomas and Newell Burnett, Advocates, Joint Clerks to the Commis- 
sioners of Supply, Clerks of General Meetings of Trustees under the 
Turnpike and Commutation Acts, and General Clerks of Lieutenancy. 

H. and C. Lumsden, Advocates, Collectors of County Assessments, 

James Simpson, Advocate, Collector of Town Assessments. 

John Blaikie, Advocate, Collector of Bishop Rents, 

Newell Burnett, Advocate, Keeper of Register of Sasines for Aberdeen 
and Kincardine shires. 

John Angus, Town-clerk and Keeper of the Register of Sasines for the 
Burgh of Aberdeen. 

Alexander Pittendrigh, Advocate, Commissioner for taking Oaths to 
be used in the Courts of Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, and Ex- 


George Rae, Aberdeen 
J. Johnston, do, 
Geo. Cockburn, do. 
Robert Shaw, do. 
James Stewart, do. 
John Moir, do. 

Alexander Mitchell, Ballater 
Charles Dunbar, Fraserburgh 
James Blackhall, do. 

John Smith, Huntly 
James M'Kinnan, do. 
Robert Webster, Inverury 
John Nicol, Kincardine O'Neil 
Adam Gray, Peterhead 
James Hutchison, do. 
Grant Imlab, do. 

George Skene, Tarland 
James Gordon, Rbynie 


Charles Dawson, Aberdeen 
George Lyell, do. 

James Home, do. 

P. Ettershank, do. 

John Moir, do. 

John Campbell, do. 
William Walker, do. 
James Ross, Old Aberdeen 
John Thorn, sen., do. 
John Thorn, jun., do. 
A. Warrander, Skene 
Alexander Taylor, Keig 
D. Pirie, Castle Fraser 
W. Mitchell, Whitehouse 
David Stewart, Leochel 
Geo. Simpson, Wester Skellater 
William Imray, Banchory 
W. M'Donald, Kincluny 
Thomas Sheriffs, Ellon 
John Clark, Slains 
J. G. Cumming, do. 
John Ross, Cruden 
J. Cruickshank, Byreleask 
Andrew Milne, Oldmill, Foveran 
Robert Benzie, Tillyhilt, Tarves 
J. Brown, Fraserburgh 
Charles Dunbar, do. 
James Blackhall do. 
Tbeo. Martin, Cairnbulg 

James Redford, Huntly 

John Smith do. 

James M'Kinnan, do. 

James Cooper, Lumsden Village 

John Gall, Glenhead 

J. Nicol, Kincardine O'Neil 

W. Emslie, Lumphanan 

R. Stewart, Belnacool, Mortlach 

William Gordon, Priestwells 

George Grant, Tynebog 

Shaw Shaw, Old Deer 

Thomas Marr, New Pitsligo 

George Wilson, do. 

W. Dalzell, Strichen 

James Adie, do. 

J. Aden, Blairmormond 

John Simms, Cortes 

John Thom, Longside 

Alexander Thomson, Longeida 

Andrew Law, New Deer 

J. Davidson, Oldmeldrum 

George Webster, do. 

George Sangster, Udny 

George Geils, Inverury 

W. Benzie, Gushetnook, Oldrain 

William Reid, Old Westhall 

J. Burgess, Bridgefoot, Oyne 

A. Wisely, Meikle Wartle 

W. Dempster, do. 


James Knox, Peterhead 

Adam Gray, do. 

James Hutchison, do. 

Grant Imlah, do. 

Robert Adam, do. 

Robert Daniel, do. 

Peter Whyte, Druminner 

James Smith, Old Forrest 

Alexander Wright, Skene 

W. Mortimer, Brux, Strathdon 

J. Michie, Wester Chapelton, do. 

John Webstar, Turriff 

John George, do. 

J. Duguid, Arnhead, Auchterless 

William Skene, Tarland 

George Skene, do. 

A. Coutts, Ballachalich 

J. Davidson, Torgalter, Tullich 

Alexander Davidson, Tullich 

D. M'Kenzie, Crathie 

Alex Watt, Kinnearnie 




Where situated. 



East Union Street S. Mackintosh.. ..King Street 

West Union Street J. Forsyth, D.D... Golden Square 

North King Street J.Wilson North Lodge 

South Belmont Street. ..T. Dewar Chapel Street 

Greyfriars ...Broad Street 

St. Clement.. Footdee J. Newlands Canal Terrace 

Trinity Shiprow 

Gilcomston ..Summer Street ....D. Milne ....Summer Street 

John Knox's.. Mounthooly C. Skene Nelson Lane 

Holburn Wellington Place. .Alex. Ross Chapel Street 

Mariners' Sugar-house Lane. 

John Watt, 24, Adelphi, Collector and Clerk to each of the separate 
Sessions, and to the General Session, and Keeper of the Marriage 

Alexander Straith, Schoolhill, Keeper of Registers of Births and Bap- 


In the Parish of St. Nicholas. 


Under 3 years of Age„~.£0 3 

6 .. 4 

9 .. 5 

12 .. — 6 

15 .. — 7 

18 .. — 8 

21 .. — 9 

All above~~ . — 10 


4 Best Mortcloths, full size,£l 1 

2 j Second ~~ — 10 

Third , ~~ 5 6 

\ Maiden m 

j Second. 

| Children . 

I Second . 
Third ^ 


6 8 


4 2 




Children under 3 years of age Is. 2d. 

All above 3 years of age ~~».v«.~»w..v~v~~v.»2s. 2Jd. 



For Children under 12 years — ™»„~. — 4s. 
For those between 12 and 21^~~„~*.~~~*~~6s. 
For all above 21 years. — .™.„~v~~»~~~-~~„8s. 



Churches. Where situated. Ministers. Residences. 

East Belmont Street J. Foote ....Golden Square 

West Belmont Street A. D. Davidson Crown Street 

North North Street J. Murray Skene Terrace 

South.., Belmont Street J. Stewart Rose Street 

Greyfriars Crown Street 

St. Clement's. .Prince Regent St A. Spence Castle Hill 

Spring Garden.Gaelic Lane H. M'Kenzie North Broadford 

Trinity Crown Street D. Simpson West Craibstone St. 

Union Shiprow J. Allan Virginia Street 

Gilcomston ...Huntly Street J. Bryce Crown Street 

Bon-Accord.. ..Union Terrace S. Grant 

John Knox's... Gerard Street J. Stephen Rosemount Place 

Holburn Bon-Accord Row W. L. Mitchell Skene Street 

Melville Correction Wynd ....W. Primrose Silver Street 

Mariners' ......Commerce Street J. Longmuir Langstane Place 

Denominations. Where situated. Ministers. Residences. 

Associate Synod ..Skene Terrace ....J. Aitken Skene Terrace 

Correction Wynd..H. Angus Rosemount Place 

United Associate J George Street J. Stirling Caroline Place 

Synod } Belmont Street . ..R. Sedgewick ..Belmont Street 

( John Street J. B. Ritchie Affleck Street 

Relief St. Paul Street 

!„ „ ("A. Thomson.. ..Gerard Street 
orge btree •• \d. Arthur Crown Street 
Frederick Street ..D. Wallace ....Union Buildings 
Blackfriars Street. .J. Kennedy Silver Street 

English Baptist ...John Street E. Pledge Strawberry Bank 

Scotch Baptist ....Correction Wynd.. 

_"' • _ A ,'.'.,; „. f J. M'Donald ....Bon- Accord Street 

Scotch Baptist..... South Silver St. | T Frager Broad street 

Wesleyan Metho- J_ LoQgacre & gcott Constitution Street 

dist .......... J , w skinner D t> Bishop, Golden Sq. 

Scotch Episcopal- ) c> uff .. .. Bon . Accord Square 

St. Andrews King Street ••••}_ w . Bruce Crown Place East 

St. John's Golden Square .. ..P. Cheyne Bon-Aecord Street 

English Episcopal- /Sir W Dunbar, 1 Union Terrace 
St. Paul's Gallowgate ....( Bart J 

United Christian! T . CTi _ _ . _ „. . 

_. . > John Street H.Hart Dee Street 

Church J 

_ ,, ,. , .. „. . fC. Gordon Chapel Court 

Catholic Justice Street. ..< T _ .. „ 

( J. Reid Do. 

Unitarian George Street .... 

Glassite St. Andrew Street. .Various 

Friends Gallowgate Various 




David Stuart, Postmaster. 

John Smith, 1st Clerk 
Robert Gray, 2d Clerk 
Alex. M'Donald, 3d Clerk 

William Gray, ith Clerk 
John C. Marshall, 5th Clerk 


James Leighton, John Milne, Thomas M'Guffie, Charles Wilson, 
Robert Porter, Charles Murray, and William Salmond. 


197, Union Street.. J. Fraser Broadford W. Harper 

57, Quay P. Buyers | Old Aberdeen. .R. Ross 


Mails. Box Closes. Despatches. Arrivals. 

Edinburgh, via Perth 2 p.m. ... 3 a.m. ... 6 25 a.m. 

Edinburgh, eta Fife 4 20 a.m. ... 5 a.m. ... 4 25 p.m. 

Inverness 5 50 „ ... 7 „ ... 2 30 „ 

Peterhead 5 50 „ ... 7 12 3 ,, 

Ballater 5 50 „ ... 7 2 30 „ 

Banff, 1st 5 50 7 „ ...2 5 „ 

Banff,2d 4 50 p.m. ... 5 p.m. ... 8 35 „ 

Alford 5 50 a.m. ... 7 a.m. ... 2 4 „ 

Methlick 5 50 „ ...7 „ ...2 10 „ 

Lerwick is despatched at 5, p.m., every Friday, and arrives every 
Wednesday, at 5, a.m., during the months of April, May, June, 
July, August, and September ; the other six months, the day and 
hour of despatch uncertain. 

N.B. — For 30 minutes after the above-mentioned time of closing 
the receiving box for the different mails, one extra penny must be paid 
for each letter posted ; and from that time up to 15 minutes previous 
to the said time of despatch sixpence extra, otherwise they cannot be 
forwarded till next despatch. 


First — London morning Letters and Papers, comprising all the 
South Roads, Glasgow, Perth, &c, commences at a quarter past 7, a.m. 

Second — Comprising all the North Mails, commences at 3, p.m. 

Third — London evening and Edinburgh Letters, commences at 20 
minutes past 5, p.m. 

Office open on Sundays for delivery of Letters, from 15 minutes 
past 7 till 30 minutes past 10, a.m. ; from 1, p.m., till 30 minutes past 
2 ; and from 5 till 15 minutes past 6, p.m. 



If not exceeding J oz Id. I If not exceeding 2 oz 4d. 

loz 2d. I .. 3oz 6d. 

And so on. adding 2d. for every ounce up to 16 ounces, beyond 
which, with the following exceptions, no packet, whether subject to 
or not, can be received :— 

1. Parliamentary petitions and addresses to her Majesty. 

2. Parliamentary proceedings. 

3. Letters and Packets addressed to or received from places beyond 


4. Letters and Packets to and from Public Departments. 

5. Deeds, if sent open, or in covers open at the ends ; they may be 

tied with string and sealed, in order to prevent inspection of 
the contents, but they must he open at the sides, that it may be 
seen that they are entitled to the privilege. 

6. Bankers' parcels despatched from London, and specially delivered 

at the General Post Office, under certain regulations. 

With these exceptions, all Packets exceeding 16 ounces will be im- 
mediately forwarded to the Dead Letter Office, to be returned to the 

It is optional to send letters within the United Kingdom paid or 
unpaid ; but, in the latter case, they are liable to a double rate of 

Printed votes and proceedings in Parliament, or of the Colonial 
Legislatures, are charged — 

Under 4 oz Id. 

Above 4 and under 8 oz 2d. 

Above 8 and under 12 oz 3d. and so on. 

Such votes and proceedings, whether paid or upaid, pass at these 
rates between places in the United Kingdom, and also to the Colonies 
by Packet. To those places to which there are no Packets, they may 
be forwarded by " Private Ship," at double the above rates. They 
are not, however, forwarded to the East Indies, via Southampton, nor 
to places through France, under the full rates of letter postage. 

Letters bearing stamps in value equal to the amount of postage 
chargeable according to the first or " prepaid " column of the forego- 
ing scale, will be delivered free in any part of the United Kingdom. 
In cases, however, where stamps of a less value than the rate exigible 
have been used, the letter is chargeable, on delivery, with double the 
amount of such difference. 

Members of each house of Parliament are allowed to receive by the 
post, petitions and addresses to her Majesty, and petitions addressed 
to either House of Parliament, not exceeding thirty-two ounces in weight, 
exempt from postage, provided such petitions and addresses be sent without covers, 
or in covers open at the sides. Should they exceed that weight, they will 
not require to be prepaid, but are charged according to their weight 
as unpaid letters with double the rates of postage to which, if prepaid, 
they would be subject. 


Letters conveyed by private ship to places beyond seas are liable to 
a rate of — 

Under J oz Os. 8d. 

Above £ oz. and under 1 oz Is. 4d. 

Above 1 oz. and under 2 oz 2s. 8d. 

And so on in proportion. 

The Owners, Charterers, or Consignees, (resident in the United 
Kingdom.) and the Owners, Consignees, and Shippers of goods on 



board vessels inward bound, are entitled to receive their letters free 
from sea postage, to the extent, collectively, of six ounces in weight, 
by any vessel to any one such person. In the case of vessels coming 
from Ceylon, Mauritius, the East Indies, or the Cape of Good Hope, 
the letters may be, collectively, twenty ounces in weight, for an 
Owner, Charterer, or Consignee of any such vessel. The Owner, 
Charterer, or Consignee must be described as such on the address and 
superscription ; and in the case of Owners, Shippers, or Consignees 
of goods, it must also appear by the ship's manifest that they have 
goods on board the vessel. Such persons are entitled to have their 
letters, which come within, the above conditions, before the master of 
the vessel delivers the other letters in his charge to the Post Office. 

IggT Every person who shall, with intent to evade any duty of 
postage, falsely superscribe a letter as being the Owner, or the Char- 
terer, or the Consignee of a vessel conveying the same, or as the 
Owner, or the Shipper, or the Consignee of goods shipped in such ves- 
sel, shall for every offence forfeit ten pounds. 


The Single Rate on all Foreign and Colonial Letters, when con- 
veyed by Packet, is as follows : — 

Routes, s - 

Mails fob flfa .g> j 

& $ 

♦Abyssinia Priv. ship \ Os. 8d. 

*Africa Do. i 8 

Algeria France, J 10 

Alexandria Marseilles, J 1 8 

Do Southamp. ^16 

Do French pkt.J 1 3 

America, British, Liverpool, J 1 2 

* Do. United States Do. \ 1 

* Arabia Marseilles, J 1 8 

* Do Southamp. J 1 6 

♦Archipelago, 1 France> j „ 5 

Grecian — ) 

* Do. do.... French pkt. | 1 3 

* Do. Indian Marseilles, I 2 2 

* Do. do.... Southamp. \ 1 4 
♦Australia by ships, £ 8 

* Do. South... London, \ 1 

* Do. do. ...Marseilles, I 2 2 

* Do. do. ...Southamp. 114 
Austria France, i 1 5 

* Do Belgium, £ 8 

* Do Holland, \ 8 

* Do Hamburg, J 1 10 

♦Azores Lisbon, 119 

*Baden Hamburg, J 1 10 

Do France, 10 9 

* Do Belgium, \ 8 

* Do Holland, \ 8 

*Bahamas Southamp. \ 1 

*Bavaria Hamburg, i 1 10 

Do. France, J 5 

* Do Belgium, J 8 

* Do Holland, J08 

Belgium Ostend, i 1 

* Do France, J 5 

2d. uncertain 

2 Do. 

3 ( 4th&21st 
( each mo. 

2 17, & last 
2 2, 12, 27 
1st, 16th 

2 Do. 

3 4 & 21 

2 17, & last 


5 4 and 21 
2 17 & last 

1 uncertain 

5 4 and 21 

2 17 & last 
2 Daily, 

2 Do. 

2 Sun.&W. 

2 Sat.&Tu. 

2 4, 14, 24, 

2 Sat.& Tu. 

2 Daily, 

2 Do. 

2 Sun.&W. 
( next to 
\last,& 14 

2 Sat. & Tu. 

2 Daily, 

2 Do. 

2 Sun.&W. 

uncertain, uucert. 





6th&25th ) 14 
each mo. ) 

11th & last, 19 

19, 9, 29, 14 

1st & 17th, 16 

Do. 16 

6 & 25, 25 

11th & last, 30 

almost daily, 18 

9, 19, & 29, 17 
uncertain, uncert. 



6th & 25th, 
11th & last, 

Thu. & Mon. 
9, 19, 29, 
Thu. & Mon. 

Thu. & Sat. 



9th and 23d, 27 

Thu. & Mon. 

Wed. & Sat. 





, r Routes, - 

Mails fob .'-as 

via s £ 

* s 

*Belgiuim Holland, J Os. 8d. 

Berbiee, see Jamaica 

Bermuda Liverpool, \ 1 

*Bermuda Southamp. ^10 

Brazil&Buenos | l 2 9 

Ayres J 2 

Bremen Hamburg, £08 

Do France, | 1 3 

*Brunsvs4ck Belgium, J 9 

* Do Holland, J 9 

Do London, } 9 

* Cadiz Southamp. * 2 2 

* Do France, i 10 

'Canary Islands Falmouth, J 1 10 

*CapeofGoodHope,Priv. ship, £ 8 
*Cape de Verd Isl. Priv. ship, * 8 

*Chagus Southamp. | 1 

"China, except } n, A , , „ 

„ T , . > DO. * 1 

Hong Kong J 

* Do Marseilles, J 1 10 

Corsica France, \ 10 

"Cuba Southamp. § 2 3 

Dardanelles France, £ 1 11 

* Denmark Hamburg, \ 1 10 

* Do Belgium, \ 8 

* Do Holland, \ 8 

* E ^ < e *f e .P* 1 Marseilles, I 1 8 

Alexandria) ) 

* Do French pkt. I 1 3 

* Do Southamp. | 1 6 

* Falkland Islands Falmouth, \ 8 

France Calais, J 10 

* German T o, ^ , T , , , , „ 

States, J l| HambUr £- * X 10 

Do. t ' a. S France, & 1 3 

* Do. | § 3 Belgium, ± 8 
I * Do. J * *> Holland, A 8 

Gibraltar Southamp. £ 1 

Do. per Malta Mail via Do. £ 10 

* Greece France, 3 5 

Do French pkt. k 1 5 

* Do Southamp. A 1 6 

* Do. Marseilles, | 1 3 

*Hayti Southamp. J 1 5 

Hamburg London, £ 8 

Hanover Hamburg, £09 

* Do. Belgium, £ 

* Do Holland, \ 

* Havannah Southamp. \ 2 3 

Holland Rotterdam, J 1 

2d. Sun.&W. Wed.andSat. 4 

., ( Sun. bef. ) 
\ 1st Wed./ 

lst& 17th, 23 
9th & 24th, 18 

uncertain, GO to 70 


Sun. bef. 
1st Wed. 
Sat.&Tu. Thu.&Mon. 



Wed. & Sat. 

Thu. & Mon. 

9, 19, 29, 

2 Daily, 
2 Daily, 

2 Su. & We. Wed. & Sat. 7 

1 Sat. &Tu. Thu. & Mon. 7 

4, 14, 24 9, 19, 29, 10 

i Daily, Daily, 

1 uncertain uncertain, uncert. 

1 Do. Do. Do. 
/ 14th each 24th each "» 
\ month month J 
/ 17th each 30th each \ 

~ \ month month f 

/21st each 25th each \ 

\ month month J 

Daily, Daily, 7 

2 last but 1 9th & 24th, 35 
2 Daily, Daily. 24 

Sat.&Tu. Th. & Mon. 5 to 7 

2 Daily, Daily, 10 

2 Suu&W. Wed. & Sat. 7 

3 4 and 21, 6 and 25, uncert. 

7 to 12 


- uncert. 


2 2, 12, 25, 

i 17 & last, 

( S. before 

■ ( 1st Tu. 


» Sat.&Tu. 

! Daily, 
! Do. 
! Sun.&W. 

4, 14, 24, 
t 17 & last, 

. 2, 12, 22, 

17 & last, 
i - 4 and 21, 
f 14 & last, 1 
I but 2, J 

Sat.& Tu. 


! last but 1, 
. Sun.&W. 

9, 19, 29, Do. 
11 and last, Do. 

uncertain, Do. 

Daily, 3 to 7 

Th.&Mon. 5 to 12 

W. & Sat. 
9, 19, 29, 
11 and last, 
9, 19, 29, 18 to 20 
11 and last, 23 
6 and 25, 20 

6 to 9 

5 to 8 

6 to 9 

9 and 24, 

Th. & Mon, 

Wed. & Sat. 
9 each mo. 
Wed. & Sat. 







t Bremen, Frankfort, Hamburg, Lubeck, Hesse Darmsdadt, Hesse Elec- 
toral, Hesse Homberg, Lippe Dctmold, Nassau, Reuss, Saxe Altenburg, Saxe 
Coburg Gotha, Saxe Meiningen, Saxe Weimar, Schaumberg Lippe, Schvrartz- 
burg, and Sonderhausen. 





*Holland France, i Os. 5<3. 

* Do Belgium. $ 8 

Honduras Southamp. £10 

* Hong Kong Marseilles, J 1 10 

Do. Southamp. £ 1 

* India Marseilles, J 1 10 

Do Southamp. £10 

* Ionian Islands, France, i 5 

* Do Marseilles, i 1 8 

* Do French pkt. £ 1 3 

Do. Southamp. a 1 

* Italy (southern) France i 5 

Italy (northern) see Austria 
Jaraa^a (except j gouthamp j j % 

* Java Private shp.J 8 

Kingston, Jamaica Southamp, ^10 

Lucca France J 10 

* Lubeck Hamburg, £ G 

* Madeira Southamp. £ 1 10 

* Do Falmouth, 5 1 10 

* Do Lisbon, £ 1 9 

Malta Marseilles, 5 1 3 

Do French pkt.i 1 1 

Do Southamp. £ 1 

* Mauritius Private shp. b 8 

* Mexico Southamp. £ 2 3 

* New Grenada .. Do. i 2 3 
New South Wales London, | 1 

Do. ..Private shp. J 8 
New Zealand London, ^ 1 

* Northu. States 1 , T . , , , ,, 

„ _, . V Hamburg, S 1 10 

of Europe J .. \ J 

Do. France, ^18 

* Do Belgium, J 8 

* Do Holland, J 8 

* Oldenburg, see Hamburg. 

* Panama Southamp. J 2 

* Poland Hamburg, J 1 10 

* Do ...France, | 5 

* Do Belgium, J 8 

* Do Holland, £ 8 

♦Portugal Southamp. | 1 9' 

♦Portugal France, | 10 

* Prussia Hamburg, J 1 10 

* Do France, ^05 

* Do Belgium, J 8 

* Do Holland, J 8 

* Russia Hamburg, J 1 10 

* Do. France, J 5 

* Do Belgium, J 8 

* St. Helena Privateship.f 8 

* Sandwich Islands, Do. A 8 

2d. Daily, 

2 Do. 
last but 1, 

3 21 

3 4 and 21, 

17 & last, 


3 4 and 21, 

2 2, 12, 35, 

17 & last, 

2 Daily, 


9 each mo. 
25 each mo. 
30 each mo. 
G and 25, 
11 and 30, 
Every wk. 15 to 18 
6 and 25, 11 to 13 
9, 19, 29, 12 to 15 
Hand 30, 14 to 20 
Wed. Th. 

F. Sun. 

9 to 15 


4 & last 1 
but 1 J 
14 & last ) 

but 1 } 
14 & last ) 

but 1, } 
S. before 1 

1 Tu. j 
4 and 21, 
2, 12, 25, 
17 & last, 
last but 1, 
14 ea. mo. 
lastbut 3, 
last but 3, 

9 and 24, 23 

uncertain, uncert. 
9 and 24, 28 


Th. and Mon. 





uncertain, uncert. 
6 and 25, 9 

9, 9, 29, 10 

11 and 30, 14 
uncertain, uncert. 
9 each mo. 36 
24 each mo. 38 
uncertain, 150 
uncertain, uncert. 
Do. 150 

2 Sat. & Tu. Th. & Mon. 5 to 12 

2 Daily, 
2 Do. 
2 Sun. & W. 

Every Sat. 7 to 14 
Daily, G to 13 

W. & Sat. 6 to 13 

14ea. mo. 
Sat. & Tu. 

Sun. & W. 
4, 14, 24, 
Sat. &Tu. 

Sun. &W. 



24 each mo 
Th. & Mon 
W. F. Sat. 
W. & Sat. 
9, 19, 29, 

W. & Sat. 
Th. & Mon 
Tu. F. Sat. 


. 8 to 10 
9 to 11 

8 to 10 

9 to H 


6 to 7 

8 to 9 

5 to 7 

5 to 8 


26 to 38 

2G to 38 



f Including Denmark, Mecklenburg Schvverin, Mecklenburg Strelitz, 
Saxony, Sweden, and Norway. 



Routes, Sr a & J*> §£ 

MAits fok . » s g a.s a S s-s 

via :s s £ is . •= so 

£2 z 3&S £ <£ 

* Sardinia France, | Os. tOd. 2d. Daily, Daily, 7 to 10 

Saxony, see Northern States. 

Scutari (Asia) ..France, & 1 11 2 Do. W. & Mon. uncert. 

* Sierra Leone ...Private sbip,§ 8 1 uncertain uncertain, Do. 

* Spain France, £ 10 \ Daily, Daily, 7 to 12 

* Do Soutbamp. £ 2 2 4, 14, 24, 9, 19, 29, 11 

Switzerland France, \ 11 2 Daily, Daily, 7 

* Do. Belgium, £ 8 2 Do. Do. 8 

* Do. Holland, £01 2 Sun.&W. W. & Sat. 10 

* Do. Hamburg, 1 1 10 2 Sat.&Tu. Th. &Mon. 10 

* Tahiti Privateship.J 8 1 uncertain uncertain, uncert. 

* Texas Do. £ 8 2 Do. Do. Do. 

* Tripoli Do. | 8 2 Do. Do. Do. 

* Tunis Do. h 8 2 Do. Do. Do. 

Turkey (Europe) France, \ 1 11 2 Daily, W. & Mon. 26 

* Do. do. French pkt. £ 13 2 2,12,22, 9,19,29, 20 

* Do. do. Marseilles, see Malta. 
Do. (Asia) see Alexandria. 

Tuscany, see Southern Italy. 

*Van Dieman's I _ . . t . , n „ , 

j. , > Private ship, § 8 1 uncertain uncertain, uncert. 

'Venezuela Southamp. h 1 -j U & ,ast |-9 and 24, 37 

*Vigo Do. £ 2 2 4, 14, 24, 9. 19, 29, 8 

*Do France, see Spain. 

Western Coast of") „ ., , „ „ „ , ... 

America S- Southamp. J 2 2 14th 24 uncert. 

West Indies, S 

(British) ex- f _ ,' . /14&lastl Q , „, „. 

cept Bermuda f Do. £ 1 j ^ 1 j 9 and 24, 30 to 50 

and Honduras J 

Wurtemberg France, J 10 2 Daily, Daily, 6 to 9 

Those places marked with the star (*) must be prepaid. 


_ Since January, 1841, a system of registration has been in opera- 
tion, applicable to all descriptions of letters. 

Letters intended for registration must either be stamped or pre- 
paid, and presented at the Post-office at least 30 minutes before the 
closing of the letter-box for the particular mail by which it is to be 

The British registration fee is Is., and must always be paid in 
money, and at the time of registration. 

In the case of Foreign, Colonial, or Ship letters, registration ex- 
tends to the port of despatch in the United Kingdom only. 

Registration fee on such letters, Is., and, in addition, the rate of 
postage to which they may be liable. 

Letters addressed to France, may be registered to their destination • 
and those passing through France, so long as they may remain in the 
French territory— the former on payment of double the French rate 
to place of destination, in addition to the British rate and British 
registration fee— and the latter on payment of the usual postage rate 
and Is. registration fee. The arrangements for carrying out the 
system of registration have been made with a view of insuring the 
punctual delivery of registered letters ; on their delivery, the parties 
to whom they may have been addressed will be required to acknow- 
ledge in writing their receipt. 



The Money Order Office for granting and cashing is open from 9, 
a.m., till 2, p.m., from 3, p.m., till 20 minutes past 4, p.m., and from 
20 minutes past 5, p.m., till 8, p.m. 

The commission for money orders being, for sums not exceeding 
£2, 3d. ; for sums exceeding £2 and not exceeding £5, 6d. No order 
can be granted for sums beyond £5. 


William Brown, Advocates' Buildings, Distributor of Stamps, Col- 
lector of Land (Cess J and Assessed Taxes, and of Property and 
Income Tax, for Aberdeen and Kincardine shires ; Clerk, James 
Grant. N.B.— The Subsidy Tax is payable at Mr. Brown's 
Office, Advocates' Buildings, Back Wynd. 

John Munro, 85, Union Street, Inspector of Taxes for Aberdeen, 
Banff, Forfar, and Kincardine shires, 

John M." Campbell, Surveyor of Taxes for the City. 

John Fimister, 1, Adelphi Court, Surveyor of Taxes for the 2d or 
Huntly District of Aberdeenshire. 

George F. Leith, Knock, Mintlaw, Surveyor for the 3d or Peterhead 



James M'Laren, Collector. J. Mackenzie Hunter, Clerk. 

First District. — William Smith, Supervisor. — Thomas Comrie, Robert 
Lyall, Joseph Cottingham, William Dick, Robert Mathison, Wil- 
liam Dustan, and James K. Simpson, Officers. 

Second District. — John Munro, Supervisor. — Rawnald M'Hardy, Geo. 
Patrick, William R. Hickery, Thomas Watts, Daniel J. Flattery, 
William Ross, and Thomas Mitchell, Officers. 

Third District — Nevil Large, Supervisor, — William Kelman, Alex. 
M'Nee, William Campbell, James Keay, John Durran, and 
Francis Frogatt, Officers. 


Morris Forsyth, Permit Writer. 


William Sawyers, Collector and Receiver of Light Duties. 

John Exley, Comptroller and Landing Surveyor. 

Geo. Sim, \st Clerk ; Alex. Lyell, 2d Cleik ; John Martin, 3d Clerk. 

James Oliver and Geo. Smith, Landing Waiters. 

James M'Callum, Tide Surveyor. 

James Crow and James Imray, Lockers. 

John Casey, James Duncan, Alex. Budge, and Robert Warden, Is* 

Class Tide Waiters. 
William Gillan, James Collie, P. Ross, J. Cruickshank, and J. 

M-Intosh, 2d Class Tide Waiters. 
A. Forbes, G. Allen, J. M'Carthy, and W. M'Callum, Boatmen. 
A. Marnoch, Housekeeper and Messenger. 





Robert Grant of Tillyfour, Governor. 


J. Blaikie, Advocate, Aberdeen 
N. Burnett, Advocate, Aberdeen 
David Chalmers of Westburn 
Duncan Davidson of Inchmarlo 
R. Dyce, Advocate, Aberdeen 
P. Farqubarson of Whitehouse 

G. Henry, Merchant, Aberdeen 
J. Kilgour of Bethelnie 
Henry Lumsden of Auchindoir 
J. Murray, Advocate, Aberdeen 
D. Rose, Shipowner, Aberdeen 
Alex. Smith of Glenmillan 


Sir Charles Bannerman, Bart. 
T. Burnett, Advocate, Aberdeen 
A. Black, Merchant, do. 

J. Bremner, Advocate, do. 
James Bruce of Longside 
James Buchan of Auchmacoy 
Francis J. Cochran of Balfour 
P. Davidson, yr. of Inchmarlo 
J. Duncan, Advocate, Aberdeen 
Alexander Forbes of Blackford 
John Fleming, Advocate, Aberdeen 
Alex. Fraser, City Chamberlain 
Francis Gordon of Kincardine 
Alexander Gordon of Newton 
James Gordon, Manar 

Alexander Henderson of Caskieben 

Sir J. Innes of Edingight, Bart. 

Dr. Alex. Kilgour, Aberdeen 

Hans Geo. Leslie of Dunlugas 

W. J. Lumsden of Balmedie 

Dr. H. Macpherson, King's College 

John J. Roy, Altdowrie Cottage 

Charles Runcy of Millbank . 

Robert Scott, Yochershill 

Robert Simpson of Cobairdy 

Right Rev. Bishop Skinner, Aberdeen 

J. Smith, Architect, Aberdeen 

William Strachan, Banff 

Dr. Thos. Thomson, Inverury 

J. Whyte, Merchant, Aberdeen 

David Wyllie, Cashier. 

Samuel Middleton and George Sinclair, Tellers. 

William Catto and John Roger, Accountants. 

William Catto, Inspector of Branches. 


Banff , 

2JP. G. Sangster 

Inverury ,*v~,,,~Robert Innes 


.^William L. Taylor 

Keith „_<„^».™.Robert Green 

Elgin v.~~»~ 

John G. Cameron 

Peterhead,~~.»~.Gray and Boyd 

Ellon — . 

v^,John Robb 

Tarland„~v™«„,Andrew Ross 

Fochabers „^ 

^..Arthur Reid 

Sub-branches at Turriff, Portsoy, and 

Fraserburgh , 

^-..George Wallace 


Huntly „v~,~. 

....Robert Milne 


Capital, £1,000,000. 

Sir Thomas Burnett, Bart, of Leys, Governor. 


Adam Arbuthnot, Peterhead 
Prof. J. Bentley, King's College 
George Birnie, Johnstone Place, 

A. Black of Forresterhill 
J. H. Burnett, W.S., Edinburgh 
D. Copland, Merchant, Aberdeen 
L, Cruickshank of Deemount 



R. Duff of Fetteresso and Culter 
Rev. Alex. Ewing, Forres 
J. Ferguson of Kinmundy 
Alex. Gibbon of Johnston 
Alex. Grant of Drumminor 
H. Hall, Merchant, Aberdeen 
John Henry of Watchmount 
Win. Humphrey of Cuttlehill 

J. Johnston, Sen., Merchant, Aber- 
Dr". A. Ligertwood of Wateridgemuir 
W. M'Combie of Easter Skene 
A. Oldman, Merchant, Aberdeen 
A. Robertson, Balgownie Lodge 
James Shepherd of Aidie 

Alex. Brown 
Alex. Burness 
•Robert Catto 
"Charles Chalmers 
Dr. Alex. Ewing 
James Ferguson 
James Fraser 


*Alex. Gordon 

Alex. Irvine 

Dr. Wm. Jack 

A. Johnston, W.S. 

Andrew Murray 
*Thomas Sangster 
*James Simpson 

*William Simpson 
Alex. Stronach 
Major A. F. Tayler 
Alex. Thom 
James Williamson 

*Peter Williamson 

Those marked thus * form the Committee of Management. 

W. Littlejohn, Cashier. 

John Bramwell, Secretary and Inspector of Branches. 

John Keith and Charles Mitchell, Tellers. 

W. R. Riddel, John Jamieson, Wm. Rae, and John Fraser, Clerks. 

John Milne, Messenger. 


Ellon, ,~„, 
Huntly, ~*. 
lnverury, . 
Keith, „ 

„John Rae 1 
^George Lawson 
„A. S. M'Lean 
„W. Thurburn 

Laurencekirk, „David Dickson 

Peterhead, „ 



„„R. B. Sangster 
»„,Thomas Knox 
^.Alexander Adam 
m A. W. Kinnear 

Capital, £1,000,000. 

*T. Blaikie, Provost of 
William Adam 
*Alex. Anderson 


Lewis Crombie 
John Gibb 
James Edmond 
*Robert Johnston 

'Alexander Jopp 
John Duncan 
John Smith, jun. 

*Geo. Thompson, jun. 

Those marked thus • are the Committee of Management. 

Henry Paterson, Manager. 

Francis Smith, Accountant. 

John Christall, Edward Fiddes, and John Kynoch, Tellers. 

Charles S. Gordon, Inspector of Branches. 

John Sim, William Simpson, John K. Greig, Douglas Edwards, 

John E. Greig, and C. Lister, Clerks. 

Arch. Wallace, Messenger. 


Banchory, „„ 
Banff, ^^. 
Beauly, ™~„ 


Elgin, »»« 
Inverness, ,~ 

W J. Farquharson 
„Wm. Sim 
^G. Cruicksbank 
^.H. Sutherland 
James Petrie 
...George Robertson 
„^,Robert Stephen 
»„J. & J. Robertson 
„A. & J. M'Tavish 

Keith, „-™~~ 
Macduff, ^w. 
Peterhead, „ 
Portree, ™»% 
Tain, ~~™ 
Turriff, „^„ 

A. Davidson & Son 
^Roderick Hay 
,„Wm. Longmore 
^.Robert Adam 
„Wm, Alexander 
„.K. M'Askill 
^Alexander Innes 
...Norman Gordon 


Aberchirder, Alford, Buckie, Ellon, Insch, New Deer, Oldmeldrum, Old 
Deer, Portsoy, Strichen, Tarland. 




Arthur Thomson, Agent. 

Alex, Sim, Accountant. J. Taggart, Teller. 

Fras. R. Warrax, Andrew Buick, and John Sim, Clerks. 



Blairgowrie, , 


Castle Douglass, 

Dumfries, w ./?* ™? 
' t T. Cri 


J. Thomson, Interim 

D. J. Mack 
,T. M'Clelland 

{Robert & Alex. Ro- 
{M. M'Kerrow 
H. Rose 
™»A. Macintosh 



John Sturrock, Ma- 
A. Neilson, Sub- 

J. S. Ronaldson 
A. & W. Purves 
A. Macfarlane 
L. Chalmers 
Robert Baine 


Kelso, «.«», 
Kilmarnock, . 

Kirkcaldy, ^. 

Lauder, ,™».„. 
Leith, -~„„~.„ 
Montrose, „~», 
Paisley, „~»„v, 

Perth, ~~- . 

St. Andrew's,, 
Stirling, ^^,^» 
Stonehaven, „. 
Strathaven, „», 


Ch. Campbell, Ma- 

W. J. Duncan, Sub- 

A. & T. Todrick 
W.J. Mackenzie 
^>R. & P. Darling 
^.Adam Cowie 
/David & A.G. Mor- 
l gan 

„,W. H. M'Lellan 
*.»John Romanes 
^-Thomas Jones 
^.John Barclay 
»„James Findlay 

™«John Bain 
.»„Alex. Brodie 

»,Wai. Stewart 
»^,J. & W. Tennent 

The Bank of Scotland draws on the Bank of England and Branches ; 
Coutts & Co., and Smith, Payne, & Smiths, London; Manchester and Liver- 
pool District Bank, and Branches ; Northumberland and Durham District 
Bank, and Branches ; Provincial Bank of Ireland, and Branches ; and nego- 
ciates Bills on all the principal towns in Scotland, England, and Ireland, and 
in foreign parts. 


Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1746. 

Thomas Best, Agent, 

Joseph Simpson, Accountant and Teller. James Buyers, Clerk. 



Arbroath, *^> 
Balfron, ,„»»,. 
Brechin, ^».~ 
Carluke and 
Coldstream, „, 
Dunbar, ,w«v» 
Dundee, «~», 


Fort- William 

Glasgow, nm . 

Golspie, „™„ 

Hamilton, „„ 

{J. Farish and J. 
.^.Goodall & Dickson 
„~.T. Robertson 
..J). D. Black 

J- J. Gilchrist 

is, John Sinclair 
„„Thos. Douglas 

Pagan & Christie 
™R. Adamson 
...John Kelly 
...John Symmers 
.^.Robert Douglas 

{Cunningham & 
^~»Alex. Brander 
„.„Thos. Davidson 
_..J. Macgregor 

{J. Robertson & P. 
-...Lewis Houston 
»~™John Ferme 

{J. Henderson & S. 
{Dickson & David- 

Inverness,.~„,v~.John Ross 

. . f Montgomery & M'- 

, ~«»~«^ Jannet 
Jedburgh, ^.^.John Elliot 
Kelso, „~.„^ ..^.Patrick Wilson 
Kingussie„~v.„w.D. MPherson, jun. 
Kinross, ~~,^„„3. W. Williamson 
Kirriemuir, ,^»«,W. Forrest & Son 
Langholrn,,^„...Alex, Stevenson 
Leith, „~*„~.„~.T. Cundell 

{J. Curie and J. 
^.James Beattie 
„*.Adam Davidson 
Newton-Stewart, James Newell 
...Arthur Welsh 
f Stewart & Black- 
\ wood 

fw. H. Hunter & 
\ Cunning 
~.J. W. M'Queen 
...John Lang 
J Moreland and M'- 
\ Neel 
Williamson & Ross 
John Black 

Melrose, . 

Nairn, „v» 



Selkirk, ^, 






The British Linen Company draws on Smith, Payne, & Smiths, London ; 
the Branches of the Bank of England ; the Bank of Ireland, and Branches ; 
grant letters of credit on the Bank of Montreal, and Agencies ; Bank of 
Upper Canada, Toronto, and Agencies , Prime, Ward, and King, New York, 
in America; Sam Smith & Co., Nottingham ; and on the principal towns on 
the Continent of Europe. 


Robert Grigor, Agent. Charles Watt, Accountant and Teller. 
C. H. Nicolson and Alex. Warracb, Clerks. 


Alloa, „~. 

Banff, „-.„. 

Beith, ^. 

Biggar, ~-< 

Blairgowrie, „ 
Colinsburgh, „ 


Cromarty, —si™ 
Cupar, Fife,„~ 
Dalkeith,™.. — 
Dumbarton, ,„ 
Dumfries, ,~~« 
Dunbar, ..~~„- 
Dunfermline, „ 
Elgin, .. m .,*~. 
Eyemouth, .,.»,. 


Forfar, ,.~.,~~~ 
Glasgow, -„-. — 

^*W. Johnston 
,~~James Moir 
„™Jaiiies Scott 
™~And. M'Ewan 
„™ William King 
»»»»James Purdie 
^^.Janies Anderson 
^Nath. Harvey 
..John Wood 
-William Brown 
..Robert Ross 
„Geo. Hogarth 
„G. Gray 
.Wm. Paul 
..William Goldie 
,v,W. H. Ritchie 
~D. G. Rutherford 
.JR. C. Wilson 
^J. Lawson 
„T. Bowhill 
JHeury Salmon 
«.W. Whyte 
„W. Johnston 

Grangemouth, i, 
Hamilton, ~~.„„ 
Hawick, „~v~~,. 
Invergordon, ,™. 

Kelso, , 


Kirkcaldy , ,™»„.„ 
Kirkwall, „—„-„ 
Lanark, „„„—», 
Leith, .-,^„-^~^„ 


Liiiiithfinv, „_ , 
Musselburgh, „-. 
Newburgh, Fife, 
Perth, ^.^.^ 
Peterhead, „„^., 
Pitlochrie, „~.„„ 
Stirling, „,„.„„ 

Tain, rm , r ^.. 


Turriff, ,„. 

Wick, * 

.J. S. M'Kay 
.T. Anderson 
J. & G. Oliver 
.Andw. Munro 
James Wilson 
James Douglas 
A. J. Bruce 
.S. Davidson 
James Spence 
.Thomas Paul 
.Alex. Spence 
.David Nicol 
John Hardie 
J. M'Cornick 
T. Anderson 
.William Gloag 
,T. B. Bremner 
A. M'Naughton 
James Morrison 
.Geo. Murray 
.Alex. Henderson 
-Francis Souter 
Josiah Rhind 



™Alex. Gowan 
...J. Strathdee 

Bonhill, „~~„^vJPatrick Moir 
Kilwinning, ^.-.^.Hugh King 

Kincardine, -.A. C. Stephen 

The Commercial Bank of Scotland draws on Messrs Jones, Loyd, & Co., 
London ; negociates Bills in every place in Great Britain and Ireland where 
there is a Bank or Banker ; issues Letters of Credit on the principal towns 
in England, Ireland, and Canada, and also on New York and Paris, and 
transmits money to Australia. 

Alexander Chivas, Agent. 
Thos. Adam, Acct. John Goldsmith, Teller. 
John Murray, Sub.- Acct. A. Macfarlane and W. Gellan, Clerks. 


Airdrie ~~.~~ 

...James Kidd 

Inverary „™ 

™.AIex. Macarther 

Anstruther ™, 

„Mat. Conolly 


™.D. M'Alister 

Banff ~~.~~ 

.„James Crosbia 

Jedburgh ™, 

„™Wiii, Rutherford 

Bathgate. ,~~„ 

™Jolm Johnston 

Kelso ,™. — 

, James Tait 


...John Murrie 

Kirkcaldy ™ 

.....Henry Beveridge 


..Jas. Lidderdale 

Kirkwall — 

.^.John Baikie 

Dalkeith ^~ 

...George Gray 

Langholm „ 

.^.John Nicol 

Dingwall ~v~,. 

™H. I. Cameron 

Leith ™.™« 

^..Jiimes Wallace 

Dumfries „™, 

™Alex. Hannay 

Montrose .™ 

David Hill 


„,.P. H. Thorns 

Nairn ~~. 

.Alex. M. Grant 

Forres ™w~~. 

...Robert Adam 
™Robert Watson 

Oban „„.~v~ 

„™.Camp. Paterson 


D. L. Jolly 

Fort- William, 

.^.Tbos. Maedonald 

Portree ™., 

™..Rod. Macleod 

Galashiels ™. 
Glasgow ^^.^ 

.^.Robert Haldane 
■...Robert Findlay 

Stirling ~~*. 

*™.„Patrick Connal 

Stornoway , 

™„Rod. Morison 

Grantown ™. 

^^«John Grant 


.,™John Beatton 

Inverness ™„ 

»«.John Mackay 




Dunfermline «w»«,John Malcolm | Inverkeithing,~»W. Fraser 

The National Bank of Scotland negotiates Bills on every place in Scotland, 
England, and Ireland, where there is a Bank or Banker. 

CITY OF GLASGOW BANK.— (Aberdeen, 1844.) 

Capital, £1,000,000. 

William Bain, Manager. 
John Green, Cashier John Morison, Accountant. 

John Walker, Clerk. 


Ardrishaig „„,„Jolm G. Thomson 
Ayr ^.^.M^.Hev M'Cowan 
Barrhead ^-.^.Thotnas M'Lellan 
Calton (Glasgow) William Snedden 

Edinburgh „™ Robert Bell 

Galashiels „^„vw. William Hastia 
Grassmarket 1 
(Edinburgh ) J 

•David Howison 

Johnstone « ~~ „.John Reid 

L;irgs,w~„~.~~v..H. M. Lang 
Newton Mearn9«,Robert Howie 
Oban „w»~~».v~v~.Robert Kennedy 
Peebles^»«.«w~^. Walter Thorburn 

Tr (Gl g a a sgow)} -William Robertson 
Whitburn .*~s.„v~Robert Gardner 

In addition to the above, the City of Glasgow Bank draws on Smith, Payne, 
aud Smiths, London — negotiates bills in every place in Great Britain and 
Ireland where there is a Bank or Banker; and issues letters of credit on the 
principal towns of Scotland, England, and Ireland. 

Office — 17, Guestrow, 


The Lord Provost 

The Eldest Bailie 

The Dean of Guild 

The Convener of the Trades 

The Minister of the West Parish 

The President of the Society of Ad- 

The Treasurer of ditto 

The President of the Shipmaster So- 

The above are 
*Wm. Allardyce, Merchant 

David Blaikie of Rubislaw Den 
*John Blaikie, Advocate 
'Alex. Brown, Bookseller 

Newell Burnett, Advocate 
'David Chalmers of Westburn 
'Duncan Davidson of Inchmarlo 

Patrick Davidson, Advocate 

John Duncan, Manufacturer 
'Nathaniel Farquhar, Advocate 

James Fraser, Merchant 

James Gibbon, do. 

Win. Henderson, M.D. 
*George Henry, Merchant 
'Alexander Jopp, Advocate 

Alexander Low of Altries 

George Lyall, Merchant 

•John D. Milne, Advocate 
Robert Moir, Merchant 

*James Murray, Advocate 

Those marked 

The Member of Parliament for the 

The Member of Parliament for the 

The Sheriff 

The Sheriff- substitute, Aberdeen 

The Convener of the County 

The President of the Mechanics' In- 

The Secretary of do. 
Managers ex officiis. 

Alexander Pirie of Waterton 
Arthur Read, Manufacturer 
Alexander Simpson, Merchant 
Alexander Smith of Glenmillan 

'Arthur Thomson, Banker 

"John Whyte, Merchant 
James Edmond, Advocate 
Robert Shand, Advocate 
James B. M'Combie of Jellybrands 
John Leslie, Manufacturer 
Alex. Milne of Pittrichie 
James Rettie, Jeweller 
Dr. Alex. Kilgour, Union Street 
Alexander Hector, Salmon Fisher 
James Garden, Advocate 
John Dunn, Advocate 
John D, Milne, Jun., Advocate 
John Watt, Advocate 
Bailie Williamson 
James Horn, Merchant 
thus-* are Trustees. 


David Wyllie (Aberdeen Bank), Treasurer. 
Alexander Ross, Advocate, Actuary and Cashier. 

The Bank is open every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, from 9 to 10 
morning, and from 7 to 8 evening, for the receipt and re-payments. Annuity 
business transacted on Fridays, at 10 o'clock. 


Established, 1825. — Capital, £1,000,000. 
Head Office — 89, Union Street, Aberdeen. 
The Right Hon. Lord Forbes, Governor. 


Alexander Webster, Esq., Advocate, Chairman. 

Alexander Pirie, Jun., Esq., Manu- 
Alex. Stronach, Esq. of Drumallan 
A. Smith, Esq. of Glenmillan 

A. Burness, Esq. of Mastrick 
Robert Catto, Esq., Merchant 
D. Chalmers, Esq. of Westburn 
Alex. Irvine, Esq., Merchant 
T. Sangster, Esq., Advocate 

Physicians — Dr. Ewing and Dr. Dyce. 
Law Agent — John Webster, Esq., Advocate. 

Office in Edinburgh, ~~.~~.~~.65, Princes Street. 
Office in Glasgow, ~~»~~.~~..,69, St. Vincent Street. 
Office in Dublin, ~~. .~w.~~.12, Bachelor's Walk. 

CHAs. FOX, GRIFFITH, Manager. 

JOHN WATSON, Secretary. 


Established, 183G. — Capital, One Million. 

Head Office — 3, King Street, Aberdeen. 

Right Honourable Viscount Arbuthnott, Governor. 


Dr. Cruickshank, Marischal College, Chairman. 

Henry Paterson, Esq., Banker 
Peter Williamson, Esq., Merchant 
David Wyllie, Esq., Banker 

Thomas Blaikie, Esq., Lord Provost 
William Adam, Esq., Advocate 
Alexander Gordon, Esq., Advocate 

Medical Officer — Wm. Leslie, Esq., Surgeon. 
Office in Edinburgh, ~~.~_.20, St. Andrew Square. 

Office in London, ,„™ 1, Moorgate Street. 

Wm. CHALMERS, Manager. 
H. AMBROSE SMITH, Secretary 


Established 1845 Capital, £500,000. 

Head Office— 18, King Street, Aberdeen. 


Alexander Thomson, Esq. of Banchory, Chairman. 
William Duthie, Esq., Shipowner, Aberdeen 
George Elmsly, Esq.-, Coachbuilder, Aberdeen 
James Forbes, Esq., Merchant, one of the Magistrates of Aberdeen 



John Leslie, Esq., Manufacturer, Convener of the Incorporated Trades of 

George Thomson, Jun., Esq., Shipowner, Aberdeen 
John Yeats, Esq of Kincorth, Aberdeen 

Medical Officer in Aberdeen — James Will, Esq., M.D. 

ANDREW MASSON, Accountant. 



Agricultural Cattle Insurance™.,,,, 

Alliance Office ~, , 

Art; us Life Assurance — *. ™- — ': 

Atlas Fire and Life,~~.™.™.™»„,. 
British Commercial Life Insurance 
British Empire Life Assurance,^*,™ 
Caledonian Insurance Company™™,. 
Church of England Life and Fire,~~ 
City of Glasgow Life Assurance Co. 
County Fire, and Provident Life™* 
Dissenters and General Fire and Life 
Eagle Fire and Life Assurance ~~™ 
East of Scotland Fire & Life Assur. 
Edinburgh Friendly Insurance Soc. 
Edinburgh Life Insurance™. ™.™» 
English & Scottish Law Fire & Life 
European Life Office ,~~,,„~~™,~~. 
Experience Life Assurance Co,,,—,.-. 
Family Endowment Society, London 
Farmer's & General Fire & Life Insur. 
Farmer's& Grazier's Mutual Cattle \ 

Assur. »-. ...,~»~~.J 

General Reversionary & Invest. Co. 
Glasgow Annuity Endowment „~-„ 
Globe Fire, Life, and Annuity™,,,,* 
Guardian Fire, Life, and Annuity „ 

Hercules Fire and Life , -~ < 

Imperial Fire .,,,, — ~r~..„™~.™»™» 

Independent Fire, Life, and Annuity 

Insur. Company of Scotland, Fire< 

Manchester Fire, Life, and Annuity 
Mariners' General Life Assurance,. 
National Assurance Invest. Assoc, 
National Fire and Life Insurance,,,. 
National London Fund Life Assoc. 
National Reversionary Investment .. 

North British Insurance Company < 


Norwich Fire, Life, and Annuity 
Palladium Life Assurance Society 

Phoenix Fire Office ™~™.. 

Promoter Insurance Co „w.™.™™, 
Royal Exchange Assurance ,~~,~~„. 
Scottish Equitable Life,™™,,™ ™ ...,. 
Scottish Provident Institution, Edin. 
Scottish Union Fire & Life Ins. Co. 

Scottish Widows' Fund, , 


E Ravenscroft, Crown Court 
James Black & Co., Adelphi 
James Brebner, Advocates' Buildings 
Blaikie & Smith, Union Street 
George Grub, Advocates' Buildings 
Robert Brown, Jun., Union Street 
Thomas Primrose, Advocate 
G. & W. Yeats, King Street 
David Monro, Adelphi 
William Smith, Jun., Union Street 
George Allan, Marischal Street 
Arthur Thomson, Castle Street 
Charles Grainger, King Street 
James Brebner, Advocates' Buildings 
James Murray, Union Street 
Alexander Davidson, Union Street 
P. & A. Davidson, do. 

George Marquis, do. 

A. Stevenson, Queen Street 
James Brebner, Advocates' Buildings 

Alexander Duthie, Market Street 

Lewis Crombie, Solicitor 
George Wood, Schoolhill 
Robert Djce, St. Nicholas Street 
Alex. Chivas, Castle Street 
James Nicol, Adelphi 
John Duncan, Marischal Street 
John Smith, King Street 
Alexander Stevenson, Queen Street 
William Skinner, Dee Street 
Francis J . Cochran, Union Street 
David Mitchell, Castle Street 
George Allan, Marischal Street 
Hugh Smith, Commercial Agent 
Allardyce & Jopp, Union Street 
Nisbet & Robertson, Marischal Street 
Jobn Blaikie, Union Street 
Thos. & N. Burnett, Belmont Street 
Andrew Murray, Union Street 
Charles Chalmers, do. 
Robert Smith, do. 

Clements Lumsden, Union Terrace 
Humphrey & Ogg, Adelphi 
John Stuart, Crown Street 
Alexander Jopp, Gallowgate 
William Gordon, Adelphi 
William Skinner, Dee Street 
James M'Hardy, Castle Street . 
Alexander Nicol, Marischal Street 
John Blaikie, Union Street 



Sovereign Life Assurance Co.„„„„ 

Standard Life Assurance Co.^„„-{ 

Sun Fire and Life OSce^,^,.^, 
Scottish Amicable Life Assurance™. 
Union Fire, Life, and Annuity „™„„ 
United Kingdom Temperance Pro- 1 
vident In. -~~,™*,™,„»»..™.™. J 

Universal Life Assurance „~~„. 

West of England Fire and Life „ 

York & London Fire & Life Assur. Co. 


W. N. Fish, Union Street 
Francis J. Cochran, do. 
George Marqui3, do. 
David R. Morice, do. 
Humphrey & Ogg, Adelphi 
William Gray, King Street 

Andrew Masson, do. 

John Humphrey, Adelphi 
George Thomson & Son, Quay 
William Gordon, Adelphi 



City of London (iron steamer),. 
City of Aberdeen, „~-„~..~„.,..v, 
Duke of Wellington, ^~,^*„ mr 
North Star, ™~„w, ^-»^^^. 

Tons. Horse Power. Commander. 

~.1070 420 John Cargill 

™ 961 ,™. 420 Daniel Mearns 

~. 586 „~» 180 Edward Howling 

,~ 506 ,™. 220 ™~ James Anderson 


Paragon, „,~.-.~™J. Linklater London, ,™, 

Superior, „„„...„ John Milne Florence,.™, 

William Hogarth, R. Parrot Gazelle, „~. „ 

Aberdonian, ,™.„Thos. Howling | 


.J. T. Willet 
.John King 
™M. Christopher 

One of the above-named Steam-ships leaves each end of the line every 
Wednesday ; and one of the fast-sailing Clipper Schooners leaves Aberdeen 
for London on Saturdays, with cargo only. 


One of th« Company's Clipper Schooners leaves each end of the line every 


The North Star steamer leaves each of these stations every alternate Mon- 
day, calling at the intermediate ports. 

f C. W. Willoughby, Aberdeen Steam Wharf, 257, Wapping, London 
JgenlsA James Davidson, 3, Wellington Street, Hull 
(_ James Saunders, Inverness 
Manager — Robert Matthew, Waterloo Quay, Aberdeen. 


The Queen (iron), „ 
Duke of Richmond,. 
Sovereign, „„.„„~.™ 
Bonnie Dundee,™. 


„260 horse power, W. Campbell, son., commander 

,.220 ... W. Campbell, jun 

„200 ... Wm. Snowie, 

„130 ... Andrew Crane ... 

These Steamers sail regularly from 1st March to 1st December as UDder :— 


From Aberdeen every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday ; and 
from Leith every Tuesday, Wcdnesdny, Friday, and Saturday, at six o'clock 



The Sovereign leaves Leith every Friday morning, and Aberdeen bay 
every Friday afternoon, for the above ports ; and leaves these ports every 
Tuesday for Aberdeen and Leith. 


The Duke of Richmond leaves Leith every Tuesday morning, and Aberdeen 
bay every Tuesday afternoon, for Cromarty, Invergordon, and Inverness ; 
and leaves these ports every Friday morning for Aberdeen and Leith, calling 
at Findhorn, Burghead, Lossiemouth, Banff, Montrose, and Arbroath. 

Leith George Mathieson i Find/torn, Thomas Davidson 

Arbroath, D.Johnston j Invemgordon, K. M'Kenzie 

Montrose, i Inverness A. M'Kenzie, Jun. 

Banff, William Brown Wick, J. Brebner & Sons 

Lossiemouth, John Todd Kirkwall, William Flett 

Burghead, P. Christall | Lerwick, Wm. Merry lees 


Leith Traderi, 

Aberdeen Packet, 

Edinburgh Packet, Rennie 

Fairy Booth 

Forth Rennie 

Glasgow Traders. 

Glagow Packet, Rennie 

Courier, Campbell 

Liverpool Packet, Mitchell 

Dahlia, Boyaek 

G. Mathieson, Agent, Leith. A. Laird & Son, Agents, Glasgow. 

These vessels sail regularly once a-week, and are fitted up in a superior 
style, with every accommodation for passengers. 

Robert Mitchell, Manager. — Office, 65, Quay, Aberdeen. 


The steam ship Velocity (100 horse power), John Stewart, commander, 
sails from Aberdeen for Newcastle every Wednesday, and from Newcastle for 
Aberdeen every Saturday. Sails from Aberdeen for Peterhead, every Tues- 
day morning, at 7 o'clock, and from Peterhead for Aberdeen, on Tuesday 
afternoon, at 4 o'clock. 

Nisbet & Robertson, Managers, 47, Marischal Street, Aberdeen. 

Robert Storey, Fenwick's Entry, Newcastle, Agent.' 

James Mitchell, Shoremaster, Peterhead, Agent, 


Amherst, George Pryde | Scottish Maid, Luke Bruce 

Triumph,. Al. Masson 

One of these vessels sails alternately every Saturday from Aberdeen, and 
every Thursday from Newcastle. 

George Leslie, Manager, ll, Quay, Aberdeen, 

Paul Ormislon,58, Quay-side, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Agent. 





liichard Grainger, Wm. Brebner, master. 

Sails to and from Newcastle every week, and has good accommodation for 

George CruickBhank, Manager, 45, Marischal Street. 


The Origen, Crammond, master 

Guthries,, Nicol, 

Juno, Campbell, 

Sail to and from Dundee once every week. 

John Kennedy, Manage}-, Dundee. 
George Cruickshank, 45, Marischal Street, Aberdeen. 


United States, America Andrew Reid 

Belgium Alexander Thorn 

Denmark George Bennett 

Hanseatic V. Consul / 




Sweden and Norway 


A. Thomson 



Annual Subscription £1. 

One penny, each visit, to Non- subscribers. 

James Blake, Proprietor. 


William Chisholm, Librarian and Keeper. 


Open from 7, a.m., to 10, p.m., in summer. 
„ „ 8 „ 10, „ in winter. 

Members admitted by ballot. Annual Subscription, £1 lis. Gd. 

Alexander Ross, Advocate, Secretary. 
James Morice, Attendant. 




Name and Master. 
Aberdeen Packet, schooner—™—,. 

Aberdonian, schooner, Howling 

Admiral, brig, Young™—™— 

Agxnoria,. schooner, Brunton — ™— „ 
Agostina, barque, Volum— ™— ™— ,. 
Agnes, brig, Alexander™— „—_ 
Agnes Blaikie, barque, Middleton— ~ 
Albion, brig, Leslie ™— ™— ™— „ 
Alexander Hall, barque, Edward— 
Alexander Harvey, barque, Rosser— ., 
A casta, barque, Robertson — ™— ™— .. 
Amherst, brig, Pryde— — „ 

Anemone, brig, Walker— ™— ™— .. 

Ann Smith, barque, Hogg —™— ™— „ 
Ann, schooner, Cattanach— ™— „ 
Ann, schooner, Forbes ~.~~„™,~.~,. 

Ann and Jane, ship, Deans „~™- ., 

Antelope, brig, Donald— ™——„ 
Arab, brig, Hossack™— ™— ™— ™— ,. 

Arabella, schooner, Willis ,— ™— , 

Arethusa, brig, Baxter —™— ™— .* 

Argus, schooner, Jamieson— ... 

Ariel, brig, Henderson — ™— ™— ™—- 

Armitstead, brig, Sangster— ™— „ 

Aurora, brig, Barnett — —— —- 
Belina, brig, Faulkener— —— „ 
Betsy, schooner, Talbot—™—™—™. 
Blo«3om, sloop, Talbot ™—™ —— .- 
Bonnie Dundee, steamer, Crane ™- ,~ 
Brigand, schooner, Daniel „.„-™.™.,. 
Brilliant, ship, Elliot — ™— — . 
Brothers, brig, Hns^, CT „„„,„, wl 
Camilla, brig, Montgomery—™—™-- 
Carleton, barque, Banse— ™—— — „ 
Caroline, barque, Robertson — ™— „ 
Catherine, brig, Thomson——™. 
Cato, schooner, Henderson—™—,. 
Charles, brig, Greig— — ™— „ 
Charlotte, brig, Leslie™———— 
Charlotte M'Kenzie, smack, Smart „ 
Childe Harold, brig, Kay — ™— — 
Christina, barque, Craig ™— ™— „™~ 
Cinderella, schooner, Low——,. 
Citizen, brig, Stafford — — — „ 
City of Aberdeen, steamer, Mearns „ 
City of London, steamer, Cargill— „ 
Clio, brig, Maitland— — ,. 
Columbine, brig, Webster „,„„.,,,,., 
Cock of the North, smack, Harris—- 
Commerce, schooner, Petty jrj ... JU1 , 
Commodore, brig, Clark ™— ™— „ 
Concord, schooner, Cadenhead ™— „ 
Courier, smack, Campbell — ™— „™„ 
Crusader, barque, Naughten ™— ,. 
Dahlia, schooner, Boyack— — „ 
Deva, brig, Sprout———™—™ 
Dorothy, steamer, — —— — ™— „ 
Drover, brig, Allan — — —. ™— , 
Dwina, brig, Sangster,— ..—™—„ 
Duchess of Sutherland, st.,—™— ™— - 
Duke of Buccleuch, schooner, Levie- 
Duke of Richmond, St., Campbell— 
Duke of Sutherland, smack, Allan - 

Owner or Agent. 
.Leith and Clyde Ship. Co.. 
..Aberdeen Steam Nav. Co. 
-James Murray. 

-The Master, Wm. Phillips 
—Alex. Booth™-.™—™—™— 
—A. and W. Nicol™—— ™— 
-George Thompson, Jun. — 

—Alexander Cooper ™— „ 

—Donaldson Rose & Co.™— 
-George Thompson, Jun. — 
^Benj. Moir™— ™— 
-Geo. Leslie™—™—™—™— 
-George Thompson, Jun— 
—George Leslie — ™— — 
— Wm. K. Ogg— ™— . .— , 
-William Allen™—— 
—Henry Adamson— ™— ™- 
—Alex. Hector— ™—„— 
-George Thomson & Son™-. 

—William Punton™— ™- 

-John Ogilvy™—™— — 

-Robert Black™— ™— — 

—Henry Adamson™—™— 

—Alexander Wilson — — , 

— JobnReid 

-J. Catto, Son, & Co 

-D. Talbot 

-The Master™— ™— „— „ 

-Leith and Clyde Ship. Co 

-George Elsmie & Son — 

-William Duthie™— ™— 

-James Winlaw, Jun. — „ 
-The Master — —— — , 

-Robert Catto & Son™- 

-Neil Smith 

—Henry Adamson™—™^ 

-Robert Catto & Son™— 

-J. Catto, Son, & Co 

-Oswald, George, & Co.™-, 
»Wm, Roger ™— ™— ™— „„ 
—James Winlaw, Jun. — „ 
-John Catto, Son, 85 Co. „ 
-Geo. Milne™— ™—™—™—„ 

Tons. Built. 

104.. .1800 

14G... 40 

187... 46 

108... 40 

333... 37 

161... 39 

385... 41 

—266... 26 

403... 45 







— 167. 

-115... 1766 
-207... 1839 
.156... 42 


.— 65... 





, 59.. 




. 92.. 


-James Goldie— ™— ™— .™ 
-Aberdeen Steam Nav. Co. . 
.Aberdeen Steam Nav. Co.— 
-Robert Maitland™— — ™— , 
-Benjamin Moir — ™— ., 

-Hogarth & Co. ™-, 

-Aberdeen Commercial Co.. 
-James Murray™—™..—.™ 
-Aberdeen Commercial Co.. 
-Leith and Clyde Ship. Co.. 
-John Catto, Son, & Co. ™ 
-Leith and Clyde Ship. Co.. 
-Alexander Morrioe — — , 
-James Robinson—.™—™—, 
-Aberdeen Lime Co.™—™—, 
-Alexander Wilson ™— ™— , 
-Aberdeen Steam Nav. Co. . 

-William Duthie ™-™-. 

-Leith and Clyde Ship. Co.. 
-Hogarth & Co.™— — , 


— 46... 
—247 .. 

— 48... 

. 66.. 
. 73.. 
. 68.. 

.404... 34 
.435... 39 

.140... 38 
,149... 37 

.126... 25 

.717... 36 

-172... 29 

.474... 38 

. 48... 3G 



Name and Master. 
Duke of Wellington, st. , Howling™,.-,, 
Earl of Hopetoun, schooner, Ritchie, 
Earl of Mar, brig, Mitchell™™—™—— 
Eagle, schooner, Gordon™—™—™— 
Edinburgh Packet, smack, ™™— ™—— 
Edward, brig, Souter— „,— — ,~~~~ 
Elizabeth, brig, Wishart™— ™— ™— . 
Elizabeth, schooner, Smith™™— ™—— 
Elizabeth, schooner, Gray™™™——.— 
Eliza Hall, brig, Rennie™— ™™—— »— 
Eliza, brig, Morgan™.,—.——...™- 

Eliza, schooner, Dunn 

Ellen Simson, barque, Leask™,.— —», 
Enchantress, barque, Forrester™—— 

Express, brig, Clark™.— — . 

Fairy, schooner, Booth ™...~ .— — 

Falcon, brig, Smith ™— .— — — ~— 
Falcon, schooner, Gordon „—„„—,„ 
Favourite, brig, Alexander™™—™—— 

Fetteresso Castle, smack, Milne — 

Five Sisters, brig, Morrice™™—™— 

Flamingo, brig, Kerr — „,— ,— -— 

Flora, brig, Brown ™™— ™— ™— ~— 
Florence, schooner, King— «™.™— . 
Forth, schooner,™™—™—™—™—™— 
Fortuna, brig, Taylor™—™—™—™— 

Foveran, schooner, Henderson,™.. 

Frances, brig, Goldie „— ~— 

Garland, schooner, Strachan™— ™— 
Gazelle, schooner, Christopher ™— 
Gipsy, schooner, Law™——™™— 
Glasgow Packet, smack, Rennie™™— 
Gem, brig, Kobb„™.™~»~~~.~w~ 
Glentanner, ship, Brock ™— ™— ™— ™. 
Granite, brig, M'Pherson — — — 
Hants, barque, Leask™— ™— ~™~ .,«* 

Happy Return, schooner, Walker 

Harmony, Irig, Boaden™..— ~™— ™. 

Harriet, brig, Alexander™™. — ~- 

Harvest Home, brig, Muat ™— ™™— ™. 
Helen, smack, Smith ™— ™— ™— ™— ™. 
Helen, brig, Buyers „— ™™— ~— ~— 
Henry Michie, schooner, Murray ™™. 
Hero, barque, Donald ™— ™— ~™-™~~ 

Heroine, ship, Walker™™™.™™™. — 

Hope, schooner, ™— ™— ™— ™— ™— ~— 
Hope, brig, Bruce „„™™™™™™™-— ■- 
Inconstant, brig, Dunlop ™™™™™™™~ 
lone, brig, Stewart™,,™™™™— ™—-™.«. 

Isabella, brig, Nicol „™— ™™~™™-. 

Isabella and Ann, brig, Lumsden™™„ 

Isla, brig, Mitchell—™™-™ — 

Janes, brig, Smith..-™— ™™™™— ™— ™ 
Jane Boyd, barque, Alexander „— ™™ 
Jane Pirie, barque, Sutherland™—- 

Janet Smith, sloop, „,~~ ™™— — 

John, brig, Peters — ,.„— ™— ~— ™— ™ 
John Hector, brig, Leslie™—™.™— 
John Stewart, brig, Martin™— ™.~—~ 
Julia, smack, Kay™™-™™-™™.™™.— — 
Joseph, smack, Cook .,— „— ™— ™— ~ 
Katberine, schooner, Thorn ™— ™— ~ 
Kincardineshire, brig, M'Kenzie— , 
Lady of the Lake, sch., Symmcrs ™™ 
Lion, brig, M'Kenzie™— ™—™—™—« 













Owner or Agent. Tons. Built. 

.Aberdeen Steam Nav. Co. 580. ..1829 

.Thomas Adam™™. ™™— 134... 26 

.Alexander Taylor—.. ™1 11... 24 

.Alexander Falconer™™..™™...™ 69... 12 

»Leith and Clyde Ship. Co.™— 74... 12 

.J. M'Lachlan ™^™ 76.. .1788 

.Robert Johnston ™— ™— 162.. .1839 

.Neil Smith , — .—136... 

.A. C. Bower™— ™„ 70... 

.Aberdeen Rope & Sail Co.™— 199.., 

.The Master™—™—™—. 208... 

.William Allen ™— ™— ™135.. 

.H. Adamson™— ™— ™—- ™-» .376... 

.Alexander Morrice ™— ™— ™— 24 1 . . 
.Alexander Hay ™— ™— ™— ™— 240.., 
„Leith and Clyde Ship. Co.™— 150.. 
.George Spark ™— ™— ™™— ™— 131.. 
..Alexander Falconer™.™.,™..™™ 85.. 
..Alexander Duthie™™— —206.. 

..Alexander Bower ™— ™— ™— ™ 68... 31 

„J. Strachan ™— ™— , — 146... 40 

..A. & W. Nicol 185... 37 

..John Nicol 130... 38 

..Aberdeen Steam Nav. Co 127... 31 

..Leith and Clyde Ship. Co 103... 26 

..Andrew Anderson™— ™—™—™225... 42 

„R. Black 86... 36 

„G. Milne 192... 45 

„M Manuelle ™— 88... 27 

™Aberdeen Steam Nav. Co.™— 175... 46 

..John Milne ™— ™— ™— ™— ™ 84... 43 

„Leith and Clyde Ship. Co 73... 11 

..Alexander Mitchell™—™— 118.. 39 

„Robert Johnston „— ™— ™™— 610... 42 

™Aberdeen Commercial Co.™— 186... 46 

„R. Connon & Co.™— ™— ™— ™237... 39 

™G. Spark ™— ™— ™— ™— ™— 63... 00 

™James Winlaw, Jun. ™— ~— ™,142... 38 

™R. Anderson™— ™—™—™—™— 165... 42 

„Aberdeen Lime Co.™— ™— ™— 140... 38 

™Hogarth&Co , ™ 19... 31 

™John Law — ™ 91... 37 

™William Duthie ™— ™288... 4ft 

..William Duthie ... 387... 31 

™,Wm. Thomson ™— 106... 26 

™D. Rose & Co. — 126 ... 43 

™R. Anderson™— ™—~— 186.. 

„Alexander Mitchell 267.. 

™Alexander Hay ™— ™— ™— ™— 155.. 

-Alexander Morrice ™— 228.. 

„Oswald, George, & Co.™— 119.. 

—Geo. Thompson, Jun ~.™—™— 187.. 
,™Geo. Thompson, Jun. ™— ™— 387.. 
,„Andrew Auderson ™— ™— ™— 355.. 
,„John Rennie™—™—™—— 39.. 

— Wm. F. Ogg . -114.. 

™George Cruickshank 110.. 

—J. Catto, Son, & Co. ™— ™— ™166... 41 
—Robert Johnston ™— ™— ™„— 19... 30 

—Hogarth & Co. ™— ™— ~— 42... 36 

„Gill>ert Walker ™— ~ . 61... 17 

„Thos. Adam „ — — ~— —193... 38 

— Aberdeen Commercial Co 100... 39 

—Alex. Cooper™— ™— ™— 275... 26 



Name and Master. 

Lisbon Packet, brig, Gavin .„™„ 

Liverpool Packet, sch., Mitchell™ — 
Logie o'Buchan, schooner, Gordon™ 
London, schooner, Willet™™™™.™™™, 
Lord Seaton, barque, Talbot™™.™™.™ 
Magnet, brig, Levie ,„-.., „.„™„.„~™ 
Mansfield, schooner, Wallace „„».,„. 

Mansfield, schooner. Philips „„„ 

Margaret Hardj, barque, Maiiii^,„ 
Margaret Littlejohn, brig, Watt™™.™ 
Mariner, schooner, M'Gregor™™,™™—, 

Mary, brig, Dring™™. „„. ™„,„™-~ 

Marys, schooner, Fletcher „™.™™-™™, 
Mary Reid, brig, Mitchell ,™—™™.™™. 
Mathesis, barque, Gordon ™™..„~„™. 
Mayflower, brig, Longrnuir ™™._™.™. 
Medora, brig, Flann™™.™™.™™.™™—.™. 

Melpomene, brig, ™_.™™.™™.™™. 

Mercury, schooner, Grant „,„.„— „™. 
Messenger, schooner, Cargill„™>™„™ 
Michael Williams, brig, Bridgeford™. 
Milton, brig, Anderson „— „~.,~™™™. 
Monarch, ship, Stephen™™.™™™.™™.™ 
Mountain Maid, brig, Allan „™.™™.™. 
Mungo Park, barque, Thomson „„,™ 
Myrtle, brig, Steele ,„~,™„,~™w„— 
Nautilus, brig, Hendry ™™,. — , „ — .. — 
Neptune, barque. Stewart™™.™™.™™™. 
Newastley, brig, Hutchison™™.™™™^ 
New Frederick, brig, Straeban™™.™™. 
Noma, sch., Lacy ™™.™™...™.™™.™™.™. 
North Star, steamer, Anderson „™.„, 
Pacific, barque, Reid ™™ »„™.„™„™.,„ 
Palestine, brig, Collier „™.™™™.™™.™, 

Paragon, brig, Dunn „™. ™™.™™™™ 

Paragon, schooner, Linklater™™-™™.™ 

Patriot, brig, Gray ™™.™™™.™™.™™. 

Paul Jones, tug -boat ™™.™™.™™.™™.„, 

Pera, sch., UL-id „„ — .„-„„ — . .,^, 

Pilot, schooner ..™...™. ™™.™. 

Plough, schooner, G ibson™™..™.™™. 

Pomona, brig, Milne „,.~„..„~™~™„, 

Powells, schooner, „— .™™.„™.™. 

Prince of Waterloo, ship, Booth™™™ 
Prince of Wales, barque, Alexander,™ 
Prospect, schooner, Leask ™™...™.™™. 

Pursuit, brig, ™™.~™.™™.™™.™™. 

Quebec Packet, brig, Hadden„™.„„™ 
Queen, barque, Gordon ~™.™™.™™.™™. 
Queen of the Tyne, schr., Jamieson, 
Queen Victoria, brig, Rosie™™.™™™. 

Rapid, brig, Alexander „™™™.™™. 

Renown, barque, Murray ™ ™ 

Richard Grainger, schooner, Brebner, 
Richebucto, barque, Gatison««,«»»„ 

Roberts, schooner, Cox „ ™„„„,.™. 

Robert M' William, brig, M'Donald™ 
Ron: ho, brig, Main ™™..™™™™.™™™.™. 

Rose, barque, Gibb ™™.™™™. „, 

Rover, schooner, Taylor „„™™.™™,™ 

Samson, schooner, Youngson ,,..-„. 

Samson, steamer, Stephen™™,™™™™™, 

St. Clement, brig, Smith ™™ 

St. Lawrence, barque, Tulloeh™™„™ 
St. Nicholas, brig, Main ™™„™™™™ 


Owner or Agent. Tons. Built 

....Geo. Thomson & Son 116.. 

,™Leith and Clyde Ship. Co 81.. 

—Alexander Mitchell™™™— ™~ 98.. 
~Aberdeen Steam Nav. Co.™™142.. 

— Oswald, George, & Co 440.. 

—Robert Maitland ™™ 176.. 

-.Thomas Adam 120.. 

—George Thomson & Son ™ 124.. 

-R. Anderson 295.. 

—John Ogilvy „^ . , — -^~_I32.. 

—Robert Maitland™™™™™— ™™1 15.. 
-.Thomas Adam™™™— ™~™™™1 16.. 
—George Cruickshank ™„™™™133.. 
..George Cruickshank ™™™—™113.. 

™James Gordon, Jun. ™™ 365.. 

—George Thompson, Jun.™™™279.. 

™John Webster ™™ 152.. 

™George Murray ™™™™™™~™195.. 

„G. Elsmie& Son 164.. 

—John Catto, Son, & Co.™.. 174.. 

-Geo. Thompson, Jun. 227.. 

„R. Anderson™™™™™—™™ 162.. 

-Robert Catto & Son™™. 701.. 

-John Nicol 192... 42 

—Geo. Thompson, Jun 248... 38 

„Wm. & Geo. Steele. 60... 09 

™Jos. Monro 117... 24 

„G. Thompson, Jun.. 343... 41 

-John Law 108... 04 

™M. Manuelle : 112... 13 

™Blaikie, Brothers ™™ 58... 39 

..Steam Navigation Co. ™- 506... 37 

~A. Anderson™™. — „™„ 38C... 26 

^Robert Catto & Son™™. 202... 40 

~R. Spring ™ ™ ~™ 212... 41 

™Aberdeen Steam Nav. Co. ™— 153... 42 

™William Duncan , 128... 27 

™John Duffus™™ 74... 27 

-Robert Johnston ™™™™ ™™19l... 43 

™R. Black 115... 40 

-William Gray™™.™™..™™™.™™. 74... 34 

™Robert Johnston ™™ — — . „130... 38 

™Robert Anderson ™ 44... 28 

..Robert Catto & Son -™487... 40 

-Geo. Thompson, Jun. „™ 582... 42 

-.Alexander Hay ™—™— ™™107... 24 

William Dutbie —™™ 164... 33 

.Robert Catto & Son 196... 22 

.Alex. Mitchell 379... 44 

.George Leslie . 192... 44 

.George Thompson, Jun. 261... 37 

•Alexander Mitchell 165... 34 

.William Dutbie 311... 42 

George Cruickshank™™. — ™115... 39 

Robert Johnston 400... 35 

.James Winlaw, Jun.. — —™141... 40 

Robert Catto and Son ™—29S... 24 

.John Reid ™™ 142... 42 

.Donaldson Rose & Co ™™-279... 43 

Benjamin Moir ™™„„ ™—139.. 

J Rennie ™™„ ™™™136.. 

James Robinson™™. ™ ~ 100.. 

.Alexander Hay ,„„™™„™ 143.. 

Donaldson Rose & Co. „™„™406.. 
R. Maitland™™. ~. — 140.. 



Name and Master. 
Sarah, schooner, Christie~~.~~.~~~~, 
Sarah, brig, Sim~~.~~.~~~.~~.~~. — 
Scotsman, brig, Monro ~~.~~.~~~. — 

Scottish Maid, schooner, Bruce ~~. 

Seahorse, tug-boat ~~.~~~~.~~ — 

Sedulous, brig, Levie ~~. ™ 

Sir Edward Banks, schooner, Bruce . 
Sir William Wallace, brig, Husband , 

Smithlield, schooner, Hay ~~-~. ~, 

Sophia, schooner, Chalmers ~~ — 

Sovereign, steamer, Snowie „ — .~, 

Spartan, yacht ~~- ~~ — , ~~. — 

Sportsman, schooner, Leyden „„.„ 

Star, schooner, Duncan™ . — „ 

St. Andrew's, barque, Penny — ~~~.~ 

Superior, schooner, Milne ~. 

Supply, brig, ~~.~~.~~. . 

Sweet Home, brig, Collie~~.~~.~~,~. 
Sylph, smack, Willard „~..„~„~,.„,„. 
Sylvanus, brig, Anderson .^^^ — 

Tartar, brig, Gordon ~, 

Taurus, schooner, Henderson ~~.~~. 

Thalia, barque, Volum _ — 

The Consort, schooner, Smith ~~.„~ 

Theophilus, brig, Lyon ~~.~~. — 

The Queen, steam-ship, Campbell — 

Triumph, schooner, Masson ~~. — 

True Blue, schooner, Leask — ,~~.~- 

Trusty, schooner, Watson ~~. 

Udny, schooner, Spalding ~~.~~~.~- 

Undaunted, barque, Ritchie™™ ~. 

Union Grove, brig, Dinnson.~~~-.~- 

Velocity, steam-packet, Stewart-~~~- 

Venus, brig, Baxter~~~~~~~.~~.~~. 

"VlclorTa, brig, Maurice ~~.~~.~~~. — 

Violet, brig, Murray ~~. 

Volant, brig, Merchant~~.~~~.~~.~. 

Wanderer, brig, Donald ~~~. 

Warrior, barque, Shirres ~~~.~~.~~. 
Waterloo, brig, Buthley ~~.~~~~~~. 
Waterloo, schooner, Wood-~~~-~~~ 
William Hogarth, schooner, Parrot„ 
William Maitland, brig, Main ~~-~~, 
Williams, brig, Wilson ,~~~~.~~~.~, 
Ythan, schooner, Cravie ~~~.~~.~~. 
Zephyr, cutter, Davis. 

Owner or Agent. Tons. Built. 

.The Master ,~~.~~- 54. ..1831 

.Donaldson Rose & Co 232... 39 

.John Catto, Son, & Co. 101... 25 

.George Leslie 142... 39 

.Harbour Trustees 161... 38 

Nisbet & Robertson ~~.„. ,226... 40 

.John Gibb-& Son 95... 25 

-Donaldson Rose & Co.~~.~~.183... 35 

.Aberdeen Lime Co. ~~-~ 166... 42 

.J. M'Lachlan 89... 31 

.Leith and Clyde Ship. Co 450... 36 

.Hogarth & Co ~~ 12... 

.Alexander Morrice . — ~~~~-143... 31 

.Aberdeen Commercial Co. ~156... 40 

.Oswald, George, & Go. 310... 09 

.Aberdeen Steam Nav. Co.~~.143... 16 

.Henry Adamson ~~~~.~~~.150... 36 

.William Allen 182... 39 

.Hogarth & Co. ~~ 39... 30 

.Robert Maitland ~~- 167... 30 

.Alexander Mitchell 203... 40 

.Nisbet & Robertson 184... 41 

.Alex. Booth , 350... 44 

.Geo. Leslie ; — 199... 45 

.R. Maitland -~-~~. 96... 18 

.Leith and Clyde Shipping Co. 596... 44 

.George Leslie ™ 181... 19 

.A. R. Dyer ~~ 93... 27 

.A. Hector ~.~, , -~120... 10 

,R. Black ~~ 79... 35 

-William Duthie 299... 41 

.The Master ~~ ™ 219... 39 

.Nisbet & Robertson ,„274 . . . 21 

-A. & W. Nicol ~ 134... 38 

-Robert Johnston 109... 37 

•Robert Spring . 168... 36 

■George Thompson, Jun. ~ 173... 40 

.William Donald, J un 155... 38 

-William Duthie ,~~~~~307... 37 

.Robert Johnston ~~.~~» 91... 15 

.A. & W. Nicol — . — . .158... 41 

.Aberdeen Steam Nav. Co.~~.140... 41 

.Robert Maitland ~~.~~~.~1 59... 39 

.Goldie ~~~~.~~.218... 40 

.Alexander Mitchell ~~. 84... 37 

,Wm. Hogarth ~~._~~. 47... 19 





Academy street, from Dee street to Crown street 

Adelphi, between 49 and 51, Union street 

Affleck place, from Marywell street to Affleck street 

Affleck street, from Crown street to Harbour 

Albion street, from Park street to Links 

Albion court, 18, Castle street 

Albyn place, west from Alford place 

Alford place, to Albyn place from Union place 

Ann street, from Maberly street to Hutcheon street 

Annand's court, 30, James street 

Back wynd, from Union street to Schoolhill 

Baltic street, from Prince Regent street to Links . 

Bank of Scotland court, 35, Castle street 

Barnett's close, from Guestrow to Flourmillbrae 

Beattie's court, 102, Gallowgate 

Beattie's (J.) court, 101, Gallowgate 

Belmont street, from Union street to Schoolhill 

Belmont street (Little), from Belmont street to Back wynd 

Berry lane, from Gallowgate to Loch street 

Black's buildings, from Woolmanhill to Spa street 

Blackbull close, 4, Huxter row 

Blackfriars street, from Woolmanhill to St. Andrew street 

Blaikie's (Provost) quay, south side of Harbour 

Blairton lane, from Broad street to Guestrow 

Bon-accord lane, from Dee street to Bon-accord street 

Bon-accord row, from Union place to Bon-accord terrace 

Bon-accord square, from East to West Craibstone street 

Bon-accord street, from Union street 

Bon-accord terrace, from Union street 

Bothwell's court, 25, Justice street 

Bourtie's court, 1 9, Upperkirkgate 

Brebner's court, 9, Castle street 

Brebner's court, 84, Shiprow 

Brewery lane, Old Aberdeen, from College bounds to the line 

of road from King street 
Broad street, from Union street to Gallowgate and Upperkirkgate 
Broadford, north-west of George street 
Broadford place, from George street to Broadford Works 
Broadford lane, from Broadford to Causewayend road 
Brace's court, 20, Loch street 


Barn court, 44, Upperkirkgate 
Burnett's close, 5, Exchequer row 
Burr's court, 152, Gallowgate 
Bursar's court, 61, castle street 

Canal terrace, from Virginia street to Garvock street 

Canal street, from Mounthooly bridge to Froghall bridge 

Canal lane, from canal terrace to Summer lane 

Canal lane, Old Aberdeen, from High street to Flyboat house 

Candlemaker's court, 46, Gallowgate 

Carmelite street, from Green to Trinity street 

Carmelite lane, from Fisher Bow to Trinity street 

Carnegie's brae, from Netherkirkgate to Green 

Caroline place, from Skene square to Hutcheon street 

Castle street, from Union street to Justice street and Castlebrae 

Castlehill, from Castle brae to Park lane 

Castlebrae, from Castle street to Virginia street 

Catherine street, from Causewayend to George street 

Catto square, Garvock's wynd 

Causewayend, from Gallowgate to Gowanbrae 

Chanonry, Old Aberdeen, from High street to Cathedral 

Chapel street, from Union place to Skene street 

Chapel street (Little), from Chapel street to Summer street 

Chapel lane, from Weigh- house square to Shorebrae 

Chapel court, 61, Gallowgate 

Chapel court, 1, Justice street 

Chaplainry, Old Aberdeen, from Don street to Cathedral 

Charles court, 40, Upperkirkgate 

Charles street, from Broadford to Causewayend 

Charlotte street, from St. Andrew street to John street 

Cheyne's court, 69, Broad street 

Chronicle lane, from North street to Meal-market lane 

Chronicle court, 32, Broad street and 10, Queen street 

Church street, from Lime quay to St. Clement street 

Clarence street, from Cooperston buildings to Friendship farm 

Clark's Court, 2, Upperkirkgate 

Clark's lane, Old Aberdeen, from Don street to east road 

Clunes' court, 65, George street 

Cluny's lane, from High street to East road, Old Aberdeen 

College bounds, Old Aberdeen, from Spital to Brewery lane 

College street, from Windmillbrae to Clayhills 

College court, 82, Broad street 

Collie's court, 28, Shiprow 

Collie's court, 60, Gallowgate 

Commerce street, from Quay to Park lane 
Commercial court, 58, castle street 

Commercial buildings, from 107 to 119, Union street 

Concert court, between 10 and 12, Broad street 

Constitution street, from Park street to Links 

Cooper's court, 26, Netherkirkgate 

Cooperston buildings, from Holburn street to Toll-bar 

Correction wynd, from Green to St. Nicholas street 

Courage's court, 3, Weigh-house square 

Cowgate, from Justice street to Park lane 

Craibstone street (West), from Bon-accord terrace to Bon- 
accord square 


Craibstone street (East), from Bon-accord street to Bon-accord 

Craigwell place, from Skene street to Denburn terrace [square 

Crombie's eourt, 37, Park street 

Crown terrace, from St. Mary's place to Crown place, east 

Crown street, from Union street to Affleck street 

Crown street (South), from Affleck street to Dee village 

Crown place, east from Crown street to Crown terrace 

Crown court, between 41 and 43, Union street 

Crown court, 36, Upperkirkgate 

Cruden's court, 22, Broad street 

Cruickshank's (Leslie) court, 91, Broad street 

Cruickshank's (C.) court, 10, Shiprow 

Cruickshank's court, 46, Shiprow 

Daniel's court, 48, Castle street 

Davidson's court, 111, Gallowgate 

Dee street, from Union street to Marywell street 

Dee street, from Trinity street to Lower Denburn 

Denburn, from Poynernook to Spa street 

Denburn terrace, from Union-street bridge to Skene terrace 

Devanha place, near Ferryhill buildings 

Diamond street, from Union street to Silver street 

Diamond lane, from Diamond street to Silver street 

Donald's court, 20, Schoolhill, and 16, Loch street 

Donald's close, 14, Schoolhill 

Downie's court, 65, Broad street 

Drum's lane, from 26, Upperkirkgate to Loch street 

Duncan's court, 45, Castle street 

Duncan's (D.) court, 120, Gallowgate 

Duncan's court, 74, Gallowgate 

Duthie's court, 45, Guestrow 

East north street, from King street to Park street 

Edward place, Porthill 

Emslie's court, 135, George street 

Emslie's court, 26, Gallowgate 

Ewen's court, 42, Gallowgate 

Exchange court, between 35 and 37, Union sireet 

Exchequer row, from Castle street to Shiprow 

Exchequer court, 9, Exchequer row 

Exchequer place, Weigh-house square ^ 

Farquhar's court, 17, Upperkirkgate 

Ferguson's (J.) court, 108, Gallowgate 

Ferryhill buildings, near Devanha brewery 

Firhill-well lane, Old Aberdeen, from Spital to Sunnybank 

Fish street, from Summer lane to Albion street 

Fisher row, from Maltmill-bridge to Green 

Flourmill brae, from St. Nicholas street to Barnett's close 

Flourmill lane, from Netherkirkgate to Flourmill brae 

Footdee, from Canal basin to New pier 

Forbes street, from Skene square to Stocket road 

Forbes court, 78, Green 

Frederick street, from King street to Park street 

Froghall lane, Old Aberdeen, from Spital to Canalside 


Gaelic lane, from Belmont, street to Back wynd 

Galen's court, 21, Guestrow 

Gallowgate, from Broad street to Causewayend, Mounthooly 

Gardener's lane, from Justice street to East North street 

Garvock street, from Canal basin to Garvock wynd 

Garvock wynd, from Garvock street to the Links 

Gas street, from Trinity street to Poyernook 

Geddes' court, 17, Prince Regent street 

George street, from St, Nicholas street to Broadford 

Gerard street, from Gallowgate to George street 

Gilcomston, from Woolmanhill and Spa street to Short Loanings 

Gilcomsion steps from Spa street to Skene square 

Golden square, from North to South Silver street 

Gordon's court, 22, Gordon street 

Gordon's court, 4, Schoolhill 

Gordon's court, 43, Virginia street 

Gordon's court, 88, Broad street 

Gordon street, from Langstane place 

Green, from Windmill brae to Fisher row 

Guestrow, from Netherkirkgate to Upperkirkgate 

Hadden street, from Market street to Fisher row 

Hanover lane, from Albion street to Fish street 

Hanover street, from Headinghill to Albion street 

Hardgate, from Newbridge to Mile-end 

Harper's court, 76, North street 

Harriet street, from Schoolhill to Loch street 

Headinghill, from Park lane to Hanover street 

Henderson's (A.) court, 123, Gallowgate 

Henderson's (W.) court, 161, Gallowgate 

Henderson's (W.) court, 91, Gallowgate 

Henderson's court, 129, Gallowgate 

Henderson's court, 46, Broad street 

High street, Old Aberdeen, from College bounds to Don street 

Holburn street, from "Wellington place to Holburn place 

Holburn place, to South Mile-end 

Huntly street, from Union street to Summer street 

Hutcheon street, from Causewayend to Skene square 

Huxter row, from Broad street to Castle street 

Innes street, from Gallowgate to Loch street 
Inglis court, 30, Gallowgate 
Ironmonger's court, 14, Upperkirkgate 

James street, from Quay street to Virginia street 

Jamieson's court, 5, Upperkirkgate 

Jaraieson's court, 38, Shiprow 

John street, from Woolmanhill to Loch street 

Jopp's court, 31, Gallowgate 

Jopp's court, 40, Broad street, and 11, Queen street 

Jopp's lane, from St. Andrew street to John street 

Justice street, from Castle street to Park street 

Justice lane, from Justice street to East North street 

Kidd lane, from Chapel street to Summer street 


King street, from Castle street to Love lane 

Kingsland place, from Barkmill burn to Hutcheon street, west 

side of Broadford 
Knox's court, 7, Wales street 

Lamond's court, 49, Upperkirkgate 

Langstane place, from Dee street fo Bon-Accord street 

Ligertwood's court, 99, George street 

Lime quay, from Commerce street to Waterloo quay 

Lindsay street, from Diamond street to Golden square 

Links street, from St. Clement street to Links 

Littlejolm street, from Gallowgate to North street 

Lobban's court, 29, Castle street 

Loch street, from Harriet street to Windy wind 

Lodge walk, from Castle street to Queen street 

Longacre, from Broad street to North street 

Love lane, from Spital to King street 

Maberly street, from Broadford gate to Skene square 

M'Combie's court, 52, Union street, and 51, Netherkirkgate 

M'Cook's court, 116, Gallowgate 

Machray's court, 81, George street 

Machray's court, 13, Bon- Accord street 

Manzie's Court, 36, West North street 

M'Kay's court, 80, Gallowgate 

M'Kenzie's court, 62, George street 

M'Lean's court, 50, Gallowgate 

Maltmill bridge, from Trinity corner to Fisher row 

Marischal street, from Castle street to Quay 

Marine terrace, near Ferryhill buildings 

Market street, from Union street to Trinity quay 

Market lane, Old Aberdeen, from Townhouse to East road 

Martin's lane, from Green to Kenny's wynd 

Marywell street, from College street to Dee street 

Marywell place, south from Crown street 

Matheson's court, 14, Castle street 

Mealmarket lane, from King street to North street 

Melville's Court, 106, Gallowgate 

Mearns' court, 52, Shiprow 

Meters' court, 11, Chapel lane 

Middlethird, from Waterloo quay to St. Clement street 

Mill street, from Summer lane to the line of road leading to 

Milner's court, 25, Guestrow [Bannermill 

Milne's court, 38, Castle street 

Milne's court, 27, Gallowgate 

Milne's (Provost) court, 65, Gallowgate 

Milne's court, 75, Gallowgate 

Mitchell's court, 80, North street 

Mitchell's court, 41, Guestrow 

Mitchell place, from North street to King street 

Moir's court, 103, Gallowgate 

Mounthooly, from Gallowgate to Canalside 

Muttonbrae, from Woolmanhill to Denburn 

Nailer's court, 31, Justice street 
National Bank court, 42, Castle street 


Netherkirkgate, from Broad street to St. Nicholas street 

New street, Old Aberdeen, from Don street to the line of road 

to King street 
Nelson street, from King street to Gallowgate 
North street, from East North street to Mounthooly 
North lane, Old Aberdeen, from Seaton gate to the line of road 

from King street 

Ogston's court, 84, Broad street 

Orchard lane, Old Aberdeen, from College Bounds to the line 
of road from King street 

Park street, from Justice street to Canal 

Park lane, from Park street to Commerce street 

Peacock's close, 24, Castle street 

Pensioner's court, 18, Justice street 

Pirie's court, 50, Castle street 

pirie's court, 32, Shiprow 

Pirie's court, 1, Upperkirkgate 

Plasterers' court, 70, Gallowgate 

Poor's-Hospital court, 56, Gallowgate 

Pork lane, from Quay to Virginia street 

Porters' court, 12, Weigh-house square 

Porthill close, 98, Gallowgate 

Port-hill, from Gallowgate to North street 

Poynernook, foot of Denburn 

Prince Regent street, from Canal terrace to Baltic street 

Princes street, from King street to Park street 

Quaker's court, 55, Guestrow 

Queen street, from Broad street to North street 

Ragg's lane, from Broad strset to Guestrow 

Ramage's court, from 83, Broad street to Guestrow 

Ramsay's court, 71, Guestrow 

Red-lion court, from 77, Broad street to Guestrow 

Reid's court, 34, Gallowgate 

Reid's court, 6, Shiprow 

Regent quay, from Shore brae to Canal basin 

Relief-Church court, 42, St. AndreAv street 

Penny's wynd, from Green to Trinity street 

Rettie's court, 26, Broad street, and o'5, West North street 

Riddle's court, 40, Windmillbrac 

Rhind's court, 64, Gallowgate 

Robertson's court, 143, Gallowgate 

Roper's court, 107, Gallowgate, and 72, Loch street 

Rose's court, 18, Commerce street 

Rose street, from Union place to Bridewell 

Rosemount place, from Rosemount to View place 

Ross's court, 22, School hill 

Ross's court, 1 1, Trinity corner 

Ross's court, 6, Upperkirkgate 

St. Andrew street, from Loch street to Woolmanhill 
St. Catherine's wynd, from Union street to Netherkiikgate 
St. Catherine's court. 16, Shiprow 


St. Clement street, from Garvock street to Building yard 

St. Mary's place, from Crown terrace to Crown street 

St. Nicholas street, from Union street to George street 

St. Nicholas lane, from St. Nicholas street to Correction wynd 

St. Paul street, from Gallowgate to Loch street 

Salter's court, 50, Lochside 

Schoolhill, from Upperkirkgate to Woolmanhill 

Scott's court, 25, Quay 

Seaton gate, Old Aberdeen, from Don street to Old Bridge of Don 

Sharp's court, 78, Loch street 

Shaw's court, 90, Gallowgate 

Shevvan's court, 119, Gallowgate 

Shiprow, from Union street to Trinity corner 

Shoe lane, from North street to Queen street 

Shorebrae, from Shiprow to Quay 

Shore lane, from Quay to Virginia street 

Shuttle lane, from East North street to Park street 

Shuttle street, from St. Andrew street to John street 

Silver street, from Golden square to Skene terrace 

Sim's square, from Blackfriars street to John street 

Sim's court, 89, Shiprow 

Simpson's court, 139, Gallowgate, and 96, Loch street 

Skene place, from Skene street to Cherryvale 

Skene street, from Black's buildings to Skene place 

Skene square, from Steps of Gilcomston to Caroline place 

Skene terrace, from Skene street to Summer street 

Skene row, from Skene place to Hardwierd 

Smith's court, 16, Netherkirkgate 

Smith's (J.) court, 113, Gallowgate 

Smith's court, 49, Gallowgate 

Smith's court, 21, Castle street 

South Constitution street, from Park street to Constitution street 

South Silver street, from Union street to Golden square 

Spa street, from Denburn to Woolmanhill 

Spence's court, 106, John street 

Spital, from Mounthooly to Old Aberdeen [Accord terrace 

Springbank terrace, from South Crown street to foot of Bon- 

Spring-garden, from George street to Windy wynd 

Stronach's close, Exchequer row 

Sugarhouse lane, from Quay to Virginia street 

Summer street, from Union place to. Skene street 

Summer lane, from Garvock's wynd to Fish street 

Sutherland's court, 20, James street 

Sutherland's court, 126, Gallowgate 

Sutherland's court, 78, Shiprow 

Theatre lane, from Quay to Virginia street 
Thistle street, from Chapel street to Rose street 
Thomson's court, 69, West North street 
Thomson's court, 61, Broad street 
Thomson's court, 21, Quay 

Thornton place, 29, Guestrow, and 4, Floormill lane 
Trinity street, from Denburn to Trinity lane 
Trinity coiner, from Shiprow to Maltmill bridge 
Trinity lane, from Trinity corner to Trinity street 
Trinity quay, from Poyncrnook, to Regent quay 


Tytler's court, 69, Green 

Union street, from Castle street to Union place 
Union buildings, from Castle street to Shiprow 
Union place, from Union street to Alford place 
Union terrace, from Union bridge to Skene terrace 
Union lane, from Union street to Guestrow 
Union row, from Union street to Summer Street 
Union wynd, from Union row to Summer street 
Upperkirkgate, from Broad street to Schoolhill 

Victoria court, 54, Castle street 

Victoria place, from Albion street to Wales street, thence to 

the Canal 
Virginia street, from Commerce street to "Weigh-house square 

Wales street, from Park street to the Canal 
Wales street (Little), from Wales street to Hanover street 
Wales-street Market, Wales street 
Walker's court, 30, Virginia street 
Walker's court, 25, College street 
Walker's court, 37, Shiprow 

Wapping street, from Trinity street to Lower Denburn 
Water lane, from Quay to Virginia street 
Waterloo quay, from Harbour entrance to Canal to Building- 
Watt's court, 46, Virginia street 
Webster's court, 19, East North street 
Webster's court, 72, Shiprow 
Webster's court, 29, Guestrow 
Weigh-house square, Quay 
Well court, 1 4, Broad street 

Wellington place, from Union place to Southbridge 
Wellington street, from Waterloo quay to Links 
Whitehouse street, from Chapel street to Skene place 
Windmillbrae, from Green to Crown street 
Windy wynd, from Gallowgate to Spring-garden 
Woolmanhill, from Schoolhill to Steps of Gilcomston 

Yeats' lane, from Canal terrace to Summer lane 
Yeats' court, 32, Netherkirkgate 
York place, from Waterloo quay to York street 
York street, from Wellington street to north side of Building- 
Young street, from Gallowgate to Loch street 


new aberdeen. 

Abel, Alex, (of Forbes & Abel), 7 Belmont street 

Christian, poultry shop, 76, h. Sutherland's court, 78 Shiprow 

James, baker, 64, h. 66 Virginia street 

John, blacksmith, 1 College lane 

Abercrombie, "William, 63 Guestrow 

Aberdeen Association, 47 Gallowgate — Robt. M'Kenzie, manager 

Banff, Kincardine, and East Forfar Agricultural Society, 

Hall, 1 1 Market street, Alexander Duthie, secretary 

Banking Company, 53 Castle street 

Banner Office, Victoria court, 54 Castle street [street 

Brick and Tile Co.'s Works, Clayhills— Office, 13 Market 

Carpet Warehouse (wholesale and retail), 1 Lower Dee street 

Coach Manufacturing Company, 7 Frederick street 

Commercial, Mathematical, and Nautical School, 17 Drum's 

lane — W. Elgen 

Commercial Company — Lime, Coal, Bone Manure, and Grain 

Merchants, Provost Blaikie's quay — James Horn, manager 
Co-operative Company, for Meal, Groceries, Foreign and Bri- 
tish Spirits, 156 Gallowgate — J. Singer, salesmen 

Equitable Loan Co., 27, Gallowgate — G. Ross, manager 

Eye and Ear Institution, 7 Littlejohn street— open every law- 
ful morning, between 9 and 10 o'clock — G. Rainy, sur- 
geon, 27 Queen street 

Fire and Life Assurance Company — Office, 89, Union street, 

C. F. Griffith, manager 

Foundry, Loch street 

Gas-light Cd.'s Office, Gas street, near Trinity street 

General Dispensary, Lying-in and Vaccine Institution, 26 

Castle street — Medical Attendants, Drs. Fraser, Camp- 
bell, Leslie, Galen, Smith, and Templeton 

Aberdeen & Glasgow Tobacco Pipe Co., 20 Frederick street 

Herald Office, 7 Queen street 

Horse Bazaar, St. Andrew street 

Horse Repository, 81 George street, and 6 Loch street— Peter 

Elder and Co., proprietors 


Aberdeen Humane Society — Alexander Gordon, advocate, trea- 
surer, Record Office, 27 King street. At the following 
stations sets of apparatus are lodged for finding bodies and 
restoring suspended animation — Ciuives of Don ; Bridge 
of Don ; Devanha Brewery ; Mowat's Baths, 10 Quay ; 
Watchhouse ; New Pier ; and the Baths on the Beach 

Hotel, 138 Union street, Union bridge 

Infirmary, Woolmanhill 

Journal Office, 13, 27, and 28 Adelphi court, Union street 

Ladies' Working Society, 12 Marischal street 

Leith, and Clyde Shipping Company's Office, % 65 Quay 

Lime Company — Lime, Coal, Bone Manure, Nitrate of Soda, 

and Guano Merchants, 2 Provost Blaikie's quay 

Writing Academy — G. C. M'Connochie, teacher, 115 Union st. 

Marine Insurance Company, 56 Marischal street 

Market Company — Adam & Anderson, 75 Union street, trea- 

Mechanics' Library, Market street [surers 

Medical and Chirurgical Society's Hall, King street 

Merchant Seamen's Fund Office, 33 Regent quay — Alex. 

Martin, manager 

Mutual Assurance and Friendly Society — D. Macandrew, se- 
cretary, 24 John street 

News Rooms, 2 St. Catherine's wynd [Adelphi lane 

New Gas-light Company, Links — Office, 17 Market St., and 

Opthalmic Institution, for diseases of the Eye, 26 Castle/ 

street. Open Monday, Wednesday, and Fridayj^at-two 
o'clock — John Cadenhead, surgeon 

Provision Warehouse, 14 George street — Wm. Shepherd, 

manager, h. 85 George street 

Quill Manufactory, 47 Queen street 

Rope and Sail Company's Office, Links, Footdee 

Salmon Co.'s Office, 31 Gallowgate — Ice-house, Fish street 

Salt Cellar, Drum's lane 

Savings' Bank, 17 Guestrow 

Sea Insurance Company, 57 Marischal street — A. Matthew, 

manager, h. 24 Marischal street 

Ship Bread and Biscuit Manufactory, 10 Virginia street, head 

of Theatre lane 

Aberdeen Steam Navigation Company, Waterloo quay — Robert 
Matthew, manager, h. above Office 

Tape Company's Warehouse, 2 Exchequer row 

Town and County Bank, 93 Union street 

Aberdeenshire Canal Office — Alex. Jopp, advocate, manager, 
Jopp's court, 31 Gallowgate 

Aberdein, Alex., printer, h. Henderson's court, 46 Broad street 

Abernethy, George, civil engineer, 27 Marywell st. 

James, harbour engineer, h. 17 King street 

James (of J. Abernethy & Co.), h. Ferryhtll 

J. & Co., founders, engineers, and machine-makers, Ferryhill 

Robert (of J. A. & Co.), Ferryhill 

Adam, Alexander, wright, Skene square 

Alexander, slater, 57 Causewayend 

Alexander, precentor, Melville Church, h. 23, Prince Regent 

& Anderson, advocates, 75 Union street L s ^ reet 

George, & Co., tailors and clothiers, 3 Castle st., h. Shiprow 

James (editor of the Aberdeen Herald), h. Craiginches 


Adam, James, precentor, Free WestCliurch, and teacher of vocal 
music, 12 Links street 

Roderick, baker, 14 h. 16 Union place 

Thomas (accountant, National Bank), h. Polmulr 

William, advocate, h. 75 Union street 

William, jun., advocate, 115 Union street, h. 60 Skene street 

William, town-serjeant, 63 Park street 

William, feuar, Cause wayend 

Mrs., 2 Yeats' lane 

Adams, Henry, Lloyd's surveyor, 132 Crown street 

William, broker, 16 Marischal street 

Mrs., vintner, 9 Weigh-house square 

Adamson, Alexander, tinsmith, 17 Gallowgate, /*. above shop 

Alexander, cabinetmaker, 34 Union place 

Henry, ship and insurance broker, 57 Marischal street, h. 56 

Dee street 

Robert, weaver, 8 Langstane place 

William, broker, 66 Gallowgate, h. Ewen's court, 42 Gal- 

.. Mrs., Clarence street, Cooperston buildings [lowgate 

...A. Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 8 Langstane place 

Miss, 34 Union place 

Advocates' Society's Hall and Library, Union street 
Affleck, Andrew, 2 Affleck place, Affleck street 

Edward, grocer and spirit-dealer, 62 Gallowgate 

Agricultural Cattle Insurance Co. — agent, Edward Ravenscroft, 

Scottish Farmers' Journal, 43 Union street 
Aiken, Alexander, shoemaker, 52 Skene street 

Alexander, gardener, Strawberrybank, Hardgate 

Alexander, shoreporter, 11 Shiprow 

James, boot and shoe maker, 45 Skene street 

James, late shipmaster, h. Gilcomston cottage, Skene square 

James, jun., clerk, Aberdeen Marine Insurance Company, h. 

Gilcomston cottage 

William, of Auchintoul, h. Cotton lodge 

William, hairdresser and perfumer, 1 South Silver street 

Mrs., lodgings, 63, St. Andrew street [terrace 

Aitken, Rev. John, (Original Antiburgher Church), h. 26 Skene 
Air, John, cart and plough wright, 1 1 Whitehouse street 
Airth, John, shoemaker, 2 Justice street, h. Wales street 

John, jun., grocer, 30 Park street, h. Victoria place 

Alexander, Alexander, shipmaster (Prince of Wales), 60 Queen st. 

Alex., jun., shipmaster (St. Clement), 1 St. Mary place 

David & James, boot and shoe makers, 5, h. 7 and 8 Correc- 

Hugh, shipmaster (Harriot), Mill street [tion wynd 

John, shipmaster (Agnes), 19 Kidd lane 

John, grocer, 157 Gallowgate, h. 159 

Nathaniel George, shoemaker, 6 Renny's wynd 

Robert, shipmaster (Favourite), h. 16 Wellington street 

Robert, professor of dancing and deportment — Academy, Dia- 
mond street, h. 2 Chapel street 

Robert, teacher (West End Academy), k. Ferryhill 

William, jun., surgeon and apothecary, h. 144 Gallowgate 

Miss, Kingsland place 

Mrs., midwife, 144 Gallowgate 

Mrs., professor of dancing and deportment — Academy, Dia- 
mond street, h. 2 Chapel street 


Alexander, Miss, lodmmmpl&t > >'fi\c}tfr'i&rs street 

Miss, Farqun-af^^ourt, 1 7 'tfppfcrkirkgate 

Allan, Alexander, shipmaster (Mount?in Maid), 17 Prince Regent 

Alexander, shipmaster, 8 Suga .ise lane [street 

David, shipmaster, 1 Pork lane 

George, boatman, New Pier, h. Fhotdee 

George, advocate, 1 Marischal street, agent for Dissenters' 

Fire and Life Assurance Gcunpany, and Mariners' Gene- 
ral Life Assurance Company 

George, boot and shoemaker, Low's court, 22 College street 

James, boot and shoemaker, 19 Windy wynd 

James, cabinetmaker (Allan & Macallan), h. 37 Dee street 

James, of Midbelty, 35 Union place 

James, watch and clock maker, Holburn street 

James, baker, 17 West North street, h. above shop 

James, cook (City of Aberdeen), h. 22 Constitution street 

James, shipmaster (Drover), 7 Garvock street 

, James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Maberly street 

James, grocer and provision merchant, 7 St. Nicholas street, 

h. 17 Schoolhill 

John, advocate (of Muir & Allan), h. 22 Constitution street 

Rev. John (Free Union Church), h. Union manse, 21 Virgi- 
nia street 

John, marble work, 19 Crown street, h. 69 Bon- Accord street 

John, foreman (Blaikie & Son,) /*. 24 Young street 

& Macallan, cabinet-makers and upholsterers, 122 Union 

street — cabinet manufactory, 44 Dee street 

Nathaniel, grocer, porter and spirit dealer, 39, h. 37 Park str. 

Robert, baker and confectioner, Blaikie's house, Causewayend 

William, shoemaker, 10 James street 

William, cabinet-maker (Smith & Allan), h. 3 Gordon's 

court, Gordon street 

Mrs., midwife", Hector's court, Loch street 

Miss, 13 Netherkirkgate 

Miss, dressmaker, 17 Littlejohn street 

Miss Ann, spirit-dealer, 90 Green 

Allardyce, Alexander, 80 Bon- Accord street [street 

& Jopp, wine merchants, stock and share brokers, 13 Market 

William, preserver of fresh provisions, Clayhills — office, 13 

Market street, h. 1 Crown place * 

Misses, 21 Bon-accord terrace [end, Stocket 

Allen, William, merchant and shipowner, Waterloo quay, h. Mile- 
Alliance Life and Fire Assurance Office — James Black, agent, 

Adelphi court, Union street 
Altria, Caesar, optician, 16 Skene street, h. 14 Skene street 
Alves, William, Ferryhill buildings 

American Vice Consul, Andrew Reid, — office, 107 King street 
Anderson, Adam, blockmaker (A. Duthie & Co.) h. 10 Church st. 

Alexander, clerk (Henry Ogg & Co,, distillers, Strathdee), 

h. Cooperston buildings 
Alexander, advocate — office, 75, Union street, h. 25 Bon- 
accord terrace 

Alexander, gardener, 10 Shuttle lane 

A. & J., painters, glaziers, paper hangers, carvers and gilders. 

33 Queen street, h. 129 King streec 
Andrew, shipmaster, 53, St. Clements 1 : reet 


Anderson, Andrew (of A^jd^AHh«tt||rf£9-King street 
...... Campbell, furniture 'flealiff, 3 ancP^W&almarkot lane 

Charles, shi|^ister ^Sylvan us), 10 Canal terrace 

, George, M^K>n, 7,-ioii«ne terrace 

George/'^MEer, 18 Fisher row 

George, gardener, tfosemount place " * [lington street 

...... James, blockmaker ^Hall & Sons, shipbuilders), h. 56, Wel- 

James, vintner, Commercial Inn, 62, Castle street 

James, foreman, blaclrsmith (A. Hall & Sons), h. 3, York st. 

James, shipmaster (North Star, steamer), Constitution street 

James, shipmaster, 3 Mitchell place, King street 

James, billiard rooms, Chronicle court, 10, Queen street, and 

32, Broad street, h. 17, Queen street 

James, slater, 49 St. Nicholas street 

James, grocer, porter & spirit dealer, 202, h. 200, Gallowgate 

James, (late baker), Gordon Cottage, Eaeden 

James, clerk (Royal Mail Coach Office), 65 Union street 

James, farmer, Mains of Craibston, and stabler and cattle 

dealer, 64 West North street 

John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 123, h, 121 Crown street 

John, advocate, 123J Union street 

Joseph, baker, 66, h. 68 George street 

.. Robert, gardener, Rubislaw den 

Robert, shipmaster, 211, King street 

Robert, shipowner, 64, Union street 

Samuel, clerk, police tax office, h. 74, Gallowgate 

Lieutenant William, superintendent of Rural Police, 21, 

Union terrace 

William, blacksmith, Flourmill lane 

William (H. G. & Co.), /*. Copper Co.'s court, 14, Gallowgate 

William, hairdresser and perfumer, 23, h. 17 Upperkirkgate 

William, merchant, h. Barkmill 

William, builder, 1 Forbes street 

William (late of the H.E.I.C.S.), 39 Chapel street 

William, 9 Y6rk street 

William, precentor, Free South Church, and music teacher, 

h. 38 Woolmanhill 

William, lodgings, 3 Victoria place 

Mrs. Captain, Skene square 

Mrs. Lieutenant, 21 Union terrace 

Mrs. Alex., grocer, 58, h. 60 Skene street 

Mrs. James, vintner, Waterloo quay 

Mrs,, dealer in <Jld clothes, 22 Justice street 

Mrs., late of Lochel, 52 Union place 

Mrs., late of StJchen, 2 West Craibstone street 

Mrs., Glenburnre cottage 

Mrs. Captain, 3 St. Clement street 

Mrs., 48 Queei street 

Mrs., grocer, lAlburn street 

Mrs., 2 EdwardVlace, South Constitution street 

Mrs. Mary, tave\ and lodgings, Concert court, Broad street 

Mrs., 4 John street 

Mrs., lodgings, 11 Union buildings 

Miss, Nelson lane 

Miss, 52 Union place 


Anderson Miss, dressmaker, 20 Silver street 

Andrew, James, cooper and manager for A. Hector, Trinity quay, 

h. 49 Commerce street 

Mrs., Holburn street 

Miss, dressmaker, Holburn street 

Angus, George, of Tillycorthy, 13 Constitution street 

Rev. Henry (United Associate Churchy), h. Rosemount place 

John, advocate, and town-clerk, h. 38 Castle street 

Robert, clothier, 154, h. 156 George street 

Mrs. George, 143 Skene street 

Miss (of Botriphnie,) 74 Dee street 

Miss, provision seller, 104 Chapel street 

Arbuthnot & M'Combie, paper manufacturers, 3 Trinity quay 

Robert, paper manufacturer, 3 Trinity quay, h. Cultermills 

Argus Life Assurance Company — J. Brebner, advocate, agent, 

Advocates' buildings 
Arthur, Rev. David (George Street Chapel) 134 Crown street 
John, wholesale dealer in porter and strong ale, Dingwall's 

court, 87 Gallowgate 
Mrs. John, milliner and straw-bonnet maker, 109 Union 

street, 7*. 14 Innes street 
Asher, James, commission merchant and agent, 115 Union street 
Asylum Life Co. for Deteriorated Lives and Foreign Risks — R. R. 

Notman, agent, 24 Adelphi \ 

Athenseum News-rooms, 2 Union buildings 
Atlas Fire and Life Office — J. Blaikie, advocate, agent, 247 Union 

Auld, William, overseer weaving department (A. H. & S.), h. 

104 Green 

George, provision dealer, 38 Union terrace 

P. C, artist, 108 Crown street 

Mrs. worsted shop, 104 Green 

Avery, John, printer, Scottish Farmer Office, Crown court, 43 Union 

street, h. 125 Crown street 

Badenoch, James, town's drummer, Robertson's court, 143 Gal- 

James, sen., clothier, 18 Union street, h. 6 Broad street 

Bain, Alexander, spirit dealer, 13 Mutton brae 

Alexander, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 93, h, 95 Causeway end 

Alexander, manager, Aberdeen and Glasgow Tobacco Pipe 

Company, h. 22 Frederick street 

Arthur, printer (Banner Office), h. 62 Catherine street 

David, clerk, N. S. E. L. Co. 

Ebenezer, wright, opposite 228, h. 232 George street 

John, mealseller, 34 Guestrow 

William, manager (City of Glasgow Bank), h. Victoria Court, 

Castle street 

Mrs. Alexander, Commercial Inn and Odd Fellows' Arms, 41 

Queen street 

Mrs., confectioner, 10, h. 12 Marischal street 

Miss Ann, dressmaker, 176 George street 

Miss J., merchant, 176 George street 

Baird, Thomas, cabinet-maker and upholsterer, 171 Union street, 
h. 26 Union row 


Baird William, clerk, 267 George street 

Baker, B. Hosier, professor of music, Mackie place 

George, mail-coach guard, 29 Huntly street 

Balfour, James, overseer, (Bichards & Co.), Broadford, h. 89 Hut- 

cheon street west 

Stephen, M.D. and surgeon, 18, h. 22 Union place 

William, traveller (Bichards & Co.), 34 Skene street 

William, professopaf dancing — Academy, 115 Union street, 

Mrs., lodgings, 7^Fjuteen street [h. Bosemount 

Miss, straw-hat maker, 51 Queen street 

Bance, John, shipmaster, 14 Castle street 

Mrs., 14 Castle street ' 

Bank of Scotland Branch, Bank of Scotland court, 35 Castle street 

Arthur Thomson, agent 
Banner Office, Victoria court, 54 Castle street 
Bannochie, Francis, flesher, 1 1 Black's buildings 
Bannerman, Sir Charles, Bart., of Crimmonmogate, h. 202 Union 

David, town's drummer, 75 Gallowgate [street 

George, merchant, Albyn place 

James, butlerT3 Charlotte street 

John, silk-dyeV, 37 George street 

John, dyer, 11 Diamond street 

Patrick, coal-broker — Office, 50 Quay, h. Commerce street 

Patrick, 224 Union street 

Thomas, h. Albm place 

Thomas & Co.^cotton-spinners, Bannermill 

Lady, 249 UnroByistreet 

Miss, Albyn place 

Barclay, David, coachbuilder, 23 Frederick street 

George, grocer, 61 Green, h. above shop 

Bobert, superintendent of police, h. 19 Crown street 

Miss, teacher — school, Bridge of Dee, /*. Holburn street 

Barker, Alexander (of J. B. & Sons), h. Caroline place 

James, manufacturer (of J. B. & Sons), 91 Loch street, h. 

Caroline place 
John, clothier and haberdasher, 63 St. Nicholas street, h. 3 

Caroline place, Skene square 

John, & Sons, woollen manufacturers, 91 Loch street 

Miss, 8 Thistle street 

Barkaway, Mrs., vintner, 39 St. Andrew street 

Barnett, Alexander, principal beadle, Free West Church, funeral 

waiter and undertaker, 33 Upperkirkgate 

Alexander, shipmaster (Aurora), 8 Hanover street 

John, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 33 St Nicholas street — 

Workshop, Flourmillbrae 

John, turnkey, West Prison, h. West Prison gate 

William, schoolmaster and inspector of pom - , Nigg 

. Mrs., stay and corset maker, 33 Upperkirkgate 

Barron, David, late farmer, United Cottage, Holburn street 

and Gray, watch & clock makers, 13 h. 11 Netherkirkgate 

John, watch and clock maker, 11 Netherkirkgate 

Lambert, advocate, 13 Netherkirkgate 

William, vintner, 46 Begent quay 

'. William, flesher, 41 New Market, h. Bubislaw 

Mrs.. Lodgings, 15 Bon-accord street 


Barron Mrs., eating-house and register office for engaging servants, 
18 Trinity street 

Mrs., (late Rising-sun Tavern,) 37 Constitution street 

Barry, Henry, & Co., ironfounders, and manufacturers of bone 
manure, Loch street 

Bartlet, James, officer, shipmasters' society, 11 Quay 

Robert, shipmaster, 18 Commerce street 

Bate, James, jun., Dee tavern 

Bathgate, W. G., Well of Spa 

Baxter, Alexander, spirit dealer, 58 Lime Quay 

Andrew, shipmaster, (Arethusa,) 7 Garvock street 

James, provision dealer, 144 Gallowgate 

James, boot and shoemaker, 18 Marischal street 

John, manufacturer, Upper Denburn 

John, turner and shuttle- maker, 76 Gerrard street, h. 10 

Canal street 

John, shipmaster (Venus,) 67 Commerce street 

Misses, 4 Skene place 

Bayne, Mrs., Dee place 

Beattie, Alexander, hairdresser, 13 Shiprow, h. 53 Green 

Francis, blacksmith, 7 Barnett's close, h, 9 Blackfriars st. 

James F,, land-surveyor, valuator, and engineer, office 1 

Bon-accord street, h. 6 East Craibstone street 

John, mealseller, 101 Gallowgate 

John, painter and glazier, 3 Marischal street, h. Beattie's 

court, 102 Gallowgate 

John, stonecutter, George street, corner of Maberly street, h. 

58 Catherine street 

Peter, cabinetmaker, 56 Summer street, h. 35 Chapel street 

William, builder, Beattie's court, 102 Gallowgate 

William, clerk, N. S. Bank, h. 23 Broad street 

William, with Morison & Gray, silk mercers, h. 123^ Union st. 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, Beattie's court, 102 Gallow- 

Beggrie, Mrs., midwife, 1 1 Catto square [gate 

Begg, Alexander, Rosemount terrace, Skene square 

Alexander, 3 George street 

John, clerk (Dixon Hogarth & Co.,) 65 College street 

John, stabler, 13 Harriet street 

John, flour, wine, and spirit merchant, 17 Weigh-house square, 

h. 9 Quay 

William, baker, 3 Frederick street, h. 62 Schoolhill 

Bell, Lieut. A., merchant, Commerce street, h. 255 George street 

Alexander, manager, Bon-accord Marine Insurance Co., 34 

Marischal street 

Francis, hat manufacturer and furrier, 38 Queen street 

John, cooper, 85 Windmillbrae, h. 8 College street 

Bell's (Dr.) School, Frederick street 

Rannie & Co., wine merchants, Leith, 44 Marischal street, 

J. Sheed, agent 
Belgian Consul, Alexander Thom, 21 Quay 

Bennett, George, (Bennett, Taylor, & Co.,) Danish Vice-Consul, 1 
South Crown street 

M. C, hatter, 10 Union street, h. 64 Union street 

Taylor, & Co., commission merchants and corn factors, 43 

Marischal street 


Bennett, William, blacksmith, (Blaikie Brothers,) 4 Catto square 
William, printer, North of Scotland Gazette Office, 42 Castle 

street, h. 13 Spital 
Benson, Samuel (A. Hadden & Sons,) King's square, Huntly st. 

William, manufacturer, h. 12 Mary well street 

Benton, Alex., flesher, foot of Upperkirkgate, h. 40 Catherine st. 
Bentley, James, professor of Oriental languages, King's College, h. 

136 King street 
Benzies, David, Water lane 

Miss, 65 College street 

Benzie, William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 206 Gallowgate 
Berry, James, watch, clock, and nautical instrument maker, 52 

Castle street, h. 1 Dee place 

James, manufacturer, /*. 34 Skene street 

James, turner, 13 St. Andrew street 

James, gardener and riddlemaker, 8 Broadford lane 

John, gardner, Burnside 

Thomas, teacher, Crown court, and Organist to St. Andrew's 

chapel, h. 39 Upperkirkgate 

William (of W. & J. Berry,) h. 84 Skene street 

. W. & J., linen manufacturers 3 Correction wynd 

William, wood merchant, Poynernook, A. 15 Carmelite st. 

Mrs., dealer in fruit, &c, 108 George street 

Bertram, Gilbert, corkcutter, 8 Netherkirkgate, h. 194 George st. 
Best, Thomas, agent (British Linen Co.'s Bank,) h. 22 King street 
Robb & Co., general agents and commission merchants, 59 

Marischal street 
Beveridge, Peter, manufacturer of bed and table linen — Ware- 
house, 159 Union street, h. 5 St. Mary place, and Crai- 

gieshaw, Nigg 
Robert, bed and table linen manufacturer, 39 St. Nicholas 

street, h, 1 Donald's court, 20 Schoolhill 
Beverley, Alexander, teacher, (Grammar School,) Union terrace 

Mrs. Robert, lodgings, Wales street [street 

Bible Society Depositary — G. King, bookseller, 28 St. Nicholas 
Bicknell, Misses, boarding and day school, 9 North Silver Street 
Bird, James, (of Gall & Bird,) h. Strawberry bank 
Birnie, George, of Johnstone place, h. Johnstone place 

Moses, surgeon, 31 Longacre 

William, painter, glazier, and paper-hanger, 81 King st., h. 

39 Constitution street 
Birse, William, 15 St. Nicholas street 
Bisset, James, woodmerchant, 1 Dee place 

John, grocer, 37 Queen street, h. 122 Crown street 

John and William, wholesale grocers, 23 King street 

William, (of J. & W.,) h. 124 Crown street 

William, (of William Bisset & Son,) h. Castlebrae 

William & Son, wholesale merchants, Castlebrae, h. above 

William, stabler, 6 Mealmarket lane [shop 

Peter, builder, 8 Porthill 

Mrs. William, lodgings, 7 Marischal street 

Miss, 27 York place 

Mrs. James, lodgings, Jamieson's court, 5 Upperkirkgate 

Mrs., sick nurse, 6 Black's buildings 

Black, Alexander, clerk, (Aberdeen bank,) 39 Whitehouse street 


Black & Milne, wine and spirit merchants and general grocers, ] 2 

Broad street 
Black, Alexander, Spring-bank terrace 

Andrew of Foresterhill, h. Foresterhill 

Gordon, gardener, Barkmill 

George, druggist, 22, Castle street, h. 24 Constitution street 

James, turner, 5 Flourraill lane 

James, grocer and spirit dealer, 103 John street 

James, builder, 41 Whitehouse street 

James (James Black & Co.), h. Southbridge, Holburn street. 

..... James (Milne, Cruden, & Co.), h. 33, Constitution street 

James & Co., stock and share agents, 7 Adelphi court — entry 

to Counting-room by Adelphi lane 

John, boot and shoe maker, 23, Justice street 

John, wright, 1, h. 61 College street 

John, watch and clock maker, 16 Longacre 

Joseph, tailor, head beadle, Free Holburn Church, and fune- 
ral waiter, h. Strawberry bank 

Robert, merchant, Newburgh 

Thomas, flesher, 13 and 14, New Market, h. 14 Wales street 

William, jun., wine merchant, (of Black and Milne,) h. 11 

Union place 

William & Co., brewers and distillers, Devanha [terrace 

William, secretary (Aberdeen Commercial Co.,) 9 Canal 

William, bootmaker, 24 and 25 New Market gallery, h. Inn 

and Lodgings, Concert court, Broad street 

Mrs., milliner, 125 Union street 

Miss, Albyn place 

Blackhall, James, & Co., drapers, 39 Union street 

James, (of J. B. & Co.,) h. Northfield, Gilcomston 

Blackie, J. S., professor of Humanity, Marischal College, h. High 

street, Old Aberdeen 
Blaikie Brothers, (late John Duffus & Co.,) iron merchants and I 
manufacturers of steam engines, forged iron, chain cables, 
anchors, locks, and hinges ; millwrights and mechanics, 
St. Clement street 

David, (of John Blaikie & Sons,) h. Bubislaw den 

John, advocate, 247 Union street 

John (of John Blaikie & Sons,) h. Devanha house 

John, & Sons, plumbers, brassfounders, gas-fitters, copper- 
smiths, pewterers, and gas-meter makers, Littlejohn st. 

& Smith, advocates, 247 Union street 

Thomas, (of J. Blaikie & Sons,) h. 32 Bon-accord terrace 

W. & R, grocers, corner of Charles street 

Mrs. Provost, Craigiebuckler 

Miss, teacher of music, 10 Bon-accord lane 

Miss, Cooperston buildings 

Blair, James, engineer, 2 Catto square 

Blake, James, Athenaeum reading rooms, h. 11 Union buildings 

Miss, 54 Chapel street 

Bland, James, Captain, adjutant Aberdeen militia, Springbank 

Boaden, Richard, shipmaster, (Harmony,) 59 Commerce street 
Bonnar, James T., clerk, Innes-street Dye Works, h. Charles st. 

John, mason, 7, Charles street, Broadford 

Bon-accord Blind Asylum, Huntly street— T. Wallace, manager 


Bon-accord Life and Fire Assurance Company, 18, King street — 
A. Christie, manager 

Marine Insurance Company, 34 Marischal street 

Coach-work, Bon-accord street 

Cotton-mill Company, Poynernook 

Bonnyman, James, blacksmith, 19 Loch street 

John, blacksmith, 19 Loch street 

James & John, blacksmiths and bell-hangers, 19 Loch st. 

Mrs., cook-shop, 198 Gallowgate 

Booth, Alexander, ship insurance and share broker and commission 
agent, 4, /*. 2 Regent quay 

George & Son, watchmakers and jewellers, 36 Union street 

George (of G. B. & Son), watchmaker and jeweller, h. Spring- 
bank, Dee street 

Captain James, 28 Queen street 

James, surgeon, 28 Queen street 

John, mason, 64 Hutcheon street 

John, jun., 2 Regent quay 

John, shipmaster (Fairy), h. 27 York place 

John, watch and clockmaker, 41 Upperkirkgate, h, 5 Black's 


John, gardener, Canal road 

William, advocate, 2 Regent quay 

William, chimney-sweep, Albion court, Castle street 

William, cabinetmaker, 37 Castle street 

Mrs. G., provision shop, Chronicle lane 

Borthwick, Charles, shipmaster, 45 Constitution street 

William, candlemaker, 36 East North street 

Bothwell, Alexander, confectioner, 36 New Market, h. 16, Car- 
melite street 

George, gardener, Greenbank, Broadford 

George B., candle manufacturer, 25 Justice street, A. 165 

Union street 

John, shoemaker, 48 Broad street, h. 46 

Mrs. G., 1 Rose street 

Mrs. James, 46 Shiprow 

Bow, Hugh, keeper of Medical Hall, King street 

Bowie, Alexander, shipmaster, 2 Bannermill street 

James, tailor, 29, Broad street 

Jane, cook-shop, 66, Guestrow 

Bower, Alexander G., keeper of Regent Bridge and Berthmaster, 
Upper quay, h. 12, Quay 

Bowman, A., grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Leadside, Gilcomston 

Andrew (of Bowman & Co.), 31 Huntly street 

& Co., plasterers, 31 Huntly street 

James, minibus proprietor, 22 Harriet street 

Robert, blacksmith, 53 York street 

Thomas, blacksmith (A. Duthie & Co.), 53 York street 

Mrs. James, victualling-house, 71 Queen street 

Mrs., broker, Backwynd stairs, Green 

Boyd, Mrs. G. H., 253 Union street 

Mrs., Mackie place 

Mrs. William, 2 Mountpleasant, Canalside 

Boyne, James, teacher (Roman Catholic Seminary), Constitution st. 

William, spirit-dealer, 94 Gallowgate 

Boyle, Mrs., lodgings, 29 Union street 



Boys' School of Industry, Quakers' court, 55 Guestrow 

Bramwell, John, secretary and inspector of branches, Town and 
County Bank, h. 90 Union street 

Brand, Andrew, shipmaster, /*. Hanover lane 

George, carter, 30 Windmillbrae 

John, mealseller, 44 Windmillbrae. 

William, jeweller (G. Booth & Son), h. 4 Carmelite street 

William, late officer of excise, 11 Drum's lane 

William, carter, 2 Mary well street 

Mrs., 46, Windmillbrae 

Miss, 209, Union street 

Brander, Robert, 31 Huntly street 

Miss, 23 Castle street 

Brantingham, George, wine merchant and grocer, 70 Broad street, 
h. 71 Catherine street 

Brebner, Charles, gardener, North Rubislaw 

George, innkeeper and post-horse-master, 44 Harriet street 

James, contractor, 33 Whitehouse street 

Jas., advocate, Advocates' buildings — Agent for Friendly In- 
surance Co. against Fire, Head Office, 48 North-bridge 
street, Edinburgh ; Argus Life Assurance Co., London; 
and Farmers' and General Fire and Life Insurance and 
Loan and Annuity Company, London, h. Albyn place 

& Ogilvie, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 5 Crown street 

& Ragg, general merchants, 56 St. Nicholas street, h. Marine 


William, manager, Aberdeen Horse Repository, 81 George st. 

William, shipmaster (Richard Grainger), Mill street 

Miss, of Lairney, h. 152 Union street 

Brechin, George, provision seller, 94 Causewayend 

Mrs. James, 11, Canal street 

Mrs., lodgings, 51 Bon-accord street 

Bremner, Peter, toll-keeper, Wellington Bridge 

Brew, James, linen merchant, Carmelite street 

Bridewell and Rogue-money Assessment for the City and Liberties 
of Aberdeen — James Simpson, collector — Office 17 Hux- 
ter row 

Bridgeford, Alexander, baker, 65 Green 

John, vintner, 12 Burnett's close, Castle street 

Mrs., merchant, Holburn street 

British Commercial Life Assurance Company — George Grub, ad- 
vocate, agent, Advocate's buildings, Union street 

Empire Life Assurance Company — Robert Brown, jun., agent, 

131 Union street 

Linen Company's Bank, 22 King street 

Broadford Bread and Flour Company, 218 George street — Alex. 
Robertson, managei-, h, 220 George street 

Co-operative Company, for Meal, Groceries, Foreign and 

British Spirits, &c, 160 George street — George Deuchar, 

Brown, Alexander, vintner and stabler, 8 North street 

Alexander, bookseller, A. 56 Castle street 

Alexander, sailmaker, Links street 

Alexander (Brown & Carr), h. 68 Dee street 

Alexander & Co,, booksellers, Public Library, 77 Union 



Brown, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 71 George street 

Alexander, clerk, 27 Blackfriars street 

Allan G., Broadford place 

& Carr, wholesale clothiers, Exchange court, Union street 

...... Farquhar & Co., Glenbnrn Distillery, Rubislaw 

...... David, shipmaster (Flora), 18 Commerce street 

...... Donald, boot and shoemaker, 13 Dee street 

George, auctioneer (of P. & G. Brown), h. Tanfield 

George, grocer, 218 Gallowgate 

George, mealseller, 18 East North street, h. 1 Shuttle lane 

John, M.D., Skene square 

John, warden (East Church), and funeral undertaker, 40 

Union terrace 

Lawrence, keeper of the Court-house, h. Court-house, entry, 

Lodge walk 

Marshal (of Taylor & Brown), 22 Union terrace 

p. & G., auctioneers, 40, Union street (up stairs) 

Peter, auctioneer (of P. & G. Brown), Rosemount 

Robert, inspector of stamps and taxes, Carden's haugh 

Robert, jun. (Farquharson & Co.), h. 46 Schoolhill 

Robert, shore porter, 10 Weigh-house square 

Rev. R. J., D.D., professor of Greek, Marischal College, h. 

19 Golden square 

Robert (with R. Moir, wine merchant, Adelphi court), 7i. 23 

Castle street 

Simon, saddler, 178 West North street 

Thomas, vintner, Stronach's close 

William, distributor of stamps and collector of land and as- 
sessed taxes for the Counties of Aberdeen and Kincar- 
dine, Advocates' buildings, Backwynd, h. Broadford Cot- 

William, basket-maker, 8 Marischal st., h. I Chronicle lane 

William, fishing-tackle maker, 36 George street 

William, principal servant, Zion Chapel, Greig's court, Wind- 


Mrs. P., sen., 137 Union street 

Mrs. (late of Glenmuick), 10 Golden square 

, Mrs., h. Castlehill 

...... Mrs., lodgings, 22 Woolmanhill 

Mrs. Robert, midwife, 110 John street 

Browning, Mrs., 38 Skene terrace 

Bruce, Charles, druggist, 44 Green, h. 19 Backwynd 

John, sen., baker, 13, h. 14 Castle street 

John, jun., baker, 55 h. 49 St. Nicholas street 

.,.„. Sir Michael, Bart,, of Stenhouse, h. Scotstown, and 54 St. 
Nicholas street 

John, mason, 65 St. Andrew street 

Thomas, spirit-dealer, 3 Park street 

William, spirit merchant, 59 Windmillbrae 

William, builder, 66 Causewayend 

William H., shipmaster (Hope), 20 Commerce street 

Rev. William (St. Andrew's Chapel), 1 Crown place east 

Mrs., dressmaker, 120 George street 

Mrs., lodgings, Crown court, Union street 

Mrs., lodgings, 36 Union terrace 


Bruce, Miss, stockmaker, 61 Park street 

MissE., milliner, 61 Park street 

Misses, milliners and straw-hat makers, 20 Princes street 

Brunton, John, shipmaster, 29 Wales street 

John, jun., shipmaster (Agenoria), 15 Prince Regent street 

Bryce, Rev. James (Free Gilcomston Church), 95 Crown street 

James, advocate, 49 Broad street, ^.18 St. Mary place 

Mrs. John, 18 St. Mary place 

Buchan, Alexander, shoemaker, 83 Queen street, h. 31 Constitu- 
tion street 

John, 16 Links street 

Robert, baker, 29 Chapel street, h. 14 Thistle street 

William, slater, 19 Shiprow 

Mrs. John, 91 George street 

Buchanstone-mill Warehouse, 79 Broad street 

Buck, William, shoemaker, 2 St. Clement street 

Buckner, William, boot and shoemaker, north end of Charlotte st. 

Budge, Alexander, tidewaiter, customs, 28 James street 

Buhl, Paulus Baron Von, teacher of the German language, 14 
Dee street 

Buist, James A., druggist, 87 King street 

Thomas, cooper and fishcurer, h. 25 Prince Regent street 

Bulloch, John, foreman, (J. Blaikie & Sons,) h. 22 Woolmanhill 

Burge & Murray, hat manufacturers and clothiers, 38 and 40 Broad 

David, (of Burge and Murray,) h. 46 Broad street 

Burgess, Alexander, & Co., umbrella and parasol makers, 50 Up- 

Charles, custom-house agent, 55 Virginia street [perkirkgate 

James, merchant, (J. Black & Co.,) A. 2 Adelphi court 

Jane, provision seller, 37 Chapel street 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, Annand's court, 30 James st. 

Burness, Alexander, h. Prospect place 

Burn, Edward, 31 Bon-accord terrace 

Burnett, Andrew, provision curer, entry, Trades hall, Denburn, h. 
36 Whitehouse street 

Alexander, feuar, Holburn street 

George, spirit dealer, 68 Schoolhill 

John, shoemaker and spirit dealer, 37 York street 

Newell, advocate, keeper of the register of sasines for Aber- 
deen and Kincardine shires — Office, 25 and 23 Belmont 

James, mealseller, 73, h. 71 Chapel street 

Thomas, advocate — Office, 25 and 23 Belmont street 

Sir Thomas, Bart., of Leys, Crathes castle 

Mrs., vintner, Upper Denburn 

Burr, George, shoemaker, 14 Carmelite street 

Bushby, Charles, 6 Affleck street 

Butchard, James, conductor (Stewart, Rowell, & Co.,) h. 83 

Buthley, Robert, shipmaster, (Waterloo,} h. 43 Commerce street 

Butler, Joseph, flesher, 24 New Market, h. 6 Barnett's close 

Buyers, Alexander, shipmaster, (Helen,) h. 53 Virginia street 

James, manager, (Aberdeen Rope and Sail Company,) A. 3 

Constitution street 

James & Co., builders and timber merchants, 12 Kidd lane 

James, (James Buyers & Co.,) k. 12 Kidd lane 


Buyers, John (James Buyers & Co.,) h. 12 Kidd lane 

Peter, grocer, ship-chandler, and spirit dealer, 32 Quay — 

Receiving Post Office — /t.42 Wales street 
William, (James Buyers & Co.,) h. 94 Skene street 

Cadenhead, Alexander, advocate, 9 Huxter row, /*. North lodge, 

King street 

Alexander and John, advocates, City Fiscals, 9 Huxter row 

Barron, & Co., Newbridge, Hardgate 

David, boot and shoe maker, 100 John street 

George, tailor, Concert court, Broad street 

John, M.D., 211 Union street 

John, advocate, h. Thistle cottage, Thistle street 

William, Contland, Peterculter 

Caie, William, shore porter, 84 Shiprow 

William, ( of Caie & Mitchell,) h. 41 St. Nicholas street 

William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Causewayend »- — 

& Mitchell, builders, head of Spa street 

Mrs., lodgings, 17 North Broadford 

Calder, Charles, porter and spirit merchant, 50 Green, h. 2 Car- 
melite street [h. 41 St. Nicholas street 

David, looking glass and picture frame maker, Skene square, 

George, spirit dealer, Summer lane 

James, tea and spirit dealer, 7 Exchequer row 

John, Free Presbytery officer, 11 Thornton place, Guestrow 

Miss, dressmaker, 32 Belmont street 

Caledonian Insurance Company — W. F. Ogg, advocate, agent, 1 1 

Adelphi court 
Cameron, Alexander, overseer, Bannermill, h. 7 Hanover street 

Alexander, 18 Crown street 

Alexander, wholesale and retail basket maker, 72 Green 

Andrew J., advocate, 21 Shiprow, h. Morefield, Socket 

Andrew, founder, (Blaikie Brothers,) 39 Summer lane 

John, surgeon, R.N., of Morefield, Stocket, and 21 Shiprow 

& Macfarlane, reed makers, (successors to R. Simmie,) 29 

Harriet street 

Samuel, (of Cameron & Macfarlane,) 29 Harriet street 

William, shoe maker, 10 Skene street 

William, cooper, 20 Loch street 

Mrs., 55 Huntly street [Tillieve, Udny 

Campbell, Alexander, grain merchant, (of Campbell & Wilson,) h. 
Alexander, bookseller, 41 St. Nicholas street, agent for 

Thomas Kelly, publisher, London 

David, reed maker, 16 Loch street 

Ewen, mail guard, 59 Huntly street 

John, shoemaker, 84 Chapel street 

John, post-horse-master and livery stables, 5 Bon-accord st. 

John, surgeon, 7 Bon-accord street 

John M., M.D., 250 Union street [floor 

John, sheriff- officer and constable, 12 West North street, first 

Robert, timber merchant, 127 George street and 6 Charlotte 

street, h, 49 John street 

William, shipmaster, (Courier,) h. 89 Virginia street 

William, shipmaster, (Queen steamer,) h. Melbourne street 

William, jun., shipmaster, (Duke of Richmond steamer,) k. 

28 Wellington street 


Campbell, Mrs. Alexander, midwife, 41 St. Nicholas street 

Mrs., 5 Golden square 

Miss > matron, Female School of Industry, 01 Loch street 

Cantly, Peter, shore porter, 8 Guestrow 

Cardno, George, (of Smith & Cardno,) h. Rosemount 

Mrs., "Wales street 

Carey, Hugh, jun., flesh er, 26 and 27 New Market 

John > J un -> flesher, 146 George street and 42 New Market, h. 

123 George street 
Cargill, John, shipmaster, (City of London steamer,) "Waterloo quay 

William, shipmaster, (messenger,) 25 Quay 

Carmichael, Mrs. Captain Robert, 16 Union terrace 

Carnegie, Miss Hannah, 6 Golden square 

Carnie, Mrs. "William, 88 Green 

Cairney, Alexander, 9 Young street 

Caroline, Thomas, shoemaker, 80 East North street 

Carr, Alexander, dyer and bleacher, Barkmill 

George, Millbank, Hardgate 

John, tailor, Holburn, street 

Robert, (of Brown & Carr,) h. Strawberrybank 

Carter, Mrs. John, /*. 17 Skene terrace 

Miss, Union terrace 

Casey, John, tide-waiter, customs, 14 Virginia street 
Cassie, James, spirit merchant, 16, h. 30 Castle street 

James, jun., portrait painter — Study, 30 Castle street 

James, tailor and clothier, 6 Union street 

James, porter, 43 West North street 

William, tailor, 22 Longacre 

Castle, Andrew, overseer, Bannermill, h. 69 Virginia street 
Castro, Mons., teacher of French, singing, and Sapnish guitar, 48 

Dee street 
Cattanach & Mirrielees, clothiers and furnishing tailors, 126 Union 

Charles, (of C. & M.,) h. 18 Bon-accord street [street 

L\ G., writer, Town-house, h. Holburn street 

Mrs. Donald, Holburn street 

Mrs. John, 64 Union street 

Catto & Co., block, pump, and mast makers, York street 

James, boot and shoemaker, 153 Union street, h. 132 Crown 

street [King street 

• John, Son, and Co., merchants and insurance brokers, 88 

Robert, sen. (of Robert Catto and Son) h. Belvidere 

Robert, jun. (of Robert Catto and Son) h. East North street 

Robert and Son, merchants and shipowners, 47 Marischal st. 

Robert, and Co., grocers, wine and spirit dealers, 14 King st. 

Thomson, &Co., rope and sail manufacturers, Links, Footdee 

William, accountant (Aberdeen Bank) 50 Upperkirkgate 

William, tailor, 3 Shiprow, /*. Newlands 

William, merchant, 90 King street 

William, feuar, Charles street 

William, clerk (W. Simpson & Co.), h. 13 Commerce street 

Miss, dressmaker, 50 Upperkirkgate 

Miss, dressmaker, Annand's court, 30 James street 

Mrs. James, lodgings, 27 Blackfriars street 

Mrs. Robert, 17 East North street 

Cavendish, Alexander, stoneware merchant, 168 Gallowgate 
Cay, Alexander, shipmaster (Brothers), 6 St. Clement street 


Cay, William, 70 Catherine street 

Chadwick, Edmund, manufacturer, 39 Queen street, woolmill, dye 

works, and h. Villafield 
Chalmers, Alex. W., general governor of the Aberdeen prisons, 

h. Rose street [Green 

Alexander, shoemaker, 21 Marischal street, h. 1 Martin's lane, 

Alexander, grocer, 3 Causewayend 

Alexander, weaver, 4 Charles street, Broadford 

...... Alexander, superintendent of canal works, 5 Mounthooly 

Charles, advocate, h. 14 Union terrace 

David, printer, /*. 13 Adelphi and Westburn 

David & Co., printers and publishers, Journal office, 13, 27, 

and 28 Adelphi court, Union street 

and Farquhar, advocates, 147 Union street 

George, shipmaster (Sophia), Hanover lane 

James (of D. Chalmers & Co., printers), 13 Adelphi 

James, superintendent, New Gas Light Co., h. at Works 

John fof D. Chalmers & Co., printers), 13 Adelphi 

Peter, spirit-dealer, 47 Virginia street 

William, manager of the North of Scotland Fire and Life 

Assurance Office, 3 King street 

William (late merchant), Reid's court, 34 Gallowgate 

William, spirit dealer, 23 Quay, h. 67 Virginia street 

William, gardener, Lochhead 

Mrs., teacher, 20 Blackfriars street 

Mrs. S., 7 Thistle street 

Miss, lodgings, 55 Huntly street 

Chambers, Misses, of Westfield, h. Westfield 

Chapman, George, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 14, h. 7 

Black's buildings 

John, builder, 159 George street 

William, farmer, Rubislaw 

Mrs., Rising-sun tavern, 10 Huxter row 

Charles, Alexander, mason, 73 Hutcheon street 

Miss, 17 Huntly street 

Charleston, John, grocer, 13 Hutcheon street 

Chesser, James, day police, 59 Long acre 

Cheyne, Gordon, shoemaker, 59 Chapel street 

George (of C. and D.), h. 10 Marywell street 

Rev. Patrick (St. John's Chapel), k. 44 Bon-accord street 

& Duguid, grocers and spirit dealers, 15 Regent quay 

Mrs. Peter, Lochhead cottage 

Chisholm, William, keeper of the Public Rooms, Union street 
Chivas, Alexander, advocate, and agent for the National Bank of 
Scotland, 42 Castle- street 

James (of Stewart & Chivas), h. 2 Castlebrae 

Captain William, 7 Canal street, Mounthooly 

Chivers, Captain William Tanfield, Woodside 
Craigen, James, furniture dealer, 12 Schoolhill 
Cree, Miss Elizabeth, trainer, infant school department, Free North 

school, North street, h. Orchard cottage, Old Aberdeen 
Chree, Miss, 267 George street 
Christall, John, teller, North of Scotland Bank, h. 1 Affleck st. 

William, grain loft, Hector's houses, Commerce street 

Mrs. William, lodgings, 36 Union street 


Christie, Alex,, manager (Bon- accord Life and Fire Assurance 
Co.), h. 88 Union street 

& Wilson, 171, Gallowgate 

Captain N. T. (Aberdeen Railway Co.), /*. Viewfield 

David, clerk (A. A. Marshall), h. 74 North street 

• Donald, manufacturer, 3, h. 61 Broad street 

James, spirit dealer, 117 Skene street 

John, provision seller, 59 Guestrow 

John, spirit dealer and mealseller, College street 

John, M.D. (of Christie and Wilson, 171 Gallowgate), h. 

Mrs. James, 10 Bon-accord terrace [8 Gallowgate 

Mrs., Maberly street 

Miss, 117 George street 

Miss, 27 Dee street 

Christopher, Mark, shipmaster (Gazelle), 19 Prince Regent street 
City of Glasgow Bank, Victoria court, 54 Castle street, William 

Bain, manager 
City Tax Office, 17 Huxter row, foot of Broad street 
Clapperton, John, gardener, 9 Little Chapel street 
Clark, Alex., constable, New Market, h. Skene St., h. 10,Kiddlane 
Alexander, clerk (Duke of Richmond, steamer), /*. 81 Vir- 
ginia street [Nicholas street 

Alexander C, pastry baker and coffee-room keeper, 57 St. 

Archibald, shore porter, 18 Shiprow 

Arthur, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 10 Windy wynd 

David, steward of the Duke of Richmond, steamer, and oc- 
casional waiter, h. 67 Commerce street 

George and Son, wholesale booksellers, and paper merchants, 

15 Broad street, h. 2 Guestrow 

George, & Co., tailor and draper, 64 Schoolhill 

George, late bookseller, h. 2 Guestrow 

Henry, grocer and spirit dealer, 165 George street, h. 56 

James, bookseller, h. 2 Guestrow [John street 

James, writing-master, Rhind's court, 64 Gallowgate 

James, clothier, 18 Broad street, h. 33 Bon-accord street 

James, shipmaster (Express), 47 Park street 

John, advocate, Clark's court, 2 Upperkirkgate 

John, teacher (Roman Catholic Seminary), Constitution st. 

John, furnishing tailor, 16 Huxter row 

John, mealseller, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 48 and 49 


Leslie, wine and spirit merchant, and wholesale grocer, 4, 

h. Clark's court, 2 Upperkirkgate 

Nathaniel, clerk, h. Canal lane 

Robert, porter, Mail-coach office, h. 74 Skene street 

Robert, Hardgate 

Samuel, linen manufacturer, 5 Mounthooly 

Thomas, M.D., professor of , chemistry, Marischal College, 

h. 120 King street 

William, ironmonger, 16 Union street, h. 12 Union terrace 

William, superintendent of poor, h. 1 Trinity quay 

William, 9 Canal street 

William, manufacturer, 40 Lodge walk 

William, grocer and general agent, 8, h, 10 King street 

Mrs., dressmaker, 1 Trinity quay 

Mrs. Alexander, Star Hotel and lodgings, 24 Quay 

Mrs. J. ; lodgings, 36 Union street 


Clark, Miss, ladies' school, 16 Gallowgate 

Miss, lodgings, 36 Union street 

Miss, milliner, 85 Causeway end 

Clerihew, Francis, advocate, M'Combie's court, h. 7 Carmelite st. 

George, builder, 7 Carmelite street 

Clunes, Thomas, plumber, gas fitter, and brass founder, 100, h. 87 

Mrs., 48 Queen street [Loch street 

Clyne, James, (of Wm. Clyne & Sons,; h. 27 Gallowgate 

Thomas, tea and coffee dealer, 20 Gallowgate, h. 11 Lit- 

tlejohn street [and 69 Broad street 

William, (of Win. Clyne & Sons,) Froghall cottage, Canalside 

William & Sons, curriers, 28 Berry lane 

.... William & Sons, shoe manufacturers and leather dealers, 22 
and 24 Gallowgate 

Mrs. Alexander, 11 Littlejohn street 

I Mrs. Captain, Braehead, Gilcomston 

..... Mrs. William, Froghall cottage, Canalside 
Co'c'h ran > F - J " advocate, agent for the Insurance Company of Scot- 
land, and Standard Life Assurance Company, 96 Union 
Street, h. Crown street 

Mrs. Alexander, 77 Dee street 

Cochrane, James, (late excise officer,) Morningfield 

Cock, Silvester, house-carpenter, Holburn street 

Cockburn, George, late sub-governor of East Prison, h. Chapel 

court, Castle street 
Cocker, James, gardener, Sunnypark, Canalside, by Causewayend 
Cockerell, John, ship and insurance broker, 56, h. 39 Marischal 

Cockerill, Charles, hairdresser, 200 George street 
Collie, Alexander, Oakbank, Stocket 

Alexander, slater, 28 Shiprow 

...... Duncan, clerk, (Police tax-office,) /*. Summer Street 

Francis, tinsmith, 6 Skene street 

' .... George, (of G. Collie & Co.,) h. 21 Union place 

...... George, & Co., drapers, 4 St. Catherine's wynd, Union street 

...... George, shipmaster, (Sweet Home,) h. 47 Frederick street 

James, mason, 51 Summer street 

James, manufacturer, 30 Gordon street 

James, hairdresser, 55, h. 53 Green 

James, provision shop, 85 Loch street 

...... James, advocate, 58 Castle street, h. Mary well cottage, south 

end of College street 

James, tide waiter, customs, Brebner's court, Shiprow 

John, manager of the rope department, (Catto, Thomson, & 

Co.,) h. 47 York street 

John, slater, 19 Chapel street [Shiprow 

John, hairdresser, Mortimer's court, Waterloo quay, h. 58 

& Philip, silk mercers, drapers, and haberdashers, 17 Union 


Robert, hairdresser, 62 Shiprow, h. Mary well cottage, south 

end of College street 

Robert, wholesale and retail hardware and fancy warehouse, 

& Co., grocers, 64 Green [37 Green, h. 3 Dee place 

William, wright and cabinetmaker, 14 Blackfriars street 

William, bookseller, stationer, and bookbinder, 47 Upperkirk- 

gate, h, 102 Chapel street 


Collie, William, carter, 26 Wales street 

William, grocer and spirit dealer, 31 Loch street 

Mrs. William, lodgings, Holburn street 

Mrs., midwife, 23 Commerce street 

Mrs., lodgings, 16 Netherkirkgate 

Mrs., midwife, 90 Gallowgate 

Colquhoun, John, traveller to A. Sutherland, 1 Black's buildings, 

h. Twin cottage, Holburn 
Colston, Alexander, teacher of music, and teacher Gordon's Hos- 
pital, h. 102 Union street 

Mrs., dressmaker and milliner, 102 Union street 

Colvin, John, porter, Marischal College court, Broad street 

Mrs., lodgings, 20 Castle street 

Commercial Bank of Scotland's Branch — B. Gregor, agent, 7 
Commissary Clerk's Office, 27 King street [King street 

Commutation Boad Trustees — James Simpson, advocate, clerk and 

collector, 17 Huxter row 
Comrie, Thomas, excise officer, Glenburn Distillery, h. Whitehall 
Condell, Major J. A. (H.E.I.C.S.,) 33 Union place 
Connel, Thomas, cabinetmaker, 86 Chapel street 
Connon, Alexander, wholesale grocer and tea merchant, 73, h. 80 
King street 

James, clothier and haberdasher, 7 Broad street, h. Rosemary 


James, mealseller, 59 Waterloo quay 

James, turner and wheelwright, 95 Skene street 

Bichard (B, Connon & Co.,) 61 Broad street 

Bichard & Co., timber merchants, ship and insurance brokers, 

and general commission agents, 56 Marischal street 

Robert, cart and plough wright, 34, h. 32 Causewayend 

William, carpenter, 28 St. Clement street 

William (of W. Davidson & Co.), 29 Constitution street 

William, boatbuilder (W. Hood & Co.), 16 Links street 

Miss, muff and tippet maker, and cleaner of furs, 5 Little 

Belmont street 

Miss, straw-bonnet maker, 32 Causewayend 

Cook, Alexander, coach guard, 69 Broad street 

Charles, coachman (South Defiance), 27 Constitution street 

James, engineer, 55 Wellington street 

John, shoemaker, 1 Shuttle street 

Samuel, shipmaster (Joseph), St. Clement street 

William (of James Moir & Co.), h. 9 Huxter row 

Cooper, Alexander, gardener, 47 East North street 

Alexander, cooper, Cooper's court, 24 Netherkirkgate 

Alexander, wood merchant, Poynernook, h. 3 Shorebrae 

Alexander, saddler, 45, h. 35 Queen street 

Francis, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit dealer, 60 Chapel st. h. 56 

Henry (of H. Cooper & Co.), h. 72 Catherine street 

James (late hatter) bookseller and agent for Scott of Edin- 
burgh's pills, 22 Kidd lane 

John, hairdresser, 121 George street 

John, sacrist, Marischal College court, 82 Broad street 

(H.) & Company, drapers, 47 Union street 

Patrick, writer (Adam & Anderson), h. 64 Union street 

William (of Philip & Cooper), h. 88 Bon-accord street 

Miss, straw-hat maker, Bettie's court, 26 Broad street 


Copland, Alexander, slater, 1 Charlotte street 

Alexander, jun., slater, 104 Causewayend 

David, merchant, 29 York place 

James, mason, 61 Park street 

Peter & Alexander, slaters — yard, Hutcheon street, h. 6 

Gerard street 

William (Devanha brewery), h. Fonthill place, Ferryhill 

Mrs. Dr., Fountainhall, h. Fountainhall 

Corbet, Rev. Adam, of Bieldside, Manse of Drumoak, near Aber- 
Cordiner, Miss, 29 Union place [deen 

Cormack, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 33, h. 21 Shiprow 

George, furniture dealer, 73 Gallowgate 

William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 31 York place, /*. 21 


William, vintner, Ferryboat Tavern, New pier 

Mrs , lodgings, Charlotte street 

Miss, dressmaker, 11 Whitehouse street 

Cornwall, George, printer — office, Victoria court, 54 Castle street, 

h. Exchange court, first stair on the left 
Conry, John, spirit dealer, 67 Shiprow 
Cossens, James, wright, Duthie's house, Castlebrae 
Cottingham, Joseph, excise officer, Devanha 
Coubrough, W. & J. tea dealers, 3 St. Nicholas street 

William (W. & J. Coubrough), h. 83 Union street 

County Fire Office and Frovident Life Office— Agent, William 
Smith, jun., 106 Union street 

Rates— C. Lumsden, collector, Union terrace 

Courage, Archibald, bookseller, 7 George street 

James, cooper, 177 Gallowgate 

Miss, staymaker, Farmer's hall, Gilcomston 

Courduff, Patrick, candlemaker, 17 Lower Denburn 
Coull, John, blacksmith, Walker's house, Hanover lane 
Coiitts, Adam, advocate, 65 Netherkirkgate 

Alexander, cutler, 214 Gallowgate 

Alexander, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Rubislaw 

Alexander, sen., farmer, Rubislaw [street 

Alexander, wright, 46 Frederick street, h. South Constitution 

Alexander, turner and shuttlemaker, 58 Windmillbrae 

George, furnishing tailor, 142 George street, h. 22 St. Nicho- 

George, wright, 88 John street [las lane 

John, grocer, tea, wine and spirit dealer, 114, 7t. 107 George 


John, advocate, 65 Netherkirkgate, h. 213 Gallowgate 

J., provision seller, 56 Windmillbrae 

William, cutler, 214, h. 213 Gallowgate 

William, shuttlemaker, 58 Windmillbrae 

William, painter, 201 Union street, h. 31 Huntly street 

William, overseer (Rubislaw Works), h. Rubislaw 

Cowie, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 212 Gallowgate, h. 
above shop 

& Co., brewers, 5 Virginia street 

Andrew, nailmaker, Upper Denburn 

John, mason, 29 Hutcheon street 

William, tailor, 4 Brownie's brae, Lower Denburn 

Mrs., proprietor, 25 Princes street 

Mrs. William, 4 Thistle street 


Cowieson, George, vintner, 9 Trinity quay 

George, flesher, 9 Basement floor, New Market 

Craib, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, Trinity street, h. 34 

Loch street 

James, cooper, 113 York street 

"William (of Knight & Craib), 50 Causeway end 

William, baker, h. 85 Spring garden 

Mrs. Alexander, midwife, 31 Loch street 

Craig, Alex., manager (Milne, Cruden, & Co.), h. Gordon's Mills 

Alexander, traveller (Thomas Craig), h. Skene street 

Alexander, manager (North Broadford Bread Company), 

h. 20 North Broadford 

David, shipmaster (Christina), h. 7 Garvock street 

Edward, teacher, Dr. Bell's School, Frederick street, h. 29 

Skene street 

George, foreman (Wm. Simpson & Co.), h. 11 Catto square 

John, builder, 49 Bon-accord street 

James (of James Craig & Co.), 13 Black's buildings 

James & Co., saddlers and harness makers, 38 Schoolhill 

Robert, stabler, 167 West North street 

Thomas, tobacco manufacturer, 22 George street, h. Skene st. 

Miss, dressmaker, 302 George street 

Craighead, John, porter, Royal Infirmary 

William, provision dealer, 22 Basement floor, New Market 

Craigie, Captain James (H.E.I.C.S.), Albyn place 

Craigmyle, Alexander, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit dealer, 47, 

h. 49 Commerce street 
Francis, teacher of writing and drawing, new Public School, 

Little Belmont street, h. 7 Thistle street 

James, cabinetmaker, 3 Skene Square 

William, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit dealer, 62 St Nicholas 

street, h. 50 Loch street 
Crane, Andrew, shipmaster (Bonnie Dundee), 31 Wales street 

James, rural police constable, 48 Skene street 

James, meter inspector (Aberdeen Gas Co.), h. 20 Gerrard st. 

Peter, piano-forte maker, 2 Trinity street, and 123J Union st. 

Crawford, James, 24 Young street 

John, overseer (Aberdeen Lime Co.), h. Fish street 

John, furnishing tailor, 34 Young street 

William, flaxdresser, 35 North Broadford 

Crerar, John, baker, 16 St. Nicholas street, h. 35 Huntly street 
Crichton, James, teacher, Gilcomston School 

Mrs., Littlejohn street tavern, 10 Littlejohn street 

Croal, James, tea dealer, 50 Broad street, h. 91 

Croll, John, baker, 67 George street, h. 69 Hutcheon street 

John, provision seller, 69 Hutcheon street 

Cromar, Alexander, late teacher, h. Holburn street 
Alexander, assistant inspector of Police, office, 50 St. Ni- 
cholas street, h. Skene square, Stocket road, 

David, druggist, 54 Broad street, h. 16 Meal-market lane 

James, boot and shoemaker, 274 George street 

James L., shipmaster (Columbine), 54 Quay 

John, grocer and spirit dealer, 151 George street, h. above 

Mrs., 21 Silver street [shop 

Croom, George, 4 Frederick street 


Cromar, Miss, dressmaker, 74- Skene street 

Crombie, Alexander, 2 Albion street 

Alexander, fruit merchant, 21, h. 23 Broad street 

George, driver of Alford mail gig, 37 Schoolhill 

James & Co., manufacturers, Cothal Mills 

Lewis, of Kirkhill, merchant and shipowner, — Office, 30 

Marischal street 

Peter, jeweller, 60 Broad street, h. 38 Whitehouse street 

Crone, William, watch and clock maker, Upper Denburn 

Cosgrove, Peter, grocer and spirit dealer, and manufacturer of 
salve for all kinds of sores, 298 George street 

Cross, William, day patrol (Harbour), Middlethird quay 

Crow, Alexander, ironmonger, 31 St Nicholas street, h, Rose- 
mount place 

James, locker (of the Customs), h. 87 Queen street 

Cruickshank, Adam, clerk (Aberdeen Gas Co.), 51 Marischal st. 

Alexander, & Co., hosiers and glovers, 105 Union street 

Alex. (A. Hadden & Sons), h. 76 West North street 

Alexander, auctioneer, 5 East North street 

Anthony, hosier, h 103 Union street 

George, manager (Aberdeen and Newcastle Shipping Co.) 

— Office, 45 Marischal street, h. 3 Affleck street 

George, advocate, 31 Gallowgate, h. 8 Constitution street 

George, coal broker, h. 8 Yeats' lane 

James (late druggist), teacher of and dealer in accordions, also 

accordions tuned and repaired 86 George street 

James, tailor, 60 George street 

John, LL.D., professor of mathematics, Marischal College, 

h. 12 Rose street 

John, provision merchant, 72 "Windmillbrae 

John, tinsmith, 5, h. 3 George street 

John, millwright, 3 Canal street 

Leslie, merchant, 92, It. Cruickshank's court, 91 Broad street, 

and Deemount 

Robert, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 193 Gallow- 
gate, h. 266 George street 

William, overseer, 5 Lobban's court, Castle street 

William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 19, h. 20 Castle street 

William, grocer, 16 East North street 

Mrs., sick nurse, 28 Summer street 

Mrs., 76 West North street 

Mrs. 27 Blackfriars street 

Mrs., provision dealer, 13 Skene street 

Mrs. and Miss, lodgings, 64 Union street 

Mrs. Thomas, lodgings, 60 St. Nicholas street 

Mrs. (late Manse of Glass), 8 Constitution street 

Miss, dressmaker, 17 Huntly street 

Cuddie, A., M.D., 31 Quay 

Cuddie, Nicholas, brewer, 1 !2 Loch street 

Cumine, James, of Rattray, h. Rattray 

Misses, of Rattray, Albyn place 

Cumming, Alexander, tea, spirit, and provision merchant, 58 Broad 
street, h. 77 

Charles, St, Nicholas hotel, tavern, and coffee room, 2 St. 

Nicholas lane, and 9 St. Nicholas street 

James, shipmaster, 15 Prince Regent street 



dimming, James, mill-master, 22 Frederick street 

J as., master carpenter, (Walter Hood & Co.,) 9 Commerce st. 

William, flesher, 44 New Market, h. Old Aberdeen 

William, slater, East North street, corner of King street 

William, furnishing tailor, 7 Huxter row 

William, spirit dealer, 65 Queen street 

Miss, 264 George street 

Cunliffe, John, wool-buyer, (A. H. & Sons,) A. 11 Carmelite st. 
Cunninghame, James, currier, 38 George street 

Mrs., straw-bonnet maker, 29 Loch street 

Currie, Adam, currier, 51 John street 

Mrs , midwife, 51 John street 

Cushnie, A., meal and grain dealer, 64, hi 69 George street 

John, 34 Union street 

Customhouse, 16 Quay — Watch-house, New Pier, Footdee 

Dalgakno, James, druggist, 10, h. 12 Park street 

James, mealseller, 24, h. 22 East North street 

Mrs. Alexander, 7 Union terrace 

Mrs., midwife and sick nurse, 7 Little Belmont street 

Dalgety, Alexander, provision merchant, 1 1 8 Gallowgate 

Dallachy, Miss E., dressmaker, 49 St. Andrew street 

Dallas, Robert, tailor, principal servant of St. Paul's Chapel, and 

funeral waiter, Chapel court, 61 Gallowgate 
Dalrymple, William, late farmer, Tullos, h. 72 Chapel street 

Mrs. Dr., 53 Union place 

Miss, 3 Alford place 

Daniel, Alexander, advocate, deputy registrar of sasines, 25 Bel- 
mont street, h. Loch-head 

Alexander, turner, 50 Shiprow 

George, vintner, Concert court, Broad street 

James & Co., printers and publishers, 48 Castle street 

James, writer, (Record hall,) h. 16 Mealmarket lane 

Thomas, stabler, 16 Mealmarket lane 

William, shipmaster, (Brigand,) h. 8 Carmelite street 

Mrs. George, Milner's court, 25 Guestrow 

Danish Consul, George Bennett, 1 South Crown street 
Darling, Thomas, gardener, Woodhill 

Dark, Chas. M,, ship and ornamental carver, 1, h. 3 Victoria place 
Davidson, Alexander, engineer, (W. Simpson & Co.,) h. 55 Wel- 
lington street 

Rev. A. D. (Free West Church), h. 128 Crown street 

Alexander, advocate, 237 Union street 

Alexander, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 38 Quay 

Alex., flesher, 32 and 33 New Market, h. Bridge of Dee 

Alexander, broker, 89 Gallowgate, h. Harvey's court 

Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 44 Castle street, h. 31 

Alexander, wright, 171 Gallowgate [Frederick street 

Andrew, shipowner, 56 Wellington street 

Charles, druggist, 1 Exchequer row, h. Seafield, Rubislaw 

David, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 131-J Union street, 

h. 28 Union row, workshop, 18 Summer street 

Donald, manufacturer, 49 Green 

Duncan, of Tillychetly, h. 237 Union street 

George, bookseller and stationer, 1 King street, h. 1 Skene 

George and William, merchants, 17 Quay [place 


Davidson, George, merchant, 17 Quay 

George, provision seller, 105 Gallowgate 

George and William, rope and twine manufacturers, Footdee 

—Office, 17 Quay 

George, night watchman, Cornhill 

George, shipmaster, 10 St. Clement street 

I George, grocer, wine, tea, and spirit dealer, and commission 

agent, 51 St. Nicholas street, h. 49 Upperkirkgate 

George, flesher, 31 Basement floor, New Market 

Henry, lodgings, Commercial court, Castle street 

I James, flesher, 47 New Market, /*. Caie's dykes, Bridge of 

James, stabler, 6 Little Belmont street [Dee 

[ James, grocer, tea, spirit, and cheese merchant, 13 North 

street, /*. 64 Long acre 

James, plasterer, 22 Union row 

James, shore porter, and sedan-chair carrier, Commercial 

court, 58 Castle street 
...... James, shoemaker, 59 Regent quay, h. "Waterloo tavern 

James W., currier, foot of Berry lane, h. 18 John street 

James, flesher, 32 Basement floor, New market 

John, & Co., painters and glaziers, 29 Union street, h. 22 

John, writer, 138, Skene street [Shiprow 

John, wright, 27 East North street 

John, writer, 9 Union terrace 

John, provision merchaut, 24 Basement floor, New market 

John, plumber, 67 N ether kirkgate 

Robert, manufacturing chemist, Canal road 

Patrick and Alexander, advocates, 1 Bon-accord street 

Patrick (P. & A. Davidson), h. 27 Bon-accord terrace 

Robert, jobbing gardener, 3 Forbes street 

John, grocer and spirit merchant, 14 Shiprow 

Robert, & Son, tailors, 15 Causewayend 

Robert R., lithographic and letterpress printer, 2^ Broad st. 

Robert W. D., writer CRecord office), h. 123 George street 

Robert, carver and turner, Union wynd, h. 35 Bon-accord st. 

William, teller, National Bank 

William, & Co., merchants, 44 Broad street 

William (of W. Davidson & Co.), Canal road 

William, architect, Strawberry bank 

William, surgeon, 2 Correction wynd 

William, stoneware merchant, 71 Green 

William, gardener, Burnside 

Mrs. Alexander (Edinburgh Ale Establishment), 11 Broad 

street, h. 31 Queen street 

Mrs., provision seller, 27 East North street 

Mrs. Andrew, midwife, 25 Chapel street 

Mrs. Lieutenant, 114 King street 

Mrs., vintner, Holburn place 

. Mrs. George, Ruthrieston inn, Bridge of Dee 

Mrs., 6 Carmelite street 

Mrs., dressmaker, 27 Commerce street 

Mrs. William, Canal road 

Mrs., lodgings, 58 Commercial court, Castle street 

Miss, lodgings, Springbank terrace 

Miss, provision shop, 47 Chapel street 


Davidson, Miss, china, glass, and stoneware merchant, 2 Shiprow, 
h. Shorebrae 

Miss, lodgings, 17 Schoolhill 

Miss, 75 Dee street 

Davie, George, wright and cooper, Ruthrieston 

James, music seller, music master, and piano-forte tuner 8 

Concert court, 10 Broad street, A. Ruthrieston 

Thomas, general blacksmith, 87 West North street 

William, spirit dealer, Upper Denburn 

Davies, Richard (Simpson & White), h. 132 Crown street 
Dawny, Alexander, land surveyor, 66 West North street 
Dawson, Alexander, provision seller, 174 George street 

Charles, town-serjeant, 7 Well court, Broad street 

Mrs., provision seller, 248 George street 

Mrs., lodgings, 1 Crown place east 

Deaf and Dumb Institution, 58 Schoolhill — John Weir, teacher 
Deans, James, engineer, 20 James street 

Matthew, chimney-sweep, 22 Muttonbrae 

Miss, provision shop, 4 Marischal street 

Dempster, John, shipmaster, 7 Hanover lane 

Miss, milliner, 85 Spring garden 

Denmill Warehouse, Wellington place 
Devanha Brewery, Devanha 

Distillery Company, Polmuir 

Dewar, Rev. Daniel, D.D., principal of Marischal College, Al- 
byn place 

Henry A„ M.D., surgeon dentist, 86 Crown street 

Rev. Thomas (South parish), 52 Chapel street 

Diack, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 88 George street, h. above 

Mrs., lodgings, 5 Schoolhill [shop 

Dick, James, grocer, 7 Wales street, h. 19 Constitution street 
..... John, foreman (A. Hall & Sons), Catto's square 

William (of the Excise), 7 South Constitution street 

William, overseer, Harbour works, h. 56 St. Clement street 

Dickie, George, M.D., lecturer on Botany, King's College, h. Cher- 

John, manager (W. Duthie, shipowner), h. Cherryvale 

Margaret, grocer, Holburn street 

Mrs.. Cherryvale 

Dilling, William, moulder, 61 Commerce street 

Dingwall, Mrs., Spring garden 

Dinnie, James, gardener, Calsay seat 

Dinnson, John, shipmaster (Union Grove), 6 Canal terrace 

Dissenters' and General Fire and Life Assurance Company — Geo. 

Allan, advocate, agent 
Don, William, overseer (Broadford Works), h. 68 Catherine st. 
Donald, Alexander, provision dealer, 45 Virginia street 

Alexander, shipmaster (Antelope), 6 Garvock street 

Andrew, late baker, 25 Upperkirkgate 

Earnest, pork curer, 57 Green, h. Thistle street 

George, tailor, Cruden's court, 22 Broad street 

George, glazier, 17 Netherkirkgate, h. Kingsland place 

James, stoneware merchant, 8 East North street 

James, shipmaster (Hero), 53 Commerce street 

James, grocer, spirit dealer, and mealseller, 11, h. 9 Com- 
merce street 


Donald, Peter, flesher, 8 New Market, Basement floor, h. 3 Little 

Belmont street 

Kobert, brushmaker, 14, h. 12 St. Nicholas street 

Robert, shipmaster (Wanderer), h. 4 St. Clement street 

William, inn and lodgings, 8 Schoolhill 

William, painter, glazier, and paper hanger, 16, 17, and 19, 

h 21 Netherkirkgate 

William, clerk, 8 Little Belmont street 

Mrs. James, Glenburn, Rubislaw 

Mrs. William, jun., 130 Union street 

Mrs. William, 8 Little Belmont street 

Mrs. W., 251 Union street 

Mrs., lodgings, 48 Summer street 

Miss, teacher, Dr. Bell's school, Frederick street, h. 35 

Miss, dressmaker, 8 East North street [Queen street 

Donaldson, Arthur, flesher, 166 George street 

Robert, post-horse-master, &c, 190 George street 

...... John, flesher, 74 Basement floor, New Market 

Robert, coach manufacturer, 196 and 198, h. 196 George st. 

Mrs., vintner, Star Hotel and lodgings, 190 George street 

Mrs., flesher, Basement, New Market, h. Old Aberdeen 

Donaldson's School, Back wynd— Rev. James Grant, teacher 
Douglas, Alexander, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 30 Justice st. 

Alexander, farmer, Lower Kemhill, Bridge of Dee 

Rev. George (Wesleyan Chapel), 19 Skene terrace 

George, ironmonger, 44 Union street, h. 68 Chapel street 

Dow, Alexander, heel and toeplate maker, Causewayend 

James, mason, 7 South Constitution street 

John, shoemaker, 13 Castlebrae 

Mrs., lodgings, 1 Flourmill lane 

Dower, Joseph, grocer and spirit dealer, 25 Causewayend 
Downie, Alexander, teacher of dancing, calisthenic and gymnastic 

exercises, h. Kingsland place, George street 

Alexander, farmer, Rnbislaw 

Charles of Ashfield, Morayshire, h. Cooperston 

Mrs., 1 Caroline place 

Drimmie, Alexander, manufacturer, Rubislaw works, h. Rubislaw 
Drummond, John, boot and shoemaker — warehouse, 54 Union st., 

h. 2 St. Mary's place 
Duff, Alexander, tailor, 22 St. Nicholas lane 

David, wright, Thistle street, h. 49 Summer street 

William, late of Mayen, 64 Union street 

Mrs. A., teacher, 14 North Silver street 

Miss, 14 Correction wynd 

Duffus, James & Co., woollen manufacturers, 23 Longacre 

James, confectioner, 86 Union street, h. 13 Correction wynd 

John, ship chandler, 80 Waterloo quay, h, above shop 

John, late excise officer, 2 Wales street 

Mrs., confectioner, 16 Upperkirkgate 

Duguid, Alexander, grocer, 16 Justice street 

C. J. G. (of J. D. & Co.), h. Springhill 

James, & Co., clothiers, 10 Broad street 

James (of J. D. & Co.), h. Springhill 

James, writer, 24 Frederick street 

Simpson, of Cammachmore, h. Affleck place 

Mrs., Bellevue cottage, Hardgate 


Duguid, Mrs. W. Newlands, Ruthrieston 

Mrs. W., lodgings, 24 Frederick street 

Miss, cotton manufacturess, 82 St. Andrew street 

Dunbar, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 50 West North street, 

h. Edward place, Porthill 
The Rev. Sir William, Bart: (St. Paul's English Episcopal 

Chapel, Gallowgate), A. 11 Union terrace 
Duncan, Alexander, hairdresser, 9 Water lane 

Alexander, farmer, Ruthrieston 

David, late tidewaiter, 41 St. Nicholas street 

George, fiesher, 17 Basement floor, New Market 

George, agent, 28 Marischal street, h. Rettie's court, 26 

Broad street 
Adam, small wares, hosiery, lace, and glove merchant, and 

importer of German wools, &c, 27 Union street 

James, tidewaiter, 31 Summer lane 

James, vintner, 20 Skene terrace 

James (Rev.), 24 Schoolhill 

James, vintner, 11 Chapel street 

James, spirit dealer, 53 Quay, h. 54 Quay [street 

John, goldsmith, jeweller, and optician, 4, h. 6 St. Nicholas 

John, tobacconist, 9 Union buildings, h. 37 Summer street 

John, provision dealer, 50 St. Clement street 

John, manufacturer, h. 150 King street 

John, writer, 68 Broad street 

John, advocate, 25 Marischal street, h, 39 Union place 

Lockart, grocer, 110 Gallowgate 

Robert, shipmaster, 31 Queen street 

Robert, millwright, 7 Mill street 

Thomas, marble and stone work, 34, h. 46 Dee street 

Thomas, baker, 83, h. 85 Gallowgate 

Thomas & Son, cork manufacturers, 20 St. Nicholas street, 

(corner of Netherkirkgate), h. 3 Drum's lane 
William, grocer and spirit dealer, Loch street, corner of John 

street, h. 1 J South Constitution street 
William, treasurer and collector of Police — office, 50 St. Ni- 
cholas street, h. 4 Shorebrae 

William, 54 Park street 

William, working optician, mathematical and philosophical 

instrument maker, 92 Union street, /*. 24 Union row 

William, house agent, 6 St. Andrew street 

William, shipowner, 128 George street 

William, cutler, 77 Queen street 

William, fiesher, 217 Gallowgate, h. 19 Spital 

William, sen., fiesher, 13 Wales-street Market, h. 27 Wales 

....... William, mason, 10 Forbes street [street 

William, jun., fiesher, 24 Wales-street Market, h. 8 Hanover 

William, slater, 123 Skene street [lane 

William, gardener, Millbank cottage 

Mrs., lodgings, 37 Marischal street 

Mrs. Samuel, Duncan's court, 74 Gallowgate 

Mrs. William, grocer and spirit dealer, 2 Little Belmont st. 

Mrs., 24 Schoolhill 

Mrs., sick nurse, 55 Chapel street 

Mrs., 6 Broad street 

Mrs., lodgings, Charles court, Upperkirkgate 


Duncan, Mrs., Braehead, Gilcomston 

Mrs., lodgings. 16 Young street 

...... Mrs. David, 40 Huntly street 

Mrs., lodgings, 14 Virginia street 

Miss, teacher of reading and sewing, 24 Schoolliill 

Miss, dressmaker, 2 Little Belmont street 

Misses, dressmakers and milliners, 41 St. Nicholas street 

Dun, John, teacher, Grammar School, h. 3 Donald's court, 20 

Dundas, John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 283 George street 
Dunlop, James F., shipmaster (Inconstant), Hanover lane 
Dunn, David, and Co., wholesale grocers, drysalters, colourmen, 

and druggists, 32 King street 

David (of D. Dunn & Co.), h. 30 King street 

Hugh, (steward), 49 Wellington street [gate 

James, teacher, Grammar School, 1 Boss's court, Upperkirk- 

John, clerk (Leys, Masson, & Co.), h. Gilcomston Brewery, 

Company's houses, Gilcomston 

John, late merchant, 4 St. Mary's place, Crown terrace 

...... John, shipmaster (Eliza), 13 Commerce street 

John, advocate, and sheriff-clerk-depute of Aberdeenshire — 

Office, 27 King street, h. 4 St. Nicholas lane 

William, blacksmith and bell-hanger, 18, It. 14 Catherine st. 

Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 9 Dee street 

Dunningham, Thomas, shipmaster, Concert court, Broad street 

Durie, Mrs. David, stabler and innkeeper, 6 Back wynd 

Durrel, John, sailmaker, h. 14 St, Clement street 

Durno, Peter, 58 Longacre 

Dustan, William, cart and plough wright, 22, h. 29 Skene street 

Duthie, Alexander, brewer, Holburn street 

Alexander, & Co., shipbuilders, Footdee 

Alexander, jun., merchant and shipowner, h. Broadford place 

Alexander (of A. Duthie & Co.), h. Waterloo quay 

Alexander, advocate, 11 Market St., h. Broadford place 

Barclay, furnishing tailor, 5 Church street 

John, hairdresser, Lime quay, h. 5 Church street 

John, shipbuilder, Wellington street 

William, brewer and maltster, Holburn street 

William, advocate — Office, Advocates' buildings, h. Broad- 
ford place 
William, shipowner and timber merchant, Footdee, h. 30 

St. Clement street, — Office, York place 

Mrs., late of Stonehaven, Waterloo quay 

Mrs. Alexander, 9 Union terrace 

Dyce, James, late druggist, 4 East Craibston street 

Robert, advocate — Office, 61 St. Nicholas street, h. 47 Don 

street, Old Aberdeen 
Bobert, M.D., lecturer on Midwifery, Marischal College, h. 

198 Union street 

Mrs. Thomas, 23 Castle street 

Dyer, Alexander B,., Customhouse agent, commission merchant, 

and ship broker, h. 35 Wales street 
Dyker, Mrs., Cooperston buildings 

Eagle Fire and Life Insurance — Arthur Thomson, agent, Bank 
of Scotland court, Castle street 


Easton, Alexander, blacksmith (foreman, W. Hood & Co.), h. 31 
James street 

James, blacksmith, Steam Navigation Co., h. 70 Park street 

Eddie, Alexander, baker, 6, h. 8 Commerce street 

Charles, miller, Nether Justice Mills, Holburn street 

John, wright, 64 Loch street 

John, farmer, Rubislaw 

John, jun., clerk CRubislaw Works), h. Bleachfield, Rubislaw 

Robert, maltster and brewer, 69 Virginia street, A. Prince 

Regent street 

Edinburgh Chemical Co., 37 Castle st. — David Martin, manager 

Life Insurance — James Murray, advocate, agent, 50 Schoolhill 

Friendly Insurance Society — James Brebner, advocate, agent, 

Advocates' Buildings 

Edmond, Charles, clerk (Glenburnie Distillery), h. 9 Correction 

Francis, advocate — Office, 64 Union street, h. Albyn place 

James, advocate — Office, 64 Union street, h. 48 Skene terrace 

John (J. Philip, bookbinder, 54 Queen street), h. 9 Correc- 
tion wynd 

James, cartwright, 153 George street 

Misses, 9 Correction wynd 

Edward, Alexander, late solicitor, 14 Constitution street 

David, beadle of Free Bon-accord Church, funeral waiter and 

undertaker, h. 16 Schoolhill 

James, 73 George street 

Mrs. James, 55 Chapel street 

Edwards, Douglas, general merchant, 16, h. 15 Adelphi court 

James, flaxdresser (Richards & Co,), 117 George street 

Simpson, baker, 62 Windmill brae 

Mrs., midwife, 4 Black's buildings 

Elder, Peter, (Aberdeen Horse Repository), h. 24 St. Andrew st. 

Elgen, William, teacher of mathematics, geography, and naviga- 
tion, 17, h. 7 Drum's lane 

William, accountant — Office, 17, A. 7 Drum's lane 

Ellethorn, James, surgeon, 52 Gallowgate 

Ellis, Captain Joseph, late 80th regiment, 61 Dee street 

Rev. Ferdinand, Middleton cottage, Summer street 

Gordon, porter dealer, 4 Charlotte street 

William, late coppersmith, 33 Harriet street 

Mrs., midwife, 51 Causewayend 

Mrs. Captain John, Leighton lodge, Hardgate 

Elliot, James, shipmaster (Brilliant), 62 Gordon street 

Elmslie, David, baker, 147, h. 149 George street 

John, 57 Dee street 

...... R. J., auctioneer, appraiser, and commission agent, 32£ Up- 

perkirkgate, h. 31 

William, late merchant, 3 Kidd lane 

William, druggist, 57 Castle street, h. Commercial court 

Mrs., 147 George street 

Elrick, John, tobacco pipe manufacturer, 63 Gordon street 

John, grocer, 105 Skene street 

Robert, millwright, 6 Hanover street 

Mrs., lodgings, 64 Gallowgate 

..,,.. Miss, matron, Lunatic Asylum 


Elsinie, George (of George Elsmie & Son), h. 13 Regent quay 
George, & Son, commission merchants and general agents, 13 

Regent quay 

James, of G. Elsmie & Son,) 13 Regent quay 

Emslie, Alexander, merchant, Rosemount cottage 

George (of W. & Son), h. Honeybank, Canalside 

John, 71 Guestrow 

John, coppersmith and brassfounder, 19, A. 16 Huxter row 

John, tape manufacturer, h. 86 Chapel street 

William & Son, merchants, 191 Gallowgate, h. Honeybank, 


Rev. William, Honeybank, Canalside 

William, & Co., stoneware merchants, 188 West North street, 

h. above shop 

Mrs., lodgings, 7 Little Belmont street 

Mrs. John, grocer and spirit dealer, Fisher row, h. above shop 

Mrs., lodgings, Milne's nouses, Ferryhill 

Mrs., provision merchant, 16 Porthill 

Miss, 21 Summer street 

Emsly, George, coach manufacturer, 7 Frederick street, h, Bon 

Accord square 

Mrs., provision dealer, 47 George street 

Erskine, Robert Marr, surgeon and druggist, 138 George street 

Mrs., 32 Summer street 

Esson, Benjamin, millwright, 2 Trinity street, h. 14 Carmelite st. 

Charles, shipmaster, 25 Whitehouse street 

James, jobbing gardener, 58 Summer street 

Ettershank, James, cooper, Causewayend 

Joseph, steward (Sovereign), Prince Regent street 

European Life Insurance and Annuity Company — D. Davidson, 

advocate, agent, 1 Bon Accord street 
Ewan, Robert, crofter, Stocket 
Ewen, George, turner, Union street, opposite the County Rooms, 

h. Windmillbrae 

John, turner, 12 St. Andrew street, h. 17 Jopp's lane 

John, Ewen place, Hill of Pitfodels 

Thomas, advocate, 20 Queen street, h. 140 George street 

William, builder, 7 Summer street, h. 28 Chapel street 

Mrs., muff and tippet maker, cleaner of every description of 

of furs, crape, blonde lace, &c, 37 Schoolhill, 2d floor 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 178 George street 

Excise Office, 116 King street 

Exley, John, comptroller of customs and land surveying, h. 11 Bon 

Accord street 
Experience Life Assurance Company — Agent, George Marquis, 147 

Union street 

Fairweather, David, jun., cabinetmaker and mahogany merchant, 
182 George street, h. 30 St. Andrew street 

David, cabinetmaker, 182, h. 184 George street 

John, guard (Ballater Mail), 41 Huntly street 

Rev. Robert, manse, Nigg 

Misses, dressmakers and milliners, 184 George street 

Falconer, Alexander, shipmaster (Belina), 61 Commerce street 

Alexander (of J. Falconer & Co.), h. 24 Union row 

George (of J. Falconer & Co.), h. 24 Union row 


Falconer, James, builder, 45 Bon-Accord street 
James, grocer and spirit dealer, Upper Denburn 

John, & Co., haberdashers, 23 Union street 

John, shipmaster, St. Clement street 

Mrs. John, lodgings, Correction wynd, Green 

Mrs., midwife, Stony ton, Rubislaw 

Farmer's and Grazier's Mutual Cattle Assurance Society — Office, 1 1 
Market street, Alex. Duthie, advocate, agent for Aber- 
deen district 

Farquhar, Arthur, land-surveyor, 17 Upper kirkgate 

George, mason, Leadside, Gilcomston 

George, (Herald Office,) /*. south end of College street 

& Gill, painters, glaziers, paper-hangers, plumbers, braziers, 

and gas-fitters, 2 Drum's lane, and 24 Upperkirkgate 

James, clerk, (John Blaikie & Sons,) 19 Littlejohn street 

James, plumber, (of F. & G.,) /*. 49 Constitution street 

John, (of Farquhar & Gill), h. 49 Constitution street 

Nathaniel, advocate, 75 Bon-accord street 

R. Spottiswood, advocate, 24 Adelphi 

William, confectioner 204, h. 202 George street 

William, manager, (Glenburn distillery,) h. Villa Franca 

Mrs., of Johnston Lodge, 263 Union street 

Mrs. Alexander, 58 Dee street 

Mrs. Arthur, Farquhar's court, 17 Upperkirkgate 

Farquharson & Co., merchants, 131 Union street 

Alexander, stabler, Boss's court, 22 Schoolhill 

Andrew, yr. of Whitehouse, 15 Union terrace 

Peter, of Whitehouse, advocate, 15 Union terrace 

Thomas, boot and shoemaker, corner of Innes street, Gallow- 


Misses, of Ballogie, 248 Union street 

Miss, 84 Union street 

Feggetter, Mrs., vintner, Devanha Inn, Clayhills 

Female School of Industry, 61 Loch street, Miss Campbell, matron 

Orphan Asylum, Albyn place 

Fenton, James, bookbinder, 56 John street 

Ferguson, Dr. James, West End Academy, h. 110 Crown street 

James, foreman, (W. Simpson & Co.,) h. 10 Catto square 

James, advocate — Office, 36 Union street, h. Grove Cottage, 


John, writer, 64 Union street, h. Cooperston 

Robert, silk dyer and renovator, 42, h. Charles court, 40 Up- 

Mrs. John, J. Ferguson's court, 108 Gallowgate 

Miss, 40 Bon-accord street 

Miss, teacher, (West End Academy,) 30 Dee street 

Miss, teacher, Female Orphan Asylum 

Ferrier, James, gardener, 30 Spa street, 

Mrs., spirit dealer, 24 Trinity street 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 30 Spa street 

Ferrie, Peter, porter, 5 Jopp's lane 

Ferryhill-mill Warehouse, 59 Castle street 

Fettes, Mrs,, Dee place 

...... Janet, poultry-shop, 73 Windmillbrac 

Fiddes, Alexander, mealseller, 20 Spa street 

David, M.D„ 18 King street 


Fiddes, Edward, teller, (North of Scotland Bank,) h. 18 King street 

Robert, mason, 7 Forbes street 

"William, manufacturer, 76 Skene street 

Mrs. David, confectioner, 11 West North street, h. 25 Shoe 

Fiddler, Alexander, coal-broker, h. 57 Quay [lane 

Fillan, Christopher, chimney-sweep, 14 Windmillbrae 

Fillan, William, goldsmith and jeweller, 78 Union street, h. Den- 
burn terrace 

Findlater, James, plasterer, 47 Causewayend 

Andrew, master of Gordon's Hospital 

Fimester, John, surveyor of taxes, 1 Adelphi court 

Findlay, Alexander, shoemaker, 53 Broad street 

Alexander, blacksmith, 30 Commerce street, h. Crown court, 

Union street 

James, 23 Prince Regent street 

John, watchmaker, jeweller, and manufacturer of German 

silver plate, 14 and 15 South Gallery, New Market, h. 
Gordon street 

John A., druggist, 43 Castle street, h. Brebner's court 

Robert, carver and turner, 10 Marywell street — Shop, Wind- 
mill lane 

Robert, hairdresser, 147 Gallowgate 

Robert, clerk, (Allardyce & Jopp,) h. 38 Union terrace 

Mrs., sick nurse, 59 Longacre 

Mrs., midwife, 12 Skene square 

Mrs., 42 Huntly street 

Mrs., lodgings, 1 Crown court, Union street 

Miss Helen, 15 Huntly street 

Finlason, Eric, tailor, clothier, and hatter, (late of Nicol & Finla- 
son,) 26 Marischal street, h. 50 Chapel street 

John, tailor and draper, 2, h. 4 Queen street 

& Ord, merchants, 41 Union street 

Mrs. John, Bellevue Cottage, Hardgate 

Mrs. Robert, lodgings, 50 Chapel street 

Finlayson, Finlay, late of the 78th regiment, Nellfield 

John, provision merchant, 26 Young street 

John, (Herald Office,) h. 45 Constitution street 

Fire Engine station, 125 King street 

Fish, W. N., stock and share broker, 137 Union street 

Fisher, Basil, (Devanha), 27 Belmont street 

William, Ferryhill 

Misses, 27, Belmont street 

Flann, Joseph, shipmaster (Medora), Bannermill street 

Flattely, Daniel J., excise officer, Hardgate 

Fleming, James, mole-catcher, Bridge of Dee 

John, advocate, 12, King street 

John, merchant, 81, Crown street 

John, brewer, Gilcomston, h. Gilcomston 

Robert, victualling-house, 3 Ragg's lane 

Flett, David, tailor, Trinity manse 

William, baker, 180, h. 178 George street 

Fletcher, A. P., secretary (Aberdeen Assurance Cq.), /;. 55School- 

Robert, sharebroker, 24, Adelphi, h. 55, Schoolhill [hill 

William, shipmaster (MarysJ, 67 Commerce street 

Flockhart, Alexander (of Yeats & Flockhart), h. Belmont 


Foote, Rev. James (Free East Church), h. 14, Golden square 

James, shoemaker, 38, Frederick street 

Miss, 137 Union street 

Footdee Dispensary, 31 Kegent quay 

Forbes, Alexander, boatman, Customs, 52 Wellington street 

Alexander (of Forbes & Sons), A. 265 George street 

Alexander, of Blackford, h. 18 Golden square 

Alexander, warehouseman' (W. Simpson & Co.), h. 20 Cause- 
way end 

& Able, advocates, 7 Belmont street 

& Brown, clothiers, 69 and 71 Union street 

Captain Andrew, R.N., h. 254, Union street 

Colonel David (C. B.), of Migvie, h. Silver street 

David Henry, of Balgownie, h. Balgownie 

Duncan, advocate, 7, Belmont street, h. 161 Union street 

George, grocer, 59 St iVicholas street 

James, gardener, 4 Shuttle street 

James, wood merchant — Office, near 90 John street 

James, merchant (of Forbes & Sons) h. Kingsland place, 265 

George street 

James, 28 Quay 

James, Holburn street 

James, & Sons, wholesale clothiers, haberdashers, and 

woollen drapers, 40 Union street 

James, spirit dealer, 7, h. 11 James street 

Forbes, James, furnishing tailor, 8 St. Nicholas street 

John, principal beadle (Free Trinity), 12 Shuttle lane 

John, late wool merchant, h. Skene terrace 

John, shipmaster (Ann), Hanover lane 

John, tailor, 37 Castle street 

John, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 86, h. 76 Broad street 

Robert, shore porter, St. Catherine's court, 16 Shiprow 

Mrs., midwife, 9 Correction wynd 

Miss, dealer in butter and eggs, Smith's court, 113Gallow- 


Miss E., of Ladysford, 26 Silver street 

Misses, of Echt, 23 Bon-accord terrace 

Ford, John, bookseller, 194 Gallowgate 

Fordyce, Alexander Dingwall, of Brucklay, R.N., Albyn place 

Miss, 53 Schoolhill 

Miss Dingwall, 64 Dee street 

Forrest, George, carter, 79 Virginia street 

Peter, provision dealer, 66 College street 

Peter, horse shoer and farrier, 3, h. 4 Farrier lane 

William, vintner, 50 Guestrow 

William, civil engineer, 5 Canal terrace 

Mrs., midwife, 114 Chapel street 

Mrs., midwife, 76 Queen street 

Miss, Marine terrace 

Forrester, William T., guard of Ballater mail, Holburn street 
Forsyth, Alexander, 18 Constitution street 

& Elmslie, chemists and druggists, 57 Castle street 

George, 18 Constitution street 

George, silk-dyer, 26, h. 28 George street 

Isaac, grocer and spirit dealer, 88, h. 86 Chapel street 


Forsyth, James, wireworker, 104, /*. 123 George street 

James, baker, 129 Crown street, h. 127 

James, M.D., 15 Guestrow 

Rev. James, D.D. of West Church, 21 Golden square 

John, leather merchant, 83 Broad street, h. Prospect House 

Morrice, excise officer, 112 King street, h. 218J Farquhar 

place, Gallowgate [ford 

Robert, overseer (Stewart, Rowell, & Co.), h. 20 North Broad- 

William, mail guard, 45 Bon-accord street 

William, druggist, 57 Castle street, h 35 Dee street 

William, feuar, 24 North Broadford 

„ William, sub-editor (HeraldJ, h. Farquhar place, 218J Gal- 

Mrs. David, 2 Union place [lowgate 

Miss, dealer in provisions, &c. 69t / Park street 

Miss, 77 Crown street 

Fotheringham, Bicbard, vintner, 32 Guestrow 

John, manufacturer, 1 Harvey's court, Gallowgate 

Fowler, Alexander, dentist and cupper, 22 Belmont street 

Andrew, Wellspit house, near Bridge of Dee 

George, Blackhill, Countesswells 

James, Springbank, Kittybrewster 

James and John, of Cluny — Warehouse, 24 George street 

William Chalmers, M.D., lecturer on medical jurisprudence, 

King's College, 9 Belmont street 

John, vintner, Ruthrieston 

Fowlie, James, treasurer, Poor's Hospital — Office, 56 Gallowgate, 

h. 19 Upperkirkgate 
Francis, John, machine-maker, 1 J Shuttle lane, h. 48 Frederick st. 
Fraser, Alexander, advocate and city chamberlain, Town-house, 

h. 194 King street 

Alexander, surgeon, 44 Schoolhill 

Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, and agent for Glenury 

Distillery, 181, h. 183 Gallowgate 
Alexander, tea and spirit mei'chant, and agent for the Brackla 

Royal Distillery, 15 Marischal street, h. Commercial court, 

58 Castle street 

Alexander, contractor, Rosemount place 

Alexander, harbour day-patrol, h. 10 Commerce street 

Arthur, merchant, 42 Gordon street 

Angus, grocer, wine, and spirit dealer, 72, 74, and 76 Union 

street, h. 97 Crown street 

Charles, clerk (John Catto, Son, & Co.), h. Wales street 

Ebenezer, steward (Sovereign), 6 Catto's square 

David, wright and cabinetmaker, 35 West North street 

David, confectioner and spirit dealer, 52 George street, h. 50 

George, ship-joiner, Pottery close, Footdee [Loch street 

George, foreman (Wm, Simpson & Co.), h. 14 Catto square 

Hugh, blacksmith and bell hanger, Steps of Gilcomston 

Hugh, clerk (A. Duthie & Co.), 69 Virginia street 

H, clothier, 24 Union street, //.. 56 Gerard street 

Hugh, & Co., china merchants, 55, h. 54 Castle street 

James, overseer (Commercial Co.), h. 12 Marywell street 

James (of J. F. & Son), h. 8 Drum's lane 

James & Son, boot and shoe maker, 115 Union street 

James, & Co., grocers, wine and spirit dealers, 197 Union 

street, cornier of Dee street — Receiving post-office 


Fraser, James (of J. Fraser & Co.), h. 9 Bon-accord street 

James, jun., grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 6 Union 

place, h. 4 Summer street 

James, tailor and clothier, 12 Union street, h. 6 Union lane 

James, candleraaker, 46 Loch street, h. 42 Castle street 

John (of J. Fraser & Son), h. 66 Bon-accord street 

John, tailor, 64 John street 

John, watch and clock maker, 166 Union street, h. 37 White- 
house street 

John, clerk (Town and County Bank), k. 42 Castle street 

John, tailor, 11 Gaelic lane 

John, builder, 3 Broadford lane 

John, 183 Gallowgate 

John, spirit dealer, 11 Fisher row 

Thomas, blacksmith, Gordon's court, 88 Broad street 

William, surgeon, 8 Drum's lane 

William, grocer, wine and spirit dealer, 57 Union street, h. 2 

Crown place 

William, jun., grocer, 151, h. 251 George street 

Mrs., 37 Castle street 

Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer, foot of Short Loanings 

Mrs., Mai-y well street 

Miss, of Fraserfield, 9 Union row 

Miss, stewardess (Queen ), 6 Catto square 

Miss, 24 North Silver street 

Misses, of Kilbocky, 8 Castle street 

Frater, James, clerk (city tax office), A. Chapel court, 1 Justice st. 

John E., sailmaker (Catto, Thomson, & Co.), 109 York street 

Frederick, J., & Co., German clock makers, 5 Broad street 

Freeman, Benjamin, vintner, 3 Stronach's close 

French, William, baker, 6, h. 7 Shiprow 

Friends' meeting-house, 132 Gallowgate 

Frost, Andrew, shoemaker, 11 Shiprow 

...... John, Bieldside, Banchory 

Fullerton, Alexander (of Urquhart & Fullerton), 65 St. Nicholas 
street, k. 5 Schoolhill 

Alexander, spirit dealer, 21 Wales street 

George, baker, 45, h. 47 St. Nicholas street 

Fyfe, Alexander, mason, 37 St. Andrew street 

Alexander, boot and shoe maker, 12 Crown street 

Charles, house and property agent, and share broker — Office, 

100 Union street 

Charles, & Co., tobacconists and tea dealers, importers and 

dealers in Foreign and British snuffs, Havannah cigars, 
fine tobaccos, &c, 100 Union street, A. 54 Dee street 

Charles, vintner and blacksmith, Keppleston, Rubislaw 

John, blacksmith, Maltmill bridge, h. 83 Shiprow 

John, brushmaker, 22, h. 35 St. Nicholas street 

...... Lewis, blockmaker (Catto, Thomson, & Co.), 47 York street 

Bobert, jobbing gardener, 36 Union row 

Mrs., dressmaker, 41 Blackfriars street 

, Miss, boarding and day school, 54 Dee street 

Fyvie, Mrs. Alexander, 8 Drum's lane 


Gage, Andrew, 44 Skene street 

James, overseer, cloth department, Rubislaw Works, h. Ru- 

Gael, Francis, vintner, Calsayseat [bislaw 

Galen, John, M.D., 7 East Craibstone street 

Mrs. Alexander, Crown street 

Gall & Bird, clothiers and tailors, 46 Union street 

William (of G. & B.), 41 Netherkirkgate 

Gallagher, James, pawnbroker, 20 Harriet street, h. Ragg's lane 

Galloway, John, weaver, 277 George street 

Mrs., midwife, 11 Princes street 

Gammie, Mrs., 38 Gordon street 

Ganson, Herman, shipmaster (Richebucto), 59 Virginia street 

Garden & Palmer, hair-cloth and curled hair manufacturers, 14 

George, broker, 45 East North street [John street 

George, baker, 33, h. 31 Schoolhill 

James, advocate (of Murray & Garden), h. Barkmill cottage 

James, spirit dealer, 24 Hutcheon street 

John (Richards & Co., Broadford), h. 12 George street 

William (of Garden & Palmer), 14 John street 

Mrs. George, 89 Bon-accord street 

Mrs., Braehead, Gilcomston 

Mrs. John, 67 Bon-accord street 

Miss, dressmaker, 15 Skene street 

Gardiner, William, chimney-sweep, Brebner's court, 9 Castle st. 

Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 16 Park street 

Garioch, John, teacher, 106, h. 92 Loch street 

Mrs. (late of Strachan), 71 Bon.accord street 

John, hairdresser, 3 Schoolhill, h. 9 North Broadford 

Miss, dressmaker, 42 Chapel street 

Garvie, James, house carpenter, 12, h. 10 Summer street 

James, grocer, 74? Chapel street 

Gavin, John, shoemaker, 59, and vintner, 64 Quay 

William, grain and meal merchant, Mill of Lairney — Ware- 
house, 12, h. 13 Black's buildings 

Mrs., vintner, 64 Regent Quay 

Gauld, George, spirit dealer, Trinity quay 

Hugh, sen., flesher, 16 New Market, h. 58 John street 

Hugh, jun., flesher, 5 and 6 New Market, h. Hadden street 

John, flesher, 38 New Market, h. Green 

Peter, flesher, 45 New Market, h. 166 George street 

Mrs., vintner, 40 Loch street 

Miss, 85 Bon-accord street 

Gazette Office, 42 Castle street 

Geddes, George, builder, 4 Mounthooly 

James, boot and shoemaker, 14 Causewayend 

John, M.D., 37 Union place 

Miss, lodgings, 19 Upperkirkgate 

Miss, dressmaker, Park road, Park street 

Gellan, Alexander, carpenter, and precentor (North Church), 62 
Virginia street 

James, cooper, 183 West North street 

i Gillan, William, clerk (National Bank), h. 264 George street 

Mrs., dressmaker, 62 Virginia street [Aberdeen 

George, Charles (of Oswald, George, & Co.), h. 1 1 Chanonry, Old 

General Reversionary and Investment Company— Lewis Crombie, 
agent, 30 Marischal street 


Gerrard, Alexander, teacher (Gordon's Hospital), 97 Union street 

John, cooper, St. Clement street 

William, brewer (Devanha Brewei - y), A. at the work 

William, cabinet-maker, 55 Huntly street 

Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 97 Union street 

Gibb, Alexander, civil engineer, 245 Union street, A. Willowbank 

James, shipmaster (Rose), 38 Park street 

John, & Son, civil engineers, contractors, and stone mer- 
chants, Waterloo quay 

John, civil engineer (of G. & Son), A. Willowbank 

William, teacher (Girls' Hospital) 

Miss S., 15 Rose street 

Misses, 69 Dee street 

Gibbon, Charles, vintner, 5 Stronach's close, Castle street 

Mrs. Wiliiam, Bon-accord square 

Mrs., Mackie place 

Miss, Mackie place 

Misses, Ellangowan cottage, Pitfoddels 

Gibson, Brown, broker, 80 Queen street 

Thomas, shuttle-maker, 33 Union terrace 

Thomas B. (W. Milne & Son), 195 Union street, A 26 Sum- 
mer street, and 24 Union row 

William, museum-tavern keeper and bird stuffer, Ruthriestom 

— .. William, plasterer (of Bowman & Co.), 87 Chapel street 

William, flesher, 4 Windy wynd 

Mrs. G., 15 Skene row 

Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 24 Belmont street 

Gifford & Mair, carvers and gilders, 163 Union street 

James (of Gifford & Mair), A. 14 Marywell street 

Gilbert, William, police officer, h. Garden lane, North street 

Gilchrist, Gordon (of Gilchrist & Son), A. 36 Union street 

& Son, merchant tailors, 36 Union Street 

Mrs., Rosemount 

Gilcomston Brewery Company, Gilcomston 

Flour Mills, Gilcomston 

Gildawie, Alexander, late farmer, Gateside, 6 Carmelite street 

Giles, Jas., R.S.A., portrait and landscape painter, 64 Bon-accord 

Gill, David, ( of Farquhar & Gill,) A. 6 Caroline place, Maybank 

David, (of Gill & Son,) 3 St. Nicholas lane 

Peter, ( of Gill & Son,) h. Union terrace 

& Son, watch and clock makers, 80 Union street 

Mrs, 216 Gallowgate 

Gillan, Wm., manufacturer, (Richards & Co.,) h: 117 George st. 

Gillanders, James, sexcon, St. Clements churchyard, and funeral 
undertaker, 3, A. 1 Commerce lane 

William, watch and clock maker, Hosefield 

Gillen, William, tide waiter, h. 25 James' street 

Gillespie, James, grocer, tea, and spirit dealer, 2 Schoolhill, A. 3 
George street 

James, victualling tavern, 13 Guestrow 

John, Gilcomston tavern, Gilcomston 

Girls' Hospital, 56 Gallowgate 

Glasgow Annuity Endowment Association 
Glass, James, late shoemaker, Holburn street 


Glass, James, spirit dealer, 3 Netherkirkgate 

William, baker, 252 George street, h. Kingsland place 

William, seed merchant, 80 Broad street 

Glassites' Chapel, 37 St. Andrew street 

Glegg, Alexander, (of Glegg & SonsJ h. 31 Shiprow 

George, (of Glegg & Sons,) A, 28 Dee street 

George, & Sons, confectioners, 191 Union street and 27 Ship- 

Robert (of Glegg & Sons,) A. 37 Shiprow [row 

Glenburn Distillery, Kubislaw 

Glennie, George, baker, 17, A. 15 Crown street 

Mrs., 33 North Broadford 

Mrs. Alexander, of Maybank, Hutcheon street 

Mrs., midwife, 41 Guestrow 

Miss, Galleries, Skene place 

Globe Fire, Life, and Annuity Insurance — Robert Dyce, advocate, 

61 St. Nicholas street 
Goldie, James, & Co , sailmakers, Waterloo quay 

James, shipowner, Waterloo quay, A. Ash-hill 

John, shipmaster, Wellington road 

Goldsworth, John, teller, (N. Bank,) 28 Constitution street 

Goodfellow, James, baker, 24, A. 26 Justice street 

Goodwin, William, mail guard, A. 34 Park street 

Gordon, Alexander, manager, (Aberdeen Quill Company,) A. 38 

Union terrace 
Alexander, advocate and commissary clerk, h. National Bank 

court, 42 Castle street — Commissary Clerk's office and 

chambers, New Record Office, 27 King street 

Alexander, cabinetmaker, 2 Shorebrae 

Alexander, (of Urquhart & Gordon,) 164, Union street 

Alexander, mason, 40 Chapel street [side 

Barron, & Co., cotton-spinners and manufacturers, Wood- 

Charles, cooper and provision-curer, 57 Green, A. Ferryhill 


Charles, gardener, Nellfield cottage 

Charles, (of North of Scotland Bank,) h. 20 Silver street 

Rev. Charles, Roman Catholic Chapel, A. Chapel court, 1 

Justice street 

Donald, funeral waiter, 5 Gaelic lane 

Donald, comb manufacturer, and hardware shop, 55 North 

Gallery, New Market. 

Francis, of Kincardine, advocate, 27 King street, h. Golden 

George, of Sheddocksley [square 

George, late merchant, 44 Chapel street 

George, secretary, Aberdeen New Gas Co., A. 20 Silver st. 

George, (of H. & G.,) A. Ruthrieston 

Hugh, & Co., general iron merchants, &c, 89 Broad street — 

Manufactory, 14 Gallowgate 

James, & Co., coopers, Chronicle lane, h. 56 Longacre 

James, silk mercer and shawl merchant, 26, 27, and 28, h. 28 

Castle street 

John, cooper and fishcurer, 47 York street 

John, wood-turner, 66 Gerard street 

John, carter, 71 Hutcheon street \ 

John, vintner, Nellfield gate 

John, funeral waiter, 40 Broad street 

Peter, spirit dealer, 100 Gallowgate 


Gordon, Peter E., of Mo3stown, Strawberry bank 

Bobert, wright, Summer lane 

Samuel, spirit merchant, 36 Guestrow 

& Smith, carters, 167 West North street 

Thomas, jun., (of Hunter & Gordon,) h. 162 Union street 

Thomas, innkeeper and stabler, 15 Back wynd 

William, advocate, 14 Adelphi, agent for Scottish Equitable 

Life, and York and London, Fire, Life, and Annuity 

Wm., stock-broker and commission merchant, 34 Marischal 

street, h. Cooperston cottage 

William, tailor, Ann street 

Mrs., sen., of Newtown, h. 151 Union street 

Mrs. Alex., lodgings, second floor, 64 Union street 

Mrs. George, vintner, 75 Queen street 

Mrs. James, 2 Longacre, and Gowanbrae, Causewayend 

Mrs. John S., 93 Crown street 

Mrs. L., 4 Schoolhill 

Mrs. Peter, lodgings, 2 Middle Denburn 

Mrs. Balph, 86 Crown street 

Mrs. Dr., lodgings, 54 Union street 

Mrs., 35 North Broadford 

Mrs. Maxwell, 48 Union place 

Mrs. General, of Pitlurg, 9 Golden square 

Mrs. Bobert, 290 George street 

Mrs. Thomas, 3 Victoria place 

Miss, dressmaker, 106 George street 

Miss, dressmaker, second floor, 64 Union street 

Miss, 8 Bon-accord terrace 

Miss, of Nethermuir, 2 Alford place 

Miss Ann, milliner and dressmaker, 86 Crown street 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 50 Gordon street 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 22 Union terrace 

Miss, dressmaker, 54 Union street 

Miss H., Skene square 

Gordon's Hospital, Schoolhill 

Gossip, Alexander, mealseller, 63 Shiprow 

Miss, dressmaker, 4 Hanover street 

Gow, John, clothier, Skene square, h. 1 Forbes street 

Gowan, Alexander, shipowner, Hanover lane 

Gracie, James, mason, 59 Huntly street 

Graham, Daniel, vintner, Canal terrace 

Grahame, Joseph, 10 Links street 

Grange, Mrs,, 53 John street 

Granger, Bobert, shipmaster, 45 Wellington street 

Grainger, Charles, advocate, (of Stronach & Grainger,) £.11 North 
Silver street 

Mrs., 11 North Silver street 

Grant, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 24 Green, A. 16 Cor- 
rection wynd 

Alexander, rope and twine maker, North Broadford 

Major Charles, barrack-master, h. 25 Dee street 

David, teacher, Eastfield cottage 

David, boot and shoemaker, 3 South Silver street, h. 3 Thistle 


George, advocate, National Bank court, 42 Castle street 


Grant, George, lodgings, 19 Prince Regent street 

George, clerk, (Leys, Masson, & Co.,) 1 Berrylane 

George, clerk, 177 Gallowgate 

Rev. James, teacher, Donaldson's school, Back wynd, h. East- 
field cottage 

James, shoemaker, 185 North street 

James, shipmaster, (Mercury,) 58 Shiprow 

James, clerk, (Stamps and Taxes,) 35 Huntly street 

John, spirit dealer, 10 Lower Denburn 

John & William, elothiers and haberdashers, 16 Broad street, 

h. Crown street 

John, builder, 8 Forbes street 

John, grocer, 9 Upperkirkgate, h. above shop 

Lachlan, tailor, 110 King street 

Logie, vintner, Mannofield 

Peter, virtuoso, collector of plants, minerals, and petrifactions. 

&c, 39 and 43 West North street 

Robert, clock-dial manufacturer, 24 Frederick street 

Robert, stoneware merchant, 29 Woolmanhill 

Mrs., lodgings, 12 Forbes street 

Mrs., provision merchant, 99 George street 

Mrs. Ludovick, 15 Belmont street 

Mrs., sick-nurse, 5 Gaelic lane 

Mrs., teacher, 78 Skene street 

...... Mrs., straw-hat maker, 64 Shiprow 

...... Miss, 59 Bon-accord street 

Misses, 18 Crown street 

Misses, of Monymusk, 11 Belmont street 

Misses, L, and F., milliners and dressmakers, 102 Union st. 

Gray, Alexander, late merchant, 27 North Broadford 

Alexander, rope and twine manufacturer, 165 West North st. 

Alexander, coach-builder, 101, h. 103 King street 

Alexander, Hilldowntree toll-bar 

Charles, cooper, Hector's court, Commerce court, h.. 58 Long- 

Rev. Charles, 279 George street [aero 

Daniel, tea, wine, and grocery merchant, 22, h. 36 Union st. 

David, grocer and spirit dealer, 58 Shiprow 

David, house steward, Gordon's Hospital 

Ernest, 125 Crown street 

George, merchant, 5 Dee place 

George, spirit dealer, 58 Queen street 

James (Bon-accord Marine Insurance Office), /*. Braehead of 


James, saddler, 63 West North street 

James, flesher, 15 New Market, h. 26 Wales street 

James, flesher, New Market, h. St. Clement street 

John, millwright (M'Kinnan & Co.'s), h. 239, George st. 

John, flesher, 19 New Market, h. Peglers'-house, Wales st. 

John, officer, West Church, h. 22 Back wynd 

John, grocer, tea, and spirit dealer, Holburn st. h. above shop 

John (of Morison & Gray), h. 134 Crown street 

Robert, second clerk, Post Office, 7i. Union terrace 

Robert A., teacher (Public Schools), h. 9 Diamond street' 

Robert, mealseller, 57 Commerce street 

Walter, silk, shawl, and bonnet rooms, 121 Union st., h. 64 


Gray, Watt, & Co., rope and twine manufacturers, 162 West North 


' William, tea dealer and grocer, 39 Green, h. 113 Crown st. 

William, advocate, 136 King street 

William, shipmaster (Patriot), 2 Regent quay 

William, clerk, Post Office, h. Rosemount place 

Mrs. Adam, 5 Union place 

Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, 50 St. Andrew street 

Mrs., vintner, St. Clement street 

Mrs. James, lodgings, 6 Thistle street 

...... Miss, 79 Gallowgate 

Greach, Mrs., lodgings, 30 Dee street 
Green, Alexander, saddler, 6 King street 

John, mason, 90 Union street 

John, cashier, City of Glasgow Bank, h. 90 Union street 

Peter, horse-shoer and farrier, 8 Schoolhill 

Gregory, William, keeper of Advocates' hall, h. Advocates' build- 
ings, Union street 
Greig, Alexander, boot and shoe maker, 23, h. 25 Huntly street 

Alexander, flesher, 30 New Market, h. 6 Black's buildings 

Andrew, ginger-beer brewer, 13 Longacre 

George, cart and plough wright, 184 West North street 

James, grocer and spirit dealer, 28 Causeway end 

James B., shipmaster, 47 Constitution street 

James, shoemaker, 89 Queen street 

John, cabinetmaker, 131 King street — Workshop, 11 Princes 


John E., N. S. Bank, 131 King street 

John K., N. S., Bank, 266 George street 

John, surgeon, R.N., 84 Crown street 

Robert, builder, 30 Summer street 

William, vintner, 19 Lodge walk 

William, builder, 32 Union row 

William, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, Skene square 

Mrs. James, 3 Little Chapel street 

Misses, dressmakers, milliners, and straw-hat makers, Wind- 


Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 132 Union street 

Grieve, James, foreman (Wm. Simpson & Co.), h. 7 Hanover st. 
Griffith, Chas. F., manager, Abdn. F. & L. Insurance, 89 Union st. 
Grigor, Robert, agent C. B. of Scotland, 7 King street 
Groat, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 76 East North street 
Groundwater, Alexander L., clerk (New Gas Co.), 40 Canalside, 

Grub, George, advocate, Advocates' buildings, h. 25 Langstane place 
Guardian Fire, Life, and Annuity Insurance — A. Chivas, advocate, 

agent, National Bank court, 42 Castle street 
Guild, George, grocer and spirit dealer, 13 North Broadford, h. 

above shop 

George, blacksmith, Ruthrieston 

Gunn, Daniel, chimney sweeper, 78 Gallowgate 

John, master shipwright (A. Hall & Sons), h. Summer lane 

....;. John, broker, 133 Gallowgate 

William, wright and furniture dealer, 31 Castle street, h. 

Lobban's court, Castle street 
...... Miss, dressmaker, 6 Broad street 


Guthrie, Andrew, shipmaster, Commerce street 
James, wright, 3 Upper Denburn 

Hadden, Alexander, manufacturer (Leys, Masson, & Co.) 

Alexander, & Sons, woollen and carpet manufacturers and 

worsted spinners, Green and Garlogie 

Gavin, manufacturer, Union Grove 

James, jun. manufacturer, h. Countesswells 

James Farquhar, manufacturer, h. 1 Union place 

Thomas Leys, manufacturer, h. Grandholm lodge 

Haigh, James O , manager (A. H. & S.), h. 5 Affleck street 

Halcrow, Mrs., lodgings, 20 Castle street 

Hall, Alexander, plumber, 40 Sclioolhill, h. 30 Belmont street 

Alexander, shipbuilder, h. 117 York street, Footdee 

& Sons, shipbuilders, York street, Footdee 

Harvey, merchant, 43 Broad street, h. Campfleld 

Harvey & John, wholesale warehousemen, 43 Broad street 

James, shipbuilders (of A. Hall & Sons), Footdee 

James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 52 West Nortb street 

John, merchant, 43 Broad street, /*. 13 Union place 

Hall, John, nail and chain maker, Mealmarket lane 

William (of A. Hall & Sons), 117 York street, Footdee 

Mrs., lodgings, 30 Belmont street 

Miss, governess of Shaw's Hospital, 91 Gallowgate 

Hamilton, John, cutler, 17, h. 31 George street 

Hanoverian Royal Consul, W. L. Thomson, 21 Quay 

Hanseatic Vice-Consul, W. L. Thomson, 21 Quay 

Harper, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 57 Virginia street, h. 

Alexander, mole catcher, Ruthrieston [Wales street 

George, coal broker, Quay, h. 23 James' street 

James, commission agent, 35 Netherkirkgate, h. 19 Union 

William, boot and shoe maker, 237 (Receiving Post Office), 

h. 239 George street 

Mrs. Alexander, 47 Green 

Mrs., teacher, 4 Jopp's lane 

Mrs., lodgings, 19 Union buildings 

Harris, John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 72 Woolmanhill 
Harrison, George (of Harrison & Smith), h. 28 St. Andrew st. 
& Smith, post-horse-masters, horse bazaar, St. Andrew 

street and Lodge walk 
Harrow, George, flesher, 22 New Market, and vintner, 16 Wales 


Mrs., midwife, 4 Gordon's Court, Sclioolhill 

Hart, Rev. Hugh (Zion Chapel, John street), h. 70 Dee street 

Harvey, Alexander, M.D., 17 Belmont street 

Andrew, boot and shoe maker, 5 Marischal street, /*. Lang- 

stane place 

George T., clerk (Railway Co.), h. Mary well street 

William, grocer and spirit dealer, 56 Quay, h. Albion st. 

Mrs., provision dealer, 46 Skene street 

Hatt, John L., 23 Castle street 

William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 270 George streot 

Miss, 23 Castle street 

Hay. Alexander, shipowner, 54 Wellington street 


Hay, Alexander, japanner and clock-dial maker, 8, A. 10 Thornton 
place, Guestrow 

Alexander, linen and woollen draper, 107 Union street 

Charles, stabler, 22 Harriet street 

James, late merchant, h. 1 Blackfriars street 

James, teacher, Gordon's Hospital 

James, minibus proprietor, 41 Harriet street 

John, carver and gilder, optical and philosophical instrument 

seller, and agent for the Thames Plate Glass Company, 
2 Market street, house and workshop, 1 9 Guestrow 

Robert, grocer, 18 Blackfriars street 

William, boot and shoe maker, 38 Union place, h. 122 

Chapel street 

"William, boot and shoe maker, 113 Union street, h. Canal- 
side, Mounthooly 

William, tailor, 41 Harriet street 

William, provision dealer, 17 Back wynd 

Mrs, 35 Queen street 

Mrs. Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 92 Shiprow 

Mrs. Alexander, spirit dealer, corner of Love lane 

Mrs., sick-nurse, 8 Carmelite street 

Miss, sick-nurse, Bourtie's court, 19 Upperkirkgate 

Miss A., teacher, East Parish School, h. 35 Queen street 

Hector, Alexander, salmon merchant, Trinity quay 

James, tea and spirit dealer, Holburn street 

James & Co., spirit dealers, 72 George street 

John, salmon merchant, Balnagask, Nigg 

William, late tanner, Bruce court, Loch street 

William, boot and shoe maker, Holburn street 

Heitzman, B., german clock-maker, 44 Queen street 

Henderson, Alexander (of H. & R.), h. 30 Gerard street 

& Boss, lock and hinge manufacturer, and dealers in hard- 
ware, 37£ George street, work shop, 8 Windy wynd and 
7 Gerard street 

Alexander, advocate, office, 30, h. 32 St. Nicholas street 

Alexander, writer, 8 Castle street, h. 4 Jopp's lane 

Alexander, bookbinder, 2 Broad street 

David, fishing tackle maker, 21 Loch street 

Henry, spirit dealer, 17 Justice street 

James, architect and builder, agent for M'Neil's Patent Felt 

for Roofing, 120 Loch street 

James, Leadside, Gilcomston 

James, writer, 49 Schoolhill 

James, shipmaster, 10 St. Clement street 

James, draper and flower importer, 7 Union buildings, h. 188 


John, shipmaster (Catto), Park street 

John, lithographer and engraver, 15 Union buildings, h. 25 

John, porter, 251 George street [Bon-accord street 

...... John, fishing tackle maker and game dealer, Spring Garden 

tavern, 81 Spring garden 

John, overseer (M. Manuelle), Provost Blaikie's quay 

Robert, shoemaker, 80 Skene street 

Robert, plasterer (of Bowman & Co.), h. 4 John street 

William, of Kepplestone, h. Kepplestone 


Henderson, William, late soapmaker, h. 28 Skene terrace 

William, architect and builder, 66 Loch street and 91 Gal- 

lowgate, h. 66 Loch street 
William, house painter, 5 Dee street, h. 3 St. Mary's 

place, Crown street 

William, gunmaker, 85, h. 83 King street 

William, M.D., 4-9 Schoolhill 

William, jun. (Barry, Henry, & Co.), h. 28 Skene terrace 

William, gardener, Oakbank, Stocket 

Mrs., vintner, Chapel lane 

Mrs., umbrella maker, 76 Green 

...... Miss, teacher, 55 Chapel street 

Hendry, David, slater, 5 Causewayend 

George, anchorsmith (Blaikie, brothers), 1 Mill street 

Miss C, teacher of piano-forte, 50 Upperkirkgate 

Henry, Andrew, stabler, 24 Gerard street 

George, merchant (Hugh Gordon, & Co.), h. 1 Gallovvgate 

George, Chronicle Tavern, Chronicle court, 32 Broad street 

and 10 Queen street 

Joseph, shore porter, 13 Huxter row 

Mrs., midwife, 81 Shiprow 

Mrs., midwife, 24 Gerard street 

Miss, lodgings, 71 Gallowgate 

Herald Office, 7 Queen street 

Hercules Insurance Company — Agents, James Nicol, advocate, 17 

Adelphi court, Union street, and John Duncan, advocate, 

25 Marischal street 
Hicky, W. B., excise officer, Union Glen distillery, h. Holburn st. 
Hill, Charles, shooting gallery, h. 90 Shiprow 

Isaac, teacher — Seminary and A. 19 Queen street 

Mrs. lodgings, 17 Queen street 

Hodge, Bobert, lodgings, 27 James street 

Thomas, h. 9 Bosemount terrace 

Hodgson, William, London Tavern, 35 and 36 Begent quay 

Hogarth & Co., merchants, 68 College street 

Dickson, & Co., provision merchants, &c. 70 College street — 

Office at works 

Dickson, merchant, 63 Bon-accord street 

George, merchant, Crown terrace 

Hugh, merchant, 63 Bon-accord street 

Thomas (of T. Bannerman & Co.), h. Elmfield 

William, merchant, h. 261 Union street 

Hogg, Alexander, umbrella manufacturer, 37 Upperkirkgate, h. 

Miss, 63 Bon-accord street [4 Carmelite street 

George, wright, Holburn street 

John, wright, Trinity street 

Peter, tinplate worker, 96 Green 

Samuel, hosier (A. H. & Sons), 51 Summer street 

William, spirit dealer, 4 Skene street 

Miss, teacher, 5 St. Andrew street 

Holmes, William, cooper (Hogarth & Co.), h. 13 Bon-accord lane 

Mrs. Joseph, 26 Chapel street 

Holland, Frederick (Bichards & Co.), h. 31 Belmont street 
Hood, Walter, & Co., shipbuilders, Footdee 

Walter, shipbuilder, h. 27 York place 

Mrs., sick nurse, 7 Little Belmont street 


Horne, James, town-serjeant and sheriff-officer, 8 Gallowgate 
Horn, James, manager (Aberdeen Commercial Co.), h. Springbank 


John, flesh er, 87 George street 

William, cabinetmaker, 79 Green 

House of Eefuge, Duthie's court, 45 Guestrow 

Houston, Mrs., 36 Union place 

Howat, Robert, coach guard, 10 Trinity street 

Howling, Edward, shipmaster (Duke of Wellington), 109 York 


Thomas, shipmaster (Aberdonian), 54 Quay 

Howie, Mrs., lodgings, Cruden's court, 22 Broad street 

Huddlestone, Mrs., 143 George street 

Hume, Peter, Wellington road 

Humphrey, John, of Comalegy, Springbank terrace 

Robert, furnishing tailor, 67 Virginia street 

William, of Cuttlehill, 108 King street 

Hunter, Alexander, mealseller, 63 Huntly street 

Arthur, mealseller, 121 Gallowgate 

& Gordon, grocers, tea, wine, and spirit merchants, 1 75 Union 


James, builder, 32 Windy wynd 

John, Mackenzie, clerk of Excise, h. 5 Canal street 

John, late farmer, Glenkindy, 13, Black's buildings 

Robert W., musician and teacher of instrumental music, 6 

Marischal street 

William, advocate, 14 Adelphi court, h. 113 Crown street 

William, lodgings, 91 Broad street 

William C, of Tillery, Albyn place 

Mrs. Robert, 30 North Broadford 

Mrs., 48 Constitution street 

Mrs., dressmaker, 13 Black's buildings 

Miss, straw-hat maker. 61 Huntly street 

Plurry, William, & Sons, nail and tack manufacturers, 32 Justice 

street, /;. Matheson's court, 14 Castle street 
Husband, David, manager, (Aberdeen Salmon Co.,) Fish street 

David, shipmaster, (Sir W. Wallace,) h. 29 Frederick street 

Hutcheon, Alexander, upholsterer, 66 Broad street 

Andrew, heddlemaker, 12 Forbes street 

John, Outseats 

Robert, flesher, 34 New Market, h. Mastrick 

William, (of White & Hutcheon,) 6 Catherine's wynd 

Mrs., lodgings, 35 Huntly street 

Hutchison, A., hairdresser and perfumer, 126 George street 

James, shipmaster, Springbank terrace 

;. John, shipmaster, (New Astley,) h. Bannermill street 

Hutton, Edward, haircutter, 114 Skene street 
James, lodgings, 5 East North street 

Illinois Investment Company — Adam & Anderson, cashiers and 

agents in Britain — Chambers, 75 Union street 
IH'mgsworth, John, spirit dealer, 73 Broad street 
Imlay, Alexander, late printer, 9 Constitution street 

Mrs., provision merchant, 186 Gallowgate 

Imperial Fire Insurance — J. Smith, architect, a^ont, 142 King st 



Imray, James, locker of Customs, h. 18 James street 

Robert, mealseller, Hardgate 

Independent Fire, Life, and Annuity Assurance — A. Stevenson, 

agent, 62 Queen street 
Infirmary, Royal, Woolmanhill 
Inglis, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 25, h. 65 Broad street 

David, provision merchant, 26 New Market 

David, vintner, 58 George street 

George, wholesale grocer, Crown court, Union street, A. 60 

Dee street 

George, baker, 215 Gallowgate, h. Catherine street 

James, baker, 32, h. 30 Gallowgate 

John, shoemaker, 15 Hutcheon street 

William, baker, 67, h. 65 Broad street 

Mesdames, & Ramage, boarding and day school, 12 Adelphi 

Ingram, Alexander, feuar, Porthill [court 

James, tailor, 9 Union lane, h. 15 Bon-accord street 

Innes, George, cotton manufacturer, 185 George street, h. Ivy 
cottage, Loanhead 

John, boot and shoe maker, 258 George street 

i John B., slater, 65 Chapel street 

Robert, fishmonger, 60 Basement floor, New Market, h. 13 

Mrs., lodgings, 68 Broad street [Carmelite street 

Mrs. Alexander, 14 Innes street 

Mrs., lodgings, Cruden's court, 22 Broad street 

Mrs. James, Meiklefolla, 77 Chapel street 

Mrs. John, midwife, 19 "Wales street 

Mrs. John, 14 Rose street 

Miss, (Mrs. Donald,) 251 Union street 

Insch, John, foreman, (Aberdeen Rope and Sail Co.,) A. 14 Water 
lane [Office, 13 Littlejohn street 

Inspector of weights for the town and county, John Blaikie 

lnston, Henry, tailor, 39 Quay 

Insurance Company of Scotland (Fire)— Francis James Cochran, 
advocate, 96 Union street, and William Skinner, advo- 
cate, 103 Union street, agents 
Ireland, James, baker, 81, A. 79 Bon-accord street 
Ironside, George, superintendent, railway works, h. Affleck place 

John, clerk, h. 26 Wales street 

Patrick, grocer and spirit dealer, 18 Upperkirkgate, k. 7 Bar- 

William, builder, 4 Well of Spa [net's close 

Mrs. George, spirit dealer, 292 George street 

Mrs., register office, 119 George street 

...... Miss, staymaker, 63 Windmillbrae 

Irvine, Alexander, shoe maker, 25 Longacre 

Alexander, late paper manufacturer, Pirie's court, 50 Castle 

James, of Springbank, Kittybrewster [street 

John, piano-forte tuner and repairer, 247 George street 

Patrick, 275 George street 

Mrs., lodgings, 30 St. Andrews street 

i Mrs., 59 Bon-accord street 

(Jack, Robert, druggist, Holburn street 

William, boot and shoe maker, 1 Raggs' lane 

... Mrs. William, midwife, 5 Upper Denburn 

... Mrs., broker, 39 Woolmanhill 



Jackson, William, boot and shoe maker, 15 Huxter row, h. Hen- 
derson's court, 46 Broad street 

William, tailor, 61 Causewayend « 

J affray, Andrew, stabler, 26 West North street 

George, messenger (Aberdeen Bank), h. 5 Castle brae 

James, painter and glazier, 158 Gallowgate 

Thomas, paper manufacturer, 39 Netherkirkgate, h. Water- 
ton mills, Stoneywood 

William, writer (P. & A. Davidson), 22 Union terrace 

William L., boot and shoe shop, 36 Broad street 

Mrs. William, 47 Constitution street 

William, merchant, 108 Chapel street 

James, Eobert, broker, 93, h. 127 Gallowgate 
Jameson, Mrs. John, 41 Chapel street 

Jamieson, Alexander, drill-master, Gordon's Hospital, and teacher 
of broadsword and calisthenic exercises, /*. 4 Well court, 
Broad street 

Alexander, cutler, 26 Lodge walk 

George, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 2 King street and 38 

Union street, h, 33 Dee street 

George, jeweller and silversmith, 73 Union street, A. 3 West 

Craibstone street 

James, surgeon, 4 Castle brae 

James (of James Fraser & Co.), k. 13 Huntly street 

James, plumber and gas-fitter, 3, h. 2 Wales street 

John, tea and spirit shop, 43 Lodge walk 

John, druggist, 90 Broad street, h. 1 Gallowgate 

John, clerk ("Town & County Bank), h. 1 Denburn terrace 

Robert, M.D., Ogston's court, 84 Broad street 

Thomas, turner, violin maker, and ironmonger, h. Oliver's 

court, Upperkirkgate 

Thomas, wright and funeral waiter, 9 Carmelite street 

William, house-carpenter, Holburn street 

Mrs. William, 3 Affleck street 

Mrs., midwife and sick nurse, Nelson street 

Mrs., 1 Denburn terrace 

Mrs. Robert, sen , 2 Castle brae 

Miss, 84 Broad street 

Jamson, Mrs. Captain, lodgings, 37 Marischal street 

Miss, matron, Gordon's Hospital 

Jarvis, James, hosier, 47 Loch street, h. 34 North Broad- Jl 

W. C, hosier and worsted manufacturer, 47 Loch street, h. 

73 Netherkirkgate 
Jazdowzki, John, teacher and linguist, 120 Crown street 
Jennison, Thomas, fishmonger, 74 Shiprow 
Jessiman, John, guard (North Defiance), 249 George street 

William, builder, 22 Gordon street 

Thomas, spirit dealer, 14 Park street 

Miss, dressmaker, 6 Bannermill street 

Johnston, Alexander, wholesale tea-dealer, Skene square, h, 2C 
North Broadford 

Alexander, house of Tullos, Nigg 

Andrew, broker, 140 Gallowgate 

George, grocer and spirit dealer, and Mill of Hirn warehouse 

5, h, 3 Skene terrace 


Johnston George, advocate, 42 Netherkirkgate 

& Laird, tailors, 2 St. Catherine's wynd, Union street 

> James, mealseller, 60 "Virginia street 

James, sen., late merchant, 62 Dee street 

James, messenger-at-arms, 29 Broad street 

James, candlemaker (Maitland & Co.), 42 Netherkirkgate 

John, late shipmaster, Neptune cottage, Pitmuxton 

John, 1 Virginia street 

John, blacksmith, and heel and toe maker, 75 Gallovvgate 

Joseph, umbrella manufacturer, 2 Blackfriars street, h. 27 

Joseph, grocer and spirit dealer, 54 Netherkirkgate 

Robert, merchant, 25 York place, h. 36 Bon-accord terrace 

Samuel, manufacturer, North Gallery, New Market, A. 220 

George street 

William, grocer, 41 Commerce street 

William (of Johnston & Laird), 68 Broad street 

Mrs. Andrew, lodgings, 7 Garvock street 

Mrs. Jane, waiter at the bath-rooms, Sea-beach, h. 27 Wool- 

Mrs. Samuel, 220 George street 

Mrs., 3 Golden square 

Mrs. William, register office, 23 Guestrow 

Misses, Calsayseat 

Joiner, William, tailor and clothes dealer, 33 Lodge walk 

Jolly, Mrs. George, mealseller, 46 Frederick street 

Jopp & Shand, advocates, Jopp's court, 31 Gallowgate 

Alexander, advocate, Jopp's court, 31 Gallowgate 

William (of Allardyce & Jopp), A. Elmhill 

Mrs. Andrew, Elmhill 

Joss, Charles, tailor, 91 Skene street 

... James, wright, Upper-denburn, h, 95 Skene street 

... John, provision agent, 47 Loch street, h. 1 Charlotte street 

... Patrick, clerk (Blaikie Brothers), h. 124 George street 

... Robert, vintner, 49 York street 

... William, clerk, Porthill 

Justice, Miss, milliner, Crown court, Union street 

Justicemills, Holburn street 

Katon, Mrs., 1 Church street 

Kay, James, engineer, Bridge of Dee 

John, teacher, West Prison, /*. 20 Chapel street 

John (J- J- Kennedy), 51 Bon-accord street 

...... James, dyer, Maltmill bridge 

Keith, Adam, gardener, fourth lot of Pitmuxton 

Alexander & Son, house and sign painters, 4 Boss's court, 6 


Alexander, sen., painter, 162 Union street 

Alexander, surgeon, Rannie's house, Commerce street 

Alexander, jun., painter (of Keith & Son), h. 3 Ross's court, 

6 Upperkirkgate 

Daniel, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 51 East North street 

David, advocate (Town-house), h. 7 Crown street 

George, Morningside 

James, druggist, 8, h. 10 Union place 

James (late of Canada), 101 Crown street 

.xil — KIL] NEW ABERDEEN. 88 

Keith, James, surgeon, R.N., 1 Crown terrace 

John (Pratt & Keith), h. 52 Bon-accord street 

John, merchant-tailor, 6 Netherkirkgate, h. 1 Guestrow 

John, flesher, 28 Wales-street Market, h. 27 Wales street 

John, teller (Aberdeen Town and County Bank), h. 21 

Crown street 

William, M.D., surgeon, 257 Union street west 

William, slater, 24- Union row, and 24 Summer street 

William, bookseller and stationer, 40 George street 

Mrs., 5 Hanover street 

Misses, dressmakers and milliners, 162 Union street 

Miss, straw-hat and dress maker, Maclean's court, 50 Gal- 

Kelles, James F., tacksman (Weigh-house), h. 51 Marischal 

Miss, teacher, 9 Skene row 

Kelly, John, merchant, Lamond's court, 49 Upperkirkgate 
Kelman, Alexander, baker, 41 Park street 

Alexander, baker, 23 Basement floor, New Market 

James, overseer (Richards & Co.), /*. 58 Castle street 

William, tailor, Well court, Broad street 

William, rope and twine manufacturer, 71 Hutcheon street 

Miss, lodgings, 188 George street 

Kemlo, George, dry provision merchant, 21 Basement floor, New 

Market, h. 68 Green 
Kempt, Alexander, druggist, 228 George street 
Kemp, Robert, grain merchant, and tacksman of the Ferryhill 
meal, barley, and flour mills, 59 Castle street, and 20 
New Market, h. Crown street 

Mrs., lodgings, 27 Frederick street 

Kenn, George, writer (Town-house), h. 38 Chapel street 

Mrs. William, 17 Huntly street 

Kennedy, Andrew, shoemaker, 14 Castle brae 

David H., writer (Record Office), h. Market street 

James John, commission agent, 8 Adelphi, h. 7 Crown street 

Rev. John (Blackfriars-street Chapel), h. 30 Silver street 

John, spirit dealer, 10 West North street 

Jane, sick-nurse, 31 Harriet street 

Miss, 46 Marischal street 

Miss Lydia, lodgings, 91 King street 

Kerr, David, M.D., lecturer on surgery to the University and 
King's College, h. 155 Union street 

James, painter, 15, h, 3 Donald's court, 20 Schoolhill 

James, haircutter and perfumer, 62, h. 40 Broad street 

Robert, shipmaster (Flamingo), Victoria place 

„ William, boot and shoe maker, 13 Skene terrace 

Kessack, James, principal beadle (Free St. Clement's Church), 

and funeral waiter, 1 1 Catto square 
Kidd, James, road-surveyor, Strawberry bank 

John, teacher, East parish sessional school, h. 3 Kingsland 


& Son, boot and shoe makers, 249 George street, h. above 


William, shipmaster, 61 Commerce street 

Mrs. William, spirit dealer, Skene square 

Kilgour, Alexander, M.D., 158 Union street 


Kilgour, James, merchant, h. 29 Bon-accord terrace 

& Taylor, tobacconists, 44 Netherkirkgate 

Misses, Millbank, Hardgate 

Kilob, Alexander, lodgings, 6 Union lane 

James, tailor, 15 Correction wyhd 

, Joseph, spirit dealer, 6 College street 

Miss, 17 Huntly street 

King, Arthur, printer, 21 Silver street 

Charles, furnishing tailor, 23 Broad street 

George & Robert, booksellers, stationers, and printers, 28 St. 

Nicholas street — Printing house, East Lindsay street, 
Golden square 

George (of George & Robert), h. 79 Chapel street 

John, shipmaster (Florence), 17 Prince Regent street 

William, wright and cabinet-maker, 19 Gordon street, h. 25 

Huntly street 

Mrs. Robert, dressmaker, 20 North Silver street 

Mrs., provision seller, 1 Albion street 

Mrs., cook, 8 Affleck street 

Kinloch, Miss, 15 Golden square 

Kinnear, D. C, hat manufacturer, and central hat mart, 26 Union 

street, h. 19 Union buildings 
Kinneard, "William, gardener, Pitmuxton 
Kirkland, Mrs., 65 Dee street 
Kirkwood, Thomas, gun maker, 62 Union street, h. Marywell street 

James, carter, Marywell street 

Kirton, George, (of D. Dunn & Co., merchants,) 120 King street 
Kitson, Henry, teacher of music, Ewen's court, 42 Gallowgate 
Knight & Craib, saddlers, 43 Queen street 

James, gardener, Cornhill 

William, architect & surveyor, 2 Guestrow 

Mrs. James, 28 George street 

Knowles, Adam, grocer and spirit dealer, 36 Castle street 

Alexander, writer, 1 Marischal street, h. Netherkirkgate 

George, tailor and furnisher, 3, h. 5 Huxter row 

George, flesher, 4 Wales street Market, and 9 and 10 New- 
Market, h. 19 Fisher row 

Thomas, flesher, 8 and 9 New MnrUt, ana se w» i e o t ro^ t 

Market, ft. 19 Fisher row 

William, timber merchant, 37 Marischal street 

William, flesher, New Market, h. 24 Wales street 

Mrs., 3 Langstane place 

Misses, dressmakers, 19 Kidd lane 

Knox, Alexander, ironmonger, Gallowgate, ft. 187 George street 

David, ironmonger, 58 Gallowgate, /*. 187 George street 

William, meal merchant, 83 George street 

Mrs. George, Kingsland place, 259 George street 

Mrs. William, lodgings, 124 Union street, and Miss, 187 

Miss, 187 George street [George street 

Kynoch, John, teller, (N. S. Bank,) 60 St. Nicholas street 
Mrs. Ninian, 60 Gordon street 

Ladies' Working Society, 12 Marischal street 
Lae'r, E. W. Von., 25 Constitution street 
Laing, Alexander, 26 Uniou row 
Alexander, cooper, 89 Virginia street 


Laing, Alexander, (of Laing & Melvin,) 14 Langstane place 

& Melvin, coach and harness makers, 4 and 8 Bon-accord st. 

George, haircutter and perfumer, 9 Netherkirkgate, h. Kings- 

Herod, 11 Drum's lane [land place 

James, overseer, (John Gibb & Son's quarry, Rubislaw,) h. 

32 Summer street [perkirkgate 

James, ironmonger, 98 Union street, h. Crown court, 36 Up- 

James, hairdresser, 23 Park street, h. Albion street 

James, skinner, 38, h. 69 George street 

James, teacher, Davidson's school, York street 

William, M.D., 7 Golden square 

William, blacksmith, heel and toe maker, 187 George street, 

h. 7 Young street 

Mrs. John, midwife, 42 Netherkirkgate 

Mrs., lodgings, Waterloo quay 

Misses, Keppleston cottage, Rubislaw 

Laird, Daniel, (of Johnston & Laird,) 2 St. Catherine's wynd, h. 
25 Bon-accord street 

George, shoemaker, 24 Causewayend 

Lamb, Alexander, plumber and gas-fitter 78 St. Andrew's street, 

h. 32 Woolmanhill 
David, sen., flesher, 13 Wales-street Market and 7 New Mar- 
ket, h. 4 Wales street 

David, jun., flesher, 33 New Market, A. 4 Wales street 

Davidson, feuar, 57 Causewayend 

James, cart and plough wright, Ruthrieston 

Robert, shore porter, 18 Shiprow 

Lambert, Miss, boarding school, Union terrace 

Lamond, James, of Stranduff, h. Lamond's court, 49 Upperkirkgate 

Lamont, Alexander, stoneware merchant, 9 Shiprow 

Charles, collector, (Aberdeen Gas Co.,) h. 6 Marywell street 

Mrs. George, teacher of English and sewing, 9 Gaelic lane 

Lang, Alexander, New Dock tavern, 12 Wellington street 

Langland, Robert, provision dealer, 187 Gallowgate 

Lansdown, Mrs., Angusfield, Rubislaw 

Largue, William, spirit dealer, 254 George street, h. 20 North 

Laurie. Thomas, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 50 Virginia street, 
It. 30 Mariscual street 

Thomas, founder, (J. Abernethy & Co.,) h. Ferryhill 

William, tea, wine, and spirit merchant and agent, 11, h. 30 

Marischal street 

William, bookbinder and stationer, circulating library, 169 

Union street, h 22 Skene square 
Law, George, shipmaster, (Gipsy,) 53 Virginia street 

James, carter, 2 Canal lane 

John, baker, 60, h. 58 Shiprow 

James, spirit merchant, 18^ Shiprow, h. above shop 

Samuel, shoemaker, 122 Skene street 

William, grocer, 55 Park street, corner of Princes street 

Mrs., lodgings, 68 Broad street 

Miss, 35 Shiprow 

Miss Barbara, grocer and spirit dealer, Wellington place 

Lawrence, James, mason, 5 Mountholly 

John, slater, Ann street 

Joseph, tailor, 22 East North street 


Lawrence, Thomas, clerk, (Mortimer & Sutherland, 1 ! h. 22 Innes 

Mrs. James, 25 Queen street 

Miss, dressmaker, 22 Innes street 

Misses, dressmakers and milliners, 8 Carmelite street 

Lawson, Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 61 Netherkirkgate, h. 4<> 

Leask, Alexander, shipmaster (Prospect), Bannermill street 

Alexander, jun., shipmaster (True Blue), Bannermill street 

John, commission agent, 28 Constitution street 

William, tailor, cap and stock maker, 5 Netherkirkgate 

Mrs. John, straw hat and dress maker, 10 Queen street, k. 29 

Constitution street 

Leisk, Robert, shipmaster, 3 Shore brae 

Thomas, shipmaster, 3 Shore brae 

Mrs., 3 Shore brae 

Ledingham, Alexander, grocer, Bridge of Dee 

George, cooper, Newbridge 

James, _ teacher of English, elocution, writing, geography 

Latin, and arithmetic, 12 Correction wynd 

James, mealseller, Upperkirkgate 

? eter > tea deal ei' and grocer, 182 Gallowgate, A. 50 King at. 

Robert, advocate, 52, h. 50 King street 

- Mrs. William, 9 St. Nicholas lane 

Lefevre, Mrs., feather trimmer, 18 Spa street 

Legg, James, tinsmith, 4-8 Netherkirkgate 

Legge, John, mason, 83 King street 

Leighton, James, letter-carrier, Charles street, Broadford 

Leith, Alexander, renovator and dyer, Skene square 

John, 28 Park street 

• Lieut. John, 24 Frederick street 

Misses, of Freefield, 46 Skene terrace 

Leslie, Alexander, town-serjeant, h. 61 Park street 

Alexander, late of Jamaica, 12 Union row 

Alexander, brewer, 5 Virginia street 

Alexander, 35, Bon-accord terrace 

Andrew, grocer, 112, A. HI Gallowgate 

Andrew, boilermaker (A. Leslie & Co.), h. 54 York street 

• Andrew, & Co., boilermakers and general blacksmiths, Pro- 
vost Blaikie's quay, Inches 

Georgo, eliipo-vrner, II Quay, h. South Crown street 

George, vintner, Bon-accord Tavern, Exchequer court 

George M. (Milne, Low, & Co ), A. 38 Union row 

Jolm Grant, Sheriff-clerk depute, and depuie clerk of the 

peace, Record Office, 27 King street, h. Rosemount place 

• James, manager, New Gas Company, A. 8 Canal terrace 

James, shoemaker, 37 Woolmanhill, h. Chapel street 

James, shipmaster, 38 St. Clement street 

James, clerk (G. Leslie, Quay), h. Crown street 

• James, clerk, 30 Upperkirkgate 

John, grocer and spirit dealer, 52 York street 

John, cotton manufacturer, 39 Woolmanhill, A. 263 Georgo st„ 

John, shipmaster (Charlotte), Waterloo quay 

Jolm > shipmaster (John Hector), 20 Prince Regent street 

Thomas, carter, York street 

William, surgeon, 15 Silver street 

William, jun., & Co., grocers, tea, spirit, and wine dealers,, 

39 West North street, h. above shop 


Leslie, William, jun., flesher, 31 New Market, h. 75 West North 

William, yost., grocer, 8 Mealmarket lane [street 

, William, architect, 8 Golden square 

..... Mrs. Alexander, 46 Constitution street 

Mrs., 35 Bon-accord terrace 

Mrs. Peter, 97 Chapel street 

Mrs., of Memsie, 29 Union place 

Miss, 11 Eose street 

Miss, milliner, 16 Virginia street 

Miss, Itubislaw villa 

Misses (Powis), Berrybank 

Misses, lodgings, 3 Queen street 

Misses, milliners, 8 Union terrace 

Levie, Alexander, shipmaster, 81 Virginia street 

Alexander, shipmaster (Duke of Buccleuch), 57 Quaj 

George, shipmaster (Sedulous), 57 Quay 

John, merchant, 53 Shiprow, /*. 49 Commerce street 

John, shipmaster, 29 East North street 

John, writer, 29 East North street 

Robert, shoemaker, Wales street 

William, shipmaster (Magnet), 6 Garvock street 

Lewis, Arthur, 5 Regent quay 

John, eating-house, 9 Burnet's close, Exchequer row 

Leys, George, brewer and vintner, 49 Lodge walk 

' Masson, & Co., manufacturers, Grandholm Works — Town 

office, Market street 

Robert, superintendent engineer (Aberdeen Steam Navigation 

Company), A. 15 Constitution street 

Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 191, h. 187 George street 

Ligertwood, James, grocer, wine and spirit dealer, 122 King street, 
h. 24- Constitution street 

John, advocate, 4 Correction wynd 

William, master shipwright (A. Hall & Son), h. York street. 

Mrs,, 59 Dee street 

Mrs. Peter, 56 York street 

Lillie, George, teacher (Free Holburn School), 48 Summer street 

Lind, Adam, grocer, 48 Gallowgate 

•Lindcny, "Roger, msalsollw, 89, h. RO George street 

William, boot and shoe maker, 15 Bon-accord lane 

Mrs., 11 Union place 

Mrs., 21 Prince Regent street 

Linton, Alexander, surgeon, R.N., 12 Canal street 
Linklater, James, shipmaster (Paragon), 59 Commerce street 
Livingston, Mrs. Dr., Ellangowan cottage, Pitfoddels 
Littlejohn, D. & A., wholesale grocers and provision merchants, 72 
Netherkirkgate, h. Bumside cottage, Holburn street 

Alexander (of D. & A.), h. Burnside cottage, Holburn street 

David (of D. & A.), h. Burnside cottage, Holburn street 

James, fancy worsted warehouse, 134 and 136, Union street, 

h. Gordondale cottage 

William, cashier (Aberdeen Town and County Bank)i 91 

Union street 

Mrs., Burnside cottage, Holburn street 

Lizars, A. Jardine, M.D., surgeon, professor of anatomy, Marischal 

College aud University, h. 17 King street 
Lloyd's agents, Oswald, George, & Co., 59 Marischal street 


Lobban & Rust, plasterers, Lime yard, Canal wharf, Mounthooly 

Nathaniel (of L. & R.) h. 15 Littlejohn street 

Miss, staymaker, Littlejohn street 

Logan, Charles, provision seller, 42 St. Andrew street 

Loggan, Mrs., Links street 

London Union Assurance Fire Office and Annuities — William 
Gray, advocate, agent, 136 King street 

provision shop, 78 Green 

Hat Company, 31 Union street 

Longmuir, Alexander, shipmaster (Mayflower), 45 Wales street 

John, shipmaster, Holburn street 

Rev. John, A.M., minister of Free Mariners' Church, h. 

Langstane place, Dee street 

Catherine, staymaker, 24 Blackfriars street 

Mrs,, 47 Schoolhill 

Miss, ladies' school, 47 Schoolhill 

Lothian, Mrs., provision merchant, 62 John street 

Low, Alexander (Milne, Low, & Co.), k. 31 Union place 

Alexander, of Altries, Maryculter 

Charles, shipmaster (Cinderella), h. Ferryhill 

James, dyer, 76 Loch street 

Mrs., dressmaker, 13 Blackfriars street 

Lowery, George (John Walker & Co.), h. 42 Constitution street 

Robert, lecturer, 7 South Constitution street 

Lucas, James, pavier and contractor, 15 Princes street 

Luke, Miss, dressmaker, 30 Summer street 

Lumsden, Clements, advocate, h. 1 Union terrace 

David, grocer, tea, and spirit dealer, 17 Skene street, h. 1 

Skene terrace 

George, shore porter, 7 Marischal street 

Henry, of Auchindoir, 255 Union street 

James (of John & James Lumsden), h. 91 Bon-accord street 

James, & Co., clothiers, 117 Union street 

John (of John & James Lumsden J, h. Deemouth, Clayhills 

John & James, merchants, 95 Union street 

William, J., of Balmedie, h. 146 Union street 

William, merchant, 58 Union street, h. Millburn cottage, Dee 

Mrs., midwife, Denburn [village 

Miss E., broker, 17 Woolmanhill 

Lunan, John, warehouse-keeper (Aberdeen and London Steam Na- 
vigation Co.), h. Red Lion court, 77 Broad street 

William, officer to the wright and cooper trade, h. 44 St. An- 

William, 10 Thistle street [drew street 

Lyall, David (of George Lyall & Co.), 97 Union street 

• George (of George Lyall & Co.), 97 Union street 

• George, & Co., silk mercers, 99 Union street 

Robert, blacksmith, Queen street 

Robert (of the Excise), 85 Hutcheon street 

...... Mrs., 2 East Craibstone street 

Lyell, Alexander, second clerk, Customs, h. 28 Crown street 

George, town-serjeant and sheriff-officer, 9 Huxter row 

• Jolin > register-grate, stove, and gun-maker, 124 Union street 

— Manufacturing house, Back wynd, h. 41 Dee street 

• Mrs., lodgings, 9 Huxter row 

Lyon, Alexander, leather merchant, 51 Castle street, h. 3 St. Cle- 
ments street 


Lyon, John, shipmaster (Theophilus), 63 Quay 
...... William, pawnbroker, 35 Netherkirkgate 

Miss, dressmaker, 30 Summer street 

Macaldowie, Peter, brushmaker, 115 George street, h. 85 Hut- 
cheon street 

Peter, plasterer, 85 Hutcheon street 

Macallan, David, upholsterer (of Allan & Macallan), h. Straw- 
berry bank 
Macandrew, Daniel, builder, 24 John street, h. Corner of John 

Macarthie, James, boatmen, Customs, h. 47 York street 
Machray, Alexander, dyer, 93 "Woolmanhill 

Alexander, teacher (Free East Church School), Kingsland 

Isaac, mail contractor, 65 Union street [place 

Mrs., 4 St. Mary's place, Crown street 

Miss, 117 George street 

Mackay, James T. (of J. T. Mackay & Co.), 141 Skene street 
James T., & Co., -working silversmiths, jewellers, and opti- 
cians, 75 Broad street 

Mrs., dealer in clothes, 82 Shiprow 

Misses, boarding school, Union terrace 

Maclean, Samuel, bookseller and stationer, 8 Union street, /*. 8 

John street 
Macnab, Alexander, ensign, Aberdeen militia, Westerton of Pit- 

Alexander R., engraver and lithographic printer, 11 Shiprow 

M'Allum, Mrs., King-street road 

M' Arthur, John, rope and twine manufacturer, Clarence street 
M'Bey, Alexander, horse hirer and horse dealer, h. 11 John street 
M'Bean, Alexander, Skene square 

Daniel, cabinet-maker, 43J Castle street, h. Mathieson's 

court, Castle street 

John, boot and shoe maker, Bridge of Dee 

Mrs., late of Alves, 36 Skene terrace 

M'Call, Miss, matron, East prison 

M'Callum, James, tide-surveyor of Customs, 29 Frederick street 

William, boatman, 53 St. Clement street 

M'Carron, Felix, broker, 2 Park street 

M'Cluskie, Michael, vintner, 8 Justice street 

M'Combie, Charles, spirit dealer, 87 Broad street 

George, spirit dealer, 6 Schoolhill 

James Boyn, advocate, 103 Union street, h. 1 Albyn place 

Thomas, & Co., tobacco and snuff manufacturers, and whole- 
sale tea dealers, 51 Netherkirkgate 

William, furniture dealer, 18, h. Gordon's court, 4 Schoolhill 

William, of Easter Skene, h. Easter Skene 

Mrs. Peter, 2 Charlotte street 

Mrs. Thomas, Richmond hill 

Miss, lodgings, 84 Union street 

M'Condach, Harry, grain dealer, Holburn street 

Harry, jun., Holburn street 

M'Conochie, Alexander, English and mercantile academy, 13 
Crown street, h. 22 Kidd lane 

G C, teacher of writing, 115 Union street, h. 22 Kidd lane 

J. R. (A. F. and L. As. Co.), h. 7 Upperkirkgate 


Maconochic, Robert (Stamps and Taxes), h. Skene square 

"William, clerk (Gordon, Barron, & Co.), & 10 Mary well st. 

M'Creary, Mrs., midwife, 45 Castle street 
M'Culloch, Mrs., lodgings, 9 George street 
M'Donald, Alexander, spirit dealer, 111 York street 

Alexander, clerk (Post Office), 21 Huntly street 

Alexander, M.D. (late Royal Artillery), Rubislaw park 

Alexander, stonecutter (of M'Donald & Leslie), Bon-accord 

Andrew, shore porter, 7 Marischal street [square 

Charles, spirit dealer, 169 Gallowgate 

& Cooper, tailors, 7 South Silver street 

David, manager (Bannermill), h. King street 

David, clerk (J. Barker & Sons), h. 3 Blackfriars street 

Donald, weaver, 8 Park lane 

George, furnishing tailor, 14 Queen street 

George, shipmaster (Robert M c William), h. 30 Marischal st. 

James, cabinet-maker, 3 Chronicle lane, h. 48 Longacre 

James, watch and clock maker, jeweller, silversmith, and 

auctioneer, 28, h. 69 Broad street 

John, cabinet-maker and upholsterer, 23 Gallowgate,/*. 140 

John, road overseer, 64 Gerard street [George street 

John, late merchant, Cornhill 

John, tailor, 7 Albion street 

John, gardener, South Mile end 

John, confectioner, 37 Basement floor, New Market 

John, bookseller, 16 Crown street, h. 25 Bon-accord street 

Neil, teacher of dancing, h. Ann street 

Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 23 St. Nicholas street, h. 7 


William, spirit dealer, 12 West North street 

& Leslie, stonecutters, builders, and granite-polishers, east 

end of Constitution street 

Mrs., lodgings, 55 Schoolhill 

Mrs., lodgings, 28 George street 

Mrs. Captain, 79 Crown street 

Miss, dressmaker, 28 George street 

Miss, stay and corset maker, 53 Queen street 

M'Dowall Andrew, city missionary, 40 Chapel street 
M'Farlane, Alexander, clerk (National Bank), h. 1 Alford place 

D,, shoemaker, 39 East North sti-eet, h. above shop 

Thomas (of Cameron & M'Farlane), 16 Loch street 

Mrs., 1 Alfordplace 

Mrs., late of Crathie, Wellington place 

M'Gilivray, Alexander, eating house, 4 Exchequer row 
M'Gowan, Thomas, & Co., leather dealers, 26 Schoolhill 
M'Gregor, Alexander, tailor, 57 East North street 

John, shipmaster, (Mariner,) 20 James street 

Peter, spirit dealer, 31 West North street 

William, shipmaster, 13 Prince Begent street 

Robert, hairdresser, Holburn street 

T. & A., vintners, 57 East North street 

M'Grigor, Charles, hosier and girth manufacturer, 5 Justice street, 

James, saddler, 74 King street [h. 1 Chapel cour* 

John, feuar, 15 Ferry lane 

Miss Margaret, hosier, 1 Justice street 

M'Gruer, Alexander, lodgings, 50 Causewayend 


M'Gruer, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 50 Causeway end 

M'Guffie, Thomas, letter-carrier, 20 Trinity street 

M'Hardy, David, general blacksmith and bell-hanger, 66 Nether- 


James, advocate — Office, 58 Castle street 

James, house carpenter, Maybank, Hutcheon street 

John, general blacksmith and bell-hanger, 15 Back wynd 

& Kobison, advocates, 58 Castle street 

William, vintner, Short loanings, Gilcomston 

Mrs. John, hotel and lodgings, 10 Adelphi, Union street 

Mrs., milliner, 8 St. Nicholas street 

M'Intosh, Charles, wright, 45, h. 47 Blackfriars street 

Daniel, blacksmith and machine maker, Fish street, /*. 

Hanover lane 

Daniel, flesher, 122 Chapel street, Mounthooly 

David, M.D., 137 Union street 

John, cabinetmaker and furniture dealer, 37 Guestrow, h, 5 

Flourmill lane 

John, stoneware merchant, 61 Windmillbrae 

James, blacksmith, Flourmillbrae, h. 12 Forbes street 

James, spirit dealer, 90 Loch street 

James, tinsmith, 28, h. 21 Netherkirkgate 

Robert, spirit dealer, 21 Hutcheon street 

Eev. Simon, (East Parish,) 158 King street 

"William, boot and shoe maker, Jopp's court, 40 Broad street 

William, (of the Fire Brigade,) 15 Chronicle lane 

Mrs., midwife, 20 Hutcheon street 

Mrs., lodgings, 40 Broad street 

Miss, teacher, Hanover lane 

M'Intyre, George, guard, (South Defiance,) Boyle's lodgings, 29 

Union street 
M-Kay, Alexander, spirit dealer, 59 Green 
Alexander, boot maker and leather cutter, 18, h. Collie's 

court, 60 Gallowgate 

Alexander, broker, 63 East North street 

David, hardware shop, 51 North Gallery, New Market 

George, slater, 93 Green 

George C, clerk, 63 Park street 

Hugh, spirit dealer, 29 Park street 

James, hosier and stay manufacturer, 55 Queen street 

James, bootmaker, Webster's court, 29 Guestrow 

John, tailor, 26 Spa street 

John, grocer and baker, 25 Park street 

John, boot and shoe maker, 18 Trinity street 

Joseph, police officer, h. Catherine's court, Shiprow 

William, grocer and spirit dealer, Leadside, Gilcomston 

William, tailor, Wellington road 

Mrs., 29 Bon-accord street 

Miss, bonnet maker, 23 Young street 

Miss, matron, (Blind Asylum,) Huntly street 

M'Kechnie, Alexander, shipmaster, 53 Commerce street 
M'Keezer, John, late Serjeant, R.A., Holburn street 
M'Kenzie, Alexander, currier, 13 Denburn terrace 

Alexander, (Munro & Grant,) Dee street 

Alexander, manufacturer, Skene square 

Charles, 38 Gordon street 


M'Kenzie & Carrie, skinners, steps of Gilcomston 

David, superintendent of meters— Office, Regent quay, h. 8 

Mary-well street 

Donald, spirit dealer, 14 Frederick street 

George, boot and shoe maker, 42 Regent quay 

George, grocer and spirit dealer, 19 Causewayend, h. 2 

Hutcheon street 

-^eorge, agent for George Virtue, bookseller and publisher, 

London, 6 Donald's court, Schoolhill 

R ev. Hugh, (Gaelic Church,) h. 11 North Broadford 

James, baker, 66 and 68 Queen street 

James, spirit dealer, 38 Gallowgate 

John, spirit dealer, 2 John street 

John, manufacturer, 109 Skene street 

John, shipmaster, (Kincardineshire,) 11 Longacre 

Captain Malcolm, (H.E.I. C.S.,) Friendville 

& Matthews, architects, 72 King street 

Robert, manager, (Association of Producers,) 47 Gallowgate 

Mrs - A., silk and straw bonnet maker, 72 East North street 

William, broker, 5 Castlebrae 

Mrs. George, Ruthrieston lodge 

Mrs., sick-nurse, 45 Blackfriars street 

Mrs., 33 Summer street 

Mrs. John, 42 Bon-accord street 

Mrs., 46 Chapel street 

Miss, of Ord, 83 Union street 

Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 1 Blackfriars street 

Mrs - & Subron, embroiderers on cambric and muslin, &c, 6 

Donald's court, Schoolhill 

Mrs., lodgings, Affleck place 

Mrs., of Glack, Albyn place 

Mackie, Alexander, Mackie place 

Alexander, china, glass, and stoneware merchant, 3 Black- 
friars street 

George, spirit dealer, 36 Gallowgate 

George, boot and shoe maker, 99 George street, h. 33 Harriet 

George, engineer, 35 West North street [street 

i ohn ' blockmaker-(\V. Hood & Co.), h. 5 BannM»ill street 

2Sf? fc > gr ° Cer ' . tga ^ and s P iri * dealer, St. Clementstreet 

William, watch and clock maker, jeweller, &c, 29 St. Ni- 

w .,?. holas street > £ 6 Donald's court, 20 Schoolhill 

William, grocer, tea, and spirit dealer, comer of Charlotte 

street, St. Andrew street 

William, blacksmith, St. Clement street 

Mary, sick-nurse, 59 Chapel street 

Miss, dressmaker, 1 Trinity quay 

JJ rs -» muslin printing and millinerv, 32 George street 

...... Mrs., midwife, 4 1 Harriet street 

Maclagan, Jas., professor of theology, Free Church, Bon-accord st. 

M'Kiddie, James, 30 East North street 

M'Killiam B. & W., confectioners, 52 Eroad street 

, J 8 " 1 (of B. & W. M'Killiam), h. 6 North Broadford 

Robert, confectioner, 59 Union street 

fe Wlll,am (° f B & W. M'Killiam), h, 3 Queen street 

M Kenna, Michael, spirit dealer, 49 George street 

| Kmlay, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 10 Trinity corner 


M'Kinnon, Lachlan, advocate— Office, 3 Queen St., h. View place 

Lachlan, jun., advocate, stock and share broker — Office, 61 St, 

Nicholas street, h. 34 Gallowgate 

William, ironmonger, h. View place 

William & Co., iron merchants, founders, and bone manure 

manufacturers— Foundry and bone mill, 20 Spring-garden 
M'Kirdie, John, watch and clock maker, 28 Woolmanhill 
M'Lacblan, James, hairdresser, 40 Castle street Jf^ 

John, shoemaker, 32, h. 30 Upperkirkgate 

John, coal broker and shipowner, h. 24 Constitution street 

M'Laren, Daniel, coffee-house, 39 Guestrow 

George, manager, carpet work, h. 151 South Crown street 

...... James, collector of excise— Office, 116 King steeet, h. 51 


John, commission merchant, 25»Gallowgate, h. 65 Bon-accord 

William, M.D., 51 Schoolhill [street 

M'Loay, William, broker, 52 Loch street 

M'Lean, Alexander, house-agent, M'Lean's court, 50 Gallowgate 

Alexander, confectioner, 19 Schoolhill, h. above shop 

G. Gordon, M.D., professor of Oriental languages, Marisehal 

College, h. 173 Union street 
George, grocer, 33 Park street 

James, 18 Commerce street 

John, clerk (Harbour office), h. 50 Gallowgate 

John, clerk, lower end of Wales street 

John, plasterer, M'Lean's court, 50 Gallowgate 

Thomas, baker, 7 Dee street 

Mrs. Thomas, matron, House of Refuge, 45 Guestrow 

M'Leod, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealerf33, h. 35 Summer lane 

Colin, & Son, manufacturers of brass, zinc, and tinplate goods, 

George, vintner, 2 Canal terrace [52 East North street 

Ge^gP'Spirit dealer, 69 Gallowgate 

James, confectioner, 3 Market street 

John, & Co., watch and clock makers, 9 Schoolhill 

Robert, tinsmith, 4 East North street 

William, tailor, 44 Gallowgate 

Miss, milliner ^aa* dressmaker, 2 Ragg's lane 

Macswej^Pgrrf manager of the North of Scotland Equitable Loan 
Company, 52 Union street, h. 83 Crown street 

M'Lennan, Robert, spirit dealer and vintner, Commercial inn, 61 
Castle street 

M'Millan, Peter, watch, clock, compass, and quadrant maker, 45 
h. 46 Regent quay 

Robert, & Co., skinners and tanners, Steps of Gilcomston . 

Rev. Samuel (of the Relief Church), /*. Braehead, Gilcomston 

William, currier, Jack's brae 

William (Ogg & M'Millan), /t. 11 Shiprow 

M'Neil, John, manager, Bon-accord Cottonmill,/*. 69 College street 

M'Nie, Mrs., 3 Black's buildings 

Miss, do. 

M'Phail, Mrs. Donald, Honey brae, Rubislaw 

M'Pherson, Alexander, shipmaster, 13 Sugaihouse lane 

Andrew, ironmonger and blacksmith, 51 North Gallery, New 

Market, h. 81 George street 

Captain Duncan, late of the 52d foot, 11 Union row 

James, combmaker, h. 202 George street 


M'Pherson, John, notary jpublic and messenger-at-arms, 67 St. An- 
drew street 

' John, comb manufacturer, Steps of Gilcomston, h. 4 Rosemount 

' John, shipmaster (Granite), 54 Quay [terrace 

Paul, ironmonger and hardware shop, 53 North Gallery, New 

Market, h. 16 Huxter row 
M'Pherson, William, spirit dealer, 36 Quay 
"'illiam, bookseller, 63, h. 6l Gallowgate 

illiam, provision merchant, 24 Basement floor, New Market 
Vs., lodgings, 13 Marischal street 

Miss, dressmaker, 13 Marischal street 

Miss, 24 Union place 

...... Misses, dressmakers, 1 Justice lane 

M'Rae, James, distiller, (Strathdee Distillery), Cooperston buildings 

John, brewer (Cadenhead, Barron, & Co.), k. Holburn stree°t 

Miss, sick nurse, 1 Blackfriars street 

M 'Robbie, James, flesher* 170 George street 

John, grocer, 141, h. 139 Gallowgate 

Peter, gardener, Love lane 

Macrobin, Dr., professor of medicine, Marischal College, /*. 13 
Silver street 

M'Taggart, Donald, 99 Gallowgate 

M'William, James, & Co., comb manufacturs, 83 Spring garden 
Mrs., lodgings, 1 Blackfriars street 

Miss, teacher, Davidson's school, Footdee 

Mactier, Anthony, of Durris, Durris House 

Maguire, James, dealer in clothes, 49 Queen street 

Mail and General Coach Offices, 65 Union street 

Main, David, shipmaster (Isabella and Ann), L 22 Marywell sU 

John, shipmaster (St. Nicholas), 43 Commerce street 

Mrs., midwife, 11 Drum's lane 

Mair, William (of Gifford & Mair), 57 Huntly street 

Maitland, George, agent for Blackie & Son, publishers, Glasgow, 
John O' Groat Journal, Elgin Courant, and Scottish Guar- 
dian newspapers, 40 Broad street, h. 56 Causewayend 

• James, & Co., candlemakers, 42 Netherkirkgate 

John, late merchant, 23 Union place 

Peter, feuar, Causewayend % . 

...... Richard, vintner, Cove inn 

Robert (of J. Maitland & Co.), h. Garvock street 

William, merchant, li. 1 St. Clement street 

i William, shipmaster ( Clio), Waterloo quay 

Mrs., lodgings, 83 Union street 

Mrs., Marywell place 

Malcolm, James, writer (Blaikie & Smith), h. 56 Chapel street. 

William, spirit dealer, 21 Upperkirkgate, h. above shop 

Mrs., late of Leochel, 70 Dee street 

...... Miss, Anderson's cottage, Gooseberry bank 

Mann, James, spirit dealer, 18 Netherkirkgate, h. Charles street 

John, boot and shoemaker, 17 Longacre 

John, shipmaster (Margaret Hardy), 6 Hanover street 

Manuelle, J. & J., manufacturers of effervescing champaigne, lemon- 
ade, and soda water, Chronicle court, Queen street, h. 91 
King street 

M., stone merchant, Blaikie's quay 

March, J., German-clock maker, 42 George street 


March, Matthew, German-clock maker, 42 George street 
Mariners' General Life Assurance Co. — Geo. Allan, advocate, agent 
Marnoch, Alexander, messenger and housekeeper, Customhouse 
Marquis, George, accountant, 147 Union street, h. Albyn place 
Marr, George, grocer and spirit dealer, 25 Windmillbrae 

George (of Marr & Milne), h. 31 Wales street 

James, flesher, 36 New Market, h. 22 Skene square 

& Milne, fleshers (successors to James Williamson), ^Land 

31 Wales-street Market, and 11 and 12 New Mar*^ 

John, piano-forte saloon, 218 Union street 

Marsh, James, shipmaster (Caroline), Maybank 
Marshall, Allan, A., brassfounder, coppersmith, and gasfitter, 51 
West North st., and 34 Littlejohn street, h. 95 King st. 

Alexander, plumber, 5 Charlotte street 

David, painter and glazier, 13 Diamond street 

John C, clerk (P. O.), h. 156 George street 

John, clerk, 3 Trinity quay, h. U Upperkirkgate 

Peter, overseer (Richards & Co., Broadford), h. 20 Skene sq. 

...... William, engineer (Vernon & Co.), lu 11 Canal terrace 

...... William, paper warehouse, 39 Netherkirkgate, /*. 5 Black's 


Mrs., midwife and sick nurse, 156 George street 

Martin, Alexander, collector of Merchant Seamen's Fund, 1 Con- 
stitution street— Office, 33 Regent quay 

Alexander, agent, 69 Crown street 

Charles, shipmaster, 12 Yeats' lane 

David, manager (Edinburgh Chemical Co.), 37 Castle street 

...... George, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, North Broadford 

James, shoemaker, Skene square, h. 7 Forbes street 

James, slater, 68 Broad street 

John & James, fleshers, 51 and 52 New Market, h. 26 St 

Nicholas street 

John, shipmaster, (Margaret Hardy,) 1 Constitution street 

John, sen., flesher, 23 New Market, h. Holburn place 

John, third clerk, customs, A. 112 Chapel street 

John, jun., flesher, (of J. & J.,) h. 9 St. Nicholas street 

Robert, flesher, 15 Poultry Market, h. Tollohill, Banchory 

Samuel, grocer, tea and mealseller, 1 Causewayend, h. 1 Ca- 
therine street 

Samuel, hat manufacturer, 34 Union street,/*. Cruden's court, 

22 Broad street 

William, flesher, 50 New Market, h. Bridge of Dee 

. William, bookseller and stationer, 35 Broad street, h. 7 
'.'.'.'.'.. Mrs., 70 Gallowgate [Forbes street 

Mrs. James, 1 Flourmill lane 

Mrs., provision shop, 27 Netherkirkgate 

Massie, James Ignatius, engineer, h. 56 Union street 

James, tailor, Sutherland's court, 126 Gallowgate 

John, teacher, (John Knox school,) 49 Spital 

Marianus, advocate— Office, 36 Union street, Ti. 2 Longacre, 

Broad street 

Peter, boot and shoe maker, 5 St. Nicholas street, h. 9 George 

Mrs., lodgings, 103 George street [street 

Misses, dressmakers and milliners, 56 Union street 

Masson, Alexander, Sugarhouse lane [Huntly street 
Alexander, collector, Aberdeen New Gas Co., h. King's square. 


Masson, Alexander, shipmaster, (Triumph,) 23 Virginia street 

Andrew, accountant, (Bon-accord Fire and Life Assurance 

Company,) h. Well of Spa 

Andrew, 30 Gallowgate [Gallowgate 

m James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 51 Gallowgate, h. 55 

John, wood merchant, King street, h. Neilson lane 

Robert, cabinetmaker and furniture dealer, 19 Justice street 

Thomas, flesher, 158 George street, and 38 Basement floor, 

New Market 

William, dyer, Barkmill, h. 9 Forbes street 

William, spirit dealer, 23 Windy wynd 

William, cooper, Justice Mills 

Jane, confectioner, Gallowgate, corner of Gerard street 

Mrs - George, dealer in old clothes, 25 East North street 

Miss, teacher, Holburn street 

Mather, John, commission agent, 7 Marischal street, h. Crown st. 

John, spirit dealer, 87 Shiprow • 

William, spirit dealer, 33 Loch street 

Matthew, Alexander C, surgeon, 3 Canal terrace 

Alexander C, manufacturer of aerated soda water, lemonade, 

&c, Canal lane, Canal terrace 

Alexander, insurance-broker, and manager Sea Insurance 

Company, 57, h. 24 Marischal street 

James, mason, 30 Summer street 

John, late baker, 20 Prince Eegent street 

John, merchant, Carmelite street 

Matthews, James, (of M'Kenzie & Matthews,) 72 King street 

William, jun., leather merchant, h. 261 George street 

William, sen., leather merchant, 261 George street 

Matheson & Co., merchant tailors, 5 Union buildings 

P-, (of Matheson & Co.,) Old Aberdeen 

Mrs., midwife, 144 George street 

Miss, dressmaker, 144 George street 

Mathewson, Mrs. Alexander, nursery, Connigarhill, Links 
Mathieson, Isaac, silk mercer and haberdasher, bonnet, plait, shawl, 
and millinery rooms, 33 Union street, h. 2 St. Catherine's' 

James, broker, 11 Justice street [wynd 

Peter, proprietor, 14 Kidd lane 

Robert, carter, 24 Virginia street 

Mrs-, dressmaker and milliner, 20 St. Nicholas street 

Mrs. Peter, 22 Lower Denburn 

Mrs., 57 Huntly street 

Maurice, Alexander, shipmaster, (Victoria,; 9 Canal terrace 

Mrs., 29 Justice street 

Maver, Alexander, blacksmith, Holburn street 

David, teacher, Bon-accord juvenile school, /*. 10 Marywcll 


George, farmer, Euthrieston 

James, jobbing gardener, Neilson's house, Holburn street 

! Joli n> slater, yard 170 Gallowgate, h. 42 Causeway end 

Miss, teacher, Girls' Hospital, 56 Gallowgate 

Mavers, Charles, flesher, 4 Wales-street market 
Mearns, Daniel, shipmaster, (City of Aberdeen, steamer,) 2 Yeats' 

James, berth master, 6 Baltic street—Office, Eegent quav, 

near Canal basin 


Meams, James, packer of china, glass, and stoneware, h, 5 Guestrow 

John, spirit dealer, 86 Woolmanhill 

...... John, watch and clock maker, 16 Schoolhill, h. Steps of Gil- 


John, clerk, Royal Hotel, h. 17 Huntly street 

Robert, builder, 53 Bon-accord street 

Mrs., lodgings, 53 Bon-accord street 

Mrs., midwife, 5 Guestrow 

Miss, Chapel court, 61 Gallowgate 

Miss, Hardgate , 

Medd, Misses, teachers of singing and piano-forte, 31 Manschal st. 
Meffet, Mrs. George, haberdasher, 204 Gallowgate 
Mein, James, surgeon-dentist, 1 1 Crown street 
Mellis, Alexander, Dean of Guild's officer, and inspector of mea- 
sures, office, Town-house and Lodge Walk 
Melville, Eliezer (of T. Melville & Sons), h. Ferguson's court, 
108 \ Gallowgate 

Thomas, sen., h. Melville's court, 106 Gallowgate 

Thomas, jun., ironmonger, h. 87 Gallowgate 

Thomas, & Sons, iron merchants, wholesale ironmongers, 

plane, lock, and hinge manufacturers, 106, /*. 108 Gal- 

William, ironmonger, 106 Gallowgate, h. Kingsland place, 

t Misses A. and C, milliners, 133 Union street, h. 37 Sum- 
mer street 
Melvin, George, boot and shoe maker, 16 and 18 George street^ h. 
Union terrace 

George, game dealer, 8 Chronicle Lane 

James, LL.D., rector of Grammar School, h. 41 Belmont st. 

James, wright, 32 Hutcheon street 

John, musician, 25 Schoolhill 

John (of Laing & Melvin), 95 Chapel street 

Robert, wright, 95 Chapel street 

Mrs. James, lodgings, 13 Constitution street 

Miss, staymaker, 81 Shiprow 

Mennie, Alexander, merchant, 46 Upperkirkgate, h. 87 Hutcheon 

James, land-surveyor, Hardgate [street 

John, boot and shoemaker, Maybank [street 

'. William, clerk (Gilcomston Brewery), k. Maybank, Hutcheon 

William, tea and spirit merchant, Holburn street 

Menzies, John, leather-cutter, 8 Woolmanhill, h. 30 Blackfriars m 

Thomas, printer (Gazette Office), h. 10 Canal terrace 

Christian, sick-nurse, 48 Woolmanhill 

Mercer, Hay, watch and clock maker, 27 West North street 

John, wright, 22 Hutcheon street 

Merchant, Alexander, house carpenter and cabinetmaker, corner of 
Jopp's lane, John street, h. 32 St. Andrew street 

, Isaac, shipmaster (Volant), 6 Baltic street 

Seamen's Office, 33 Regent quay 

Mrs., 13 Chronicle lane 

Mess, Jonathan, corn merchant — Granary, 22, h. 13 Commerce st. 
Meston, Alexander, farmer, Denhead of Rubislaw 

Alexander, late dyer, Viewmoimt cottage, Holburn street 

Alexander, jun., writer (P. & A. Davidson), /*, Viewmount 

cottage, Holburn street 


Meston, James, grocer, 6 East North street 

John, stabler, 13 Princes street 

Robert, merchant, 135 Skene street 

Seaton, grocer and spirit dealer, 17 James street 

Thomas, teacher of English, &c, 56 Union street, h. 17 

Golden square 
...... Rev. "William, teacher of languages, 45 Schoolhill 

Mrs. John, 18 Marywell place 

Meyers, Lazarus, general merchant, 1 Flourmill lane 
Michie, George, cooper, 7 Barnet's close 

James, lodgings, 30 Dee street 

Miss, warder, East Prison 

Michigan Investment Co. — Murray & M'Combie, cashiers and 

agents, 103 Union street 
Middleton, Alexander, blacksmith, 70 Park street 

Alexander, & Co., cabinetmakers, 88 Union street 

Alexander (of A. Middleton & Co.), h. 14 East North street 

Francis, wood merchant, opposite to 228 George street, h. 12 

Jopp's lane 

David, wood merchant, opposite 288 George street, h. 232 

. James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 46, h. 48 Summer street. 

„i,.. James, candlemaker, 40 Wales street 

John, cabinetmaker, 99 George street 

i Peter, tailor, 6 Crown street, h. Justicemill lane 

Robert, builder, 24 Union row, h. 29 Dee street 

Samuel, teller (Aberdeen Bank), h. Ash cottage, Skene st. 

"William (of Middleton & Co.), h. 54 Summer street 

Mrs. James, Braehead, Gilcomston 

Mrs., wool and worsted merchant, 95 Gallowgate 

Mrs., 14 East North street 

Miss, dressmaker, 19 Huntly street 

Miss, dressmaker, 95 Gallowgate 

Military Hospital, Castlehill 

Millar Brothers (London Hat Co.) 27 Union street 

George, rope and twine manufacturer, 40 Park street 

James, flesher, 12 Wales-street Market, h. 19 Wales street 

i William, tailor, Milner's court, 25 Guestrow 

Mrs., lodgings, 1 Rose street 

Miller, James A., advocate (Blaikie & Smith), h, Albyn place 
John, commission agent and ship broker, Park Cottage, by 

Park street 

William, watch and clock maker, 17 St. Nicholas street 

Mrs., Albyn place 

Milne, Alexander, boot and shoe maker, 27 Marischal street, h. 

Cruden's court, 22 Broad street 

Alexander, gardener, Carnationfield, near Rosemount terrace 

Alexander, tailor, 14 Dee street 

Alexander, of Pittrichie, wholesale grocer, snuff and tobacco 

manufacturer, 14 Young street, h. above warehouse, and 

Pittrichie house 
Cruden, & Co., manufacturers of threads, shoe-threads, and 

linens, Spring-garden, Windmillbrae, and Gordon's mills 
...... Charles, clerk (Steam Navigation Co.), h. 34 Chapel street 

Rev. David, Gilcomston Church, h. 21 Summer street 

David, merchant, h. 24 St Andrew street 

David, wright, 2 Martin's lane 


Milne, Douglas E., secretary (Aberdeen Gas Co.), 24 St Andrew st. 

George, mason, Kingsland place, George street 

George, road contractor, Ferry hill cottage 

George, watoh and clock maker, 29 Mealmarket lane 

George, spirit dealer, 87 Woolraanhill 

George, gardener, Westfield park, Gilcomston 

James, shore porter, vintner, and sedan chairman, 13 Exche- 

chequer row 

James, spirit dealer, South bridge, Holburn street 

James, shipmaster, 12 Mary well street 

James, vintner, "Wellington road 

..;... James (Milne's lodgings), 29 Union street 

James, Mill of Buchanston meal and barley warehouse, 72 

Broad street 

James, spirit dealer, 9 West North street 

John, agent for Mill of Inverury, Canal terrace, h. 61 Regent 

John B. (of W. Milne & Son), h. Mary well street, comer of 

Crown street 

John, wholesale confectioner, h. and warehouse, 21 Gallowgate 

John, gardener, "Westfield 

John, letter carrier, 172 George street 

John, timber merchant, King street, near Nelson street 

John, messenger (Aberdeen Town and County Bank), h, 10 

John, clerk of Police, 50 St. Nicholas street, h. south end of 

Summer street 

JohnD., sen. and jun., advocates, 54 Union street, A. 40 Skene 

John, carter, Fish street [terrace 

Low, & Co., manufacturers and woollen drapers, 1 Union 


Peter, late shipmaster, 55 Virginia street 

Peter, overseer ("William Allan, Waterloo quay), h. Sugar- 
house lane 

Robert, teacher, 19 Marischal street 

...... Robert, timber measurer, Hardgate 

, Robert, late tidewaiter, 32 St Clement street 

Robert, shipmaster, Hanover street 

Robert, manufacturer, 9 Black's buildings 

Roger, 11 Schoolhill 

Thomas; nurseryman and florist, Sunnyside 

Thomas, master shipwright (Hall & Sons, Footdee), h. St. 

Clement street 

William, shipping clerk (A. Hadden & Sons) 

William (of Marr & Milne), h. 32 Adelphi court 

William, manufacturer (Milne, Cruden, & Co.), h. 34 Chapel 

William, contractor, Bridge of Dee [street 

William, late boot and shoemaker, 11 Schoolhill 

William, & Son, grocers, tea and spirit merchants, 37 and 39 

Broad street, and 195 Union street 
William, late painter and glazier, h. Collie's court, 60 Gal^ 


Christina, vintner, 10 Langstane place 

Mrs. Alexander, lodgings, 16 Constitution street 

Mrs. Captain, 51 Chapel street 

Mrs. David, midwife, 24 St. Andrew street 


Milne, Mrs. G., 55 Shiprow 

Mrs. James, Provost Milne's court, 65 Gallowgate 

Mrs. James, lodgings, 29 Union street 

Mrs. Joseph, 4 Broadford 

Mrs., spirit dealer, 18 Gordon street 

Mrs. Robert, straw-hat and stay maker, 35 Union street, h. 

Exchange court 

Mrs. William, lodgings, 18 Queen street 

Mrs., stabler, 11 Harriet street 

Mrs., provision merchant, 3 St. Andrew street 

Mrs., 31 "Wales street 

Mrs., flesher, 11 Wales-street Market, h. 16 Wales street 

Mrs., 40 Constitution street 

Mrs.. 7 Black's buildings 

Miss, teacher (Infant School), Princes street 

Miss Catherine, fancy knitter, dealer in worsted and teas, 11 


Miss Elspeth, dressmaker, 11 Drum's lane 

Miss Margaret, register office, 3 Guestrow 

Miss, teacher of piano-forte and singing, 19 Marisehal street 

...,}. Miss, 75 Union street 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 14 Thistle street 

Misses, white seamstresses, Collie's court, 60 Gallowgate 

Minty, James, inspector of police and superintendent of water — 

Office, 50 St Nicholas street, h. 28 Princes street 
Minto, William, 28 Wellington street 
Mirrielees, William (of Cattanach & Mirrielees), Twin cottage, 

Holburn street 
Mitchell, Alexander, builder, head of Spa street 

Alexander, bird- stuffier, Upper Denburn 

Alexander, assistant pilot-master, New Pier 

Alexander, clerk, h. 20 Quay 

Alexander, bookseller, stationer, and binder, 20 Upperkirk- 

gate, h. 20 Spital 

Alexander, vintner, Ruthrieston 

Charles, spirit dealer, 41 Guestrow 

Daniel, machine maker, 37 Park street 

David, grain merchant, 3 Commerce street 

David, advocate, agent for Manchester Fire and Life Assur- 
ance Company, 8 Castle street 

David, blacksmith, Castle brae, h. Duthie's house, Castlebrae 

George, painter, glazier, and paper-hanger, 8, h. 13 Black's 

George M„ spirit dealer, 12 Castle street [buildings 

George, mason, 91 Chapel street 

James, spirit dealer and provision merchant, 14 West North 

James, gardener, Fountainhall [street 

James, late merchant, Holburn street 

James, mason, 93 Chapel street 

• James, piano-forte tuner, and repairer of musical instruments, 

93 Skene street 

James, broker, 41 Lodge walk 

John, builder (of Mitchell & Ross), 4 Little Chapel street 

John, shipmaster, Marine cottage, 6 Constitution street 

...... John, tinsmith, 2 Little Wales street 

...... John, artist, 27 Cnnvn street [gent quay 

Robert, manager (Leith and Clyde Shipping Co.), k. 20 Re- 


Mitchell, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 65 Commerce street 

Thomas, engineer (Blaikie Brothers), h. Footdee 

Rev. William L. (Free Holburn Church), h. 139 Skene st. 

William, mason, Thistle street 

William, hecklemaker, 8 Windy wynd, h. Sutherland's court, 

126 Gallowgate 

William, shipmaster, 46 Regent quay 

William, wright, 32 Union row 

William, bookseller, ornamental stationer, and printseller, 

81 Union street 

William, clerk (Aberdeen Gas Co.), 23 Hutcheon street 

William, teacher (Boys' Hospital) 

Mrs., Mitchell place, King street 

Mrs., midwife, 91 Chapel street 

Mrs., lodgings, 21 Summer street 

Mrs., pattern-printing establishment, 10 St. Nicholas street 

Mrs. Major, of Ashgrove, 35 Belmont street 

Mrs., lodgings, 5 Donald's court, 20 Schoolhill 

Mrs. John, agent for Morrison's medicines, 65 Broad street 

Miss, dressmaker, 41 Guestrow 

Miss, 1 Chapel street 

Miss, dressmaker, 65 Chapel street 

Miss Charlotte, ladies' school, 41 Guestrow 

Moffat, Francis, bookbinder, Concert court, Broad street 

John, gardener, Outseat, Pitmuxton 

Mrs., sick nurse, 3 Denburn 

Moir, Alexander, late hosier, Moir's court, 103 Gallowgate 

B. (of J. Moir & Son), h. 36 Marischal street 

Francis, spirit dealer, 63 West North street 

George, of Denmore, h. Denmore 

George, tailor, 10 Shiprow 

James, surgeon, 3, h. 5 Skene row 

James, M.D., Braehead cottage, Old Aberdeen 

James, boot and shoe maker, 71 East North street 

James (Jas. Moir & Co.), h. 86£ Crown street 

James, & Co., clothiers and tailors, 5 King street 

John, messenger-at-arms and auctioneer, 76 Broad street 

John, spirit dealer, 59 Guestrow 

John, & Son, preservers of all kinds of animal and vegetable 

food in a fresh state, 56 Virginia street 

.....'. Robert, wine merchant, 23 Adelphi, Union street 

William, writer, 56 Bon-accord street, /*. 56 Chapel street 

William, tailor, 85 Chapel street 

William, shore porter, 18 Shiprow 

William, tailor and clothier, 6 Union lane, second floor 

Mrs., vintner, Wellington street 

Mrs. Dr., 9 St. Nicholas lane 

Mrs., late wool merchant, 14 Chapel street 

Mrs., register office, 76 Broad street 

Mrs. W., late of Park, 28 Bon-accord terrace 

Miss, dressmaker. 18 Marywell street 

Misses, 8 Guestrow 

Miss Isabella, bonnetmaker, 23 George street 

Mollison, Alexander, jeweller, 60 Gordon street 

, David, porter and spirit dealer, 26, h. 25 Quay 

James, Union Hotel, 25 Union street 


Mollison, James, grocer, 4 St. Clement street 

John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 26 Virginia street 

William, teacher, Mechanics' Institution, h. 115 Union street 

Mrs. Captain William, 40 Union place 

Monro, David, advocate, 18 Adelphi, h. 18 Silver street 

Joseph, stone-cutter, 110 West North street 

Mrs., late of Huntly, 18 Silver street 

Montgomery, Alexander, 10 Sugarhouse lane 

Francis, shipowner, 9 \ Sugarhouse lane 

...... James, mealseller, 133 King street 

More, Mrs., of Raeden, h. 36 Schoolhill 

Miss, of Raeden, 193 Union street 

Miss, 71 Dee street [loo quay 

Morgan, James, foreman shipwright, (A. Hall & Sons,) h. Water- 

John, shipmaster, (Eliza,) 8 Yeats' lane 

William, hairdresser, 32 Woolmanhill 

Mrs. William, milliner, 119 Chapel street 

Morice, Alexander, shipowner, h. Nellfield 

D. R., advocate, 233 Union street, h. Walkerhill by Aber- 

Mrs. Alexander, 4 West Craibstone street [deen 

Mrs. Robert, 233 Union street west 

Mrs. Isobella, 165 Union street 

Morison, Alexander, shipmaster, 13 Prince Regent street 

Alexander, pilot-master, New pier 

Alexander, (of Morison & Gray,) h. 11 Union buildings 

Alexander, jun., writer, 13 Prince Regent street 

Charles, shore porter, Commercial court, 58 Castle street 

David, woollen draper, 23, h. 25 Queen street 

, George, M.D., 15 Constitution street 

& Gray, silk mercers, shawlmen, and linen drapers, 119 

Union street 

James, gardener, Drywell park, Loanhead 

John, 1 St. Mary place 

John, accountant, (City of Glasgow Bank,) h. 15 Constitu- 
tion street 

Peter, manager, (Aberdeen Lime Company, Inches,) h. 50 

Bon-accord street 

Theodore, watch and clock maker, Bridge of Dee 

William, umbrella maker, 12 Gallowgate, h. 27 Windy wynd 

William, coachman, (Ballater mail,) 6 Blackfriars street 

William, tailor, Downie : s court, 65 Broad street 

William, writer, (P. & A. Davidson,) h. Waterloo quay 

William, Rosemount terrace 

Mrs. John, 15 Constitution street 

Mrs. William, 11 Union buildings 

Mrs., 54 Chapel street 

Morren, Miss, 29 Dee street 

Morrice, Alexander, ironmonger, (W. M'Kinnan & Co.,) A. 36 
King street 

Alexander, shipowner, Nellfield house 

James, innkeeper and lodgings, 5 Carmelite street 

Miss, dressmaker, 9 Correction wynd 

Mortimer, Alexander, baker, 10 "Virginia street, head of Theatre 
lane, h. and sale shop, 42 Marischal street 

Peter, wood merchant, Poynernook, and Blaikie's quay, A. 55 

Dee street 


Mortimer, Robert, iron merchant, 12 St. Paul's street, and Ironmon- 
gers' court, 14 Upperkirkgate, h. 118 Crown street 

Sutherland, & Co., worsted spinners, hosiers, and girth 

manufacturers, Canal road 

William, hosier and girth manufacturer, 11 St. Nicholas 

street, h. Canal road , 

..... Mrs. 118 Crown street 

Mowat, Alexander, woollen manufacturer, John street, proprietor 
of hot and cold sea- water baths at Seabeach and 10 Quay, 
h. 3 Blackfriars street 

Alexander, broker, 38 Marischal street 

James, tailor and renovator of gentlemen's wearing apparel, 

8 FJourmill brae 

John, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 10 Justice street — Work- 
shop, Sinclair's close, h. 9 Guestrow 

...... William, writer, (Adam & Anderson J 13 Bon-accord lane 

Mrs. James, Springbank terrace 

Muil, Francis, baker, 153 George street, and 50 John street, A. 155 
George street 

John, baker, 41 Schoohill 

William, painter and glazier, 8 Carnegie's brae 

Muir, Alexander (of Muir & Allan), h. Loirston, Nigg 

& Allan, advocates, 36 Union street 

John, clerk, (Steam Navigation Co.), h. 32 Union place 

Muirden, Mrs., lodgings, 5 Mounthooly 

Munro, Alexander, turner, fishing-rod and tackle maker, 118, />, 
120 King street 

& Grant, woollen drapers, 85 Union street 

David, (of J. & D. Munro,) /*. 82 Skene street 

Donald, tavern, 57 Guestrow 

James, shipmaster, Bon-accord lane 

James & David, boot and shoe makers, 48 Upperkirkgate 

James, dispensing pharmaceutical chemist, 124 Gallowgate 

John, inspector of taxes — Office, 85, h. 84 Union street 

John, supervisor of excise, Bexhill cottage, Holburn street 

Captain George, staff-officer, 15 Dee street 

Kenneth, boot and shoe maker and leather cutter, 78, h. 80 

George street ■ 

Kenneth, baker, 4 Gallowgate, h. 7 George street 

Robert, artist, 3 Exchequer row 

Roderick, shoemaker, Yeat's lane 

William, grocer, 17 Causewayend, h. 5 Hutcheon street 

Mrs , staymaker, 120 King street 

Mrs., 39 Summer street 

Margaret, dressmaker, 18 John street 

Murdoch, Alexander, bookseller, 36 St. Nicholas street, h. 26 North 

Murray, Alexander, shore porter, 18 Shiprow 

Alexander, cattle dealer, and cattle agent, 100 West Hut- 

Andrew, advocate, 44 Skene terrace" 

Andrew Geddes, clerk (Aberdeen Lime Company), h. Spring- 

cheon street 
bank terrace 

Charles, letter carrier, 25 Frederick street 

Daniel, flesher, 5 Basement floor, New Market 

& Garden, advocates, 50 Schoolhill 


Murray & M'Combie, advocates, 103 Union street 
I & Morison, managers (Aberdeen Lime Company), Provost 

Blaikie's quay, Inches 
George, clerk (Cadenhead, Barron, & Co.), h. 13 Bon- Accord 


George, tinplate worker, 33, It. 31 Chapel street 

George, builder, 63 Park street 

Isaac (of Burge & Murray), h. 36 Broad street 

...... James, advocate, 48, /*. 50 Schoolhill 

James, boot and shoe maker, 52, h. 50 Upporkirkgate 

James, day police, 18 Porthill 

„ James, clerk (Farquhar & Gill), h. Farmer's hall 

Eev. John (Free North Church), h. 30 Skene terrace 

John, tobacconist, and tea and spirit dealer, 11 Upperkirk- 

gate, h. 74 Hutcheon street 

John, cabinetmaker, 70 Green 

...... John shoemaker, 26 Princes street 

John, clerk (National Bank), h. Springbank terrace 

Peter, broker, 7 Park street 

Eobert, confectioner, 11, h. Brebner's court, 9 Castle street 

, William manager (Aberdeen Lime Co.) — Office, 2 Lime 

sheds, Inches, h. Springbank terrace 

William, builder, 58 John street 

, William, brushmaker, 31 Chapel street 

William, flesher, New Market 

William, jun., flesher, 39 New Market, h. 139 Hadden street, 


William, clerk (J. Duguid & Co.), h. 7 Skene square 

William, treasurer to the Operative Mutual Assurance So- 
ciety, 52 Gerard street 

William, tobacconist, 46 Netherkirkg ate 

William, writer, 46 Netherkirkgate 

William, tailor, 74 George street 

Mrs., vintner, 79 Windmill brae 

Mrs. George, last maker, Plasterer's court, 70 Gallowgate 

Mustard, Eobert, tailor and clothier, 145, h. 143 George street 
Mutual Accumulation Society — A. Duthie, advocate, 11 Market 

street, agent 
Mutch, Eobert, ironmonger and blacksmith, 22 Dee street 

Nairne, Mrs., 75 Union street 

National Bank of Scotland's Branch, 42 Castle street 

Fire and Life Assurance Company — Allardyce & Jopp, agents, 

13 Market street 
Mercantile Life Assurance Society — Marshall Brown, agent, 

1 28 Union street 
Naughton, Mrs,, lodgings, 35 Blackfriars street 
Neil, Joseph, cart and plough wright, 103 West North street 

Mrs., vintner, 44 Quay 

Neill, W. F. Smith, E.A., 130 Union street 

Nelson, Charles, builder, granite polishing and stone cutting works. 

Union wynd and Union row, h. Summer street, corner of 

Union row 

Daniel, Holburn street 

George, blockmaker and boatbuildcr, Wellington road 

George, jun., 5 Summer lane 


• , - 


Nelson, William, boatbuilder, hi Summer lane 

Mrs., housekeeper, Trinity-hall, 1 Trinity corner 

Neish, Miss, dressmnker and milliner, 14 Dee street 
Ness, Robert, coach builder, 7, h. 8 Union row- 
Netherlands Vice-Consul, Arthur Thomson— Office, Bank of Scot- 
land court, Castle street 
Newbridge Brewery, Hardgate 

Newlands, Rev. James, (of St. Clement's Parish,) h. 4 Canal terrace 
Ncwson, Jonathan, Mill street 

Nicol, Alexander, (of A. & W. Nicol,) merchant and shipowner, k. 
Seaton farm, Old Aberdeen 

A. & W., merchants and shipowners, 60 Marischal street 

Alexander, lime meter, 3 Hanover street 

Alexander, cooper, 6 Ragg's lane 

Alexander, guard, (Lord Forbes Coach,) Flourmill brae 

Francis H., 159 King street 

George, carter, 15 Young street 

George, overseer, (W. Routledge & Son, 219 Gallowgate,) h. 

190 West North street 

George, (A. Cowie & Co.,) h. 38 Shiprow 

G. J., M.D., 22 Adelphi court 

James, advocate, 18 Adelphi 

James, clerk, (Milne, Cruden, & Co.,) h. Old Aberdeen 

James, bulker, Harbour Office, /*. Shore brae 

James, jun., writer, (T. & N. Burnett,) h. 18 Adelphi 

James, & David Monro, advocates, 18 Adelphi, Union street 

John, shipmaster (Isabella,) 23 Prince Regent street 

John, overseer of wrights, harbour, h. 67 Waterloo quay 

John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 20, h. 2 Affleck place 

John, teacher of vocal music, 5 St. Andrew street [place 

John, merchant tailor, 13 St. Nicholas street, A. 2 St. Mary 

Joseph, baker and confectioner, 10 Exchequer row, A. 31 Mari- 
schal street 

Whinton, ropemaker, 52 Causewayend 

William, merchant and shipowner, (of A. & W. Nicol,) h. 71 

Mrs. Andrew, 4 Dee street [Crown street 

Mrs., vintner, 18 Wellington street 

Nicoll, Alexander, turner, 2 Barnett's close, Guestrow 
Nicolson, Alexander, blacksmith, 11, h. 36 Causewayend 

James, book-keeper, (Hall & Sons,) h. Hanover lane 

Mrs. B., 26 Bon-accord terrace 

li Mrs., lodgings, 6 Bon-accord terrace 

Mrs,, lodgings, 59 Marischal street 

Misses, (of Glenbervie,) 26 Bon-accord terrace 

Niddry, Charles, feuar, 64 Hutcheon street 

William, artist, 49 St. Andrew street 

Nisbet, Alexander, Stonytown 

Andrew, soapmaker, 94 Loch street, h. 199 King street 

& Robertson, ship insurance brokers, agents for the National 

London Fund Life Assurance Society, and Shipwrecked 
Fishermen and Mariners' Benevolent Society, 47 Mari- 
schal street 

James, (of Nisbet & Robertson,) h. Stonytown, Rubislaw 

Noble, James, tailor, 4 Queen street 

William, police mason, 26 Causewayend 

Norrie, Alexander, grocer, 124 King street, h. Bridge of Don 


Nome, Mrs., 3 Kidd lane 

...... Mrs., 20 North Silver street 

Norris, Mrs., teacher, 60 Queen street 

Miss, matron, Female Orphan Asylum, Albyn place 

North British Australasian Loan Company— Office, 31 Gallowgate 

North British Fire and Life Insurance — T. & N. Burnett, advo- 
cates, 25 Belmont street, and Andrew Murray, advocate, 
103 Union street, agents 

North Broadford Bread Co., 5 North Broadford — Alexander Craig, 
manager, h. 20 North Broadford 

Northern Investment and Exchange Company, 24 Adelphi court — ' 
R. R. Notman, managing director 

North of Scotland Banking Company, Castle street— Henry Pater- 
son, manager 

North of Scotland Fire and Life Assurance Company— William 
Chalmers, manager — Office, 3 King street 

North of Scotland Equitable Loan Company— H. macswein, mana- 
ger — entries, M'Combie's court, 52 Union street, and 51 

North of Scotland Gazette Office, 42 Castle street— W. Bennett, 
printer and publisher 

Norwich Fire, Life, and Annuity Office— Charles Chalmers, advo- 
cate, agent — Office, 147 Union street 

Notman, Robert R., accountant, 24 Adelphi court, h. 99 Crown st. 

Odd-Fellows' Arms and Commercial Hotel, 41 Queen street 
Ogg, Alexander, land-surveyor and valuator, 1 15 Union street, It. 
72 Bon-accord street 

David, basket maker, 43 Upperkirkgate 

Henry, (Henry Ogg & Co.,) h. Holburn street 

Henry & Co., Strathdee Distillery, Cooperston 

& M'Millan, watch and clock makers, nautical instrument 

makers, 30 Regent quay 

William F., advocate, 11 Adelphi court— agent for the Phoenix 

Fire Office of London, the Scottish Amicable Life Assur- 
ance Society, and the Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mari- 
ners' Benevolent Society 

William, (Ogg & M'Millan,) h. Wales street 

Ogiivie, Alexander, baker, 44 Guestrow, k. 2 Barnett's close 

Alexander, upholsterer, 48 Summer street 

Alexander, flaxdresser, North Broadford, h. 300 George st. 

, George, M.D., lecturer on institutes of medicine, King's Col- 
lege, 156 Union street 

George, coachman, (Ballater mail,) 6 Blackfriars street 

John, teacher, (Gordon's Hospital,) k. 24 Skene square 

John F., M.O., medical superintendent, Lunatic Asylum 

William, flaxdresser, yarn and linen merchant, 63 Nether- 
kirkgate, h. Mile-end 

William, rope and twine manufacturer, 129 King street 

, Mrs., lodgings, 6 Marischal street 

Mrs. Dr., 156 Union street 

Miss, of Auchiries, 4 Dee street 

Misses, Ruthrieston 

Misses, 1 St. Nicholas street 

Ogilvy, John, baker, 70 King street, h. North Lodge 
Ogston, Alexander, tallow-chandler, 88 Loch street, h. Ardo 


Ogston, Francis, M.D., 21 Adelphi court 

John, wright, 11 Denburn terrace 

Miss, 6 Caroline place, Maybank 

Old Machar Poor Assessment Collector's Office, 96 Union street 
Oldman, Alexander, wright and funeral waiter, 2 Wales street 

Andrew, late merchant, 193 Union street 

George, hairdresser, 46 Virginia street 

Oliphant, Walter, (P. & G. Brown), 40 Union terrace 
Oliver, James, landing waiter, Customs 
Orcheiton, James, provision warehouse, 108 Loch street 
Orr, Samuel, spirit dealer, 57 Guestrow 
Orrok, Miss, of Orrok, 2 Alford place 
Ord, Alexander (of Finlayson & Ord), h. 48 Woolmanhill 
Oswald, George, & Co., Lloyd's agents ; ship, insurance, and stock 
and share brokers — Office, 59 Marischal street 

Henry C. (of Oswald, George, & Co.), h. Seabank, Old Aber- 

Mrs. James, 100 Chapel street [deen 

Mrs,, midwife, 29 Skene street 

Palladium Life Assurance Society — Robert Smith, advocate, 96 

Union street, agent 
Palmer, John, file-maker, 72 Hutcheon street, h. Johnston cot- 
tage, N. Broadford 

John, vintner, 29 Berry lane 

James, spirit dealer, 165 J Gallowgate 

Panton, Charles, bookseller and stationer, 78 Broad street, h. 38 

St. Nicholas street 

James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 14 Lower Denburn 

Mrs., 3 Mitchell place 

Pape, Thomas, grocer, 97 Gallowgate 

Park, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 280, /*. 72 Hutcheon st. 

Parker, Mrs., 52 Skene terrace 

Parkhill, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 177 Gallowgate 

Paterson, Alexander, treasurer Old Machar Poor Funds, 38 

Skene street 

Alexander, mill-overseer, 41 Frederick street 

Alexander, provision seller, 281 George street 

Farquharson, spirit dealer, 2, h. 3 Carnegie's brae 

George, blacksmith, 13 Pork lane, h. 14 Marywell street 

Henry, cashier (North of Scotland Banking Company), h. 

...... James, tanner, 3 Denburn terrace [King street 

James, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 70 Virginia street, h. 

34 George street 

, John, shipmaster, h. 49 Commerce street 

John, advocate, 32, h. 30 Queen street 

John, 1 23 George street 

John, surgeon, 61 St. Nicholas street 

John, eating house, 26 Guestrow 

John & George, boot and shoe makers, 130 Union street, 5. 

10 Black's buildings 
William, wholesale druggist, 134 and 136 Gallowgate, h, 1 

Roscmount terrace 

William, leather merchant and tanner, 2 Denburn terrace 

...... William, advocate, 11 Princes street [terrace 

& Co., tanners and curriers, Jack's brae— Office, Denburn 

William, pattern maker, 107 Gallowgate 


Paterson, William, turner, Chronicle court, Queen street 

Mrs. A., 10 Bon -accord terrace 

Mrs. John, vintner, Eubislaw 

Mrs. Roderick, 37 Littlejohn street 

Mrs. "William, 26 St. Nicholas street 

Patrick, David P., foreman (Barry, Henry, & Co.Ji, h. at Work 
Paul, Alexander, writer (J. & S.), 31 Gallowgate 

Alexander, funeral waiter, Steps of Gilscomston 

David, manager (Aberdeen Gas Co.), h. 4 Frederick street 

John, plasterer, 8 Langstane place 

Rev. William, Banchory Devenick, h. Cotbank 

Mrs. Professor, h. 4 Frederick street 

Paull, Rev. James, 10 Schoolhill 

James, writer, 10, Schoolhill 

Paulin, G. B., 9 John street 

Robert, painter, 124 Loch street 

Paxton, Alexander, carver and gilder, 54 East North street 

Payne, Robert, sparmaker (W. Hood & Co.), h. 12 Catto square 

Pearson, Alexander, manager (G. & W. Davidson), h. 20 Virginia 

Peebles, William, 12 Albion street [street 

Peddelty, Joseph, grocer and spirit dealer, 141 Skene street 

Pegler, George, fruiterer, 101 Union street, h. 33 Wales street 

Penman, Mrs., 259 Kingsland place, George street 

Penny, William, shipmaster, h. Poimuir 

Permit Office, 112 King street 

Perry, William, Newburgh 

Peterkin, John, wright, Whitehouse street 

Peters, James, 10 Canal street, Mounthooly 

W. & Co., grocers and provision merchants, 35, East 

North street 
Petrie, George, engraver and copperplate printer, 6 Huxter row, h, 

10 Peacock's close, Castle street 

James (of Wright & Petrie), h. 20 Broadford 

, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 120 Skene street 

, Mrs., lodgings, 57 Huntly street 

Pettigrew, Alexander, vintner, Burnett's close, Castle street 
Petty, David, shipmaster (Commerce), h. 22 Virginia street 
Philip, Colin Allan, advocate, 15 King st., h. 82 Queen street 

James, surgeon, 1, h. 2 Mounthooly 

James, of Morningfield, h. Morningfield 

John, bookbinder, 54, h. 50 Queen street 

John, shipmaster, Wales street 

, & Cooper, clothiers and haberdashers, 32 Union street 

William, jun. (of Philip & Cooper), h. 28 Broad street 

•. Mrs, Friendly bank, Mounthooly 

Mrs. William, poultry shop, 21 George street 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 90 Union street 

Phillips, Andrew, cabinet-maker and upholsterer, 18, h. 13 Union 

John, working upholsterer, 20 Woolmanhill [row 

William, upholsterer, 115 Union street, A. 7 Donald's court, 

Captain William (Mansfield), 20 Castle st. [Schoolhill 

Thomas, wood merchant, Affleck street 

William, shipmaster, 30 Virginia street 

Philp, William, millwright and machine maker, 68 Loch street, 

h. 91 Gallowgate 
Phimcster, John, spirit dealer, 74 East North street 


Phoenix Fire Office — C. Lumsden, Union terrace, and W. F. Ogg, 
Adelpbi, agents 

Piggie, A. H., tailor, 68 Bi - oad street 

Thomas, Broadford works, h. Maybank 

Pirie, Alexander (of Alex. Pirie & Sons), h. Watevton 

Alexander, jun. (Alex. Pirie & Sons), /*. 252 Union street 

Alexander & Sons, paper manufacturers and wholesale sta^ 

tioners, 20 Adelphi 

Alexander, rag merchant, 63 Commerce street 

Alexander, millwright, 66 West North street 

David, merchant and commission agent, Crown court, k. 71 

Crown street 

George, shore porter, and sedan-chair carrier, h. Duthie's 

house, Castle brae 

James, flesher, 7 Wales-street Market, h. 16 Wales street 

John, gardener (successor to J. Cadenhead), Strawberrybank 

Patrick, jun., manufacturer (of Milne, Cruden, & Co.), M 

154 Union street 

William, 67 Bon-accord street 

Rev. W. R., D.D., professor of Divinity (Marischal College), 

h. Bon-accord square 

Miss, dressmaker, 107 George street 

Pirrie, William, M.D., professor of surgery in the Marischal Col- 
lege, h. 238 Union street 

Pittendrich, Alexander, wright and funeral waiter, 5 St. Clement 
lane, east end of St. Clement street 

Alexander, advocate, Exchange court, Union street 

James, wright, 30 Skene street 

James (of W. Shirres & Co.), h. St. Mary place 

Miss, lodgings, 116 George street 

Playfair, Alexander, cabinet-maker and upholsterer, 33 Castle st. 
h. Brebner's court, 9 Castle street 

Charles, gunmaker, 70, h. 84 Union street 

Pole, Lawrence, shipmaster, 8 Mary well street 

Police Writing Chambers, 50 St. Nicholas street 

Polished Granite and Marble Works, foot of Constitution street 

Poor's Hospital for Boys, Bourtie's court, Upperkirkgate — James 
Fowlie, treasurer 

Assessment, St. Nicholas parish — Office, 17 Huxter row 

Porter, Francis, boot and shoe maker, 48 Queen street 

David, flesher, 12 Basement floor, New Market 

George, boot and shoe maker, 52 St. Nicholas street, L 

Chapel lane 

John, feuar, 35 North Broadford, or Berry's road 

John, shore porter, Chapel lane 

Robert, letter-carrier, 75 Chapel street 

Post Office, New Market street 

.*.... (Receiving), 197 Union street 

(Receiving), 32 Quay 

<■ (Receiving), 237 George street 

Poulter, Absalom, late clothier, h. 65 Dee street 

Thomas, late clothier, 65 Dee street 

Pratt, J. (Pratt & Keith), 1 Adelphi court 

& Keith, silk mercers and shawl merchants, 53 Union street 

Robert, miller, Flourmill, h, Lamond's court, 49 Upper- 


Presley, Alexander, shoemaker, 169 George street 

... .. George, guard, North Defiance, 169 George street 

George, clerk (Aberdeen Commercial Co.), 266 George street 

Mrs., lodgings, 18 Marischal street 

Prey, Mrs., Aberdeen Hotel, 138 Union street 

Primrose, Rev. William, 19 North Silver street 

Proctor, Farquharson, baker, Skene square 

John, manager (Broadford Works), h. 3 Mary place, Maybank 

Miss, 139 Skene street 

Procurators-Fiscal for the Burgh— Alexander & John Cadenhead, 
advocates, 9 Huxter row 

Procurator- Fiscal for the County — William Simpson, advocate- 
Office, 56 Bon-accord street 

Procurator-Fiscal of the Peace for Aberdeenshire — John D. Milne, 
advocate, 54 Union street 

Profat, George D., advocate, 8 Guestrow 

Promoter Life Assurance and Annuity Company of London — John 
Stuart, advocate, 87 Crown street, agent 

Protector Fire Insurance Company 

Prevident Life Office and County Fire Office — William Smith, jun. 
106 Union street, agent 

Prussian Vice-Consul — Arthur Thomson, Bank of Scotland, Castle 

Public Booms, Union street — William Chisholm, keeper [street 

English, &c, Schools, Little Belmont street 

Pye, Mrs. G., 4 Trinity street 

Pyper, Alexander, vintner, Bridge of Dee 

...... James, post-horse master and livery stables, 7 Shoe lane 

Rae, Alexander, late schoolmaster, Peterculter, 40 Huntly street 

Francis, cart and plough wright, h. and shop, 60 Skene street 

George, messenger-at-arms, 32 Union place 

George, mason, Nelson street 

John, gardener, Princesfield, Burnside 

Nathaniel, 79 Green 

William, gardener, 37 North Broadford 

William, millwright, Wellington road 

...... William, clerk (Town and County Bank), h. 26 Dee street 

i..... Mrs., lodgings, 48 Summer street 

Eaeburn, John, lately teller (Aberdeen Bank), h. Ivy cottage, 

John, plasterer, 2 Denburn [Loanhead 

Baffarty, Peter, merchant, 45 Castle street 

Ragg, David B. (of Brebner & Ragg), h. Marine terrace, Ferryhill 

John, Union terrace 

Rait, William, teacher ^Bon-accord Infant School) h. 12 Marywell 

Miss, lodgings, 6 Frederick street [street 

Ramage, Andrew, leather merchant, 41 Longacre 

Mrs. John, 12 Adelphi court 

Ramsay, Allan, 22 Frederick street 

John (Aberdeen Journal Office), h. Heading hill 

...... Mrs., lodgings, 19 Union buildings 

Mrs., 5 Black's buildings 

Miss, of Barra, h. 22 Bon-accord terrace 

Ranson, Edward, china merchant, 139 Union street^ k. 19 Union 

Randall, John, furniture dealer and funeral undertaker; 12 East 

North street 


Rainie, Alexander, haberdasher, 245 George street 

Alexander, builder and timber merchant, 50 Commerce street, 

h. National Bank court, Castle street 
Rainy, George, surgeon, 27 Queen street 
Rainnie, Mrs., lodgings, 102 Union street 
Rankin, Arthur, jobbing gardener, 32 Hutcheon street 
Rattray, Robert, M.D., 51 Woolmanhill 
William, manufacturing chemist, 123 York street, li. 1 St. 

Nicholas street 
Ravenscroft, Edward (Scottish Farmer Office), Crown court, 

Union street, agent for Agricultural Cattle Insurance Co., 

and for Waghern's Overland Route to India, h. 55 Nether- 

I\ay, John, tinsmith, 5 Gallowgate and 17 Marischal street, h. 4 


Captain, R.N., 130 Crown street 

Read, Arthur, manufacturer (Milne, Cruden, & Co.), h. Bel- 
mont street 
Redfern, P., MB., lecturer on anatomy and physiology, King's 

College, h. 5 East North street 
Refuge, House of, andi Industry, 45 Guestrow 
Rcid, Alexander, treasurer (Harbour Office), h. 156 Gallowgate 

Alexander, stabler, 23 Harriet street 

Alexander (late cart and plough wright), 29 Skene street 

Alexander M, stoneware merchant, 85 Virginia street 

Lieutenant Andrew, R.N., Bridge of Dee 

Andrew, overseer (Milne, Cruden, & Co.), 110 Loch street 

Andrew, merchant and American vice consul, 107 King's st., 

h. 47 Frederick street 
Benjamin, & Co., nurserymen and seedsmen, 104 Union st. 

Nursery, Albyn place, h. 49 Chapel street 

Charles, shipmaster (Pacific), 3 Victoria place 

Donald, teacher of sacred music, and precentor (Free East 

Church), Gordon's court, 24 Gordon street 

Donald, saddler, 9 Hanover street 

Duncan, 47 Park street 

Duncan, M.D., Crown court, Union street 

Rev. Edward, superintendent (House of Refuge), Duthie's 

court, 45 Guestrow 

Francis, spirit dealer, 15 College street 

George, stove and fender maker, smith, and bell- hanger, 29; 

Queen street, h. South Constitution street 

George, & Son, chemists and druggists, 45 Union street 

George, sen. (of G. Reid & Son), h. 28 Silver street 

George, jun. (of G. Reid & Son), h. Crown court, Union st„ 

James, nurseryman, h. Belville, Gilcomston 

James, gardener, 85 Bon-accord street 

James, shipmaster, 21 Prince Regent street 

James, wright and turner, 187, h. 106 George street 

James, foreman (J. Abernethy & Co.) h. Milne's buildings, 


John, gardener, Pitmuxton 

John, vintner, 39 Lodge walk 

John, bootmaker, 35 Upperkirkgate, k. 43 West North street 

John, shipowner, 109 York street 

, John, shipmaster, 6 Link street 


Reid, John, teacher (Free John Knox's School), h. 124 Loch 

Joseph, shoemaker, 16 Virginia street 

Peter, stabler, 5 Harriet street 

Robert, grocer, 1 9 Park street 

Smith, & Co., distillers, Union-glen Distillery, Holburn 

Thomas, advocate, 51 Bon-accord street 

"William, manager (Aberdeen Marine Insurance Company), 

147 South Crown street 

William, boot and shoemaker, 7 Upperkirkgate, h. above shop 

William, teacher, 3 Denburn 

William, vintner, IS Carmelite street 

William, shipbuilder, 109 York street 

William, distiller (Union-glen Distillery), h. Holburn street 

William, slater, 10 Black's buildings 

William (J. Duguid & Co.), Broad street, h. 88 Loch street 

William, coach trimmer, 18 Frederick street 

William, stabler, 180 Gallowgate 

William, shipmaster (Pera), 109 York street 

...... William (late at Drum), 16 Chapel street 

Mrs., Wellington place 

Mrs., provision seller, 49 East North street 

Mrs., provision dealer, 30 Woolmanhill 

Mrs , 47 Frederick street 

Mrs., lodgings, 9 Diamond street 

Mrs. Thomas, cork sole manufacturer, 61 Broad street 

Mrs., lodgings, 79 Guestrow 

Mrs. James, 33 Wales street 

Mrs. James, 63 Dee street 

Mrs. Lieutenant, Park road, Park street 

Mrs. Peter, draper, 6 Innes street 

Mrs. William, 35 Wales street 

Mrs. William, jun., flesher, 14 New Market, h. Wales street 

,. Mrs., 3 Littlejohn street 

Miss, teacher, 3 Littlejohn street 

Miss, 63 Dee street 

Miss Jane, teacher (North Parish School), h. 18 Frederick 


Reith, Alexander, gardener, Pitmuxton 

George, writer, h. 151 Crown street 

James, manufacturer (Milne, Cruden, & Co.), k. Roscmount 


John, clerk, 65 Quay, /*. 67 Commerce street 

John, toll-keeper, Rubislaw bar 

John, carpenter, 4 Hanover street 

& Grassie, builders, 112 Causewayend 

William (of R. & G.), 112, Causewayend 

Mrs., Forbesfield 

Mrs., lodgings, 28 Skene street 

Rennie, Adam, Nurseryman, Causewavend 

...... Alexander, painter and paper-hanger, 45 Upperkirkgate, h. 

Edward place, Porthill 

...... Charles M., brewer and maltster, h. and work, Skene square 

....... George, printer, 61, Broad street, h. 6 Donald's court, School- 

George, shipmaster, 159 Crown street 


Rennie, John T., ship insurance and stock broker, 41 Marischal st,, 
h. 159 Crown street 

William, nurseryman, 64 Causewayend 

Mrs., teacher, 23 Commerce street' 

Mrs., lodgings, 79 King street 

Rettie, James, jeweller and goldsmith, 94 Union street, h. Rose- 

M., & Son, silversmiths and jewellers, dealers in London and 

Geneva watches, clocks, and fancy goods, lamp saloon, 
111 Union street 

M., & Son, lamp manufacturers, Rettie's court, 26 Broad st. 

Middleton (M. Rettie & Son), Rettie's court, 26 Broad street 

William (M. Rettie & Son), h. 25 Dee street 

Reynolds, Gordon, basketmaker, 78 Queen street 
Rhind, John, commission agent and mahogany merchant, h. and 
office, 1 Longacre, Broad street 

John, land-surveyor, Still's Cottage, Hardgnte 

William, 123 Skene street 

Mrs. washing and dressing, 3 Burn court, 44 Upperkirkgate 

Miss, dressmaker, 34 Backwynd 

Miss, 6 Denburn 

Richards & Co., linen manufacturei-s, Broadford 

& Co., bleaching and vitriol works, Rubislaw 

Rickman, Mrs., 54 Chapel street 

Riddel, Alexander, overseer (John Gibb & Son), 10 Church street 

Donaldson, officer to the Hammerman Trade, and Convener's 

officer to the Seven Incorporated Trades, RiddePs court, 
Windmill brae 
D. & J., jewellers and watchmakers, 72 Broad street 

James, cabinetmaker, 93 King street, h. Park street 

James, writer (Income and Property Tax Office, 25 Belmont 

street), h. 32 Adelphi 

Peter, principal clerk (Harbour Office), /*. Garvock street 

...... Thomas, accountant (Savings Bank) h. Waterloo quay 

William, clerk (Town & County Bank), h. Waterloo quay 

Mrs., Waterloo quay 

Miss, 3 Burn court, 44 Upperkirkgate 

Riddoch, William, clerk, 1 Littlejohn street 

Miss, girls' school, 10 Garvock street 

Ritchie, Alexander, mason, 2 Catto's square 

..../ Andrew, shipmaster (Earl of Hopetoun) 89 Virginia street 

James, shoemaker, 96, h. 98 Gallowgate 

James, shipowner, &c, 58 Park street 

...... James, mill-overseer, Porthill 

John, stonecutter, 2 Catto square 

John, spirit merchant, 49 West North street 

John, saddler, 5, h. 7 Back wynd 

Robert, flesher, 49J John street, /*. 9 Church street 

Thomas, shipmaster (Undaunted), 3 Church street 

Robb, Alexander, tailor, Crown court, Union street 

Alexander, lodgings, 6 Marywell street 

Alexander, superintendent (Aberdeen Gas Co.), h. at work 

Andrew, dealer in porter and ale, Waterloo quay, h. Skene 


David (of D. Robb & Co.), 90 Shiprow 

David, & Co., fishmongers, 19 New Market 


Kobb, George, shore porter, 18 Shiprow 

James, agent, Pottery warehouse, 47 Broad street, h, 37 

Marischal street 
Thomas, & Co., stone cutters, Union bridge, h. 15 Bon-accord 


James, book-keeper (A. Hadden & Sons), 22 Gerard street 

James (of Best, Robb, & Co.), h. Rosemount 

James, spirit dealer, 11 York street 

John, writer (T. & N. Burnett), h. 30 Dee street 

John, (of Best, Robb, & Co.,) h. Rosemount 

William, wright, lodgings, 71 Crown street 

...... Mrs. James, 22 Gerard street 

Robbie, Alexander, slater, Ewen's court, 42 Gallowgate 

John, boot and shoe maker, 189 Gallowgate, h. 188 Spital 

Roberts, David, saddler, 94 King street, h. 24 Frederick street 

John, shipmaster, Holburn street 

Samuel, & Co., tea dealers, 66 Union street 

Mrs., lodgings, 24 Frederick street 

Mrs., midwife, 69 Causewayend 

Misses, dressmakers, 12 Frederick street 

Robertson, Alex., engineer, (Bonnie Dundee,) h. 25 Wales street 

Alexander, carpenter, 10 Church street 

Alexander, builder, 13 Langstane place, k. 4 Gordon street 

Alexander, manager for the Broadford Bread Company, k. 

220 George street 

Andrew, sexton, (Nellfield Cemetry,) A. at the gate 

Benjamin, shipmaster, 28 Constitution street 

Charles, ironmonger, 17 Park street, k. 1 South Constitution 

street [hill 

Charles & Co.,stoneware merchants, 163 Gallowgate, k. Port- 

Charles, blacksmith, /*. 3 Mill street 

..... David, Royal Hotel, 61 Union street 

David (of N. & R.), insurance broker, 47 Marischal street, /*. 

Mackie place 
George, wright, Leggart bone and stucco mills, fa 64 Gerard 


George, mason, 123 Chapel street 

George, blacksmith, 207 Gallowgate, h. 2 Gerard street 

James, haircutter and perfumer, 20, h. 26 Broad street 

James B., printer, 163 George street 

James, cooper, 72 Hutcheon street 

James, owner of tug steamers, h. Pottery, Footdee 

James, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 157 Union street, /*. 

S trawber rybank 
James, grocer and spirit dealer, agent for Lochnagar distil- 
lery, 46 George street , 

James, spirit dealer, back of New Market 

James, overseer of Dee fishery, h. 52 St. Clement street 

James, shipmaster (Caroline), 47 Wellington street 

John, mason, Poynernook 

Robert, late druggist, 116 George street 

Robert, provision merchant, 141 George street 

Thomas, coppersmith (H. Gordon & Co.), h. 41 St. Andrew st. 

Thompson, gardener, Hardgate 

William, marble and stone cutter, 7 Huntly street 

William, merchant tailor, 82 Union street, h. Polmuir 


Robertson, William, wright, 52 John street, h. 143 Gallowgate 

William, wright, 19 Bon-accord lane, h. 9.5 Chapel street 

William, boot and shoemaker, Well court, Broad street 

Mrs., midwife, 40 St. Clement street 

Mrs., 72 Queen street 

Mrs. Forbes, of Hazlehead, h. Hazlehead 

Mrs. John, 34 Skene terrace 

Mrs. John, midwife, 64 Hutcheon street 

Mrs. Peter, 31 Harriet street 

Mrs., midwife, 31 Queen street 

, Mrs., midwife, 51 Virginia street 

Mrs., provision agent, 209 Gallowgate 

Mrs. and Misses, day school, 79 King street 

Mrs., vintner and lodgings, Cheyne's court, 69 Broad street 

Mrs., lodgings, 61 Broad street 

Mrs., dressmaker, 27 Blackfriars street 

Mrs., Albyn place 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 9 Blackfriars street 

Miss, 20 Woolmanhill , 

Miss, milliner, Crown court, Union street 

Miss, dressmaker, 31 Queen street 

Miss, 5 Skene place 

Miss, sick-nurse, 103 George street 

Miss, 54 Union street 

Miss, 25 Queen street 

Miss, dressmaker, 7 Huntly street 

Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 24 Dee street 

Robison, William, advocate, Commercial court, 58 Castle street 
Robson, William, flesher, 14 Basement floor, New Market, Ju 

Miss, milliner, Upper Denbum [Cotton 

Roche, Captain Joseph, 19 Union terrace 

Rodger, James, sen., late tanner, Skene square 

James, jun., tanner, currier, and wholesale and retail' leather 

dealer, Gilcomston tannery, h. 1 Mary place 
Roger, John, accountant ( Aberdeen Bank), h. Little Chapel st. 

Thomas, teacher (Trades School), h. 55 Longacre 

William, general agent, 47 Marischal street, h. Kingsland 

William, miniature painter, 71 Bon-accord street [place 

Ronald, Andrew, shoemaker, 107 Skene street 

John, Lemon-tree tavern 

....... John, broker, 42 Lodge walk 

Mrs., Lemon-tree tavern, 7 Huxter row 

Rose, Donaldson, shipowner and timber merchant, Footdee, h. 11 

Golden square 

Donaldson, & Co., timber merchants, 27 York street 

George, turner, Ty tier's court, Green 

James, grocer, Short loanings 

John, linen manufacturer, John street 

John, stabler and vintner, 166, Gallowgate 

William (of D. Rose & Co.), h. 27 York street 

Miss, grocer and woollen draper, 37 North Gallery, New 

Miss, 3 St. Mary place [Market, /;.. 81 Green 

Ross, Adam, tack and nail manufacturer, Tytler's court, Green 

Alexander, overseer, Bannermill, h. 14 Frederick street 

Alexander, advocate (of Skinner & Ross), h. 14 Bon-accord 

, Alexander, tailor, 7 East North street [terrace 


Ross, Alexander, clerk (W. Simpson & Co.), Footdee, h. 28 Wel- 
lington street 
.... Rev, Alexander (Holburn Church), h. 51 Chapel street 
.... Andrew, fleslier, 46 New Market, /<. 99 George street 
..... Andrew, spirit dealer, 2 Trinity street 

An^us, cooper and fishcurer, 14 Sugarhouse lane 
.... Angus, 7 Canal street, Mounthooly 

.... David, assistant inspector (Aberdeen Gas Co.), 29 Union 

George, tailor, 6 St. Catherine's wynd 

...... George, shoemaker, Skene square 

\ ... George, manager, Loan Co., 27 Gallowgate, h. 16 Loch 

Hugh, sen., overseer (A. & W. Nicol), h. 9 Diamond street 

Hu°h, jun., haberdasher, 4 Broad St., h. 80 St. Andrew st. 
.. James, jun., upholsterer, 15 Upperkirkgate, h. Cooperston 

.. James, shoemaker, Shorebrae, h. Upper Denburn 
.. James, builder (of Mitchell & Ross), 28 Summer street 
.... James, portrait painter and teacher of dancing, 19 Longacre 
James, mate (City of London, steamer), 18 Commerce street 

James, shipmaster (Brothers), Hanover lane 

James, carrier of the Infirmary chair, h. 89 St. Andrew street 
.... James, clothier and haberdasher, 192 George street 

James, overseer (Richards & Co.), 21 Silver street 

James, writer (Record Office), h. 7 Garvock street 

John, assistant commissary of ordnance, Skene square 

...... John, clerk (Steam Navigation Co.), h. 90 Crown street 

John, plasterer, 46 Netherkirkgate 

...... John (of H. & R.), h. 30 Gerard street 

John, candlemaker, 6 Hanover street 

Peter, tidewaiter, Customs, h. Brebner's court, Shiprow 

Peter, boot and shoe maker, Upper Denburn 

Robert, grocer, tea, and spirit dealer, 27 Guestrow, h, above 


Robert P., 39 Dee street 

Roderick, shoemaker, 4 Catto's square 

Thomas, sexton (Town's Churchyard), h. 14 Schoolhill 

Thomas, shoemaker, 260, George street 

William, meal merchant, 35, h. 57 Park street 

William, advocate, 20 Belmont street 

William, ironmonger, 34 Broad street 

William, grocer, White's buildings, College street 

William, principal servant (Free North Church), and funeral 

waiter, h. 54 East North street 

, William, auctioneer, 15 Upperkirkgate, h. Cooperston cottage 

William, officer of Excise, 28 Union row 

Mrs. A. I., 14 Bon-accord terrace 

Mrs. Charles, 42 Skene terrace 

Mrs. George, grocer and spirit dealer, 10, h. 9 Hanover street 

Mrs. John, of Grenada, h. Granton lodge 

Mrs. Robert, 91 Crown street 

Mrs. William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 137 Gallowgate 

Mrs., lodgings, 9 Diamond street 

Mrs. W-, 4 Little Chapel street 


Ross, Mrs., draper, 179, h. 185 Gallowgate 

Miss, lodgings, 83 Union street 

Miss, dressmaker, 36 Back wynd 

Miss, teacher (Porthill School's), 3 St. Mary place 

Rosie, William, 256 George street 
Rothnie, George, provision dealer, Upper Denburn 
Rough, John, corn-extractor, funeral undertaker, and principal ser- 
vant (St. Andrew's Chapel), h. Brebner's court, 9, Castle 
Routledge, Isaac (of W. Routledge & Son), 220 Gallowgate 

William (of W. Routledge & Son), 268 George street 

Whinton, & Son, rope and twine manufacturers, 219 Gallaw- 

Rowell, Benjamin, watchmaker, 6 Correction wynd [gate 
Joseph (of Stewart, Rowell, & Co.), May bank cottage, Hut- 
ch eon street 
Roy, James, boot and shoemaker, 41 Castle street, /*. 14 Castle 

...... James, jun., seedsman, nurseryman, florist, and fruiterer, 48 

Union street-— Nurseries, North street and South Ferry- 
hill, h. at nursery, South Ferryhill 
John, jun., nursery seedsman, 48 Union street, h. North cot- 
tage, North street 

John, gardener, 39 Summer lane 

Miss Margaret, milliner and dressmaker, 31 Harriet street 

Miss, dressmaker, 9 Princes street 

Royal Exchange Assurance Corporation — Alexander Jopp, advocate, 
agent, Jopp's court, 31 Gallowgate 

Mail and General Coach Office, 65 Union street 

Ruddiman, Alexander, foreman (M'Combie, Dunn, & Co.), 13 Up- 

Runcie, George, surgeon-apothecary, 45 Green, A. 4 Carmelite st. 

J. & W., tinsmiths, 13 George street 

Runcy, Charles, Millbank — Office, 32 Quay 
...... Charles, shipmaster, Willowpark, Stocket 

Russel, Alexander, tailor, Shoe lane 

John, painter, 1 50, h. 1 58 George street 

William, mason, 35 Huntly street 

William, bookseller and public circulating library, 19 Broad 

street, h. 4 Dee street 
...... William, confectioner and baker, 38 Upperkirkgate and 28 

Union street, h. 4 Dee street 

Mrs. A., lodgings, 1 South Constitution street 

Mrs., dressmaker, 158 George street 

Mrs., midwife, 83 Spring garden 

Miss, dressmaker, 83 Spring garden 

Miss, dressmaker, 224 George street 

Russell, Alexander, clothier and tailor, 42 Union street, h. 5 Mary 

place, Maybank 
...... Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 8 St. Clement street, h. 20 

Prince Regent street 

George, artist, 4 Dee street 

George, tinsmith, 5, Commerce street, h. 10 Quay 

William, merchant-tailor (late Concert court, Broad street), 

30 Adelphi court, Union street, h. 125 Crown street 
Miss, of Rathen, 257 George street 


Russian Vice-Consul, Arthur Thomson — Office, Bank of Scotland, 

Castle street 
Rust, Alexander, commission agent, 83 Bon-accord street 

William, late farmer, 37 Frederick street 

Mrs., teacher, 25 Chapel street 

Mrs. G., lodgings, 2 Littlejohn street 

Rutherford, Thomas, mealscller, 176 West North street 
Ruxton, Thomas, writer (A. & A.), h. 27 Frederick street 

Saddler, Mrs., lodgings, 123 George street 
Saint, James, shore porter and lodgings, 1 Marischal street 
Salmon, William, letter-carrier, 5 Drum's lane [street 

Saloon Lamp and Fancy Ornament — M. Rettie & Son, 111 Union 
Salter, William, flesher, 01 New Market, h. 71 West North street 
Sang, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 50 Summer street 
Sangster, Alexander, flesher, 19 Wales-street Market, and 17 and 
18 New Market, h. Hanover street 

Alexander, jun., flesher, 28 New Market, h. 3 Hanover street 

Charles, flesher, 27 Wales- street Market, and 29 New Mar- 
ket, h. Wales street 

George, jeweller and lapidary, 81 Broad street, k. 48 Queen 

James, jun., 37 New Market, h. Wales street [street 

...... John, druggist, 45, h. 43 Commerce street 

Robert, sen., flesher, 21 New Market, h. Wales street 

Robert, shipmaster (Armitstead), 22 Princes street 

Robert, jun., 25 New Market, h. Wales street 

Thomas, advocate, 3 Queen street, h. 17 Union place 

Mrs. Captain, 20 Constitution street 

Mrs., lodgings, 55 Wellington street 

Miss Jane, 3 Canal street 

Miss, 72 Catherine street 

Saunders, David, clerk, (Blaikie Brothers,) Ferryhill buildings 

George, grocer, 20 Union place, h. Ferryhill buildings 

John, farmer, Kemhill 

Miss, lodgings, 107 George street 

Savings' Bank, National Security, 17 Guestrow 

Sawyers, William, collector of customs, 30 Bon-accord terrace 

Scorgie, George, stabler, 25 Mealmarket lane 

George, grocer, tea, and spirit dealer, 17 Fisher row, /*. 8 

Robert, vintner, 51 Green [Carmelite street 

Mrs., lodgings, 40 Gallowgate 

Scott, Alexander, boot and shoe maker, and leather dealer, 4G Queen 

street, h. Rosemount place 
...... Alexander, boot and shoe maker, 58 St. Nicholas street, h. 

Craigwell place, Skene street 

A. D., 26 Crown street 

Captain David, R.N., Berryden 

George, shoemaker, 42 Virginia street 

..... George, Wesleyan minister, 44 Constitution street 

James, tailor, 15 St. Andrew street 

James, boot and shoe maker, 43 St. Nicholas street, h. Rose- 
mount place 

John, chimney sweeper, 46 Gallowgate 

Robert, manager, (Arbuthnot & M'Combie,) 3 Trinity quay 

Mrs., lodgings, 7 Upperkirkgate 

Mrs., straw-bonnet maker, 78 Shiprow 


Scott, Miss, dressmaker, 21 Crown street 

Miss, teacher, Craigwell place 

Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society — Agent, W. F. Ogg, 11 

Equitable Assurance Co. — William Gordon, advocate, agent, 

Farmer Office, Crown court, 43 Union street [14 Adelphi 

Provident Institution of Edinburgh — Agent at Aberdeen, Wm. 

Skinner, advocate, 103 Union street 

Union Fire & Life Insurance Company — James M'Hardy, 

advocate, agent, Commercial court, 58 Castle street 

Widows' Fund — Alexander Nicol, 60 Marischal street, agent 

Scroggie, Mrs., stoneware dealer, 41 George street 

Sedgewick, Rev. R., 24 Belmont street 

William, combmaker, 93 George street 

Seisins Office, (Register of,) Belmont street — N. Burnett, registrar 

Selbie, Andrew, chainmaker, (Blaikie Brothers,) A. 11 Catto square 

William, teacher, Union school, h. 7 Little Belmont street 

Selby, George, carter, Maberly street 

Sellar, James, 1 Links street 

William, confectioner, Pirie's court, 50 Castle street 

Mrs. T., merchant, 54 George street, h. above shop 

Senter, John, boot and shoe maker, 8, h. 10 Crown street 

Session-Clerk and Registrar of Marriages, John Watt, 24 Adel- 
phi, h. 66 Schoolhill 

Seton, James, spirit dealer, 7 Gallowgate, h. 6 Blackfriars street 

Sir William C, Bart., 27 Union place 

Miss, 76 Dee street [West North street 

Skackleton, William, wool stapler, and woollen card agent, 104 
Shand, Arthur, wright and feuar, 35 Causewayend 

David, saw trimmer, 31, h. 6 Park street 

George, miller and grain merchant, Upper Justice Mills 

Joseph, grain merchant and miller, 2 Maltmill bridge, h. 13 

Carmelite street 

Robert, of Hillside, h. 40 Queen street 

Robert, spirit dealer, 11 Weigh-house square, h. North street 

Robert, advocate, 31 Gallowgate, h. 97 Union street 

William, teacher, fNorth Parish School,) h. 30 St. Andrew 

Mrs., sick-nurse, 44 Bon-accord street [street 

Misses, 4 Union place 

Shanks, Colin, baker, 118, h. 120 Chapel street 

James, slater, 59 Loch street 

, Mrs., housekeeper, Infirmary 

Mrs., grocer, Wellington road 

Sharp, George, confectioner, 71, h. 64 Broad street 

James, musical instrument maker, 11 George street 

John, vintner, 1 Wales street 

Shaw, Alexander, spirit dealer, 38 East North street 

Robert, messenger-at-arms and bar officer, Sheriff Court — 

Office, 10 Huxter row, /*. Shaw's court, 90 Gallowgate 

William, broker, Lodge walk 

Mrs., 32 Dee street 

Miss, dressmaker, 220 George street 

Shcach, James, baker, 2, h. 8 Gordon street 

Shearar, Robert, writer, (M'H. & R.,) h. (i Innes street 

John, manufacturer of tinplate and japan goods, 44,' h. 50 

George street 


Shearar, Robert, Reid's tavern, 179 George street 

Sherer, Andrew, ship-chandler, 29 Quay, h. 15 Prince Regent st. 

Sheed, John, general commission agent and ship and insurance 

broker, and agent for Bell, Bannie, & Co., Leith, 44 

Marischal street 

John, slater, Steps of Gilcomston 

Mrs., midwife, Steps of Gilcomston 

Shepherd, George, bookseller and stationer, 1, h. 40 Broad street 

James, clerk (Grey, Watt, & Co.), 77 West North street 

James (of Souter & Shepherd), 31 Dee street 

James, cabinetmaker and furniture dealer, foot of Back-wynd 

John, keeper of reservoir, Union place [stairs 

Simpson, spirit dealer, grocer, and wine merchant, 37, A. 35 

West North street 

, Walter, slater, Charles street 

William, late confectioner, 40 Broad street 

William, clerk, Park street 

William, confectioner, 49 Union street, h. 31 Adelphi 

, Mrs. John, lodgings, 182 Gallowgate 

, Mrs. D., 37 Bon-accord street 

Misses, 66 Schoolhill 

Sheriif-clerk's Office, 27 King street 

Sherwood, George, teacher (Porthill Schools), h. at school 
Shewan, Mis. John, h. Shewan's court, 119 Gallowgate 
Shipmasters' Society Hall, 11 Quay — F. J. Cochran, clerk 
Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners' Benevolent Society — Ho- 
norary agents for Aberdeen and vicinity, W. F. Ogg, 

11 Adelphi, and Nisbet & Robertson, 47 Marischal street 
Shields, John, confectioner, 160 Union street, h. 1 Gordon's court, 

Gordon's street 

Jane, confectioner, 42 Woolmanhill 

Sheriffs, James, Union Inn, and coach contractor, 42 St. Nicholas 


, Mrs., lodgings, 40 Union terrace 

, Mrs., 47 Green [square 

Sherret, William, teacher (Parochial School, Footdee), h. Skene 
Shirres, D. L., wholesale hat, cap, and shoe warehouse, &c, 76 

George street, h. Wallfield 

J., & Co., clothiers, 25 Union street 

J. (of J. Shirres & Co.), h. Thistle place 

William, & Co., clothiers, 67 King street 

William (of Wm. Shirres & Co.), h. 71 King street 

William, tinsmith, George street 

Shore Dues and Harbour Office, Quay, foot of Marischal street 
Sievewright, Alexander, wright, and lodgings, 26 James street 

Charles, flesher, 62 New Market 

John, vintner, Ruthrieston 

Robert, shoemaker, and keeper of Dead-house, Henderson's 

court, Broad street 

William, grocer, Murray's houses, 62 Park street 

Miss, 63 Park street 

Silver, George, smoke doctor and grate-setter, Jopp's court, 40 

Broad street 

John, gardener, Ilolburn street 

Sim, Alexander, accountant (Bank of Scotland), h, 34 Castle st, 
...... Alexander, factor, 7 Catto square 


Sim, Andrew, blacksmith, 5 Catto square 

Charles, cart and plough wright, St. Andrew street, west end 

George, clerk of the Customs, 15 East North street 

George, grain merchant, 89 King street, h. Bridge of Deo 

James, Sim's square 

James, shipmaster (Sarah), /*. 47 Frederick street 

James, brewer, Holburn street 

James, 24 Loch street 

.,. ; ,. James, manufacturing chemist and wholesale druggist, 76, h. 

80 King street 

John, book-keeper (North of Scotland Bank), h. Rosemount 

John, shoemaker, 34 Queen street [place 

John, surgeon, Holburn street 

James, tea and spirit dealer, 26 Woolmanhill, h. 13 Black- 

John, gardener, Polmuir [friars street 

Robert, besom maker, Ewen's court, 42 Gallowgate 

William & Co., tanners and curriers, 41 Loch street 

Simmie, Robert, 31 Harriet street 

Simpson, Alexander, late clothier, Bon-Accord square 

Alexander, spirit dealer, and warehouse for ship bread, 14 

Regent quay 

Archibald, architect, 1 East Craibstone street 

Rev. David (Free Trinity Church), h. 1 West Craibstone 


George, cork cutter, 27 Broad street, h. 21 Guestrow 

George, beadle, St. Nicholas Lane Chapel, h. Reid's court, 34 


James, builder, John street, h. 13 Correction wynd 

James, officer of Excise, Devanha, h. Ferryhill buildings 

James, advocate, collector of city tax, It. 11 Union lane 

James, vintner, Workmen's Tavern, 16 Shiprow 

James, jobbing gardener, 16 Causewayend 

John, jun., builder, 54 Bon-Accord street 

John, yost., builder, 74 Windmill brae [street 

John (Blanket Warehouse), 55 Union street, h. 14 Bon-Accord 

Joseph (British Linen Co.'s Bank), 4 North Broadford 

Patrick (Bailie), 49 Broad street 

Robert, wright and lodgings, 17 St. Andrew street 

& White, woollen drapers, and furnishers of gentlemen's 

clothing, 21 Union buildings 

William, piano-forte tuner, 86 Chapel street 

William, & Co., engineers, boiler makers, chain cable, an- 
chor, and iron shipbuilders, York place Iron Works, 

William, advocate, procurator-fiscal for the county — Office 

56, h. 58 Bon-accord street 
William, beadle (Gilcomston Church), and funeral waiter, 

111 Skene street 

William, clerk (North of Scotland Bank), h. Bon-accord square 

William, cabinet-maker, 86, h. 61 Hutcheon street 

William, boot and shoe shop, 15 South gallery, New Market, 

h. Edward place, Constitution street 

Mrs., lodgings, 16 Guestrow 

Mrs., 12 Mary well street 

Mrs., teacher, John Knox School, /*. 7 Skene street 

Mrs., straw-bonnet maker, 2 Donald's court, 20 Schoolhill 

127 NEW ABKttin'.EN. [SIM — SMA 

Simpson, Mrs. Joseph (late of Grenada), 48 Marischal street 

Miss, 35 North Broadford 

Miss, dressmaker, 13 Denburn terrace 

...... Miss, register of servants, 8 Gaelic lane 

Miss, teacher, John Knox School 

Sinclair, Alexander, clothier and haberdasher, 37 Union street, h. 

67 Crown street 
...... George, teller (Aberdeen Bank), h. 30 Upperkirkgate 

George, clothier, tailor, and hatter, Cruden's court, 22 Broad 

James, shoemaker, 66, h. 64 Shiprow [street 

John, tailor, 178 George street [court 

William, wholesale druggist, 34 and 36 Upperkirgate, h. in 

Singer, Adam, agent — h. and office, Ogston's court, 84 Broad st. 

George, baker, 16, h. 38 St. Nicholas street 

Patrick, clerk (D. Wyllie & Son), h. Holburn street 

,. Miss, milliner and dressmaker, Holburn street 

Skakle, George, clerk (Stewart, Kowell, & Co.), h. 249 George st. 
Skea, Joseph, veterinary sm-geon, 7 Loch street, Infirmary stables, 
Clunes court, 75 George street 

Thomas, horse-shoer and farrier, 81 and 75 George street, 

and Langstanc place, /*. 7 Loch street 
Skene, Captain Alexander, K.V., Louisville 
.;.... Eev. Charles (John Knox's), Nelson lane 

Captain Charles (late 79th Highlanders), 214 Union street 

George, woollen manufacturer^— Work, Causewayend, h. 3 

Kosemount terrace 

Rev. John, h. 13 Huntly street 

Robert, spirit dealer, 4 Justice street, h. above shop 

Thomas, inspector of poor of Old Machar — office, 38 Skene 

street, /*. 3 Mary place 

William, shipmaster, Justice lane 

Mrs. Captain, 1 Justice lane 

Miss, wool merchant, 16 Queen st., h. 3 Constitution street 

Misses* 214 Union street 

Mary Ann, 2 South Silver street 

Skinner, Alexander, shore porter, 8 Exchequer row 

...... John, boatbuilder, 54 York street, /*. St. Clement street 

P. A., candlemaker, St. Catherine's court, 16 Shiprow 

& Ross, advocates, 103 Union street 

The Right Rev. Bishop William (St. Andrew's Chapel), h: 

1 Golden square 

William, advocate (of Skinner & Ross), agent for the Insur- 
ance Co, of Scotland, and for the Scottish Provident So- 
ciety — office, 103 Union street, h. 12 Golden square 

...... William, shore porter, 13 Huxter row 

Mrs. John, 78 Dee street 

Skues, Lieut. George, R.N., dentist, Crown terrace 

Slater, James, tailor, 8 Park street 

John, tailor, Woolmanhill 

Simon, merchant tailor and lodgings, 12 West North street 

Small, Robert, hardware merchant, 148, h. 50 George street 

Smart, John, shipmaster, h. Princes street 

...... William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 11 Exchequer row, 

h. above shop 

William, beadle (Free Gilcomston Church), and funeral 

waiter, 89 Chapel street 


Smart, William, clerk (Farquharson & Co.), /*. 3 Langstane place 
Smith & Allan, cabinet-makers and upholsterers, 53 St. Nicholas 

street — Cabinet manufactory, 33 Skene street 

Alexander, merchant tailor, 2 Castle st., h. 48 Frederick st. 

Alexander, overseer, Links, h. 10 Porthill 

Alexander, land surveyor, 129 Union street 

, Alexander, of Glenmillan, advocate, 96 Union street and 


Alexander, pawnbroker, 2 Ragg's lane, h. 40 Broad street 

Alexander, agent, 40 King street 

Alexander, wright, Skene square, A. 3 Skene square 

Alexander, late merchant, 7 Black's buildings 

Alexander, shipmaster (Falcon), 30 James street 

Alexander, spirit dealer and grocer, Maberly street 

Alexander, bookbinder, 31 Huntly street 

Anthony A., veterinary surgeon, 9 Shoe lane, h. Broadford 

...... Arthur & George, painters, glaziers, and paper hangers, 52 

Regent quay 

Arthur (of A. &• G. Smith), h. Links gardens 

& Carduo, seedsmen, nurserymen, and florists, 15 Market st. 

Charles, tailor, 9 Skene terrace, h. 89 Woolmanhill 

t ..... Charles, watch, clock, and nautical instrument maker, 1 James 

street, Quay 

& Cochran, advocates, 96 Union street 

David, gardener, Short Loanings 

Francis, accountant (N. of S. Bank), h. 50 Dec street 

George, upholsterer (of Smith & Allan), h. 25 Loch street 

George, wright, 6 J Cause wayend 

George, police officer, Jack's brae 

George, landing waiter, customs, h. 74 Bon-accord street 

George, farmer, Cothill, Countesswells 

George (of A. & G.), h. 16 Commerce street 

& Gordon, police contractors, 95 West North street 

Henry, 34 Shiprow 

H. Ambrose, secretary (North of Scotland Assurance Co.), 

4 Correction wynd 

. Hugh, timber merchant, Inches, h. 10 Regent quay 

James, cabinetmaker, Flourmill lane, h. 49 Bon-accord street 

James, boot and shoe maker, Holburn street 

James, grocer and spirit dealer, Short Loanings 

James (of Harrison & Smith), /*. Commercial court, Castle st. 

James, house carpenter, St. Mary place 

James, bookseller, 41 New Market Gallery 

James, carver and gilder, 5 Queen street, It. Jopp's court, 

Broad street 

James, upholsterer, 106 King street, h. Nelson street 

John, first clerk (Post office) h. 76 Bon-accord street 

John, auctioneer, 10 Gallowgate, h. Orchard House, Spittal 

John a provision seller, 151 Gallowgate 

John, architect and superintendent of town's works — Office. 

142 King street, h. Rosebank 

John, boot and shoe maker, 12 Skene st., h 89 Woolmanhill 

John, shore porter, 13 Huxter row 

,,,.., John, brewer and distiller, h. Newbridge 


Smith, John, advocate. Mount Pleasant 

John, jun., advocate (Blaikie & Smith), h. 220 Union street 

John, merchant tailor, 19 Lodge walk 

John, cabinetmaker, 43 Chapel street 

John (late of Rotterdam), 2 Skene place 

John & Co., iron and nail merchants, 5 Shoe lano 

John, musician, Ashvale cottage, Holburn street 

John, Crown tavern, 11 Huxter row 

John, shipmaster (Elizabeth), h. Shore brae 

John, carver, 3 Flourmill lane 

John, yost., general commission agent — Office, 8 St. Nicholas 

lane, h. 119 Crown street 

John, shoemaker, 17 Chapel street, h. 3 Whitehouse street 

John, merchant tailor, 13 Union buildings, h. 3 Webster's 

court, Guestrow 

John, shipmaster (St. Clement), A. 51 Virginia street 

Lewis, bookseller, 50 Union street, h. 45 Belmont street 

Neil, jun., merchant, Frederick street, h. 114 King street 

Peter, boot and shoe maker, 12 Carmelite street 

Peter, grocer, tea and spirit dealei - , Skene square 

Peter, mason, 60 Gordon street 

Robert, surgeon, 9 Union terrace 

Robert, jun., grocer and spirit dealer, 20, h. 22 East North 

Robert, advocate (Smith & Cochran), agent for Palladium 

Life Assurance Co., 96 Union street 

Thomas, painter, 18 Frederick street 

Thomas, contractor, 95 West North street 

Walter, wright and cabinetmaker, h. 20 Blackfriars street 

William, inspector of buildings, /*. 9 Princes street 

William, hairdresser, 95 Queen street, h. 1 Summer lane 

William (North of Scotland Assurance Office), /*. Sim's cot- 
tage, Hardgate 

William, blacksmith, 30 Commerce street 

William, quarrier, Dyce, hi, 16 Berry lane 

William, blacksmith, 113, h. 100 Skene street 

William, wigmaker and haircutter, 51 Upperkirkgate 

William, wright, 24 Blackfriars street 

William, overseer (Aberdeen Brick and Tile Company) — 

Works, Clayhills 
William, supervisor of Excise — Office, 112 King-street, h. 

16 J Constitution street 
William, jun., tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 106 Union 

street, h. Springbank, Dee street 

William, upholsterer, 4 Jopp's lane 

William, grocer, spirit dealer, and provision merchant, 8 

Garvock street 

William, stoneware dealer, 18 Guestrow 

William (of Smith & Cardno), h, 39 Whitehouse street 

Mrs. A., 73 Bon-accord street 

Mrs. Dr., Springbank, Dee street 

Mrs., Wellington place 

Mrs. James, Rannie's house, Commerce street 

Mrs. Captain John, 5 Skene place 

Mrs. John, Exchequer place, Wcigh-house square 

Mrs. William, midwife, 15 Denburn terrace 


Smith, Mrs., 6 Frederick street 

Mrs., 2 South Silver street 

Mrs., 5 Rosemount terrace 

Mrs., 31 Shiprow 

Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 2 South Silver street 

Miss, teacher of music, 119 Crown street 

Miss, 19 Lodge walk 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 49 Bon-accord street 

Miss, dressmaker, 22 Longacre 

Miss, 4 Correction wynd 

Miss, 66 Dee street 

Miss, 15 Rose street 

Miss, 87 Bon-accord street 

Miss H., milliner, 15 St Nicholas street 

Miss, straw-hat warehouse, 15 Queen street 

Miss Jane, vintner, Pilot's tavern, York street 

Miss, lodgings, 91 Chapel street 

Sney, John, principal servant (Free South Church), funeral and 

occasional waiter, 45 Summer street 
Snowey, James, Mrs. Benzie's houses, College street 

James, birdseller, 125 Gallowgate 

William, flesher, 3 Wales-street Market, h. Belmont cottage 

William, shipmaster (Sovereign steamer), G3 College street 

Mrs. Lieutenant, 72 Catherine street 

Sorley, John, 69 George street, h. Carnegie's brae 
Souter, David, grocer and spirit dealer, 145 Gallowgate 

& Shepherd, wholesale druggists, Cruden's court, 22 Broad st. 

Robert, shipmaster (Edward), 4 Baltic street 

William, shoemaker, 6 Park street 

Mrs., Strawberrybank 

Mrs. W., 20 Bon-accord street 

Souper, Charles, boot and shoe maker, Wellington road 

Southgate, Mrs., vintner, 14 St. Clement street 

Spalding, George, overseer (Richards & Co.), h. Broadford place 

Mrs., vintner, 18 Wales street 

Miss, dressmaker, 19 North Broadford 

Spark, Andrew, flesher, 4 New Market, h. 5 Hanover street 

& Co., fleshers, 35 New Market, h. Hanover street 

George, grocer, ship-chandler, and spirit dealer, 5S Quay, 

h. 10 Garvock street 

Robert, painter and glazier, 34 Shiprow 

Thomas, 34 Shiprow 

Thomas, bookseller, Jopp's court, Queen street 

William, bookseller and stationer, 43 Union street, h. Jopp's 

court, Queen street 

William, of Craigiepark, h. Craigiepark 

William, jun. (Spark & Co.), h. Hanover street 

William, jun., & Co., tinsmiths, 77 Gallowgate, A. JlOCause- 

Miss, Strawberrybank [wayend 

Speid, Alexander, Stephen's cottage, 26 Summer street 

William, advocate, 103 Union street, h. 26 Summer street 

Spence, Rev. Alexander (Free St. Clement's Church), h. Castehill 

Edward, boot and shoe manufacturer — Sale shop, 13 Broad 

John, spirit dealer, 80 Loch street [street 

Mrs., Castlehill 

Mrs., dressmaker, 7 Ilutcheon street 


Spring, Robert, shipowner, 23 Castle street 

Stables, Alexander, jun. (Aberdeen Fire and Life Assurance, 89 

Union street), h. 1 12 High street, Old Aberdeen 
Stamp Office, 79 Union street 

Standard Life Insurance Company of Scotland — Agents, F. J. 
Cochran, advocate, 96 Union street, and G. Marquis, ac- 
countant, 147 Union street 
Stark, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 19 Gullowgate, h. 17 

St. Andrew street 
! Steel, James, M.D., 34 Castle street 

James, general blacksmith, 48 John street, h. 149 Gallowgate 

William, spirit dealer, 4 Weigh-house square 

William, clerk (Dee Iron Works), h. 10 Schoolhill 

Steele, Alexander & Co., hatters, 20 Union street 
Stephen, Alexander, shipmaster, 23 James street 

Alexander (R. Stephen & Son), h. 1 Martin's lane 

Alexander (of Stephen & Sutherland), A. Mitchell place, 

King street 

Alexander, shipmaster, Pottery, Footdee 

David, joiner (A. Duthie & Co.), h. 18 Virginia street 

George, hairdresser, 9 Chapel street 

James, ironmonger, 34 Broad street, h. 19 Constitution street 

Rev. John (Free John Knox's Church), h. Rosemount place 

John, plumber, brassfounder, coppersmith, and gasfitter, 6 

Shoe lane, h. 29 Broad street 
John H., engraver and copperplate printer, 3 St. Nicholas 

street, h. 59 Huntly street 
John, game dealer and provision merchant, 00, West 

North street 

John, mealseller, 48 Windmillbrae, h. 4 Mary well street 

John, flesher, 2 Basement floor, New Market, /*. Hosefield 

Robert, & Son, merchants, 41 Green, h. 1 Martin's lane 

Robert, (of R. S. & Son,) h. 1 Martin's lane 

& Sutherland, painters and glaziers, and paper hangers, 52 


William, grocer and spirit dealer, 53 West North street 

William, baker, 33, h. 29 Broad street 

William, cabinetmaker and wood merchant, 167 Union street, 

h. 1 Union wynd 

Mrs., midwife, Brebner's court, 84 Shiprow 

Miss, dressmaker, 108 Skene street 

Miss, lodgings, 22 Virginia street 

Miss, 53 Green 

Miss, day school, 1 Union wynd 

Stephenson, Miss, South Ferryhill cottage 

Stevens, Robert, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 214, h. 216 George 
Stevenson, Alexander, cooper, 1 Windmillbrae [street 
Alexander, bookseller, newspaper agent, and stationer, 62 

Queen street 

David, grocer, tea and spirit merchant, 22 Correction wynd 

George, stabling, 32 West North street, and keeper of Kitty - 

brewster toll-bar 
James, engraver and printer, 6 Queen street, h. 64 Hutcheon 

.,,... William, (with J. Mather,) h, Union terrace 


Stevenson, Mrs,, midwife, 12 Carmelite street 

Mrs., lodgings, 23 Broad street 

Mrs., 114 Crown street 

Mrs., grocer, 91 North street 

Mrs., 64 Hutcheon street 

Stewart, Alexander, 19 Union place 

Alexander, jun., 19 Union place 

Alexander R., cotton dyer, Leadside, Gilcomston 

Charles, (of Stewart & Chivas,) h. 84 King street 

& Chivas, grocers to her Majesty, 13 King street 

Gordon, boot and shoe maker, 62 George street 

James, flesher, 1 and 2 New Market, h. 2 Carmelite street 

James, surgeon- apothecary, 190 Gallowgate 

James, stoneware dealer, 39 Schoolhill 

John, shipmaster, (Velocity steamer,) 13 Commerce street 

John, teacher of Thain's school, h. 52 Shiprow 

John, coach-guard, (North mail,) 7 Huxter row 

John, (of Stewart, Rowell, & Co.,) h. Rosemount terrace 

John, grocer and spirit dealer, 24, A. 14 Castle street 

Lewis, ngent, 55 Netherkirkgate 

Peter, vintner, Waterloo quay 

Rowell, & Co., comb-manufacturers, 40 Hutcheon street 

Major Thomas, 117 Crown street 

"Walter, silk mercer, 145, h. 129 Union street 

William, engineer, 11 Carmelite street 

Mrs. Kenneth, 161 Union street 

Mrs. Peter, register office for engaging servants, 12 Laugslane 


Miss, dressmaker, Craigwell place 

Still, Robert, blockmaker, 15 Prince Regent street 

William, gardener, near Ferryhill Mill 

Mrs., of Milden, h. St. Paul street 

Mrs. Andrew, grocer and spirit dealer, 51 York street 

Miss, Hardgate, near Bellevue 

Stirling, George, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit dealer, 49 Castle 

street, h. Lobban's court, Castle street 

Rev. James, (United Associate Church,) h 4 Caroline place 

Mrs. John, late of Peterculter, 14 Skene terrace 

Stophani, John, optician and German-clock maker, 68 Broad street 
Stormont, James, baker, corner of Wellington place, h. above shop 
Storie, Archibald, chaplain, Royal Infirmary, 43 Dee street 
Stott, George, shoemaker, 85 St. Andrew street 

John, tailor, Commercial court, 58 Castle street 

Miss, teacher, 14 Shuttle lane 

Strahan, Rev- W. D., chaplain, East Prison 

Strachan, Alexander, shipmaster, (GarlandJ /*. Bannermill street 

Alexander, late of Excise, Hardgate 

Alexander, spirit dealer, 3 Shiprow 

George, fiesher, 63 Newmarket 

Hugh, grocer 15 Windy wynd 

James, late bookseller, h. 35 Back wynd 

James, bookseller, stationer, bookbinder, and ruler, CO Castle 

street, /*. 25 Justice street 

, James, grocer, tea, and spirit dealer, 58 East North street 

John, shipmaster, (New Frederick,) 25 Prince Regent street 


Strachan, John, plumber and gas-fitter, 2 Crown street 

Peter, stabler, 36 Harriet street 

Eobert, tailor, 62 Netherkirkgate 

William, of Moreseat, Stocket, h. Moreseat 

William, sawyer, 62 Gerard street 

William, farmer, Mains of Ruthrieston 

Miss, Strawberrybank 

Miss, dressmaker, 11 Constitution street 

| Miss, dresser, 7 Black's buildings 

Straith, Rev. Alexander, teacher of English, keeper of baptism 
register, &c., Public Schools, Little Belmont street, A. I 
Donald's court, 20 Schoolhill 

George, gardener, Pitmuxton 

Miss, dressmaker, Fish street 

Strathdee Distillery, Cooperston 

Straton, James, fishing-tackle maker, 5 St. Catherine's wynd 

Peter, leather dealer, 63 Broad street, h. 15 Drum's lane 

Peter, sen., provision dealer, 241 George street 

Stratton, James, clerk (Bennett, Taylor, & Co.), 107 George street 

William, Wellington place 

Stronach, Alexander, advocate, 20 King street 

Alexander, feuar, Cooperston 

Alexander, jun., writer (Blaikie & Smith), h. Cooperston 

Alexander, manufacturer of bitters, Burnett's close 

& Grainger, advocates, 20 King street— Agents for Aberdeen 

Marine Insurance Company, Galena Investment Com- 
pany, and Glasgow Fire and Life Insurance Co. 

John, writer, (Murray & Garden), h. Cooperston buildings, 

Stuart, Alexander, of Laithers, 7 Union place [Holburn street 

Alexander, writing master, Gordon's Hospital, and teacher of 

writing and stenography, 1 15 Union street, h. 42 Huntly st. 

Captain Charles, 29 Hutcheon street 

David, postmaster, h. 5 New Market street 

Donald G., fishcurer, Canal terrace 

George, stoneware merchant, 98 Green 

James, builder, 114 Chapel street 

...... John, travelling-merchant, Red lion court, Broad street 

John, advocate, 87 Crown street 

John, principal servant (Blackfriars-street Chapel), and funeral 

waiter, 100 Green rf or( j 

William, road surveyor, Garioch district, h. 8 North Broad- 

William, boot and shoe maker, 28 Schoolhill, h. 7 Skene st. 

William, book-keeper (M'Donald & Leslie), 40 Wales street 

Sudbury, John, stocking manufacturer, 52 North Gallerv, New 

Market, h. Martin's lane, Green 
Summers, W., shipmaster, 10 Sugarhouse lane 

Mrs., Mitchell place Tend 

Sutherland, Alexander, book-keeper (J. Blaikie & Sons), 7i. Mile- 
... Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 17 Castle st., h. above shop 
,.. Alexander, boot and shoe maker, 83 King street 
. . Alexander, Inmore cottage, near Rosemount terrace 
,.. Alexander, porter, Medical School, St. Paul street 
... Andrew, manufacturer, 1, h. 2 Black's buildings 
... Andrew, jun., manufacturer, I Black's buildings 
.. Donald (late tailor), 119 Skene street 
.. Georgo, silk mercer, 149, h. 147 Union street 



Sutherland, George, house surgeon, Royal Infirmary 
... Hugh (Stephen & Sutherland), h. 44 Upperlurkgate 
.... James, tailor, 36 Netherkirkgate 
James, sliipmaster, 63 Park street 
"".'.'. John, druggist, 3*. h. 32 St. Nicholas street 
... John, late merchant, Viewton place, Spital 
'...'. John, late bookseller, Sunnyside . J 

John, jun., bookseller, stationer, and bookseller, 3 Gallop 

gate, A. Sunnyside 
John, meal and grain merchant, Holburn street 
" Dr Neil (Aberdeenshire Militia), 13 Belmont street 

Thomas (of Mortimer, Sutherland, & Co.),2 Black's buildings 

.'.'.'.'.'. Wellington, & Co., perfumers and hairdressers, 1 Queen st. 

William, farmer, Skene 

...... Mrs., 126 Gallowgate 

"... Mrs., lodgings, 83 King street 
...... Miss, dressmaker, 10 Blackfriars street 

'""'.'. Miss, lodgings, 95 King street 
...... Miss, dressmaker, 83 King street 

Swedish and Norwegian Vice-Consul, Arthur Thomson— OnV-> 

Bank of Scotland, Castle street 
Sword, Mrs., vintner, 26 Wellington street 
Symmers, Alexander Anderson, Glenburme cottage 

George S., Glenburnie cottage 

"..'.. Misses, 31 Whitehouse street . 

Symon, George, wigmaker and hairdresser, 18 St. Nicholas^treet 

h. 149 George street 
John, late merchant, 16 Windy wynd 

Taggart, John, stabler, 90 George street 
Tait, James, printer, 9 Young street 

. John, haberdasher, 161 George street 
'..'... William, spirit dealer, 67 West North street 
Talbot, David, shipmaster (BlossomJ, 61 Quay 

. William, shipmaster (Lord Seton), 126 King street 
Tarras, Andrew, keeper of Fish Market, 61 Broad street 
Tastard, Joseph, flesh er, 48 New Market, A. * m ^ff™k* 
Tawse, Lewis, spirit dealer, 83 Green [Old Abeidee 

William, tailor, 19 Lower Denburn 

William, Aberdeen Market Shoe Shop, 34 and 35 Nort 


.. Mrs Andrew, late of Coldstone, 5 Belmont street 

Taylor, Alexander, & Sons, wholesale and retail woollen draper 

67 Union street, h. 11G Crown street 

Alexander, Summerfield gardens, Park street 

'.'..'..'. Alexander, shipmaster (Rover), 62 Virginia street 

...... Alexander, 26 Gallowgate . 

...... Alexander! & Co., merchant tailors, 22, J, 12 Mmschal dl 

Alexander, stoneware dealer and broker, 15o, h. 107 Kopei 

court, Gallowgate ^'' . . 

& Brown, music-sellers, music saloon, 128 Union street 

Charles, wright, 103 Skene street _ 

George, baker, 276 George street, h. Kingsland place 

, . George, ginger-beer brewer and porter dealer, 15 James St. 
.'..... James W. (A. Taylor & Sons), h. 116 Crown street 
James, boot and shoemaker, 46 Netherkirkgate 


Taylor, John, principal servant, North Ghurcli, funeral waiter and 
wright, 18 Castle brae 

Peter, 1 2 1 Crown street 

Robert, music-seller (of Taylor & Brown), h. 2 Crown pi., East 

Robert, rope and twine manufacturer, grocer, and spirit 

dealer, 109 Gallowgate 

Thomas, gardener, 11 Shuttle lane 

William (of Kilgour & Taylor), h. 32 Young street 

Mrs. George, 24 N. Broadford 

Mrs, lodgings, 35 Frederick street 

Mrs., midwife, 46 Netherkirkgate 

Mrs. George, 112 Crown street 

Mrs. James, 74 Dee street 

...... Mrs., M'Lean's court, 50 Gallowgate 

• Miss, boarding school, 2 Crown place east 

Misses, dressmakers, 31 Harriet street 

Tayler, Major, of Rothiemay, h. Castle lodge, Castle street 
Temperance Coffee-house, reading rooms, and lodgings, 64 Broad 

Templeton, William, M.D., lecturer on Materia Medica, King's 
College, h. 47 Schoolhill 

Mrs., lodgings, 82 Gallowgate 

Thain, Andrew, tailor and broker, 37 Lodge walk 

James, master boatbuilder (Hall & Sons), h. 60 York street 

Theatre— Pit, 50 ; Boxes, 52 ; Gallery, 54 Marischal street 
Third, James, cooper, 164 Gallowgate 

Thorn, Alexander & William, commission merchants and general 
agents, 21 Quay 

Alexander (of A. & W. Thorn), h. Ashley house 

■ George, boot and shoe maker, lodgings, 31 Marischal street 

James, shipmaster (Catherine), 7 Catto square 

Robert, brewer, King street, near Canal bridge 

Robert, gardener, Cornhill Gardens 

William (of A. & W. Thorn), 50 Union place 

• Mrs. John, 1 Gordon street 

Mrs., late Manse of Nigg, 137 Crown street 

...... Mrs. William, 173 Union street 

Mrs. John, Albyn cottage 

...... Miss, sick nurse, 7 Gaelic lane 

Miss, 50 Union place 

Miss, 55 Gallowgate 

Thompson, George, jun., insurance broker and shipowner 40 

Marischal street, h. 20 Golden square 
Thomson, Adam, vintner and fiesher, 43 New Market, h. 177 
George street 

Alexander, traveller (Pratt & Keith), h. 29 Frederick street 

Alexander, of Banchory, h. Banchory house 

^ ev - Alexander (George-street Chapel), /*. 56 Gerard street 

Alexander, clerk (Harbour Office), h. 49 Gallowgate 

Alexander, spirit dealer, 83 West North street 

Alexander, Union cottage, 22 North Broadford 

Andrew, traveller (Devanha Brewery), h. Ferryhill buildings 

Andrew, late builder, 20 Union row 

Arthur, agent of the Bank of Scotland, vice-consul for Rus- 
sia, Prussia, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Norway, 
Bank of Scotland court, Castle street 


Thomson, David (Richards & Co.), Broadford place >l>*™g 

George, jun., merchant (W. Simpson & Co.), ft. 10 Union 

George, shipowner (of G. Thomson & Son), ft. 22 Quay 

" George, & Son, wine merchants, commission agents, and ship 
brokers, Thomson's court, 21 Regent quay 
Henry cashier (Steam Navigation Co.), h. 5 Constitution st. 

Henry excise officer (Glenburn Distillery), ft. Rubislaw 

7.7. James,' clerk (A. Pirie & Sons;, 11 Union row 
"... James, manager, Broadford Works . .- 

James (R. Mortimer, ironmonger), ft. Rosie cottage, Maybank 
77. James, clock cleaner, umbrella, bellows, and spectacle re- 
pairer, 199 Gallowgate 
James, bootmaker, 14 Netherkirkgate >-. :. . 

John, shipmaster (Mungo Park), Cruden's court, Broad street 

j hn, builder, 23 Princes street, ft. 31 Frederick street 

77 John', flesher, 164, ft. 177 George street 
7... John, tailor, 5 Blairton lane _. . 

Peter, traveller (Cadenhead, Barron, & Co.), ft. 1 Thistle 

Robert, furnishing tailor, 73 Netherkirkgate [place 

Robert, clerk (Richards & Co.), ft. 6 Broad street 

Thomas, gunmaker, 68 Union street, A. 20 St. Nicholas street 

William, guard (North Defiance coach), ft. 35 St. Nicholas st. 

William, traveller (G. Collie & Co.), ft. 61 Huntly street 

William, sen., accountant and clerk, 7*. 100 Chapel street 

7.7 William, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 46 Green, ft. Cor- 
rection wynd, Green 
William, mason, Holburn street 
"'" William, clerk (D. G. Stewart), ft. 122 Gallowgate 

William L., shipowner (of G. Thomson & Son), Hanoverian 

Royal consul, and Hanseatic vice-consul, ft. Lochhead 
Mrs. William, jun., 24 Dee street 
" Mrs., lodgings, Smith's court, 49 Gallowgate 
77 Mrs. John, teacher of music, 32 Skene terrace 
77 Mrs., 4 Black's buildings 
...... Mrs., 1 Chapel street 

Mrs., midwife, 14 Thistle street 
77. Miss, dressmaker, 13 Denburn terrace 
77 Miss, teacher, 24 James street 

Thorburn, James, teacher, Upper Denburn School, ft. 56 Chapel st. 
Thorn, William, dyer, 8 Carmelite street 
Tilleray, John, foreman (F. & G.), A. 3 Drum's lane 
Tocher, John, tailor, 9 Bon-accord terrace 
Tocheti, Charles, optician, Emslio's court, 26 Gallowgate 

. Mrs., midwife, Emslie's court, 26 Gallowgate 
Todd, Alexander, basketmaker, West Gallery, New Market 
Tompkins, William, flesher, 14 Poultry Market 

Mrs., flesher, 18 New Market 

Tonach, John, coal and lime meter, 30 College street 

Tonner, James, furniture dealer, 29, ft. Milne's court, 27 Gallow 

Topp, George, 35 Constitution street [gat( 

James, late baker, Craigwell cottage, North Silver street 

Torrie, Alexander, advocate, 75 King street 

James, Pitfoddels 

James, M.D., 67 Dee street 

Mrs. James, 12 George street 

Torry, James, surgeon, 55 Schoolhill 


Torry, John, spirit dealer, 28 Gallowgate 

Tough, Alexander, wood merchant, Poynernook, h. 22 Marywcll st. 

George, haberdasher, 134 George street 

John, stoneware merchant, 37 St. Nicholas street, h. 7 Floor- 


Thomas W., boot and shoe maker, 42 Broad street, h. Hol- 

burn street 

Mrs., matron, Boy's Hospital 

Towns, David, miller— House and mill, 188 North street 

Town's Drummers — David Bannerman, 75 Gallowgate, and James 
Badenoch, Robertson's court, 143 Gallowgate 

Trail, James, wright and cabinetmaker, 9 Rose street, A. 22 Union 

William, cabinetmaker, Lobban's court, Castle street [row 

Troup, Alexander (Aberdeen Lime Company), grain merchant and 
miller, Sclattie 

Alexander, merchant tailor, 30 Union street, /* 67 College st. 

David, grocer and spirit dealer, principal servant, St. John's 

Chapel, and funeral waiter, 235 George's street 

George, chemist and druggist, 30 George street, h. 187 

George street 

James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 43 Schoolhill, h. 39 Back 

John, blacksmith, 16 Shiprow, k. Huthrieston [wynd 

Mrs. George, Prospect cottage, Loanhead 

Mrs,, Glenburnie cottage 

Miss, dressmaker, 34 George street 

Tudhope, John, earthenware dealer, 69 East North street 
Tulloch, David, master joiner (Walter Hood & Co.), h. 62 Virginia 

Rev. George — School, Academy street (from Dee street to 

Crown street), /*, Bellevue, Hardgato 

James, teacher, Bellevue 

James, shipmaster (St. Lawrance), 12 St. Clement street 

William, clerk, 12 St. Clement street 

Turnbull, Anthony, vintner, 32 Castle street, h. 5 Castle brae 
Turner, Alexander, traveller (George Inglis), 22 Kidd lane 

Robert, shipmaster and lodgings, 25 Marischal street 

...... Misses, of Turnerhall, 127 Crown street 

Turreff, Alexander, draper, 39 Union street, h. 39 Upperkirkgate 

Mrs., 39 Upperkirkgate 

Tweedie, Jess, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, East North street 
Tyson, Mrs., Strawberrybank 

Tytler, James, porter, House of Refuge, Duthie's court, 45 Guest- 
row, h. Thornton court, 39 Guestrow 

John (Hogarth & Co.), 9 North Broadford 

William, cabinetmaker, 2 Chronicle lane 

, Mrs., Mackie place 

Mrs., 2 Charlotte street 

Union-Glen Distillery, Holburn 

Universal Life Assurance Company — Agent for Aberdeen and ad- 
jacent counties, John Humphrey, advocate 
Urquhart, Alexander, boot and shoe maker, Holburn street 

Alexander, road contractor, 9 Skene row 

Alexander, spirit dealer. 69 Commerce street 

& Fullerton, druggists, 65 St, Nicholas street 

& Gordon, 164 Union street 



Urquhart James, keeper of leading lights, Torry 

John, shoe manufacturer, 17 Broad street, h. 24 Mary well st. 

'. John (of J. & R. Urquhart), 

John & Kobert, wholesale tea and coffee dealers and com- 
mission agents, 32 Schoolhill 

Robert (of J. & R.), &■ Thistle place 

Mrs., grocer, 25 North Broadford 

Mrs., sen. of Craigston, 240 Union street 

Ure, Mrs., 38 Skene street 

Vaccine Institution, 25 Castle street 

Vass, James, upholsterer (Allan & Macallan's), h. 114 Chapel st. 

Mrs. James, 114 Chapel street 

Vernon, John, & Co., engineers, founders, millwrights, builders of 

iron ships, &c, Dee Iron Works, York street 

John, (of John Vernon & Co.,) 27 York place 

Vessie, James & Alexander, booksellers and bookbinders, 130 


James, & Co., Circulating Library, 128 Gallowgate 

Vickers, Mrs., 1 1 Huntly street 

Vigrow, John, printer, (Journal Office,) 13 Carmelite street 

Wade, Mrs. Captain, lodgings, 11 Bon-accord street 

Wagstaff, Rev. Charles, (St, Andrew's Chapel,) Bon-accord square 

Walker, Alexander, gardener, Westfield, Gilconiston 

Alexander, clerk, (T. Melville & Sons,) 

Alexander, engineer, 6 Hanover street 

Alexander, painter, 39 Upper Denburn 

Alexander, ironmonger, 58 Gallowgate, h. above shop 

...... Charles & John, commission merchants, 35 Marischal street, 

h. 38 Constitution street 

David, hairdresser and perfumer, 135 Union street, h. 19 

Huntly street 
David, plane maker, 44 Loch street 

Duncan, shipmaster, (Heroine,) 32 St. Clement street 

George, Town-house keeper, h. 17 Huxter row 

George, bookseller, (A. Brown & Co.,) h. 72 Dee street 

George, boot and shoe maker, 85 Skene street, h. 61 Summer 

street L hi11 

George, advocate, 52 King street, h. Donald's court, School- 

Gilbert, merchant, 7 Frederick street 

„ Gordon, hairdresser, 42 Guestrow 

James, 2 Dee place 

James, nurseryman and seedsman, 12 Constitution street 

James, coalbroker, 72 Dee street 

James, bookseller, 34 \ Upperkirkgate, h. Braehead, Gilcom- 

James, vintner, 27 Loch street [ston 

James, importer of Berlin worsted and patterns, toy and fancy 

goods, 8 Broad street, h. Rosebum cottage 

John, shipmaster, (Anemone,) 4 St. Clement street 

John C, Banner Office, h. 20 Union row 

John, late merchant, Eoseburn cottage, 90 Hutcheon street 

John, umbrella manufacturer, 16 West North street 

...... John, plasterer, Wales street 

John, clerk, 71 Gallowgate 

John, (John Walker & Co.,) h, 42 Constitution street 

139 new AUKKDF.EN. [WAL WAT 

Walker, John, & Co., Aberdeen Fancy Warehouse, wholesale and 
retail hardware merchants, importers of foreign orna- 
ments, toys, &c, 24- Broad street 

& Leith, brewers, Mealmarket lane 

Robert, grocer, 56 George street 

Robert, hairdresser, '210 Gallowgate 

Robert, flesher, 29 Basement floor, New Market 

...... & Smith, land-surveyors, 129 Union street 

William, late of H.E.I. C.S.'s tea department, Bonnymuir 

William, treasurer, Infirmary and Lunatic Asylum, h. 2 

Caroline place 

William, superintendent of New ?d"arket — Office, 54 Market, 

h. 19 Fisher row 

William, umbrella maker, 35, h. 25 Schoolhill 

William, grocer, wine, and spirit merchant, 65 George street, 

and 52 Union street, /*. 3 Adelphi court 

William, provision dealer, 65 Causewayend 

Mrs. Adam, vintner, 10 Queen street 

...... Mrs., stay maker, Ferguson's court, 4-4 Loch street 

Mrs., register office, 9 Guestrow 

Mrs. Walter, 80 George street 

Mrs., 2 Dee place 

Mrs., lodgings, 124 George street 

Miss, dressmaker, 1 Donald's court, Schoolhill 

Miss, 89 Crown street 

Miss, teacher, Free Trinity school, h. 61 Summer street 

Wales, Lieut. Andrew, R.N., 90 Bon-accord street 
Wallace, Alexander, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 55 
George street, h. Q\ Gallowgate 

Archibald messenger, (North of Scotland Bank,) h. Lodge 

Charles, Charlotte street [walk 

Daniel, shipmaster, (Mansfield,) 20 Commerce street 

Rev. David, (Frederick street Chapel,) h. 11 Union buildings 

Hugh, tailor, 18 Huxter row 

James, writer, 17 Adelphi court 

Thomas, manager, Blind Asylum, Huntly street 

Miss, corset-maker, 49 Bon-accord street 

Ward, Thomas, (Robson & Co.,) Cruden's court, Broad street 
Warden, Robert, tide-waiter, 54 Regent quay 
Warrack, David, baker, 36 Union place, h. 1 Rose street 

James, commission merchant, 23 Marischal street, h. 26, 

Mis. Robert, 36 King street [Dee street 

Warren, Mrs., lodgings, 40 Huntly street 

Misses, dressmakers, 40 Huntly street [row 

Washbourn, William, New Market inn and eating house, 13 Fisher 
Watkins, Alexander, manufacturer (Broadford works), h. 3 Broad- 
Watson, Alexander, bookseller, 65 Chapel street [ford 

Alexander, shipmaster (Trusty), h. Sugarhousc lane 

Archibald I., bookseller, news-agent, and dealer in cheap pe- 
riodicals, 70£, h. 70 Gallowgate 
...... Archibald, cashier (Broadford works), h. 6 Rosemount terrace 

George, 68 Bon-accord street 

James, saw trimmer, Union street, opposite Assembly rooms, 

h. Gordon's court, Gordon street 

James, bi-oker, East North street 

James, watch and clock maker ; 189 George street 


Watson. James, broker, 76 Gallowgate 

James, blacksmith, 45 Loch street, h. 74 Gallowgate 
John, serieant of police, h. 6 Rlackfriars street [kirkgate 

" John, tailor, 20 Netherkirkgate, k. Yeats' court, 30 Nether- 
" '.'.'.'. John, secretary (Aberdeen Fire and Life Assurance), ft. 3 
East Craibston street 
Patrick, grocer and spirit dealer, 35 Bon-accord street 

Robert, builder, Nelson street, ft. Nelson street 

' Robert, general merchant and broker, 40 and 44 East North 
[!!."! William, W.S., sheriff-substitute, I. Albyn place [street 

...... Mrs. C, lodgings, 6 St. Catherine's wynd 

Mrs. George, 9 Union place 

Mrs., provision dealer, 6 Mounthooly 

T ... Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 29 Union row 

.. Miss, teacher (Free John Knox's School), ft. 5 Mounthooly 
Watt, Alexander, late shipmaster, and treasurer of the Shipmaster 
Society, Kuthrieston 
Alexander, land surveyor, 15 Bon-accord street 
Alexander, writer (Murray & M'Combie, ft. 12 Quay 
Alexander, ginger beer and porter dealer, Correction wynd 
""]', Charles, accountant (Commercial Bank), ft. Berryden cottage 

' David, & Co., grocers and spirit dealers, 21 Chapel street 
[..... George, shipmaster (Margaret Littlejohn), ft. 61 Commerce si. 
"!.., George, feuar, 67 Causeway end _ 

George, slater (successor to James Smith), 20 Trinity street 
,.'..'.'. John^ leather dealer, currier, and shoe manufacturer, 51 
Broad street, currying shop, 57 George street, ft- Happy 
grove, Mounthooly , 

John, advocate, clerk and treasurer to the General Session ot 
St. Nicholas, and keeper of the register of marriages for 
the city of Aberdeen, 24 Adelphi, h. 66 SchoollnU 

Kenneth, shoemaker, 6 South Silver street 

Samuel, carter, 20 Dee street 

Mrs. Alexander, lodgings, 17 Denburn terrace 

Mrs. George, vintner, 12 Regent quay 

Mrs. W., 4 Hutcheon street 

Mrs. James, Berryden cottage 

.....i Miss, 13 Huntly street 

Miss, spirit dealer, 1 York street 

Watts, Thomas, Excise officer, Strathdee distillery, ft. Holborn st, 
Wattie, James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Steps of Gilcomston 

Joseph, gardener, Newfield, Skene square 

Miss, grocer, 25 Skene street 

Webster, Alexander, advocate, 42 King street 

Alexander, jun., 28 Catherine street 

Alexander, jun., advocate, 42 King street 

David, teacher, 61 Huntly street 

John, advocate, King street 

John, clerk, 7 Constitution street 

John, manager, Gilcomston brewery 

John, grocer and spirit dealer, Holburn street 

John, baker, 43, A. 53 Green 

Robert, shipmaster (Columbine), ft. 7 Canal terrace 

„ Thomas, merchant, Wales street 

William, baker and confectioner, 4, A. 6 Skene terrace 

,„,„, William, cowfeeder, 172 West North street 


Webster, Mrs. Lieut. William, 48 Chapel street 

Mrs., midwife, 34 North Broadford 

Misses, 29 East North street 

Weigh-house, Quay — James F. Kelles, tacksman 

Weir, George, tailor, Farquhar's court, 17 Upperkirkgate 

John, teacher of Deaf and Dumb Institution, 57 Schoolhill 

Robert, spirit merchant, 72 Gallowgate 

Mrs , 2 Affleck street 

Welch, James, manager (power looms, Broadford works), h. 3 

Wemyss, Mrs., Crown court, Union street 

West-end Academy, 216 Union street 

Westland, John, shoemaker, 9 Drum's lane 

Mrs., 32 Skene 6treet 

West of England Fire and Life Office — A. & J. Cadenhead, ad- 
vocates, agents, 9 Huxter row 

West of Scotland Guarantee Society— R. R. Notman, agent, 24 

Whitecross, Emslie, lodgings, Smith's court, 49 Gallowgate 

William, Customhouse agent, 27 Crown street 

Mrs., sick-nurse, 95 Chapel street 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 27 Crown street 

White, Alexander (of White & Hutcheon), 61 Bon-accord street 

& Hutcheon, shawl merchants and silk mercers, 123 

Union street 

J., 61 Bon- accord street 

Mrs. James, 61 Bon-accord street 

Whitnell, Edward, hardware and stationery shop, 38 North Gal- 
lery, New Market 

Whittaker, William, woolsorter (Hadden & Sons), h. 3 Char- 
lotte street 

Whyte, Alexander B. (of Simpson & Whyte), 73 Crown street 

David, tanner, Newbridge, Hardgate, h. 4 Bon-accord terrace 

John (Simpson & Whyte), 52 Dee street 

John, shipmaster, 29 James street 

John, advocate, 48 King street, k. 52 Dee street 

Patrick, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 30, h. 28 Broad st. 

Misses, ladies' boarding and day school, 75 Crown street 

Wigham, Anthony, 5 Caroline place, Maybank 

Wight, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 45 St. Andrew street 

Wilkie, John, cooper, 13 Virginia street 

Wilkinson, Mrs. William, 29 Upperkirkgate 

Will, James, M.D., 11 King street 

John, late guard, 40 Bon-accord street 

Thomas, manufacturer (A. H. & Sons), h. 139 Crown street 

Thomas, 2 St. Mary's place 

Mrs., lodgings, 61 Park street 

Wilians, Samuel, manufacturer and stoneware merchant, 168 Gal- 
lowgate, h. 104 West North street 

Willet, Joseph J., shipmaster (London), Mortimer's court, Wa- 
terloo quay 
Williams, James, & Sons, coopers and fishcurers, 13 Virginia street 

James, furrier, 127, h. 124 Union street 

Peter, cooper, 13 Virginia street 

Robert, cooper, 13 Virginia street 

...... William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 1 i St. Andrew street 


Williams, William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 26 Loch street 
Williamson, Alexander, overseer (R. Johnston, Quay), k. 10 

Weigh-house square 

Alexander, baker, 1, h. 2 Catto square 

Alexander, of Granitehill (formerly Cairnery) 

Benjamin, M.D., 239 Union street 

George, flesher, 30 New Market, h. Skene 

George, cattle dealer, Wales street 

James, grocer, tea and spirit merchant, 125, h. 86 George st, 

James, flesher, 49 New Market, h. Skene 

James, of Beachhill, 48 Wales street 

James (of R. Catto & Co.), h. 32 Adelphi court 

James, & Co., potters, Bloomfield Pottery, Pitmuxton 

John, flesher, 40 New Market, h Skene 

Joseph, M.D., 29 Adelphi court 

& Middleton, candlemakers and tollow-chandlers, 46 Wales 

Peter, druggist, 141, h. 143 Union street [street 

Mrs., Wales street 

Mrs. John, flesher, 15 New Market, h. 72 Hutcheon street 

Mrs. Robert, lodgings, 130 Union street 

Miss, 14 Chapel street 

Willox, Mrs. William, 22 Queen street 

Mrs. William, 48 Woolmanhill 

Wilson, Alexander, ship agent, 57 Marischal street, h. 37 High 

street, Old Aberdeen 

Alexander, shoe shop, 9 Broad street, h. 33 Harriet street 

Andrew, bookbinder and stationer, 20, It. 18 Marischal street 

Charles, letter-carrier, 3 Carnegie's brae 

David, silk and woollen dyer, Innes street dye-works — Shop, 

1 Correction wynd, h. 10 John street 

Francis, grocer, 111 Skene street 

George, tailor, 188, Gallowgate 

George, shore porter, 18 Shiprow 

George, seaman, 10 Blackfriars street 

George, surgeon (of Christie& Wilson), 171, h. 173 Gallowgate 

Hugh, confectioner, 47 Regent quay 

James, agent for Roman Catholic books, magazines, &c, 

musician, and manufacturer of Bishop Hay's pills, 2 

Chapel court, 1 Justice street 

James, late shipmaster, 115 York street 

James, weaver, 12 Spa street 

James, police officer, 14 Skene street 

John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 11 Back wynd 

John, grain merchant, k. 64 Shiprow 

John, bookbinder, 20 Marischal street 

Rev. John, (North Parish,) North lodge 

John, shore porter, 37 Park street 

Robert, bookseller, 34 Schoolhill, h. 35 Blackfriars street 

Robert, manager, (New Boot and Shoe warehouse, 9 Broad 

street,) h. 31 Harriet street 

Robert, grocer, Upper Denburn 

William, eating house, 15 Shiprow 

Mrs. Robert, grocer, Newbridge 

Mrs. William, 90 Union street 

Mrs., lodgings, 11 Market street 

Mrs., 90 Bon-accord street 


Wilson, Mrs., lodgings, 4 Upper Denburn 

Mrs., grocer, Dee village 

Misses, dressmakers and milliners, 12 Spa street 

Miss, lodgings, 83 Union street 

Miss, dressmaker, 22 Union row 

Miss, lodgings, Crown court, Union street 

Miss, 16 Dee street 

Winchester, Charles, advocate, 21 St. Nicholas street 

Winks, Ronald, west end of Thistle street 

Winlaw, James, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 104 Gal- 

„ James, jun.,ship and insurance broker and coal merchant. 43 

Regent quay, /*. 104 Gallowgate 

Winton, John, tea and spirit dealer, 32 Wellington street 

Wisconsin Marine and Fire Insurance Company — Adam & Ander- 
son, agents in Britain — Writing chambers, 75 Union st. 

Wise, Alexander, hairdresser, 2 Commerce street 

Wisely, George, worsted manufacturer, 7, /*. 8 Castle street 

Wishart, Alexander, (of W. & L.,) h. 276 George street 

Captain Daniel, Marine cottage, 6 Constitution street 

David, furniture dealer, 59, h. 75 Gallowgate 

George, flesher, 32 Wales-street Market, 7*. 68 Wales street 

James, master joiner, (Hall & Son,) h. 47 Wellington street 

John, 37 Wales-street Market, h. 63 Wales street 

John, shoemaker and porter, Lunatic Asylum 

Joseph, organ-builder, 24, h. 5 Young street 

& Lawrence, builders, 276 George street 

William, flesher, 8 Wales-street Market, h. 68 Wales street 

Wood, David, dealer in worsted stockings, &c, 55 Commerce st. 

George, commission agent and accountant, 5 Schoolhill, h. 25 

Bon-accord street 

James S., shoemaker, Holburn street 

John, gardener, Damside, Gilcomston 

John, surgeon, 31 Bon-accord street 

Robert, boot and shoe maker, 3 Crown street, h. St. Mary's 


Thomas, principal officer, (South Parish Church,) and funeral 

and occasional waiter, h. 32 Belmont street 

Mrs. Joseph, lodgings, 124 Union street 

Woodman, Alexander, manager, (Mortimer & Sutherland,) h. 
Canal road 

Wright, Alexander, stabler, 1 Harriet street 

David, Maryculter foot-post, h. porter lodge, Cornhill 

James, moulder, 13 Catto's square 

John, gardener, Pitmuxton 

& Petrie, stone-cutters, below Union-street bridge, Denburn, 

h. 13 Constitution street 

Mrs. Peter, 1 Littlejohn street 

Miss, 76 Broad street 

Wyllie, David, cashier, Aberdeen Bank, h. 2 Marischal street 

David, & Son, booksellers to her Majesty, stationers, and pub- 
lic circulating library, 51 Union street 

James, (of D. Wyllie & Son,) h. 73 Dee street 

Misses, 17 Bon-accord street 

Wyness, Andrew, flesher, 16 New Market, h, 4 Donald's court, 


Wyness, John, rope and twine manufacturer, Millbank 

Yeats, Alexander, accountant, 115 Union street, h. Bon-accord 

& Flockhart, advocates, 84 King street [lane 

George, silk mercer, 87 Union street, h. 149 South Crown st. 

George^ advocate, 48 King street 

George, artist, 10 St. Nicholas street 

George & William, advocates — Office, 48, h. 46 King street 

John, (of Yeats & Flockhart,) h. 25 Union place 

John, flesher, New Market, h. Craighead, Nether Banchory 

William, advocate, 46 King street 

Margaret, sick-nurse, 85 Woolmanhill 

York and London Fire, Life, and Annuity Office — Wm. Gordon, 

advocate, agent, 1 4 Adelphi 
Young, Adam, grocer and spirit dealer, 33 East North street 

George, ropemaker, 20 St. Clement street 

James, teacher of music, 9 Carmelite street 

James & David, teachers of music, Yeats' court, Nether- 

John, musical instrument maker, 32 Netherkirkgate, h. Thistle 

cottage, Bridge of Dee 

Sergeant Robert, R.A., Hardgate 

William, shipmaster, 4 Affleck street 

Mrs., grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 48 East North street 

Miss, milliner, 25 St. Nicholas street 

Misses, 2 Golden square 

Younghusband, Mrs. John, 10 Canal terrace 

Youngson, Robert, shipmaster (Samson), 46 Regent quay 

William, cabinet-maker, 20 Mary well street 

Mrs. Major, Fonthill place 

Mrs. Andrew, 5 East Craibston street 

Miss M. A., sewing mistress, House of Refuge, 15 Guestrow 

Yule, Alexander, general and furnishing ironmonger, 14 Union 

street, h. Kingsland place 
Mrs., lodgings, 1 St. Nicholas street 




Adam, Thomas, National Bank 
Catto, William, Aberdeen Bank 
Elgen, William, 7 Drum's lane 
Marquis, George, 147, Union street 
Masson, Andrew, Bon-accord As. Co. 
Morrison, John, City of Glas. Bank 
Notman, Robert R., 24, Adelphi 
Riddle, Thomas, Savings Bank 
Sim, Alex., Bank of Scotland 
Smith, Francis, N. of S. Bank 
Thomson, W., sen., 100 Chapel st. 
Yeats, Alexander, 115 Union street 


Abel, Alexander, 7 Belmont street 
Adam, William, 75 Union street 
„~,.™ William, jun., 115 Union st. 
Anderson, Alexander, 75 Union st. 
„v»»™~ John, 123^ Union street 
Angus, John, 38, Castle street 
Barron, Lambert, 13 Netherkirkgate 
Blaikie, John, 247 Union street 
Booth, William, 2 Regent quay 
Brebner, James, Advocates' buildings 
Bryce, James, 49 Broad street 
Burnett, Newell, 25 Belmont street 
~—.-~. Thomas, 25 Belmont street 
Cadenhead, Alexander, 9 Huxter row 
— ~~» John, Thistle cottage, Thistle 

Cameron, A. J., 21 Shiprow 
Chalmers, Charles, 147 Union street 
Chivas, Alexander, 42 Castle street 
Clerihew, Francis, 53 Netherkirk- 
Cochrane, F. J., 96 Union street 
Collie, James, 58 Castle street 
Coutts, Adam, 63 Netherkirkgate 
,,-.„„, John, 63 Netherkirkgate 
Cruickshank, George, 31 Gallowgate 
Daniel, Alexander, 25 Belmont st. 
Davidson, Alexander, 237 Union st. 


Davidson, Duncan, 237 Union street 

Patrick, 237 Union street 

Duncan, John, 25 Marischal street 
Dunn, John, 27 King street 
Duthie, Alexander, 11 Market street 
— «~~. William, Advocate's buildings 
Dyce, Robert, 61 St. Nicholas street 
Edmond, Francis, 64 Union street 
•~~ — James, 64 Union street 
Ewen, Thomas, 20 Queen street 
Farquhar, Nathaniel, 147 Union st- 

Robert S., 24 Adelphi 

Farquharson, Peter, 15 Union terrace 
Ferguson, James, 36 Union street 
Fleming, John, 12 King street 
Flockhart, Alexander, 84 King street 
Forbes, Duncan, 7 Belmont street 
Fraser, Alexander, Town-house 
Garden, James, 50 Schoolhill 
Gordon, Alexander, 27 King street 
— ..~~ Francis, 27 King street 

William, 14 Adelphi 

Grainger, Charles, 20 King street 
Grant, George, 42 Castle street 
Gray, William, 136 King street 
Grub, George, Advocates' buildings 
Henderson, Alexander, 30 St. Nicho- 
las street 
Humphrey, John, Pitmedden 
Hunter, William, 14 Adelphi 
Johnston, George, 42 Netherkirkgate 
Jopp, Alexander, 31 Gallowgate 
Keith, David, Town-house 
Ledingham, Robert, 52 King street k 
Ligertwood, John, 4 Correction wynd 
Lumsden, Clements, 1 Union terrace 
~™~~» Henry, 255 Union street 
M'Combie, J. B., 103 Union street 
M' Hardy, James, 58 Castle street 
M'Kinnon, Lachlan, 3 Queen street 
„,~ — Lachlan, jun., 61 St. Nicholas 

Massie, Marianus,..% Union street 



ADVOCATES-(Continued.) j 

Miller, James A., 247 Union street I 
Milne, J. D., 54 Union street 

,^_ J. D., jun., 54 Union street 

Mitchell, David, 8 Castle street 
Morrice, D. R., 233 Union street 
Muir & Allan, 36 Union street 
Munro, David, 18 Adelphi 
Murray, Andrew, 103 Union street 

*~~ James, 50 Schoolhill 

Nicol, James, 18 Adelphi 
Ogg, William F., 11 Adelphi 
Paterson, John, 32 Queen street 
,~~ — William, 11 Princes street 
Philip, Colin A., 15 King street 
Pittendrigh, Alex., Exchange court 
Profat, G. D, 8 Guestrow 
Reid, Thomas, 51 Bon- accord street 
Rohison, William, 58 Castle street 
Ross, Alexander, 103 Union street 
-~~™.. William, 20 Belmont street 
Sangster, Thomas, 3 Queen street 
Shand, Rohert, 31 Gallowgate 
Simpson, James, 11 Union lane 
~~» — William, 58 Bon-accord st. 
Skinner, William, 103 Union Street 
Smith, Alexander, 96 Union street 
~~.~~«. John, Mountpleasant 
~~.~~» John, jun., 247 Union street 
.-~~,™ Robert, 96 Union street 
Spied, William, 103 Union street 
Stronach, Alexander, 20 King street 
Stuart, John, 87 Crown street 
Torrie, Alexander, 75 King street 
Walker, George, 52 King street 
Watt, John, 24 Adelphi 
Webster, Alexander, 42 King street 
,,~,~~ Alexander, jun., 42 King st. 
,-~~~ .. John, 42 King street 
Winchester, Charles, 20 St. Nicholas 

Yeats, George, 48 King street 
„_^_ John, 84 King street 
William, 48 King street 


Asher, James, 115 Union street 
Bennet, Taylor, & Co., 43 Marischal 

Best, Robb, & Co. , 59 Marischal st. 
Booth, Alexander, 4 Regent quay 
Connon, Richard, & Co., 56 Marischal 

Duncan, George, 28 Marischal st. 
Dyer, Alexander, 35 Wales street 
Elsmie, Geo., & Son, 13 Regent quay 
Harper, James, 55 Netherkirkgate 
Inglis, George, Crown court 
Kennedy, J. J., 8 Adelphi 
Laurie, William, 11 Marischal street 
M'Lauvin, John, 25 Gallowgate 
Martin, Alexander, Carmelite street 
Mather, John, 7 Marischal street 

AGENTS, &c— Continued.) 

Peters, W., 35 East North street 
Pirie, David, Crown court 
Rhind, John, 1 Longacre 
Roger, William, 47 Marischal street 
Rust, A. S., 83 Bon-accord street 
Sheed, John, 44 Marischal street 
Singer, Adam, 84 Broad street 
Smith, Alexander, 40 King street 
~™,~~ John, yost, 8 St. Nicholas lane 
Stewart, Lewis, 55 Netherkirkgate 
Thorn, A. & W., 21 quay 
Thomson, G., & Son, 21 Regent quay 
Urquhart, J. & R., 32 Schoolhill 
Walker, C. & J., 35 Marischal street 
Warrack, James, 23 Marischal street 
Wood, George, 5 Schoolhill 


Davidson, William, Strawberrybank 
Henderson, James, 66 Loch street 
~~.„~ Wm., 66 Loch street 
Knight, William, 2 Guestrow 
Leslie, William, 8 Golden square 
Simpson, Archd., 1 E. Craibstone st. 
Smith, John, 142 King street 
Mackenzie & Matthews, 72 King st. 


Auld, P. C, 108 Crown street 
Cassie, James, jun., 30 Castle street 
Giles, James, 64 Bon-accord street 
Munro, Robert, 3 Exceequer row 
Niddry, William, 49 St. Andrew st, 
Roger, William, 71 Bon-accord st. 
Russell, Geo., 4 Dee street 
Yeats, Geo., 10 St. Nicholas street 


Brown, P. & G., 40 Union street 
Cruickshank, A., 5 East North street 
Elmslie, R. J., 32| Upperkirkgate 
Macswein, Hugh, 52 Union street 
Moir, John, 76 Broad street 
Ross, William, 15 Upperkirkgate 
Smith, John, 10 Gallowgate 


Abel, James, 64 Virginia street 
Adam, Roderick, 14 Union place 
Allan, James, 17 West North street 
Anderson, Joseph, 66 George street 
Begg, William, 3 Frederick street 
Bridgefcrd, Alex., 65 Green 
Bruce, John, senior, 13 Castle street 
„~,™» John, jun., 55 St. Nicholas st. 
Buchan, Robert, 29 Chapel street 
Croll, John, 69 George street 



BAKERS— (Continued.) 

Eddie, Alex., 6 Commerce street 
Elmslie, David, 147 George street 
Fleet, William, 180 George street 
Forsyth, James, 129 Crown street 
French, William, 6 Shiprow 
Fullerton, George, 45 St. Nicholas st 
Garden, George, 33 Schoolhill 
Glass, William, 252 George street 
Glennie, George, 17 Crown street 
Goodfellow, James, 24 Justice street 
Inglis, James, 32 Gallowgate 

William, 67 Broad street 

— .—, George, 215 Gallowgate 
Ireland, James, 81 Bon-accord street 
Kelman, Alexander, 41 Park street 
Law, John, 60 Shiprow 
M'Kay, John, 25 Park street 
M'Kenzie, James, 6'i Queen street 
M'Lean, Thomas, 7 Dee street 
Mortimer, Alex., 10 Virginia street 
Monro, Kenneth, 4 Gallowgate 
Muil, Francis, 153 George street 
~-~ — John, 41 Schoolhill "!■ 
Nicol, Joseph, 10 Exchequer row 
Ogilvie, John, 70 King street 
Proctor, Farquharson, Skene square 
Shanks, Colin, 118 Chapel street 
Sheach, James, 2 Gordon street 
Singer, George, 1G St. Nicholas st. 
Stephen, William, 31 Broad street 
Stormont, James, Wellington place 
Warrack, David, 36 Union place 
Webster, John, 43 Green 

. William, 4 Skene terrace 

Williamson, Alex, 1 Catto square 


Brown, Wm. 8 Marischal street 
Cameron, Alex., 72 Green 
Ogg, David, 43 Upperkirkgate 
Reynolds, Gordon, 78 Queen street 
Todd, Alexander, New Market 


Abel, John, 1 College lane 
Anderson, Wm., Flourmill lane 
Beattie, Francis, 7 Barnefs close 
Bonnyman, J. & J , 19 Loch street 
Dunn. William, 18 Catherine street 
Findlay, Alex., 30 Commerce street 
Eraser, Hugh, Steps of Gilcomston 
Fyfe, John, Maltmill bridge 
Leslie, Andrew, & Co., Inches 
M'Hardy, David. 66 Netherkirkgate 
~~» — John, 15 Back wynd 
M'Intosh. Daniel, Fish street 
— ~~ James, Flourmill brae 
M'Pherson, Andrew, New Market 
Maver, Alexander, Holburn street 
Mitchell, David, Castle brae 

BLACKSMITHS— (Continued.) 

Mutch, Robert, 22 Dee street 
Nicholson, Alex., 11 Causewayend 
Paterson, George, 13 Park lane 
Reid, George, 29 Queen street 
Robertson, Charles, 3 Mill street 
— ™. George, 207 Gallowgate 
Smith, William, 113 Skene street 
— ™~ William, 30 Commerce street 
Steel, James, 48 John street 
Troup, John, 16 Shiprow 


Catto & Co., York street 
Nelson, George, Wellington road 


Collie, William, 47 Upperkirkgate 
Henderson, Alex., 2 Broad street 
Laurie, Wm., 169 Union street 
Philip, John, 54 Queen street 
Strachan, James, 60 Castle street 
Wilson. Andrew, 20 Marischal street 
Robert, 34, Schoolhill 


Brown, Alex. & Co., 77 Union street 
Campbell, Alex., 41 St. Nicholas st. 
Clark, George, & Son, 15, Broad "st. 
Collie, William, 47 Upperkirkgate 
Courage, Archibald, 7 George street 
Davidson, George, 1 King street 
Ford, John, 194 Gallowgate 
Keith, William, 40 George street 
Laurie, Wm., 169 Union street 
M'Lean, Samuel, 8 Union street 
M'Donald, John, 16 Crown street 
M'Pherson, William, 63 Gallowgate 
Martin, William, 33 Broad street 
Maitland, George, 40 Broad street 
Mitchell, Alex., 20 Upperkirkgate 

William, 81 Union street 

Murdoch, Alex., 36 St. Nicholas st. 
Panton, Charles, 78 Broad street 
Russell, William, 19 Broad street 
Shepherd, George, 1 Broad street 
Smith, James, New Market 
— . — Lewis, 50 Union street 
Spark, William, 43 Union street 
Stevenson, Alex., 62 Queen street 
Strachan, James, 60 Castle street 
Sutherland, John, jun., 3 Gallowgate 
Vessie, Alex., 130 Gallowgate 
~~» — James, 128 Gallowgate 
Walker, James, 34£ Upperkirkgate 
Watson, Archibald, 70i Gallowgate 
Wilson, Andrew, 20 Marischal st. 
— . — . James, 1 Justice street 

Robert, 34 Schoolhill 

Wyllie, D. & Son, 51 Union street 




Airth, John, jun., 2 Justice street 
Alexander, D. & J-, 5 Correction 

Allan, George, 22 College street 

James, 19 Windy wynd 

Baxter, James, 18 Marischal street 
Black, John, 23 Justice street 
Bothwell, John, 48 Broad street 
Brown, Alex., 71 George street 
»~~.™ Donald, 13 Dee street 

„„ John, 59 Broad street 

Buchan, Alex., 83 Queen street 
Burnett, John, 37 York street 
Cadenhead, David, 100 John street 
Campbell, John, 81 Chapel street 
Chalmers, Alex., 21 Marischal street 
Cheyne, Gordon, 59 Chapel street 
Catto, James, 153 Union street 
Cromar, James, 274 George street 
Davidson, James, 59 Regent quay 
Drummond, John, 54 Union street 
Farquharson, Thomas, 155 Gallow- 

Findlay, Alex., 53 Broad street 
Eraser, James, & Son 115 Union st. 
Foote, James, 38 Frederick street 
Frost, William, 26 Shiprow 
Geddes, James, 14 Causewayend 
Grant, David, 3 South Silver street 
Greig, Alexander, 23 Huntly street 

, James. 89 Queen street 

Harper, William, 237 George street 
Harvey, Andrew, 5 Marischal street 
Hay, William, 115 Union street 

William, 38 Union place 

Hector, William, Holburn street 
Irvine, Alex., 25 Longacre 
Jack, William, 1 Ragg's lane 
Jackson, William, 15 Huxter row 
Jaffray, W. J., 36 Broad street 
Kerr, William, 13 Skene terrace 
Kidd & Sons, 249 George street 
Laird, George, 24 Causewayend 
Law, Samuel, 122 Skene street 
Levie, Robert, Wales street 
Lindsay, William, 15 Bon-accord 

MDonald, Thomas, 23 St. Nicholas st. 
JW'Intosh, William, 40 Broad street 
M-Kay, Alex., 18 Gallowgate 
•~~™~ James, 25 Guestrow 

. John, 18 Trinity street 

M'Lachlan, John, 32 Upperkirkgate 
Mackie, George, 99 George street 
Massie, Peter, 5 St. Nicholas street' 
Melvin, George, 16 George street 
Mennie, John, May bank 
Menzies, John, 8 Woolmanhill 
Milne, Alex., 27 Marischal street 
Munro, J. & D , 48 Upperkirkgate 

„_» Kenneth, 78 George street 

Roderick, 28 St. Clement st. 

Murray, James, 52 Upperkirkgate 
Faterson, J. & G., 130 Union street 

SH OE M AKE RS— (Continued.) 

Petrie, Robert, 120 Skene street 
Porter, Francis, 48 Queen street 
„„„„_ George, 52 St. Nicholas street 
Reid, John, 35 Upperkirkgate 

William, 7 Upperkirkgate 

Robbie, John, 189 Gallowgate 
Robertson, W„ Well court, Broad st. 
Ronald, Andrew, 107 Skene street 
Ross, James, Shore brae 

^ Peter (M'Gowan & Co.), 

™~„~. Thomas, 260 George street 
Roy, James, 41 Castle street 
Russell, Alex., 8 St Clement street 
Sang, Thomas, 50 Summer street 
Scott, Alex., 46 Queen street 

Alex., 58 St. Nicholas street 

James, 43 St. Nicholas street 

Senter, John, 8 Crown street 
Sim, John, 34 Queen street 
Smith, James, Holburn street 
„~«™. John, 17 Chapel street 

v „^, John, 12 Skene street 

Peter, 12 Carmelite street 

Spence, Edward, 13 Broad street 
Stewart, William, 28 Schoolhill 
Taylor, James, 46 Netherkirkgate 
Thorn, George, 31 Marischal street 
Thomson, James, 14 Netherkirkgate 
Tough, T. W., 42 Broad street 
Urquhart, Alex,, Holburn street 

,„» John, 17 Broad street 

Walker, George, 85 Skene street 
Watt, John, 57 Broad street 
Westland, John, 9 Drum's lane 
Wilson, Alex., 9 Broad street 
Wood, Robert, 3 Cronn street 
^»» James, 8 Holburn street 


Blaikie & Sons, Littlejohn street 
Clunes, Thomas, 100 Loch street 
Davidson, John, 67 Netherkirkgate 
Gordon, Hugh, & Co, 89 Broad street 
Hall, Alexander, 40 Schoolhill 
Lamb, Alexander, 7 St. Andrew st. 
Marshall, Allan A., 51 West North st. 
Stephen, John, 7 Shoe lane 


Black, William, & Co., Devanah 
Cowie & Co., 5 Virginia street 
Cuddie, Nicholas, 112 Loch street 
Duthie, Alexander, Holburn street 
-™,™ William, Holburn street 
Eddie, Robert, 69 Virginia street 
Gilcomston Co., Gilcomston 
Leys, George, 49 Lodge walk 
Rennie, C. M, Skene square 




Smith, John, Newbridge 
Thorn, Robert, King street 
Walker & Leith, Mealmarket lane 


Donald, Robert, 14 St. Nicholas st. 
Fyfe, John, 22 St. Nicholas street 
Macaldovvie, Peter, 115 George st. 
Murray, William, 31 Chapel street 


Anderson, William, 1 Forbes street 
Beattie, William, 1)2 Gallowgate 
Bisset, Peter, 8 Porthill 
Black, James, 41 Whitehouse street 
Bruce, William, 66 Causewayend 
Buyers, James, & Co., 12 Kidd lane 
Clerihew, George, 7 Carmelite st. 
Craig, John, 49 Bon-accord street 
Ewen, William, 7 Summer street 
Falconer, James, 45 Bon-accord st. 
Fraser, John, 3 Broadford lane 
Geddes, George, 4 Mounthooly 
Grant, John, 8 Forbes street 
Greig, William, 32 Union row 
Henderson, James, 120 Loch street 

William, 66 Loch street 

Ironside, William, Well of Spa 
M' Andrew, Daniel, 24 John street 
M'Donald & Leslie, Constitution st. 
Mearns, Robert, 53 Bon-accord street 
Middleton, Robert, 24 Union row 
Mitchell, John, 4 Little Chapel st. 
Murray, George, 63 Park street 

William, 58 John street 

Mitchell, Alex., head of Spa street 
Nelson, Charles, Union row 
Hannie, Alex., 50 Commerce street 
Reith & Grassie, 112 Causewayend 
Robertson, Alex., 13 Langstane place 

, William, 19 Bon-accord lane 

Ross, James, 28 Summer street 
Simpson, James, John street 
— ,~~ John, 74 Windmill brae 
Stuart, James, 114 Chapel street 
Thomson, John, 23 Princes street 
Watson, Robert, Nelson street 
Wishart & Lawrence, 276 George st. 


Those marked thus * are also Uphol- 

*AlIan & Macallan, 122 Union st. 
* Baird, Thomas, 171 Union street 
Barnet, John, 33 St. Nicholas street 
Bettie, Peter, 56 Summer street 

CABINETMAKERS— (Continued.) 

*Brebner & Ogilvie, 5 Crown street 
*Davidson, David, 131J Union street 
Fairweather, David, 182 George st. 

David, jun., 182 George street 

Fraser, David', 33 West North street 
Gordon, Alexander, 2 Shore brae 
Greig, John, 134 King street 
Horn, William. 79 Green 
M'Bean, Daniel, 43^ Castle street 
M'Donald, John, 23 Gallowgate 
™~™. James, 3 Chronicle lane 
M'Intosh, John, 73 Guestrow 
Masson, Robert, 19 Justice street 
Middleton, A. & Co., 88 Union street 
„™™, John, 99 George street 
Mowat, John, 10 Justice street 
Murray, John, 70 Green 
* Philip, Andrew, 18 Union row 
* — ™» William, 115 Union street 
Playfair, Alexander, 33 Castle street 
Riddel, James, 93 King street 
♦Robertson, James, 157 Union street 
Simpson, William, 86 Hutcheon st. 
♦Smith & Allan, 5? St. Nicholas st. 

James, Flourmill lane 

™» — John, 43 Chapel street 
Stephen, William, 167 Union street 
Tytler, William, 2 Chronicle lane 
Youngson, William, 20 Mary well st. 


Borthwick, William, 36 East North st. 
Bothwell, Geo. B , 25 Justice street 
Courduff, Patrick, 17 Lower Denburn 
Fraser, James, 46 Loch street 
Maitland, James, & Co., 42 Nether- 
kirk gate 
Ogston, Alex., 88 Loch street 
Ross, John, 6 Hanover street 
Skinner, Peter A , 16 Shiprow 
Williamson & Middleton, 46 Wales st. 


Brand, Geo., 30 Windmillbrae 

, John, 44 Windmillbrae 

™» — William, 2 Marywell street 
Chessar, James, 55 West North st. 
Forrest, Geo., 79 Virginia street 
Gordon, John, 71 Hutcheon street 

& Smith, 95 West North street 

Kirkwood, William, Marywell street' 
Law, James, 2 Canal lane 
Leslie, Thomas, York street 
Matheson, Robert, 24 Virginia street 
Melvin, W r illiam, 14 College street 
Milne, John, Fish street 
Nicol, Geo., 15 Young street 
Selby, Geo., Maberly street 
Watt, Samuel, 20 Dee street 




Oonnon, Robert, 34 Cause wayend 
Dawson, William, Windmillbrae 
Dustan, William, 22 Skene street 
Greig, Geo., 184 West North street 
Lamb, James, Ruthrieston 
Weil, Joseph, 103 West North street 
Rae, Francis, 60 Skene street 
Sim, Alexander, St Andrew street 
„^. Charles, St. Andrew st. west 


Anderson, A. & J , 33 Queen street 
Gifford & Mair, 163 Union street 
Hay, John, 2 Market street 
Smith, James, 5 Queen street 
„~~„~~ John, Flourmill lane 


Booth, William, Albion court, Castle 

Deans, Matthew, 22 Mutton-brae 
Gardiner, William, 9 Castle street 
Scott, John, 46 Gallowgate 


Aiken, James, Aberdeen Marine In- 
surance Co. 
Anderson, James, Royal Mail Coach 
Bain, David, N. S. E. L. Co. 
Baird, William, 267 George street 
Begg, John (Dickson, Hogarth, & Co.) 
Black, Alexander, Aberdeen Bank 
Brown, Alex., 27 Blackfriars street 
Catto, William, W. Simpson, & Co. 
Cruickshank, Adam, Abdn. Gas Co. 
Donald, William, 8 Little Belmont st. 
Dunn, John, L , M., & Co. 
Eddie, John, jun , Rubislaw works 
Edmond, Chas., Glenburnie distillery 
„~„™ John (J. Philip), Queen street 
Farquhar, George, Herald office 

„„ James, Blaikie & Sons 

Frater, James, City Tax office 
„~,~~ Alexander, Journal office 
Findlay, Robert, 15 Market street 
Grant, James, Stamps and Taxes 
,~~„„, Geo., Lej's, Masson, and Co. 
Gray, Robert, Post Office 

»™„ William, Post Office 

Harvey, G. T., Railway Co. 
Hunter, J. M'K, Excise office 
Ironside, John, 26 Wales street 
Jamieson, John, Town & County Bank 
Lyell, Alexander, Customs 
M'Donald, David, J. Barker & Sons 
M'Conachie, J R., 89 Union street 
„~v — Robert Stamps and Taxes 

CLERKS— (Continued). 

M'Conachie, Williamj Poynernook 
„~»™». William, Gordon* Barron, & Co 
M'Farlane, Alex., National Bank 
M'Lean, John, Harbour office 
Marshall, John C, Post Office 

John* 3 Trinity street 

Martin, John, Customs 
Masson* Alexander, New Gas Co. 
Mennie, Wm., Gilcomston Brewery' 
Milne, Charles, Steam Nav. Co. 
™~~~» John, Police office 

.™, William, Hadden & Sons 

Mitchell, William, Aberdeen Gas Co, 
Muir, John, Steam Navigation Co. 
Murray, A. G., Abdn, Lime Co. 
~™™~ George, Newbridge 
™. — James, Farquhar & Gill 
~~*™» John, National Bank 
-™.™~ William, 10 Broad street 
Nicol, James, Milne, Cruden, & Co. 
Presly, Geo., Abdn. Commercial Co. 
Rae, William, Town & County Bank 
Riddel, Peter, Harbour office 
Riddoch, William, T. M'Combie &Co. 
Ross, Alexander, W. Simpson & Co. 
~~w™ John, Steam Navigation Co. 
Saunders, David, Ferryhill buildings 
Skakle, Geo. , Stewart & Rowell 
Shepherd, James, Gray, Watt, & Co. 
Sim, George, Customs 
Simpson, Wm., North of Scot. Bank 
Smart, William, Farquharson & Co. 
Smith, John, Post Office 
Steel, William, Dee Iron works 
Stratton, James, 43 Marischal street 
Thomson, Alexander Harbour office 
m « m ~ James, 20 Adelphi 
~*-„~* Robert, Broadford works 

,„. William, 12 Canal terrace 

Tulloch, William, 12 St. Clement st. 
Walker, Alex.,T. Melville & Sons 
^». m „ John, 7l Gallowgate 
Watt, Charles, Commercial Bank 
Webster, John, 7 Constitution street 


Angus, Robert, 154 George street 
Badenoch, James, sen., 18 Union st. 
Barker, John, 63 St. Nicholas street 
Blackhall, James, & Co., 39 Union st. 
Brew, James, Carmelite street 
Brown & Carr, Exchange court 
Cattanach& Mirrielees, 126 Union st. 
Clark, James, 18 Broad street 
Collie, George, & Co., 4 St. Cathe- 
rine's wynd 

& Philip, 17 Union buildings 

Connon, James, 7 Broad street 
Cooper, Henry, & Co. 47 Union street 
Duguid, James, & Co., 10 Broad street 
Finlayson & Orel, 41 Union street 
Forbes & Brown, 69 and 71 Union st, 



CLOTHIERS— (Continued ) 

Forbes, Jus., & Sons, 40, Union street 
Fraser, Hugh, 24 Union street 
Fraser, James, 12 Union street 
Grant, John and William, 16 Broad 

Hay, Alexander, 107 Union street 
Lumsden, James, & Co. 117 Union st. 
Milne, Low, & Co., 1 Union buildings 
Morison, David, 23 Queen street 
Munro & Grant, 85 Union street 
Ross, Hugh, jun., 4 Broad street 
— i — James, 192 George street 
Shirres, J. & Co., 25 Union street 

™ William & Co., 67 King street 

Simpson, John, 55 Union street 

& Whyte, 21 Union buildings 

Sinclair, Alexander, 37 Union street 
Taylor, A. & Sons, 67 Union street 
Turiff, Alexander, 39 Union street 


Donaldson, Robert, 196 and 198 

George street 
Emsley, George, 7 Frederick street 
Gray, Alexander, 101 King street 
Laing & Melvin, 4 and 8 Bon-accord 

Ness, Robert^ 7 Union row 


Bannerman, Patrick, 50 Quay 
Cruickshank, George, 8 Yeat's lane 
Fiddler, Alexander, 57 Quay 
Harper, George, 23 James street 
M'Lachlan, John, 24 Constitution st. 
Winlaw, James, 43 Regent quay 


Allan, Robert, Causewayend 
Bain, Mrs. 10 Marischal street 
Bothwell, Alexander, 36 New market 
Clark, Alexander C, 57 St Nicholas 

Duffus, James, 86 Union street 

Mrs , 16 Upperkirkgate 

Edwards, Simpson, 62 Windmillbrae 
Farquhar, William, 204 George street 
Fiddes, Mrs. D., 11 West North street 
Fraser, David, 52 George street 
Glegg & Sons, 191 Union street, and 

27 Shiprow 
M'Donald, John, New market 
M'Killiam, B. & W., 52 Broad street 
~*~~~. Robert, 59 Union street 
M'Lean, Alexander, 19 Schoolhill 
M'Leod, James, 3 Market street 
Milne, John, 21 Gallowgate 
Murray, Robert, 11 Castle street 
Russell, William, 38 Upperkirkgate 
Sellar, William, 50 Castle street 

CONFECTIONERS— (Continued.) 

Sharp, George, 71 Broad street 
Shepherd, William, 49 Union street 
Shields, John, 160 Union street 
Shields, Jane, 42 Woolmanhill 
Wilson, Hugh, 42 Regent quay 


( Those marked thus * are Ftshcurers.J 

Bell, John, 85 Windmillbrae 
Cameron, William, 20 Loch street 
Courage, James, 177 Gallowgate 
*DaVidson, G. & W , 17 Quay 
Erskine, William* Well of Spa 
Ettershank, James, Causewayend 
Gellan, James, 183 West North st. 
*Gordon, Charles, 57 Green 

James, & Co., Chronicle lane 

* John, 47York street 

Gray, Charles, Commerce street 
Ledingharo, George, Newbridge 
Massofi, William, Holburn street 
*Michie, George, 7 Barnet's close 
Nicol, Alexander, Ragg's lane 
Robertson, James, 72 Hutcheon street 
Ross, Angus, 14 Sugarhouse lane 
Stevenson, Alexander, Windmillbrae 
*Stuart, D. G., 12 Canal terrace 
Third, James, 164 Gallowgate 
Wilkie, John, 13 Virginia street 
* Williams, J., & Sons, 13 Virginia st. 


Gordon, Donald, New Market 
M'Pherson, James, Steps of Gilcora- 

John, Steps of Gilcomston 

M'William & Co., 83 Spring garden 
Sedgewick, William, 93 George st. 
Stewart, Rowell, & Co., Hutcheon st. 


Emslie, John, Huxter Row 
Gordon, H„ & Co., 1 Gallowgate 
Marshall, A. A., 51 West North street 
Stephen, John, 7 Shoe lane 


Bertram, Gilbert, 8 Netherkirkgata 
Duncan, T. & Son, 20 Netherkirkgate 
Simpson, George, 27 Broad street 


Bannerman, T. & Co., Bannermill 
Bon-accord mill, Poynernook 
Gordon, Barron, & Co., Woodside 




Clyne, W. & Sons, 28 Berry lane 
Cunningham, James, 38 George st. 
M'Millan, William, Jack's brae 
Paterson, W. & Co., Jacks brae 
Roger, James, jun., Gilcomston 
Watt, John, 57 George street 
Whyte, David, Newbridge 


Coutts, Alexander, 214 Gallowgate 
Duncan, W., 77 Queen street 
Hamilton, John, 17 George street 
Jamieson, Alexander, Lodge walk 


De war, Henry A.,M. D., 86 Crown st. 
Fowler, Alexander, 22 Belmont st. 
Mein, James, 11 Crown street 
Skues, George, Crown terrace 


Balfour, Stephen, 18 Union place 
Cadenhead, John, 211 Union street 
Campbell, John M., 250 Union street 
Cuddie, Alexander, 31 Quay 
Dyce, Robert, 198 Union street 
Fiddes, David, 18 King street 
Forsyth, James, 15 Guestrow 
Fowler, W. C, 9 Belmont street 
Galen, John, 7 East Craibstone st. 
Geddes, John, 37 Union place 
Harvey, Alexander, 17 Belmont st, 
Henderson, William, 49 Schoolhill 
Jamieson, Robert, 8-1 Broad street 
Keith, William, 237 Union street 
Kerr, David, 155 Union street 
Kilgour, Alexander, 158 Union st. 
Laing, William, 7 Golden square 
Lizars, A. J., 17 King street 
Macrobin, John, 13 Silver street 
M'Intosh, David, 137 Union street 
M'Laren, William, 55 Schoolhill 
Moir, James, Old Aberdeen 
Nicol, G. J, 22 Adelphi 
Ogilvie, G. J., 156 Union place 

John F., Lunatic Asylum 

Ogston, Francis, 21 Adelphi 
Pirrie, William, 238 Union street 
Rattray, Robert, 30 Woolmanhill 
Redfern, Peter, iecturer, King's Coll. 
Rcid, Duncan, Crown court 
Steel, James, 34 Castle street 
Templeton, William, 47 Schoolhill 
Torrie, James, 67 Dee street 
Will, James, 11 King street 
Williamson, Benjamin, 239 Union s(. 
.x-<v»«~« Joseph, 29 Adelphi 


Alexander, William, jun , 144 Gal- 
Balfour, Stephen, 18 Union place 
Black, George, 22 Castle street 
Bruce, Charles, 44 Green 
Buist, James A., 87 King street 
Cromar, David, 54 Broad street 
Dalgarno, James, 10 Park street 
Davidson, Charles, 1 Exchequer row 
Dunn, D., & Co., 32 King street 
Erskine, R. M , 138 George street 
Findlay, John A., 43 Castle street 
Forsyth & Emslie, 57 Castle street 
Jack, Robert, Holburn street 
Jamieson, John, 90 Broad street 
Keith, James, 8 Union place 
Kempt, Alexander, 228 George street 
Munro, James, 124 Gallowgate 
Paterson, William, 134 and 136 Gal- 
Philip, James, 1 Mounthooly 
Rattray, Robert, 51 Woolmanhill 
Reid, George, 45 Union street 
Runcie, George, 45 Green 
Sangster, John, 45 Commerce street 
Sim, James, 80 King street 
Sinclair, William, 34 and 36 Upper-- 

Souter & Shepherd, 22 Broad street 
Stewart, James, 190 Gallowgate 
Sutherland, John, 34 St. Nicholas st. 
Urquhart & Fullerton, 65 St. Nicho- 
las street 

& Gordon, 164 Union street 

Williamson, Peter, 141 Union street 


Bannerman, John, 37 George street . 

^^. , John, 11 Diamond street 

Carr, Alexander, & Co., Barkmill 
Ferguson, R., 42 Upperkirkgate 
Fors3'th, George, 26 George street 
Kay, James, Maitmillbridge 
Leith, Alexander, Skene square 
Low, James, 76 Loch street 
Machray, Alexander, 93 Woolmanhill 
Mowat, James, 7 Flourmillbrae 
Stewart, Alexander, Gilcomston 
Thorn, William, 8 Carmelite street 
Wilson, David, 1 Correction wynd 


Abernethy, George, 27 Mary well st 

James, 17 King street 

Forrest, William, 5 Canal terrace 
Gibb, Alexander, 245 Union street 
Gibb & Son, Waterloo quay 
Massie, J. I., 56 Union street 
Smith, Alexander, 129 Union stree 




( Those marked thus * are lithographers. J 

* Henderson, Jn., 15 Union buildings 
Petrie, George, 6 Huxter row- 
Stephen, J. H., 3 St Nicholas street 
Stevenson, James, 6 Queen street 


Forrest, Peter, 3 Farmer lane 
Green, Peter, 8 Schoolhill 
Riddell, Alex., Holburn street 
Skea, Joseph, 81 George street 
~_~~. Thomas, 81 George street 
Smith, Anthony A., 9 Shoelane 


Brown, William, 36 George street 
Henderson, David, 21 Loch street 
Munro, Alexander, 11a King street 
Straton, James, 5 St. Catherine's 


Bannochie, Francis, 11 Black's 

Benton, Alexander, Upperkirkgate 
Black, Thomas, 13 and 14 N. Market 
Butler, Joseph, 24 New Market 
Carey, Hugh, 26 and 27 New Market 
.™»„™ John, 146 George street and 

42 New Market 
Cumming, William, 42 New Market 
Davidson, A., 32 and 33 New Market 

George, 31 B. F., New Market 

~~.~_ James, 47 New Market 
Donald, Peter, B. F., New Market 
Donaldson, Arthur, 166 George st. 
Duncan, George, B.F., New Market 

. William, 217 Gallowgate 

..~—™. William, sen., 13 Wales street 
,~».™. William, jun„ 24 Wales street 
Gauld, Hugh, sen., 16 New Market 
™.„„. Hugh, jun., 5 and 6 N. Market 
~~~~«. John, 38 Newmarket 
— — Peter, 45 New Market 
Gibson, William, 4 Windy wind 
Gray, James, 15 New Market 

John, 19 New Market 

Greig, Alexander, 30 New Market 
Harrow, George, 22 New Market 
Horn, John, 87 George street 
Hutcheon, R., 34 New Market 
Keith, John, 28 Wales-street Market 
Knowles, George, 9 and 10 N. M. 

Thomas, 8 and 9 New Market 

William, New Market 

Lamb, David, 7 B F., New Market 
Leslie, William, jun. ,31 New Market 
M'Intosh, Daniel, 122 Chapel street 
M'Robbie, James, 170 George street 
Marr, James 36 New Market 

FLESHERS— (Continued.) 

Marr & Milne, 1 1 and 12 N. Market 
Martin, John, sen , 23 New Market 

J. & J., 51 and 52 N. Market 

Masson, Thomas, 158 George street 
Mavers, Charles, 4 Wales-st. Market 
Murray, Daniel, 5 B. F., N, Market 

William, B. F , New Market 

William, jun., 39 New Market 

Pirie, James, 7 Wales-street Market 
Porter, David, 12 B. F., New Market 
Reid, Mrs., 14 New Market 
Ritchie, Robert, 49i John street 
Robson, William, New Market 
Ross, Andrew, 46 New Market 
Salter, William, 61 B. F., N. Market 
Sangster, Alexander, 17 and 18 N. M. 

Alexander, jun., 28 N. Market 

~~.~~. Charles, 29 New Market 

Robert, 21 New Market 

Robert, jun., 25 New Market 

Sievewright, Charles, 62 B. F., N. M. 
Snowey, William, 3 Wales-st. Market 
Spark, Andrew, 4, New Market 
„~ — & Co., 35 New Market 
Stephen, John, 2 B. F., New Market 
Stewart, James, 1 and 2 New Market 
Strachan, George, 63 B. F, N. M. 
Tastard, John, Poultry Market 
Thomson, Adam, 43 New Market 

John, 164 George street 

Tompkins, William, Poultry Market 
— .~~> Mrs., B. F., New Market 
Walker, Robert, 29 B. F. , N. Market 
Williamson, George, 30 New Market 
~~. — James, 49 New Market 

Mrs. John, 15 New Market 

Wishart, John, 37 Wales-st. Market 

William, 8, Wales-st. Market 

Wynnes, Andrew, 16 New Market 
Yeats, John, B. F., New Market 
~~» — Thomas, New Market 


Crombie, Alexander, 21 Broad street 
Pegler, George, 101 Union street 


Aiken, Alexander, S'rawberry bank 
~~- — Robert, Rubislaw den 
Anderson, George, Rosemount place 
Berry, James, 8 Broadford lane 
~— .™» John, Burnside 
Bothwell, Geo., Greenbank 
Chalmers, William, Loch-head 
Clapperton, John, 9 Little Chapel st. 
Cocker, James, Sunny park 
Davidson, Robert, 6 Forbes street 
— . — William, Burnside 
Dinnie, James, Ca.lsayseat 
Donald, Andrew, Westfield 
Duncan, William, Millbauk 
Esson, James, 58 Summer street 



GARDENERS— (Continued.) 

Ferrier, James, 38 Spa street 
Fyfe, Robert, 36 Union row- 
Gordon, Charles, Westfield cottage 
Henderson, William, Oakbank 
Keith, Adam, Pitmuxton 
Knight, James, Cornhill 
M'Donald, John, South mileend 
Matheson, James, Cunnigar hill 
Milne, Alexander, Carnationfield 

, «~~ John, Westfield lodge 

Mitchell, James, Fountainhall 
Moffat, John, Outseats 
Morrison, James, Drywell park 
Mutch, John, Loch-head 
Pirie, John, Strawberry bank 
Rae, John, Burnside 
Reid, James, Springbank 
Reith, Alexander, Pitmuxton 
^-.„™ James, 74 Woolmanhill 
Robertson, T., Hardgate 
Roy, John, 39 Summer lane 
Shand, Robert, Cornhill 
Sim, John, Polmuir 
Smith, David, Short loanings 
Straitb, George, Pitmuxton 
Taylor, Alexander, Summerfield 
Walker, Alexander, Westfield 
Wattie, Joseph, Newfield 
Wood, John, Gilcomston 
Wright, John, Pitmuxton 


Frederick & Co., 5 Broad street 
Heitzman, B.,44 Queen street 
March, J., 42 George street 

„~ Matthew, 42 George street 

Stophani, John, 68 Broad street 


Duncan, John, 4 St. Nicholas street 
Fillan, William, 78 Union street 
Jamieson, George, 73 Union street 
M'Kay, J. T., & Co., 75 Broad street 
Rettie, James, 94 Union street 

^^ M., & Son, 111 Union street 

Riddel, D. & J., 72 Broad street 
Sangster, George, 81 Broad street 


Alexander, John, 167 Gallowgate 
Allan, James, Maberly street 
„™™v James, St. Nicholas street 

-~~ Nathaniel, 39 Park street 

Anderson, James, 202 Gallowgate 
»«-..»«».- John, 123 Crown street 
~— <™ Mrs. Alexander, 48 Skene st. 
Airth, John, 30 Park street 
Barclay, George, 61 Green 

GROCERS— (Continued.) 

Benzie, William, 20G Gallowgate 
Bisset, John, 37 Queen street 
Black, James, 103 John street 
Blaikie, W. & R., Charles street 
Bowman, Alexander, Gilcomston 
Brantingham, George, 70 Broad st. 
Brown, George, 218 Gallowgate 
Buyers, Peter, 32 Quay 
Caie, William, Causewayend 
Calder, James, 7 Exchequer row 
Catto, R., & Co., 14 King street 
Chapman, Geo., 14 Black's buildings 
Charleston, John, 13 Hutcheon st. 
Cheyne & Duguid, 15 Regent quay 
Clark, Arthur, 10 Windy wynd 
. JA . ,,,,,-, Henry, 165 George street 
„*„,*™ John, 14 Woolmanhill 

Leslie, 4 Upperkirkgate 

>~~~~. William, 8 King street 
Clyne, Thomas, 20 Gallowgate 
Collie, Robert, & Co., 64 Green 
,~~~— William, 31 Loch street 
Cormack, Alexander, 33 Shiprow 

™„ William, 31 York place 

Coutts, Alexander, Rubislaw 
„™~— JohD, 114 George street 
Cowie, Alexander, 212 Gallowgate 
Craib, Alexander, Trinity quay 
Craigmile, Alexander, 47 Commerce 

William, 62 St. Nicholas st. 

Cruickshank, Robert, 193 Gallowgate 

„^» William, 16 East North street 

,~~„~» William, 19 Castle street 
Cumming, Alexander, 58 Broad st. 
Davidson, Alex., 38 Quay 

Alexander, 44 Castle street 

George, 51 St. Nicholas street 

James, 13 West North street 

~~.~~. John, 14 Shiprow 
— , — Mrs. A., 11 Broad street 
Diack, William, 88 George street 
Dick, James, 7 Wales street 
Donald, James, 11 Commerce street 
Douglas, Alexander, 30 Justice street 
Duflfus, John, 80 Waterloo quay 
Duguid, Alexander, 16 Justice street 
Dunbar, Alexander, 50 West North 

Duncan, Lockhart, 110 Gallowgate 

William, corner of Loch st. 

Dundas, John, 283 George street 
Elmslie, Mrs. John, Fisher row 
Farquharson & Co., 131 Union st. 
Falconer, James, Upper Denburn 
Forbes, John, 86 Broad street 
Forsyth, Isaac, 88 Chapel street 
Fraser, Alexander, 181 Gallowgate 
„^»,^. Alexander, 15 Marischal st. 

„_ Angus, 72, 74, and 76 Union st. 

„^» James, & Co , 197 Union st. 

„-~,~~ James, jun., 6 Union place 
„™.~~ William, 57 Union street 
,r^. William, jun., 151 George st. 



GROCERS— (Continued.) 

Gillespie, James, 2 Schoolhill 
Grant, Alexander, 24 Green 
Gray, Daniel, 22 Union street 

,~~ David, 58 Shiprow 

.™„™ John, Holburn street 

William, 39 Green 

Greig, James, 28 Causewayend 
,™™~ William, Skene square 
Groat, James, 76 East North street 
Guild, George, 13 North Broadford 
Hall, James, 52 West North street 
Harper, Alex., 57 Virginia street 
Harris, John, 52 Woolmanhill 
Harvey, William, 56 Quay 
Hatt, William, 270 George street 
Hector, James, Holburn street 
Hunter & Gordon, 175 Union street 
Jamieson, Geo., 2 King street, and 38 

Union street 
.~~.v~» John, 43 Lodge walk 
Jessup, Mrs., 25 St. Clement street 
Johnston, Geo., 5 Skene terrace 
— «— . Joseph, 54 Netherkirkgate 
— ™. William, 71 Virginia street 
Keith, Daniel, 51 East North street 
Knowes, Adam, 36 Castle street 
Laurie, Thomas, 41 Commerce street 
Law, William, 55 Park street 
^~»^« Barbara, Wellington place 
Lawson, Alex., 61 Netherkirkgate 
Ledingham, Alex., Bridge of Dee 
— , — Peter, 182 Gallowgate 
Leith, John, 28 Park street 
Leslie, Andrew, 112 Gallowgate 
,„~„ m John, 52 York street 
~~. — William, & Co., 39 West North 

Leys, Robert, 191 George street 
Ligertwood, James, 122 King street 
Lind, Adam, 48 Gallowgate 
Lumsden, David, 17 Skene street 

John & James, 95 Union street 

William, 58 Union street 

M'Kay, William, Gilcomston 
M'Kenzie, George, 19 Causewayend 
Mackie, Robert, St. Clement street 
~v~ — William, Charlotte sreet 
M'Kinlay, Robert, 10 Trinity street 
M'Leod, Alex., 33 Summer lane 
Malcolm, William, 21 Upperkirkgate 
Marr, George, 25 Windmill brae 
Martin, George, North Broadford 
~~.~~» Samuel, Causewayend 
Masson, James, 51 Gallowgate 
Matthew, John, 1 Carmelite street 
Mennie, William, Holburn street 
Meston, James, 6 East North street 
Middleton, James, 46 Summer street 
Milne, W. & Son, 39 Broad street 

and 195 Union street 
Mitchell, G. M., 12 Castle street 
Mollison, James, 4 St. Clement st. 
Munro, William, 17 Causewayend 
Nicol, John, 20 Shiprow 


Panton, James, Lower Denburn 
Park, Alex., 280 George street 
Parkhill, John, 177 Gallowgate 
Paterson, James, 70 Virginia street 
Peters & Co., 35 East North street 
Phimister, John, 74 East North st. 
Reid, Robert, 19 Park street 
Rose, James, Short Loanings 
Ross, Robert, 27 Guestrow 
~v~~-~ William, College street 

Mrs. George, 10 Hanover st. 

Mrs. W.. 137 Gallowgate 

Rothnie, George, Upper Denburn 
Saunders, George, 20 Union place 
Scorgie, George, 17 Fisher row 
Shepherd, Simpson, 37 West North 

Sievewright, William, 62 Park st. 
Sim, James, 26 Woolmanhill 
Smart, William, 11 Exchequer row 
Smith, James, Short Loanings 

Peter, Skene square 

Robert, jun., 20 East North 

~~ — William, 8 Garvock street 
Spark, George, 58 Quay 
Stephen, William, 53 West North st. 
Stevenson, David, 22 Correction 

Stevens, Robert, 214 George street 
Stewart & Shivas, 13 King street 
Stirling, George, 49 Castle street 
Strachan, James, 58 East North st. 
Sutherland, Alex., 17 Castle street. 
Thomson, Alex., 83 West North st. 
~~_™ William, 46 Green 
Troup, David, 235 George street 

. James, 43 Schoolhill 

Tweedie, Jessie, 70 East North street 
Walker, James, & Co., 51 Nether- 
— ,~~ Robert, 56 George street 
Wallace, Alex., 55 George street 
Watson, Patrick, 35 Bon-accord st. 
Watt, David, & Co., 21 Chapel street 
Wattie, James, Gilcomston 
Webster, John, Holburn street- 
Wight, James, 45 St. Andrew street 
Williams, William, 14 St. Andrew 

Williamson, James, 125 George st. 
Wilson, John, 11 Back wynd 
— ~»~ Robert, Upper Denburn 
~— — Mrs. Robert, Newbridge 
Winlaw, James, 104 Gallowgate 
Winton, John, 32 Wellington street 
Young, Adam, 33 East North street 


Henderson, William, 85 King street 
Kirkwood, Thomas, 62 Union street 
Lyell, John, 124 Union street 



GUNMAKERS— (Continued.) 

Playfair, Charles, 70 Union street 
Thomson, Thomas, 68 Union street 


Aiken, William, 1 South Silver st. 
Anderson, William, 23 Upperkirk- 

Beattie, Alex., 13 Shiprow 
Cockerill, Charles, 200 George st. 
Collie, James, 55 Green 

„^, John, 58 Shiprow 

„_^»„ Robert, 52 Shiprow 
Cooper, John, 121 George street 
Duncan, Alexander, 9 Waterlane 
Duthie, John, Lime quay 
Findlay, Robert, 147 Gallowgate 
Garioch, John, 3 Schoolhill 
Hutton, Edward, 114 Skene street 
Kerr, James, 62 Broad street 
Laing, George, 9 Netherkirkgate 

„^ James, 23 Park street 

M'Gregor, Robert, Holburn street 
M'Lachlan, James, 40 Castle street 
Morgan, Alexander, 32 Woolmanhill 
Oldman, George, 46 Virginia street 
Robertson, James, 20 Broad street 
Smith, William, 95 Queen street 

William, 51 Upperkirkgate 

Stephen, George, 9 Chapel street 
Sutherland, W., 1 Queen street 
Symon, George, 18 St Nicholas street 
Walker, David, 135 Union street 

Gordon, 42 Guestrow 

Robert, 210 Gallowgate 

Wise, Alexander, 2 Commerce street 


Bell, Francis, 38 Queen street 
Bennet, M. C, 10 Union street 
Burge & Co., 38 and 40 Broad street 
Kinnear, D. C, 26 Union street 
Martin, Samuel, 34 Union street 
Steele, Alexander, & Co., 20 Union 

Millar Brothers, 27 Union street 


Cuadwick, Edmund, 39 Queen street 
Cruickshank, Alexander, & Co , 105 

Union street 
Hadden, A., & Sons, Green 
M'Kay, James, 55 Queen street 
Mortimer, William, 11 St. Nicholas 

Skene, Miss J., 16 Queen street 
Sutherland, A., & Co., 1 Black's 

Wiselv, George, 7 Castle street 


Bain, Mrs., 41 Queen street 
Cumming, Charles, 9 St. Nicholas st. 
Donald, William, 8 Schoolhill 
Mollison, James, 25 Union street 
Prey, Mrs., 138 Union street 
Robertson, David, 61 Union street 
Ronald, Mrs., 7 Huxter row 
Shirreffs, James, 42 St. Nicholas st. 
Washbourne, William, 13 Fisherrow 


Matthew, Alexander, 57 Marischalst. 
Nisbet & Robertson, 47 Marischal st. 
Oswald, George, & Co., 59 Marischal 

Rennie, John T., 41 Marischal street 
Thomson, George,jun., 40 Marischal 

~~»~~, George, & Son, 2 1 Regent quay 
Winlaw, James, jun., 43 Regent quay 


Abernethy, James, Ferryhill 
Barry, Henry, & Co , Loch street 
Blaikie Brothers, Footdee 
M'Kinnon, William, & Co., 20 Spring 

Simpson, W., & Co., York place icon* 

Vernon, John, & Co., Dee ironworks 


Clark, William, 16 Union street 
Crow, Alexander, 31 St. Nicholas st. 
Douglas, George, 44 Union street 
Gordon, Hugh, & Co., 89 Broad street 
Laing, James, 98 Union street 
M'Pherson, Andrew, New market 
„v~„™, Paul, New market 
Mutch, Robert, 22 Dee street 
Melville, T., & Sons, 106 Gallowgate 
Mortimer, Robert, 12 St. Paul's st, 
Robertson, Charles, 17 Park street 
Ross, William, 34 Broad street 
Walker, Alexander, 58 Gallowgate 
Yule, Alexander, 14 Union street 


Beattie, James F., 7 Bon-accord st, 
Dauny, Alexander, 66 West North st. 
Farquhar, Arthur, 17 Upperkirkgate 
Mennie. James, Hardgate 
Ogg, Alexander, 115 Union street 
Rhiud, John, Still's cot., Newbridge 
Smith, Alexander, 129 Union street 
Walker & Smith, 129 Union street 
Watt, Alexander, 15 Bon-accord st. 




Brebner & Ragg, 56 St. Nicholas st. 
Clyne, Wm„ 22 and 24 Gallowgate 
Forsyth, John, 85 Broad street 
Lyon, Alexander, 51 Castle street 
M'Gowan, T., & Co., 26 Schoolhill 
Paterson, William, & Co., Denburn 

Straton, Peter, 63 Broad street 
Scott, Alexander, 46 Queen street 
Watt, John, 57 Broad street 


Barker & Sons, 91 Loch street 
Baxter, John, Upper Denburn 
Berry, W. & J., 3 Correction wynd 
Beveridge, Peter, 159 Union street 
™ >ra> Robert, 39 St. Nicholas street 
Chadwick, Edmund, 39 Queen street 
Christie, Donald, 3 Broad street 
Clark, Samuel, 5 Mounthooly 
™v—, William, 40 Lodge walk 
Collie, James, 30 Gordon street 
Crombie, James, & Co., Cothalmills 
Davidson, Donald, 49 Green 
Drimmie, Alexander, Rubislaw 
Duffus, James, & Co., 23 Longacre 
Duguid, Miss, 82 St. Andrew street 
Fiddes, William, 76 Skene street 
Garden & Palmer, 14 John street 
Hadden, Alexander, & Sons, Green 
Innes, George, 188 George street 
Jar vis, William C, 47 Loch street 
Johnston, Samuel, New Market 
Leslie, John, 39 Woolmanhill 
Leys, Masson, & Co., Market street 
M'Grigor, Charles, 5 Justice street 
M'Kay, James, 55 Queen street 
Mline, Cruden, & Co., Spring Garden 
„_™- Low, & Co., 1 Union buildings 
Mortimer, Sutherland, & Co., Canal- 
, — . — . William, 11 St. Nicholas st. 
Mowat, Alexander, John street 
Richards & Co., Broadford 
Rose, John, John street 
Skene, George, Causewayend 
Stewart & Shand, 3 Fish street 
Sudbury, John, New Market 
Sutherland, Andrew, 1 Black's build- 
~~»~~» Andrew, jun., 1 Black's build- 
Willans, Samuel, 168 Gallowgate 
Wisely, George, 7 Castle street 


Farquhar, George, Gilcomston 
Fiddes, Robert, 7 Forbes street 
Gordon, Alexander, 40 Chapel street 
Gracie, James, 59 Huntly street 
Green, John, 90 Union street 

MASONS— (Continued.) 

Robertson, George, 123 Chapel street 
Russell, William, 35 Huntly street 
Smith, Peter; 60 Gordon street 


Beattie, John, 101 Gallowgate 
Brand, John, 44 Windmillbrae 
Brown, George, 18 East North street 
Burnett, James, 73 Chapel street 
Connon, James, 59 Waterloo quay 
Cushnie, A., 64 George street 
Dalgarno, James, 24 East North st. 
Fiddes, Alexander, 20 Spa street 
Gavin, William, 12 Black's buildings 
Hunter, Alexander, 63 Huntly street 
— ™» Arthur, 121 Gallowgate 
Imray, Robert, Hardgate 
Johnston, George, 5 Skene terrace 

James, 60 Virginia street 

Ledingham, Jas., 27 Upperkirkgate 
Lindsay, Roger, 82 George street 
Milne, John, Inverury Mill ware- 
Ross, William, 35 Park street 
Rutherford, Thos., 176 West North st. 
Sutherland, John, Holburn street 


Bisset, J. & W„ grocers, 23 King st. 

„~*~~- William, & Son, fancy wares, 

Brebner & Ragg, 56 St. Nicholas st. 

Brown & Carr, Exchange court 

Collie, Robert, fancy wares, Green 

Cruickshank, Leslie, 92 Broad st. 

Davidson, G. & W., Quay 

, — ,~~ William, & Co , 44 Broad st. 

Duguid, James, & Co., clothiers, 19 
Broad street 

Dunn, D., & Co., 32 King street 

Edwards, Douglas, 16 Adelphi 

Emslie, W., & Son, 191 Gallowgate 

Hall, H. & J., clothiers, 43 Broad st. 

Hogarth & Co., 68 College street 

Johnston, Robert, 34 Marischal st. 

Littlejohn, D. & A., 72 Netherkirk- 

~~» — James, fancy worsted, 134 & 
136 Union street 

Marshall, W., paper warehouse, 39 

M'Combie, Thos., & Co., 51 Nether- 

Milne, Alexander, 14 Young street 

Paterson, William, druggist, 134 and 
136 Gallowgate 

Pratt & Keith, 53 Union street 

Sim, James, 76 King street 

Sinclair, William, druggist, 36 Up- 

Smith, Neil., jun., Frederick street 



Souter & Shepherd, druggists, 22 

Broad street 
Thorn, A. & W., 21 Quay 
Thomson, G., & Son, 21 Regent quay- 
Walker, John, & Co., fancy goods, 24 

Broad street 


Allan, Mrs., Hector's court, Loch st. 
Alexander, Mrs., 144 Gallowgate 
Beggrie, Mrs., 11 Catto's square 
Brown, Mrs. R., 110 John street 
Campbell, Mrs. A., 41 St. Nicholas st. 
Collie, Mrs., 23 Commerce street 

Mrs , 90 Gallowgate 

Craib, Mrs., 34 Loch street 
Currie, Mrs., 51 John street 
Dalgarno, Mrs., 7 Little Belmont st. 
Davidson, Mrs. A., 35 Chapel street 
Edward, Mrs., 4 Black's buildings 
Ellis, Mrs., 51 Causewayend 
Falconer, Mrs., Stonyton 
Findlay, Mrs., 12 Skene square 
Forbes, Mrs., 19 Shiprow 
»~~„™ Mrs., 9 Correction wynd 
Forrest, Mrs., 114 Chapel street 
~— . — Mrs., 76 Queen street 
Galloway, Mrs., 11 Princes street 
Glennie, Mrs., 41 Guestrow 
Gunn, Mrs., 22 Blackfriars street 
Harrow, Mrs., 4 Schoolhill 
Henry, Mrs., 24 Gerard street 
Imlan, Mrs., Gordon's court, Broad st. 
Innes, Mrs., 19 Wales street 
Jack, Mrs. W., 5 Upper Denburn. 
Jamieson, Mrs., Nelson street 
Laing, Mrs. J., 42 Netherkirkgate 
Lumsden, Mrs., Denburn 
M'Creary, Mrs., 45 Castle street 
M'Intosh, Mrs., 20 Hutcheon street 
Mackie, Mrs., 41 Harriet street 
Main, Mrs., 1 1 Drum's lane 
Marshall, Mrs., 156 George street 
Matheson, Mrs., 144 Geoi'ge street 
Mearns, Mrs , 5 Guestrow 
Milne, Mrs. D., 24 St. Andrew street 
Mitchell, Mrs., 91 Chapel street 
Oswald, Mrs., 29 Skene street 
Roberts, Mrs., 69 Causewayend 
Robertson, Mrs., 40 St. Clement St. 
~~,^. Mrs. J., 64 Hutcheon street 
™~„™ Mrs., 31 Queen street 

,~~ Mrs., 51 Virginia street 

Russell, Mrs., 83 Spring Garden 
Sheed, Mrs., Steps of Gilcomston 
Smith, Mrs., 41 Longacre 
,~~» — . Mrs. W., 15 Denburn terrace 
Stephen, Mrs., 84 Shiprow 
Stevenson, Mrs., 12 Carmelite street 
Taylor, Mrs., 46, Netherkirkgate 
Thomson, Mrs., 14 Thistle street 
Webster, Mrs., 34 North Broadford 

Eddie, Charles, Nether Justicemills 
Kemp, Robert, Ferryhillmills 
Pratt, Robert, Flourmills 
Shand, Joseph, Maltmill bridge 
«~~ — George, Upper Justicemills 
Town's, David, 188 West North st. 


Adamson, Miss, 8 Langstane place 
Allan, Miss, 17 Littlejohn street 
Andrew, Miss, Holburn street 
Arthur, Mrs., 109 Union street 
Beattie, Miss, 102 Gallowgate 
Bruce, Mrs., 120 George street 
™««™ Miss, 20 Princes street 

~>. Miss E. , 61 Park street 

Burgess, Miss, 30 James street 
Calder, Miss, 32 Belmont street 
Catto, Miss, 50 Upperkirkgate 
Clark, Mrs., 1 Trinity quay 
Colston, Mrs., 102 Union street 
Cormack, Miss, 11 Whitehouse street 
Craigmyle, Miss, 302 George street 
Cromar, Miss, 74 Skene street 
Cruickshank, Miss, 17 Huntly street 
Dallachy, Miss E., 49 St. Andrew st. 
Davidson, Mrs., 27 Commerce street 
Dempster, Miss, 83 Spring Garden 
Donald, Miss, 8 East North street 
Duncan, Miss, 2 Little Belmont st. 
„™„™ Misses, 41 St. Nicholas street 
Ewen, Miss, 178 George street 
Fairweather, Misses, 182 George st. 
Ferrier, Miss, 30 Spa street 
Fyfe, Mrs., 41 Blackfriars street 
Garden, Miss, 15 Skene street 
Garioch, Miss, 42 Chapel street 
Gellan, Mrs., 62 Virginia street 
Gerrard, Miss, 97 Union street 
Gibson, Misses, 24 Belmont street 
Gordon, Miss, 106 George street 

^*. Miss, 54 Union street 

^«. Miss Ann, 86 Crown street 

rm ^ r ^ Miss, 50 Gordon street 
„^»~~» Miss, 22 Union terrace 
~~,~~» Miss, 64 Union street 
Gossip, Miss, 4 Hanover street 
Gray, Mrs., 50 St. Andrew street 
Greig, Misses, Windmill brae 

,^» Misses, 132 Union street 

Gunn, Miss, 6 Broad street 
Hunter, Mrs, 13 Black's buildings 
Jessiman, Miss, 6 Bannermill street 
Justice, Miss, Crown court, Union st. 
Keith, Misses, 162 Union street 
Knowles, Misses, 19 Kidd lane 
Laurence, Miss, 22 Innes street 
~~,„™ Misses, 8 Carmelite street 
Leslie, Miss, 16 Virginia street 

^* Misses, 8 Union terrace 

Low, Mrs, 13 Blackfriars street 
Luke, Miss, 30 Summer street 



— Continued. 

M'Donald, Miss, 28 George street 
M'Gruer, Miss, 50 Causewayend 
M' Hardy, Mrs., 8 St. Nicholas street 
M'Intyre, Miss, 9 Diamond street 
M'Kenzie, Misses, 1 Blackfriars st. 
Mackie, Miss, Trinity quay 
„~„~ Mrs. , 32 G-eorge street 
M'Leod, Miss, 2 Ragg's lane 
M'Pherson, Miss, 13 Marischal 

«^~,™ Misses, 1 Justice lane 
Massie, Misses, 56 Union street 
Matheson, Miss, 144 George street 

Mrs., 20 St. Nicholas street 

Melvin, A. & C., 133 Union street 
Middleton, Miss, 19 Huntly street 
—~™» Miss, 95 Gallowgate 
Milne, Miss E., 11 Drum's lane 
,~~™» Miss, 14 Thistle street 
Mitchell, Miss, 41 Guestrow 
— -~«. Miss, 65 Chapel street 
Moir, Miss, 18 Marywell street 
Morrice, Miss, 9 Correction wynd 
Munro, Margaret, 18 John street 
Neish, Miss, 13 Dee street 
Philip, Miss, 90 Union street 
Pirie, Miss, 107 George street 
Rhind, Miss, 34 Back wynd 
Roberts, Miss, 12 Frederick street 
Robertson, Mrs., 27 Blackfriars st. 
„~»,«^ Miss, 9 Blackfriars street 
-~~~-. Miss, Crown street 
™~™, Miss, 7, Huntly street 
~~» — Misses, 24 Dee street 
Ross, Miss, 36 Back wynd 
Roy, Miss M., 31 Harriet street 
,™~™ Miss, 9 Princes street 
Russel, Mrs., 158 \ George street 
~~,™. Miss, 36 Back wynd 
Scott, Miss, 21 Crown street 
Shaw, Miss, 220 George street 
Simpson, Miss, 13 Denburn terrace 
Smith, Miss H., 15 St. Nicholas 

rv~,™» Miss, 22 Longacre 
,™™. Miss, 49 Bon-accord street 
Spalding, Miss, 19 N. Broadford 
Spence, Mrs., 7 Hutcheon street 
Stephen, Miss, 108 Skene street 
Stewart, Miss, Craigwell place 
Strachan,Miss, 11 Constitution st. 
Straith, Miss, Fish street 
Sutherland, Miss, 10 Blackfriars st. 
— „~» Miss, 83 King street 
Taylor, Misses, 31 Harriet street 
Thomson, Miss, 13 Denburn terrace 
Walker, Miss, 1 Donald's court 
Warren, Miss, 40 Huntly street 
Watson, Miss, 30 Union row 
Whitecross, Miss, 27 Crown street 
Wilson, Miss, 20 Union row 
~~.~~. Misses, 12 Spa street 
Young, Miss, 25 St. Nicholas street 


Esson, Benjamin, 2 Trinity street 
Philip, William, 68 Loch street 


Milne, Thomas, Sunnyside 
Reid, Benjamin, & Co., 104 Union st. 
„~.,~~ James, Belville, Gilcomston 
Rennie, William, 64 Causewayend 
Roy, James, jun., 48 Union street 
,™».~~ John, 48 Union street 
Smith & Cardno, 15 Market street 
Walker, James, 12 Constitution st. 


Altria, Caesar, 16 Skene street 
Duncan, John, 4 St. Nicholas street 

,~« William, 92 Union street 

Stophani, John, 68 Broad street 


Anderson, A. & J., 33 Queen street 
Beattie, John, 3 Marischal street 
Birnie, William, 81 King street 
Coutts, William, 201 Union street 
Davidson, J. & Co., 29 Union street 
Donald, G. & W., 17 and 19 Nether- 

Farquhar & Gill, 2 Drum's lane 
Henderson, William, 5 Dee street 
Jaffray, James, 158 Gallowgate 
Keith, A. & Son, 6 Upperkirkgate 
Kerr, James, 15 Schoolhill 
Marshall, David, 13 Diamond street 
Mitchell, George, 8 Black's buildings 
Muil, Wm., 8 Carnegie's brae 
Paulin, Robert, 124 Gallowgate 
Rennie, Alex., 45 Upperkirkgate 
Russell, John, 150 George street 
Smith, A. & J., 52 Regent quay 
Spark, Robert, 34 Shiprow 
Stephen & Sutherland, 52 Nether- 

Walker, Alex., 39 Upper Denburn 


Arbuthnot & M'Combie, 3 Trinity 
quay * 

Marshall, Wm., 39 Netherkirkgate 
Pirie, A., & Sons, 2(J Adelphi 


Spark, William, 11 Queen street 
Strachan, James, 60 Castle street 
Philip, John, 54 Queen street 




Gallagher, James, 20 Harriet street 
Lyou & Pringle, 35 Netherkirkgate 
Macswein, Hugh, 52 Union street 
Ross, George, 27 Gallowgate 


Bowman & Co., 31 Huntly street 
Davidson, James, 22 Union row 
Findlater, James, 47 Causewayend 
Paull, John, 8 Langstane place 
Raeburn, John, 2 Denburn 
Ross, John, 46 Netherkirkgate 
Walker, James, Hanover lane 
. John, Park street 


Blaikie & Sons, Littlejohn street 
Clunes, Thomas, 100 Loch street 
Davidson, John, 67 Netherkirkgate 
Farquhar & Gill, 24 Upperkirkgate 
Hall, Alexander, 40 Schoolhill 
Jamieson, James, 3 Wales street 
Lamb, Alex., 78 St. Andrew street 
Marshall, A. A., 51 West North st. 
Stephen, John, 6 Shoe lane 
Strachan, John, 2 Crown street 


Avery, John, Crown court, Union st. 
Bennett, William, 42 Castle street 
Chalmers, D., & Co., 13 Adelphi 
Cornwall, Geo., 54 Castle street 
Daniel, James, & Co., 48 Castle street 
Davidson, Robt. R., 2£ Broad street 
Finlayson, John, Herald office 
King, G. & R., East Lindsay street 
Rennie, George, 61 Broad street 


Allardyce, William, Adelphi lane, 

Market street 
Gordon, Charles, 57 Green 
Hogarth, Dickson, & Co., 70 College 

Moir, John, & Sons, 56 Virginia st. 


Cameron & Macfarlane, 29 Harriet 

Campbell, David, 16 Loch street 
Sorley, John, 169 George street 


Aberdeen Rope & Sail Co., Footdee 
Catto, Thomson, & Co., Links, Footdee 


Davidson, G. & W., St. Clement st. 
Gray, Watt, & Co., 162 West North st. 
M'Arthur, John, Clarence street 
Miller, George, 40 Park street 
Ogilvie, William, King street 
Routledge, W., & Son, 219 Gallowgate 
Taylor, Robert, Canal side 
Wyness, John, Millbank 


Brown, Simon, 1 76 West North st. 
Cooper, Alexander, 45 Queen street 
Craig, James, & Co., 38 Schoolhill 
Gray, James, 63 West North street 
Green, Alexander, 6 King street 
Knight & Craib, 43 Queen street 
Laing 8s Melvin, 4 Bon-accord street 
M'Grigor, James, 74 King street 
Ritchie, John, 5 Back wynd 
Roberts, David, 94 King street 


Goldie, James, & Co., Waterloo quay 

Glass, William, 80 Broad street 


Adamson, Henry, 57 Marischal st. 
Booth, Alexander, 4 Regent quay 


Duthie, Alexander, & Co., Footdee 
Hall, Alexander, & Sons, York street 
Hood, Walter, & Co., Footdee 


Alexander, Alexander, 60 Queen st 
— ^. Alexander, jun., 1 St Mary pi. 
— ~»~ Hugh, Mill street 
~~. — John, 1 9 Kidd lane 

~. Robert, 16 Wellington street 

Allan, A., 17 Prince Regent street 
— „-. Alexander, 8 Sugarhouse lane 
— ^™ David, 1 Pork lane 
~~»~~. James, 7 Garvock street 
Anderson, Andw., 53 St Clements st. 

Charles, 10 Canal terrace 

. James, 3 Mitchell pi., King st. 

~~.~~~ James, 26 Constitution street 
~~»~™» Robert, 211 King street 




Bance, John, 14 Castle street 
Barnet, Alexander, 8 Hanover street 
Bartlett, Robert, 18 Commerce street 
Baxter, Andrew, 7 Garvock street 

,~~ John, 67 Commerce street 

Boadin, Richard, 59 Commerce street 
Borthwick,Chas.,45 Constitution st. 
Booth, John, 27 York place 
Bowie, Alex., 2 Bannermill street 
Brand, Andrew, Hanover lane 
Brebner, William, Wales street 
Brown, David, 18 Commerce street 
Brunton, John, 29 Wales street 
,~~,™ John, jun., 15 Prince Regent st. 
Buthlj', Robert, 43 Commerce street 
Campbell, Wm., sen., Melbourne st. 
«~~~~» William, 89 Virginia street 
«™.™. William, 28 Wellington street 
Cargill, John, Waterloo quay 
,™„™ William, 25 Quay 
Cay, Alexander, 6 St Clement st. 
Chalmers, George, Hanover lane 
Cbivas, William, 7 Canal street 
Chi'istopher, Mark, 19 Prince Regent 

Clark, James, 47 Park street 
Collie, George, 47 Frederick street 
Cook, Samuel, St. Clement street 
Craig, David, 7 Garvock street 
Crane, Andrew, 31 Wales street 
Cromar, James L., 54 Quay 
Daniel, William, 8 Carmelite street 
Davidson, George, 10 St Clement st. 
Dempster, John, 7 Hanover street 
Dinnison, John, 6 Canal terrace 
Donald, James, 53 Commerce street 
„.~.„„ Robert, 4 St Clement street 
Duncan, Robert, 31 Queen street 
Dunlop, James F., Hanover lane 
Dunn, John, 13 Commerce street 
Dunningham, Thomas, Concert court, 

Broad street 
Elliot, James, 62 Gordon street 
Esson, Charles, 25 Whitehouse street 
Falconer, Alex., 61 Commerce street 
r~~~~. John, St. Clement street 
Flann, Joseph, Bannermill street 
Fletcher, William 67 Commerce st. 
Ganson, Herman, 59 Virginia street 
Gibb, James, 38 Park street 
Goldie, John, Wellington Road 
Granger, Robert, 45 Wellington st. 
Grant, James, 58 Shiprow 
Gray, William, 10 Church street 
Greig, James B., Constitution street 
Guthrie, Andrew, Commerce street 
Henderson, James, 10 St. Clement st. 

,~~ John, Park street 

Howling, Edward, 115 York street 

Thomas, 54 Quay 

Husband, David, 13 Commerce street 
Hutchison, JUs., Springbank terrace 
— -~~ John, Bannermill street 
Kerr, Robert, Victoria place 

SHIPMASTERS— (Continued.) 

Law, George, 53 Virginia street 

Leask, Alexander, Bannermill street 

„™~~. Alex., jun., Bannermill street 

Leisk, Robert, 3 Shore brae 

.. .„.,._ Thomas, 3 Shore brae 

Leslie, James, 38 St. Clement street 

«~»».,~. John, 20 Prince Regent street 

„_,„„. John, Waterloo quay 

Levie, Alexander, 81 Virginia street 

.„~.~~ Alexander, 57 Quay 

— ~w William, 6 Garvock street 

Linklater, James, 59 Commerce st. 

Longmuir, John, Holburn street 

Low, Charles, Ferryhill 

Lyon, John, 63 Quay 

M'Donald, George, 30 Marischal st. 

M'Gregor, John, 20 James street 

,~»» William, 13 Prince Regent st. 

M'Kechnie, Allan, 53 Commerce st. 
M'Kenzie, John, 11 Longacre 
M'Pherson, Alex., 13 Sugarhouse lane 
— ^-~ John, 54 Quay 
Main, David, 22 Marywell street 
~~.~~» John, 43 Commerce street 
Maitland, William, Waterloo quay 
Mann, John, 6 Hanover street 
Marsh, James, Maybank 
Martin, Charles, 12 Yeats lane 
— ~~* John, Constitution street 
Masson, Alex., 23 Virginia street 
Mearns, Daniel, 2 Yeats lane 
Merchant, Isaac, 6 Baltic street 
Milne, James, 12 Marywell street 
™,~~ Robert, Hanover street 
Mitchell, John, 6 Constitution street 
~~»~~. William, 46 Regent quay 
Morgan, John, 8 Yeat's lane 
Munro, James, 9 Bon-accord lane 
Nicol, John, 23 Prince Regent street 
Paterson, John, 49 Commerce street 
Penny, William, Polmuir 
Petty, David, 22 Virginia street 
Philip, John, Wales street 
Phillips, William, 30 Virginia street 

William, 20 Castle street 

Pole, Lawrence, 8 Marywell street 
Reid James, 21 Prince Regent street 
„_„_» John, 6 Links street 

William, 109 York street 

Rennie, George, 159 Crown street 
Ritchie, Andrew, 89 Virginia street 
~~.~*~ Thomas, 3 Church street 
Roberts, John, Holburn street 
Robertson, Benjamin, 28 Constitu- 
tion street 

-»~» John, 47 Wellington street 

Ross, James, Hanover street 
Runcy, Charles, Willowpark 
Sangster, Robert, 22 Princes street 
Sim, James, 47 Frederick street 
Skene, William, Justice lane 
Smart, John, Princes street 
Smith, Alexander, 3 James street 
,~~„™ John, Shore brae 



SHIPMASTERS— (Continued.) 

Smith, John, 51 Virginia street 
Souter, Robert, 4 Baltic street 
Stephen, Alexander, 23 James st. 

^^ Alexander, Pottery, Footdee 

,~»~~- William, Orchard cottage 
Stewart, John, 13 Commerce street 
Stuart, Charles, 29 Hutcheon street 
Strachan, Alexander, Bannermill st. 

John, 25 Princes street 

Summers, W., 10 Sugarhouse lane 
Sutherland, James, 63 Park street 
Talbot, David, 61 Quay 
.™~~~» David, jun., 61 Park street 
— „~» William, 126 King street 
Taylor, Alexander, 62 Virginia st. 
Thomson, John, Cruden's court 
Tulloch, James, St. Clement street 
Turner, Robert, 25 Marischal street 
Walker, Duncan, 32 St. Clement st. 
-~~ — John, 4 St. Clement street 
Wallace, Daniel, 20 Commerce st. 
Watson, Alexander, Sugarhouse lane 
Watt, George, 61 Commerce street 
Webster, Robert, 7 Canal terrace 
Whyte, John, 29 James street 
Willet, Joseph J., Mortimer's court 
Wishert, Daniel, 6 Constitution st. 
Young, William, 4 Affleck street 
Youngson, Robert, 46 Regent quay 


Aiken, Alexander, 18 Shiprow 
Brown, Robert, 10 Weigh-house sq. 
Caie, William, 84 Shiprow 
Cantly, Peter, 8 Guestrow 
Clark, Archibald, 18 Shiprow 
Davidson, James, 58 Castle street 
Forbes, Robert, 16 Shiprow 
Henry, Joseph, 13 Huxter row 
Lamb, Robert, 18 Shiprow 
Lumsden, George, 7 Marischal st. 
M'Donald, Andrew, 7 Marischal st. 
Milne, James, 13 Exchequer row 
Moir, William, 18 Shiprow 
Morrison, Charles, 58 Castle street 
Murray, Alexander, 18 Shiprow 
Pirie, George, Castle brae 
Porter, Alexander, Chapel lane 
Robb, George, 18 Shiprow 
Saint, James, 1 Marischal street 
Skinner, Alex., 8 Exchequer row 

„^ William, 13 Huxter row 

Smith, John, 13 Huxter row 
Wilson, George, 18 Shiprow 
„^» John, 37 Park street 


Coutts, Alexander, 58 Windmill brae 
Gibson, Thomas, 33 Union terrace 


Gordon, James, 26, 27, and 28 Castle 

Gray, Walter, 121 Union street 
Lyall, G., & Co., 99 Union street 
Mathieson, Isaac, 33 Union street 
Morrison & Gray, 119 Union street 
Pratt & Keith, 53 Union street 
Stewart, Walter, 145 Union street 
Sutherland, George, 149 Union st. 
White & Hutcheon, 123 Union st. 
Yeats, George, 87 Union street 


Laing, James, 38 George street 
M'Kenzie & Currie, Steps of Gil- 

M'Millan, R„ & Co., Steps of Gilcom- 



Adam, Alex., 57 Causewayend 
Anderson, James, 49 St. Nicholas st. 
Buchan, Wm„ 19 George street 
Collie, Alexander, 28 Shiprow 

John, 19 Chapel street 

Copland, Alex., 1 Charlotte street 
~~-~™ Peter, 6 Gerard street 
Cumming, William, 14 East North 

Duncan,, Wm., 123 Skene street 
Hendry, David, 170 Gallowgate 
Innes, John B., 65 Chapel street 
Keith, William, 24 Union row 
Lawrence, John, Ann street 
M'Kay, George, 93 Green 
Martin, James, 68 Broad street 
Maver, John, 42 Causewayend 
Reid, Wm., 10 Black's buildings 
Robbie, Alex., 22 Young street 
Shanks, James, 59 Loch street 
Sheed, Alex., East North street 
~v~™. John, Steps of Gilcomstoa 
Silver, George, 40 Broad street 
Watt, George, 20 Trinity street 


Allan, Ann, 90 Green 
Baxter, Alex., 58 Lime quay 
Boyne, Wm., 94 Gallowgate 
Bruce, Thomas, 3 Park street 
~~„~. William,, 59 Windmill brae 
Calder, Charles, 50 Green 
~«» — James, 7 Exchequer row 
Cassie, James, 16 Castle street 
Courry, John, 67 Shiprow 
Cumming, William, 65 Queen street 
Davie, William, Upper Denburn 
Duncan, James, 53 Quay 



S PIRI T-DE ALE RS— (Continued. ) 

Ferries, Mrs., 24 Trinity street 
Forbes, James, 7 James street 
Fraser, John, 11 Fisher row 
Fullerton, Alex , 21 Wales street 
G-auld, George, Trinity quay 
Gordon, Peter, 100 Gallowgate 
,_„™ Samuel, 36 Guestrow 
Gray, George, 58 Queen street 
Henderson, Henry, 17 Justice street 
Hogg, William, 4 Skene street 
Ironside, Mrs. G., 292 George street 
Kiloh, Joseph, 6 College street 
Largue, William, 254 George street 
M'Donald, Alex., Ill York street 
»^»,~~. Charles, 1 69 Gallowgate 

. William, 12 West North st. 

M'Gregor, Peter, 31 West North st. 
M'Intosh, Junes, 90 Loch street 
M'Kay, Alex., 59 Green 

Hugh, 29 Park street 

M'Kenzie, John, 2 John street 
M'Lean, George, 33 Park street 
M'Lennan, Robert, 61 Castle street 
M'Pherson, William, 36 Quay 
Mann, James, 18 Netherkirkgate 
Mather, John, 87 Shiprow 

, William, 11 Loch street 

Mearns, John, 86 Woolmanhill 
Milne, George, 87 Woolmanhill 
„~»„vw» George, 6 Trinity street 

™». James, Holburn street 

» James, 9 West North street 

~™ Mrs-, 18 Gordon street 

Mitchell, Charles, 41 Guestrow 

. George M., 12 Castle street 

— ,~~ James, 14 West North street 
Niven, Alex., 78 West North street 
Orr, Samuel, 67 Guestrow 
Paterson, F., 2 Carnegie's brae 
Phimester, John, 74 East North st. 
Pyper, Alex., Castle street 
Reid, Francis, 15 College street 
Ritchie, John, 47 West North street 
Robb, James, 11 York street 
Robertson, James, Green 
Ross, Andrew, 2 Trinity street 
Seaton, James, 7 Gallowgate 
Shaw, Alex., 38 East North street 
Smith, Alex., Maberly street 
Strachan, Alexander, 3 Shiprow 
Sutherland, Alex., 17 Castle street 
Tawes, Lewis, 83 Green 
Torrie, John. 28 Gallowgate 
Urquhart, Alex., 69 Commerce street 
Walker, James, & Co., 43 Nether- 
Weir, Robert, 72 Gallowgate 


Allardyce & Jopp, 13 Market street 
Black, James,&Co., 7 Adelphi court 
Booth, Alexander, 4 Regent quay 


Fletcher, Robert, 24 Adelphi 

Gordon, William, 34 Marischal st. 

M'Kinnan, Lachlan, jun., 61 St Ni- 
cholas street 

Oswald, George, & Co., 59 Marischal 

Rennie, J. T., 42 Marischal street 


Anderson, James, 64 West North st. 
Barclay, Robert, Holburn street 
Begg, John, 13 Harriet street 
Bisset, William, Mealmarket lane 
Brown, Alex., 8 West North street 
Craig, Robert, 167 West North st. 
Daniel, Thomas, 16 Mealmarket lane 
Davidson, Jas., 6 Little Belmont st, 
Durie, Mrs., 6 Back wynd 
Farquharson, Alex., 22 Schoolhill 
Gordon, Thomas, 15 Back wynd 
Hay, Charles, 22 Harriet street 
Henry, Andrew, 24 Gerard street 
Jaffray, Andrew, 26 West North st. 
Meston, John, 13 Princes street 
Milne, Mrs., 11 Harriet street 
Reid, Alexander, 23 Harriet street 

Peter, 5 Harriet street 

William, 180 Gallowgate 

Rose, John, 166 Gallowgate 
Scorgie, Geo., 25 Mealmarket lane 
Strachan, Peter, 35 Harriet street 
Taggart, John, 90 George street 
Wright, Alexander, 1 Harriet street 


Allan, John, 19 Crown street 
Beattie, John, George street 
Duncan, Thomas, 34 Dee street 
M'Donald & Leslie, Constitution st. 
Munro, Joseph, 110 West North st. 
Nelson, Charles, Union wynd 
Ritchie, John, 2 Catto square 
Robb, Thomas, & Co., Union bridge 
Robertson, William, 7 Huntly street 
Wright & Petrie, Union bridge 


Cavendish, A., 16S Gallowgate 
Davidson, Miss, 2 Shiprow 
— . — . William, 71 Green 
Donald, James, 8 East North street 
Fraser, H., & Co., 55 Castle street 
Grant, Robert, 29 Woolmanhill 
Emslie, William, 188 West North st. 
Lamont, Alexander, 9 Shiprow ' 
M'Intosh. John, 61 Windmillbrae 
Mackie, Alexander, 3 Blackfriars st, 
Ranson, Edward, 139 Union street 





Reid, Alexander M., 85 Virginia st. 
Robb, James, 47 Broad street 
Robertson. C., & Co., 163 G-allowgate 
Stuart, John, 98 Green 
Taylor, Alexander, 155 Gallowgate 
Tough, John, 37 St. Nicholas street 
Tudhope, John, 69 East North street 


Birnie, M., 31 Longacre 
Campbell, John, 7 Bon-accord street 
Davidson, W., 2 Correction wynd 
Erskine, Robt. M , 138 George street 
Fraser, Alex., 44 Schoolhill 
~~.,~~ William, 8 Drum's lane 
Greig, John, R.N., 84 Crown street 
Jamieson, James, 4 Castle brae 
Keith, James, R.N, 84 Crown street 
Leslie, William, 1 3 Silver street 
Matthews, A. C, 3 Canal terrace 
Moir, James, 3 Skene row 
Paterson, John, 61 St. Nicholas street 
Philip, James, 1 Mounthooly 
Rainey, George, 27 Queen street 
Sim, John, Holburn street 
Smith, Robert, 9 Union terrace 
Sutherland, George, Royal Infirmary 
Torry, James, 55 Schoolhill 
Wilson, George, 173 Gallowgate 
Wood, John, 31 Bon-accord street 


Bowie, James, 29 Broad street 
Cassie, William, 22 Longacre 
Flett, David, Trinity manse 
Fraser, John, 64 John street 

John, 11 Gaelic lane 

Grant, Lachlan, 110 King street 
Hay, William, 21 Loch street 
Ingram, James, 9 Union lane 
Inston, Henry, 39 Quay 
Joss, Charles, 91 Skene street 
Kelman, William, Well court 
Kiloh, James, 15 Correction wynd 
Knowles, George, 3 Hutcheon street 
Leask, William, 5 Netherkirkgate 
M'Donald, John, 7 Albion streef 
M'Gregor, Alex., 57 East North st. 
M'Kay, John, 26 Spa street 
M'Leod, William, 14 Gallowgate 
Massie, James, 126 Gallowgate 
Middleton, Peter, 6 Crown street 
Millar, Wm., Milner'set., Guestrow 
Milne, Alex., 14 Dee street 
Moir, George, 10 Shiprow 

, William, 85 Chapel street 

William, 6 Union lane 

Morrison, 65 Broad street 
Mowat, James, 8 Flourmillbrae 

T AI LOR S— (Continued.) 

Murray, William, 74 George street 
Noble, James, 4 Queen street 
Piggie, A. H„ 68 Broad street 
Robb, Alexander, Crown court 
_~.~~ George, St. Catherine's wynd 
Russel, Alex., Shoe lane 
Scott, James, 1 5 St. Andrew street 
Sinclair, John, 178 George street 
Sclater, James, 8 Park street 
™,,™« John, Woolmanhill 
~~.,~~ Simon, 12 West North street 
Stott, John, 58 Castle street 
Strachan, Robert, 69 Netherkirkgate 
Sutherland, Jas., 36 Netherkirkgate 
r~~~~ J., 167 George street 
Tawse, William, 19 Lower Denburn 
Thain, Andrew, 37 Lodge walk 
Thomson, John, 5 Blairton lane 
Tocher, John (J. Luinsden & Co.), 

117 Union street 
Wallace, Hugh, 18 Huxter row 
Watson, Johu, 20 Netherkirkgate 
Weir, George, 17 Upperkirkgate 
Wilson, George, 188 Gallowgate 
Wyllie, John, 42 Queen street 


Adam, George, & Co., 3 Castle street 
Angus, Robert, 154 George street 
Badenoch, James, 18 Castle street 
Brown & Carr, Exchange court 
Cadenhead, George, Concert court 
Cassie, James, 6 Union street 
Cattanach & Mirrielees, 1 26 Union st. 
Catto, William, 3 Shiprow 
Clark, John, 16 Huxter row 
Coutts, George, 142 George street 
Cowie, William, 4 Brownie's brae 
Cumming, William, 7 Huxter row 
Dallas, Robert, 61 Gallowgate 
Davidson, R., & Son, 15 Causewayend 
Davies, Richard, Crown street 
Donald, George, 22 Broad street 
Duff, Alex., 22 St. Nicholas lane 
Duthie, Barclay, 5 Church street 
Finlason, Eric, 26 Marischal street 

, John, 2 Queen street 

Forbes, James, 8 St. Nicholas street 

& Brown, 69 Union street 

Fraser, James, 12 Union street 
Gall & Bird, 46 Union street 
Gilchrist & Son, 36 Union street 
Humphrey, Robert, 3 Water lane 
Johnston & Laird, 2 St. Catherine's 

Keith, John, 6 Netherkirkgate 
King, Charles, 23 Broad street 
Mann, Alexander, 4 Union street 
Matheson & Co., 5 Union buildings 
Moir, James, & Co., 5 King street 
Murray, Isaac, 38 and 40 Broad street 
Mustard, Robert, 145 George street 




M' Donald & Cooper, 7 South Silver st. 
Nicol, John, 13 St. Nicholas street 
Robertson, William, 82 Union street 
Russell, Alexander, 42 Union street 
„~»,^. William, Adelphi court 
Shirr es & Co., 67 King street 
Simpson & Whyte, 21 Union build- 
Sinclair, George, 22 Broad street 
Smith, Alexander 1 , 3 Castle street 
„-~~.~~ Charles, 9 Skene terrace 
~~~~~» John, 13 Union buildings 
Taylor, Alex., & Co., 22 Marischal st. 
Troup, Alexander, 30 Union street 


Alexander, R., (dancing,) Diamond st. 
^»^. Robert, (W. E. A.,) Milburn 

street, Ferryhill 
Craig, Edward, Dr. Bell's school 
Craigmile, F., (writing,) Public 

Crichton, J., Gilcomston school 
Dun, John, Grammar school 
Elgen, W., Mathematical school, 

Drum's lane 
Ferguson, Dr., West End Academy, 

110 Crown street 
™~™» Miss, West End Academy 
Gecrard, Alex., Gordon's Hospital 
Grant, Rev. Jas., Donaldson's school 
Gray, Rev. R. A., Public schools 
Hill, Isaac, 19 Queen street 
Jazdowzki, John, W. E. Academy 
Kay, John, Bridewell [school 

Kidd, John, East Parish Sessional 
Laing, James, Davidson's school 
Ledingham, Jas., 12 Correction wynd 
Lillie, George, Free Holburn school 
Machray, Alex., Free E. C. school 
M'Conachie, Alex , 13 Crown street 
,~^™» G. C, (writing,) 115 Union st. 
Massie, John, John Knox school 
Mavers, David, Bon-accord Juvenile 

Meston, Thomas, 56 Union street 
.~~,~~ Rev. W., (Languages,) 43 

Milne, Robert, 19 Marischal street 
Mitchell, W , Poor's Hospital 
Mollison, W., Mechanics' Institution 
Ogilvie, John, Gordon's Hospital 
Rait, W., Marywell street 
Reid, J. M., West End Academy, 24 

Gordon street 
,~~~w» John, Free John Knox school 
„™~™ William, 3 Denburn 
Roger, Thomas, Trades' school 
Shand, W., North Parish school 
Sherret, W., St. Clement's Parish 

Sherwood, G„ Forthill school 

TEACHERS— (Continued.) 

Selbie, William, Union school 
Simpson, Miss, John Knox school 
Spence, Alex., Holburn school 
Stewart, John, Thain's school 
Straith, Rev. A., Public schools 
Stuart, Alex., (writing,) Gordon's 

Thorburn, J., Upper Denburn school 
Tulloch, Rev. G., Academy street 
Weir, J., Deaf and Dumb Institution 
Williamson, G., Dr. Bell's school, 

Old Aberdeen 


Adamson, Alex., 17 Gallowgate 
Collie, Francis, 6 Skene street 
Cruickshank, John, 5 George street 
Hogg, Peter, 96 Green 
Legge, James, 48 Netherkirkgate 
M'lntosh, James, 28 Netherkirkeate 
M'Leod, C, & Son, 52 East North st. 
„~»~~. Robert, 4 East North street 
Mitchell, John, 6 Hanover street 
Murray, George, 33 Chapel street 
Ray, John, 5 Gallowgate, and 17 

Marischal street 
Runcy, J. & W., 13 George street 
Russell, George, 5 Commerce street 
Shirres, William, 5 Hanover street 
Spark, William, jun., 77 Gallowgate 


Craig, Thomas, 18 George street 
Duncan, John, 9 Union buildings 
Kilgour & Taylor, 44 Netherkirkgate 
M'Combie, T., & Co., 51 Netherkirk- 
Milne, Alexander, Young street 
Murray, John, 11 Upperkirkgate 
Spence, H., & Co., 60 Union street 
Whyte, Patrick, 30 Broad ^treet 


Baxter, John, 76 Gerard street 
Connon, James, 95 'Skene street 
Coutts, Alexander, 58 Windmillbrae 
„vw~™ William, 58 Windmillbrae 
Daniel, Alexander, 50 Shiprow 
Davidson, Robert, Union wynd 
Ewen, George, Union street, opposite 

County Rooms 
„~~~. John, 12 St. Andrew street 
Findlay, Robert, Windmill lane 
Jamieson, Thomas, Oliver's court, 

Munro, Alexander, 118 King street 
Nicoll, Alexander, 2 Barnett's close 
Paterson, William, Chronicle court 



TURNERS— (Continued.) 

Rose, George, 73 Green 
Ross, George, 53 Longacre 


Burgess, Alexander, & Co.,50Upper- 

Henderson, Mrs, 76 Green 
Hogg, Alexander, 37 Upperkirkgate 
Johnston, Joseph, 2 Blackfriars st. 
Morrison, William, 12 Gallowgate 
Walker, John, 16 West North street 
William, 35 Schoolhill 


Adams, Mrs., Weighhouse square. 
Anderson, George, 18 Fisher row 
,™.-~™ James, 62 Castle street 
~.«. Mrs. J., Waterloo quay 
Bridgeford, John, 12 Burnett's close 
Brown, Thomas, Stronach's close 
Cormack, William, Ferryboat, New- 
Cowieson, George, 9 Trinity quay 
Daniel, George, Concert court, Broad 

Duncan, James, 20 Skene square 
r~~~~» James, 11 Chapel street 
Feggetter, Mrs., Clayhills 
Forrest, William, 50 Guestrow 
Fotheringham, R., 32 Guestrow 
Freemen, Ben., 3 Stronach's close 
Gail, Francis, Calsayseat 
Gauld, Mrs., 40 Loch street 
Gibbon, Charles, 5 Stronach's close 
Gordon, John, Nellfield gate 
Graham, Daniel, Canal terrace 
Greig, William, 19 Lodge walk 
Henderson, Mrs., Chapel lane 
Hendry, George, Chronicle court 
Inglis, David, 58 George street 
Joss, Robert, 49 York street 
Leslie, George, Exchequer court 
Leys, George, 49 Lodge walk 
M'Cliskie, Michael, 8 Justice street 
M'Gregor, F. & E , 57 East North st. 
M'Lennan, Robert, 61 Castle street 
M'Leod, George, 2 Canal terrace 
Maitland, Richard, Cove Inn 
Milne, George, 10 Langstane place 
~~. — James, Wellington road 
Moir, Mrs , Wellington street 
Murray, Mrs., 81 Windmillbrae 
Palmer, John, 29 Berry lane 
Pettigrew, Alexander, Castle street 
Pyper, Alexander, Bridge of Dee 
Reid, John, 39 Lodge walk 
~~~~~ William, 18 Carmelite street 
Scorgie, Robert, 51 Green 
Sharp, John, 1 Wales street 
Smith, Jane, York street 

VINTNE R S-(Continued.) 

Smith, John, 11 Huxter row 
Southgate, Mrs., 14 St. Clement st. 
Stewart, Peter, Waterloo quay 
Turnbull, Anthony, 32 Castle street 
Walker, Alexander, 4 Black's build- 
~_„~. Mrs. A., 10 Queen street 
Watt, Mrs. George, 12 Regent quay 


Allan, James, Holburn street 
Barron & Gray, 1 1 Netherkirkgate 
Berry, James, 52 Castle street 
Black, John, 16 Longacre 
Booth, G., & Son, 36 Union street 
~-~™ John, 41 Upperkirkgate 
Crone, William, Upper Denburn 
Findlay, John, New Market Gallery 
Fraser, John, 166 Union street 
Gill, Peter, & Son, 80 Union street 
M'Donald, James, 28 Broad street 
M'Millan, Peter, 45 Regent quay 
M'Kirdie, John, 28 Woolmanhill 
M'Leod, J., & Co., 11 Schoolhill 
Mackie, William, 29 St. Nicholas 

Mearns, John, steps of Gilcomston 
Mercer, Hay, 27 West North street 
Miller, William, 17 St. Nicholas st. 
Milne, George, 29 Mealmarket lane 
Morrison, Theodore, Bridge of Dee 
Ogg & M'Millan, 30 Regent quay 
Riddel, D. & J, 72 Broad street 
Rowel, Benjamin, 6 Correction wynd 
Smith, Charles, James street 


Allardyce & Jopp, 13 Market street 
Begg, John, 17 Weigh house square 
Black & Milne, 12 Broad street 
Brantingham, George, 70 Broad st. 
Catto, R , & Co., 14 King street 
Coutts, John, 114 George street 
Farquharson & Co., 131 Union street 
Fraser, Angus, 72, 74, & 76 Union 

~w*~-~ James, & Co., 197 Union st. 
— „~. William, 57 Union street 
Lumsden, J. & J., 95 Union street 
Machray, Isaac, Market street 
Milne, William, & Son, 39 Broad st. 
Moir, Robert, 23 Adelphi 


Forsyth, James, 104 George street 
Stephen, James, 34 Broad street 




Berry, William, Poynernook 
Campbell, Robert, 127 George street 
Catto, R., & Son, 47 Marischal street 
Copland, David, York place 
Cooper, Alexander, Poynernook 
Duthie, William, York place 
Forbes, James, near 90 John street 
Johnston, Robert, 25 York place 
Kiloh, Joseph, Inches 
M'Donald, Peter, Poynernook 
Masson, John, King street 
Middleton, Francis, George street 
Milne, John, King street 
Mortimer, Peter, Poynernook 
Philip, Thomas, Affleck street 
Rose, D., & Co., Footdee 
Smith, Hugh, Inches 
Thompson, G., jun., 40 Marischal st. 
Tough, Alexander, Poyernook 


Adam, Alexander, Skene square 
Bain, Ebenezer, opposite, 222 George 

Black, John, 1 College street 
Cock, Silvester, Holburn street 
Collie, William, 14 Blackfriars st. 
Cossens, James, Castle brae 
Coutts, Alexander, 14 Frederick st. 
Davidson, Alexander, 171 Gallowgate 
Duff, David, 49 Summer street 
Eddie, John, 64 Loch street 
Garvie, James, 12 Summer street 
Gillanders, James, 1 Commerce lane 
Gordon, Robert, Summer lane 
Guthrie, James, 3 Upper Denburn 
Hogg, George, Holburn street 

„_* John, Trinity street 

Jamieson, William, Holburn street 
King, William, 19 Gordon street 
M'Intosh, Charles, 45 Blackfriars st. 
Melvin, James, 32 Hutcheon street 

WRIG H TS— (Continued. ) 

Mercer, John, 22 Hutcheon street 
Merchant, Alex., 32 St. Andrew st. 
Milne, David, 2 Martin's lane 
Ogston, John, 11 Denburn terrace 
Pittendreigh, Alex., St. Clement lane 
Reid, James, 187 George street 
Robb, William, 71 Crown street 
Robertson, William, Simpson's court 
„™~™ William, 95 Chapel street 
Sivewright, Alexander, York place 
Smith, Alexander, Skene square 
„»».~-~ George, 6£ Causewayend 
-,™„™ James, St. Mary place 
,~~.~~ Walter, 20 Blackfriars street 


Cattanach, D. G., Town House 
Cooper, Patrick, 75 Union street 
Davidson, John, 138 Skene street 
~™,™ John, 9 Union terrace 

Robert, W. D., Record Office 

Duncan, John, 68 Broad street 
Henderson, Alexander, 8 Castle street 
~~. — James, 49 Schoolhill 
Jaffray, William, 1 Bon-accord street 
Kennedy, David H., Record Office 
Malcolm, James, 247 Union street 
Morrison, Alexander, jun , 13 Prince 

Regent street 
~~.~~» William, 1 Bon-accord street 
Mowat, William, 75 Union street 
Murray, William, 46 Netherkirkgate 
Paul, Alexander, 31 Gallowgate 
Paull, James, 10 Schoolhill 
Riddel, James, 25 Belmont street 
Ross, James, Record office 
Shearer, R., M' Hardy & Robison 
Stronach, Alex., 247 Union street 
~_™» John, Cooperston buildings 
Wallace, James, 17 Adelphi 
Watt, Alexander, 103 Union street 
Webster, Alex. , j un . , 28 Catherine st. 
Wright, James, 54 Union street 


Adam, James, Firhill-well 

John, gardener, 4 Chanonry 

Adams, William, tailor, 66 High street 

Miss, 21 College bounds 

Aiken, Mrs., lodgings, 15 College bounds 
Airth, Stephen, boot and shoe maker, 26 Spital 
Allan, George, Brick-kilns 
Allen, George, 8 Don street 

John, hairdresser, 102 High street 

Anderson, Rev. Alexander, Free Church, 7 Chanonry 
Andrew, William, lodgings, 14 College bounds 
Angus, John, feuar, New Bridge of Don 
Annand, James (late of Jamaica), Kildair cottage 
Arthur, James, blacksmith, King-street road 

Baillie, Mrs., dressmaker, 90 High street 

Bannerman, Mrs. Dr., 8 Chanonry 

Barrack, Mrs. William, grocer, 108 High street 

Mrs. John, feuar, 58 High street 

Barron, William, farmer, Mains of Seaton 
Begg, John, sub-janitor, King's College 

Mrs. Alexander, 98 High street 

Bennet, George, 93 Spital 

William, printer (Gazette Office), h. 13 Spital 

Blackie, J. S., professor of humanity, Marischal College, 113 

High street 
Brown, Mrs. Dr., 49 Don street 
Buchan, Miss, of Auchmacoy, 1 6 Chanonry 
Burnett, Miss, of Kemnay, St. Machar's cottage, 12 Chanonry 

Campbell, Roderick, vintner, Seaton road 

Mrs., 81 Spital 

Chambers, Thomas, feuar, Firhill-well lane 

Chandler, Miss (Dr. Bell's school), h. 16 College bounds 

Charles, George, tailor, funeral and occasional waiter, 90 High st. 

William, painter and glazier, 86 High street 

Chisholm, Alexander, 89 High street 

Clapperton, William, surgeon, R.N., King-street road 

Clark, Alexander, sexton, St. Peter's Cemetery, h. Lodge 

James, cooper, Don street 

Mrs. George, baker, 79 High street 

Connon, Alexander, lodgings, 29 College bounds 

Robert, gardener, 4 North lane 

Cooper, George, saddler, 16 College bounds 

Cormack, George, portrait and miniature painter, 29 Col lego bounds 

Oowi<\ John, teacher (Parochial School), 5 New street 


Cromar, Mrs. David, feuar, 89 Spital 

Cruickshank, John, manufacturer, 23 College bounds 

Dalgarno, Alexander, 88 High street 
Daun, Dr., 13 Chanonry 

Dawson, John Grant, writer, 1* College bounds 
Deans, William, manufacturer, and keeper of the trades' m oil- 
cloths, 50 Spital 
Donaldson, George, vintner (Red Lion), 83 Spital 
Downie, Charles, carter and Old Aberdeen carrier, 00 High street 
Dunbar, Duncan, sexton, Cliurchgate 
Duncan, John, flesher, 19 Spital 

Mrs. John, 20 Spital 

Dunn, Joseph, brewer, h. 25 High street 
Durry, Charles, lodgings, 15 College bounds 

Edmond, Mrs. John, haberdasher, 22 College bounds 
Elrick, Joseph, Seaton gate 
Ewen, Mrs., lodgings, 58 Spital 

Falconer, Alexander, assistant session-clerk and teacher of the 
Grammar -School, h. Orchard house 

Piddes, George, currier, 41, h. 42 High street 

Findlay, Mrs. James, lodgings, 19 College bounds 

Forbes', Colonel Arthur, 10 Chanonry 

, Rev. John, session-clerk, and rector of the Grammar School, 

h. Rose cottage 

Rev. Dr. Patrick, professor of humanity, &c, King's Col- 
lege, A. 1 1 College bounds 

Fraser, George, 80 Spital 

Fyfe, Andrew, M.D., professor of chemistry, King's college, h. 34 
College bounds 

...... Thomas, road contractor, Bridge of Don 

Gall, Mrs., lodgings, 19 College bounds / 

Gerrard, Misses, 6 Chanonry 

Gibb, William, boot and shoemaker, 9 College bounds 

Gibb, Mrs., midwife, 9 College bounds 

Gill, Mrs., lodgings, 99 Spital 
Gordon, Dr. James, 110 High street 

James, jun., High street 

Grant, Alexander, farmer. 74 High street 

Duncan, lodgings, 97 Spital 

James, lodgings, 6 College bounds 

Robert, farmer, 67 High street 

Gray, Mrs., feuar, lodgings, 63 Spital 

Grub, Francis, shoemaker, 13 College bounds 

George, boot and shoemaker, 13 College bounds 

Hadden, Mrs. Gavin, 15 Chanonry 

Hay, Lord James, of Seaton, Seaton house 

Hector, Mrs., lodgings, 79 Spital >. 

Henderson, Mrs., lodgings, 8 High street 

Hutcheson, James, vintner, 2 Don street 

Hutton, Mrs. Charles, gardener, 5 Spital 


Ievine Francis, M.D., h. 28 High street 

Jack, William, D.D., principal of King's College, h. 37 Col- 
lege bounds 
JafFray, James, vintner, Seaton gate 

Miss, 48 Don street 

Jamieson, William, shoemaker, h. College lane 

Johnston, John, merchant, 25 Spital 

...... John, grocer, Old Bridge of Don, and at Donview 

John, steward (City of Aberdeen), 25 Spital 

Mrs., lodgings, 89 Spital 

Miss Jean, lodgings, 96 Spital 

Keith, William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 57 Spital 
Kemlo, Gideon, miller, Don mills 
Kiloh, George, toll-keeper, New Bridge of Don 
Kynoch, Ninian, grocer, spirit dealer, and clerk to St. Peter's Ce- 
metery, 64- Spital 
...... William, farmer and feuar, 1 Market lane 

Kemp, James, manufacturer, 20 Don street 

Laws, William, cart wright, King-street road 
Lawson, Francis, blacksmith, 2, h. 4 Seaton gate 

- John, farmer, 24 High street 

Leask, Alexander, lodgings, 82 Spital 

• George, vintner, King-street road 

...... Thomas, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 16, h. 17 High street 

Leighton, John, builder, and lodgings, Orchard cottage 
Leslie, Bev. James, 2 Chanonry 

John, of Powis, Powis house ♦ 

• William, shoemaker, King-street road 

Miss, Don street 

Littlejohn, Alexander, 54 High street 
Lyell, Mrs., lodgings, 12 College bounds 

M'Allum, Mrs. John, East Back road 
M'Donald, David, haberdasher, 63 Spital 

Mrs. James, gardener, Proghall 

MacGillivray, William, professor of civil and natural history, M&- 

rischal College, h. 56 High street 
M'Innes, Mrs., lodgings, 10 College bounds 
M'Kenzie, Duncan, feuar, 27 Spital 

• William, teacher, Town-house, h. 92 High street 

Miss, 56 High street 

Machray, William, druggist, 3 High street, h. 10 College bounds 

M'Leod and Watson's (Misses) seminary, 111 High street 

M'Lean, William, clerk, 59 Spital 

Macleod, Miss, 71 High street 

Macpherson, Dr. H., sub-principal and professor of Greek, King's 

College, h. 30 College bounds 
M'Tavish, Henry, feuar, lodgings, 59 Spital 
Massie, Joseph, shoemaker, 49 Spital 
Matheson, Eobert, excise officer, 6 High street 
Mearns, Bev. Dr. D., professor of divinity, King's College, h. I 



Mellis, Peter, traveller (Smith, Irvine, & Co.), h. 14 College 
Melville, John, manufacturer, 38 Spital [bounds 

Melvin, Alexander, carter, 12 Don street 

Alexander, carter, High street 

James, farmer, High street 

Millar, Alexander, road overseer, Buchan district, King-street road 
Milne, George, gardener, 46 High street 

James, feuar, 29 College bounds 

John, tailor, 76 Spital 

John, cart and plough wright, Seaton gate 

William, feuar, 34 High street 

Mrs., lodgings, 29 College bounds 

Mrs., lodgings, 6 High street 

Mitchell's Hospital, 9 Chanonry 

Mollison, Mrs. James, lodgings, 19 College bounds 

Morrison, William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Balgownie road 

Murray, Mrs., 27 College bounds 

Nicol, Alexander, shipowner, Seaton farm 

Charles, mason, 4 College bounds 

, Lewis, mason, Canal lane 

Oswald, Henry C, sharebroker, Seabank 

Paton, Misses, of Grandhome, Sunnybank 

Penitentiary, Female, 28 Spital 

Pickthorn, Lieutenant John, R.N., 68 High street 

Pirie, George, Don-tavern, Balgownie road, New Bridge of Don 

Poison, John, innkeeper, 3 New street 

Post Office, Receiving, 43 High street 

Primerose, Mrs. George, 61 Don street 

Eae, Alexander, farmer, King-street road 
Beid, Alexander, gardener, Tillydron, Seaton 

William, teacher, Old Bridge of Don 

Mrs., lodgings, 12 College bounds 

Miss, dressmaker, 55 Spital 

Richmond, Thomas, inspecting commander (Coast Guard), 63 Don 
Robbie, Donald, lodgings, 98 Spital [street 

Robertson, Mrs. Dr., Balgownie lodge 
Roger, Henry, butcher, 1 Town-house 
Ross, James, sheriff-officer, 44 High street 

John, teacher of music, 8 College bounds 

Robert, surgeon and apothecary, 43 High street 

Scott, Hercules, professor of moral philosophy, King's College, h. 
at College 

Miss, lodgings, 94 Spital 

Sherar, Robert, lodgings, 2 High street 

Simpson, Andrew, wright, 108 High street 

Smart, William, gardener, 39 Spital 

Smith, Alexander (post office), grocer, 59 High street 

...... Alexander, gardener, h. and seed shop, King-street road 

George, blacksmith, King-street road 

Irvine, & Co., brewers, 18 High street 


Smith, James, gardener, Coopersfield 

James, tailor and grocer, 25 College bounds 

„ John, boot and shoemaker, 109 High street 

John, sacrist, King's College 

John, feuar, Old Bridge of Don 

Bev. Bobert, St. Machar's Church, 14 Chanonry 

William, tea and spirit dealer, 87 High street 

William, tailor, Seaton gate 

Miss, dressmaker, King-street road 

Stables, Alexander, jun., clerk, h. 112 High street 

Alexander, tea and spirit dealer, 112 High street 

Stephen, William, shipmaster (Monarch), Orchard house 

Stott, James, late gardener, Seaton gate 

Strachan, Walter, steward (City of Aberdeen), 40 Spital 

Strath, Mrs., midwife, King-street road 

Sutherland, Bobert, farmer and feuar, 70 Spital 

Miss, housekeeper, Mitchell's Hospital, 9 Chanonry 

Swanson, Miss, 57 Don street 

Taylor, James, tailor, Old Bridge of Don 

Bobert, rope and twine manufacturer, Frog-hall lane 

Bobert, Miss, lodgings, 26 College bounds 

Thom, John, sen., sheriff-officer, 43 Don street 

John, jun., constable and sheriff-officer, 109 High street 

William, mason, 66 High street 

Thomson, David, professor of natural philosophy, King's College, 

h. 31 College bounds 
Torbet, Mrs., lodgings, 4 College bounds 
Torrie, James, late teacher of French, 100 Spital 
Tulloch, John, professor of mathematics, King's College, h. College 

bounds . 

Turreff, Gavin, clerk, 18 Don street 

Wallace, John, overseer, salmon fishings, Old Bridge of Don 
Watt, William, wright, lodgings, 60 Spital 
...... Miss, stewardess (Sovereign), h. 60 Spital 

Williamson, George, teacher, Bell's School, h. King-street road 
Willox, Mrs., Brick-kilns 
Wilson, George, 59 High street 

John, private academy, 45 High street 

Wishart, Mrs., lodgings, 15 College bounds 
Wood, Miss, 19 High street 

Yeats, Thomas, flesher, 92 Spital 


Adan, Charles, farmer, Hilton house 

Allan, William, ground-officer, Tanfield, h. 31 Baimshall lane 

Miss, Tanfield house 

Anderson, James, clothier, tailor, and haberdasher, 1 Barron street 
Angus, John, sen., 37 Canal terrace 

Baillie, George, keeper of the keys of the Don subscription fire- 
engine, h. 21 Don street 
Barker, John, & Sons, manufacturers, Gordon's mills 
Barron, William, boot and shoe maker, 52, h. 54 Barron street 
Beattie, Andrew, leather dealer, boot and shoe maker, 142, h. 14U 

Hadden street 
Beverley, Alexander, blacksmith, Backhill of Hilton 
Bisset, James, overseer (Grandholm works), 5 Barron street 
... . Miss, dressmaker, 5 Barron street 

Black, John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 59, h. 57 Barron street 
Booth, William, tinsmith, 94- Hadden street 

Mrs., midwife, 47 Hadden street 

Brebner, James, Post Office, 113 Hadden street 
Brown, John, overseer (Woodside works), h. 132 Hadden street 
Byrne, Andrew Crane, manager (Grandholm works), h. 46 Hadden 
. Gerard, manager of spinning mills (Grandholm works), h. 14 
Miss, teacher, 1 4 Don terrace [Don terrace 

Caied, William, mason, 11 Grandholm street 
Calder, Peter, shoemaker, 4, h. 6 Queen street 
Catto, James, farmer, Lower Cotton 

William, farmer, Persley 

Chalmers, John, baker, 39 Hadden street 

Clark, William, grocer, 129 Hadden street 

Corken, James, feuar, 1 Don street 

Cowie, William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 136, h. 134 Hadden st. 

William, Jan., clerk (Woodside Works), 7*. 134 Hadden st. 

.. Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 134 Hadden street 
Craig, Alex., manager (Gordon's Mills), L Gordon's Mills 
Cruickshank, James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 58, h. 62 Barron st. 
Cumming, Miss, Newseat, 10 Pirie's lane, Wellington street 
Crighton, Mrs., flesher, 1 Hadden street 

Davidson, George, blacksmith, h. 1, Baimshall lane 

Stevin, overseer (Grandholm Works), h. 58 Canal terrace 

Diack, James, cowfeeder, 32 Gaelic lane 

Donald, Robert, gardener, h. 235 Barron street 

Duncan, James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 143, h. 145 Hadden st. 

John, boot and shoe maker, 152 Hadden street 

Durie, Walter, clerk (Grandholm Works), h. I Tanfield walk 

ELR — KER] woodside, &c. 174 

Elrick, Joseph, gardener, 154 Hadden street 

Ferrier, A., & Co., manufacturers, 33 Hadden street 
Fettes, David, boot and shoe maker, 223 Barron street 
Finwick, Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 29 Hadden street 
Findlay, Peter, grocer and spirit-dealer, 181 Barron street 
Fisher, John, grocer and spirit-dealer, 31 Wellington street 
Forbes, James, clerk (Grandholm Works), h. 52 Hadden street 

Rev. Robert, Free Church Manse 

Fraser, Miss, teacher, 56 Canal terrace 

French, Peter, cowfeeder, 143 Barron street 

Fuller ton, John (of Johnston & Fullerton, wrights), h. 12 Don st. 

James, grocer and spirit-dealer, 111 Hadden street 

Gibson, Miss, dressmaker, 131 Hadden street 

Gilchrist, Isaac, surgeon, 120 Hadden street 

Gill, James, mason, 233 Barron street [fl Hadden st 

Glass, Alexander, general merchant, and circulating library, 69 & 

James, overseer of wrights (Woodside Works), h. 69 Barron st. 

John, millwright (Woodside Works), h. 121 Hadden street 

Gordon, Charles, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 68 Hadden street 

Barron, & Co., cotton spinners, manufacturers, and bleachers, 

Miss, lodgings, 12 Wellington st. [Woodside Works 

Grant, Alexander, gardener, Grandholm Cottage 

Grant, John, Captain, 24th Foot, H.P., Woodside House 

Miss, dressmaker, 9 Don street 

Gray, William, grocer and clothier, 2, h. 4 Hadden street 
Greig, William, farmer, Cotton 

William, carter, 17 Hadden street 

Gunn, John, contractor, 127 Hadden street 

John, jun., clerk (Woodside Works), 127 Hadden street 

Hall, Miss, teacher, 50 Canal terrace 

Hatt, George, boot and shoe maker, 20 Wellington street 

Hardie, James, watch and clock maker, 114, h. 112 Hadden street 

Miss, dressmaker and schoolmistress, 107 Hadden street 

Harper, Alexander, overseer, h. Woodside lodge 
Hector, Thomas, grocer, 153, h. 155 Hadden street 
Henderson, John, druggist, 138 Hadden street 
...... Matthew, farmer, Smithfield 

William, merchant, 25 Wellington street 

Hepburn, Garden, tailor, 116 Hadden street 

Harvey, James, manufacturer, Grandholm works 

Hobbs, David, precentor, Free church, Woodside, h. 10 Summer st. 

Hogg, James, overseer (Grandholm Works), h. 10 Summer street 

Hoskin, John, feuar, 83 Barron street 

Inglis, Miss, Lower Middlefield 

Jamieson, Francis, boot and shoe maker, 121 Hadden street 

William, clerk (Woodside Works), 125 Hadden street 

Johnston & Fullerton, builders and timber merchants, 18 Hadden st. 
William (of Johnston & Fullerton), ft. 18 Hadden street 

Kelman, Miss, teacher, h. 141 Hadden street 

Kempt, Irvine, mechanist (Woodside Works), h. Woodside Works 

Kerr, Miss, teacher, 152 Hadden street 

175 woodside, &c. [LAI— KIT 

Laino, Rev. James B. (Cotton Chapel), /*. 105 Hadden street 
Law, Miss, teacher, 1 16 Hadden street 
Lawson, Joseph, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 85 Barron street 
Lessel, James, 1 1 Gaelic lane 

Mrs, Tanfield House 

Lumsden, Alexander, sheriff-officer, 98 Hadden street 

M'Donald, David, boot and shoe maker, 41 Hadden street 

David, grocer and spirit dealer, 63 Hadden street 

James, grocer and spirit dealer, 76 Barron street 

Robert, apothecary, 67, h, 65 Hadden street 

M'Gregor, Duncan, print cutter, 8 Canalside [side 
M'Hardy, Chas., teacher, (Gordon, Barron, & Co.'s school,) Wood- 
James, advocate — Office, 58 Castle street, Aberdeen, h. Cot- 
ton lodge 
M'Intosh, William, hairdresser, 74 Hadden street 
M'Kenzie, Hugh, clerk, (Woodside Works,) h. 62 Barron street 

Jane, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 148, h. 150 Hadden street 

M'Leod, John, manager, (Gordon's Mills,) Bleachfield 
M'Tavish, Duncan, boot and shoe maker, 165 Barron street 
M'Pherson, Miss, corn-extractor, Honey cottage, 61 Canal terrace 
Masson, James, merchant and brewer, 48, h. 46 Hadden street 
Mathews, Benjamin, grocer, tea, and spirit dealer, 28, ft. 26 Don 
Melvin, John, mason, h. 9 Hadden street [road 

Michie, Alexander, teacher and session-clerk, (Free Church,) h. 

Carnation lodge 
Milne, James, grocer and clothier, 45, h. 43 Hadden street 

John, grocer, tea, and spirit dealer, Hayton 

Miss, Millbank, 40 Canal terrace 

Mitchell, Alexander, heckle maker, 9 Gaelic lane 

James, feuar, 107 Hadden street 

Monro, David, manufacturer, 32 Barron street 

Munro, George, boot and shoe maker, 143 Barron street 

Murray, William, flesher, 149, h. 147 Hadden street 

Nicol, Charles, stabler, 10 Wellington street 

John, grocer, 3 Canalside 

William, wright, 90, h. 92 Hadden street 

Paul, James, overseer, (Grandholm Works,) h. 19 Gaelic lane 
Peterkin, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 15 Hadden street 
Ploughman, David, grocer, tea, and spirit dealer, 49 Hadden street 
Poole, Richard, M.D., F.R.C.P. Edin., Upper Middlefield house, 

establishment for ladies and gentlemen labouring under 

mental diseases 

Rae, Alexander, grocer, 73 Barron street 

Mitchell, vintner, 301 Barron street 

Reid, James, furnishing tailor, 117 Hadden street 

John, grocer, tea, and spirit dealer, 21 Hadden street 

Rennie, Harry L., grocer, tea, wine, and spirit dealer, 110 Hadden 

street [Queen street 

Miss, clothier and haberdasher, 115 Hadden street, h. 1 

Riach, Mrs., grocer, tea, and spirit dealer, 6, ft. 8 Hadden street 

Riddel, James, spirit dealer, 4 Wellington street 

Ritchie, Duncan, beadle, funeral waiter, and letter carrier, 112 

Hadden street 

ROB — YOU] woodside, &c. I7g 

Bobb, James, boot and shoe maker, 151 Barron street 
Robertson, George, farmer, Rosehill 

Mrs. William, grocer, 169, A. 171 Barron street 

Mrs., 44 Canal terrace 

• Robson, James, feuar, Hayton 

William, clerk, (Grandho]m Works,) h. 2 Canal street 

Bose, William, grocer, tea, and spirit dealer, 4 Barron street 
Boss, Alexander, vintner, Hayton 

Charles, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, ironmonger 

&c, 137 Hadden street ' 

Donald, leather dealer, boot and shoe maker, 127 Barron st. 

Donald, grocer, tea, and spirit dealer, 129 Barron street 

Kenneth, feuar, 26 Gaelic lane 

Rust, James & Son, grocers, tea, wine, and spirit dealers, and 

general merchants, 124 Hadden street 
Williamson, of Auchenclech, h. 122 Hadden street 

Sangster, Joseph, 32 School lane 
Scott, William, farmer, Don terrace 

John, mason, Persley 

Scroggie, John, wright, 28 Hadden street 

Seton, Alexander, manufacturer, (Woodside Works,) h. 36 Canal 
Sheriffs, Alexander, tailor, 66 Hadden street [terrace 

...... David, feuar, 39 Gaelic lane 

Shivas, John, contractor, 239 Barron street 
Skinner, George, flesher, 53, h. 58 Hadden street 
Smith, Andrew, clerk, (Grandholm Works,) h. Donside 

Charles, mason, 33 Bairnshall lane 

John, gardener, 15 Wellington street 

John, clerk, (Grandholm Works,) kt 13 Don terrace 

Steven, George, toll-keeper, Kettybrewster 

Stevin, Charles, clothier and grocer, 85 Hadden street 

Mrs., baker and confectioner, 100, /*. 98 Hadden street 

Stewart, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 45 Wellington street 

John C, surgeon, 26 Barron street 

Miss, dressmaker, 131 Hadden street 

Still, David, overseer, (Grandholm Works,) h. 17 Wellington st. 
Sutherland, Rev. James R., A.M., Established Church 

Taylor, James, farmer and grocer, 145, h. 147 Barron street 

James, jun., farmer, Middlefield 

John, grocer, tea, and spirit dealer, 213 Barron street 

Urquhart, James, roadmaker, 122 Hadden street 
Miss, dressmaker, 122 Hadden street 

Walker, Robert, flesher, 9 Don street 
Warrack, Miss, baker, 36 and 38 Barron street 
Watt, Alexander, gig-boat house 

John, plumber, (Grandholm Works,,) h. 9 Hadden street 

Webster, William, renovator, 201 Barron street 
Wight, John, baker, 146, h. 144 Hadden street 
Williamson, Alexander, Granitehill, Cairncry 

Andrew, clothier, Barron street 

Wishart, William, farmer, Cairncry 

Young, James, merchant, 18 Wellington street 






The Lists are arranged according to the Boundaries of Delivery of 
each of the Post Towns. 

ABERCHIRDER— Wm. Gordon, Postmaster. 

Allan, James, maaufacturer, North st. 
,~~^~ Joseph, merchant and provision 

dealer, South street 
„^.„». Peter, bouse and sign painter, 
North street 

„™„~. William, druggist and grocer, 
Main street 

,„~„~* Mrs., tavern keeper, South st. 

Alexander, John, sen., meal merchant, 
North street 

„,~„«~ John, jun., druggist, and agent 
for North of Scotland Bank, 
Main street 

Anderson, George, boot and shoe maker, 
Main street 

Andrew, James, boot and shoe maker, 
South street 

Auchinachie, William, general mer- 
chant, and agent for the Bon- 
accord Life and Fire As. Co., 

Begg, John, furnishing tailor, South st. 

~™.~~ Mrs. J., straw hat maker, South 

Bremner, Jas., baker & grocer, Square 

John, M.D., South street 

<~-~~~. Miss, straw hat maker, South st. 

Bonnyman, Walter, builder, Main st. 

Brodie, William, boot and shoe maker, 
North street 

Buchan, James, feuar, South street 

Chalmers. James, boot and shoe maker, 

Clark, William, innkeeper. South st. 

Cooper, Richard, hotel-keeper, Square 

Courage, James, feuar, South street 

Cumming, Geo., fancy turner, North st. 

.,-~„,~ Wm., postmaster, office, South sr. 

Durno, , teacher, Assembly school, 

Main street 
Findlater, Peter, merchant, Stamp of- 
fice, clerk and inspector, &c. to 
the poor's board, Main street 
Gair, Donald, furnishing tailor, Main st 
Gammie, James, jun., grocer. Main st. 
Gammack, James, watch and clock mak- 
er, Main street 
Gibb, James, baker, Square 
Gordon, Alex., grocer & clothier, Square 
Grant, Alex., furnishing tailor, Souib st. 
Greenlaw, Robt, manufacturer, North st. 
Harper, Alex., feuar. Main street 
~~,<~~ Robert, flesher, North street 
Horn, George, Banff carrier, Main st. 
Inglis, Alexander, grocer and leather 

merchant, Square 
.„w~~ James, sen., boot and shoe mak- 
er, South street 
Johnston, Joseph, sheriff-officer & con- 
stable, Main street 
Kelman, Alex., letter carrier, Main st. 
~~.~~~ William, boot and shoe maker, 

Main street 
Kinnaird, Alex., veterinary surgeon, 

South street 
Lobban, Mary, innkeeper. Square 
Lorimer, John, and Sons, merchants 

North street 
M'Bain, John, boot and shoe maker, 

North street 
M'Intosh, James, innkeeper, Square 
M'Kenzie, Jn., land surveyor. Main st. 
,, m ,„~ Wm., land surveyor, South st. 
M'Robert, Peter, innkeeper, South st. 
Mathews, W., sheriff-officer and con- 
stable, North street 



Milne, William, builder, Main street 
Morrison, Alex., meal seller, South st. 
Murray, Joseph, draper, &c. Main street 
Nicol, Robert, teacher, Free schools, 

North street 
Paul, George, grocer and stoneware 

merchant. Square 
Peddie, Wm., excise officer, South st, 
Peters, William, blacksmith and horse 

Bhoer, Square 
Reid, Miss Jessie, dressmaker, South st, 
Riach, M., teacher, Ladies' school, 

North street 
Riddoch, W., saddler and harness mak- 
er, Square 
Robertson, James, feuar, Main street 
Russell, Alexander, saddler and harness 

maker. South street 
Sim, James, Aberdeen carrier, North st. 
Stables, Archd. merchant tailor, Square 
Stevenson, Robert, feuar, South street 
Taylor, John, police officer — office, 

Main street 
Wilson, Peter, flesher and innkeeper, 

Main street 
Williamson, Miss Helen, dressmaker, 

South 6treet 

Adamson, William, surgeon, Hazlebrae 
Allan, Alexander, farmer, Redford 
,™v~~*. William, farmer, Quarryhill and 

Andrew, James, farmer, Chapelton 
Barber, William, farmer, Craighead, 

Barron, William, farmer, Aucbindirran 
Brodie, Alexander, farmer, Cobblehouse 
Brown, Wm., general merchant, Elrick 

,~~ „ Miss, at Whitemuir farm 

Chalmers, Mrs. E., of Clunie 
Christie, Wm., schoolmaster, Marnoch 
Crane, James, farmer, Mains of Auchin- 

Craib, Alexander, farmer, Muiryfield 
Cooper, John, farmer, Mains of Knock- 

Edward, Rev. John, Manse of Marnoch 
Fraser, Mrs., of Thorax 

Gauld, Alex., merchant, Aucbingoul 
Gildawie, John, farmer, Monedy 
Glennie, William, farmer and innkeep- 
er, Turtory 
Grant, Wm., manager, Mains of Auch- 

Henry, Rev. David, Manse of New 

Howat, George, farmer, Woodhead, 

Innes, Alex., farmer, Mill, Kinnardy 
Knight, John, farmer, Skeebhill 
Largue, Robert, farmer, Haddo 
Leith, Alex., farmer, Cairnhill 
Malcolm, Geo., farmer, South Crannah 
Meston, Archd., farmer, Cleanhill 
Michie, William, farmer, Bogharvey 
Mortimer, William, farmer, Brownhill 
Murray, James, farmer, Old Crombie 
M'Donald, Alexander, farmer and auc- 
tioneer, Bakelay 
Ogg, George, farmer, Crannabog 
Ogilvie, Robert, of Culvie 
Redfoord, George, farmer, Arkland 

James, sen., farmer, Westerton 

of Corskie 
„™™, James, jun., farmer, Easterton 

of Corskie 
Reid, James, farmer, Forgieston 
™»™~ Peter, farmer, Jeansfield 
Sherar, John, farmer, Craigiebrae 
Sim, William, farmer, Newton of Clunie 
Sinclair, Miss Mary, Kinnardy mains 
Smith/Andw., farmer, Mains of Corskie 

,^» Charles, M.D., Kinnardy castle 

„™™» John, farmer, Greenfold, Turtory 
Stephen, James, farmer, Dundie farm 
Stodart, James, farmer, Turtory 
Stronach, William, Ardmellie house 
Tough, David, farmer, Mill of Auchin- 

Troup, John, farmer, Bogenhilt 
Walker, Jas., farmer, Headtown, Aucb- 
Webster, Robert, farmer, Buckhills of 

Wilson, Jas., farmer, Mains of Crannah 
Watt, 1 1 - i ., farmer, Mains of Crombie 

ABOYNE — Gideon Kemlo, Postmaster. 

Miller, Rev. Robert M., Parish church 
Robertson, Rev. William, Free church, 

Smith, Rev. George, Parish cuhrch, 



Begg, Charles, Parish school 
Middleton, John, Birse 
Ogg, James, Glentanner 

Birse, John 
Ogg, John 



Begg, George 

Brown, James and Robert 

Robbie, John 

Bell, David, blacksmith 
Calder, Duncan, millwright 
Cromar. George, shoemaker 
Dickinson, George J., officer of excise 
Duguid, William, house carpenter 
Duncan, Peter, Allileper, Birse 
Fowler, Fife M. B., surgeon 
Grant, Joseph, builder 
Gray, Alexander, baker 



Hughes, Hugh, supervisor of excise 
Milne, James, shoemaker 
Thomson, Alexander, blacksmith 
M'Dougall, Alexander, laie of the ex- 
Milne, Robert, gamekeeper 
Morton, James, miller 
Robbie, William, shoemaker 
Thomson, Lewis, shoemaker 


Birse, John, Tillyfoldie 
,.. JU _. jr , John, Bottomend 
Begg, Andtew, Glentanner 
Calder, Robert, Birse 

Calder, John, Birse 

Cochran, Francis J., Esq., Balfour, Birse 

Davidson, James, Balfour 

„~».™ John, Glentanner 

Esson, James, Glentanner 

Gillanders, Isaac, Mill of Dinnet 

Middleton, George, Balnagowan 

M'Laggan, James, Glentanner 

Neil, James, Wretton 

Nicol, Thomas, Glentanner 

Smith, David, Ferrar 

„™~™ Charles, Ferrar 

^™™. William, Mains of Aboyne 

Stewart, Robert, Newmill, Birse 

Strachan, John, ground officer, Aboyne 

ALFORD — Andrew Wilson, Postmaster. 

Farquharson, John, of Haughton 

, Mrs., of Breda 

Gillau, Rev. James, Manse of Alford 
Lumsden, Benjamin, of Kingsford 
M'Connach, Rev. H., schoolmaster and 

inspector of poor 
Walker, James, surgeon, Carnweron 


Fraser, Roderick, officer of Excise 
Hay, William, Alford , 

Milne, William, innkeeper 
Wilson, William, Muir of Alford 


Anderson, John, Knowhead 
,,~.~~. William, Westside 
Farquharson, Alexander, Asloon 
Forbes, Thomas, Sbannoch 
Middleton, James, Kinstair 
..„~„™ Joseph, Auchintoul 
Minto, James, Nether Auchintoul 
,~~™~ William, engineer, AnnfJeld 
M'Combie, William, Cairnballoch 

Charles, Tillichetly 

Murray, Peter, Midmill 
Noltie, Henry, East Gallowhi't 
Reid, James, Newton 
„„™. James, Greystone 
ot~~~. Robert, Brainley 
Stephen, Alexander, Farmtown 
,~~„~» James, Elrick 
Taylor, Farquharson, Wellhouse, &c, 
factor for Haughton and Breda 
Wilson, James, Muir of Alfotd 


Gauld, John, carpenter and valuator, 

Henderson, James. Littlewood park 
Leith, Mr. H. S. F., of Whitehaugh 
Mitchell, William, surgeon, Crook- 
Paul!, Rev. James, D.D., Manse 

Smith, Rev. James, schoolmaster and 

inspector of poor 
Wattie, Wm., innkeeper and pork-curer 
Wilson, Andrew, merchant — Agent for 
the North of Scotland Bank, 
and sub-distributor of stamps, 
and collector of taxes for Al- 
ford district 


Benton, William, Crookmore 
Clerihew, George, Sylanethy 
Grassicb, Patrick, Glenlogie 
Ingram, William, Greystone 
Kennedy, William, Strathlunach 
Lawson, James, Scotsmill 
„„„™ William, Carncosh 
Lumsden, John, Terpersie 
Peter, Francis, Ferrymill 
Reid, George, Nether Balfour 
...■„„~ Harry, Lethenty 

,. ~-~ James, Kirktown of Forbes 

,~—~~ John, Tulloch 

.™~~™ Robert, Upper Balfour 

Roger, Alex., pork cuier, Whitehouse 

Ritchie, Arthur, Bithney 

Skinner, James, Millhill 

Thomson, Alexander, Colhay 

Thorn, James, Redhouse 

Wilson, Andrew, Waterside 

...... ~~ Peter,New Keig 

William, Whiteside, Balquharo, 

*~~ William, Boggieshailoch 

■„ William, Hilloch 


Adam, George, merchant, Muirtown 
Birse, James, merchant, Muir of Fowls 
Beams, Wm., schoolmaster, Old Manse 
Forbes, Alex., merchant, Mill of Fowls 
Humphrey, Chas., schoolmaster, Leocbel 
Malcolm, Andrew, schoolmaster and in- 
spector of poor 
Macnee, Jas., teacher, Assemblyschool, 



Murray, William, Innkeeper, Moggart- 

Taylor, Rev. Alexander, Manse 
Williams, George, merchant, Milltownof 



Allardyce, Samuel, Bridgetown 
Bruce, James, Bandeen 
Dunn, Samuel, Anninteir 
.„„„„ Alexander, Wester Leochel 

™~ Alexander, Upper Leochel 

,„~~„ Peter, Bellwerip 
-~~~~. Peter, West Braes 
Ellis, James, Carncoullie 
™™~™ Peter, Carncoullie 

~-~ John, Carncoullie 

Elmslie, Peter, Rumblie 

™~ Robert, Caerrienstone 

Forbes, William, Mill of Fowls 
~™„~* William, Balchimony 
™-,™, John, Balchimony 

Forbes, Peter, New BraeS 
Fraser, Alexander, Hillock 
Gray, John, Ley of Cushnie 

Harry, Mains of Cushnie 

Henderson, Alexander, Drumfolty 
Ingram, Alexander, Benicullie 
Leslie, Peter, Knowhead 
Littlejohn, James, Westside 
Mitchell, James, Wark 
Reid, William, Old Manse 
Riach, John, Fowls 
Ross, Harry, Corbancbory 
Strachan, James, Wester Fowls 
,™ ~~. George, Waulkmill 
Shepherd, Peter, Craigmill 
Shaw, Henry, Bogfairn 
Tytler, William, Knock 
Tawse, John, Brideswell 
Wilson, John, Mains of Fowls 
Wallace, James, Braeside 
Walker, William, Burnside 

AUCHMULL — Alex. Lindsay, Postmaster. 

Abel, William, Mill of Craibston 
Alexander. John, spirit dealer, Denhead 
Anderson & Tough, builders 
Birnie, Alexander, quarrier 
Birse, Miss, teacher 
Booth, John, farmer 
Brown, Charles, grain merchant 
.»ww~~ James, farmer 
Campbell, Alexander, officer of Excise 
Craven, Rev. John E., Free church 
Davidson, Charles, & Son, snuff and pa- 
per manufacturers, Muggiemoss 
Durward, Andrew, farmer 
Findlay, David, overseer, Seaton 
Fraser, William, baker 
Fyfe, Alexander, blacksmith 
~«„™» John, tea and spirit dealer 
Gall, James, wright, Stonywood 
Gibson, William, surgeon 
Glennie, John, farmer, Goodhope 
Howie, Alexander (of Howie & Tytler), 

™~„~. Alexander, jun., manufacturer, 

™-™~ & Tytler, wool mill, Stonywood 
Hutcheon, John, boot and shoe maker 
Jaffray, Thomas, paper manufacturer, 
Waterton mills — Warehouse, 
39 Netherkirkgate, Aberdeen 

Kelman, William, officer of excise 

Large, Nevil, supervisor of excise 

Leggat, James, farmer 

Lindsay, Alexander, merchant and post- 

Jt~~~ John, grain merchant 

^^~^y Robert, vintner 

Mackie, John, builder 

M'Nee, Alexander, officer of excise 

Marr, William, wood merchant, Chapel 

Massie, Alexander, gardener 

Murray, George, merchant, Bankhead 

Petrie, Alexander, quarrier 

Philip, Alexander, Sclattie 

Rae, George, farmer, Mains of Sclattie 

Reid, James, manager (Stonywood Pa- 
per Works) 

-™..™. James, jun., clerk (Stonywood 
Paper Works) 

Ritchie, George, mason 

Sang, Mrs., Grove 

Smith, David, Bankhead 

Stevenson, John, blacksmith 

Troup, Alexander, grain merchant 

Wallace, Andrew, grocer and brewer of 
ginger and small beer 

„™„™ James, mason 

Wilson, Alexander, tailor 

Yeoman, George A., teacher 

AUCHNAGAT— Alex. S. Kennedy, Postmaster. 


schoolmaster, Cloch- 

Wm., wright, Mill of E'rick 

Balfour, Charles, merchant, Savoch 
Balfour, William, wright, Savoch 

Cassie, John, farmer, Windywalls 
Connon, Andrew, farmer, Auchnaverd 
Davidson, Wm., merchant, Clochcan 
Hetherick, John, farmer, mill of Aiich- 



Hunter, Rev. John, Savoch of Deer 
Johnston, Geo., farmer, Mains, Inkborn 
,~-»™. William, farmer, Loanhead 
M'Arthur, John, farmer, Little Anoehie 
Mackie, John, farmer, Mains, Elrick 

Mair, Rev. James, schoolmaster, Savoch 
Robertson, John, farmer, Mains, Anoehie 
Ross, John L., Esq. of Arnage 
Taylor, William, farmer, Clofrickford 

BALLATER — Donald Farquharson, Postmaster. 

Bremner, Rev. John, assistant, Parish 

Bruce, Rev. George, Glengairn 

Burgess, Rev. Hugh, Parish church 

Campbell, Rev, Donald, Free church 

Cattanach, Robert, tailor 

Clark, Miss, dressmaker 

Coutts, Donald, auctioneer 

Elmslie, James, merchant 

Farquharson, Donald, postmaster 

„™„™ James, of Invercauld 

„^ Mrs., of Monaltrie 

„w~„ Major 

Geddes, Peter, merchant 

Grant, James, Abergairn 

Gray, John, Merchant 

Leslie, William, Pananich wells 

Logan, William, watchmaker 

„_*„v^ Miss, teacher 

Mann, Rev. William, Catholic church 

Mitchell, Alexander, druggist and mes- 

Meston, Peter, merchant 

Moir, Charles, shoemaker 

Paterson, Alexander, shoemaker 

Pringle, William, baker 

«~v.~~. William, Oakwood cottage 

Reid, Dr 

Riddell, Alexander, blacksmith 

Ross, James, innkeeper 

„„„„ Jame3, wright 

„ .„ John, Balgairn 

Sheriffs, Dr. 

Smith, Rev. James, schoolmaster 

Smith and M'Kenzie, Misses, dress- 

Stewart, Dr., inspector-general of hos- 

Watson, George, kirk officer 


Duncan, William, Dee castle 
Ewen, John, Tulloch 
Fraser, Mrs., Tulloch 
Gordon, Alexander, Croft 
Grant, James, Abergairn 
Mitchell, John, Brachlie 
~-~.™» Patrick, Dorsincilly 
Paterson, Charles, Milltown 
„™„™ Lewis, Eastfield 
— , — Donald, Tulloch 
Sandison, Alexander, Tamnachish 
Stewart, William, Ballabrich 
Wilson, Charles, Kinord 

BALLINDALLOCH — James Btjrges, Postmaster. 

Asher, Rev. W., minister, Inveravon 
Burgess, John, farmer and cattle dealer, 

Cameron, John, inspector of poor, In- 
veravon, Gailine 
Chree, James, schoolmaster, Inveravon 
Dallas, Lewis, innkeeper, Dalnashanach 
Grant, Alexander, farmer, Pithaish 
„v»»~v~ Alexander, farmer and merchant, 

„„~,„~ Alexander, farmer, Balnellan 
„,~„~, Charles, inspector of poor, Crom- 

dale. Advie 
™v~~» Sir George M'Pherson, Bart., 
Ballindalloch Castle 

Grant, John, farmer, Calendar 
,^.~~. Peter, farmer, Shenval 
™v.™» Peter, farmer and cattle dealer, 

w,^, William, farmer, Belleheglash 
™~,,,-.~ William, merchant, Advie 
Gordon, Peter, schoolmaster, Advie 
Hay, Robert, distiller, Richlesick 
M'Kenzie, Wm., farmer, Achavochkie 
M' William, W., cattle dealer, Delgawon 
Robertson, W., farmer, Burnside 
Russel, William, farmer, Ayoun 
Sim, James, farmer, Kilmachlie 
Stewart, Alex., farmer, Mains of Dalvey 
~~»~~» Charles, farmer, Tomore 

BANCHORY TERNAN— James Torry, Postmaster. 

Adam, Francis, surgeon 

Blacklaw, John, merchant, Arbeadie 

Burnett, George, merchant, Feugbside 

Burnett, Sir Thomas, of Leys, Bart., 

Crathes Castle 
Duncan, John, merchant, Raemoir 



Edwards, Alexander, tailor 

Farquharsoo, Mrs,, of Finzean, Arbeadie 

Forbes, Mansfield, Woodend cottage 

Fraser, William, shoemaker 

Frost, Andrew, merchant, New Ban- 

Giant, John, innkeeper, Burnett's 

Hosea, John, tailor 

Innes, William, of Raemoir 

Leighton, James, innkeeper, Bowbutts 

M'Conachie, Rev. A., schoolmaster and 
inspector of poor, Strachan 

M'Lean, William, shoemaker 

Malcolm, John, merchant 

Mitchell, John, tailor 

Moir, John, flesher 

Ogg, Rev. C, schoolmaster, Banchory 

Paul, Alexander, merchant 

Ramsay, James, flesher 

Reid, Mrs., Douglas' Arms Inn 

Sim, William, merchant 

Skinner, Wm., schoolmaster, Kennerty 

Thorn, Alexander, surgeon 

Thomson, Alexander, innkeeper 

Torry, Alexander, watchmaker 

,„~„~, James, baker 

Williamson, John, merchant, Bridge of 


Adam, James, Nook of Crathes 
™,™, James, Woodend 
.„~™. William, Birse 
Anderson, John, Craigton 
„,~~~v Robert, Invercanny 
~^.~~. William, Newmill of Him 
„~.„v~ William, Hattenburn 
Barron, George, Pittenkerrie 
Benzies, John, Burnhead of Raemoir 
Black, Alexander, Mill of Raemoir 
Booth, William, Minklets 
Burnet, Andrew, Minklets 
„~v,„~ George, Minklets 

„-», William, Corfieldy 

Carnie, Thomas, Wester Mirebird 

Cooper, James, Drum 

Coutts, James, Mains of Blackball 

,™~~ David, wright, Mill of Raemoir 

Cutler, George, Crathes 

Davidson, John, Nook of Crathes 

„™„™ Robert, Arbeadie 

Douglas, Robert, Cairnawhin 

Edward, John, blacksmith, Mill of 

Falconer, William, Trustick 
Fyfe, Robert, Arbeadie 
Hall, Harvey, Campfield 
Hay, John, Birkenband 
-~~~~. Robert, Bohill 
Humble, William, Donelty 
Hunter, James, Mills of Drum 
,~~™~ John, New Banchory 
Hogg, James, Bridgend 
Johnston, John, Mill of Hirn 
Laing, John, Braehead 

Leighton, Jame9, Baldaroch 
Malcolm, Alex., Castle of Tilwhilly 
Masson, Alexander, Lochtown 
Menztes, Thomas, Glencommon 
Michie, Alexander, Glassel 
Middleton, Isaac, Incbmarlo 
™w~-~ James, Bollandbuch 
Miller, Mrs., Drumshaloch 
Milne, James, Kilduthia 
M'Donald, John, Cairnton 
Philip, Alexander, Mills of Crathes 
,™»„— James, Rammertack 
Ramsay, Captain, Arbeadie place 
Roger, George, Maryfield 
Robie, Francis, C. of Raemoir 
„„„„* Jobn, Woodend 
Ross, Alexander, Ley 
^^,^v» Andrew, Green of Raemoir 
„~..™. John, Brucklebog 
Skene, William, Kinnesky 
Skinner, Andrew, Burn of Bainie 

,„™ John, Kinnerty 

Smith, John, Candieshill 
Strachan, Hugh, Mirebird 1 
„~»„~» Lewis, C, Raemoir 
Taylor, George, Uppermills of Inch- 

Robert, Nook of Crathes 

„~.,~~ William, Drumfrenie 
Thorn, William, North Leys 
Thomson, James, Nook of Crathes 
Watt, James, Hirn 
Wilson, George, Mains of Glassel 
~™,~~ William, Brathins 

„™ Widow, Brathins 

Valentine, William, Craigour 



Abernetby, J. & D., Walkindale 

„^ Robert, Dalbreck 

Adam, Alexander, Tillyfundie 

„~»„~. James, Haughhead 

Bell, David, Lannachmore 

Brand, Alexander, Nether Pitdelphin 

Burnet, George, Whitestone 

^„»r~. Hugh, Cults of Strachan 

~~«„~» John, G .nncby 

Calder, John, Ardler 

Cameron, William, Gateside 

Durward, Alexander, Templeton 

~„~~ James, Cammie 

„^»«. Robert, Canon 

Emslie, Robert, Burn o' Rodie 

„^» William, Nether Pitdelphin 

Falconer, Alexander, Meikle Knock 
Fenton, James, Pitready 
Gould, James, Line of Dye 
Gibb, David, Bridge of Dye 
Gordon, Jamss, Bowbutts 
Grant, Archibald, Tillylair 
„~s.~~* George, Tillylair 
Qreig, John, Dalbreck 
Henderson, Andrew, Pitdelphin 
~<«~m William, Idleston 



Hogg, Alexander, Knockhill 
Illingworth, Alexander, Bogiodreep 
Leighton, James, innkeeper, Bowbutts 
,™v^~ John, Ardler 
Low, Archibald, Glendye 
Lyon, James, Knock 
„■,„„ William, Knock 
Mackie, Andrew, Mill of Strachan 
Mas9on, Robert, Blackness 
Middleton, Daniel, Larrachmore 
„■„„„ David, Mosscroft 
,,,,„-. George, Broomyhaugh 
„„,-,». William, Muiryhaugh 
Milne, Harry, Belblyth 
Mitchell, John, Shamphor 
M'Pherson, Hugh, Haughhead 
,„~~™ John, Dilfroe 
Rennie, George, Gateside 
~~.~~» William, Letterbegg 
Ross, Alexander, Gellan 

..,„. John, Scollie's cross 

»,«,«*« David, Doehillock 
Rust, William, Tillygownie 
Sheriffs, George, miller, Gammie 
Stevenson, James, gamekeeper, Clendye 
Tawse, William, Haugh 
Taylor, Alexander, Crofthouse 
Teviotdale, Thomas, Dalbreck 

Webster, Alexander, Cuttieshillock 
Wilson, John, Aunadale 


Aberdi i 1, James, Northbrae 
Birse, William, Balbridie 
Blacklaws, John, North Newton 
Bremner, George, Mill of Blerydrine 

. ^r^. James, Mulloch 

Christie, James, Tulloch 
Cowie, John, Balladrum 
Dewar, , schoolmaster and inspector 

of poor 
Greig, John, Ashentilly 
Hogg, Robert, Spyhill 
Leighton, Alexander, Barn9 
Malcolm, Thomas, Westboat 
Marr, Alexander, Cairnhill 
Merchant, John, Southbrae 
Milne, George, Overtown 
M'Donald, James, Denside 
Silver, Alexander, Standingslones 
Sim, William, Mill of Durris 
Smith, John, Wardend 
Watt, George, Upper Balfour 
Wright, Robert, Kirktowu 

BANFF — Alexander Smith, Postmaster. 

Adam, William, letter-carrier, 9 Bridge street 

Alexander, James, & Co., nursery and seedsmen, 13 High street 

Allan, Alexander, baker, 5 North Castle street 

„^,^« Alexander, baker and confectioner, 10 Bridge street 

,-™,™ William, shoemaker, 25 High street 

„~».v~. William, & Co., merchants, 18 and 19 Bridge street 

„™,™ Alexander, merchant, 18 and 19 Bridge street 

Anderson, Archd., mason, 29 High street 

*^.^~. John, shoemaker, 2 Old Castlegate 

^^, William, letter-carrier, 9 High street 

«^.„^» Miss, dressmaker, 9 High street 

Badenoch, George, carrier, 36 Boyndie street 

Balfour, Henry, merchant, 2 Carmelite street 

Banffshire Journal Office, 6 Boyndie street 

Bannerman, George, solicitor, 20 Low street, h. 14 Old Market place 

Barclay, William, solicitor, 30 Low street, A. 7 Old Market place 

Barlow, James, sheriff officer, 27 Boyndie street 

Bartlet, John, farmer, I Fife street 

,~~~~v. William, brewer, 17 North Castle street 

^_ Mrs., 2 Fife street 

Bairnsfather, Stenbouse, teacher, infant school, 3 Institution terrace 

Beedie, Miss, stayinaker, 30 Bridge street 

Bethune, Mrs., 4 St. Catherine street 

Booker, Francis, shipmaster (Albany), 32 North Castle street 

Birnie, William, sheriff-clerk-depute, 22 North Castle street 

Blake, Alexander, spirit dealer, 11 South Castle street 

.~~~v~ Mrs., 4 George street 

Burrowman, Alexander, tailor, 5 High street 

Boyd, John, hairdresser, 24 Low street 

Bremner, Rev. Robert, 8 High shore 

Brooks, Rev. Thomas (Wesley an), 12 High street 

Brown, James, 15 Boyndie street 

William, accountant, 11 Old Market place 


Bruce, Rev. Alexander, Episcopal Church, 23 High street 

~~~~~ George, shipmaster (Royal Consort), 32 North Castle street 

Cameron, Alexander, cabinetmaker, 10 Strait path 

Cassie, Mrs., Royal Oak Hotel, 5 Bridge street 

Christie, Henry, tobacconist, 12 Low street 

,™„™ James, solicitor, 2 High street 

Wm., upholsterer and cabinetmaker, 41 and 42 High street 

Chapman, William, broker, 18 Boyndie street 

Chalmers, Mrs., of Cluny i 29 Cluny street 

^~^~ J., & Co., 10 South Castle street 

Clark, Miss, 22 North Castle street 

Clayton, George, druggist, Low street, h. 2 Institution terrace 

,^.^^» James, baker, 40 Boyndie street 

„»~™~ John, grocer, 17 Strait path 

,™.„~. John, M.D., 2 Institution terrace 

„~,™. Mrs., lodgings, 21 Cluny street 

Collie, Thomas, shipowner, 28 High street 

,„„„™ James, shipowner, 29 High street 

™~.~~ William, shipowner, 17 Old Market place 

Colville, John, solicitor, 21 Bridge street, h. 18 Strait path 

,^™„-v» Alexander, baker and confectioner, 13 Low street 

,~~„™ Misses, dressmakers, 2 Castle lane 

Cooper, Misses, teachers, 1 Reid street 

Coutts, Peter, merchant tailor, 6 Strait path 

,^,~»«. Francis, vintner, 23 Old Market place 

William, solicitor, 5 Old Market place 

Cowie, William, merchant, 13 Carmelite street 
Cravie, John, shipmaster (Sovereign), 5 Fife street 
Crosbie, James, agent, National Bank, 16 North Castle street 
Cruickshank, George, agent North of Scotland Bank, 25 Low street 
,^~.„~» James, shoemaker, S High street 
™~~™ Miss, 23 North Castle street 

Cumming, James, shipmaster, (Strathbogie,) 2 Coldhome street 
' ,„~~~» Miss, market gardener, 16 High street 
Currie, Adam, flesher and skinner, 6 Bridge street, 
Davidson, James, printer, 35 Bridge street 
™*,~-» John, flesher, 3 and 4 Strait path 
Davies, Capt., Coast Guard, Castle 
Dawson, George, solicitor, 27 Carmelite street 
~~»~~» David, tailor, 7 Bridge street 
Deans, Joseph, tailor, 1 and 2 North Castle street 
Desson, Adam, upholsterer and cabinetmaker, 30 High street 
„™..™ Charles, architect, 24 High street 
~~v~~. Misses, bonnet and dressmakers, 24 High street 
Dick, William, shoemaker, 7 Cluny street 
Docker, Francis, shipcarpenter, 28 Cluny street 
Duff, James, baker, 15 Carmelite street 
™„™. Mrs., late of Grange, 2 Carmelite street 

„~. Mrs., 5 Strait path 

,™,~~ Misses, late of King Edward, 1 George street 

Miss Catherine, 20 High street 

Duncan, George, watchmaker, 25 Bridge street 
.™„~~ Robert, merchant, 4 Carmelite street 

~~» Mrs., 5 Strait path 

•™.„*~ Miss, straw-bonnet maker, 41 Low street 

Edwards, William, harbour master, 31 North Castle street 

Elder, George, goldsmith, 6 Low street 

Ellis, Bartlet, druggist, 35 High street, h. 2 South Castle street 

Emslie, A. L., M.D., 1 Boyndie street 

Excise Office, 31 High street 

Farquharson, Miss, 31 Low street 

Finlay, James, shipmaster, (Tom Duff,) 1 Braeheads 

Fletcher, Charles, merchant, 16 St. Catherine street 

Forbes, George, Town and Sheriff-clerk, Town-house, /(. 6 Old Castlegate 

Forsyth, John, merchant, 7 Hiph shore 

~~v.~~ Miss, straw- hat maker, 7 High shore 

Fiaser, James, founder, 6 Reid street 


Fraser, James, jua., blacksmith, 42 and 43 Bridge street 

John, clerk, 5 South Castle street 

Gardiner, George, agent, 6 Gardeners brae 
Garden, John, shoemaker, 6 Carmelite street 
Gerrard, Jame9, cartwright, 6 Sandyhill road 

_. John, cartwright, 11 Kingswell lane 

Geddes, William, house painter, 17 Boy ndie street 
Glennie, Miss, dressmaker, 4 Low street 
Gordon, William, Barjff Hotel 

W. R., Procurator-fiscal, 44 High street, h. 6 High shore 

Gossip, James, stoneware merchant, 37 High street 
Gow, James, shipmaster, (Lady Duff,) 6 Cluny street 
Grant, Rev. F. W., Free Church, South Castle street 

„^, Garden, merchant, 4 Cluny street 

William, solicitor and Justice of Peace clerk, Town -house, h. 2 Low 

^„ Mrs , of Baldornie, 30 North Castle street [shore 

Misses, of Eden, 20 High street 

Grapel & Co., merchants, 24 Carmelite street 
Grigor, Alexander, wright, 1 Sandyhill road 
Gray, Joseph, fish curer, 4 South Castle street 

^ William, candlemaker, 30 Cluny street 

~~~~~ Mrs., 3 St. Catherine street 

Harper, James, solicitor, and commissary clerk, 5 Low shore 

,vw»~~. William, market gardener, 1 Heads of Yards 

„„. Maria, merchant, 25 Carmelite street 

Hay, John, baker, 18 High street 

Henry, David, merchant, 36 do. 

,„.„~. James, architect, 16 do. 

Hilton, Miss, bonnetmaker, 7 Strait path 

Hodge, Thomas, supervisor of excise, 3 Braeheads 

Hossack, William, merchant, 24 and 25 North Castle street 

^.^. J. & A., confectioners, 3 Carmelite street, h. 10 Waterpath 

~~.«~» William, & Co., drapers, 19 Low street 

^^,^v Mrs., lodgings, 22 Fife street 

„,~„~, Miss, vintner, 6 Braeheads 

Imlach, James, bookseller, 2 Low street 

Inglis, John, tinsmith, 13 Strait path 

Ingram, Mrs., innkeeper, 3 Old Market place 

Innes, Charles, house painter, 23 Low street 

,™v,™» John, plasterer, 8 South Castle street 

„»~.v~. Mrs., 1 Castle lane 

Mrs. & Miss, 26 North Castle street 

™~,~~ Misses, of Edingight, 48 High street 

Johnston, James, turner, 4 and 5 Sandyhill road 

,™.™. James, sheriff officer, 3 Kingswell lane 

„™,v™ James, grocer, 7 High Btreet 

„~.„~v William, turner and joiner, 4 Bridge street 

Joyce, Mrs., 8 Low street 

Keith, Mrs., lodgings, 39 Bridge street 

King, Adam, tailor, 24 do. 

Laing, Gray, ironmonger, 23 do. 

Leask, Robert, bookbinder, 17 do. 

™~™~ William, merchant, 7 Old Castlegate 

Leith, Peter, tinsmith, 12, 13, and 14 Bridge street 

Leggat, James, saddler, 5 Low street 

,~~~~. Mrs., milliner, 3 do. 

Lemmon, John, clothier, 18 do. 

Lillie, Alexander, draper and clothier, 1 1 do. 

London Shipping Company's Office, Braeheads 

Longmore, James, merchant, 3 George street 

Lumsden, Mrs., lodgings, 11 Strait path 

Mrs., 15 Old Market place 

Lyon, Wiliiam, leather merchant, 28 Low street 
M 1 Arthur, George, hairdresser, 39 High street 
M'Dowal, William, rector of Academy, 21 Fife street 
M'Donald, Captain James, Lloyd's surveyor, 26 Cluny street 
M'Ewen, Andrew, agent, Commercial Bank, 13 High shore 



M'Ewen, Mrs., 1 Castle lane 

M'Culloch, John, slater, 11 St. Catherine street 

M'Gregor, Mrs., 31 Low street 

M'Hattie, John, market gardener, Old Market place 

~~~ Mis«, dressmaker, 6 Old Market place 

M'Intosh, Andrew, merchant, 3 Reid street 
M'Kay, Alexander, distiller, 18 Sandyhill road 
™,„™ George, teacher of drawing, 1 High street 

_ James, grocer, 40 and 41 Bridge street 

^~, Mrs., teacher of music, 1 High street 

Miss, grocer, 7 Boyndie street 

M'Kenzie, J. W., solicitor, 3 Low shore 

-™„„ John, vintner, 4 High shore 

M'Laggan, Hay, shipmaster (Rose), 15 High shore 

M'Laren, Alexander, accountant, Commercial Bank, 5 St. Catherine street 

M'Lennan, John, dyer, 22 Old Marketplace 

M'Petrie, Alexander, superintendent of police, 29 Low street 

Mann, James, shoemaker, 36 Bridge street 

„,~.~~ John, boot and shoemaker, 22 Bridge street 

Mark, Miss, dressmaker, 30 Bridge street 

Marsden, William, merchant, 3 North Castle street 

Merson, John, gardener, 10 Carmelite street 

Miller, James, comptroller of customs, 9 North Castle street 

Milne, Henry, M.D., 8 Old Market place 

,™ Mrs., register office for servants, 27 Bridge street 

Misses, boarding school, 16 Bridge street 

Mathieson. John, vintner, 18 Carmelite street 
Mitchell, John, baker, 8 North Castle street 
Moir, Stratton, house painter, 9 Low street 
„~.„~. Miss, bonnet maker, 3 Back path 
Morrison, Andrew, clothier, 27 Low street 

John, turner, 27 High street 

,™. John, shipmaster (Henrietta), 2 Braeheads 

„~ Miss, merchant, 45 High street 

„„.„„. John, 12 Carmelite street 

Mortimer, Alexander, tailor, 26 Boyndie street ' 

,™.™~ Edward, solicitor, 17 Low street 

Moyes, Andrew, shoemaker, 38 Boyndie street 

Monro, Henry, ropemaker, 16 Cluny street 

Murker, Rev. John, Congregational Chapel, 12 North Castle street 

National Bank Office, 44 High street 

Nicol, James, collector of customs, 6 Fife street 

Nisbet, R. C, merchant, 3 and 4 Old Castlegate 

„~.~~ & Co., merchants, 3 Boyndie street 

Nicol, John, grocer, 14 and 15 High street 

Ord, James, merchant, 4 Low shore 

Paton, William D., horse shoer, 8 Bridge street 

„»~~~» Andrew, smith, 8 Reid street 

Paterson, James, merchant, 19 Fife street 

,~~ John, printer, 13 North Castle street 

Paul, James, shipmaster (Alexander), 22 Clnny street 

Petrie, George, solicitor, Water path 

Philip, Richard, tailor, 9 Strait path 

Post Office, 1 Carmelite Btreet 

Pringle, JohD, sheriff-substitute, 1 Strait path 

Rae, Alexander, druggist, 31 Bridge street 

Raeburn, George, auctioneer, 19 Boyndie street 

, — „~- William, seedsman and grocer, 28 High street 

Ramsay, Adam, cabinetmaker, 16 Strait path 

Reid, Alexander, wright, 7 Braeheads 

»^~ James, saddler, 28 Bridge street 

Rhind, John, mason, 14 Fife street 

Richardson, Thomas H., 1 and 2 Back path 

Riddoch, Miss, teacher, 5 Back path 

Robertson, Mrs., vintner, 28 North Castle street 

™~,~~ Mrs., vintner, 8 Water path 

Mrs. William, 19 Sandyhill road 


Robinson, John J., merchant, 1 St. Catherine street 

Misses, 43 High street 

Rose, James, excise officer, 5 Gardener's brae 

James, solicitor, 1 1 Bridge street, h. 2 High shore 

John, M.D., 2 High shore 

Ross, Hugh, plasterer, 37 Boyndie street 

, Mrs., innkeeper, 3 Sandyhill road 

Roy, Mrs., vintner, 18 North Castle street 

,™. Mrs., teacher, 9 High street 

Russell & Paterson, printers (Advertiser Office), 17 Low street 
Sangster, Francis G., agent (Aberdeen Bank), 15 Low street 
ScoU, John, baker, 19 Old Market place 

William, meichant, 1, 2, and 3, Bridge street 

Sbackleton, Mrs., 1 High shore 

Shearer, George, tailor, 34 High street 

Shepherd, Robert, coppersmith, 11 High street 

Sherriffs, Abercromby, boot and shoe maker, 19 High street 

Shier, Thomas, bookseller, 22 Low street 

Smart, David, corn merchant, 32 Bridge street 

Sim, James, mason, 5 Cluny street 

.„»„«. Mrs., 8 Low street 

,^. Miss, milliner, 26 Bridge street 

Simpson, James, grocer, 40 High street 

Alexander, merchant, 10 North Castle street 

John, market gardener, 16 High street 

^^. William, shipmaster (London), Braeheads 

„„_ William, grocer, 11 Sandyhill road 

William, jeweller, 52 High street 

„„„ Mrs., lodgings, 52 High street 

Mrs., lodgiogs, 18 Strait path 

Smith, Alexander, postmaster, 8 Carmelite street 

,~~»,™. Alexander, teacher (Pirie's School), 8 Cluny street 

~*k~~™ Alexander, watchmaker, 16 Low street 

»~~™~ Daniel, sen., shipmaster (Confidence), 14 Cluny street 

„,~~~, Daniel, jun., shipmaster (Reliance) 14 Cluny street 

„~„„- James town chamberlain and inspector of poor, Town House, house, 
8 Gardener's brae 

,™».,~~ George C, land surveyor, 38 High street 

„~»~~. George, grocer, 33 and 34 Bridge street 

^^. John, solicitor, 1 Low street 

™-,™» John, merchant, 1 Water lane 

„™. William, broker, 22 Carmelite street 

»™„~~ William, bookseller, 21 High street 

Souter, Alexander, stamp and tax office, 49 High street 

~™-~~ Mrs., 4 and 5 Boyndie street 

Stevenson, William, wright, 21 High shore 

Stewart, Mrs., lodgings, 12 Sandyhill road 

Strachan, John, corn merchant, 17 Low street 

„»»« Peter, provision merchant, 17 High street 

,,„„™ William, merchant, 9 South Castle street 

Stuart, Charles, grocer, 2J Bridge street 

Symon, William, messenger-at-arms, 36 High street 

Taylor, James, weaver, 2 Sandyhill road 

Tennant, William, market gardener, 3 Gallowhill street 

Third, James, merchant, 12 High shore 

Thomson, William, merchant, 20 Carmelite street 

Tough, John, innkeeper and grocer, 37 and 3S Bridge street 

Turing, Miss, 17 High shore 

Watson, Alexander, gas manager, 20 Boyndie street 

™~„-~ John, ironmonger, 26 Low street 

„ ..w-s. William, shoemaker, 1 Cluny street 

, m „,~ William, shoemaker, 14 North Castle street 

„™ William, blacksmith, 32 Boyndie street 

,™* Miss, dressmaker, 32 High street 

Watt, James, shipmaster ( Boyn), 23 Clunv street 

I ~~.~~ John, 1 Institution terrace 

Wemyss, David, meichant, 6 North Castle street 



Wbyte, William, M.D., 3 High street 

Williamson, Alexander, market gardener, 3 Gallowhill street 

r~~™~ Miss, boarding school, I Old Castlegate 

Wilson, Mrs., 10 Low street 

Winchester, William, hairdresser, 15 Strait path 

Wood, James, manager, Banff and London Shipping Company, 6 St. Ca- 

. William, merchant, 32 High shore [therine street 

Woodham, Lieut., coastguard, 11 North Castle street 
Wright, Miss Jane, shoe shop, 29 Bridge street 
nw,^, Thomas, merchant, 32 Low street 


Allan, William, farmer, Culbuchly 

Cassie, Rev. Francis, Ord 

Fife, Right Hon. the Earl of, K. T., Duff House 

Garden, Alexander, merchant, Boghead, Ord 

Hall, Thomas, farmer, Todholes 

Hosie, James, Locbagan 

Kinnaird, George, Culbirnie 

Ledingham, George, farmer, Inchdrewer 

MCulloch, Alex., Fishkeidly 

Milne, Alexander, farmer, Blairshinnoch 

Mitchell, Miss, farmer, Sandyhills 

Monro, Alexander, Cairns of Ord 

Reid, Alexander, farmer, Boghead, Ord 

„~, m ™ Miss, farmer, Colleonard 

Smith, Charles, farmer, Poddocklaw 

,™*..w«. James, Blackhill 

Souter, Rev. John, Parish Schoolmaster 

Stevenson, Alexander, farmer, Inchdrewer 

~~~^~ James, Oldtown of Ord 

,~~™« William, Easter Culbuchly 

Taylor, George, Wardend 

Watt, Charles, Whiteoutie * 



Andrew, William, coal merchant 
Chalmers, David, baker 
Cruioksbank, J., druggist 
Ingram, John, merchant 
Kennedy, John, fishcurer 
M Galium, Francis, fishcurer 
-~~.„~ William, merchant 
Massie, James, baker 
Nicolson, James, schoolmaster 
Ross, Thomas, merchant 
Stephen, William, boatbuilder 
Todd, James, merchant 



Adamson, James, fishcurer 
— ,™~ John, fishcurer 
Downie, George, innkeeper 
Lovie, Jane, innkeeper 
Murray, Alexander, fishcurer 
«™»«, James, clerk, Brick and 

Smith, Thomas, teacher 


Trail, Rev. Robert, Free Church 
Watson, John, boatbuilder 
~™~~» Henry, wright 
~~,™ Ann, innkeeper 



Massie, James, fishcurer, Pennau Lodge 

Massie, John, merchant 

Mellis, James, farmer 

Watt, William, shipowner 

West, Alexander, merchant 

,~-*. — . Charles, innkeeper 

„~„~. James, carpenter 


Clark, James, millwright, Keelhill 
Cumming, M. M., Veterinary surgeon, 

Dockar, Wm., farmer, Gelliehill 
Duff, James Grant, of Eden 
Duncan, John, shoemaker, Keelhill 
Duucan, Robert, Mains, Aiountcoffer 
Gray, Alexander, merchant, Keelhill 
M'Kenzie, Wm.', blacksmith. Keelhill 



Scott, James, Bogside 
Storar, Andrew, Mountcoffer 
Walker, John, Linganbo 
Webster, Mrs., farmer, Kirkside 


Alexander, Alexander, Silverford 

,„,*.„~ John, Draidland 

Anderson, Alexander, farmer, Avalds 

^vs.«— William, farmer, Cotwalls 

,~.-~~~ Francis, Haddoleys 

Andrew, George, millwright, Burnside 

Badenoch, John, Easter Mountbletton 

Bartlet, Alexander, Afforsk 

Bruce, John, Logie 

„™,~~ John, Cushnie 

Campbell, Duncan, Mountbletton 

,™„™ F. Garden, of Troup and Glen- 

Cruickshank, Geo., blacksmith, Pitgair 
„„~™~ John, farmer, Garden of Gar- 

Carle, Charles, Dub3ton 
Chivas, James, Northfield 
Cowie, James, Silverford 
Dalgarno, Alexander, Mill of Minnonie 
Fordyce, John, Whitehill 
Fowlie, Wtlliam, farmer, Upper Mill 
Gardiner, Alexander, jr. of Greenscaira 
Geddes, William, schoolmaster 
Gerrard, James, surgeon, Stonewall 
Gerard, George, farmer, Lichnet 
Henderson, David, Bands of Mount 

Howatt, Mrs., farmer, Cushnie 
Inglis, William, farmer, Upperbrae' 
Ingram, Alexander, farmer, Easterbo 
„~»~™ John, merchant, Dubford 
„™„»~ Wm., farmer, Dorfash 
Innes, Alexander, shoemaker, Findon 
Kidd, William, farmer, Northfield 
Kilob, James, Cushnie 
Legge, George, Outseat 
Mellis, Alexander, Crovie 
Metcalfe, John, veterinary surgeon, 

Milne, Alexander, Whitehill 
„^»^™ Rev. James, minister of Macduff, 

Mortimer, John, Draidland 
M'Donald, Wm., merchant, Draidland 
Murdoch, Alexander, Birkenbaud 
Murray, William, farmer, Cushnie 
Panton, George, Jackston 
Paterson, George, Hungryhills 
^~.„~* Thomas, Outseat 
Pirie, George, farmer, Mains of Draid- 
Rankin, Francis, shoemaker, Logie 
„.„„— James, Middleton of Troup 
Ritchie, George, millwright, Melrose 
Sangster, Charles, farmer, Pitgair 
„„.„„. James, farmer, Minnonie 
Scott, James, Denmill 
Scroggie, Jame*, merchant, Bo 

Sim William, farmer, Tillybo 

Smart, William, Kuowhead 

„-„„~- William, farmer, Westertown 

Smith, George, blacksmith, Logie 

Strachan, James, farmer, Findon 

„~.~~. Peter, Knowbead 

Walker, Robert, Mountbletton 

Watt, Alexander, Clinterty, inspector of 

„™„~* Alexander, Clinterty 
~~»~«~ William, surgeon, Garden of 

Wernham, William, factor, Troup 
Will, Alexander, wright, Netherhills 
Wilson, Ebenezer, Dorfash 
~~»~~» Alexander, miller, Geliymill 
„v»..w~ James, Pitgair 
„„-.~~ Rev. Thomas, minister of 

Wood, James, Cairnandrew 
rr ^ m ^ James, farmer, Stonehouse 
~~~~ William, Protstown 


Chalmers, George, Mosstown 
Christie, John, Bagra 
Clark, James, Redhill 
Cock, Walter, Dubbytown 
Collie, John, Little Blacktown 
Cowie, Milne, farmer, North Sandlaw 
Duff, Archd., forester, Bridge of Alvuh 
Duncan, Robert, Amibinbadie 
Grant, George, Waulkmill 
Greig, Alexander, South Sandlaw 
Hay, Alexander, Mill of Rosieburn 
~.~~~ Peter, farmer, Itlaw 
Hutcheon, James, Firfolds 
Jamieson, William, Mains of Rosieburn 
Kiloh, James, Blacktown 

M'Gillivray, William, Fuukieston 
M'Robert, John, Stroth of Brydock 
Martin, John, Nether Inverichney 
Massie, William, Mill of Ryland 

Morgan, James, Fattiehead 

Morrison, William, Newton of Mount- 

Murray, George, merchant, Manerlee 

Neish, John, Wanford 

Reid, John, Wanford 

„-„,«,~. Peter, Ryland 

Robson, Alexander, Burntbrae 

Runcie, Francis, Greenlaw 

Skinner, John, Kirkton 

Slesser, Alexander, teacher, inspector of 
poor, Hill of Ryland 

Simpson, George, Burreldales 

Smith, George, Hungryhill 

„„, Mr?., Rackmill 

Tod, Rev. Andrew, Parish church 

„„„„ Allan, farmer, Tipperty 

Watt, George, farmer, Stoneyley 

Wilson, Alex., farmer, Mill of Alvah 

~~.«.~, Rev. Andrew, Palish school 

r ^ rr , m ^, James, Kemplemire 




Anderson, James, merchant, Raggal 
Bremner, James, Mill of Rettie 
Brodie, Walter, farmer, Warielip 
Brown, George, farmer, Raggal 
Dawson, Allan, Nether Dallachy 
Fraser, Alex., blacksmith, Blairmaud 
—. „„. John, Stakeness 
Gran', Rev. L. W., Parish church 
Gray, James, blacksmith, Boyne 
Hepburn, George, schoolmaster and in- 
spector of poor 
Longmore, Andrew, farmer, Rettie 

Marshal, Alex., wright, Boarstone 

M'Ewen, John, Auds 

Milne, John, farmer, Mill of Boyndie 

Morrison, Jas., farmer. Wester Whinty 

,™,,™ John, farmer, Easter Whanty 

~~».~~ John, farmer, Loanhead 

Murray, Charles, Old Manse 

Napier, Robert, Warielip 

Ogilvie, George, farmer, Bankhead 

Shand, George, Ordens 

Smith, Alexander, farmer, Blairmaud 

Walker, Messrs., manufacturers, Bovne 

Watt, George, farmer. Blairmaud 

Wood, John, farmer, B.ildavie 

BLACKBURN. — William Smith, Postmaster. 

Christison, David, merchant 
„,~„.~ David, shoemaker 
Elrick, John, auctioneer 
Philip, George, wright 
Scott, John, tailor 
Smith, William, shoemaker 
Strachan, William, innkeeper 
Taylor, Alexander, merchant 


Clark, John, blacksmith, Clinterty 
Reith, Andrew, farmer, Meikle Clinterty 
Smith, Alex., farmer, Bishopston 
White, Alexander, farmer, Little Clin- 


Farquhar, Alexander, farmer, Caskieben 
Harvey, William, of Beadlieston 
Henderson, Alexander, M.D., of Cas- 
Humphrey, John, of Pitinedden 
Williamson, John, farmer, Standing 
Robert, farmer, Bendaugh 


Clark, William, Woodhill cottage 
Ewing, Alexander, M.D., of Tartowie 
Fiddes, Rev. Robert, Parish church 
Gray, John, blacksmith, Glasgow forest 
Lumsden, William, Glasgowego 
M'Donald, Rev. John, Free Church 
Mackie, James, teacher, Free Church 
Jefferies, Captain, Woodburn cottage 
Johnston, James, Glasgowego cottage 
Shand, James, wright, Glasgow forest 
Smith, George, schoolmaster and in- 
spector of poor 

Straith, William, corn merchant, Glas- 


Abel, John, Tartowie 
Buchan, George, Barkhill 
Burnet, John, Mains of Glasgowego 
Campbell, Silvester, Kirktown 
Cochrane, James, Glasgow forest 
Innes, John, Woggle 
Still, Alexander, Strathray 
~-~~™ James, Blackchambers 
Ronaldson, Charles, Auchronie 
Wishaut, Thomas, Cairntradlin 


Forbes, the Hon. Lady, Fintray house 
Cumming, John, merchant, Hatton 
Gerard, George, blacksmith, Hatton 
Gordon, Robert, shoemaker, Hatton 
Leslie, Rev John, Parish church 
Milne, David, schoolmaster and inspec- 
tor of poor 
Mackie, Peter, wright, Hatton 
Prosser, Robert, innkeeper, Hatton 
Robb, William, wright,. Hattou 
Strachan, George, Newmill 


Cumming, Alexander, Tilliekerrie 
Moir, George L , Boat of Hatton 
Petrie, James, Mill of Fintray 
Walker, David, Suttie 
Webster, George, Newlands 


Leith, William, miller, Birsack 
Milne, John, farmer, Concraig 



BLACKHILLOCK George Kelman, Postmaster. 

Allan, James farmer and cattle dealer, 

Birnie, Wm„ farmer and cattle dealer, 

Bremner, Alexander, Craighead 
Clark, John, schoolmaster and inspec- 
tor of poor 
Forbes, Rev. Lewis Wm., Boharm 
Fraser, John, farmer, Auchorisk 
Juck, Alexander, farmer, Belnabreck 

Keir, Alexander, Mill, Tauchera 
Kelman, George, provision merchant 

and innkeeper 
Milne, John, contractor, Bodenfinnoch 
Paterson, Alexander, farmer, Mulbain 
Rutherford, Wm., merchant, Craighead 
Stuart, Andrew, of Auchlunkart 
Taylor, Alexander, farmer, Maryhill 
Thomson, William, Mills of Mulbain 
Watt, John, merchant, Rosary Bridge 

BRAEMAR, — John Emslie, Postmaster. 

Abercromby, Alexander, farmer, Col- 

J „„„„, .Tas., farmer. Allanrnore 
Clark, George, Innkeeper, Castletown 
Cumming, Charles, factor, Allanaquoich 
Gruer, James, farmer 
„^„_» John, farmer, Strone 
,^.„»~ William, farmer 
Haynes, Hotcbkin, M.D., Castletown 
Low, Thomas, innkeeper, Auchindryne 

Mitchell, Rev. Henry, Parish Church 
M'D.mald, Rev. Angus, Catholic 
M'Giegor, Alexander, farmer, Auchal- 

M'Laggan, Peter, factor, Invercauld 
M'Rae'Rev. Francis, Free Church 
M' Queen, William, Free School 
Smith, Robert, Parish School * 
Stewart, Charles, wright 

BUCKIE. — John Reid, Postmaster. 

Addison, John, schoolmaster, Rathven 
Barclay, Rev. Charles, Free Church, 

Bremner, Alex., inspector of poor 
Carmichael, D , surgeon 
Christie, Rev. W., Episcopal Church 
Gardiner, Rev. James, Parish Church, 

Gordon, Adam, of Cairnfield 

„^. Sir William, of Letterfourie 

Green, Alexander, schoolmaster 
Kyle, Right Rev. James, D.D., Pres- 

M'Gilvray, Angus, schoolmaster, Enzie 
Milne, John, surgeon 
Shanks, Rev. Robert, Free Church 
Stewart, Misses, of Tanachy 
Wilson, Rev. James, Quoad Sacra 
Church, Enzie 


Badenoch, Alexander, Portgordon 
Bruce, William, sen. 
„^.™~ William, jun., Buckie 
Calder, Alexander 
Coull, George, Rathven 
Davidson, James 

r~~ John, banker 

Duncan, William 
Esson, John 

Fraser, James, Portgordon 
M-Donald, William 

Simpson, Alexander, Holl 

Smith, George 

„—.._» James, fishcurer, Portgordon 

Robb, Alexander, druggist 

Thompson. William 

Wilson, William 


Adam Walter, Ranne3 
Bennet, Alexander, Hillocks 

„ pm ^. Alexander, Easter Boggs 

„„~™ James, Barhill 
„~.~~~ John, Mains of Buckie 
„™„„.. John, Blaemoor 
Cattanach, Shaw, Bogend 
Clark, George, WhiteBeld 
Copland, William, Brankumleys 
Coull, William, Rathven 
Davidson, George, Puttingbrae 
Dawson, Alexander, Greencraig 
Forbes, James, Thorneyhank 
Fraser, James, Rothomie 
Garden, John, Ranachy 
Gordon, A. & J,, Glassturum 
™~~~. James, Tarwathie 
Hector, William, Hilltown 
Hepburn, Alexander, Hills 
Hossack, John, Farnighty 
Innes, Mrs., Loanhead 
Milne, George, Cleanhill 
Mitchell John, Greenbank 
Paterson, John, Bearmoor 



Petrie, Charles, Fiadochty 
Reid, James, Connage 
„™„„.- William, Newtonhill 
,™,„^. Mrs., Muir)'crook 
Robertson, Alexander, Leicheston 
,™v«w David, Broom 
„*„,^» James, Birkiobush 
„~» William, Cuttlebrae 

RobertsoD, William, Walkerdala 
SimpsoD, Alexander, Mills of Rathven 
„™-„~ John, Lynhouse 
Smith, Alexander, Core 
™»„»„ John, Boggs 
Steinson, Alexander, Carnoch 
Strachan, James, Slackend 
Weir, Peter, Buckie 

CLUNY.— Miss Martin, Postmistress. 

Begg, Alexander, teacher, Free Church 
Booth, William, innkeeper, Leggerdale 
Copland, P. & U., merchants, millers, 
Craigie, Mrs. Wm. B, of Linton [&c. 
Davidson, William, of Kebbaty 
Duff, Mrs., of Corsinday 
Forbes, Rev. Jame9, Free Church 
.,~.„~. Mrs., innkeeper, Midmar 
Fowler, James & John, merchants, &c. 
Fraser, Col. Charles, of Castle Fraser 
, Rev. John, Parish Church 

Gordon, Colonel John, of Cluny 
Gray, James, M.D., Midmar 
Hay, Rev. Jas. S., Free Church, Bank- 
Leys, Wm., merchant, Midmar [head 
Mitchell, Robert, M.D. 
Mortimer, George, schoolmaster and 

inspector of poor, Midmar 
Patersoo, Rev. Robr., Secession Church, 
Scott, David, of Achath [Midmar 

Thomson, Rev. Geo., Parish School 
Walker, Alexander, merchant, Midmar 

CORTES.— William Farquu^r, Postmaster. 

Cobban, Rev. Alexander, Free Church 
Cock, Rev. William, Parish Church 
Gray, William, millwright, Quarryhead 
Park, William, merchant 
Simpson, James, farmer 
Strachan, Miss, of Cortes 
Watt, John, schoolmaster 


Anderson, Robert, Bankhead 
Birnie, William, Newmill 
Bisset, William, Greenhill 
Cruickshank, James, Ardmakern 
,~-»,~~ George, Nether Cortes 
Farquhar, William, Whitecairn 
Gardner, James, overseer, Mormond 
Greig, James, Whiteside [house 

Lawrence, Alexander, Gowenfold 
Lee, Mrs., Rathen 
Keith, Misses, Claystiles 
Ligertwood, Andrew, Middletack 
Logie, Forsyth, Mains of Forest 
M'Kay, John, Mosside 
Morgan, William, Cairness 
Park, John, Tophead 
„„,„~ William, Strathellie 
Robertson, George, Invernorth 
Robb, James, Ferniebrae 
Penny, James, Hallmnss 

. ™ John, Inverallochy 

Shand, Robert, Mill of Rathen 
Watt, Duncan, Cairnbulg 


Bannerman, Sir Charles, Bart, of Cri- 

Gibbon, Rev. Charles, Parish Church 
Greig, Thomas, cattwright, Cairness 
Hagar, Rev. George, Episcopal Church 
Morrice, Alex., merchant, Corskellie 
Park, James, merchant, Cairness 
Park, Lewis, cartwright, Craigellie 
Rennie, Charles, blacksmith, Corskellie 
Reid, Charles, wright, Cairness 
Robertson, George, schoolmaster 
Sheriffs, J. Lumsden, of Knowsie, &c. 
Simpson, Charles, overseer, Crim'onmo- 

Willox, Wm., merchant, Park 

Anderson, Robert, Quarryhead 

~. Robert, Craigellie 

Brebner, James, Lums 
Craighead, John, Cairnlob 
Clark, James, Mill, Crimonmogate 
Gall, Alexander, Park 
Gibson, James, Blackhill 
Gow, Alexander, Blairmormond 
,~~~~» Alexander, Mosstown 
Jaffray, Andrew, Dartfield 
„„,„,„ James, Craigellie 
Keith, William, Tykesnook 
Lawrence, George, Tykesnook 
Marr, Thomas, Nethertown 
Milne, James, Mill, Craigellie 
„™™» Joseph, Boatlay, Cairness 
Moodie, Alexander, Tillidkera 
Milne, George, Overtown 
Robertson, Andrew, Cairnglass 
Shand, William, of Craigellie 
Smith, John, Cairnglass 



CORNHILL — George Clark, Postmaster. 

Anderson, Alexander, farmer, Claymires 
Allan, John,*farmer, Oldtown 
Brander, William, merchant, Brodiesord 
Clark, George, merchant, post-office 
Cruickshank, William, schoolmaster and 

inspector of poor 
Dawson, John, farmer, Overtown 
Duncan, John, farmer, Grlenforkie 
Gordon, Col. Thomas, of Park 
Grant, Captain William, of Glenbarry 

Murray, Alexander, farmer, Muckleton 
Ogilvie, George, merchant, Glenbarry 
Reid, Alexander, farmer, Boghead 
Smith, Alex., farmer, Nether Blairmaud 
•~~~~» James, merchant 
Spencer, Rev. Alex., Free church 
Steinson, James, farmei, Muirake 
Walker, Rev. Henry, Manse, Ordiquhill 
Walt, George, farmer, Blairmaud 
Weir, Lieut. A., Auchanland 

CRATH1E — Charles Thomson, Postmaster. 

Anderson, Rev. Arch , Parish church 

Bow, Miss E., teacher 

Parquharson, Alexander, Lochnagar 

Gordon, M. F., of Abergeldie 
<_,~~ Sir Robert, Bart., of Balmoral 
M'Farlane, Rev. James R., Parish 

Munro, James, teacher, Aberarder 

„™,„~ Mrs., teacher, Aberarder 
Robertson, Mrs., teacher, Belnacroft 
Thomson, Cbarles, postmaster 


Edinonston, Charles, Lochnalair 
Farquharson, Joseph, Cratliie bridge 
Mitchell, William, Cairnaquhine 
Symon, John, Balmoral cottage 

CRUDEN — David Anderson, Postmaster. 


Erroll, the Right Hon. Earl of, Slains 

Erskine, Alexander, Longhaven 
Fiddler, William, Stonehousehill 
Gamble, James, Ardiffery 
Gordon, Charles, Aucbleuchries 
Johnston, James, Moreseat 
Philip, Alexander, Yondertown 
Shepherd, James, of Aldie 
Yeats, George, Aucharnie 


Ross, Rev. Robert, Manse 
Pratt, D. J. B , St. James's 
Brown, Dr. George, Free Church 


Dawson, Robert, schoolmaster, inspector 

of the poor 
Greig, David, Erroll Schools 
Thorn, William, Free Schools 


Forbes, Duncan, Chapelhill 

Logan, Alexander, Middlehill 
Wilkin, James, Aucharnie 


Bruce, Alexander, Ardiffery 
Cantlay, Alexander, Upper Mill 
Daniel, Robert, Sandend 
Davidson, Alexander, Gask 
Donaldson, Thomas, Slains Garden 
Edwards, David, Hayfarm 
Forrest, Alexander, Auchiries 
Gibson, John, Braebead 
Gray, Alexander, Tillymaud 
Johnston, Andrew, Greenhill 
Lendrum, George, Pathhead 
Logan, Hay, Mid Mill 
Milne, William, Oldtown 
Murray, Alexander, Nethermill 
Paul, George, Longhaven 
Philip, Robert, Braca 
Sangster, Alexander, Sandend 
Shephard, Alexander, Ardlethen 
„~, m „, Thomas, Hatton 
Snell, Alexander, Bridgend 
Will, Dr., Ashallow 
Young, Alexander, Colliehill 



CULLEN — Alexander Anderson, Postmaster. 

Allan, John, merchant, Seafield street 
Allan, James, baker, Grant street 
Anderson, Alex., merchant, Seafield St. 
Anderson, Wm., merchant, Grant street 
Brodie, Miss, boarding school, Grant st. 
Coul), Ales., contractor, Lower Castle 

dimming, Wm., contractor, Lower Cas- 
tle street 
Davidson, Alex., shoemaker, Grant st. 
Davidson, Jas., shoemaker, Seafield st. 
Davidson, Juhn, vintner, Grant street 
Desson, Alex., slater, Upper Castle st. 
Duffus, John, cabinetmaker, Seafield st. 
Duffus, John, sen., house carpenter, 

Deskford street 
Duffus Wm., house carpenter, Upper 

Castle street 
Dunbar, Jas. G., merchant, Seafield st. 
Duncan, Capt. Thos., R.N , Grant st. 
Forbes, Thos., blacksmith, Seafield st. 
Geddes, Mrs., Upper Castle street 
Grant, Francis, merchant, Seafield st. 
Grant, Frederick, tailor, &c, Grant st. 
Grant, George, solicitor, Seafield street 
Grant, James, cattle dealer and wood 

merchant, Seafield street 
Grant, Robert, merchant, Square 
Harvey, James, joiujr, Seafield street 
Henderson, Rev. George, Established 

minister, Seafield street 
Joyner, Wm., painter, Upper Castle st. 
Kemp, Wm., east side of Seafield street 
Lawrence, John, merchant, Seafield st. 
Morrison, Donald, wood merchant, Sea- 
field street 
Morrison, James, wood merchant, Sea- 
field street 
Munro, John R., surgeon, Seafield st. 
Murdoch, Alex , tailor, Seafield street 
M'Gillivray, Wm., fle»her, Seafield st. 
M'Kay, Rev. John, Free Church minis- 
ter, Seafield street 
M'Intosh, Donald, butler, Grant street 
Ogilvie, James, cartwright, Seafield st. 
Oughton, Mis's Upper Castle street 
Piper, Rev. C., Independent minister, 

Seafield street 
Piiie, Joho, saddler, Seafield street 
Robertson, Wm., house carpenter, Sea- 
field street 
Ross, James, boat builder, Seafield st. 
Ross, Joho, ship builder, do. 

Runcie, James, shipowner, Seafield st. 
Sim, James, cartwright, Seafield street 
Sim, Wm., contractor, Upper Castle st. 
Simpson, Alexander, Seafield street 
Sinclair, Jas., shipowner,&c, Seafield st. 
Sinclair, John, shipbuilder, Seafield st. 
Sharp, Hugh, suigeon, Seafield street 
Skakel, Alex., tailor, Seafield 9treet 
Smith, William, mason, Seafield street 
Smith, Wm., merchant, Grant street 

Sutherland, Wm., fishery officer, Grant 

Taylor, Wm. L., agent, Aberdeen Bank, 
Grant street 

Thomson, Jas., shipowner, Seafield st. 

Watson, Douglas, innkeeper, Seafield st. 

Watson, George, do. do. 

Wilson, Jas,, coppersmith, Grant street 

Wilson, Wm., blacksmith, Seafield St. 

Wright, Alex., blacksmith, Seafield st. 

Wrigley, James, house carpenter, Sea- 
field street 

Young, Alex., clerk, Grant street 

Young, James, teacher, and inspector for 
poor, Seafield street 


Bagrie, , blacksmith 

Bidie, William, farmer, Backies 
Black, James, farmer, Ardoch 
Clark, Alex., farmer, Midskeith 
Duncan, George, farmer, Kirktown 
Forbes, James, farmer, Raemoir 
Gairn, Alex., farmer, Inaltrie 
Grant, Francis Wm., schoolmaster, 

Inne9, Rev. Geo., Free Church, Deskford 
Lawtie, James, farmer, Towie 
Lawtie, John, do. do. 
Loiimer, Peter, merchant, Kirktown 
MitchelH James, farmer, Burnhead 
Morrison, George, farmer, Milltown 
Murray, George, farmer, Mos9-side 
M'Hattie, John, teacher, Kirk' own 
M'Intosh, Rev. Jas., manse, Deskford 
M' Willie, John, farmer, Longlandburn 
Peterkin, James, farmer, IN ether Blairock 
Reid, John, shoemaker, Squaredoch 
Riddoch, William, farmer, Cairslown 
Sim, William, farmer, Croftgloy 
Smith, Alex., farmer, Burns 
Smith, David, farmer, Cluny 
Smith, James, farmer, Blairock 
Watt, John, farmer, Ordens 
Wright, James, farmer, Clochmacriech 


Adam, Alexander, farmer, Brankanen- 

Addison, Joseph, fish curer, Portknockie 
Bennet, James, grieve 
Blair, James, excise officer 
Brown, James, farmer, Cruets 
Duff, John, crofter, Portknockie 
Duff, John, Cruets 
Fraser, Alexander, Cullen house 
Fraser, John, Cullen bouse 
Gordon, Miss, of Avochie, Loggie 
Gray, James, farmer, Birkenbog 



Lawrance, James, clerk 
Marquis, Alexander, farmer, Farskin 
Mortimer, Alex., Mills of Cullen 
Muiray, John, excise officer 
M'Kenzie, William, sheriff-officer 
Petiie, John, gardener, Cullen gardens 
Raonie, Thomas, farmer, Shiralds and 

Ritchie, James, shoemaker, Lintmill 

Ross, John, sheriff-officer 
Taylor, James, grieve, Barnyards 
Taylor, John, farmer, Brunton 
Seafield, The Earl of, Cullen house 
Stevenson, Wm , crofter, Portknockie 
Wilson, Alexander, farmer, Kilnhillock 
Wright, James, farmer, Sandend 
Wilson, John, farmer, Tochineal 

CUMINESTOWN— William Taylor, Postmaster. 

Alexander, James, Honey nook • 

Angus, John, merchant, Cuminestown 
Bow, Alexander, merchant, Garmond 
Bruce, William, M.D., Cuminestown 
Cheyne, Alexander, schoolmaster, Mon- 

quhitter, and inspector of poor 
Donaldson, James, brewer, Cuminestown 
Duncan, JohD, miller, Mill of Pott 
._,„~ Thos., blacksmith, Cuminestown 
™„,~ William, baker, Cuminestown 
Fowlie, John, merchant, Maryhill 
Gordon, Rev. Hugh, Free Church, Mou- 

-~~~w» James, shoemaker, Cuminestown 
Hepburn, Alexander, Parkhill, Greens 
Imlacb, James, innkeeper, Cuminestown 
Lamb, John, wrighf, Cuminestown 
Leitb, Alexander, Millfield 
Lumsden, James, of Auchry 
M'Gregor, John, merchant, Garmond 
M'Rae, Wm., merchant, Cuminestown 
Mair, John, innkeeper, Balthangie 
Manson, George, Cuminestown 
Mitchell, John, druggist, Garmond 
Naughton, James, miller, Mill of Auchry 
Poison, James, surgeon, Waulkmill of 

Porter, Alexander, baker, Cuminestown 
„™~™ Joseph, innkeeper, Sealscrook 
Pyper, John, Greenfield 
Rettie, George, carrier, Cnminestown 

Robertson, William, Inchgreen 

Smith, Rev. Jas., Parish Church, Mon- 

Tennat, Peter, millwright, Toucher 
■„~.„~ William, merchant, Cuminestown 
Walker, John, merchant, Greens 


Bean, James, Garmond 

Chalmers, James, Alten of Greens 

~~™* William, Mains of Greens 

Clark, Alexander, Fervey 

~~.„™ Charles, Northburn 

~~~~~» George, Newtown 

Cruickshank, William, Hairmoss 

Dalgarno, John, Balthangie 

Dawson, John, Castle of Auchry 

Dowuie, William, Cairnhill 

Johnston, William, Northhurn 

Jamieson, Peter, Cairncake 

Leitb, James, Millfield 

Malcolm, Andrew, Mains of Auchrv 

Mitchell, Alexander, Mill of Allathan 

™*~™ George, Balthangie 

Norrie, William, Cairnhill 

Smith, Alexander, Greens of Middlehill 

Thomson, Alexander, Cairncake 

™~^~. William, Netherton of Auchry 

Walker, John, Balthangie 

Wilson, George, Badentyre 

DRUMOAK — Robert Kiloh, Postmaster. 

Clark, Isaac, inspector of poor 

Corbet, Rev. Adam, Parish church 

Gillespie, Peter, teacher, Glashmore 

Irvine, Alexander Forbes, of Drum 

Kinloch, Alexander J., of Park 

Kiloh, Robert, postmaster 

Machray, J., innkeeper, Mains of Drum 

Milne, Peter, appraiser 

Reid, Alexander, schoolmaster 

Sharp, Abra., manufacturer, Quidy mills 

Thorn, John, innkeeper, Park 


Allan, Alexander. Tersets 

Calder, John, Broomfield 
Cooper, James, Candyglerach 
Craighead, Forbes, Coldstream 
Craigmyle, Charles, Mains of Park 
Ferguson, James, East Quartons 
Fernie, Samuel, Drumoak 
Fullerton, David, Sunnyside 
Fraser, James, Upper Park 
Hunter, Charles, Mills of Drum 
Lyon, William, Newton 
Philip, Andrew, Quartons 
Reitb, William, Glashmore 
Scott, John, Bogton 
Tocher, James, Hill of Park 



ECHT — William Malcolm, Postmaster. 

Balcarres, Right Hon. the Earl of, Echti Harvey, William, Esq. of Monecht 


Cruickshank, Mrs., Greentree lodge 
Cook, Rev. George, Man9e, Midmar 
Gordon, Lieutenant-Colonel, Midmar 


Ingram, Rev. William, Manse of Echt 
Malcolm, William, schoolmaster 
Mathison, Robert, carrier 
Middleton, Mrs., Kirktown cottage 
Milne, William M.. merchant 

ELLON — John Rae, Postmaster. 

Brewster, Rev. William, Parish church 
Grieve, Rev. Nathaniel, Episcopal 

Ireland, Rev. James, Secession church 
Philip, Robert, Free church 


Milne, Thomas, jun., North of Scotlund 

Bank, Sub-Branch 
Rae, John, Town and County Bank 
Robb, John, Aberdeen bank 


Brebner, John, Bon-accord 
Milne, T., jun. North of Scotland 
Rae, John, Aberdeen Fire and Life 

Anderson, Alexander, surgeon 

Arnott, George, shoemaker 

Auld, George, wright 

Brebner. John, merchant 

Bruce, James, blacksmith 

Clark, George, cooper 

,~~™~ John, vintner 

Cowie, Isabella, New inn 

„w»~~. John, baker 

Daniel, John, druggist 

„^„»»» Thomas, carrier 

Davidson, James, wright 

,™„™~ John, parish schoolmaster and 

collector of poor's rates 
Frogatt, Francis, Excise officer 
Garden, Alexander, saddler 
Glashen, John, wright 
Gordon, Alexander, of Ellon, Ellon 

.™.™~ William, wright 
Guthrie, Robert, tailor 
Jocelan, James 
Johnston, John, baker 

Kelly" Isabella, vintner 
Laing, William, wright 
Leech, David, blacksmith 
Lendrum, Robert, tailor 
Mackie, Alexander, wright 
—„,~~ John, watchmaker 
,™,™> Keith, vintner 
M'Glashan, Joseph, brewer 
M'Gruer, Andrew, tailor 
Milne, Thomas, merchant 

„v^ . Thornas, sen. 

M'Lean, John, shoemaker 

Moir, Francis, saddler 

Moir, John and George, merchants 

Rae, John, deputy-clerk of the peace 

„^„ John, merchant, and post and stamp 

Reid, James, surgeon 
Riddle, William, veterinary surgeon 
Robb, John, writer 
Shand, Jphn, police constable 
Sherrifs, James, shoemaker 
Sherriffs, T., auctioneer 
,™„~, T., sheriff-officer 
™*~~ » T., vintner 
Shewan, James, tailor 
Taylor, Andrew, Bridgend inn 
Thomson, Alexander, baker 
„™„™ David, vintner 
,.w»~~. George, Craighall inn 
™v™v William and John, carriers 
Tocher, Peter, druggist 
Walker, James, shoemaker 
„*~„~» James, vintner 
Watson, George, wright 
Watt, James, chairman of gas company 
„™„™ James, Commercial inn 
Wilson, Alexander, shoemaker 


Wyness, Charles, blacksmith 

FORGUE — James Mitchell, Postmaster, 

Allan, William, farmer, Dunnes 
Allardyce, John, farmer, Rach 
Andrew, John, of Haggs 
Blake, John, farmer, Pitfancie 
Bonnar, Alexander, farmer, Balnoon 
Booth, James, farmer, Westerton 

| Cordiner, Rev. Jas., minister of Forgue 
~~,~_. James, farmer, Forgue 
Cruickshank, Alex., farmer, Comisty 
„„«» James, farmer, Ardfour 
»,~~ Jamee, farmer, Conland 
.««. James, surgeon, Wardend 



Crane, James, farmer, Mains of Auchin- 

Duff, Thomas A., of Haddo 
Duffus, Alexander, farmer, Balnoon 
~™„~v George, farmer, Hays 
Dundas, James, farmer, Hillookhead 
Ferguson, Peter, farmer, Largue 
Guthrie, James, of Tollo 
Harper, John, farmer, Yonderbognie 
Howat, Geo., farmer, Woodend, Auchin- 

Low, Alexander, farmer, Comisty 
-,~-„™ John, farmer, Ashallach 
Largue, Roherr, farmer, Mid Haddo 
Lumsden, James, farmer, Newton of 

M'Combie, Jas., farmer, Auchinhamper 
Manson, Jas., surgeon, Balnoon cottage 
Marson, James, farmer, Geresburn 
Matheson, Rev. John, Free Church, 

Milne, Rev. James, Inverkeithny 
Mitchell, James, postmaster, Bridge of 

Moir, Alexander, farmer, Cairnton 

Morrison, Alexander, schoolmaster, In- 

~~»~~» Geo., Free school, Inverkeithnie 
Pittendrigb, W., farmer, Mains of Fren- 

Redford, James, farmer, Kirkland 
Scott, Walter, farmer, Pleasuremill 
Shand, John, farmer, Yondeiboyne 
™»„™ Alexander, Templand 
Sherrar, John, farmer, Aucheninna 
Simpson, John, farmer, Suterton 
~™~™ John, of Cobairdy 
Smith, Alexander, farmer, Aucheninna 
,™,™ Rev. James, Episcopal Chapel 
Stewart, William, farmer, Parkdarg 
Stuart, Robert, of Aucharnie 
Thain, William, of Drumblair 
Walker, Jas., farmer, Headtown, Aucbiu- 

Webster, Rev. Geo., Parochial School, 

,~~~™ Robert, farmer, Aucharnies 
Wilson, W., of Auchaber 
Winton, George, farmer, Dunnes 

FRASERBURGH— Miss Fraser, Postmistress. 


Cumming, Rev. John, Parish Church 
Donald, Rev. W. S., Free Church 
Duff, Rev. Archd., Congregational 
Forbes, Rev. Alex., Congregational 
Lockhart, Rev. Dr. John, Assistant and 

Successor, Parish Church 
Presley, Rev. Chas., Episcopal Church 
Woodman, Rev. Wm., Parish School 


Chalmer, Lewis, Bank of Scotland 
Stephen, Robert, North of Scot. Bank 
Wallace, George, Aberdeen Bank 


Grieve, A. C. 
Jamieson, William 
Mellis, John 
Murison, James 
Robertson, Thomas 


Cumine, Peter 
Lovie, James 
Milne, David 
„™„w» Simon 
Wemyss, John, & Co. 


Gordon, James 
Mackie, Robert 
Webster, John 


Cardno, James 
Chalmers, Lewis 

Cumine, Peter 
Fyvie, William 
Lovie, James 
Malcolm, Alexander 
Milne, David 
Milne, Simon 
Paik, James 
Paton, Peter 
Ramsay, William 
Stephen, John 
Thain, James 
Wallace, George ' 
Wemyss, John, & Co. 


Anderson, John 
Brebner, Thomas 
Gray & M'AIIan 
Greig, William 
Rankine, William 
Robb, James 
Stephen, James 


Brook, William 

Cardno, James 

Chalmers, Sarah 

Findlay, Isabella 

Gall, Alexander 

Gall, William 

M' Allan, Alexander (Stamp Office) 

M'AIIan, James 

Morgan, James 

Nicol, Margaret 

Noble, William 

Officer, George 

Park, James 



Pennant, Andrew 
Ramsay, A. & W. 
Reid, William 
Reid & Stephen 
Ross, James, & Co. 
Skinner, Mrs. 
Smith, James 
Stephen, James 
Taylor, Barbara 
Wilson, John 

Malcolm, Alex., Rope and Sail Maker 
Walker, G. & J., Sail Makers 


Addison, Joseph 
Allister, John 
Angus, George 
Barclay, James 
Bisset, John 
Bruce, A., & Co. 
Cardno, John 
Chalmers, John 
Cruickshank, James 
Galloway, Edward 
Guthrie, James 
„^™. Thomas 
Henry, Robert 
Howat, Alexander 
Hunter, William 
Low, George 
Lvall, Gordon 
M'Beath, Charles 
Milne, David 
Noble, George 

„„„ , John 

^~~~~ William 
Presley, John 

Stephen, James, jun. 

Thomson, Alexander 

Williamson, William . 


Auld, John 
Cardno, Alexander 
Cumine, William 
Huchison, James 
M'Beath, Alexander, & Son 
M'Kay, Archibald 
Pressley, Charles 
Stewart, James 
Thain, James 
Urquhart, Alexander 
Watt, James 
Williamson, Alexander 
Wilson, John, & Son 


Guthrie, Peter 
Thain, James 


Blair, James 
Gait, Stephen 
Macallan, Alexander 
M'Donald, George, druggist 


Anderson, John 
Smith, James 


Cardno, Miss 
*~~~w. Misses 
Dickson, Miss 
Fraser, Misses 
M'Kay, Misses 
Thain, Mrs. 


Bruce, Alexander 
Burnett, James 
Fraser, Andrew 
„,-,„*w James 


M'Beath, Alexander 
Mackie, Andrew 


Bruce, Alexander 
Buchan, Robert 
Chalmers, Sarah 
Cruickshank, James 
Davidson, Mrs. 
Ettershank, Elizabeth 
Fowler, Mrs. 
Howat, Alexander 
Massie, John 
Pressly, John 
Pyper, Mrs. 
Taylor,* John 
Walker, William 
Young, James 


Annand & Murray 
Milne & Walker 
Robertson, James 
Wemyss, John, & Co. 


Farquhar, James 
Findlay, William 


Cat to, John 
Cumine, Peter 
Lovie, James 
Milne, David 


Duncan, John 
M'Pherson, William 
Tarras, Andrew 
Tindal, Robert 


Chalmers, William 
Maver, Alexander 
Watt, George 
Winkley, Thomas 



Black, J., assistant light-house keeper 
Brown, Alexander G., town-clerk and 

sheriff clerk-depute 
Coleman, Lieut., officer of coast guard 
Cruickshank, James, writer 
Davidson, John, manager, gas-light co. 
Dunbar, Charles, messenger-at-arms, 

and sheriff officer 
Fraaer, William, writer, notary public, 

and agent 

Fyvie, Wm., collector of harbour dues 
Gavin, James, turner 
Henderson, Alexander, architect 
Milne, Simon, harbour master 
Reid, John, light-house keeper 
Robertson, Thomas, sheriff officer 
Smith, H. S., officer of customs 
Stephen, Robert, inspector of poor 
Sutherland, Alexander, fishery officer 
Watt, Margaret, confectioner 

FYVIE— Miss Rose, Postmistress. 

Chalmers, Charles, of Monkshill 
Forbes, Alexander, of Blackford 
Gordon, William, of Fyvie 
Leslie, Jonathan, of Badenscoth 

„™. Robert, of Rothie 

Rose, Patrick, of Blackree 

Chapman, Rev. Alexander, Millbreck 
Cruickshank, Rev. Ja9., Parish Church 
Manson, Rev. John, Free do. 
Grant, Rev. Charles, Episcopal do. 
Stott, Rev. John. Parish School 
Wilson, Rev. David, Episcopal Church 

Gordon, John, surgeon, Carlshill 
Greig, Alex., do. Barnsdale 


Cockburn, John, Woodhead 
Duguid, James, Geldin's Burn 
Ironside, William, Burnside 
Mackie, Adam, Lewes 
Mitchell, John, Parkburn 
Morrison, George, Mill of Rothie 
Philip, James, Mansfield 
Reid, Joseph, Woodhead 
Stephen, Alexander, Parnassus 
Strachan, John, Badenscoth 
Taylor, James, Woodhead 

Carl, George, shoemaker, Gallowslacks 
Mackie, George, shoemaker, Parnassus 

Campbell, K., flesher, Ardlogie 
Matthew, Adam, do. Monkshill 


Alexander, William, Cammaloun 
Bean, Alexander, Dalby 
Beaton, Alexander, Monkshill 
,„~™~ John, Darnabo 
*~~*~~ William, Lethenty 
Cocker, George, Hill of Petty 
Durno, James, Eastertown 
.^„™. James, Jackstown 
Duthie, William, Lethen 
Hatt, James, Kirkton 
Henderson, Alex., St. John's Wells 
, JJja ,„ r , Theodore, Cammaloun 
Mitchell, Alexander, Denhill 
Nicol, John, Blackbog 
™v~-~~ William, Burreldales 
Rennie, William, Andrewsford 
Ritchie, William, Mill of Burns 
Ronaldson, Alexander, Littlegight 

Peter, Stonyfield 

Sim, James, Wells of Rothie 
Strachan, John, Cardenwell 
Taylor, William, Mains of Giglit 
Watson, William, Eastertown 
Williamson, William, Easter Crichie 
Wilson, Alexander, Fetterletter 
„m „ James, Gourden 

Burn, James, excise officer 
Cruickshank, William, blacksmith 
Hay, Thomas, cartwright 
Grant, John, watchmaker 
Ross, Alexander, baker 
White, George, house carpenter 

GLENLIVET — James Stewart, Postmaster. 

Fleming, Mrs., merchant 

Grant, Captain W., farmer, Tomlincbie 

and Aucharacher 
,~~™~ William, merchant, Bankhead 
Hay, Robert, assistant inspector of poor 
Lyold, Robert, excise officer, Auchara- 
cher distillery 
M'Intyre, John, excise officer, Drumin 

M'Lean, Rev. J., minister, Glenlivet 
„~.~.~„~* John, teacher, Assembly's 

Skinner, James, factor, Drummin 
Smith, George, farmer, Minmore 
„™„-~ William, farmer, Nevie 
Stewart, James, farmer, Deskie 
„*w„™ James, postmaster, Glenlivet 





-Thomas Kidd, 

Ewen, Charles A , teacher 
Keith, James, farmer and auctioneer 
Kidd, Thoma9, innkeeper 
Law, Rev. William, minister and in- 
spector of poor 

Shand, Robert, of Hillside 
Sinclair, Robert, wright 
Walker, Joseph, of East Cookston 
>~~~~. Robert, farmer 

HUNTLY — James Lawson, Postmaster. 


Hill, John, Congregational 
Hull, J. D , English, Episcopal 
Mackray, William, Free Church 
M'Guire, Terence, Catholic 
Miller, James, United Associate 
Walker, James, Established Church 
Whitemarsh, William, Scotch Episcopal 

Anderson, Geo., grain merchant, Gordon 

™»™. James, cabinetmaker, Square 
™~„~. John, mason 
„~»~™ Robert, builder 
„™™» William, auctioneer 
„™~™ William, brewer, Castle street 
Andrew, George, baker, Gordon street 
,~~„™ William, watch and clock maker, 

Allan, James, cabinetmaker, Old road 
Allardes, John, baker, Square 
~~-„™ Mrs , dress and bonnet maker, Sq. 
Alexander, Alex , boot and shoe maker 
,~~„™ James, dyer, Bridge of Bogie 
Anton, Alexander, grocer, Deveron st. 
Asher, James, & Co., booksellers and 

stationers, Duke street 
Austin, Thomas, hairdresser, Gordon st. 
Bain, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 

Gordon street 
Bagrie, John, spirit dealer 
Barclay, Alexander, slater 
»~~~™ John, Free Church school teacher 
<w~„~» Robert, slater 
,~~,~~ Miss J., dress and bonnet maker, 

George street 
Beattie, Alexander, innkeeper, Square 
Bowie, Charles, flesher, Duke street 
Brander, George, boot and shoe maker, 

Duke street 
~w«™. Jas., boot and shoemaker, Duke 

Bremner, James, medical practitioner, 

Duke street 
~~~*»~ George, grocer and spirit dealer, 

Gordon street 
~— ,~~. Miss, dress and bonnet maker 
Brewster, Miss, dress and bonnetmaker 
Brick and Tile Co., W. Wans, manager 
Bruce, Charles, pork curer, Deveron st. 
Cameron, Allan, agent, Insur. Co. Scot. 

Christie, Alexander, letter-carrier, Gor- 
don street 
,-™„™ Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 

~v~„^ Thomas, bookseller and stationer, 

Clark,- George, slater 
Cocker, Alexander, auctioneer, Bogie st. 
Cooper, William, & Co., cabinetmakers 

„™ Misses, dress and bonnet makers 

Corbet, William, innkeeper, Duke street 

„,„„„. William, cartwright 

Cran, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 

Gordon street 
Craven, John, officer of excise 
Cruickshank, Jas., agent, Savings Bank, 

™-„~» James, hardware, merchant, Sq. 
~~.~~* John, wright 
„~.,„~ William, road contractor 
~>~~~. Mrs , china and crystal mer- 
chant, Deveron street 
Dempster, Alexander, flesher 
Desson, William, tea merchant 
Dey, William, innkeeper, Gordon street 
-~~.~~, William, sawyer 
Donald, Alex., weaver and manufacturer 
„™„„. Wm., teacher, Parochial school, 

Church street 
Dovey, William, infant school teacher 
Duncan, John, slater 
Dow, Robert, hairdresser, Square 
Fordyce, William, spirit dealer 
Fraser, Colin, tailor 
~~»„™ John, blacksmith 
...„„„, John, clothier, Bogie street 
Gammie, Andrew, boot and shoe maker 
Geddes, John, grocer and spirit dealer 
Gillies, Thomas, dyer, Bridge of Bogie 
Glass, James, spirit dealer 
Gordon, Captain, R.N., Castle street • 
_™„v~. John, grocer, Duke street 
„ ,^. Peter, china and crystal mer- 
chant, Gordon street 
,™..-™ William, builder 

„„. Margaret, confectioner, Gordon 

Grant, Alex., innkeeper, Bogie street 

„_ John, veterinary surgeon 

~™~~ John, cabinetmaker, Bogie street 
Grey, George, cabinetmaker 



Grey, John, saddler, Square 
~~»~~» William, boot and shoe maker 
Green, JohD, china and crystal mer- 
chant, Gordon street 
Greig, Mrs., confectioner 
Guthrie, John, baker, Gordon street 
Hastings, James, sawyer, Bridge of Bogie 
Henry, Alexander, baker, Duke street 
Hepburn, William, road -surveyor 
Herd, William, sawyer 
Hill, Rev. J, Congregational Chapel, 

Old road 
Hull, Rev. J. D., English Episcopal, 

Huntly Lodge 
Inch, James, cartwright 
Ingram, William, fishing-tackle maker 
~™-™. John, wright 
Innes, Alexander, mason 
„™~™ James, plasterer, Deveron street 
Imlacb, John, innkeeper, Duke street 
Jessiman, James, collector of customs 

„„ «. James, road contractor 

Johnston, Robt., grocer and spirit deiler, 

~~.~~. Robert, bookseller and stationer 

bwutt*— Mrs., dress and bonnet maker, Sq. 
Jones, John, officer, of excise, Castle st. 
Keith, R„ & Sons, fleshers, Duke street 
^y»„^» R., & Co., boot and shoemakers, 

Duke street 
Kemmie, Christian, confectioner 
Knight, James, copper and tinsmith, 

Deveron street 
Lawson, George, agent, A. T. & C. 

Bank, Gordon street 
.~~..w. Geo., hardware merchant, Gor- 
don street 
._~.~. James, postmaster, Gordon st. 

, William, carrier to Aberdeen 

Leith, James, china and crystal mer- 
chant, Gordon street 
Legg, Eben., & Sons, clothiers, Square 
Leslie, R„ & Sons, woollen manufac- 
turers, Gordon street 
JJjam „ John, millwright 
Lindsay, Hugh, officer of excise 
Littlejohn, James, weaver aad manufac- 
JJJim , -- r Robert, tailor and clothier, Gor- 
don street 
Lobban, James, carrier to Aberdeen, 

Deveron street 
M' Arthur, George, copper and tinsmith, 

Gotdon street 
..jjj.jjjj John, copper and tinsmith, Gor- 
don street 
M'Coll, D., physician, Tollabage 
M'Conachie, James, turner, Bogie street 
M'Donald, Francis, boot and shoemaker 
jjjuk.j.u G. & J., bleachers 
■~~~~- William, brewer, Bogie street 
„^„»w» Mrs., china and crystal merchant 
M'Gillavray, James, veterinary surgeon 
„*~~~. James, blacksmith 
M'Gregor, James, tailor 
M'Guire, Rev. Terence, Catholic Chapel 

M'Innes, Geo., grocer and spirit dealer, 

Deveron street 
M'lntyre, John, bootand shoe maker, Sq. 
„,*..,„- John, weekly carrier to Aberdeen 
M'Kay, Peter, road contractor 
M'Kenzie, Hector, road contractor 
M'Kinnon, James, messenger-at-arms, 

Gordon street 
M'Leod, James, boot and shoe maker 
M'Pherson, Andrew, builder 
...jj.jjj, George, baron bailie, Gibston,- 
factor to his Grace the Duke 
of Richmond 
M' William, Miss, Young Ladies' school 
Mackie, Alexander, painter and glazier, 

Gordon street 
JJJJL . JJJfJ ThomaB, stonecutter 
Mair, Charles, grain merchant 
Maitland, Joseph, weaver and manufac- 
turer, Old road 
Makray, Rev. W., Free Church 
Malcom, John, blacksmith, George st. 
Mavor, Mrs., midwife, Castle street 
Mellis, Alexander, cabinetmaker 
..jjj .. j George, grocer and spirit dealer, 

Gordon street 

.v»^„~. Miss A., dress and bonnet maker 

Mennie, Alexander, cooper, pork curer, 

and provision merchant, Gra- 

nery street 

Merson, James, watch and clock maker, 

Gordon street 
Miller, Rev. J , United Ass. Congrega- 
tion, George street 
~~.~~. Mrs., midwife 
Milne, Jas, grain merchant, Gordon st. 
...jj.jjuj R , agent, Abdn. Bank and A. 
Assurance Co., Gordon street 
Morrison, Andrew, baker and coffee- 
room keeper, Square 
~~»~~- James, clothier, Square 
,~~„™ R., weaver and manufacturer 
Mortimer, Peter, builder, house-carpen- 
ter, and blacksmith, Old road 
Murdoch, William, sheriff-clerk, &c, 

Murray, John, leather merchant 
Ogg, James, millwright, Bogie street 
Ogilvie, Thomas, clothier, Gordon street 
Patetson, James, gardener 
Paull, John, druggist, Gordon street 
Prott, William, druggist, Gordon street 
Rait, Chas., weekly carrier to Aberdeen 

and Banff 
Redford, James, billet-master and sheriff- 
office constable 
Reid, Charles, wright 
Reynor, J. J., supervisor of excise 
Rezen, John, tailor, Square 
Robb, Mrs., dress and bonnet maker, 

Castle street 
Robertson, Alex., painter and glazier 
Gordon street 
^ J. & J , agents N. S. Bank, Sq. 
_ John, J. P. 

^, J. & J., tanners, Church Btreet 
^ John, & Co., distillers 



Robertson, Miss, Young Ladies' school 
Robson, Alex., grocer and spirit dealer 
„^^. James, gardener, Torry street 
^v.^-. James, blacksmith 
Ross, William, watch and clock maker, 

Duke street 
Roy, Charles, clothier, Gordon street 
Russell, Peter, copper and tinsmith, 

Duke street 
Scott, Alexander, accountant 
„^,„v*>. John, clothier, Duke street 
aii Misses, dress and bonnet makers, 

Bogie street 
Sellar, George, blacksmith, Church st. 
Sheriffs, James, carrier to Aberdeen 

Sim, James, tailor 

„™~™ John, innkeeper, Gordon 3treet 
Simpson, Miss, Young Ladies' school, 

Castle street 
Sivewrighr, Alex., gardener, Church st. 
„™„v~. Alexander, tailor Deveron street 

„^ James, cabinetmaker 

Slorach, John, mason 

Smith, Alexander, clothier and grocer, 

Deveron street 
»~»~~» George, watch and clock maker, 

Gordon street 
~_~~. John, messenger-at-arms, Gor- 
don street 
,,-~„™ William, lint and flax mills 
~~»~~» William, clothier and grocer, 

Duke street 
Souter, Miss, dress and bonnet maker, 

George street 
Spence, William, cotton manufacturer, 

Gordon street 
Sutherland, Alexander, grocer and spirit 

dealer, Gordon street 
™„™. John, cooper 
Stephen, Francis, saddler, Duke street 

Stephen & Sons, cotton and woollen 

„™-„~ William, boot and shoe maker 

„~*™~ Mrs, confectioner 

Stevenson, Alex., mason, Deveron st. 

„„v„ m George, gardener 

Stewart, Alex., J. P., Gordon street 

„™~™ Alexander, jun., distributer of 
stamps and taxes 

„~»„™ John, medical practitioner 

Symmers, Keith, baker, Deveron street 

Taylor, Miss, School of Industry, Gor- 
don Schools 

Thomson, John, weekly carrier to Aber- 

j,,™,,,*, William, boot and shoe maker 

Troup, Wm., grocer and spirit dealer, 
Castle street. 

Walker, Rev. James, parish minister, 
Manse of Huntly 

Wans, W., manager, Brick and Tile Co. 

Watt, Alex., weaver and manufacturer 

~~.,~~ George, grocer and clothier, 
Bridge of Bogie 

.~~™~ John, builder 

,~~~~» Peter, builder [Square 

.„~,~„ Mrs., dress and bonnet maker, 

,w~~~- Miss, dress and bonnet maker, 
Bridge of Bogie 

Whitemarsh, Rev. W., Scotch Episco- 

Wilson, George, medical practitioner, 
West Park street 

Wilkie, John, tailor, Duke street 

Wiseman, William, sawyer 

Yeats, William, weaver and manufacturer 

Yule, Alexander, agent, Bon-Accord As- 
surance Co., Duke street 

™~,~~ Alexander, clothier 

.v~»~w. John, boot and shoe maker, 
Bogie wynd 

INSCH — Alexander Roger, Postmaster. 

Bissett, James, merchant 

Blair, Geo., baker 

Breck, James, feuar 

™~,~~ William, shoemaker 

Charles, William, do. 

Courage, John, feuar 

Emslie, Rev. William, Free Church 

Gartly, John, feuar 

Gordon, Adam, maltster 

Green, James, tailor 

Henderson, Harry, surgeon 

Jamieson, Lewis, rural constable 

Maitland, Miss, feuar 

Martin, George, blacksmith 

Massie, Joseph, teacher, Free Church 

Mitchell, Rev. Adam, Parish Church 

Norrie, Rev. Charles, schoolmaster and 

inspector of poor 
Orchard, Thomas G., officer of excise 
Robertson, Thomas, feuar 

Robertson, John, tailor 

„™~™ John, flesher 

Roger, Alexander, baron bailie, bank 

agent, and postmaster 
™~~~. A. & J., merchants and druggists 
Shirres, Alex., builder 
Smith, John, druggist 
Stephen, Alexander, innkeeper 
„w.„~. James, carrier 
Webster, James, carpenter & innkeeper 
Wight, Mrs. Mary, innkeeper 
Wilson, Alexander, carpenter 


Beattie, Andrew K., Dunnydeer 
Cant, Robert, Whitehall 
Collie, Alexander, Priestwells 
Collie, James, Wantonwalls 
Cooper, George, Wraes 
Cowie, Peter, Overhall 



Gerrie, John, Dunnydeer 
Gordon, William, Largie 
Innes, Alexander, Alton 
Jopp, Alexander, N. Boddom 
,~„„~» Miss Mary, Muiryheadless 
Leslie, John, Murrial 
Maitland, James, Netherton 
,™„™ William, Drakewell 
Moir, James, Mains of Wardhouse 

Panton, William, Pyke 

Reid, John, Myreton 

Ross, Roderick, overseer, Rothney 

Roy, William, Waterton 

Scott, William, overseer, N. Boddom 

Smith, John, Greenhall 

William, Mill of Wardhouse 

Spence, A. & J., millers and nialsters 

KEITH — John Keith, Postmaster. 

Adamson, Thomas, assistant teacher 

Addison, Charles, carrier 
Anderson, Alexander, tailor 

Annand, Alexander, cartwright 

„™~~~ James, merchant 

~-~™*. Peter, ironmonger 

Barlow, James, jun., messenger-at-arms 

Barnet, George, blacksmith 

Bisset, Patrick D., merchant 

Bremner, Alexander, surgeon 

Christie, Alexander, flesher 

Clayton, Joseph, druggist, Mid street 

Cockburn, Alexander, lime burner, Moss 

~~v.~~ George, tobacconist 

Cowie, George, builder 

Davidson, Donald, stabler 

Downie, William, tinsmith 

Falconer, Robert, solicitor 

„v~~~~ & Morrison, flour merchants, 

Farquharson, William, druggist and 

Fleming, William, solicitor 

Forbes, John, constable and prison- 

Forsyth, Edward, Old Keith 

„v^.,„, J James, dyer 

„„.,„~ John, tanner and leather mer- 

Fraser, James, merchant, Mid street 

~v—~™ John, jun., wright, Moss street 

Gatherer, Charles, solicitor 

George, James, flour manufacturer 

Gordon, John, merchant 

«~»*~~ Robert, innkeeper (Gordon 

Graham, Rev. Robert, Secession Church 

Green, Robert, solicitor and bank agent 

Hendry, James, auctioneer 

-~ v~™ John, stabler and vintner 

Laing, William, merchant, Mid street 

Johnston, James, accountant 

Longmore, William, bank agent 

Keith, John, merchant and postmaster 

Kelman, James, & Co., merchants 

Kynoch, George, jun., leather merchant 

.™~™ George, k Son, grocers and 
provision merchants 

Littlejobn, Alexander, painter 

Longmore, John, merchant tailor, Mid 

M'Gilvray, Rev Arch., Free Church 

M'Gregor, Thomas, slater 

M'Kenzie, James G., surgeon, Middle 

M'Lachlan, Rev. John, Catholic Chapel 
Meldrum, Alexander, shoemaker 
Munro, Robert, saddler 
Murdoch, Rev. John, Episcopal Chapel 
Ogilvie, Alexander, coffeehouse and 

lodgings, Mid street 
~~w~ John, tailor 

Paterson, George, baker, Chapel street 
Reid, William, accountant 
Robb, William, merchant 
Robertson, Niel, superintendent of rural 

Ross, David, hairdresser 
Runcie, James, cooper 
Sellar, James, bootmaker 
Simpson, James, solicitor 
Smith, James, schoolmaster 
Stewart, Jame°, merchant 
„~-„™ John, merchant 
Smart, Mrs. J., baker 
Taylor, James, merchant 
„~.~™ James, sheriff officer 
„.-~.~„ James, sen., merchant 
Thomson, Rev. James, Parish Church 
Thuiburn, William, solicitor and bank 

Watson, John, forester 
Wicks, George, officer of excise 
Wilson, Eliza, teacher 
„™„™ Lieutenant Peter, billet-master 
.~~„.~ P., jun., watchmaker, Mid st. 
~.*-~~« Thomas, saddler 
„~*.~™, W., merchant 


Chalmers, William, merchant 
Clark, James, wright 
Donald, William, road overseer 
Gall, James, cabinetmaker 
Hendry, William, druggist 
Kitchen, James, tailor 
Innes, Alexander, tailor 
Martin, John, merchant 
Merson," George, auctioneer 
Munro, John, merchant 
Robb, Joseph, & J., leather dealers and 




Abel, Alexander, cattle dealer, Consti- 
tution street 
„^», w » Wm„ blacksmith, Higli street 
^^.Wm,, vintner, High S'reet 
Allen, Alex., boot and shoemaker, High 

~*~~w. William, wiight and glazier, Con- 
stitution street 
Anderson, Jas., jun., merchant, High st. 
„™„™ Mrs. James, baker, High street 
Argo, Alex. & Thomas, caniers, High 

Arthur, James, vintner, Burghuiuir 
Badenoch, John, tailor, High street 
Barron, George, blacksmith, George st. 
Bisser, A. & J., merchants, High street 
.„~„~. A. & J., merchants, Port El- 

Booth, William, clerk, Inverury mills, 

Port Elphinstone 
Brown Jas., & Co., merchants, High st. 
„„„^» George, merchant, High street 
Bruce, James, jun., agent for A. & W. 

Thom, merchants, Aberdeen, 

Port Elphinstone 
„ m ~~* William, tailor, High street 
Calder, Peter, saw trimmer, High street 
Carr, John, tea dealer, High street 
Carey, R. J. B., excise officer, Port 

Claik, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 

High street 
Cock, James, slater, Boroughmuir 
Craig, John, coppersmith, High street 
Cruickshank, Alexander, cabinetmaker, 

. JJJJJJjn . Rev. Geo., schoolmaster, North- 
burn Cottage 
„™„™ James, saddler & harness maker, 

High street 
Davidson, Alex., innkeeper, High street 
,™~™ Alex., agent, Aberdeen Lime 

Co., Port Elphinstone 
~~»~~. Alex., & S»n, agents, North of 

Scotland Bank, High street 
„~»~™ James, North of Scotland Bank, 

High street 
, Rev. John, A. & S. Established 

Church, Constitution street 
™w„™ William, clerk, Aberdeen Bank, 

High street 
.v~.~~. William, Aberdeen Lime Com. 

pany, Port Elphinstone 
Donald, Anthony, blacksmith, High st. 
-,~-,™ James, saddler and harness 

maker, High street 
..■„.,..-*. James, vintner, High street 
~~»,™v. Wm., & Co , tanners, High st. 
Dow, William, hairdresser, High Btreet 
Forbes, Wm., agent Aberdeen Commer- 
cial Co., Port Elphinstone 

Frost, Alexander, agent Richards & Co., 

Aberdeen, High street 
„~,„~, William, flesher, High street 
Galloway, Geo., druggist, High street 
~~»,~~ James, clerk, Town and County 

Bank, High street 
Gillan, John, watch maker, High street 
Geils, Geo , vintner, High street 
(iordon, Alexander, boot and shoe 

maker, High street 

,™, Mrs., midwife, High street 

^^. Catherine, schoolmistress, High 

Gove, Christian, fish dealer, High street 
Gray, Adam, manager of Inveruiy Tan 

Yard, High street 
™.~ m Alexander, baker, High street 
Rev. Thos., (Free Church,) Free 

Manse, Post road 

~„~» William, tailor, High street 

Harper, Rev. Alexander, (Episeopal,) St 

James's place 
Hosie, Mrs. Alex , midwife, Burghmuir 
~~.~_ Mrs. Wm., midwife, High street 
Innes, Robert, agent Aberdeen Bank, 

High street 
Inston, John, tailor, High street 
Jackson, Robert, clothier and druggist, 

High street 
Johnstone, Wm., vintner, Burghmuir 
Kemp, George, mason, High street 
Kirton, James, merchant, Burghmuir 
Lend rum. Thomas, vintner. Port Elphin- 
Lessel, Rev. Robert, (Estab. Church,) 

Leslie, John, surgeon, Holm cottage 
Logie, Robert, cooper, High street 
Low, Ernest, boot and shoe maker. 

High street 
Maclean, Alexander S , agent Town and 

County Bank, High street 
Maitland, William, tailor, High street 
Martin, Jas., turner and cooper, High st. 
Masson, David, bookseller and stationer, 

High street 
Mearns, Mrs., midwife, Spring Gardens 
Middleton, Alexander, cart and plough 

wright, Burghmuir 
MorgaD, George, vintner, Market street 
Morrison, Mrs., vintner, Boroughmuir 
Munro, Alex , merchant, High street 
,~~.~~ Charles, tailor, High street 
„»^ — - Mrs., midwife, High street 
Murray, Alex., innkeeper, High street 
„,~„™ Thos., tailor, H'gh street 
M'Farlane, Misses, female school, Ury 

M'Gregor, Joseph, schoolmaster, Port 

M'Kenzie, Donald, innkeeper, High st. 



Nicol, John, weaver, High street 
Nevin, Alex., writer, Constitution st. 
Ogg, Alex., land surveyor, Howfoord 
Peter, \Vm , saddler and harness maker, 

High street 
Peterkin, James, wright, High street 
Presley, George, boot and shoe maker, 

High street 
Reach, Charles, tailor, High 9treet 
Reid, James, boot and shoe maker, Con- 
stitution street 
^^.„„ John, saddler and harness maker, 

High street 
Robertson, Alex., slater, High street 
„™~™ Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 

High street 
„™~™ Mrs. George, bonnet maker, 

High street 
Ross, David, merchant-, High street 
Ruglan, James, vintner, Burghmuir 
Shand, James, flesher, Burghmuir 
Simpson, Mrs., vintner, Burghmuir 
Skinner, James, turner, Westfield 
Smith, Alex , watch maker, High street 
,,™~™ George & Anthony, brewers, 

Port Elphinstone 
„„,„. George, wood merchant, Port 

Stephen, Geo., vintner, Burghmuir 

Stephen, James, carrier, Gallowfauld 

John, merchant, High street 

Stewart, John, tailor, High street 
Strachan, James, merchant, High street 
Sutherland, John, painter and glazier, 

Constitution street 
Tait, Charles, plasterer, Constitution st. 
„™ Thomas, grain merchant, Inver- 

ury mills, Port Elphinstone 
Taylor, Wm., & Son, seedsmen, High st. 
Thomson, Alex., cart and plough wright, 

Hight street 

~„ James, vintner, High street 

,™..~~ James, tailor, High street 

™» Thomas, surgeon, High street 

Walker, Geo., wright, Port Elphinstone 
„—,~~ Jas., plasterer, Rose Lane Cottage 
Watt, David, druggist, High 9treet 
~™,™» George, merchant, High street 

™~. Jamps, merchant, High street 

Webster, Robt., sheiiff officer, High st. 
Wilson, Robert, constable, High street 
Wood, John, mason, High street 
Wyness, Alexander, flesher, High street 

™» Geo., wood carter, High street 

..~..~~ Peter & James, customer weavers, 

High street 
,~~.~~ Mrs., vintner, Burghmuir 
«™ John, blacksmith, High street 

KINCARDINE O'NEIL— Mrs. Cromar, Postmistress. 

Alexander, James, watchmaker 

Brebner, Miss, of Lairney 

Brown, Rev. Matthew, Parish Church 

Christie, George, sexton 

Coutts, James, M.D. 

Craigen, Mrs., baker 

Cromar, Robert, wright and glazier 

Davidson, Charles, innkeeper 

Forbes, John, teachei, Torphins 

Farquharsnn, Mrs., Finzean 

Fraser, George, carrier 

Gatherer, Rev. Alex., Free Church 

Gavin, James, miller, Lairney 

Glass, Robert, saddler 

Gordon, Francis, of Kincardine 

„~.„™ P. L., of Craigmyle 

„.~, . Mrs., lodgings, Steohouse 

Hogg, James, Parish School 

Hosie, James, merchant 

Jopp, Alexander, merchant, Midbeltie 

Lawrence, Miss, teacher 

Mathieson, Alex., merchant, Torphins 

Mitchell, Mrs., merchant 

Nicol, Joseph, messenger-at-arms 

Pirie, William, manufacturer 

Ramsay, John, carrier 

Reid, George, teacher, Tornaveen 

~~.~~» John, merchant 

Sowden, B. H., excise officer 

Tough, William, carrier 
Walker. James, innkeeper 

~~. William, flesher 

Watson, Miss, teacher, Free Church 
Yeoman, Alexander, police constable 


Birnie, Rev. Alex., Parish School 
Copland, Wm., merchant 
Cromar, Peter, Ben., ground officer 
Duncan, Robert, miller, Pitmurcbie 
Glennie, John, wright and vintner 
M'Cnuibie, Rev Charles. Parish Church 
Massie, James, merchant 
Stewart, Mary, do. 


Burness, John, auctioneer 
Burnett, David, cattle dealer 
Dinney, William, innkeeper 
Harper, James, merchant 
Middleton, John, Parish School 
Robb, John, merchant 
Smith, Rev. George, Parish Church 



KINNETHMONT— James Yule, Postmaster. 

Anderson, Alexander, farmer, Craigton 
Archibald, Adam, tailor, Oldtown 
Catto, Robert, farmer, Easter Mains of 

Cooper, George, Ben., farmer, Wraes 
„w».™. George, jun, farmer, Wraes 
Davidson, Arthur, farmer, Newton 
„ m ,„~ James, farmer, Newton 
„,„„,~ James, farmer, Bogend 
„~~™ George, merchant, Kirkhill 
Dick, John, farmer, Laighmoor 
Duff, James, farmer, New and Old Noth 
Duncan, Hugh, forrester, Bogs of Leith- 
Forbes, George, farmer, Whitecombs 
Gardiner, Alex., farmer, N. Sordenny 

„„ Alexander, of Smithstown 

Gauld, John, farmer, Mill of Syde 
Giles John, farmer, Ardlair 
Gordon, J. D., of Wardhouse 

,™, Hugh, farmer, Westseat 

: „ , Robert, farmer, Taylock 

Grant, Robert, of Craighall 

,„» James, farmer, Berrybrae 

Hay, Sir A. L., of Rannes and Leith- 
Henderson, Alex., farmer, Hollywell 
Hendry, Alexander, farmer, Huits 
Howie, Alexander, farmer, Oldtown 
„„.„.„ Alexander, shoemaker, Oldtown 
Ingram, James, farmer, Towie 
»^*.~»» John, farmer, Mosshead 
„~.~~. George, carpenter, Kirkhill 
Ironside, William, farmer, Earlsfield 
Jamieson, John, farmer, Whiteburn 
Leggat, W., farmer, and cattle dealer, 

Mosstown, Clatt 
Martin, James, farmer, Weets 
Mathieson, Peter, teacher, Oldtown 

Milne, William, farmer, Ardlair 
Minty, Alexander, teacher, parochial 

school, Kirkhill 
„_ Rev. W., parish minister, Kirk- 
Mitchell, James, farmer, Candy 

™„ William, farmer, Braefaulds 

Moir, Alex., porter lodge, Wardhouse 
Morgan, John, sen., farmer, South Craig- 
,*™„~~» John, jun,, farmer, South Craig- 
M'Kenzie, Mrs., innkeeper, Kirkhill 
Ord, John farmer, Seggyden 

™~ Robert, farmer, Slack 

Pittendrigb, Alex., carpenter, Burnside 
«»~™. Francis, carpenter, Oldtown 
Reid, Alexander, farmer, Taylock 
Riacb, John, blacksmith, Oldtown 
Roger, James, farmer, Woodside of 

Ronald, Alexander, farmer, Grilsey 
Rose, Rev. D., Free Church, Ardlair 
Scotterly, James, farmer, Daes 
~~*™» Peter, farmer, Ardlair 
Smith, Alex., farmer, Mains of Cults 
Souter, Robert, farmer, Seggyden 
Stephen, Alex., merchant, and shoe- 
maker, Oldtown 
Thomson, Andrew, farmer, and inspector 
of poor for Kennethmont 
~™„™ Robert, farmer, Bogs of Noth 
Watt, William, farmer, Oldtown 
Wright, Alex., blacksmith, Kirkhill 
~™,.™ George, farmer, Ardlair 
Wilson, Harry, farmer, Bankhead 
Yule, James, & Co., merchants 

KING EDWARD — James Leggat, Postmaster. 

Anderson, Alexander, mason, Cotwells 
„„.„„. Peter, farmer, Aochmill 

„^. William, farmer, Cotwells 

Andrew, Alexander, wood merchant, 

Barclay, John, of Gondiestown 
Barnett, Alexander, farmer, Luncarty 
Cairney, Alexander, farmer, Corskie 
Chivas, Wm., farmer, Mains of Blackton 
Clark, James, wright, Upper Keilhill 

, . John, merchant, Balmaud 

Duncan, George, shoemaker, Keilhill 
^~~~~ Robert, farmer, Mains of Mon- 


~~. William, Milltown of Fiskrie 

. Mis. E., Farm of Batchers 

Duff, James G., of Eden 

Duffus, James, farmer, BlakeBhouse 

Findlay, Rev. Wm., parochial clergyman 
Forbes, Alexander, farmer, Holmes 
Gellie, Stewart, farmer, Gorracbie 
Gordon, John, farmer, Back foulsie 
Gray, Alexander, merchant, Keilhill 
Hacker, Alexander, farmer, Bruntyards 
Ingram, Alexander, farmer, Waukerhill 

„™ George, farmer, Waukerhill 

J09S, George, farmer, Cowsmill 
Lawrence, William, blacksmith, Danes- 
Lawson, Robert, farmer, Mains of Fiskrie 
Leggat, Robert, merchant, Daneshillock 
M'Kenzie, George, farmer, Holmemill 

William, blacksmith, Keilhill 

Manson, William, farmer, Muirton 
Milne, Alexander, shoemaker, Craigton 
las., farmer, Newton of Craigton 



Morrison, George, farmer, Foulsie 
„„,„.„ George, farmer, Holmemill 
,~^.„». James, farmer, Daneshillock 
„™,„„ John, farmer, Upper Foulsie 
Mortimer, W„ miller, Mill of Eden 
Murray, William, farmer, Feighfolds 
Paterson, Alexander, farmer, Midton 
,™.„~ James, farmer, Fordmouth 
Philip, John, farmer, Holmemill 
Runciman, William, farmer, Castle- 
Scott, James, farmer, Bogside 
„-„„~, John, farmer, Scatterly 
Smart, Andrew, farmer, Holmes 

Smith, John, farmer, Mill of King Ed ward 

William, farmer, Milltack 

Stevenson, Rev. James, schoolmaster 
Stracban, Alexander, farmer, Balmaud 
Souter, John, farmer, Auchlin 
Taylor, George, farmer, Bridgend 

. James, Mill of Balmaud 

Torrie, Wm., farmer, Mill of Blackton 
Troup, James, farmer, Breedless 
Walker, John, farmer, Lenambo 
Watt, James, farmer, Gorrachie 
Webster, Mrs., farm of Kirkside 
Weir, John, farmer, Kirkton 
Wood, George, farmer, Moreless 

KINTORE— William Smith, Postmaster. 

Abel, Adam, shoemaker 

„™ John, carrier, Tavelty 

Annand, John, manufacturer 

,„~„™ James, merchant 

Barclay, Rev. John, Parish Church 

Black, George, shoemaker 

Booth, James, blacksmith 

Bothwell, John, boatman 

Buchan, James, slater 

Brotchie, John, parish school 

Cay, George, Wright 

Cooper, Miss Mary, bonnet and dress 

Davidson, Rev. Pat, Ash6eld cottage 
„„„™ Robert, wright, Backstiles 
...„...~ William 
Divorty, George, millwright, Midmill 

„™ William, millwright 

Duncan, Alexander, surgeon 

Duthie, John, blacksmith 

Fowler, William, quarrier 

~~.~~. Alexander, mason 

Forbes, William, watchmaker 

Gourlay, Robert, innkeeper 

Grant, William, merchant 

Hill, Miss Barbara 

Innes, John, tailor 

Johnston, James, blacksmih, Fowlerton 

Keith, George, turner, Wardhouse 

Kemp, Alex., shoemaker, Comieston 

Kennedy, William, weaver 

King, Alexander, innkeeper 

Law, Christopher, baker 

Marnoch, George, sawyer 

Marshall, William, wood merchant 

Maseon, John, veterinary surgeon 

Ogston, James, forester, Wester Fintray 

Peter, Thomas, sawyer 

Rae, George, turner 

Rsiney, Alexander, surgeon 

Robertson, George, sawyer, Woodend 

Roger, Alexander, flesber 

~~.~,~ George, mason 

Ross, Rev. Wm , Parish church 

■~~.™~ Miss Mary 

Rough, John, tailor 

Shepherd, Alexander, wright 

.,„..„„ James, wright 

Sheriffs, Alexander, tailor 

Simpson, Rev. Robert, Free Church, 

Bromley cottage 
Smith, John, druggist 

Wm„ merchant 

Mrs. John 

™» Miss Elizabeth, teacher, female 

Snowie, Alexander, mason 
Stephen, James, wood merchant 

„ ,„_^ William, blacksmith, Sea lodge 

Taylor, James, teacher of music 

,™» John, Temperance Coffeehouse 

Thorn, Mrs., midwife 
Waddmgton, Wm., hairdresser 
Walker, John, sawyer 
Watt, Leslie, shoemaker 

„™ Thomas druggist 

™*„™ Wm., corn merchant, Upper mill 
Youngson, Alexander, sawyer 
„~.„,~ John, mason 


Abel, Alexander, Aquherton 

,~~™» William, Cotton 

Allan, Alexander, Kintore 

Anderson, George, Old Balbithan 

Burness, George, Bogheads 

Brown, William, Cotton 

Catto, Bailie John 

Campbell, George, Bogfold 

Carney, Arthur, Drumnaheth 

Cooper, William 

Christie, James, Cairnhall 

Deans, William, Ratchill 

Divorty, William, Midmill 

Duncan, Alexander, Sea lodge 

Fowler, James, Blairs 

Fraser, Bailie George, Bridge Alehouse 

Gerard, Alexander, Fowlertown 

Harvey, James, Foordtown 

Johnston, Peter 

Ledingham, John 

Low, James 



Malcolm, Alexander, Sea lodge 
MassoD, Alexander, Harthills 
„ m ,~~ William, Sea lodge 
Milne, George, Bogfur 
Mollison, Alexander $ 

„^ William, Uppermill 

Petrie, James, Mill of Fintray 
Rait, James, Dalweiry 
Roger, John, Wardhouse 
Rough, Alexander 
Smith, Alexander, Tillybin 

George, Tofthills 

iiirr , John, Brae 

„„. John, Tavelty 

Straith, James, Boat of Thainston 
Walker, James, Wester Fintray 
Watt, Alexander 
^^^^ John 
... JJJff rr John 
John H. 


Andrew, George, blacksmith 
Annand, George, builder, Damadilly 
Bisset,Wm., merchant, Mains of Kemnay 
Bruce, George, farmer, Millton 
Burnett, Jn., of Kemnay, Kemnay House 
Deans, James, farmer, Lochshangie 
Emslie, Alexander, teacher, Academy 
,™«.„„ Benjamin, plasterer, Mosshead 
„™„™ John, farmer, Wellbush 
„„.„v~, Robert, farmer, Millton 
Leslie, Alexander, gardener 
Malcolm William, farmer, Craigern 
Melvio, James, wright, Craigern 
Peter, Rev. George, Pariah church 
Smith, George, farmer, Scrapehard 

„*, James, farmer, Laughintilly 

Stevenson, Andrew, Rector, Kemnay 

~~„~^ William, farmer, Damadilly 

LONGSIDE — John Watt, Postmaster. 

Arbuthnot, Thomas, Meethill 
Beaton, John, Parish School, Rora 
Buchan James, of Auchmacoy 
Bruce. James, of Longside, Longside 
Bruce, George, innkeeper 
Center, Rev. William, Parish School 
Cheves, Robert, merchant 
Cumming, Very Rev. Dean 
Ferguson, George, of Pitfour 

Gordon, ■, of Carness 

Hutchison, Robert, Carngall 
Imray, Rev. John, Parish Church 
«_~-~ R. R., inspector of poor 
Kerr, John, excise officer 
Low, Rev. Alex., Episcopal Church 
Massie, John, malster and brewer, 
Newton, Philip, supervisor of excise 
Noble, William, Glenugie Distillery 
Sim, John, watch and clockmaker 
Smith, John, Aberdeen carrier 
,™„™» John, vintner 

Thomson, Alexander, sheriff-officer 
Thorn, John, do., Kinmundy 
Watt, John, Post Office 
Whyte, George, land-surveyor, and 
assessor of income taxes 

Adie, James, Easter Lenabo 
Adie, John, Parkhill 
Bennet, Alex., Crookednook 
Forrest, George, Mains of Ludquharn 
„™„™ Thomas, Auchlydoors 
Hay, John, Mains of Kinmundy 
Hutchison, John, Monyruy 
~~v~w» Robert, Middleton, Rora 
Henderson, Adam, Nether Savock 
Newbound, John, Invereddie 

Penny, , Nether Kinmundy 

Scott, William, Wester Rora 
Volume, Andrew, Mains of Buthlaw 

LUMSDEN — Harry Gauld, Postmaster. 

Alexander, Alex., merchant, Braefoot 

Anderson, William, tailor 

Barclay, William, tailor 

Beattie, John, merchant, Littlemill 

Bruce, William, cattle dealer, Mid Clova 

Burgess, Rev. Thos., Secession church 

Cameron, Alexander, blacksmith 

„~v~-~ George, shoemaker 

,™..~~ George, overseer, Clova 

Christie, William, dyer 

Clark, William, road overseer depute 

Cooper, James, sheriff officer 

Copland, Alexander, house carpenter 

Cran, Peter, police constable 

Dawson, Sophia, infant school 

Dow, Mrs., lace worker 

Dunbar, Margaret, dressmaker 

Gauld, Harry, postmaster 

Green, Mrs., teacher 

Hay, Arthur, surgeon, Drum 

Henderson, Mrs., midwife 

Hosie, Isabella, dressmaker 

Inch, Alexander, mason 

Lamb, Alexander, innkeeper 

Law, James, innkeeper 

Ledingham, Adam, gamekeeper, Clova 

Lindsay, Alexander, mason 

Lumsden, Henry, of Auchindoir, Clova 



Lumsden, William, baker 

M'Intosh, Duncan, contractor 

Moir, James, forester, Clova 

™~„™ John, merchant 

Morgan, William, carpenter, Crofts of 

Murdocb, George, messenger-at-arms 
Nicoll, Rev. Harry, Free church 

Reid, Rev. William, Manse of Auchin- 

Robertson, Alexander, wright 
Stuart, Maria, dressmaker 
Walker, John, Chapel House 
Wilson, Stephen, gardener, Clova 
Wright, Peter, wright 
.,~,„™ Mrs., midwife 

MACDUFF — George Edward, Postmaster. 

Adam, Robert, bank agent, 11 Duff st. 
Allardyce, Mrs., vintner, 12 Skene st. 
Alexander, George, corn merchant, 50 

Duff street 
Anderson, Alexander, shoemaker, 56 

Duff street 
~~»~~» Alexander, baker, 41 Duff street 
„~v„™ James, flesher, 10 School lane 
„„.~™ William, mason, 58 Gellymill st. 

,~~ Jessy, merchant, 42 Duff street 

Barber, George, blacksmith, 22 Market 

Cainie, , rope and sail maker, 2 

Gelleymill street 
Chiene, Alex., tailor, 22 Skene street 

„~, William, flaxdresser, 8 Bruce st. 

Crab, George, cabinetmaker, 24 Skene st. 
Craib, James, shoemaker, 21 Skene st. 
Cruickshank, Edward, wood merchant, 

15 Gelleymill street 
„,~„~. Rob. grain merchant, 5 Shore st 
~~...~ W., Custom- House officer, 3 

Paterson street 
dimming, Miss, dressmaker, 8 Skene st. 
Dallas, Alex., lime merchant, 3 Pater. 

son street 
Edward, George, postmaster, 31 Shorest. 
Farquharson, John, merchant, 46 Skene 

Findlater, William, shipowner, 19 Shore 

Garland, John, flesher, 10 Gelleymill st. 
Gelly, George, 71 Duff street 
Gill, Charles, surgeon, 27 Gelleymill st. 
Gillen, Robert, boot and shoemaker, 25 

Duff street 
Gillespie, Alex., Dean of Guild, 43 

Gelleymill street 
Gow, William, merchant, 15 Skene st. 
Gray, James, watchmaker, 38 Shore st. 
Greig, William, fishcurer, 57 Duff street 
Greive, William, grocer, 1 Fife street 
Harvey, Charles, perfumer, 41 Shore st. 
Hendry, Andrew, druggist, 26 Duff st. 
Horn, James, so'icitor, 1 Horn's brae 
Hunter, A., Fife Arms Inn, 33 Shore st. 
Ingram, John, merchant, 19 Gelleymill 

Lamburn, John, officer of excise, 12 

School lane 
Lawrence, Isabella, vintner, 40 Gelley- 
mill street 
LeUk, Adam A., Cruickness street 

Leisk, John, merchant, 19 Duff 3treet 
Lowrie, Jas , wood merchant, 9 Skene st 
Lumsden, Jas., draper, 1 Gelleymill st. 
Lyall, Alex., merchant, 1 Market st. 
Macathun, James, draper^ 10 Duff st. 
Mann, Mrs., coffee-house keeper,' 

Cruckyness street 
Manson, Gilbert, officer of fisheries, 1 

Bruce street 
Martin, James, merchant, 35 Shore st. 
Matbeson, Sally, merchant, 17 Duff st. 
Morrison & Son, general merchants, 

72 Duff street 
Murdoch, George, grocer, 3 Duff st. 
Muiray, Alexander, merchant tailor, 24 

Duff street 

^~ John, tinsmith, 23 Shore street 

„w»~~. William, blacksmith, 8 Crucky- 
ness street 
Nicol, George, merchant, 49 Shore st. 
Nish, George, merchant, 60 Duff street 
Paterson, W., berth-master, 22 Shore 

~~..~~ Mrs., vintner, 43, Shore street 
Patton, John, baker, 32' Duff street 
Peterkin, James, shoemaker, 29 Shore 

Person, John, merchant tailor, 50 Shore 

Raffen, John, wright, 38 Duff street 

Helen, 39 Gelleymill street 

Reid, David, vintner, 3 Shore street 
~~.~w» William, feuar, 8 Duff street 
Rettie, Archd., merchant, 42 Shore st. 
Robertson, Margaret, grocer, 37 Skene 

Ross, John, merchant, 28 Skene street 
Roy, Barclay, grocer, 8 Market street 
Runcy, James, fish curer, 20 Market st. 
„~.„™ John, weaver, 6 Gelleymill st. 
Scott, James, baker, 31 Duff street 
Sband, William, cabinetmaker, 7 Church 

Sherrar, Jas., cabinetmaker, 12 School 

Simpson, A., manager Commercial Co., 

7 Skene street 
,™,~~ Alexander, tailor, 29 Duff st. 
Still, William, clockaiaker, 44 Gelley- 
mill street 
Taylor, John, boot and shoemaker, 6 

Duff street 
Thane, AnD, grocer, 4 Church lane 



Thomson, T., seed merchant, 81 Duff 

Valder, Robert, shipowner, 13 Skene st. 
Walder, Blacklock, & Co., 27 Duffst. 
„ JJaJJJ „ Jas., cabinetmaker, 46 Shore st. 
. JJJJJJj; . Thomas, wood merchant, 21 

Duff street 
Walker, John, manager, salmon fishery, 

11 Shore street 
Watt, Alexander, fishcurer, 7 Crucky- 

ness street 
*~„~~. F., shipmaster (Deveron), 20 

Shore street 
,~~~„, William, merchant, 15 Duffst. 

, „™ Mrs., merchant, 48 Duff street 

Watson, Henry, baker, 34 Shore street 
John, shoemaker, 7 Cruckymill 

Thomas, blacksmith, 4 School 


Miss, dressmaker, 23 Skene st. 

West, Isabel, vintner, 17 Crucykness st. 
Wilson, Andrew, pilot, 9 Cruckyness st. 

George, shipowner, 21 Shore St. 

,v™ James, shipowner, 40 Shore st. 

. Miss, 51 Duff street 

Young, J., metchant, and fishcurer, 24 

Shore street 
„w* Margaret, gtocer, 12Church lane 


Begg, George, Whitestones 

Gardiner, George, Melross 

Gill, Alexander, Bloodymires 

*^. George, Bloodymires 

Greig, Alexander, Heddintown 

Henry, Walter, Mures 

Hutcheon, Walter, Silver Hillocks 

Joss, George, Burnside 

™. John, Seatown of Cu lien 

Leisk, John, schoolmaster, Gowk- 

Lumsden, John, Whitestones 

Mackay, Robert, Paithes 

M'Robert, James, Mains of Cullen 

Mara, A. C., Mures 

Murray, William, Mains of Cullen 

Panton, George, Jackstown 

Paterson, George, Hungryhill 

„„-„.„ George. Outseat 

Pyper, John, Whitestones 

Ritchie, Alexander, Mill of Melross 

„,~,„~ George, Howland Park 

Shand, Alexander, Conihill 

Taylor, George, Bagwell 

^~ John, Whitestones 

Wilson, Alexander, blacksmith, Silver 

MARYCULTER— William Wyllie, Postmaster. 

Boswell, J. Irvine, of Balmuto, King- 

Bower, Rev. John, Parish Church 
Carmiehael, Rev. Donald, procurator, 

St. Mary's College, Blairs 
Donald, George, of Westerton, Blairs 
Durwarri, Rev. David, Parish School 
Esson, Alex., blacksmith, Eastside 
Fiddes, Robert, carrier, Stobhall 
Garioch, Miss, of Heathcot 
Gerrard, Robert, Shannaburn 
Kennedy, Duncan, cattle dealer 
Low, Mrs., Altries 
Milne, James, farmer, Parkbead 
Ogilvie, Rev. Geo., Free Church 
Philip, Robert, overseer, Kingcausie 
Sharp, Rev. John, president, St. Mary's 

College, Blairs 
Towens, Joseph, overseer, Heathcote 
Watson, Mrs., innkeeper, Mill inn 


Arthur, Rev. David F., Free Church 
Ogston, Alexander, of Ardo 
Paul, Rev. William, Parish Church 
Thomson, Alexander, of Banchory 
,„„..„.. William, Free Church School 
„™.„„ Mrs , sen., Drumduan 
Webster, John, Parish School 
Williamson, Jas., overseer, Ardo House 


Bannerman, Mrs. Thomas, Bieldside 
Barclay, George, builder, Cults 
Campbell, Dr., Cults 
Ewen, William, farmer, Bieldside 
Gibb, James Shirra, of Cults 
M'Nab, Alexander, farmer, Westerton 
Roy, William, merchant, Bieldside 
Tburburn, Jhn., of Murtle, Murtle house 

METHLIC — William Stephen, Postmaster. 

Aberdeen, the Right Hon. the Earl 
of, K. T., Haddo-house 

Anderson, James, surgeon, Little Mel- 

Black, William, schoolmaster, Cairn- 

Chalmers, George, overseer, Haddo- 
Coutts, John, merchant, Woodend 
Dallachy, John, gardener, Haddo-house 
Fraser, Alex., schoolmaster, Inverebtie 
Gallow, Alexander, innkeeper 



Grant, William, innkeeper and mer- 

Hislop, John, forester, Haddo-hoose 

Iculay, Alexander, merchant, Water- 

Ligertwood, William, merchant, Brack- 

Milne, George, merchant, Belnagook 

Petrie, Arthur, merchant, Newseat 

Pirie, George, schoolmaster 

Smith, Alexander, merchant 

Stephen, William, postmaster 

Whyte, Rev. James, Parish Church 


Beaton, Alexander, Auchenciuive 
Black, John, Annet 
Brebner, Alexander, Balquhyndachy 
Gray, George, Flinthills 
Ligertwood, Lewis, Brackley 
Mackie, John, Chapelpark 
Milne, George, Haddo 
Mitchell, James, Brackley 
Sim, Robert, Newton 
Singer, Adam, Wardford 
Thomson, John, Greenmyre 
Whitehead, Jonathan, Little Methlic 
Wilson, James, Chapeltou 

MINTLAW — Mrs. Levay, Postmistress. 

Bruce, James, of Innerquhomery 
Ferguson, George, of Pitfour 
Russell, James, of Aden 

Cordiner, Rev. Charles, Kininmonth 
Fisher, Rev. William, Leeds 
M'Crie, Rev. George, Clola 
Morrison, Rev John, Parish Church, 

Old Deer 
Rankin, Rev. Arthur, Old Deer 


Cruickshank, William, Old Deer 
Furquhar, John, Mintlaw 
Stronach, Alexander, Kininmonth 
Wood, David, Shannas 

Cooper, James, M.D., Old Deer 
Urquhart, Robert, surgeon 

Davie, Geo , miller, Mill of Gavel 
Davidson, John, miller, Clola 

William, do., Mill of Aden 

Noble, William, distiller, Glenugie 
Smith, Thomas, & Co., manufacturers, 


Barron, John, Fetterangus 
Bremner, David, Lenabo 
Brown, James, Druggist, Old Deer 

Bruce, R. , Fetterangus 

William, Clola 

Duncan, John, Old Deer 
Farquhar, John, Mintlaw 
Henderson, Andrew, Denend 
Hutchison, John, Old Deer 
Kerr, James, Mintlaw 
Lawrence, John 
Pirie, James, Fetterangus 
Stephen, George, Bank 
Watt, James, Old Deer 
Willox, William, Park 


Bennett, Alexander, Crookeduook 
Brown, John, Cairnorchies 
Bruce, Alexander, Millhill 
~™.™. William, Netherton 
Craig, John, Netherhythie 
Ferguson, John, Brae of Covnacb. 
Gall, John, Cabra 
Gall, William, Middlehythie 
Mackie, John, Alton of Coynach 
Mundie, William, Bruxie 
Murray, John, Baluss 
Park, William, Easterknock 
Russell, William, Kininmonth 
Scott, Robert, Yokieshill 
Simpson, Ferguson, Mains of Pitfour 
Smith, Alexander, Mains of Gavel 
Watt, James, Gavel 

MONYMUSK— Patrick P. Ragg, Postmaster. 

Arthur, Thomas, merchant, Grant lodge 
Donald, Rev. John, teacher, (LordCul- 

len's School), Inspector of 

Forbes, Rev. Robert, Parish Church 
Fraser, Robert, farmer. Netber Inver 
Grant, John, farmer, Upper Inver 
„™~™ John, innkeeper 

™„ Maxwell, distiller 

~» Robert, of Tillyfour, Monymusk 

Johnston, John, merchant, Sclattiemuir 

Leslie, George, farmer, Enzean 
Middleton, William, farmer, Bridgefoot 
Mitchell, Rev. David, Free Church, 

Ogg, John, East Mains 
Ragg, Patrick P., merchant 
Shewan, George, farmer, Pitfichie 
Stewart, Thomas, farmer, Braehead 
Trail, John R., M.D., Tombeg, Inspec- 
tor of Poor for Kemnay Parish 
Walker, Rev. William, Episcopal Church 



MORTLACH — Alexander Ragg, Postmaster. 

BeatOD, John, manager, Richmond Lime 

Cruickshank, Rev. Jas., Parish Church 
Findlater, James, factor, Miltown of 

,„~,„~ James, jud., inspector of poor 
Gordon, Rev. George, Glenrinnes 
•v~»~~. Rev. George, Catholic Church, 

„™„™. John, Mortlach Distillery 
Leslie, George A. Young, Esq. of Kin- 

M'Pherson, John, Schoolmaster 
Menzies, George, Surgeon 
Petrie, James, Banker 
Ragg, Alex., Post and Stamp Office 
Rutherford, George, manager, Taninver 

Lime Works 
Shepherd, William, inspector of poor 
Taylor, William, Surgeon 


Beaton, Thomas, Square 
Eyval, Robert, Conval street 
Hay, George, Square 
Innes, Alexander, Square 
Milne, George, Conval street 
Moir, Mrs. 

Shand, William, Mason Hall 
Taylor, James, Fife street 
Walker, John, Conval street 


Collie, John, Fife Arms Inn 
Craib, Alexander, Fife street 

„™ David, Conval street 

Garrow, Peter, Fife street 
Murray, Wm., Square 
Newlands, Mrs., White Horse Inn 
Walker, John, Conval street 

M'Donald, Donald, baker, Square 
Peterkin, Jn., Aberdeen carrier, Fife st. 


Gordon, Alex., Tullochalm, J P. 

Cantley, Wm., Cluniemore, Auctioneer 

Cocker, William, Parkbeg 

Duff, Peter, Buchromb 

Grant, Paul, Nether Clunie, cattle 

Hay, George, Lettach 
Kelman, Alexander, Cluniemore 
M'Conachie, Peter, Pitglassie 
M'Donald, William, Cluniebeg 
M'Gregor, Robert, Lagan 
Mitchell, James, Parkmore 
Russell, William, Buchromb 
Stephen, Ad am, Tulloch 
„~,„~. Dr. Georae, Buchromb 
Stewart, Major, Pittyvaicb, J. P. 
„..„, Charles, Conval street 
Whyte, William, Keithmoie 

MOSSAT — William Christie, Postmaster. 

Beattie, John, merchant, Littlemill 
Begg, James, farmer, Blackhillock 
Brebner, George F., merchant, Glen- 

Chree, William, farmer, Sunnybrae 
Christie, William, schoolmaster, Kil- 

Davidson, Archibald, merchant, Glen- 
Dawson, John, veterinary surgeon, In- 

«~~,~«. William, farmer, Kinclunie 
Forbes, Jamea, farmer, Nether Towie 
Fyfe, John, schoolmaster, Towie 
Grassick, Charles, Buchaam 
~~»~v~ John, Maius, Glenbucket 

Lawson, Alexander, farmer, Mains, Kil- 

Lindsay, Rev. Robert, LL D., Manse 
of Towie 

M'Donald, Alex., merchant, Bridgeend 

Petrie, William, merchant, Glenkindie 

Reid, Adam, merchant, Baltimore 

„^»„~. Rev. Alexander, Manse of Kil- 

Peter, merchant, Nether Kil- 


Souter, Alexander, merchant, Battle- 

Taggart, Charles, merchant, Mill of 

Thomson, Jonathan, merchant, Roadside 

NEWBURGH — Alexander Crevie, Postmaster. 


Black, Robert 
Gray, Adam 
Gray, William 

Mitchell, Alexander 
„~,„v— Thomas 
Penv, William 




Blacklist], John 
Burgess, David 
Christie, John 
Crombie, George 
Crevie, John 
Gordon, Peter 
Gibson, John 
Henderson, James 
Jamieson, George 
Sinclair, Alexander 
Spalding, Thoma9 

Connon, Gilbert, carrier 
Dawson, David, tailor 
Easton, Alexander, blacksmith 
Gillespie, Alexander, overseer, Ythan 

Glashan, Thomas, surgeon 
Hatt, John, principal coast-officer 
Hendry, James shoemaker 
Reid, James, innkeeper 
Rennie, George, shoremaster 
Ross, Alexander, wright 
Sangster, Alexander, carrier 
Smith, Alexander, shoemaker 
Stephen, James, schoolmaster 
Thomson, Charles, tailor 
Walker, Alexander, innkeeper and baker 


Hunter, W. C, of Tillery 
Ligertwood, Andrew, of Wateridgemuir 
Peter, James, schoolmaster, and in- 
spector of poor 
Robertson, Andrew, of Foveran 
Watt, Rev. W. S., Manse 


Catto, Alex., Mill of Minnes 
Easton, James, merchant, Latch 

Fiddes, Charles, Pitmillen 
Johnston, James, miller, Oldmill 
Massie, James, merchant, Pitgersie 
Mitchell, Alexander. Fiddesbeg 
Stirling, James, miller, Mill of Fidde9 

Duncan, Geo., gardener, Foveran-house 
Gillespie, Wm., blacksmith, Newmill 
Laing, Alexander, blacksmith, Pitgersie 
Mathieson, Peter, contractor, Mintema 
Milne, Andrew, sheriff-officer, Oldmill 
Milne, John, wright, Pitgersie 
Ruxton, John, surgeon, Rosebank 
Sutherland, James, innkeeper, Rashie- 

Teviotdale, John, veterinary surgeon 
Watson, Wm., innkeeper, Southfarthing 


Allan, George, Aikenshlll 
Argo, Alexander, Overhill 
Black, John, Linhead 
„~,~~- Thomas, Munkshill 
Duthie, William, Auchendarg 
Fiddes, George, Kington 
™~,~~ Robert, Minnes 

„~- Thomas, Pitmellen 

,„„„„, William, Dubbiestile 
Gibson, George, Savock 
Gray, Wm., Mill of Fiddes 
Harvey, James, Pitgersie 
„™,„~ Robert, Drums 
Lindsay, George, Alehouse 
M'Intosh, Alexander, Grayshill 
Mitchell, Gilbert, Meikle'Haddo 
Moir, George, Knockhall 
Ruxton, Charles, Hill of lnddes 
Stirling, James, Kinknockie 
Smith, James, Mill of Rennieston 
Stoddart, Archibald, Davieshill 
-™,~~, George, Cultercullen 
Thomson, Robert, Westfield 
Watt, Alexander, Rennieston 

NEW BYTH— John Mair, Postmaster. 

Anderson, William, farmer, Cotwells 
Brown, Rev. G., Free Ch., New Byth 
Bell, John, meal and malt dealer, New 

Benge, Jn., farmer, Auchnamoon, Byth 
Blake, John, farmer, Auchnagorth 
Cassie, James, farmer, Auchnagorth 
.-~~..™ James, shoemaker, New Byth 
Collin, Mrs., merchant and farmer, 

Loanhead, Byth 
Cowieson, James, farmer, Cullbyth 
Duffus, William, merchant Blaickshouse 
Falconer, Rev. John, Established Ch., 

New Byth 
Forbes, John, schoolmaster. New Byth 
Gibb, Eben., shoemaker, New Byth 
Gibson, Robert, merchant, New Byth 
Hendry, George, blacksmith, New Byth 
Hepburn, Anilw., innkeeper. New Byth 

Inglis, William, Esq., J. P., farmer, 

Kennedy, William, farmer, Over Clach- 

Mackie, John, carrier, Aberdeen, Pe- 
terhead, and Banff 
Mair, John, merchant, New Byth 
Minty,Geotge, farmer, Tillymaud, Byth 
Philip & Mann, distillers, New Byth 
Ross, — — , schoolmaster, Fishery 
Scott, Jas., officer of excise. New Byth 
Strachan, George, farmer, Little Byth 
Taylor, Samuel, bookbinder, New Byth 
Tulloch, Gordon, blacksmith, Mains of 

Walker, Mrs., merchant, New Byth 
White, George, square-wright, Mains of 

Wiseman, James, surgeon. New Byth 



NEW DEER — George Middleton, Postmaster. 

Bisset, James, cart and plough wright 
Black, James, blacksmith 
Bruce, Hugh, veterinary surgeon 
Davidson, John, saddler 
Farquharson, Peter, Parish School 
Forbes, George, cooper 
Gavin, Rev. Richard, Free Church 
Gerrie, John, innkeeper 
Glennie, Alexander, merchant 
Gybson, Alexander, baker 
Ironside, James A., merchant 

•™- Elizabeth, innkeeper 

Johnston, Wiiliam, Peterhead carrier 
„~.~™ John, fenar 
„~..~~ James, blacksmith 
Joiner, John, sen. merchant tailor 
„~~,„~ John and Alexander, merchants 

and spirit dealers 
Keith, William, cooper 
Law, Andrew, sheriff-officer 
Mavor, George, cart and plough wright 

Middleton, George, bank agent, &c. 

~™~™ John, apothecary 

Milne, James, turner 

„,„„-. John, do. 

Mitchell, Alexander, saddler 

Moir, James and John, shoemakers 

Petrie, John and William, watchmakers 

Scott, John, Aberdeen carrier 

Smith, George, surgeon 

Stuart, David, feuar 

Taylor, George, merchant 

,-~v~~ Thomas, junior, do. 

„„.,„>. Ann, do. 

Thomson, Andrew, merchant tailor 

Walker, Alexander, Aberdeen carrier 

.™„™» Hugh, merchant 

Webster, John, feuar 

Welsh, Rev. James, Parish church 

Wood, William, innkeeper 

Wright, George, baker 

OLD MELDRUM— John Forbes, Postmaster. 

Allan, Francis, tailor 

Anderson & Smith, tailors 

Barnett, Mrs., innkeeper 

Barclay, William, carpenter 

Bennett. Thomas, surgeon 

Bisset, James, seedsman 

Bruce, James, baker 

Brichen, William, carpenter 

Burnett, Alexander, inspector of poor 

Christie, John, flesher 

Clerihew, Peter, cabinetmaker 

Cooper, Rev. George, Parish school 

Daniel, Alexander, druggist 

Davidson, John, sheriff officer 

Den, James, tailor 

Donald. Andrew, innkeeper 

Den, George, tailor 

Forbes, Alexander, apothecary 

Garioch, Rev. George, Free Church 

Ingram, John, surgeon 

Johnston, Elizabeth, female school of 

Jeffrey, Rev. James, Parish Church 
Kilgour, R. William, of Tullos 
Manson, A., of Cattie 

A., of Oakhill 

M'Gie, Rev. James, Secession Church 
M'Rae, Charles, innkeeper 
Milne, John, carpenter 
Mutch, John, of Philipstotvn 
Manson, John, & Co., distillers 

~~. James, North of Scotland Bank 

Murray, Ellis, boot and shoemaker 
Ramsay, John, of Bara and Straloch 
Riddel), Charles, ironmonger 

Robertson, Patrick, M.D., physician 
and surgeon 

,™»„~ Rev. William, Episcopal Church 

Rennie, Alexander, tailor 

Ross, William, Free Church school 

Shand, Alexander, saddler 

Stevenson, Alexander, saddler 

Stephen, James, watch and clock 
maker • 

Simpson, Thomas, carpenter 

Urquhart, B. C, of Meldrum and Bytn 

Webster, James and George, sheriff- 

,„~~~-, Alexander, boot and shoemaker 

~*~ James, carrier 

™-» John, carpenter 

Wilson, John, boot and shoe maker 


Auld, Charles 
Barber, William 
Connon, Mrs 
Donald, Thomas 
Ferguson, Alexander 
Knox. Alexander 
Littlejobn, James 
Leslie. Mrs, 
Manson, Alexander 
Reith, George 
Smith, James 

~~~~~» William and George 
Sutherland, Alexander 
Watt, John 
Wilson, Stephen 
Wilson, Peter 




Adam, William, Mill of Balcairn 
Alexander, James, Ardfork 
Annand, James, Parkside 
Barnett, James, Gowner 
Gordon, Jame3, Hillhead of Lightnot 
Gray, Alexander, Tullo House 
Milne, William, Bethelnie 

„_~ James, Forester hill 

Robertson, Francis, distiller, Tullo 
Sim, David, Ardmeddia 
Thomson, John, Tullo 


Bisset, Rev. James, Parish Church 
Mearns, Rev. James, schoolmaster and 
inspector of poor 


Alexander, George, Barra 

,~~~~. Peter, Pitgavny 

, Mrs., Airyhillock 

Chrystal, William, corn merchant, Kin- 

Lumsden, Innes, Blockhouse 

Moir, John, Thornton 

Maitland, J. & R , Muirtown of Barra 

Smith, James, Blankets 

Strath, William, Kirktown 

Turnbull, William, Lochend of Barra 

Walker, George, North Mains of 


Burnett, Rev. Thomas, A.M., Parish 

Clark, James, schoolmaster and^inspec- 

tor of poor 
~~~~~~ Miss, teacher 
Manson, John of Fingask 
Seaton, Alexander, of Mounie 


Brown, George, Pitinnan 
Ferguson, George, Mains of Mounie 
„„.„„ James, Newcraig 
Gray, William, Little Pitinnan 
Ironside, James, Pirblane 
Maitland, James, Meikle Pitblane 
.~~,.~. James, Pitblane 
Milne, Alexander, Wicketslap 
Mitchell, William, Hillhead 
Paul, George, Mill of Mounie, miller 
Roch, Peter, Newtown, Mounie 
Strachan, Andrew, Fingask 

™« John, Fingask 

Walker, Peter, Lumphart 

,, William, Cuttlecraigs 

White, James, Loanhead 



Anderson, James, Auchneive 
Davidson, Alexander, Cairnbrogie 
Marr, John, Cairnbrogie 

PETERHEAD — Thomas Knox, Postmaster. 

Abbott, James, & Son, sail mnkers 
Abernethy, Wm., shipmaster, (Eliza,) 

Keith street 
„™„™ Miss, new inn, Jamaica street 
Adam9, R., sberiffofficer, Tolbooth wynd 
Aiken, Mrs., confectioner, Rose street 
Alexander & Anderson, solicitors and 

share brokers, Broad street 
Alexander, Gil., tanner, St. Peter's st. 
Robert, surgeon, H.E.I.C.S., St. 

Andrew street 
..~~„~, Thomas, grocer, and Manager for 

the Bone Mill Co , Broad st. 
„„„^ Wm., agent for the North of 

Scotland Bank, Broad street 
Allan, A. & D., & Co., flesbers, Bridge 
„~~™ David, vintner, Union st. [st. 
r~~~~. William, shipmaster, (North of 

Scotland,) Back street 
Anderson, Alex , shipowner, Shiprow 
,~™~~*. Alexander, baker, Broad street 
™~„™ Geo., shipowner, Marischal st. 
*-~*,~~ James, distributor of Stamp9, St. 

Andrew street 
,.~,™ James S., & Co., manufacturers 

Marischal street 

Anderson, J. S., shipowner, St. Peter'sst. 

John, M.D , Merchant street 

„™,™, John, feuar, Rose street 

~~w»~. Robert, & Co., silk mercers and 

clothiers, Marischal street 
„~,„„ William, saw miller, Queen st. 

™— Mrs. Jas., of Techmuiry, Kiik st. 

„~~„™ Miss, Ladies School, Marischal 
~~» — . Miss Jane, Wallace street [st. 
Arbuthnot, Adam, shipowner, Jamaica 

,~~ m ~ George, of Innernithy, shipowner, 

Broad street 

R., of Mount Pleasant, Bath st. 

— .„,. William, of Dens, Maiden street 
Arthur, Andrew, surgeon, Marischal St. 
,~~„«_ Andrew, tailor, Marischal street 
„~.„~. Geo., shipmaster, (Temiscouata,) 

Merchant street 
Bain, James, provision dealer, Castle st. 
Balfour, William, teacher of dancing, 

Lodge walk 
Bannerman, John, carter, James street 
Baxter, William, draper, Broad street 
Baylis, Rev. Edward, (Wesleyan,) St. 

Andrew street 



Beaton, Violet, grocer, Kirk street 
Bell, James, & Co., fishcurers, Bridge st. 
Birnie, Alexander, grocer and spirit 

dealer, Long-gate street 
^^.^v. & Co., drapers and clothiers, 

Marischal street 
„^»„~» Mrs., Chapel street 
,^»~~ Mrs, lodgings, Castle street 
Blance, James, vintner, Harbour street 
Bothwell, Mrs., vintner, (Travellers' 

Tavern,) Marischal street 
Bowman, Mrs., washer and dresser, 

Marischal stieet [street 
Boyd, Andrew, Procurator fiscal, Queen 
„™„~. Wm , plasterer, Maiden street 
,™, Mrs. Wm., lodgings, Merchant 

Brands, Alexander, wright, Albion street 
Bremner, Thomas J , agent for Com- 
mercial Bank 
Brodie, Jnseph, leacher of Navigation, 

&c, Lodge walk 
,„~„™ Miss Ann, keeper of News-room, 

Lodge walk 
Brown, Alexander, shipmaster, (Cathe- 
rine,) Charlotte street 
,„~~~- John, shipmaster, St. Peter's st. 
Bruce, Alex., shipmaster, (Rosanna,) 

James street [street 

„~,™- John, coal broker, St. Andrew 
Brvson, James, flesher, Broad street 
Buchan, Mrs. David, provision dealer, 

Jamaica street 
Burnett, Daniel, grocer and spirit dealer, 

Kirk street 
,..,,„-~ John, merchant, Albion street 
,~~„w. Peter, shipmaster, (Hamilton 

Ross,) Chapel street 
Campbell, Rev. Robt. (Secess. Church), 

Charlotte street 
Cardno, John, tailor, Union street 

„,^» John, blacksmith, Castle street 

Catto, Alex., grocer and spirit dealer, 

Broad street 
„™„~- Andrew, candlemaker, St. An- 

draw's street 
„v_ George, tea and spirit merchant, 

Marischal street 
Chalmers, John, fishcurer, Queen street 

„™ Miss B , teacher, Longate st. 

Chapman, Alex, shipmaster (Hero), 

Bath street 
Cheyne, James, tailor, Rose street 
Chisholm, Ann, dealer in porter and ale, 

Merchant street 
Chivas, Mrs. John, Bath street 
Christian, Charles, vintner and salmon 

fisher, Longate street 
Christie, Alexander,shipmaster (Betsey), 

Jamaica street 
„„,,..,- Charles, mealseller and coal- 
broker, Longate street 
.~~„™ Christian, lodgings, Longate st. 
.,-.„,„„ John D., shipmaster (Harriet), 

Jamaica street 
Clark, James.carter and provision dealer, 

B.ick street 

Connon, Alex., bookseller, Marischal st. 
Cook, Rev. David (Congregational), 

Thistle street 
Copland, John, eartwrighr, Kirk street 
Cordiner, Andrew, shoemaker, Broad st. 
„~~~» William, Aberdeen Carrier, 

Back street 
™~„™ Mrs., Queen street 
Cormack, Mrs., board and lodgings, 

James street 

.v™. Wm., vintner, Back street 

Coutts, James, provision dealer, Longate 

Cowan, David, shipmaster (Brilliant), 

Pool lane 
Cowie, John, vintner and stabler, Maris- 
chal street 
™~~™ Robert, builder Merchant street 
~™.„.~ William, blacksmith and horse- 

shoer, Marischal street 
Cowper, Mrs. John, dressmaker, Jamaica 

Craig, John, saddler, Broad street 
Crellin, Robert Quail, Sub-Comptroller 

of Customs, Harbour street 
Crighton, Alexander, wood merchant, 

Queen street 
Cross, Kenneth, flesher, Longate st. 
Cruickshank, Alex., cartwright, York st. 

Miss, St. Peter's street 

Cumming, Andrew, cornfactor and lime 

.agent, Back street 
™»„~ Cumming, Mrs., mealseller, &c. 

Back street 
Cunningham, John, boot and shoe maker, 

Marischal street 
Dalryrnple, Miss, lodgings, Lodge walk 
Daniel, William, fishcurer, Castle street 
Dang, Miss, straw-bonnet maker, Lodge 

Davidson, J., flesher, Marischal street 
„™,™. Mrs. Alex., dressmaker, Longate 


„™ , Miss C, lodgings, Merchant st. 

Dinnes, Mrs., provision dealer, Longate, 

Dugald, Wm., fishcurer, Chapel street 
Duncan, Alexander, grocer and spirit 

dealer, Marischal street 
~~»~~. Mrs., washer and dretser, Thistle 

„™„™ Mrs., vintner, Kirk street 
Dunn, Peter, Keeper of Prison, Prince's 

Duthie, Wm., shipmaster, St. Peter's st. 
Edward, James, lodgings, Union street 
Elmslie, Mrs., vintner, Seagate street 
Ewan, David, inspector of poor, Kirk st. 
Farquhar, Robert, blacksmith, Rose st. 
~~ William, billard-room keeper, 

Lodge walk 
-~~~™. Mrs., lodging house, Union street 
Farquharson, Peter, mason, Back street 
Fiodlay, Janet, provision dealer. Long- 
gate street 
Finnie, Robert, tailor, Rose street 
Flann, Matthew, coast guard, Castle st. 



Florance, James, blacksmith, Harbour st. 
™v~™ John, & Co., blacksmiths, Bridge 

Forbes, James, rope maker, Kirk street 
,„~„~- James, boot and shoemaker, Rose 

.,.~„ m Keith, solicitor, Merchant street 

. Maxwell G., M.D., Merchant 

Forrest, Charles, grocer and spirit dealer^ 

Marischal street 
„^v.™~ Thomas, feuar, Errol street 
„~»~~- Thomas, jun,, carter, Errol St. 
Fraser, Alex., joiner, Longate street 
.~~.,~. Alex., cooper and spirit dealer, 

Longate street 
„~~™ Mrs., innkeeper (MaiL Coach 

Office), Broad street 
Fyvie, William, coal broker, Chapel st. 
Gall, William, tailor, Jamaica street 
Gamack, William, solicitor, Jamaica st. 
Gavin, Geo., tidewaiter, James street 
Gear, Adam, shoemaker, Windmill st. 
~~~.„~ David, shoemaker, Windmill st. 
Geddes, James, & Son, shipbuilders, 

Bridge street 
Gibb, Miss, dressmaker, York street 
Gibson.Geo., clerk (Harbour dues), Har- 
bour street 
,^.„„, James, tinsmith, St. Andrew st. 

„~ . William, cartwright, Uphill lane 

Gilchrist, John, merchant, Maiden st. 
Giles, John, boot and shoemaker, Lon- 
gate street 
Glennie, Alex., coast guard, Shiprow 
Godsman, Mrs., grocer, Back street 
Gordon, Alex., boot and shoemaker, Lon- 
gate street 
~w»,~~ Charles, boot and shoemaker, 

Kirk street 
.™„„, Miss, dressmaker, Back street 
Gossip, John, blacksmith, Albion street 
Grant, John, corn factor, Maiden street 
„~,-~~ Robert, tailor, Chapel street 
_.^„,~ Mrs., provision dealer, Errol st. 
Gray, Alex., provision dealer, St. Peter's 

ot»„~. Boyd, agents (Aberdeen Bank), 

Jamaica street 
,„.„~, Hector, cutler and town's drum- 
mer, Marischal street 
,~w~-~ John, shipmaster (Eclipse), Castle 

,„„,™ Roderick, Lord Provost, Jamaica 

»^»„w» Misses, & Pringle, lady's board- 
ing school, Charlotte street 
Greig, Alexander, tailor, Broad street 
.-~~~™ & Cowie, joiners and cabinet- 
makers, Broad street 
Hastings, Mrs., grocer, Kirk street 
Hay, Alex., slater, Queen street 
J ^»,„., Francis, M.D..& Co., tinsmiths, 
Marischal street 
, James, boot and shoemaker, St. 

Andrew street 
, John, grocer, Chapel street 

Hay, John, block, mast, and pump 
maker, James street 

John, shipmaster ( London), Maiden 

„~»„ William, manager (Bell's fish 
curing establishment), Maris- 
chal street 
^^^ William, grocer and spirit dealer, 

Elles street 
™«„, Mrs. William, mealseller, Long- 
gate street 

Henderson, James, saddler, Broad street 

,™.„,.» James, painter, carver and gilder, 
Bridge street 

James, Huard Banff coach, Ma- 
rischal street 

,™, Miss, provision dealer, Union st. 

„™„-~. Mary, glass and stoneware dealer, 
St Andrews street 

Hendry, Charles, teacher (Academy), 
St Peter's street 

Henry, John, shipmaster (Rose;, James 

Hird. Alexander, cooper, Thistle street 

Hogg, James, shipmaster (Resolution), 
Charlotte street 

«v~»~ James, fishcurer, Queen street 

,~v.» James, & Co., grocers and ship 
chandlers, Harbour street 

„ John, shipmaster (Froward), Har- 
bour street 

Hornie, Lawrence, R.N., Merchant st. 

Hunter, John, grocer, Union street 

Hutcheson, Alexander, shipmaster (Ac 
tive), Lodge walk 

~*~v~w~ Mrs., feuar, St Peter's street 

„~,.™» Misses (Braehouse) Harbour st. 

Hutchison, James, auctioneer and mes- 
senger-at.arms, Queen street 

Robert, of Cairngali, Merchant 


,„~„-~ William, printer, Queen street 

James, of Springfield, shipowner, 

Kirk street 

Hutton, John, manufacturer, Kirk st. 

„™„™. Thomas, coast waiter, Keith st. 

-™».™, Mrs., lodgings, Keith street 

Imlah, Grant, stabler and messenger-at- 

Ingram, Mrs., vintner, Harbour street 

Irvine, Rev. Alexander (Parishchurch), 
St Peter's street 

Jackson, Peter, Aberdeen carrier, Lodge 

Jaffray, Mrs., jun., teacher, Lodge walk 

Jamieson, Patrick, surgeon, Marischal 

Johnston, James, shipbroker, Harbour 

John, watch and clock maker, 

Back street 

™~,v™ John, surgeon, Broad street 

~»~,~~ John, shipmaster (Gleaner), 
Union street 

,~™..,~ Peter, boot and shoe maker, St. 
Andrews street 

~v~,~~ Mrs., grocer, Kirk street 



Kidd, Andrew, grocer and spirit dealer, 

Harbour street 
^w,, Robert, grocer andJ9pirit merchant, 

Eroad street 
Kilgour, John, accountant (Commercial 

Bank), Queen street 
King, Alexander, shoemaker, Kirk st. 
>^»„. Benjamin, watch and clock maker, 

Rose street 
„~~ & Fowler, blacksmiths, Rose St. 
„~«. Mrs., teacher, Queen street 
Knox, Arbuthnot, sheriff clerk, Long- 
gate street 
~~-„, James, sheriff officer, Windmill st. 
„™„ Peter, teacher (Academy), Queen 

„*„„, Thomas, postmaster and agent for 
Aberdeen Town and Country 
Bank, Broad street 
Kynoch, John, tailor, Marischal street 
Laing, James, slater. Princes street 
~w».™» Mrs., of Haddo, Harbour street 
Law, George, grocer and spirit dealer, 

Broad street 
..v~~~. James, shipmaster, Merchant st. 
~—~„ James, shoe-wareroom, Broad st. 
Lawrance, Thomas, shipbuilder, Sea- 
gate street 
Lawrence, T. & C. grocers, wine, and 

spirit merchants, Longate st. 
„~»«^ William, draper, Broad street 
Laurie, James, shipmaster, Maiden st. 
Leask, Miss, teacher, Kirk street 
Leith, George, shoemaker, Kirk street 
-,.~»„™ William, fishcurer, and manager 
for Mr. Methven, Castle street 
Leslie, John, fishcurer, Jamaica street 
.v^.„.~ Thomas, bookseller, Kirk street 
„v^™» William, cooper, Harbour street 
Lindsay, Andrew, shoemaker, Windmill 

Lockie, Alexander, cabinet-maker, St. 

Andrew street 
Logie, William, fishcurer, Bath street 
London & Leith Shipping Co.'s office, 

Harbour street 
Lucas, Mrs., vintner, Harbour street 
Lumsden, James, dentist, Merchant st. 
Lunan, James, shipbuilder. Queen st. 
Lyall, James, parish schoolmaster, 

Princes street 
M'Callum, John, teacher, Broad street 
M'Callan, John, tailor, Broad street 
M'Combie, James, cooper, Pool lane 
M'Donald, James, flesher, Broad street 
~~.otv» James, vintner, Sun inn, Tolbooth 

M'Intosh, John, manager Gas Co., Wal- 
lace street 
M'Kay, Alex., Fishery Office, Broad st, 
M'Kenzie, Alexander, flesher, Broad st 
~™~™ Colin, flesher. Union street. 
„~.~~» Colin, vintner, Harbour street 
,™.„™ John, collector of customs, Har- 
bour street 
........ ■. John, cooper, Albion street 

Hector, vintnar, Union street 

M'Laren, James, mealseller, &c, Lon- 
gate street 

M'Lean, John, flesher, Longate street 

M'Leod, Mrs., provision dealer, Cha- 
pel street 

™~™» Mrs., provision dealer, Longate 

M'Phersnn, Donald, plasterer, Back st. 

„™~™ John, baker, Ellis street 

M'Robeits, John, ironmonger, Merchant 

M' William, William, shipmaster, (Mag- 
net), Maiden street 

Mackie, Alexander, feuar, Cairn Trodlie 

~™ — George, shipmaster, (Brutus), 
Seagate street 

„™.™. William, shipmaster, (Britannia), 
Union street 

„~.~™ William, shipmaster, (Dublin), 
Queen street 

~_„™ William, brewer, Uphill lane 

Mrs., of Oldtown Coynact, St. 

Peter's street 

Maconachie, John, coast-guard, Shiprow 

Maitland, Alexander, vintner, Tolbooth 

»~~,~~ George, grocer, wine, and spirit 
merchant, Marischal street 

~™„™ Ann, provision dealer, Queen st. 

Manson, Donald, shipmaster, (Superior), 
Jamaica street 

Marshall, Miss Mary, Maiden street 

Marr, Mrs. James, teacher, Jamaica st. 

Martin, Robert, shipmaster,(Enterprise), 
Maiden street 

Masson, James, fishcurer, Thistle street 

Mathers, George, watch & clock maker, 
Errol street 

Mathieson, Thos., shipmaster, (Robert), 
Merchant street 

Matthew, Andw., watch and clockmaker, 
Marischal street 

~~.~~. James, grocer, Sec, Longate st. 

Mess, Miss, Maiden street 

Milne, Alexander, jun., hardware mer- 
chant, Broad street 

„™„-„ Alex., blockmaker, Harbour st. 

<™.~~« Alex., grocer and spirit dealer, 
Elles street 

.„~„,~ George, fishcurer, Keith street 

™s„~» John, teacher, (Dr. Anderson's 
School,) Maiden street 

™~„™ Thomas, grave-digger, Kirk st. 

Mitchell, Alex., coach builder, Maiden 

„™„™ Alexander, feuar and cow feeder, 
Errol street 

~™,~*. Alex., jun , slater, Errol street 

™~~™ Charles, grocer, St. Peter's st. 

.~~™* David, & Co., silk mercers and 
clothiers, Marischal street 

,~~„~, Jas., manufacturer, Marischal st. 

„*„ James, collector of harbour dues, 

Harbour street 

~,~,™ John, fishcurer, Back street 

,~~.™ Robert, joiner, St. Peter's st. 

Thomas, baker, Rose street 



Mitchell, William, cooper, Shiprow 
,™„~~ Wm., wine and hardware mer- 
chant, Broad street 
~~»~_ Miss, dressmaker, Cairn Trodlie 
Moffat, John, fishcurer, Castle street 
Morrice, John, dyer. Kirk street 
Morrison, John, teacher of music, Keith 
„™„™ Robt., baker, Longate st. [st. 

.~~,~~ Thomas, shoemaker and fish- 
curer, Longate street 
Mudie, Geo., bookseller, St. Andrew st. 
Murrison, Alexander, shipmaster, (James 

& Thomas,) James street 
Murdoch, John, shipowner, Seagate st. 
Murray, Andrew, china and stoneware 

dealer, Broad street 
,~~.„~ Alex., wood merchant, Keith st. 
-~~™~ Alex., tinsmith, Marischal street 
Napier, John, fishcurer, Union street 
Newby, Charles, Officer of the Excise, 

Cairn Trodlie 
Niven, Charles, grocer and ginger beer 

brewer, Marischal street 
Ogston, Alex., shipmaster, (Commerce,) 

Maiden street 
»»^.^»,John, shipmaster, (Union,) Maiden 

O'Neil, William, coast guard, Castle st. 
Page, Jas„ stoneware dealer, Queen st. 
Paterson, James, Lime and Bone Dust 

agent, Windmill street 
,™»~™ Wm., manager, (Nisbet h Co.,) 

Queen street 
Penny, Wm., shipowner, Maiden street 
Philips, Thomas, shipowner, Harbour st. 
Pirie, Mrs., dressmaker and lodgings, 

James street 
Post Office, Longate street, First door 

west side 
Price, John, lodgings, Keith street 
Pyper, John, builder, Maiden street 
Ramsay, William, hairdresser, Broad st. 
Rankin, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 

Longate street 
Rannie, Alex., hairdresser, Seagate st. 
„~~„™ James, St. Peter's street 
Reid, Alex., druggist, Rose street 
,™.™, James, bookseller, coffee-room 

and lodgings, Broad street 
„™„™ James, vintner, Castle street 
.~~~~. John, cooper, Pool lane 
„™„™ Peter, mason, Marischal street 
Ridley, William, officer of excise, Chapel 

Robb, Dr. Andrew, Merchant street 
,~~.,w. Geo , lime broker, Maiden street 
„™„,„ William, collector of market cus- 
toms, Tolbooth wynd 
Robertson, Alex , solicitor, James street 
»™v„~. Alex , shipmaster (Margaret & 

Jane), Merchant street 
, JJJ1I „„. Alex., baker, Broad street 
„_«„_ Brothers, drapers, Broad street 
„~,,™ James, shipmaster (Orion) Castle 

..™„™ James W., painter, Harbour st. 
~~,~v~ James, carter, Prince's street 

Robertson, James, green grocer, Mer- 
chant street 
„„~~. Thomas, shipmaster (Reliance), 
Broad street 

„_ Thomas, fishcurer, Maiden street 

„„* William, carter and feuar, Lon- 
gate street 
™*>„™ William, blacksmith and horse 

shoer, Marischal street 
__~— Mrs., of Boddom, Jamaica street 
~™~~» Mrs. Alex., Longate street 
.™,™ Mrs. Robert, St. Andrew street 
„™„™ Mrs. William, provision dealer, 

Jamaica street 
™„™. Mrs. William, vintner, Shiprow 
Rorison, Rev. Gilb. (Episcopal Chapel), 

Maiden street 
Ross, Arthur, coal broker, Maiden street 

™» Mrs. David, Jamaica street 

Sangster, Alex., sheriff officer, Jamaica st. 
m —~™ Alex., blacksmith, Cairn Trodlie 
.„„.,„. Alexander, & Co., harpoon gun 

makers, Marischal street 
Saunders, Geo , grocer and shoemaker 

Windmill street 
— - ~~ James, boot and shoemaker, Ma- 
rischal street 

.„,,* William, boot and shoemakers, 

Union street 
Scott, Alex., lettercarrier, Longate st. 
„~*„™ James, fishcurer, Marischal street 
„.-~„,~ Jamtfs shipbuilder, Bridge street 
~~.~~. John, boot and shoemaker, Lon- 
gate street 
„~~™- John, grocer and coal broker 

Longate street 
-™,™~ John, coal broker, Harbour st. 
~~»„™ Joseph, shipmaster (Kate), Queen 

~ William, bookseller and news* 

agent, Jamaica street 

„™ William, tailor, Broad street 

.,,„.,„ William, blacksmith and horse 

shoer, Kirk street 
.™, Mrs. Robert, crystal and stone- 
ware dealer, Longate street 
Sellar, James, shipmaster (Gem), Maris- 
chal street 
Shand, Mrs. John D., lodgings, Har- 
bour street 
Shaw, William, tailor, Queen street 
Shepherd, Wm., town sergeant, York st. 
™-.~-~ Wm., baker, Long-gate street 
Sheiar, Thomas, block maker, Harbour 

ShewaD, Wm., currier, Marischal street 
„™,~~ Wm., weaver, Windmill street 
Sievewright, Alex., shipmaster, Castle 

Silver, Francis, grocer and spirit dealer, 

Queen street 
Simpson, George, shipmaster (Travel- 
ler), Merchant street 
,,,~„,~ James, cart and ploughwrigbt, 

Prince3 street 
„~» — William & James, fishcurers, 
Broad street 



Simpson, Mrs. James, St. Andrew street 

Sim, Mrs., midwife, Jamaica street 

Sims, Lieut. Andrew, R.N., Queen st. 

Sinclair, John, grocer, &c. Seagate st. 

m.^, Thomas, cooper and lodgings, 
Seagate street 

.„—.-,„. William, mealseller, Marischal st. 

Skelton, George, shipowner, Broad st. 

Slessor, George, shoemaker, Albion st. 

Smith, Cosmo, grocer and spirit dealer, 
&c., Elles street 

,.~~™ James, cooper, Union street 

,.,~„w. James, teacher (Academy), St. 
Peter's street 

^^-.„^. John, carter, Cairn Trodlie 

~~»~v~ Peter, cartwright and lodgings, 
Tolbooth wynd 

„-™„,~ Robert, fishcurer, Keith street 

Souter, Alexander, berth-master, Har- 
bour street 

. — ,™w John, shipowner, Uphill lane 

r „ r .„. m John, shipowner, Shiprow 

,~~., m John, grocer and spirit dealer, 
Harbour street 

,™„~, William, merchant, St. Andrew 

,~~,™ William, baker, Back street 

Spence, William, accountant (Aberdeen 
Bank), Jamaica street 

Stephen, Mrs. Alexander, bat and cap 
warehouse, St Andrew street 

Stevenson, Alex.,boatbuilder, Bridge st. 

Stewart, Alex., builder, St Petei's st. 

„™„™ Alexander, shipmaster (Joseph 
Green), Queen street 

. -~v,~~ Charles, grocer and leather dealer, 
Kirk street 

„.^^. Charles & James, tanners, Kirk 

.„~~™ James, gardener, Constitution st. 

™,.~~ John, builder, St. Peter street 

Still, Peter, poet, Kirk sireet 

Stott, George, cabinetmaker, Merchant 

™~,„~ Mrs., mealseller, Uphill lane 

,.~,„~- James, shipmaster (Buchan), 
Broad street 

Strachan, William, china and stoneware 
dealer, Broad street 

,~~,~~ William, merchant, Marischal st. 

Sutherland, Charles, grocer and spirit 
dealer, Longate street 

.~~„~, Alexander, flesher, Rose street 

„,„,„„ John, provision dealer, Long- 
gate street 

Tawse, George, mealseller, Marischal st. 

Taylor, John, lodgings, Jamaica street 

,~~„„ John, shipbuilder, Jamaica street 

~~~w_ John, shipbuilder, Bridge street 

„-~„™ Mrs. Robert, lodging9, St. An- 
drew street 

Tennant, Robert, gardener, Longate st. 

.-~~~™ Mrs. Lillie, provision dealer, 
Longate street 

Thorn, A. E., painter, Rose street 

, James, shipmaster (Brothers In- 
crease) Union street 

Thorn, James, mealseller, Albion street 

Thompson, Allan T., & Co , cabinet- 
makers and upholsterers, Broad 

~*~.~~ John, hairdresser, Longate st. 

™~™» Margaret, grocer, &c, Kirk 8t. 

Todd, Charles, shipowner, St. Peter's st. 

Topping, John, fishcurer, Castle street 

.,~.„™ Wm , Coast Guard, Castle st. 

Toiry, Rt. Rev. Patrick, D.D, Bishop 
of St. Andrews, St. Peter st. 

Tough, Miss, grocer, Union street 

Turner, Keith, jun., manager (D. G. 
Stewart, fishcurer), Union st. 

Wallace, Alex., shipmaster (Clipper) 
Queen street 

~™ Alexander, tailor, Broad street 

„™„™ Charles, grocer and spirit dealer, 
St. Andrew street 

~~~~~ David, grocer and shoemaker, 
Errol street 

,~»~~» John, shoemaker, Albion street 

Warrender, Robert, cooper, Shiprow 

Watson, David, tailor, Broad street 

~w».™. John, mealseller, Maiden street 

,~~~™ John, boot and shoe maker, Back 

™~~~» John, jun., boot and shoe maker, 
Broad street 

„™„™ John, ter tius. boot and shoe maker, 
Broad street 

~~»,~~ William, tailor, Thistle street 

Watt, Alexander, carter, Errol street 

Webster, Thomas, Academy porter, St. 
Peter's street 

Wedderburn, James, vintner, Seagate st. 

White, Alex., coppersmith, Broad st. 

Whyte, Mrs. John, staymaker, Wallace 

Will, Wm., joiner and cabinetmaker, 
Broad street 

Williamson, Alex., brickmaker, Cairn- 

.™,vs™ Mrs., provision dealer, Longate st. 

Willox, George, joiner, Longate street 

Wilson, Alexander, cooper and fishcurer, 
Errol street 

Wiseman, William, vintner, Union st. 

Wyllie, Mrs., mealseller, Marischal st. 

Young, Andrew, cattle dealer, James st. 

~™„~ & Hislop, boot and shoe makers, 
Longate street 

<~~~~» John, merchant, Marischal st. 

Youngson, James, cabinetmaker, Chapel 

~v~~™ John, boot and shoe maker 
Marischal street 

~~~~~. Mrs., provision dealer, Marischal 

Yuill, Rev. James (Free Church), Ja- 
maica street 

Yule, James, brick and tile manufac- 
turer, Cairntrodlie 

„~*~w. James, jun., shipowner, Cairn- 

~~»«»» William, cooper and fishcurer, 
Marischal street 




Anderson, Mrs., of Ellishill 
Arbuthnot, James, of Downiehill 
~~*~™ Robert, of Mount Pleasant 

Thomas, of Metbill 

.„. Misses, of Willowbank 

Cordiner & Mackie, fishcurers, Boddom 
Donaldson, Thomas, grouod-ollicer, 

~-~„~ William, of Cowhills 
Forbes, James, artist, Invernettie 
Gall, Peter, mason, Boddom 
Henderson, James, Cowhills 
Imlacb, Robert, quarrier, Stirlinghill 
limes, James, schoolmaster, Invernettie 
Johnston, William, overseer, Methill 
Lyall, David, light keeper, Buchanness 
M'Glashen, John, brewer, Invernettie 
M'Kesser, James, overseer, Muirhill 
Marshall, John, gardener, Grange 
Moir, John, St. Catherine's cottage 
Murray, George, schoolmaster, Dens 
Noble, Crawford, of Berryhill 
Paull, George, of Newseat 
Reid, Alexander, schoolmaster, Boddom 
„^.„... William, vintner, Boddam 
Robb, John, gardener, Grange 
™~™. William, manufacturer, Millbank 
Robertson, John, vintner, Mutbill 
-™-„~ William, merchant, Glendavenie 
Sangster, James, of Newfield 
Skelton, James, sheriff-substitute, Sand- 
ford lodge 
Soutter, William, lightkeeper, 

Smith, John, tilemaker, Smithiebill 
^^, CT ». William, blacksmith, Cowsrieve 
,„^„™ Samuel, tilemaker, Smithiehill 
Stephen, James, grocer, Boddom 
Walker, Alexander, of Richmond 
„w.~~- George, of Balmuir 
r~-,™— Robert, of Richmond 
™v~™ Thomas, of Howe of Bucban 


Alexander, Thomas, Dambead 
Baird, Alexander, Buchanhaven 
Brand, Charles, Ravenscrag 
-,,~,~~ Robert, Wester barnvards 

Bruce, James, Stirlinghill 
,„„„-„ William, Burnside, Cocklaw 
Cbivas, Alexander, Howe of Boddam 
Cruden, Andrew, Clubscross 
Cruickshank, David, Auchtygall 
Duffus, John, Sandford 
Finnie, John, Coplandhill 
Garden, William, Collielaw 
(iibb, John, Cowsrieve, Cocklaw 
Gray, Adam, Wellington place 
Henderson, James, Blackbouse 
,™~™ Seaton, Blackballs 
Hird, William, Buckie, Boddam 
Kidd, John, Forterstown 
.~~„„. William, Roundhillock 
Knowles, James, Windyhills 
Laing, Alexander, Collielaw 
„.-~~~. George, Collielaw 
„-~.„„ William, Hillhead, Grange 
Lead, Samuel, Cocklaw 
Lemmon, John, Boddam 
Mess, James, Easter barnyards 
Milne, John, Middle barnyards 
Mitchell, George, Collielaw 
Morrice, Alexander, Clerkbill 
.~~~~, John, Meadowbank 
Murray, Alexander, Blackhouse 
v~„,.v~ George, Waterside 
—».~~ John, Buckie, Invernettie 
Murrison, Arthur, Sandford 
Mutcb, John, Upper Downiehills 
™~,™ James, Coldholm 
™-„,„ Thomas, Cowsrieve 
Niddrie, David, Gateside, Cocklaw 
Park, George, Smithiebill 
-~~~ James, Forebill 
Paul), James, Burnside 
Pratt, James, Mains of Boddam 
Reid, James, Invernettie mills 
Ritchie, David, Auchtygall 
Robb, William, Grange 
Robertson, James, Denend, Boddam 
Scott, William, Denend of Invernettie 
Thomson, John, Mountpleasant, Black- 

William, Clarkhill 

Troup, James, How of Boddam 
Volum, William, Clarkhill 
Wood, James, Newton, Sandford 

PITCAPLE — Andrew Gauld, Postmaster. 

Anderson, Nathaniel, farmer, Mill of 

Brown, Alexander, farmer, Knocollo- 

Dawson, Thos. H., schoolmaster, and 

inspector of poor for Chapel of 

Elphinstone, Sir R. D. H., bart., of 

Horn and Logie Elphinstone 
Erskine, Captain Henry Knight, of Pit- 


Greig, Rev. James, Parish Church, 

Chapel of Garioch 
Hall, George, farmer, Waterton 
Lumsden, Hugh, of Pitcaple, Sheriff of 

,^.„~- John, of Pitbee 
M'Keozie, John, of Glack 
Scott, James, builder 
Simson, Rev. Henry, Free Church 
Walker, George, farmer, Gunhill 
Watson, Mrs. Alexander, Pitcaple Inn 



PORTSOY — John Crawford, Postmaster. 

Anderson, Thomas, shoemaker 
Badenocb, James, carrier 
Benzies, Arthur, clothier 
Bremner, Alexander, slater 
Brodie, John, grocer 
Brown, William, turner 
Burnett, John, grocer 
Cameron, Margaret, grocer 
Cbeyne, William, grocer and coal mer- 
Christie, Alex., meal dealer and grocer 

„. Wm., grocer, and candlemaker 

Clark, Abram, lapidary 

Cooper, Rev. Alex., Episcopal church 

Crawford, John, stamp and post office 

Clark's inn 

Dawson, John, blacksmith 

Ettles, Miss, ladies seminary 

Farquharson, John, painter 

Forbes, John, writer 

Fraser, John, manufacturer 

Gardiner, James, M.D. 

Gill, Elspeth, innkeeper 

Gillespie, Erskine, shoemaker ♦ 

Gray, Alexander, baker 

JJJJJJJ>r , James, saddler 

^r, Walter, auctioneer 

Greig, George, surgeon 

Hutcheon, Peter, shoemaker 

lnglis, William, innkeeper 

Ingram, James, police 

Jack, Charles, shoemaker 

Jack, John, tailor 

Joss, Adam, baker 

Klingner, B.. M.D. 

Ledin<>ham, William, grocer and wright 

M'Beath. Abercromby, saddler 

JJJJUJJJJJ Alexander, shoemaker 

M'Callum, James, shipowner 

M'Crae, Hugh, innkeeper 

M'Dougall, John, herring agent 

M'Culloch, William, Grammar School 

M'Innes, Geo., giocer and spirit dealer 

M'Lean, James, shipowner 

™~,™. John, carrier 

M'Naughton, Rev. Jas., Catholic chapel 

Mair, William, tailor 

Mann, John, shoemaker 

Marshall, Mrs., Female school 

M' William, Robert, coal merchant and 

Milne, William, druggist 
Michie, James, druggist and bookseller 
Minty, Adam, clothier 
Moir, James, merchant and bank agent 
Mortimer, William, watchmaker 
Munro, William, wright 
Murray, Rev. Peter, Parish church 
„™„™ Peter, writer and bank agent 
.™,„™. William, wright 
Paterson, James, flesh er 
Philip, Thomas, Society's school 
Rainey, Alexander, baron bailie 
Reid, Rev. Alex., Free church 
„™„.^ Robert, sheriff officer 
Ross, Alexander, baker 
Saunders, John, grain merchant 
Scott, James, wright 
Sievewright, Robert, innkeeper 
Smith, James, letter carrier 
Stewart, James, shoemaker 
Stronach, Wm., grocer and spirit dealer 
Tait, Joseph, veterinary surgeon 
Taylor, Peter, innkeeper 
Thomson, Alexander, shoemaker 
„_„™ Peter & Alexander, wrights 
Watson, Alexander, merchant 
^~.r~~ Henry, baker 

RHYNIE — James Roger, Postmaster. 

Allardyce, Rev. William, Parish 

,™v~™ JohD, auctioneer 
Duncan, Arthur, veterinary surgeon 
Hughson, Margaret, teacher, F. C, 

M'Kay, Rev. Alex., Free Church 
Maconachie, Alex., merchant, Essie 
Mason, David, merchant 
Mucklow, Wm., excise officer 
Nicol, Rev. Alexander, Congregational 

Paterson, James, surgeon 
Roger, James, North of Scotland Bank 

Troup & Horn, merchants 
Stuart, Ceorge, Parish School 
„»„ John, Free Church do. 


Cockburn, John, New Merdrum 
Cran, Robert, Scurdargue 
Duff, James, New Noth 
Cran, James, New Seat 
Gordon, Robert, Mains, Rhynie 

„™ Wm., grazier, Boginclough 

Wilson, James, Milltown of Noth 


Cowie, George, merchant 
Gordon, James A., of Knockespock 
Minto, John, Parish School 
Walker, Rev. James, Parish Church 
Wilson, George, inspector of poor 
„»«»„w» Geo., cattle-dealer, Newtonhill 




Cran, Robert, Auchline 
Low, James, Headhouse 
Reid, David, Tofthill 
Wilson, Harry, Bankhead 
™»™, James, Netherton 


Gordon, Rev. James, Parish Church 
Ronald, Wm., Parish School, and in- 
spector of poor 
Taylor, Lieut James, Dalriach cottage 
Bruce, James, merchant, Whitehillock 
Kellas, James, do., Croftend 
M'Intosh, Robert, do., Whitehillock 


Cran, William, Le9smurdie 
Gordon, Alexander, Auchmare 
^^,^. George, Brucklach 
™»~»~ John, Kirktown 

Scott, Alexander, Hillock 
—„.»., Peter, Aldunie 


Christie, John, Parish School, and in- 
spector of poor 

Gordon, James, of Craig 

„™„~- Mrs., sen., of Newton, Glen 

Grant, Alexander, of Druminnor 

„™.~~* Robert, yr., do. 

Reid, Rev. William, Parish Church 


Coutts, Wm.. Millton of Auchindoir 

Cran, John, Ord 

Hay, David, Wheedlemont 

Milne, Wm., Mains, Druminnor 

Smith, Robert, Newton of Auchindoir 

William, Castlehill 

Yool, Jame9, Cautloch 

ROSEHEARTY— David Mackenzie. Postmaster. 

Anderson, Misses, vintners, Rosehearty 
Balfour, Rev. W. , Secession Church, 

Birnie, William, farmer, Knaperts 
ot~~^, William, shoemaker & vintner, 

Black, Alex., manager Commercial Co. 
,~~™s. John, farmer, Ardela 
Brown, David, faimer, Rosehearty 
Bruce, Alex., merchant & spirit dealer 
Chapman, Alexander, wright, Rose- 
~™„™ Robert, farmer and cartwright, 

Cowie, John, farmer, Pitchill 
.„—,... William, farmer, Lochbonia 
Clubb, Andrew, farmer, Rosehearty 
Dunbar, James, dyker and farmer, Per- 

™~-~-~ John, vintner, Mason lodge, Rose- 
Dunlop, Gavin, merchant and fiah- 

curer, Rosehearty 
Forest, George, cart and plough wright, 

Mill of Sandhaven 
Garden, Miss E., Bracopark Farm 
Gibb, Robert, miller, Mill of Sandha- 
Hume, Rev. E., Pitsligo Manse 
Laing, James, farmer, Fisher bridge 
Leslie, George, carter, Rosehearty 
Lonmer, William, farmer, Smithyhillock 
Macdonald, Alex., farmer, Pittendrum 
Mackenzie, David, postmaster, Rose- 
M'Rae, Collin, farmer and blacksmith, 

Meston, James, merchant, Roseheaity 

Middleton, Robert, farmer, Percie- 

Mill, James, cartwright, Sandhaven 
Morrison, Thomas, farmer, Stonebridge 
Murray, Rev. J., schoolmaster, and in- 
spector of poor, Pitsligo 
Murdoch, Rev. James, Free Church, 

Pittendrigh, John, farmer, Ardela 
Rae, Alexander, farmer. Mass-side 
•~-.™~ Alexander, merchant and farmer, 

Raffey, George S., fisherman and har- 
bour master 
Read, Charles, servant, Netherton of 

„„_,„,. James, fishcurer, Sandhaven 
Riddle, John, shoemaker, and D. C. of 

the poor, Rosehearty 
Ritchie, James, bailie and merchant, 

Robertson, Alexander, farmer, Ardela 
™.~~. William, farmer, Broomhills 
Scott, Charles, blacksmith, Rosehearty 
Smart, James, wright, Rosehearty 
Strachan, Alexander, farmer, Pitchill 
„~„~„ John, spirit dealer, Rosehearty 
Sutherland, John, farmer, Moss-side 
Taylor, Alexander, farmer, Castle of 

Wallis, William, farmer, Craigy Fowela 
Walker, William, weaver, Rosehearty 
Wisley, William, surgeon, Rosehearty 
Watt, James, merchant and fishcurer , 

-™„v~ William, shoemaker, Rosehearty 
Youugson, Alexander, bakor, Rose- 



ROTHIEMAY— James Gordon, Postmaster. 

Allan, John, grain merchant, Rothie- 

Cruiokshank, John, grain merchant, 

Gordon, James, postmaster, Rothie- 
„ot.~~~ John, of Avochie and Mayen 
,„~,„~ William, merchant, Coldhome, 

Howie, Robert, carrier, Rothiemay 
Imlah, William, merchant, Rothiemay 
Ingram, Rev. William, Free Church, 

Kilgour, John, ground-officer, Rothie- 
Leith, Rev. H., minister of Rothiemay 
Leslie, Alexander, cattle-dealer, Cors- 

kellie, Rothiemay 
„v~,*~. Alexander, jun., cattle-dealer, 
Corskellie, Rothiemay 

Petrie, William, farmer, Bartlatch, 

Pirie, George, merchant, Milltown, 

,~~ John, miller, Rothiemay 

Roy, John J., of Avochie 

Ruxton, James, farmer, Mains of Mayen 

Smith, James, farmer, Auchencruive, 

Stewart, George, innkeeper, Rothiemay 

— ~™ George, veterinary surgeon, 

Stoddart, Jas., shipper of cattle, Rothie- 

Tayler, Major A. F., Rothiemay house 

Walker, Alex., innkeeper, Rothiemay 

Wilson, Rev. J., asst. minister, Rothie- 

Webster, William, schoolmaster and 

SKENE — John Hogg, Postmaster. 

Daniel, Alexander, merchant 
Gibson, William, of Kinmundy 
Hadden, A., & Sons, Garlogie mills 
Keith, Marshall, merchant 
Low, Robert, of Fiddy 
M'Combie, William, of Easter Skene 
M'Kenzie, Rev. George, Parish church 
Rust, William, of Auchenclech 
Smith, Alexander, of Blackballs 
,~„~™ John, of Easter Ord 
Shepherd, Capt. Thomas, of Kirkville 
Trail, Rev. William, Free church 


Abel, Alexander, Wester Fornett 
Barron, Alexander, Milltown, Garlogie 

. .„„ George, Craigiedarg 

Clark, James, Letter 
Daniel, George, Wester Cairnie 
Dickie, William, Easter Cairnie 
Downie, Alexander, Broadstraik 
Duncan, Thomas, Wester Cairnie 
Farquhar, Arthur, Blackhills 
Farquharson, George, Leddach 

Fowler, Andrew, Brodiach 
Leith, John, Broadsbed 
Low, William, Mains of Kinmundy 
„™„w» Alexander, Easter Kinmundy 
Massie, James, Upper Terrievale 
Machray, William, Garlogie 
Milne, John, Fornett 
„„,„~ John, Mains of Concraig 
„~.~™ Peter, Easter Carnie 
Mitchell, George, Skene House 
Pirie, Alexauder, Wester Carnie 
Sang, Peter, Fornett 
Smith, Alexander, Bervie 
.~~~_ Charles, Easter Carnie 
Sutherland, William, Whitestone 
Thorn, John, Easter Carnie 
Thomson, Robert, Nether Terrievale 
Tocher, John, Millbowie 
Valentine, John, Nether Affloch 
Watt, William, Easter Kirktown 
Williamson, John, flesher, Wester Kin- 
Wilson, Charles, Newton, Auchen- 

ST. FERGUS— Miss Boyd, Postmistress. 

Anderson, George, farmer, Hallmoss 

„™ John, miller, English mill 

Barnet, Peter K., farmer, How 
Boyd, Ann, postmistress, village 
,.™„w» Dorothea, teacher, Mitchell's 

Bucban, Alexander, tailor, Kirktown 
,™„™ George, farmer, West Ednie 

Clark, A. & J., farmers, grain-dealers, 

and millers, Stonemiils 
Cardno, Alexander, miller, Burnmills 
Dinnes, William, blacksmith, Hallmoss 
Edward, Alexander, farmer, Newseat 
Forbes, Robert, merchant. New village 
Foreman, George, fatmer, North Biack- 



Garden, John, cart and ploughwright, 

Gordon, Alexander, surgeon, R.N., New 

Greig, James, farmer, Netherhill 
Henderson, George, farmer, Tophead 
Imlab, John, shoemaker, New village 
Ingram, James, farmer, North Ednie 
Ironside, James, farmer, Bruxiehill 
Kennedy, John, schoolmaster, New Vil- 
Logan, Thomas, farmer, Lunderton 
Masson, William, shoemaker, Kirktown 
„-„.,-~ William, merchant, Bylands 
Mess, George,farmer, South Blackwater 
Mitchell, William, blacksmith, Kirktown 
Moir, Alexander, blacksmith, Smiddyhill 
Murray, James, merchant, Kirktown 
,.™,„~ John, farmer, Scotston 
Murison, William, blacksmith, Kirktown 
Ogston, William, farmer, Scotston 
Park, James, farmer, South Essie 
,™.~~ James, farmer, Greenwellhead 
,~~, ,~» John, farmer, Mid Es9ie 
Pennie, Wm., farmer, Newton of Mid 

Reid, William, merchant, Keybead 
Robertson, Adam, farmer, Old Kirton 
»™,™„ Rev. James, minister, St. Fergus 
~~.~~. Mrs., innkeeper, Kirton 
Shewan, John, farmer, Cairnhill 
Smith, Andrew,shoemaker, New Village 
.™-,„™ James, cart and plough wright 

,™.~™ William, surgeon. New Village 
Stewart, Peter, farmer, Kitton 
Tait, George, farmer, Mains of Inverugie 
Thorn, James, farmer, Overside 
„_»„»~ Gilbert.farmer, Mid South Essie 
George, farmer and inspector of 
poor, Newton 

Watson, Alexander, farmer, North Essie 
Willox, Simon, farmer, Blackmyre 
Winter, W., superintendent of brick and 
tile works, St. Fergus 


Anderson, Thomas, farmer, Crimongorth 
Brown, W., firmer and inspector of 

turnpikes, Starnafin 
Boyd, Rev. A , parish minister 
Boyes, Andrew, farmer, Rattray 
Catto, Alexander, farmer, Middleton of 

Clinkscale, John, farmer, Rattray 
Collie, Alexander, farmer, Millhill of 

Cowe, Alexander, surgeon, Elywell 
Cumine, James, of Rattray 
Farquhar, W., farmer and miller, Cri- 
Fyvie, William, blacksmith, Rattray 
Henderson, James, farmer, Ridinghill, 

Johnston, A., of Gillahill, farmer, Hill- 
Mackie, James, farmer, Causeyhill, Cri- 
May, John, merchant, Crimond 
,™,„. William, farmer, Dipplebrae 
._„, William, jun., farmer, Mains of 

Haddo, Crimond 
Milne, James, farmer, Wilson wells, Cri- 
„„,~~ William, farmer, Mains of Cri- 
Pirie, James, merchant, Logie, Crimond 
Smith, James, farmer, Mains of Crimond 
Wattie, Rev. J., schoolmaster and in- 
spector of poor 

STONEHAVEN— Charles Michie, Postmaster. 

Allan, George, merchant 
,™~,„~ James, do. 
Allardice, Robert Barclay, of Ury 
Anderson, James, corn merchant 
Barry, James, flesher 
Beat tie, James, blacksmith 
~~~™ John, bookseller 
Brebner, Alexander, surgeon 
BrowD, Alexander, writer 
Burnes, John, builder 
Chapman, Robert, merchant 
Christian, James, W. S. 
r „„„™ Peter, chief magistrate 
Clark, Alex., printer and stationer 
Collison, Alexander, watchmaker 
Duff, Robert, of Fetteresso 
Duncan, John, writer 
Durham, William, builder 
Durward, James, grocer and spirit 

Edward, Andrew, bookbinder and sta 

Elrick, Mrs., commercial inn 
Falconer, John, writer 
Forbes, Alexander, merchant tailor 
„„.„-~ General, of Dunottar 
,™-™ John, merchant 

„™ David, merchant tailor 

William, do. do. 

Fotheringham, William, grocer 
Fraser, William, builder 
Gibb, Andrew, cabinetmaker 
Glegg, Alexander, harp manufacturer 
„~»™~ Robert, ironmonger 
Gordon, Alexander, of Newhall 
Grant, John, star inn 
Greig, David, shipowner 

, David, watchmaker 

«. James, stoneware merchant 

„„■.„,„ John, builder 



Gruar, John, builder 

Hepburn, Robert R., of Rickarton 

Hunter, George, shoemaker 

David, merchant 

Hutchieson, Rev. John, Episcopal 

Innes, Alexander, of Cowie 
Jack, George, general merchant 
Johnstone, Mrs., Ann street 
Kinnear, Alexander, wine merchant 

„„ A. W., banker 

Knight, Mrs., new inn 
Knox, James, saddler 
Law, David, cattle dealer 

„™ David, ironmonger 

Macbain. Alexander, cattle dealer 
„~.~~ William, do. 

Mackie, George, innkeeper 
^»~~^. Wm., grocer and spirit dealer 
M'Pherson, J., bookseller 
Marshall, William, draper 

Martin, , M.D. 

Mathieson, Jame9, merchant 

Melvin, John, cart and plough wright 

rr ^ r , rr ^, James, blacksmith 

William, Mill inn 

Monro, Charles, of Berryhill 

..™„,~ C. Graham, writer 

„„» Thomas, general merchant 

Morrison, James, D.D., of Elsick 

Mowat, William, innkeeper 

Murray, Sir Wm. Keith, of Dunottar 

,™.~~ James, builder 

Napier, Arthur, do. 

„_»„™ George, merchant 

,~~~™ James, corn merchant 

,„,,„~. Thomas, do. 

Officer, Alexander, merchant 

Pargiter, J., merchant tailor 

Paul, Alexander, leather merchant 

Paul, George, blacksmith 

Philip, Rev. George, Free Church 

Ramsay, Archibald, druggist 

„v«.™- Hugh, merchant 

Robertson, Alexander, blacksmith 

Robertson, C. G., Sheriff-substitute 

„~~™ Peter, merchant 

-~~.„~ William, merchant 

Ross, James, grocer and spirit dealer 

„™,~~ Robert, saddler 

Roger, William, watchmaker 

Scott, James, writer 

Shepherd, David, merchant tailor 

Silver, Rev. Alexander, Manse of 

„™„~. James, of Netherley 

Sim, Rev. Robert, schoolmaster, Dun- 

Smart, Alexander, writer 

Smith, Thomas, general merchant 
Stephen, Alexander, manufacturer 
Stewart, John, shoemaker 

„™ William, Sheriff-clerk 

Tawse, Robert, grocer 
Thomson, William, shipowner 

Rev. Geo., Manse of Fetteresso 

„~ William, manufacturer 

~~~~~v. William, of Quoties 

Tindal, George, writer 

„™™. James, Procurator-fiscal 

Todd, Rev. David, Secession Church 

Torry, Robert, flesber 

Troup, William, cabinetmaker 

Valentine, James, merchant 

Walker, James, flesher 

Watt, Rev. John, Parish Church 

Wood, James, druggist 

~~»~~~ John, cabinetmaker 

Wyllie, Francis, general merchant 

Young, James, builder 

Yule, Robert, merchant 

STRATHD ON— Isabella Wilson, Postmistress. 

Anderson, A. G., schoolmaster and in- 

spector of poor 
~~»~~. R., of Candicraig 
Cattanach, J., schoolmaster, Tillydriock 
Dunbar, A., merchant, Garcliry 
Forbes, Rev. W., minister of Corgarff 
„~.~™ Mrs., of Inverernan 
Grassick, C, of Bucharm 
^v»v J., Mains of Glenbucket 

Jones, J., merchant, Huchard 

Meiklejohn, Rev. R., minister, Strathdon 

Ross, J., farmer, Mickle Jolly 

Scotr, Rev R., minister of Glenbucket 

Stewart, A., merchant, Dlualesh 

„™„™ Mrs., Glenconey 

Simon, J., schoolmaster, Corgarff 

Wattie, J., merchant, Bellabeg 

Watson, G., farmer, Colquhonnie 

SUMMERHILL— James Leslie, Postmaster. 

Aherdein, Alexander, Kinmundy Inn 

Allan, Rev Alexander, Parish Church 

Burnett. Peter, of Elrick 

Collie, James, Middleton 

Elmslie, Alexander, inspector of poor 

Harvey, Alexander, Monykebbock 

Law, John, New Mnchar Inn 
Leslie, James, merchant 
Moir, Rev. Geo., Free Church 
Sim, Alexander, overseer, Straloch 
Smith, John, Whiterashes Inn 
Stephen, William 



TARLAND — Robert Ewing, Postmaster. 

Anderson, Joseph, tailor 

Beverley, Alexander, blacksmith 

Bey. Alexander, blacksmith 

Brebner, John, innkeeper 

Burley, James, miller 

Cameron, John, shoemaker 

Crane, Alexander, surgeon 

Cumming, John, slater and baker 

Davidson, Alexander, merchant 

Ewen, Robert, merchant and postmaster 

Farquhar, John, weaver 

Fraser, Isaac, shoemaker 

Fyfe, William, shoemaker 

Grant, Mrs., merchant 

„^„~» Miss M., teacher, (Female School) 

Gordon, George, blacksmith 

Hay, Mrs., innkeeper 

Illingworth, Mrs., midwife 

M'Condach, James, postrunner 

Mann, James, wright 

,,„„~, William, dyer 

Milne, Andrew, tailor 

^~.^~ John, wright 

Neil, Rev. Robert, schoolmaster 

Procter, Alex., watch and clockmaker 

Redfearn, Jachin, tailor 

Ross, Andrew, bank agent 

Skene, George, messenger-at-arms 

,^ .John, merchant and innkeeper 

JJJJU . JW , William, sheriff officer 
Smith, Harry, wright 
Sorely, Robert, veterinary surgeon 
Thomson, J. W., saddler 
^^~- Thomas, weaver 
Watson, Rev. James, minister 
,™„-~ William, druggist 

Allan, Rev. T., schoolmaster, Coull 
Anderson, Charles, farmer, Davoch 
,~~,~~ George, farmer, Mill of Wester 

Archie, John, farmer, Willock 
Beattie, Francis, schoolmaster, Logie 

Calder, Duncan, Free School, Cromar 
,™-„v~ John, farmer, Mill of Gellan 

Cameron, Charles, farmer, Pronie 
..„..„.-.- Colin, farmer, Melgum 
Campbell, Rev. Wm., minister of Coull 
Clark, George, miller, Coriachree 
-~~,™. James, miller, Logie 
Craib, John, farmer, Strathmore 
Donaldson, James, farmer, Bogg 
Douglas, James L., farmer, Culsh 
Ewen, Robert, farmer, Westtown 
Farquharson, Major J., of Corrachree 
,„~,„. John, merchant and farmer, Gal- 
Ferries, Peter, miller, Mill of Culsh 
Forbes, John, farmer, Upper Ruthven 
Gauld, John, merchant, Migvie 
Illingworth, Jachin, woolcarder, New 

Innes, Samuel, miller, Blelack 
Jaffray, James, farmer, Meadow 
Malcom, James, farmer, Mill of Culsh 
Middleton, David, farmer, Gellan 

John, farmer, Mill of Kincraigie 

„~» John, farmer, Titaboutie 

Mrs., Easttown 

M'Combie, James, farmer, Kinaldie 
M'Haidie, Rev. J., minister, Logie Cold- 
Reid, Robert, Brashins 

. William, farmer, Smithyhill 

Robertson, Andrew, surgeon and bank 
agent, Indego 

Charles, miller, Mill of Newton 

™~,~~ James, merchant, Wester Know- 
Ross, Alex., farmer, Old Town of Kin- 
„™..™ Harry, farmer, Wester Coull 
Stewait, David, merchant, Newkirk 
Watson, William, farmer, Easter Know- 


Coutts, William, Coull 
Farquharson, James, Coldstone 
Laing. John, Coldstone 
Reid, William, Tarland 

TARVES — William Duthie, Postmaster. 

Anderson, Dr., Little Meldrum 

Argo, Alexander, blacksmith 

Brown, James, cartwright 

Burnett, John, watch and clock maker, 

,„~„~- Alex., millwright, Keitbfield 
Bun, James, mason, Keithfleld 
Callender, Rev. John, Craigdam 
Chalmers, George, veterinary surgeon 
Craig, Alexander, Craigies 
Duguid, John, innkeeper 

Duthie, William, merchant 
Duncan, John, Newseat, Tolquhon 
Garden, James, builder, Cattle 
Gowie, Daniel, officer of excise 
.~~^~» John, teacher, Craigdam 
Gray, George, shoemaker [field 

Hepburn, John, land-surveyor, Keith- 
Hay, James, cattle dealer, Nethermill 
Ironside, George, carrier, Tarves 
Irvine, Dr. 
Knox, Rev. Francis, Parish church 



Lumsden, James, merchant 
Melvin, George, schoolmaster 
Morrison, William, merchant, Mill of 

Pope, AcUm, veterinary surgeon 
Skinner, James, mason, Keith6eld 
Smith, Robert, merchant, Bartlechapel 
Stephen, Alexander, saddler 
Taylor, Alexander, shoemaker 
„»~,~~ Alexander, cartwright, Shethin 
Thomson, Duncan, shoemaker 
Wright, Alexander, wright 


Anderson, John, Littlemeldrum 
Argo, Alexander, Braeside 
Bean, George, Brackley 
Burr, Alexander, Tulloford 
Chalmers, Mrs., South Ythsie 
Davidson, Alexander, Carnbroggie 

Davidson, Alexander, Bartlechapel 

„~*„„ Mrs., Carnbroggie 

Garden, Alexander, Mains of Tolquhon 

Gray, Alexander, Kellyford 

Hay, George, Nethermill 

~~»,~~ James, Little Ythsie 

„™.,„ William, Shethin 

Henderson, Theo., Mains of Keithfield 

Knox, William, North Ythsie 

Lind, William, Tillycarden 

Marr, George, Carnbroggie 

William, Uppermill 

Morrison, John, Carnhill 
Milne, James, Mill of Fochel 
Porter, George, Mill of Tolquhon 
Scorgie, Robert, Courtstone 
Shepherd, George, Craigies 
Strath, James, Coldhorn 
Smith, Robert, Balgove 

THORNTON— John Donald, Postmaster. 

Annand, James, merchant, Green Bog 
Cormack, William, merchant, Lime- 

Gerrard, Arthur, parochial schoolmaster 
Gordon, Geo., farmer (J. P.), Muiryfold 
,™,„w. William, faimer, Flours 
Grant, John, teacher, Geneial Assem- 
bly's School 
Henry, William, merchant, Mains of 

Inkson, Patrick, farmer (J.P), Berryleys 
Jamieson, Rev. George, parish minister 

Lumsden, James, farmer (J.P), Braco 
M'Kenzie, Gordon, merchant, Reddies- 

Meikleham, Rev. John, Secess. Chapel, 

Meldrum, Charles, miller, Paithnick 
Riddtfcb, Alex., merchant, Limeburn 
Ritchie, George, miller, Nethermills 
Russel, George, merchant, Croftgibb 
Smith, John, farmer, and inspector of 

poor, Braco brae 
Stronacb, Wm., farmer (J. P.), Knock 

TOMINTOUL— Janet Fleming, Postmistress. 

Anderson, John, police officer 
Cameron, A., teacher, Tomac! 
„„~~ James, farmer, Cults 

Mrs., Ballinlish 

Fleming, Janet, postmistress 
Fraser, Rev. J., teacher, Tomintoul 
Gordon, Charles, of St. Bridges 
„™_™. John, of Delnabo, J.P. 
Grant, Rev. J., minister of Kirk- 

-^™,~~ James, inspector of poor, Tomin- 
,~~,~~ Peter, teacher, Tomintoul 
„~,~v~ Peter, farmer, Croughly 
*~~~~~ Robert, innkeeper, Blairama- 

„^. William, of Ruthven 

Grassick, D , weekly carrier to Elgin 

M'Hardy, John, farmer, Achviachan 
M'Donald, James, merchant, Tomin- 
„™„™ John, innkeeper, Tomintoul 

.™. John, merchant, Tomintoul 

M'Gregor, James, innkeeper, Tomin- 
~~,-™ Robert, of Delvovar 
Meldrum, Andrew, constable, Tomintoul 
-~~™. Donald, merchant, Tomintoul 
Russel, Rev. J., Catholic Chapel, To- 
Shaw, Mrs., Rhynamarst 
Smith, Charles, Ourlarmore 
Stuart, Charles, of Inverlochy 
«— ^™ John, constable, Tomintoul 
Tullocb, Rev. A., Free Church, Kirk- 



TOMVOULLAN — Charles Grant, Postmaster. 

Campbell, Charles, schoolmaster, Tom- 

Farqubarson, J , schoolmaster, Chapelton 
Gordon, Adam, farmer, Lagual 

„*^ John, farmer, Lettoch 

William, farmer, Tomvoullan 

William, cattle dealer, Lagual 

Glennie, Rev. J., Catholic Chapel 
Grant, Charles, postmaster, Tomvoullan 
„*v,~„ James, farmer, Auchnarrow 
„~„»~ John, farmer, Clashoaie 
,„~.~~. John, farmer, Blairfindy 

Grant. Peter, farmer, Thain 
Innes, William, merchant, Bridgend 
M'Donald, George, farmer, Tulloch 

. . , Thomas, farmer, Auohdrignie 

M'Kay, Peter, merchant, Bellachknoch- 

Smith, William, farmer, Nevie 
Stephen, Jubn, merchant, Tomvoullan 
Stuart, Rev. R., Cath. Chapel, Tombea 
~~.~™ William, farmer, Balnow 
Tullich, Rev Peter, Free Church, Nevie 
Turner, William, farmer, Croftbain 

UDNY — William Giles,, Postmaster. 

Archibald, Rev. George, Free'Church 

Bean, Alex., farmer, Mains of Dum- 

Beaton, William, teacher, Parish school 
Bowman, James, shoemaker, Petty- 
Braik, James, farmer, Hill of Fechel 
Brown, Archibald, farmer, Craig of Or- 

„™„— . George, farmer, Hill of Udny 
,~~„™ James, Quarry 
,~~™~ Richard, farmer, Atholhill 
Burr, James, farmer, Mains of Knaperna 
Cameron, John, contractor, Moss side, 

Campbell, Alexander, farmer and corn 

merchant, Tillyeve 
Copland, , farmer, Cairnfeckle 

Crane, George, shoemaker, Ardmore 
Davidson, James, blacksmith, Green of 

»~~,™. John, farmer, Green of Udny 
Donald, James, farmer, Couliehare 
Duguid, William, farmer, Ardmore 
~™„™ Mrs., South Alehouse 
Gibb, Alex., furnishing tailor, Athol- 
Kirton, John, blacksmith, Pitinedden 
Laing, Mrs. Alex., midwife, Orchard- 
Leith, Robert, miller, Mill of Fechel 
,™.~-™ William, toll-keeper, Barn of 

Udny bar 
Leslie, Rev. John, Parish church, Manse 
Ligertwood, William, of Logierieve 
Logan, John, miller, Mill of Udny 
Low, Thomas, shoemaker, Moss side, 

Machray, Robert, vintner, Pettymuck 
„~™w Robt., beadle and funeral waiter, 

Green of Udny 
Mackie, Adam, blacksmith, Threipfield 
Mair, Alexander, shoemaker, Bridge- 

Marr, Alexander, farmer, Pettymuck 
™,~™ James, wright, Threipfield 
~-~,~~ John, farmer, Millbank 
Milne, Alexander, of Pittrichie 

Alex., farmer, Mill of Allathan 

-~~™» John, wright, Green of Udny 

Thomas, farmer, Newcraig 

Mitchell, Alexander, farmer, Allathan 
Moir, Adam, wright and vintner, Bridge- 

Alexander, blacksmith, Ardmore 

Murray, Mrs., merchant, Mill of Fechel 
Mutch, James, carrier, Backhill 
Paterson, Rd., contractor, Pitmedden 
Pirie, James, farmer, Orchardtown 

~~ Johu, merchant, Green of Udny 

.,,,,...,1 William, farmer, Eriewells 

„^» William, farmer, Mill of Torry 

Pittendrigh, John, farmer, Westcraig 

„*v— William, farmer, Mo9shead 

Rae, Chas., toll-keeper, Pitmedden-bar 

„^ George, shoemaker, Pitmedden 

~™„™ John, innkeeper, Green of Udny 
~-~ ~~. Thomas, corn merchant, Mains 

of Knaperna 
Reidford, James, farmer, Coulie 
Rennie, James, farmer, Mill of Coulie 
,~-.„™ John, farmer, Tillyeve 
Robb, Alexander, teacher, Free school 
Roberts, James, tailor, Green of Udny 
Ruxton, John, M.D., Rosebank 
Sangster, George, sheriff-officer, Mains 

of Udny 
^~.^*. Win., farmer, Nether Tillymaud 
Scroggie, Adam, wnght, Pettymuck 
~~.,~~ James, merchant, Pettymuck 
Seton, Patrick, farmer, Bonnytown 
Smith, George, contractor, Pitmedden 
Sutherland, James, farmer, West Clois- 

„»»m~~. William, wright, Cloisterseat 
Temple, Robert, former, East Cloister- 
Thomson, George, furnishing tailor, 



Thomson, Marues, farmer, Newseat of 

[I John, farmer, Mill Town of 


„*«. Mrs., Mains of Pitmedden 

Tough, Mrs., midwife, Green of Udny 

Trail, John, farmer, Gilmorton 
Walker, George, farmer, Denend 
,~~,„„ James, farmer, Torry 
™»„~ William, farmer, Tilly maud 
Young, George, farmer, Tillyfar 

WHITEHO USE— William Mitchell, Postmaster. 

Adams, Alexander, Mains of Whiten ouse 
^^.^^ John, farmer, Mains of White- 
Aiken, Alex., farmer, Mickle Indovie 
Benton, James, farmer, Early, Keig 
.„w.~-~ Joseph, farmer, Keig 

. .„ William, farmer, Harthill, Keig 

„™„-~ William, veterinary surgeon, Keig 
Bruce, Alexander, merchant, Keig 
Byres, General P.M., of Tonley, Tough 

Christie, , assistant schoolmaster and 

inspector of poor, Keig 
Cobban, John, farmer, Newton of Keig 
Copland, M., farmer, Boghead, Tough 
Coutts, Peter, carrier, K?ig 
Emslie, James, of Parkhill, Tough 

„_ John, farmer, Petuthie, Keig 

Forbes, James, teacher, Newbigging, 

„„,~™ Joseph, grain dealer, Deomill, 

Farquhar, Samuel, farmer, Seats, Tough 
Farquharson, Peter, of Whitehouse, 

Garden, George, farmer, Bandley, 

„~_™ William, surgeon, Blafluig, Alford 
Grant, David, teacher, Lynturk, Alford 
Hunter, R., coin agent, Whitehouse, 

Ingram, Alexander, parochial school- 
master and inspector of poor, 

Ironside, John, farmer, Brinrly, Keig 
Low, Rev. A., minister of Keig 
M'Combie, James, Lynturk, Leochel 
~~»™. William, farmer and cattle dealer , 

William, of Lyntuik and Easter 

William, farmer, Netberton of 


~~. Wm., farmer, Lynturk, Leocbel 

M'Kay,. William, merchant, and bank 

agent, Tpugh 
Mathews, William, merchant, Tough 
Milne, Rev. A., minister of Tough 
Mitchell, George, farmer, Airaguthel, 

~~, William, merchant and sheriff 

officer, Tough 
Morrison, Dr. J., Guise, Tough 
Paterson, James, farmer, Newbigging, 

™»,™» Mrs., innkeeper, Whiteley, Tough 
Raeburn, Rev. G., schoolmaster, Keig 
Robb, Rev. J., Buffel Manse, Tough 
Smitb, Rev. W. S., Free Churcb, Keig 

and Tough 
Taylor, Alexander, sheriff officer, Keig 
~~..~~ John, merchant, Bankhead, Keig 
Tilly, George, overseer, Castle Forbes, 

Watt, Captain C, Tillyfour Cottage, 

Whyte, Robert, farmer, Mains of Tonley 

STRICKEN — Andrew Anderson, Postmaster, 

Abbot, Valentine, officer of excise 
Adie, James, innkeeper, New Inn 

„„ James, sheriff-officer 

„™ John, shoemaker 

Anderson, John, factor for Lord Lovat, 

and agent for the North of 

Scotland Bank 
Boulton, John, land surveyor, Oldmill 
Bruce, William, mason, Bogensourie 
Campbell, Daniel, bookseller 
Cardno, William, wright 
Clark, William, merchant 
Chalmers, J., merchant 
„™~~*. J., wright 
Cook, George, shoemaker 
„~v.™~ James, watchmaker 

Copland, James, saddler 

Cruickshank, Mrs., Commercial inn 

Dalziel, William, sheriff-officer 

Farquhar, Jas., blacksmith, Kindrougo 

Fisher, Rev. Win., Secession church 

Florence, Robert, wright 

Fraser, James, blacksmith, Tarwathie 

Gavin, W. A., surgeon 

Gordon, John, schoolmaster, and i. 

spector of poor 
Gray, Alexander, merchant 
Greig, James, merchant 
Griffin, Rev. G. A., Catholic chuich 
Hemmingway, George, shoemaker 
Henderson, Alex., merchant, Denend 
Johnston, Charles, shoemaker 



' Johnston, George, shoemaker 
™™„_ Jas., veterinary 9urgeon, Oldmill 
Keith, Rev. Alexander, Free church 
Martin, A. F., surgeon 
Milne, Charles, vintner 
J Morrioe, James, innkeeper, Techmuiry 
Ogilvie, William, assistant schoolmaster 
Park, John, merchant 
Pratt, James & Alexander, millwrights, 

Mills of Strichen 
Rankin, William, Aberdeen carrier 
Ross, Mrs., of Techmuiry 
Simpson, Rev. Alex., Parish church 
„„„~, James, merchant 
Smith, T. & M., manufacturers, Oldmill 
Stewart, John, merchant 
Taylor, James, mason 
Thomson, John, mason 
Webster, Jnhn, innkeeper, Mormond 
Woodman, John, surgeon [hotel 


Adie, James, farmer, Whitestripe 
Chalmers, James, farmer, Auchnarie 
Cruickshank, Charles, farmer, Doncallie 
Davidson, Robert, farmer, Adiel 
Duncan, Alex., farmer, Carnichal 
Duncan, John, farmer, Craigculture 
Findlay, Robert, farmer, Greens 
Forrest, James, fiirmer, Craighill 
Forsyth, Wm., farmer, Meadowhill 
Gray, James, farmer, Brownside 
Greig, George, farmer, Middlethird 
Gibbs, John, farmer, Clayfords 

Hardie, George, farmer, Aucborthie 
Henderson, William, farmer, Denend 
™~ William, farmer, Hillhead 
~~, William, farmer, Brownhill 
Hunter, John, farmer, Whitehill 
Jaffray, Geo., farmer, Smiddyhill 
Junor, Donald, & Co., farmers and 

brewers, Newmill 
Keith, James, farmer, Bogenjohn 
Kelman, George, farmer, Newton 
King, George, farmer, Cockmuir 
M'Kay, George, farmer, Brandsbogs 
Milne, James, farmer, Auchentumb 

John, farmer, Sulemarno 

— , William, farmer, Auchmaclidy 
Morison, Wm., farmer, Wester Aucb- 
Murray, Alex , farmer, Doncallie 
Ogston, John, farmer, Effidies 
Pirie, John, farmer, Kindrought 
Rankin, James, farmer, Brandsbogs 
Robertson, John, farmer, Hillside 

, farmer, Mains of Kindrought 

Robbie, Alex., farmer, Blackslack 
Simpson, William, farmer, Tarwathie 
Slesser, George, farmer, Redbog 
Smart, Wm., farmer, Sandhole, Tech- 

Smith, Wm., fatmer, Hawkhill 
Stephen, James, farmer, Loanend 
Stewart, Wm., farmer, Cowfords 
Trail, James, farmer, Tarfat 
Urquhart, Alex., farmer, Auchtygills 
Youngson, William, farmer, Fridayhill 


J////f//f'r. ///Y /// '/'////// ///' _ ////'Y/V///YJ. 

I '/'riff, /■ > o/i/y/itsJ/)/nr///xS)i/y/r(// 'Drawings; 

( i 

i-v J A 

^lans.DntantoitaHiimk (Imht* & (littaltaplai) IM&Jfk Minnies . 

-^j ATUhjiuum a ii IHmstratioiisr"^ 

////.j/r / .' ////.tv. W/i:j. ~h.i£t(07 '/.i,;_ /// /'Ptr/j/f/ '/f/j._''V't/j > r. 

. :■: : I or riming ii !ol '■■'. 

r ^ / J /•/// / 

' /uy/J, ■ Orr'/- . 7//Yj /. /////j//Y///, >//j !iy//j /"/ //////J. 

&/. A 

(^^auJuT^iitfei(i*()ciiuf HWteHiU dforriSo ) 


s//s:j />"/ ■'//?>//.// 

'V _'_/ ("/", 

/^' ^J rr/:; I r. 

. //inns on hand, </n assortment of Can/ Cases. 
Marriage Envelopes. Il'a.c &. Wafers. 

Styles and, Sizes o/'H'ri/i/iq. /or Itsi/iaq and J/arriaqc Cards. 

>W Vnamrnnm 



J '/J. G r/'/tt/S> ///r',/ s 

a //''y/L /lt/ ,> „,„„. 


i\V. fiamterman. 


iH v JBanniTimtn. iW. Snummmtn. 

C //. ' ■ /M/astec/jttfH . • /Li -_SJc7 /////?;//'/// . 

/n. sdt&t/u?. U will orjy be necasary togim iht Nusnber. 

, ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■ 

| fl 



Established, 1825. 




The Eight Hon. LORD FORBES. 


(All being, in terms of the Contract of Copartnery, Shareholders of the Co.) 
Extraordinary Directors. 

Robert Duff, Esq. of Fetteresso 
R. Freeland, Esq. of Gryfe Castle 
F. Gordon, Esq. of Kincardine 
A. Grant, Esq. of Druminnor 
J. Henry, Esq. of Watchmount 
Dr. Alexander Henderson 
Principal Jack, King's College 
Al. J. Kinloch, Esq. of Park 
W. M'Combie, Esq. of Easter Skene 
R. Macfarlane, Esq., Advocate 

Ordinary Directors 
ALEXANDER WEBSTER, Esq., Advocate, Chairman 

Alex. Pirie, Esq. of Waterton 
Alex. Robertson, Esq., Balgownie 

John Shepherd, Esq., Chairman, 

H.E.I. C. 
Prof. H. Scott. King's College 
W. Smith, Esq. of Carbeth Guthrie 
A. Stuart, Esq. of Laithers 
Major A. F. Tayler, of Dunnideer 

Alexander Pirie, Jun., Esq., Manu- 
Alex. Stronacb, Esq. of Drumallan 
A. Smith, Esq. of Glenmillan 

A. Burness, Esq. of Mastrick 
Robert Catto, Esq., Merchant 
D. Chalmers, Esq. of Westburn 
Alex. Irvine, Esq., Merchant 
T. Sangster, Esq., Advocate 

Bankers — The Aberdeen Town and County Bank 

Physicians — Dr. Ewing and Dr. Dyce. 

Law Agent— John Webster, Esq., Advocate. 

THE system adopted by this Company combines the principle of 
MUTUxVL ASSURANCE, with the security of a large Subscribed 
Capital, and the support of nearly Seven Hundred Partners of wealth 
and influence. 

Assurances are granted under a variety of forms, applicable to the va- 
rious circumstances of individuals proposing to insure their own lives or 
those of parties in whom they have an interest. 


Parties desirous of participating in the profits of the Company may 
have Reversionary Sums added to their Policies, or an equivalent re- 
duction made from their Annual Premiums. 

From the success which has attended the Company's operations, both 
in the selection of Lives, and the Investment of the Premiums, the Di- 
rectors confidently anticipate that, at the Investigation to take place in 
1847, the Bonus will be equivalent to that declared by any other Pro- 
prietary Company in Scotland. 


To insure ,/ sums, the Company have adopted a scale of rates, which 
will be found highly advantageous in those transactions where the ob- 



ject is the security of a definite amount. Specimens of the Tables will 
bejfound subjoined. 

The business transacted by the Company may be classed under the 
following heads : — 

The granting of Assurances, with or without profits, on single and 
joint lives and survivorships, and for limited periods. 

The granting of Assurances payable at death, or on the party attain- 
ing a given age. 

The granting of 'Endowments to Children, and of Present, Deferred, 
and Survivorship Annuities. 

The Lending Money on Redeemable Annuity over Entailed Estates ; 
and on Heritable and Personal Security, coupled with Life As- 

The Purchase of Life-rent and Reversionary Interests 
And, in general, the transaction of every species of business involving 
the contingency of human life. 

Forms of Proposal, and every additional information, will be given 
on application at the Agencies of the Company in Great Britain and 

Annual Premiums to Insure £100 at Death, with Participation in 

1 Ages. 






| 20 

£1 18 1 


£2 7 10 


£3 8 2 




2 10 2 


3 13 2 


2 1 1 


2 13 


4 1 


2 2 2 


2 15 9 


4 6 10 


2 4 1 


2 19 7 


4 15 


2 5 7 


3 3.6 


5 3 4 








±1 14 7 


£2 3 10 


£3 2 2 


1 16 6 


2 6 


3 7 2 


1 17 6 


2 8 6 


3 13 2 


1 18 6 


2 11 6 


3 19 8 


2 4 


2 14 5 


4 7 


2 2 


2 18 3 


4 15 2 


Premiums may be made payable half-yearly or qaarterly, to suit the 
convenience of parties. 

Insurances are effected upon the lives of Naval and Military Men, or 
upon those of other parties intending to Reside Abroad, at Premiums 
proportioned to the extra risk. 


at the Reduced Premiums of Is. 6d. and upwards. Extra Risks insured 
at moderate rates. Policies with other Offices may be transferred free 
of expense. 

„65, Princes Street. 

„69, St. Vincent Street. 

~12, Bachelor's Walk. 

Office in Edinburgh,* 
Office in Glasgow, „, 
Office in Dublin, ^~. 

By order of the Directors, 

CHAs. F. GRIFFITH, Manager. 
JOHN WATSON, Secretary. 




Capital, £500,000. 


Extraordinary Directors. 

JOHN ADAM, Esq. of Scobbach, by Turriff. 

Rev. THOS. BISSET, late of Addiseombe College, Croydon. 

GEORGE DEAS, Esq., Advocate, Edinburgh. 

COSMO FALCONER, Esq. of Hartwoodhill, Edinburgh. 

WILLIAM GIBSON, Esq. of Kinmundy, Skene. 

BENJAMIN A. GORDON, Esq. of Balbithan, Keith-hall. 

R. J. HEWAT, Esq., Colebrooke Row, London. 

J. S. MDSCHET, Esq., M.D., of Birkhill, Stirling. 

MALCOLM M'KENZIE, Esq. of Friendville, Aberdeen. 

WILLIAM NAPIER, Esq., W.S., Edinburgh. 

HUGH ROSS, Esq. of Knockbrake, W.S., Edinburgh. 

WILLIAM SCOTT, Esq., Provost of Banff. 

D. SINCLAIR WEMYSS, Esq. of Southdun, Caithness. 

Ordinary Directors. 

ALEXANDER THOMSON, Esq. of Banchory, Chairman. 

GEORGE THOMPSON, Jun., Esq., Shipowner. 

WILLIAM DUTHIE, Esq., Shipowner. 

JOHN LESLIE, Esq., Manufacturer. 

JAMES FORBES, Esq., Merchant. 

GEORGE ELMSLY, Esq., Coach-builder. 

JOHN YEATS, Esq. of Kincortb, Advocate. 


Medical Officer in Aberdeen. — JAMES WILL, Esq., M.D. 

Law Agents.— Messrs. YEATS & FLOCKHART, Advocates. 


Accountant. — ANDREW MASSON. 


The Advantages afforded by this Company are as follows : — 
1. rilHE RATES are on the Lowest Scale consistent with 
JL safety. 

2. Four-fifths of the whole Profits of the Life Assurance Business be- 
long to the holders of Life Policies entitled to Participation. The full 
benefits of Mutual Assurance are thus conferred upon the Assured. 

3. The First Investigation for the purpose of declaring a Bonus, will 
take place at 25th March, 1852 ; and similar Investigations will be made 
every Three Years thereafter. 

4. The Policies of the Company are, by the Contract of Copartnery, 
rendered Indefeasible and Indisputable at Death, in every case where 
they have not been obtained by fraudulent or intentional misrepre- 
sentation or concealment ; and a special clause to that effect is inserted 
in the Policies. 

5. Parties may Assure either on the Participating or on the Non-Par- 
ticipating Scale. 



6. Policies will be issued for any Sum from £20 upwards. 

7. Surrenders of Policies will be received on liberal terms. 

8. No Entry-Money charged. 

9. Claims are payable three months after proof of death. 

The Company grants Assurances on Joint-Lives and Survivorships, 
on the same moderate scale of Premiums ; and also Endowments for 
Children ; and Immediate, Deferred, and Survivorship Annuities ; and, 
generally, it conducts the business of Life Assurance in all its branches. 


The usual moderate Premiums are charged. No Charge is made for 
Policies transferred from other Offices ; nor in any case where the sum 
assured amounts to £300 or upwards. 


The Company undertakes to guarantee the Fidelity of Parties in Si- 
tuations of Trust. This Guarantee is against all loss by * Actings, In- 
tromissions, Dishonesty, Fraud, or Failing to Account,' and is therefore as 
ample as that of the ordinary Private Surety-Bonds. 

Persons who are already Sureties for others, may transact with this 
Company for Relief of their Bonds. 

Forms of Proposals, and all additional information, may be obtained 
at the Office here, or at any of the Agencies. 


18, King Street, Aberdeen, 
18th May, 1846. 

Specimens of Tables of Rates of Annual Premium for Assuring £100, payable at 












L3 7 

3 17 10 

4 13 2 

5 13 4 


LI 8 6 
1 11 4 
1 14 7 
1 18 6 



L2 2 
2 6 1 
2 11 11 
2 18 7 










Ll 11 4 
1 14 6 

1 18 

2 2 4 


L2 6 2 
2 10 9 

2 17 1 

3 4 5 


L3 13 8 

4 5 8 

5 2 6 

6 4 8 

The Rates for Older Ages may be ascertained on application. 





Edinburgh, , — 47, GEORGE STREET. 

London, 37, CORNHILL. 

Dublin, , 52, DAME STREET. 






Extraordinary . 
Sir W. A. Maxwell, Bart. 
Sir W. G. G. Cumming, Bart. 
Nortb Dalrymple, Esq. 
Sir John Gladstone, Bart. 
Sir George S. Mackenzie, Bart. 
John Jardine, Esq. 
Capt. J. D. Boswell, R.N. 
Robert Thomson, Esq. 
Colonel W. Macdonald. 
William Moodie, Esq. 
John Learmonth, Esq. 
Henry Maxwell. 

E. D. Sandford, Esq. 
Walter Biggar, Esq. 
J, H. Burnett, Esq. 
John Macfie, Esq. 
Sir William Dunbar, Bart. 
William Wilson, Esq. 
Patrick Dalmahoy, Esq. 
James Duncan, Esq. 
James Cornwall, Esq. 
John Logan, Esq. 
Hugh Bruce, Esq. 
Thomas Duncan, Esq. 

Manager.— George Ramsay, Esq. Secretary.— James Barlas, Esq. 

Auditor. — Robert Spottiswoode, Esq. 

Physician — Dr. Maclagan. Solicitors. — Messrs. Ellis, W.S. 

Bankers. — The Royal Bank and the Commercial Bank. 


The following are the advantages offered hy this Company:— 


This Company possesses a very large subscribed Capital, divided among 
a i umerous body of proprietors, and the absolute security so essential 
to a Life Assurance Society, is afforded in its most substantial form. 


The Rates of Premium have been calculated expressly for this Com- 
pany, and will bear a fair comparison with those of other Companies. 
No Entry-Money is Charged. Parties may Assure either a specific 
Sum, payable at Death, on payment of a reduced rate of Premium ; or, 
on payment of an increased rate, may participate in the Profit Scheme 
of the Company. 

in — distribution of profits. 
Two-thirds of the Profit arising on the Participation Class of Policies 
(without being subject to any charges for management) are divided, every 
Five Years, among those entitled to participate, on the most equitable 
principles— viz., in the proportion each party has contributed to that 


This Company Insures almost all kinds of Property against Accidents 
arising from Fire, at Rates commensurate with the risk. 


The Directors can, with confidence, refer to the promptitude and li- 
berality with which Accidental Losses are adjusted by this Institution. 
Losses by Lightning to Farming Stock paid. 

Copies of Prospectus, and all other information, may be had on ap- 
plication at the Offices of the Company, or at any of the Company's 

By order of the Directors, 

JAMES BARLAS, Secretary. 


Aberdeen, „„„~.„~.,~~ ,~~.„.~>~~James M'Hardy. 


.Alex. Paul. 
■Henry Balfour. 

Keith, . H - M - Wilson. 



CAPITAL INVESTED, £1,700,000. 

Board nf Management at Edinburgh. 
Sir Henry Jaedine, Chairman. 
John Ferriee. Esq.. W.S. 

Alex. Wood, Esq.. Dean of the Faculty of Advocates. 
William Dallas, Esq., W.S. 

rjnHIS Society has been established upwards of thirty-four 
JL years. All just claims upon its Funds have been promptly and 
liberally settled. Nearly Two Millions and a Half have been thus 
paid away on expired Policies ; and to meet the existing engagements of 
the Institution, it possesses Funds amounting to upwards of a Million 
and Three Quarters, almost wholly invested on Real and Government 

*The Rates of Premiums are below those of most other Offices, and under 
the aqe of 45, not less so than ten per cent., a benefit in itself equivalent to an 
Annual' Bonus; whilst periodical additions are also made to the sums 
Assured upon all Policies for the whole duration of Life, in proportion to 
the amount of Premium paid. The full advantage of Life Assurance is 
thus enjoyed by the Members ; and the Society, from its large accumu- 
lated Capital, and a Business embracing nearly Eight Thousand Lives, 
presents the strongest claims to the favour of the public. , ■. , 

P On 9th September last, a Bonus oi Ten per cent, was declared on the 
total amount of Premium paid on all Policies for the whole period °f 
Life existing at 30th June, 1841, whereby a sum of £2o4,170 9s. 7d. was 

^rub^in^dLiS^; of the earlier Policies exhibits the aggre- 
gate amount of Bonus assigned to each of those Policies, including that 
declared at the last General Meeting. 

Sum Assured. Bonus 

v„ £ £ S. D. 

477 1000 776 4 10 

*'{ 499 431 10 5 

!TO 1000 445 15 6 

751 1000 458 7 4 

1035 2000 852 5 1 

{576 1500 619 3 4 

Sum Assured. Bonus. 

No. £ £ S. D. 

1450 2000 754 17 2 

1444 1000 519 10 7 

1459 300 155 14 4 

1745 2000 1117 1 11 

1850 1500 749 10 5 

2570 1000 531 6 10 

"t«Mm of Rates, with copies of the recent Report by the Directors re- 
*n J th last assigned Bonus, may be had at the Society's Office, 
^P^S^EdSZrgh; and of the Agents in all parts of the 

United Kingdom. .*„,«■„ » 


Agent at Aberdeen. 




Established in 1823 —Incorporated by Act of Parliament. 

CAPITAL, £500,000. 

EDINBURGH, 22, George Street. 

11, King William Street (City), LONDON. 

fT^HIS Company combines, in the most beneficial way for the As. 
JL sured, all the advantages of the different systems on which Life 
Offices have generally been formed. 

A numerous, influential, and responsible body of Proprietors, with a 
large subscribed Capital and accumulated funds, present the most ample 
security; whilst as all the Partners must be insured with the Company, 
this affords the benefits of the mutual assurance system in its best fea- 
tures,-the Assured having the right to participate in the whole profits 
ol the business, without the liability of the mutual guarantee. 

Prospectuses containing all the various modes by which Insurances 
may be effected, and every information obtained, at the Head Office, or 
the various Agencies of the Company. 

Specimen op Rates for Insuring £100 on a Single Life. 

For One Year. 



£0 13 5 

17 3 

18 9 

1 1 3 
1 3 5 
1 6 10 
1 10 6 

1 15 1 

2 4 9 

3 1 8 

Seven Years. 


£0 17 2 

19 11 

1 2 2 
1 4 8 
I 7 9 
1 11 10 

1 16 3 

2 4 5 

2 18 11 

3 18 11 

Without Participation. 




£1 10 4 

1 14 2 

1 18 6 

2 3 7 
2 10 

2 17 11 

3 8 

4 I 7 


6 4 4 

£1 13 1 

1 17 4 

2 2 
2 7 

2 14 

3 3 

3 14 

4 9 

5 9 

6 15 8 

No Entry- Money or other charge beyond the Policy Stamp. 

Liberty to pass to any part of Europe without extra, Premium. 

Annuities, Reversions, &c, present and contingent. 

Claims paid three months after proof of death. 

Assurances of Capital Sums or Annuities may be effected in any way 

that parties may require. 
Moderate Rates for Special Risks. 

GILBt. L. FINLAY, Manager. 
Wm. DICKSON, Secretary. 

Head Office, 22, George Street, 
Edinburgh, June, 18-16. 

Agents at 

— Mr. James Murray, Advocate. 

— Messrs. Lowson & M'Donald, Writers. 

Mr. James Rose, Solicitor. 

Dundee, . — .„Messrs. Shaw, Reid, & M'Lachlan, Writers. 

Elgin, m Mr. Kop.t. Brander, Banker. 

Forres, Mr. John Seal, Merchant. 

Arbroath, „ 





Capital £300,000. 





Robert Nasmyth, Esq. Donald Home, Esq. 

H. Maxwell Inglis, Esq. Francis Chalmers, Esq. 

John Clerk Brodie, Esq. Robert Ainslie, Esq. 

Robert Rutherford, Esq. James Hay Mackenzie, Esq. 

John Christison, Esq. Edward Strathearn Gordon, Esq. 

Robert Blackwood, Esq. Thomas Graham Murray, Esq. 


James Miller, Esq., M.D., Professor of Surgery in the University of Edinburgh. 

Auditor — William Moncrieff, Esq. Bankers. — The Bank of Scotland. 

ALEX. W. ROBERTSON, Manager and Actuary 


Charles Dodd, Esq. Hugh Hope, Esq. 

William Harris Rayden, Esq. Willium Pascall Smithett, Esq. 

Percival Champion, Esq. 

Physician. — Anthony Todd Thomson, Esq., M.D. 

Surgeon. — John Adam Townsend, Esq. 

Secretary.— T H O M A S YUILLE WARDROP. 

THIS COMPANY embraces in its constitution the advantages both of 
the Mutual and Proprietary systems of Assurance. In the Mutual 
Department, Assurances can be effected at a much lower rate of Pre- 
mium than in a purely Mutual office, and that without incurring any 
risk or responsibility. Five Sixths (or upwards of 83 per cent.) of the 
Profits are divided among the Assured every five years ; the remaining 
Sixth is added to the Guarantee Fund in return for the security afforded 
by the Subscribed Capital. 

In the other Deparment, Assurances can be effected without parti- 
cipation in the profits at a reduced rate of premium. 

The sums in the Company's Policies are all guaranteed. No entry 
money is charged. Claims are paid Three Months after proof of death. 

Copies of the Prospectus, and all information, may be had on applica- 
tion to GEORGE MARQUIS, Accountant, Union Street, Aberdeen; 
or at the Office in Edinburgh or London, or at any of the Company's 

Agents at 

Dundee James Chalmers, Jun. 

Perth „™,.~> John Kippen, Writer. 

i?rec/im„~.™-..™.~™David Burns, bookseller. 

Elgin ,™,„~.™.„.~™James Allan, Bookseller. 

Inverness „™ Alexander Dallas, Solicitor. 

Montrose . George W. Laird, Bookseller. 




Established by Act of Parliament in 1834. 

Earl of Erroll I Earl of Norbury 

Earl of Courtown I Earl of Stair 

Earl Leven and Melville [ Earl Somers 

Lord Viscount Falkland 

Lord Elphinstone 

Lord Belhaven and Stenton 


James Stuart, Esq. Chairman. Hananel de Castro, Deputy- Chairman. 

Samuel Anderson, Esq. 
Hamilton Blair Avarne, Esq. 
Edward Boyd, Esq. Resident 
E. Lennox Boyd, Asst. Resident 
Charles Downes, Esq. 

Charles Graham, Esq. 
F. Charles Maitland, Esq. 
William Railton, Esq. 
John Ritchie, Esq. 
F. H. Thomson, Esq. 

Auditors — Adam Murray, Esq ; J. Mitchell, Esq. ; and M. Wilson Boyd, Esq. 

Secretary— Patrick Macintyre, Esq. | Actuary — John King, Esq. 

Bankers — Messrs. Cocks, Biddulph, & Co., 43, Charing Cross ; and Union Bank 

of London, 4, Pall Mall, East. 

Surgeon — F. Hale Thomson, Esq., 48, Berners Street. 

Solicitors— Messrs. Macdougall & Upton, 44, Parliament Street. 

The Right Hon. Adam Black, Lord I W. H. Playfair, Esq., Great Stuart Street 

Provost I Robert Clarke, Esq., Lynedoch Place 

James Hunt, Esq. of Pittencrieff, Moray Robert Bell, Esq., Manager, City of Glas- 
Place | gow Bank 

Surgeon— .Alexander Gillespie, Esq., M.D. 
;* — Mr. P. S. Fraser, 97, George Street. 


James Somerville, Esq., Nursery Mills 
Robert Salmond, Esq., Manager of the 
City of Glasgow Bank 

John Bain, Esq., of Morriston 
W. Campbell, Esq of Tillichewan 
James Gourlay, Esq., Accountant 
Medical Officers— Alfred Hall, Esq., M.D. ; Joseph Bell, Esq., Surgeon ; David 
Cunninghame, Esq., Surgeon. 

Solicitors — Messrs. Allan & Reid, of 120, Buchanan Street. 
Agents — Messrs. Seton & Son, 12, St. Vincent Place. 

THIS Company, established by Act of Parliament, affords the 
most perfect security in a large paid-up Capital, and in the great 
success which has attended it since its commencement in 1834, its An- 
nual Income being upwards of £82,000. 

In 1841, the Company declared a Bonus of £2 per Cent, per Annum on the Sum 
Insured to all Policies of the Participating Class from the time they were effected. 

The Bonus added to Policies from March, 1834, to the 31st Dec, 1840 
is as follows : — 

Sum Time Sum added I Sum Time Sum added 

Assured. Assured. to Policy. | Assured. Assured, to Policy 

£5000 6 Yrs. 10 Mths. £683 6s. 8d. 1 £5000 4 Years £400 
5000 6 Years. 600 | 5000 2 Years 200 



The Premiums, nevertheless, are on the most moderate scale, and only 
One-half need be paid for the first Five Years, where the Insurance is 
for Life. 

Every information will be afforded on application to the Resident Di- 
rectors, Edward Boyd, Esq., and E. Lennox Boyd, Esq., of No. S.Water- 
loo Place, Pall Mall, London; or of the 


Edinburgh — Mr. P. S. Fkaser, 97, George Street. 
Glasgow— Messrs. Seton & Son, 12, St. Vincent Place. 





Office in London^. No. 12, MOORGATE STREET. 

Office in Glasgow No. 67, ST. VINCENT STREET. 

JOHN CADELL, Esq., of Tranent 
ROBERT HUNTER, Esq., Advocate, Sheriff of Bute 
CHARLES LAWSON, Esq., Seedsman 
ROBERT SCLATER, Esq., Die Cutter 
DONALD S. PEDDIE, Esq., Accountant 
CHARLES JAMES KERR, Esq., Secretary to Edinburgh and 

Glasgow Bank 
GEORGE MEIKLE, Esq., Merchant 
ALEX. JAMIESON, Esq., Merchant 
JOHN PARKER, Esq., Stamp Office 
JAMES COWAN, Esq., Paper Maker 
JOHN HUNTER, Jun., Esq., W.S. 

ALEXANDER KEITH JOHNSTON, Esq., Geographer to the Queen 
WILLIAM OLIPHANT, Esq., Publisher 

CHARLES BLACK, Esq., Publisher 
C. W. ANDERSON, Esq., Merchant, Leith 

DAVID HECTOR, Esq., Advocate 
JAMES ALEXANDER, Esq., Merchant 
WILLIAM CAMPBELL, Esq. of Tillichewan 



Medical Officer. 

Sir GEORGE BALLINGALL, Professor of Military Surgery 


WILLIAM POLLOCK, Esq., 13 York Place 

Manager.— J AMKS WATSON, Esq. Secretary.— JOHN WATSON, Esq. 



npHE Directors solicit attention to the principles of this Institu- 
vL tion, in the conviction that they offer greater advantages than those 
of any other Office, established or projected. As a MUTUAL SOCIETY, 
instituted solely for the benefit of the Members, it secures to them the 
greatest possible return for their Premiums, and the utmost liberality in 
the administration, consistent with principle. 

The PREMIUMS, at early and middle ages, are about a fourth lower 
than in other Mutual Offices ; so that the Premium usually charged for 
L.400 will secure about L.500 in this. 

The WHOLE PROFITS belonging to the Assured themselves, and the 
principle on which they are divisible, is at once safe, equitable, and 
favourable to good lives. 

BY THE USUAL PRACTICE, the representatives of a person assured 
for L.1000, and dying in six or eight years after entry, will carry off not 
only the original sum in this Policy, but a further sum, in the name of 
Profit, although the Premiums, which he has lived to pay, will not 
amount to one fourth of his original assurance, and, therefore, the com- 
mon fund has already been loser by him to the extent of more than L.750. 
In this Office, the surplus is reserved entire for those Members 'Mho survive 
the period at which their Premiums, with accumulated interest, amount to the 
sums in their Policies. Being thus divided among a comparatively small 
number, the share, or bonus, falling to each, will necessarily be much 
greater than by the usual mode. 

Office which combines the advantages of Mutual Assurance with 
Moderate Premiums. 

Reports of the Recent Investigation, exhibiting a highly prosperous 
state of the Society's Affairs, may be had on Application. 

Examples of Premiums for Assurance of L.iOO at death ; — 


Payable for the 

Payable during 21 

Whole of Life. 

Years only. 


L.l 18 

L.2 10 8 


2 16 

2 14 6 


2 6 10 

2 19 8 


2 14 9 

3 6 4 


3 5 9 

3 14 9 


4 1 7 

4 7 2 

Thus, a person of 30 may secure L.100 at death for a yearly Payment, 
during his life, of L.2, Is. 6d. only; or, he may secure the same amount 
at death for a yearly premium of L.2, 14s. 6d., ceasing on his attaining 
the age of 50 — being thus entirely relieved of payment before he has 
passed the prime of life, and that for nearly the same premium as other 
Mutual Offices require for the whole of life. 

Prospectus, Forms of Proposal, and every information, may be had on 
application to the Manager, or any of the following 

Aberdeen, ,~~~~ — 

Union Street. 

Banff, . 

Elgin ,™ 

Forres, ~ 

Inverness, _~„.~-~~.~ 


Tain, , 

Edinburgh, June, 1846. 

William Skinner, Advocate, 103, 

William Barclay, Solicitor. 

Messrs. Bain & Cooper, Writers. 

Alexander Urquhart, Writer. 

~~Peter M'Dougal, Caledonian Bank. 

Jas. Simpson, Solicitor, 

»~Jas. Gair, British Linen Company. 



CAPITAL, £500,000. 


The Most Noble the Marquis of DOUGLAS and CLYDESDALE 

Lieut-Gen. the Right Hon. Earl CATHCART, K.C.B. 

WALTER F. CAMPBELL, Esq. of Islay 

J. C. COLQ.UHOUN, Esq., Sheriff of Dumbartonshire 

Sir JOHN C. FAIRLIE, Baronet of Robertland and Fairlie 

Sir WM. M. NAPIER, Baronet of Milliken and Napier 

JAMES OSWALD, Esq. of Auchincruive, M.P. for Glasgow 

ALEXANDER OSWALD, Esq., M.P. for Ayrshire 

Sir H. J. SEYTON STEWART, Bart, of Allanton and Tough 

JAMES GRAHAM, Esq. of Fereneze, Chairman 
ROBERT GALBRA1TH, Esq. of Greenhead, Merchant 
WILLIAM GILMOUR, Esq. of Oatlands, Merchant, Glasgow 
THOMAS LEADBETTER, Esq., Merchant, Glasgow 
JAMES LUMSDEN, Jun., Esq., Merchant, Glasgow 
WILLIAM MALCOLM, Esq. of Glenmorag, Merchant 
ROBERT WILSON, Esq., Merchant, Glasgow 
JOHN WINGATE,Esq., Merchant, Glasgow 


Dr. ANDREW BUCHANAN, Professor of the Institutes of Medicine, 
Glasgow University. 



JAMES SMITH, Manager. 

JOHN MURDOCH, Esq., S.S.C., Leith 
BENJAMIN GREIG, Esq., Merchant, Edinburgh 

GEORGE HEWAT, Esq., Wine Merchant 

Medical Referee— Dr. ALEXANDER PEDDIE 
Agent— WlLhlAU LOW, Esq., Accountant 


THE determination of the Directors to effect Insurance on 
good lives only, has enabled them to fix the Premiums on a scale 
most favourable for the Insured, as exemplified in the Prospectuses of the 
Company. These, and any requisite information, will be supplied by the 
various Agents of the Company. 


The Premiums charged are on the lowest scale consistent with safety, 
and Losses settled with promptitude and liberality. 

John Ligertwood, Esq., Advocate. 
James Collie, Esq., Advocate. 
Glasgow, 18th June, 1846. 





Established in 1805. 

Edinburgh— OFFICE, 19, GEORGE STREET. 

THIS Company offers to the Public ample security and moderate 
rates of Premium, with liberality and promptitude in the settle- 
ment of claims. 

They have adopted various Tables for Life Insurance, with a view to 
suit the convenience of Parties wishing to effect Insurance either on 
their own Lives, or on the Lives of others, which may be done at a low 
rate, without any share in the profits, or at a somewhat higher rate with 
the right to participate in the profits to the extent of five-sixths : the 
Capital of the Company at same time affording a guarantee against lia- 
bility for loss. 

A few examples of the Bonuses declared on Participating Policies at 
the last investigation of the Company's business, will show the advan- 
tages of joining this department: — 


Duration of 





A . 

. £500 

5 years. 


B . 

. 1000 

6 „ 


C . 

. 1500 

7 „ 


D . 

. 2000 

8 „ 


E .. 

. 2500 

9 „ 


F . 

. 3000 

10 ~ 


These Bonuses are added to the sums insured, or their present values 
are paid in cash, or a corresponding deduction is made from the Annual 

The following is a specimen of rates for Insuring £100 on a single 
Life, according to a Table just adopted by the Company, whereby only 
two-thirds of the Premium is charged ; the other third remaining at in- 
terest, to be deducted from the sum insured when the Policy emerges, or 
which may be paid off at any time convenient for the party : — 


Premium. [Age. 




£12 5 
15 7 
1 9 4 
1 13 6 
1 19 


£2 5 4 

2 14 6 

3 8 4 

4 7 

For farther particulars, see the Prospectus just published, to be had at 
the Head Office and Branches, containing the different Tables and every 
other necessary information. 
No Extra Premium is charged within the bounds of Europe. 
No Entry Money. 
A liberal commission allowed to Agents and Solicitors. 

H. D. DICKIE, Manager. 
JOHN MOINET, Secretary. 


Of all the productions that are imported into this country, that of TEA has 
now become the most important, both for its vast consumption and 
for the immense sum it yelds annually to the revenue. Two hundred 
years ago its existence was unknown to the people of Great Britain, 
and, on its first introduction, it was sold in the liquid state— the 
price being about 60s. per lb. Since then its consumption has gone 
on progressively increasing, and the amount of money expended on 
this article alone may now be stated as exceeding £11,000,000 sterling. 
To the East India Company, under whose direction and control for 
a century and a half the importation of this article was confined, we 
are indebted for that regularity of supply, the soundness and quality 
of which have proved to be so well adapted to the tastes of the people 
of this conntry. 

10 THE 




T N introducing ourselves to your notice a few months ago as Pro- 
■*- peietors of the Tea Establishment, 66, Union Street, Aberdeen, 
we said that we should conduct it upon the same principles as those 
which had secured to our predecessors so large a share of public patron- 
age. Those principles have obtained for us the reputation of selling an 
article pre-eminent for the excellence of Its quality ; and in the 
result our anticipations have been abundantly realized—; first, in having 
unquestionably established the largest ready-money Tea and Coffee 
Trade in Aberdeen ; and secondly, in having secured the confidence of an 
extensive connection — proofs of which are daily afforded us by corres- 
pondence from the resident gentry in the north of Scotland. 

The Tea Market still rules extremely moderate, and we now proceed 
to submit to your inspection the following revised " Scale of Prices," 
which, when taking character and quality into consideration, we 
challenge any other house to surpass. Those distinguished by " recom- 
mended" are the prices to which we more particularly direct your at- 


Common Congou, 2s lOd to 3s Od 

Good Sound Congou 3s 2d 

Preferable do 3s 4d 


a useful Tea, 3s 6d — recommended 

Very Strong Congou, even black leaf, 3s 8d 

vour — an excellent Tea 4s Od — much recommended 

Fine Congou, Pekoe Souchong flavour, 4s 4d 


THE FINEST CONGOU, full ripe Pekoe Sou- 
chong flavour, 4s 6d — recommended 

LAPSANG SOUCHOUNG, 4s 8d— recommended 

Rich Pekoe Souchong — a fragrant and delicious 

Tea, 5s Od 

Assam Tea, 5s Od 


Twankey, 3s lOd to 4s 4d 

Bloom, 4s 8d 

Hyson 5s Od 


Finest Cowslip Hyson, 6s Od 

Fine Ouchain or Young Hyson 5s 4d 

Finest Ouchain, 6s Od 

Fine Gunpowder, 6s Od 

Curious Gunpowder, small closely twisted leaf, 7s Od 

Families, Hotel-keepers, and establishments of magnitude, will find 
it to their advantage to purchase original packages, containing 10, 20, 40, 
and 80 pounds, upon which we shall allow the usual overweight granted 
by the Customs, which generally reduces the cost 2d. per lb. We shall 
also pack all descriptions of Tea in four and six pound Catties, — on which 
a proportionate overweight will also be allowed. To our Country Cus- 
tomers these packages are particularly recommended, as being less liable 
to injury in transit than any other mode of packing. 


The advantages to be derived from the use of Coffee deserve for it a far 
greater consumption than we find it has obtained in this part of Scot- 
land ; and we believe this can only be accounted for by what we have as- 
certained to be a fact, that the article has not received that care and at- 
tention in its selection and preparation for the market necessary to meet 
the growing taste for a beverage so consistent with health and pleasure. 
Under judicious management, we doubt not but that its use will become 
as universal here as in any other part of Great Britain. Most of you 
are aware that in the countries of the East, and where some of its finest 
specimens are produced, it almost supersedes the use of every other be- 
verage. To procure the pleasure which Coffee drinkers enjoy, it is ne- 
cessary that it be made from Coffee of good quality, and be served up to 
the table strong, hot, and clear. 

We respectfully invite your attention to the subjoined list — 


Ceylon, Is Od 


Peruvian and Java, Is 4d — recommended 

FINE COSTA RICO and Jamaica, Is 6d — recommended 

Finest Jamaica Is 6d 

FINEST MOCHA, Is 8d— recommended 

Mocba and Rio mixed, Is 8d 

Bourbon and the finest Mocha mixed, Is lOd — much recommended 



We beg to remind you that we have, in connexion with Tea and Coffee, 
always on hand an assortment of Spices and Italian Goods, with other 
articles belonging to a general Grocery Business— taking care, however, 
these do not distract our attention from the more primary articles of our 
Trade, Tea and Coffee. 

Payment of Goods forwarded to the country is not required until they 
have been duly received and approved of ; but in case the purchaser is un- 
known to us, it will be necessary to accompany their order by a remit- 
tance or respectable reference, as it must be evident that our system of 
small profits will admit of neither credit nor risk. 

The greatest attention paid to Country Orders ; and those for the City 
and Suburbs punctually delivered at the time required. 


July 14, 1846. 66, UNION STREET, ABERDEEN. 

Va. RET TI E & SON, 

111, UNION STREET, (Opposite the Churchyard,, 

RESPECTFULLY solicit attention to their present very exten- 
sive and valuable Collection of Sheffield and Electro PLATED 
LERY, Fine JAPAN WARE, and FANCY GOODS, of the most elegant 
description. Comprising — 

Dish Covers and Corner Dishes ; Soup and Sauce Tureens ; Souffle 
Dishes ; Bread and Cake Baskets ; Epergnes and Plateaux ; Assiette" 
Months ; Cruet and Liquor Frames ; Soy and Pickle Frames ; Wine 
Coolers ; Bottle Stands ; Trays and Waiters ; Tea and Coffee Services ; 
Tea Urns ; Tea and Toddy Kettles, with Lamps ; Hot-water Jugs ; Egg 
and Toast Stands; Muffineers ; Butter Coolers; Dessert Knives and 
Forks ; Dining, Drawing Room, and Chamber Candlesticks ; Taper 
Stands ; Ink Stands, &c. &c. 

Tea and Coffee Services ; Waiters, Cups, Bread and Cake Baskets, 
Laddies, Spoons, Forks, Saltcellars, Cheese Scopes, Butter Knives, Des- 
sert Knives and Forks, Grape Scissors, Ink Stands, Snuff Boxes, Vinega- 
rettes, Card Cases ; Children's Cups, Knives, and Forks. 

Gold Watches, of London and Geneva Manufacture ; Gold Chains, of the 
newest and most elegant patterns ; Gold Watch Guards and Brequets, Gold 
Bracelets, Brooches, Ear Rings, Crosses, Sevignes, Lockets, Studs, Pins, 


Pencil Cases, Seals, Keys, Rings, Vinegarettes, Eye Glasses, Spectacles, 
&c. &c. Wedding Rings, Mourning Rings and Brooches, in great variety ; 
Pearl, Amethyst, Topaz, Aqua-marine, and Jasper Suits, &c. 

Spoons, Forks, Laddies, Fish Knives, Knive Rests, Sugar Tongs. Cheese 
Scopes, Dessert Knives and Forks, Nut Crackers, Skewers, &c. For dura- 
bility and usefulness, almost equal to Silver. 

Brown Tea and Coffee Urns, Coffee Pots, Kettles, Bronze Ink Stands, 
Watch Stands, Match Holders, Letter Racks, Letter Weights, Taper 
Stands, Candle Shades, Thermometers, Figures, Tea Bells, &c. 

Fine Table and Dessert Knives and Forks, and Carving Knives, with 
handles of Silver, Ivory, Stag, and Black ; Steels ; Pen and Pocket 
Knives, Razors, Scissors, Patent Corkscrews, Snuffers, &c. 

Fine Papier Mache' and Iron Tea and Coffee Trays, Waiters, Bread and 
Cake Baskets, Knife Trays, Snuffer Trays, Plate Warmers, Foot Baths 
and Ewers, Tea Caddies, Card Baskets, Work Boxes, Envelope Cases, 
Ink Stands, Pole and Hand Screens, &c. 

Imperial Patent Block'd Tin and Queen's Metal DISH COVERS, of 
the first quality and shape. Platow and Beart's Patent COFFEE POTS 
and URNS. 

M. R. & S. have also an extensive assortment of rich Gilt Jewellery ; 
elegant French Clocks, in Gilt, China, and Inlaid Rosewood and Ebony ; 
Rosewood and Morocco Writing Desks ; Dressing Cases ; Work Boxes ; 
Rosewood Tea Caddies ; Ivory, Pearl, Tortoiseshell, and other Card 
Cases ; rich cut Smelling Bottles ; Toilet Bottles ; Lustres ; China Orna- 
ments ; Dining and Drawing Room Lamps and Lustres : Patent Candle 
Lamps ; Solar and Camphine Lamps, &c. &c. 

Igg^ Sole Agents for Jerome & Co.'s celebrated Patent AMERICAN 
CLOCKS, which have given such general satisfaction, and, from their 
neatness of appearance and moderate price, are adapted for Parlours, 
Libraries, Counting Rooms, Schools, Nurseries, Servants' Halls and 

Lamp Saloon, 111, Union Street. 



24, Broad Street, 
Is the best stocked and cheapest Bazaar in town, for every description of 
GOODS; best Sheffield CUTLERY of every description; the newest 
and most fashionable PERFUMES, fine SOAPS, TORTOISESHELL 
COMBS, and BRUSHES; a choice selection of BOOKS, suitable for 
Presents, and every description of Fancy STATIONERY, all at astonish- 
ingly low prices. 

m- An immense Stock of FOREIGN TOYS always on hand, im- 
ported direct from the Manufactories in Germany. 

\* Dealers supplied on best terms. 

24, Broad Street. 



MRS. MITCHELL most recpectfully announces having for 
Sale, at verv moderate prices, LADIES' and BABIES' CAPS, 
Dress POCKET HANDKERCHIEFS, &c, embroidered on elegant Pari- 
sian Patterns, and finished with the richest points. SATIN. HEATH- 


Mrs. M. has just received a varied and beautiful selection of PARIS- 
PRINTED MUSLIN, of the latest designs in Style and Shape, includ- 
in the finest French Lawn and Muslin. INFANTS' and CHILDRENS' 

Mrs. M. is in continuous receipt of Parisian Patterns for Printing, 
and has just got a beautiful variety. 

Fashionable Marking Initials, in Three Sets, for Pocket Handker- 
chiefs, Toilette-cushions, and Baby Baskets. 


*^* Orders by Post or othericise promptly attanded to. 

Pattern-Printing Establishment, 
10, St. Nicholas Street. 






At the following Prices : — 
6d, 9s 6d, 10s 6d, lis 6d, 12s 6d, 14s 6d, 15s 6d, 16s 6d, and IS 





UST take a look at the East Window at 34, Union Street, 
and see Samples of the above HATS, and you will at once be con- 
vinced of the great advantage S. M. has by being a 


as it enables him to produce infinitely more stylish and becoming Shaped 
Hats than can be produced at ordinary establishments. 

CAPS, all the Fashion for the Season— Samples of which are tastefully 
displayed in West Window, at 34, Union Street. 





26, Union Street, Aberdeen, 
ESPECTFULLY begs to call the attention of his numerous 


Customers, and the Public generally, to his new and elegant Stock 
for the season, replete with everything 







V Country dealers will find this a very convenient Establishment for 
filling up their stock with superior Goods, and on more favourable terms 
than they can possibly have by ordering from Glasgow or other places. 










26, Union Street. 



TH E Extensive C H I N A and GLASS SALOONS 



Are the largest in the line in the North of Scotland ; the Front Shop, with 
the beautiful show-rooms behind, measuring 100 feet in length. Nothing 
but an actual inspection can give an idea of the immense quantity of 
BREAKFAST SERVICES ; TOILET SETS, and every description of 
Goods required for domestic purposes. 

The GLASSDEPARTMENT is first rate in design and quality ; com- 
prising an elegant assortment, both for use and ornament. 

One visit to the above Establishment will convince those who may be 
pleased to honour H. F. & Co. with a call, of the decided advantages there 
to be met with, both in the immense Stock of Goods daily arriving, and 
always on view ; and the extraordinary low prices at which they are 
offered will, H. F. & Co. flatter themselves, be an inducement to those 
who have hitherto honoured the Establishment to continue their liberal 
patronage, and to those who have not to commence making their pur- 
chases at that favourite resort. 

*** Every Pattern sold at these Warerooms can be matched at any 
future period, as the Stock is selected only from Houses of long standing 
and respectability. 

55 Castle Street, 55 




TAKES this opportunity of returning his sincere thanks to his 
numerous Employers in Aberdeen and County, and surrounding 
Towns and Counties, for the liberal patronage he has been favoured with 
since he commenced business in Aberdeen, and trusts, from the late im- 
provements in his Works, and strict attention to all Orders committed to 
his charge, that he will be enabled to execute them in the first style of 
the art. 

MERINOES, SAXONIES, &c, Dyed and Dressed, commencing on 

Tuesday every week. 
SILKS, VELVETS, POPLINS, &c, Dyed and Dressed on the most ap- 
proved principles, commencing on Wednesday and Friday every 
STRAW BONNETS Dyed on Tuesday and Friday every week. 

SILKS Watered on Thursday and Saturday. 


All sorts of LINEN DRAPERY Hot Calendered. 

MOREEN and DAMASK FURNITURE Cleaned, Re-dyed, and Dressed. 

PRINTED FURNITURE Cleaned, Starched, and Glazed. 

Gentlemen's Apparel Renovated in a Superior Style. 
Orders from the Country attended to with punctuality and despatch. 

Not accountable for any Article left over Twelve Months. 



The Preliminary or Introductory Number is in a forward state 
of preparation, and will be issued in the course of July. In- 
tending Subscribers will oblige by forwarding their names ivith- 
out delay. 










The Engravings will be executed in the same style as those in the 
" Illustrated London News" and " Pictorial Times ;" and the Journal, 
independent of its Illustrations and lowness of price, will be so conducted 
as to render it an acceptable visitant to every family circle. 

Terms of Subscription. — For Six Months,5s. ; Quarter, 2s. 6d. 

A beautiful Steel Engraving of her Majesty and Prince Albert will 
be presented Gratis to Subscribers for Six Months. 

All communications to be addressed to the Editor of the Aberdeen 
Family Journal, 43, Union Street, Aberdeen. 

Town and Village — a liberal commission allowed. 




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supply, both of his own and from the best London Houses. 
8§T PIANO-FORTES Tuned and Regulated on the shortest notice. 
Piano-Forte Saloon, 
July, 1816. 





LEWIS SMITH, 50, Union Street, Aberdeen. 


in a Series of Letters and Notes, written during eight years of tra- 
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lEGS respectfully to return his grateful acknowledgements for 
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tioneer, and to intimate that he has resolved, in consequence of the 
encouragement he has received, to continue the business, and that he has 
taken and fitted up as a SALEROOM that large and commodious Hall 
in Broad Street, formerly occupied by D. L. Shirres as a Wareroom — 
entry, No. 2, Blairton Lane. 

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Aberdeen, 76, Broad Street, July, 1846. 


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taining particulars, will be sent on receipt of a Postage stamp. 

Address P. L. E., to the care of Mr. Alexander, Surgeon, 144, Gallow- 
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of a Private Nature. 




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Aberdeen, July, 1846. 

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Cabin ™»3s 6d | Steerage 2s 6d 


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Cabin, Steward's Fee included ~ ~~.~~.19s Od 

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For rates of Freight apply to 


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Fen wick's Entry, Quayside. 

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JAMES MITCHELL, Shoremaster. 

Aberdeen, 25th June, 1846. 



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Bills, Cards, Circulars, Invoices, Receipts, Funeral Letters, and Intima- 
tions, &c. &c, on the shortest notice. 





am & mm mmmsm ®®wm% 

Established, 1836. 





The Right Honourable Lord SALTOUN. 
Lieut-General the Hon. HUGH ARBUTHNOTT, M P. 
The Right Honourable FOX MAULE, M.P. 

Ordinary Directors in Aberdeen. 

Dr. JOHN CRUICKSHANK, Marischal College. Chairman. 
Thomas Blaikie, Esq., Lord Provost. 
William Adam, Esq., of Ranna. 
Alexander Gordon, Esq., Advocate. 
Henry Paterson, Esq., Banker. 
Peter Williamson, Esq,., Merchant. 
David Wyllie, Esq., Banker. 

Auditor. Kledical Officer. 

Robert R. Notman, Esq., Accountant. William Leslie, Esq., Surgeon. 


The Banking Company in Aberdeen. 
The Aberdeen Town and County Bank. 
The North of Scotland Bank. 




OF Till'. 


or THE 


Held within the Company's House in Aberdeen, on 10th July, 1846, to receive 
a Report, by the Directors, upon the FIRST INVESTIGATION of the 
Company's Affairs, and to declare 

Upon the Participation Policies. 

DR. CRU1CKSHANK, Chairman of the Company, having taken 
the Chair, said— 
We have the pleasure of meeting you again, according to appointment, to lay be- 
iore you the report founded on our recent investigation, and I shall detain you from 
hearing it only by noticing very briefly one or two heads of it, which seem to merit 
particular attentiou. First, as to the amount of our business. You will find that few 
companies have done so much within the first ten years of their existence. It is the 
more remarkable in our case, considering that no small portion of the period consisted 
of years of severe pressure on those classes of society which are more especially called 
upon by their circumstances to make present sacrifices, in order to avert the danger 
of future difficulties to themselves or their dependants. (Applause.) If we reckon 
the number of insurance companies now in existence, it may appear surprising that 
there is business for them all. We must infer that the amount of such business is now 
far greater in pioportion to the population than it was not many years ago. This is 
chiefly to be ascribed to the more extensive and accurate knowledge which now prevails 
•on this subject. Let me add, that every one who is interested in the prosperity of an 
insurance company ought to do what he can to render this knowledge still more ex- 
tensive and still more influential. He may thus lead others to measures conducive to 
their futuie good, and he will benefit the company with which he is connected, by 
leudering the profits greater in proportion to the necessary expense of management, 
and the annual rate of mortality among the assured more conformable to previous cal- 
culation. Nothing, you are aware, appears more irregular than the waste of human 
life in a small number of individuals; but the near approach to certainty with which it 
can be predicted for a large number is very remarkable. Increase of numbers, there- 
fore, not only diminishes comparative expense, after the first sacrifices which may bo 
necessary to secure a standing in eligible situations, but also gives a steadiness, which 
is of gieat importance in the affairs of an insurance company. Next, as to the bonus 
proposed to be declared. The report about to be read to you will direct your attention 
to the important fact, that in judging of the bonus, as to its being favourable or other- 
wise, you must take into account the rate of premium which has been paid to secure the 
light to it. You will therefore find a comparison instituted between the bonus now pro 
posed by this company and what the same amount of premiums would have procured, at 

different ages, from each of two other companies whose affairs are considered very pro- 
sperous. I am sure, however, that none of us entertain any jealous or hostile feeling 
towards other companies. We are likely to go on together towards still higher pro- 
sperity, our success arising from the same general causes, the increased efficiency of 
which is so desirable, but modified in some degree by peculiarities which will often 
influence different individuals in different ways. (Applause.) The chairman then re- 
quested the manager to read the report of the directors. 

The Manager accordingly read the Report, which showed — 

I. The Assets of the Company at 30th April, 1846. 
II. The Liabilities of the Company. 
III. The Premiums received during that time upon Life Policies, Annuity 

and Endowment Policies, with the amount of Assurances effected. 
IV. The Claims which had emerged in each year, and a comparison betwixt 
the mortality, as exhibited by the Company's records, and that of the 
Government Annuitants. 
V. The amount of the Sinking Funds in the different departments of the 

Company's business. 
VI. A general view of the whole of the Company's affairs for the last ten 

Then proceeded as follows : — 

" Upon the 30th of April last, the Company completed its tenth year, the period fixed 
by the Contract of Copartnership for an investigation into the state of its affairs. 

The Directors are aware that this investigation has been looked forward to with con- 
siderable interest, and they are of opinion that they are best discharging the duty entrusted 
ed to them, by giving such information to the. Proprietors and Participation Policy 
Holders as will convey to them a knowledge of the nature and extent of the business 
which has been done by the Company for the last ten years. 

They also feel that in entering upon the periodical investigation of the Company's 
affairs a duty of great responsibility devolves upon them ; and more especially do they 
hold this to be the case upon a. first investigation, when they must settle the principles 
upon which it is to be conducted, and by the adoption of certain data as the basis of their 
proceedings, either forward or retard the future prosperity of the Company. 

In order that the whole question should be fully considered, and that an inquiry, em- 
bracing a variety of minute details and an estimate of the whole Assets of the Com- 
pany should be conducted in the most searching manner, the Directors thought that this 
object could be best attained by devolving the duty upon a professional Gentleman, 
unconnected with the previous management of the business; and they accordingly ap- 
pointed Mr. Robert Russell Notman, Accountant in Aberdeen, to conduct the investiga- 
tion, with the assistance of Dr. Cruickshank, Professor of Mathematics in Manschal Col- 
lege and Mr. Henry Paterson, Manager of the North of Scotland Bank, (two of then- 
number,) and Mr. Alexander Anderson, Advocate in Aberdeen, one of the Law Agents 
of the Company. They may state also that these Gentlemen being Policy Holders on the 
' Participation Scheme to a large amount, the interest of that class of the Assured is fully 
protected by the nomination of this Committee. 

The Committee have gone over the whole of the Assets of the Company, and sub- 
mitted a detailed estimate thereof to the Directors, amounting to £144,186, 19s. 4d. 
They have also submitted a Report from the Actuary, showing the whole Liabilities or 
the Office, and which Report is now on the table. 

In valuing the Liabilities of the Office, the same Tables have been adopted as those upon 
which the Premiums were formed— viz., those deduced by Mr. Finlaison, from observa- 
tions on the Government Annuitants, and which suppose money accumulated at four 
per cent. Separate calculations have been made for each Policy; and previous to the 
valuation, the whole sums which have been added to the net Premiums for expense ot 
management and contingencies, varying from ten to twenty-five per cent., were deducted, 
so that the Directors have not anticipated in the smallest degree any profit which may 
arise from this source, or allowed themselves to be led away, for any temporary pur- 
pose, from that strict valuation of their Liabilities, which is the surest guarantee of the 
stability of an Insurance Office. 

The future sources of prolit, therefore, will always remain the same, viz.: — 

1. Any difference betwixt the assumed and thereat rate of Interest, which at present 

is from a Half to One per Cent. ; 

2. The difference betwixt the actual and the anticipated Mortality ; 

3. The profit upon lapsed and surrendered Policies ; and 

4. The difference betwixt the per Centages added for Management and the Expenses 

which may be incurred. 

The Directors having had before them the different methods in use for apportioning 
the free profit among the Policy holders, have resolved to adopt that plan which consti- 
tutes the sum insured and the duration of the policy the elements on which the division 
is made. 

All the Assurances current upon the 30th of April last will have assigned to them a 
bonus proportioned to the sum insured, and to the number of years which have elapsed 
since the opening of the Policy. At next investigation, in 1851, the additions will be 
made for the five years preceding, upon the sum contained in the policy, increased by the 
bonus now declared. Each investigation, therefore, constitutes a distinct resting place 
from which a new departure is taken, the bonus being regulated at each succeeding 
period, not by the original sum insured, but upon that sum increased by the former 
accumulations of profit. 

It is almost unnecessary to state that this system is pursued by the Scottish Widows' 
Fund, and recommended by the example of the Scottish Equitable, North British, and a 
variety of other Offices. The Directors may be permitted to say, that although, in their 
opinion, the plan is not altogether free from inequalities, yet, as a whole, it adjusts the 
interests of the different classes of policy holders, with very considerable precision, and 
they trust that it will be satisfactory to all concerned. 

After allowing an ample Fund for contingencies, the Directors are enabled to propose 
additions to all Policies opened on or before the 30th day of April, 1846, at the rate of 
one and a fourth per Cent, per Annum upon the sums insured, for each Annual Payment 
made ; and in relation to Policies where the payments are made by Single Premiums, 
or by any mode of contribution other than Annual Payments, the same rate of additions 
as if the Assurance had been granted upon Annual Premiums. 

The following Table exhibits the additions which the Directors propose to make upon 
Policies of £1000. 


Per Cent-I 

j Date of Policy, 
| at or prior to 

Sum in 


Sum in Policy, 
and Bonus Ad- 

age of Bo-I 

nus on I 

Sum In- 1 

sured. j 

1837— April 30 





' 1S38 „ „ 




1112 10 


1S39 „ „ 





1 1840 „ „ 




10S7 10 


! 1841 „ „ 





! 1842 „ „ 




1062 10 


184 3 





1844 „ „ 




1037 10 


1845 „ „ 




184G „ „ 




1012 10 

H 1 

From the surplus on this Fund, the Bonus might have been extended to one and a 
half per Cent. ; but, with the concurrence of a Committee of Participation Policy holders, 
the Directors have, on the present occasion, limited the Bonus to one and a quarter 
per Cent., with the view of equalizing the future Profits. 

In comparing the additions declared by different Companies, it is obvious that the 
amount of benefits to be received at death is no criterion of the superiority of one Office 
over another, unless the Premiums required to secure such benefits are also compared ; 
and the Directors, therefore, request the attention of the Policy holders to the following 
Table, which exhibits the sums which the same Premium would insure with the North 
of Scotland Company, and with two other Offices ; one, in point of business, stand- 
ing at the head of the Mutual, and the other at the head of the Proprietary Compa- 
nies. The amount of Bonus is also given upon the supposition that the Policies hare 
'been in force for ten years. 


Showing the Total Bent-Jits which would arise under a Policy emerging Ten Yean 
being opened with the following Offices, uponnthe same amount of Premiums. 











Bonus Total. 










1 £ 

















2674 I 577 












I 2706 



f SB 

; 3000 






1 2709 




! 3000 






| 2745 











I 2825 



Note— The Scottish Widows' Fund charges 10s. per Cent, for entry-money, and in 
above calculation this is represented by an equivalent Assurance m the Nort 
Scotland and Standard Companies. A comparison at the higher ages shows 
favourably for the North of Scotland Assurance Company ; but this arises from 
1- Wr profit being divided among those by whom it is principally contributed. 
reversionary additions range from Thirty fine to Fifty-four per Cent, upon the 
mium payable by middle aged lives. 

,j j, 


There is a disadvantage to the North of Scotland Company in comparing its Polu 
after one investigation with those of Offices which have made two additions to their polu 
within that period, as the second addition includes a bonus upon the first one. At 

ext investigation of this Company, in 1851, a comparison for the ten years preced f 
would show a considerable addition to the amount of bonus, even at the present rate vj mir. 
and a quarter per cent. ; but, judging from tile business already done, ^nctei cx r |, 
that thev will be able to increase the per centage of bonus addition at that time. 

As compared with those Companies which still use the Northampton 4 per cent i 
and deXe a bonus of from 1 to 1J per cent, only on the sums insured, the total bed* 
to parties assuring with the North of Scotland exceeds considerably the results brouL. 

° U t£ Sectors propose that the Bonus shall vest immediately, and .be payable withj 
sum assured wheneoer the claim emerges: a certainty is thus given to the payment of| 
declared additions which increases their value, upon Policies which have not beefc, , 
existence five years, by removing all chance of the additions being forfeited, should , 
existence m ) , j Directors see no just reason for withholding the bej 

£!K£Eo££ bXs assured have unexpectedly fallen. The bom., in t Mb, 
omn on when once declared, ought to be as firmly secured as the assurance itself; b^ 
r ame ^ oning which would retain for the Company the bonus on policies lap „ 
Uhn five years of their opening, would go far to forfeit the sura assured By rendc 
toe bonus equally indefeasible with the sum contained m the policy, the Drectoi « 
uoubt ""eiro an advantage usually taken by Offices, but one which they believe o It, 
ottolxUasthe assured, by the payment of toe same premiums for a fixeo I j „ 
ance could have secured a higher sum, payable immediately upon death, and wit| 
reference to the time which the Policy had existed. • j 

Bv the XXXIII. clause of the Contract, the investigation is ordered to be mad, ate 
end of every s-ven years. The Directors consider this interval too long ; andprejfc 
that the investigation should be a quinquennial one, especially as they have not dec L 
any prospective additions. A resolution to this effect is appended to this report. 

The Dh-ectors have finally to submit that, without taking too sanguine a view o JW 
Compares affak-s, the business actually on the books is sufficient to secure to to, ; Tfa I. 
ticuS Policy holders an ample bonus at each periodical mves igation ; and the k, 

ULipaUOll 1U111J „,V,,-nli mnirtniM Will DC ajlXlOUS to S( 



Sue i 

m j 


' Si! 


mo i 


S n tSS not^a^visfon which prudence will be anxious to sc 
but Tn investment periodically becoming more valuable by successive aceurau a ions 
Tho following resolutions are now submitted for the approval of the Proprietors. 
second, i now Approved of, will require to be confirmed at the first General Med, 
toeTartners, before it can become a fundamental law of the Company. 



Hi i s 

MB, >, 


The Chairman said the two resolutions might be taken together. The first 
ubstantially that the bonus proposed in the report should be approved of by the Com 
any, and should be vested in the same manner as the sum insured under the original 
olicy. When they approved of the report they approved of this resolution. By the other 
esolution it was proposed that the general investigation of the affairs of the Company 
^ould be held once in five years, instead of seven, as provided by the contract. This 
baoge would make their practice more conformable to that of other Companies ; it 
ould enable the Directors to see their way more clearly, because minute investigations 
ould occur more frequently; it would also tend to equalize the benefits of the Bonus, 

fixing them at shorter intervals. He begged to read the Resolutions, which were 

follows : — 


"First.— That all Policies opened upon the Participation Scheme, on, and prior to, the 
th day of April, 184b, are hereby declared entitled to an addition corresponding to one 
a a-tourth per cent, per annum upon the sum assured; and that this addition shall he- 
me vested and be payable along with the sum assured, in the same manner as if it 
■nied part of the original Assurance, and were specially included in the Policy." 

FSECONp—Thatthat part of Article XXXIII. of the Contract, which provides that the 
th Instigation shall take place upon the expiry of every seven years after the expiry of ' § 

l|t ten years from the formation of the Company, shall be altered: And it is Ik ibv 
j tfllarcu, that the next investigation shall take place upon the 30th day of Am-il -(51 

T I qumquennially thereafter .—anything in the Contract to the Contrary notwir' .and- 

)r Pirie, Professor of Divinity in Marischal College, said-Mr Chairman and Gentle. 
-I have been called upon to second these resolutions, and I feel it to be a high hon- 
I feel the deepest satisfaction, as every Christian man, more especially in the 
*j ition in which I ara placed, must feel in coming forward in support of an institution 
■* se object is to maintain the cause of the widow and the orphan-and must again ex- 
lip s my sense of the honour of being selected for the purpose for which I address you 
| the adanrable statement which we have just heard made by our worthy chairman 
the full and most satisfactory report of the Directors, it is unnecessary for me to 
1 e any lengthened remarks,— indeed to enter into the subject at all. I will, therefore 
ne myself to one or two points in the few words which I have to say 'to you I 
been much gratified, and I doubt not that every one present is the same, with' the 
llent report which we have heard. (Applause.) I was astonished to find my- 
11 per cent, richer on the small sum for which 1 have insured. I am «o much 
M * «ban I expected; and this is but a specimen of the general results. For these 
-«■ re mdebred to the great zeal, discretion, sound sense, and practical wisdom of the 
jstors of the Company. (Cheers.) The success of the Company is particularly 
pd <n the prosper.ty of the participation branch. The Scottish Widow's Fund 
he Standard Company, which are at the head, one of the proprietory, and the other 
po mutual assurance companies, have been selected for comparison. But even 
most prosperous institutions have been outstripped by this provincial institution. 
aW au S e.) True, we have availed ourselves of all new improvements in assurance 
Jg hen, these companies have done the same. We must, therefore, look for another 
rt Dt prosper.ty. To me it appears that one great cause is the liberality with which 
. fflDJ oprietary company have conducted the participation branch at the rate of ten per 
,* This has appeared to me and to many, to be too favourable terms; but I am 
J* f op.mon that if they had only 5 per cent, it would pay, provided the present sue 
m the company continue, of which I have no doubt. It appears that of late there has 
^.considerable increase of knowledge on the subject of assurance ; hut it is as appa 
i** at the mcrease has been by no means to the extent that is desirable Were it so 
ban, every poor man, every professional man-every one whose income is liable 

i as 

| v.itl 

to be affected by ordinary contingencies, would provide by insurance for those whi 
under the providence of God, have been made dependent upon him. (Hear, hear. 
But we see that the great mass of the public are unmindful of this advantage. 1 
therefore becomes us to urge upon the public, to urge upon all counected with us 
the duty incumbent upon them of resorting to this mode of provision for their families 
But there are higher motives why we ought all not only to urge upon our neighbour 
the duty of insuring their lives, but to insure ourselves to the fullest extent which ci' 
cumstances will permit. It will aid in conferring a great benefit upon our fellow-cr' 
tures, and in lightening the burdens of life to many, and the woes and misgivings 
many a deathbed ; for I doubt not it will then be a source of consolation to us, a. 
smooth a dying pillow, in that day when even "the keepers of the house shall tremble 
— (Applause.) 

The resolutions having been then put from the chair, were carried unar 
mously, (the second being subject to confirmation at next General Meeting.) 

The Chairman then proposed that 

James Edmond, Esq., Advocate ; 
James Farqtjhar Hadden, Esq., Manufacturer 
Benjamin Moir, Esq., Merchant ; 
should be named by the participation Policy-holders " as a Commitee of the 
number, to sit and vote along with the Ordinary Directors in all matters tor 
ing the investment and management of the funds of that branch of the f 
pany," as authorised by the Contract of Copartnery. And the proposal wa 
animously agreed to. 

The special business for which the Meeting was held being now concluded, T 
vost Blaikie moved a vote of thanks to Professor Cruickshank for his com. 
in the chair, and the Meeting separated. 

Wm. CHALMERS, Manager 
H. A. SMITH, Accountant 

Table I.— For an Assurance of £100. 
Without Participatioi! in Profits. 



£ s. D 

1 18 7 

2 3 
30 1*2 1 11 
32 | 2 3 9 
34 I 2 6 
36 I 2 8 6 


Annual 1 
Prem. ! 

£ s. .D. 

2 11 4 

2 14 6 

2 18 1; 

3 2 4i 
3-7 4 
3 13 2 


£ s. D. 

3 19 11 

4 7 3 

4 14 11 

5 3 1 

5 11 11 

6 1 9 

Table II. — For cm Assurance of £100. 
With Participation in Profits. 




A S e l Prem. 


£ S. D. 

£ S. D.l 


2 2 1 


2 15 II 


2 3 11 


2 19 5 


*2 5 8 


3 3 4; 


2 7 11 


3 7 11 


2 10 I 


3 13 4! 


2 12 10 


3 19 9| 


A S e Prem. 

'£. S. D. 

50 4 7 1 

52 J4 15 2 

54 '5 3 6 

56 5 12 5 

58 6 1 11 

60 6 12 '■ 

» Example.— A person aged 30 next 
birthday, may secure £100 at his death, 

birthday may secure £100 at his death, secure tiuu at nis ueam, w »«a,. B «.^ 
If 'paying » Is. lid. annually, during share in any Profits that may accrue by 
oy I'dyi'K " •»• *• i „„,;„„ eo r, art annua Iv chinne lift 

* Example —A person aged 30 may 
secure £100 at his death, with a right to I 

paying £2 5s. Sd. annually during lift 

No Entry Money.